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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sources: jostling behind the scene over illegal PM decision to lift PER

Khaiyum: Likes to be in the driving seat
As expected, not everyone in the regime supports the decision to lift the Public Emergency Regulations. Information has come in that Frank Bainimarama's New Year's Day announcement to remove the PER this Saturday is not going down well with the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the police commissioner Ioane Naivalurura, and chief of staff, Mohammed Aziz.

Coupfourpointfive contacts say Khaiyum supporters in the police force, ie Naivalurura, is currently meeting with "other senior military officers who have served in intelligence and now holding ministers postions, to plot against PM decison to pressure him not to lift PER because he knows that when the emergency regulations are lifted - Khaiyum will be sidelined."

Whether anything emerges as a result of the expected jostling behind the scenes remains to be seen. Obviously, Khaiyum has a lot to lose if any changes are made ... changes that could see him wielding less power or see him completely bumped from his position of authority. 

As VICTOR LAL writes below in his story on the Rakiraki bottled water facility, Khaiyum and his nearest and dearest like things the way they are.

Khaiyum’s uncle and aunty accountants behind Magic Mountain bottled water facility in Rakiraki with late Ratu Ovini Bokini family and Tavua businessman Rajen Kant Patel

Sought after: Fiji Water
The world renowned Fiji Water company and its executives were unbearably hounded by the illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Khaiyum who accused the company of refusing to pay higher taxes on the water it extracts in Fiji. The company claimed it was being singled out by the military-led government for a massive tax increase. Khaiyum delegated the then illegal Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry, himself a $2million tax evading thief, to pursue Fiji Water. 

Khaiyum’s snotty piglet and illegal Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama had been wheeled out of his hospital bed in China to make further noises against the water company.
Roth and Nur Bano at top

The treasonist dictator issued the deportation order from China against Fiji Water’s executive director David Roth saying it was based on reliable information verified and confirmed by relevant authorities. “It is unfortunate that David Roth saw it fit to engage in activities outside of his work permit conditions,” Bainimarama said in a statement at the time, without giving details. The dictator failed to declare that he himself had executed the coup outside of his duties as a servant of the SDL-FLP government.

The dictator read a statement prepared by Khaiyum that the company had paid minimal corporate taxes since it was set up. Fiji Water, the dictator claimed, had had a corporate tax holiday till two years ago (2008) and had paid just $500,000 in corporate taxes since. In turn, it received $2-2.6 million dollars in VAT (value added tax) refunds because it is an export business.

Fiji Water president John Cochran retorted that his company paid millions of dollars in duties, and income tax, as well as substantial royalties and trust fund payments to Fijian villages near the company's facility. The Khaiyum-Bainimarama government had imposed a new tax rate of 15 cents per liter on companies extracting more than 3.5 million liters (920,000 gallons) of water a month – up from the current one-third of one percent rate. Fiji Water was the only company extracting that much water.

What lay behind the imposition of the new water tax and the persecution of Fiji Water executives in late 2010? Well, it was a well-thought out and corrupt strategy of the Khaiyum clan who had long hoped to take control of the extraction and bottling of water near Rakiraki. Khaiyum’s aunty Nur Bano Ali became the illegal pay mistress to the regime after the 2006 coup while her husband Zarin Ali worked behind the scenes to fulfil his water company’s dream to not only compete but takeover from Fiji Water the rights to bottle Fiji’s world famous water. And the company to break Fiji Water’s monopoly was to be Magic Mountain Springs (Fiji) Ltd. We will look at its directors later on in the narrative.

