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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why have the talks for the 'new Constitution' been cancelled?

EFFING ALL TALK: My fellow Fijians I am painfully corrupt.

The public relations consultations to form a new constitution that were supposed to start tomorrow have been cancelled.

MINFO has given no reason for recalling the media alert to the talks and has only said news teams will be advised of a new date.

PER lifted but Public Order Act brings new terror
Media were only advised on Friday that the meetings, which were supposed to start tomorrow and finish on Wednesday February the 8th, will not go ahead.
The consultations were supposed to be conducted by the Public Relations & Media Unit of the Strategic Framework for Change Coordinating Office, from the office of the unelected Prime Minister.
The regime's leader, Frank Bainimarama, talked up the 'consultations' in his New Year address when he revealed the public emergency regulations were to be removed.

In that address he said the lifting of the PER "marks an important step toward the public consultations for the formation of a new constitution under which truly democratic elections can be held. I shall give further details in due course of the shape and form of the consultations which will commence in February."
He said: "My fellow Fijians I am painfully aware that for decades, Fiji was mismanaged and hindered by greed and selfishness. Fiji has changed. We must however be vigilant. Corruption and prejudice must not be permitted in our modern nation. You and I must not allow a few to dictate the destiny of our country for their own selfish needs."
He added: "Therefore, when the consultations for the new constitution commences in 2012 your must think responsibly. You must think of and for the future. There are certain features of the new constitution that will be non-negotiable. The constitution must establish a government that is founded on an electoral system that guarantees equal suffrage – a truly democratic system based on the principle of one person, one vote, one value; We will not have a system that will classify Fijians based on ethnicity; and, Our young men and women, those 18 years old must have the right to vote.
"I will in the next few weeks announce the nationwide consultation process which will commence in February 2012. To facilitate this consultation process, the Public Emergency Regulations will cease from 7 January 2012."
From his speech on Friday January the 6th where he claimed "there is nothing I want than a truly democratic government", he turned again to the consultations as the way to move forward.
He said: "Ladies and gentlemen: As I announced in my New Year’s address, the Public Emergency Regulations will be lifted from tomorrow. This marks an important step toward the public consultations for the formation of a new constitution under which truly democratic elections can be held. I shall give further details in due course of the shape and form of the consultations which will commence in February."
We must remain alert to the consultations and if there is cynicism and suspicion, they are justified. This is, after all, the regime that did us over the removal of the public emergency regulations: the PER has indeed gone but we now live under a new reign of terror, the Public Order Act.
The writing is on the wall but the much hyped discussions will keep us in the game with this Machiavellian regime.

EDITOR'S NOTE Monday, Jan 23 11am: Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has since told Radio New Zealand "economic and social rights should be discussed as part of consultations on the new constitution" and that the "consultations start next month in time for the elections promised for 2014." He also criticised the existing Constitution comparing it with South Africa’s which includes provisions on socio-economic rights. Quote: "If you look at the 1997 constitution, it did not have those provisions it had purely what are generally termed civil and political rights but not the economic rights and the social rights. So these are the sort of things that are up for discussion.”


Kiuva Pussy said...

Not suprising at all, thats the only thing the bloody dictator is good at: Lying, Lying, and Lying.

Taukei. said...

Looks like things have turned pear shape in this too - just like everything else they've touched in 6 years of oppressive misrule & mismangaement.
This is a game changer - you can forget any grandiose notions about forging a new civil society - its now all about fear & survival - theirs.

Vuni Salato said...

This period of Bainimarama's imprinture on Fiji will be known as our own "regime de la terreur" similar to what the French experienced with state terorism inflicted upon its peoples.

The Public Order Decree breaches international civil and political rights. It gives the state thru its soldiers, policemen and prison officers a license to kill, without being held accountable for their actions. Certainly in legal terms a crime that is "mala in se".

Bainimarama, is a consumate liar and fears democracy only because he knows this system will make him answerable for the murders he has committed. Quite apart from the mass fraud that he and Kaiyum have perpetrated on the Fijian nation.

Since the people of Fiji are being deprived of their democratic rights by this oppressive regime and being threatened with death by the POD,it would be fair to conclude that the citizenry of Fiji are experiencing a type of terrorism known as state terrorism. Or sometimes referred as "terrorism from above".

Now we are faced with a tyrant. What can be done?

Anonymous said...

Fiji should have a US style system with a bit of modifications. Maximum term 8 years


Party A - Centre to Centre Left
Party B - Centre to Centre Right

Party A select a candidate for 4 years, everyone support party A candidate (Party A & B). After 4 years Party A can select the same candidate or a different, again supporters of both Party A & B should support the choose candidate.

After 8 years Party B gets its chance. Party B will select a candidate. All supporters of both parties will support the chosen candidate. After 4 years Party B can select the incumbent or a new candidate.

This can alternate between the 2 sides of the political ideologies, this will provide stability in the long term.

Anonymous said...

They are between a rock and a hard place? The Chinese have come calling for loan repayments and possibly the Indians have done the same?Can the Fiji military afford not to payup?Chinese gets really nasty if you don't honour your contract?

Church Goer said...

Methodist Church to educate members on Public Order Decree
Publish date/time: 22/01/2012 [13:06]

Print this page
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The Methodist