Magic Mountain Springs Seeking Investors

Meanwhile, before the 2006 treasonous coup, Pacific Investment Programme had put out an advertisement seeking potential investors: “A Fiji company is looking for an investor to develop one of the world’s largest spring water source bases, located in Matalevu Ra on Fiji’s largest Island Viti Levu. The project comprises the extraction and bottling of water for sale to the international market, targeting the United States and Asian markets, where spring water from Fiji has already built a strong reputation. The robust water flow from Magic Mountain Springs (flowing at 5,000 litres/minute) is capable of supporting a water bottling plant with a production capacity of over 2.6 billion bottles a year. The water emanates from rainfall on the northern environs of the Ra region where the water accumulates through underground formations, 15 Kilometres from a Vatukoula volcanic crater filled with fragmented basalt rock. This creates a perfect natural filter. The volcanic sediments filter the water in the same way as a sand filter filters water in a water treatment plant. The actual spring has been left in its natural state. The land on which it is based is protected from use by its remote location as well as legal agreements between the government and the land owners.”

The investors were told of native lease arrangement and other perks: “It is located on approximately 38.89 hectares, which the company has acquired and has a title on a 99-year leasehold arrangement. To ensure the protection of the invaluable spring source the company has negotiated the acquisition of an additional 21.6 hectares of land adjacent to the water source. To capitalise on the business potential of the spring, various types of concessions and investment incentives in the form of tax and duty have been secured from the Government of Fiji. These include: exemption from corporate tax profits for a period of 13 years;

exemption from duty on the importation of plant and raw materials; exemption from withholding tax on interest, dividends and royalty payment; waiver on restrictions on repatriation of capital and profits; and an accelerated depreciation allowance claim. The level of investment required from a potential partner to bring the project into operation is US$17 million over a ten-year period. This investment would be in the form of a mix of debt and equity and would be allocated to: building equipment and installations; preliminary and establishment working capital and marketing; contingency and consultancy; and funding costs.”

It seems there were no takers. However, the 2006 treasonous coup and Aiyaz Khaiyum’s appointment as Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Anti-Corruption, Public Enterprises, Communications, Civil Aviation, Tourism, Industry and Trade gave the family clan a second chance to make a go for the control of Fiji’s bottled water.

In November 2011 the people of Fiji were told that an American company was expected to open a bottled water facility in Rakiraki soon. According to the illegal Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime, Fiji 480 Holdings Limited along with Magic Mountain has been granted a lease to set up the facility at Vunitogoloa - just kilometres away from the Fiji Water bottling plant.

Magic Mountain, we were told, is a locally owned company with various businesses having invested into the venture.  The source of water is at Nananu village. It is anticipated that the new facility will be bigger than the Fiji Water plant and will provide competition. The new plant - to be established within the next 12 months - is expected to provide employment to surrounding villages. So the reports ran in Fiji.


mark manning said...

I heard from a neighbour, an Italian, in Sydney the other day, that Fiji Water is all but stuffed now by this Regime.

Ex soldier said...

My goodness, Nur Bano is one ugly bitch, yukkkk. Nice to know that there's infighting amongst Vuaka and his inner circle, let it crumble and they will all go down.

Damn Nur Bano is ugly.

Anonymous said...

If you say Nul Bano is ugly - you havent seen the Shameen sisters - Ugly as - makes you puke

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano...your time will come when you will be dragged through the streets of Suva naked. That would really be an ugly sight but justice will be served the same way you are abusing the rights of the people of Fiji through your greed!

I will come for your head!

Togovere Bulbul said...

"There is enough in the world to cater for all our needs, but not enough to cater for all our greed " - Mahatma Ghandi

Anonymous said...

Mota bitu says......

Wow Nur Bano Ali is damn ugly, just like Naz Shameem & Shaista & Sharon Smith.

Fiji do you see something common in these women ? they are bunch of crooks and cork suckers. Their eys, face and mouths tell it all.....heaps of lies and evil doings.

It will haunt their children.

Frank its time to send Aiyaz out of your team OR he will crash land you and your family.........Do NOT TRUST TALIBAN pls

Pls God save Fiji

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nur Bano and Vuaka dragged through the streets of Suva naked?...that ugly scene will surely make a mongoose talk. And as for the Shamimi sisters, I wonder how their mother felt when she gave birth to them, ewwwwww.

Anonymous said...

Suspect Khaiyum & Aziz & others are slowly starting to realise they'll all be used as sacrificial fall guys when things go pear shape. Suggest getting out while their still able.

Born Again said...

Guys, what are we doing...just talking too much while these Taliban Muslims and Al Qaeda terrorists take over what are ours with the endorsement of JVB because he is too foolish to realize anything...what a fool!

JVB has already sold his soul, if he has any, to the devil worshipping Taliban Muslims...

May you all rot in hell

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning

That's like people taking advise on the stock market from boys who shined shoes on Wall Street.

'An Italian in Sydney' an his got inside knowledge on Business and the Fiji Economy.

Anonymous said...

Zarin or Zarina??? Hahaha....Nur is the one wearing pants and he is a rat.

Anonymous said...

Bottled water? It's not a easy business....let them sink the money down the spring as it will take solid contracts, distributors and millions to get into the well established Fiji Water market you fools...

mark manning said...

So just who is licking whose balls ?
Frank is licking Aiyaz' balls, Aiyaz is licking the Pol. Comm.'s ball, the Pol. Comm. is licking Aziz' balls and Aziz is licking Frank's balls!
Or have I got it wrong ?

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning, all of them licking aunty Nur's big balls.

Fiji Army Gay said...

Mark Manning 8:03pm, you are right on target; bullseye...sivia ga na masi polo.

Na levu gona ga ni masi polo sa sega tiko kina ni rawa na vakayacora na ka dodonu o ira na sotia ni mataivalu ni viti...vinaka cake ga me ra dara na gay-bra

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, you got that one right!

Anonymous said...


You got it right MM! It's a happy merry go 'round!

Anonymous said...

Another bullshit piece by Victor Lal. Paid as a lobbyist by Fiji Water. Fiji Water has ripped this country off from the time it set up here. That is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Another bullshit piece by Victor Lal. Paid as a lobbyist by Fiji Water. Fiji Water has ripped this country off from the time it set up here. That is the truth.

Democrat said...

Anonymous 10.23 Fiji Water

Fiji Water has put millions into Fiji. Who is ripping off who? This is just the 'same o' Fiji jealousy factor. Fiji Water is a household name in the States - the PR value is enormous. Whoever you are wake up to the business world and not be a dictator/union stooge mouthing off rubbish.

Anonymous said...

"Fiji Water has ripped this country off from the time it set up here. That is the truth." got that right, Fiji Water was giving villagers in Ra only hundreds of dollars in royalties while the company pocketed millions...

Anonymous said...

Fiji Waters free ride coming to an end was one of the better things done by Frank. Let's not cloud this issue with the less savoury acts of this regimes such is pension cuts, arbitary detentions, PER, press censorship and Aunty Nurs burgeoning heft/paydays. FACT Fiji Water took home more in VAT refunds than they ever paid tax.

Anonymous said...

What a load of shit by Victor Lal, the cyber employee of Fiji Water. We all now that Chaudhry was removed when the Fiji Water tax was repealed after pressure from the Military Council who were obviously bribed by David Roth. Chaudhry was removed in August 2008 and the tax was imposed in the November 2009 budget not November 2008. The obvious (short lived) beneficiary of Chaudhrys sacking was Fiji Water.
In so far as the granting of concessions to new bottlers with local equity, why not? Or is it only white owned companies that qualify for this entitlement. This and favourable treatment for foreign tourism ventures is coming to an end and that is why these operators are turning to the Victor Lals of this world to fly their flags. Turning over hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the resources owned by the people of Ra while giving a lease payment of 92 thousand a year and a pittance in the form of a school and a church. C'mon people, wake up!!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Nur should have anal gangbang in naboro when justice is served.

Anonymous said...

Naivalurua and Aiyaz are hardly mates. In fact, they are both probably at the top of each other's hit list.

Coup Fourpointfive is a year behind events, but at least it eventually closes in on the truth, while the Fiji Times ignores it and the Fiji Sun distorts it.

Aiyaz et al have long had their sights set on FIJI Water, not so much to help Fiji as for personal aggrandisement. Their plan now is to beggar FW with a confiscatory tax while tapping into the same aquifer, bottling it as a different brand, and then selling it in China and elsewhere. What they don't understand is that the demand for bottled water is already dropping, and that without FW's Coca-Cola distribution channels and the marketing genius of Linda Resnick, all they're doing is killing the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg.

David Roth's expulsion was only marginally related to his FW role. The real issue was the regime's perception that he was a go-between for Roko Ului and the Americans.

The whole issue hit while Bainimarama was abroad and Ratu Epeli Ganilau was acting PM. When Epeli defended Roth, Bainimarama became fearful, because he suddenly realized the Maras were in a position to depose him. But the Maras had neither sufficiently prepared nor had the stones to take the necessary action, even though it was clear Bainimarama would move against them as soon as he returned.

In fact, Bainimarama did immediately relieve Ganilau and unsuccessfully tried to use Aiyaz to maneuver Nailatikau into resigning. He also resolved on taking the presidency himself, which is what he will seek to achieve during the coming constitutional process, with the help of Aiyaz. If he's feeling secure enough, he will name Aiyaz to replace Gates as Chief Justice. Otherwise, he will sacrifice Aiyaz as a scapegoat.

Bainimarama also sought to expel the American ambassador, thinking he was part of the conspiracy with Roth and Roko Ului. Using the pretext of a phony visa issue, he claimed he'd called in Ambassador McGann and read him the riot act. He then planned to declare him persona non grata. What he didn't know was that McGann wasn't even in the country.

When the Americans very tactfully called him on it but didn't take the easy step of humiliating him publically, Bainimarama finally understood that the Americans were not part of the conspiracy. The Americans didn't expose Bainimarama for the liar he is. They obviously preferred just to back Bainimarama down and to try to work with his government.

Now the Yanks sit atop Fiji's sugar, aviation, and gaming industries, suggesting that, as much as Bainimarama is selling out to the Chinese and Russians with his so-called 'Look North' policy, the Americans have also been singularly effective in defending their own interests.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Victor Lal, how much have Fiji Water paid you so far? Can Firca/RBF go through Fiji Waters books to determine and publicise this. The people of Fiji must know about these self serving "scoop" journalists who will compromise the national interest and fill their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Water is not distributed by Coca-Cola in any country except Fiji which is only 7% of Fiji Waters business. The bottled water rip off globally is taking a hmmering for what it is. Overpriced water which in quality falls BELOW municipal water in developed countries and a huge and completely unnecessary carbon footprint. Only fair to make them pay.

Anonymous said...

@ Dakuwaqa.

What you fail to appreciate is that America is a free and open society and any interests & views private individuals hold regarding Fiji is a matter for them.

As for Fiji Water - classic case of Goose killing.

Anonymous said...

Fiji water has done great marketing and helped in some ways build Fiji's image to the world over. But it should not be allowed to rip Fiji's natural resource forever. Ok what they needed to do was offer percentage of sales turnover made in US or Main holding company back for the FIJI brand. This was not the case with the greedy Americans. They thought Fijian are dam ass and they can push them over.

Anonymous said...

Anon,Mota Bitu@2.45PM...
It's unfortunate that you seems to
dislike Nur Bano & Shamimi sisters
for their Business prowes&fame?I'm
sure most men would absolutely be delighted to..SMELL THEIR COFFEE
24/7? and you can count me in that group? I'm a sucker for smart women
and i like it when they're more smarter than me!.Hey,if the face is hard to look at, turn-out the light and do it for FIJI????These girl are over 50 years old, what do
you expect? They don't looks that bad to me? Why don't you put up your picture in here for use to see
and comments-on?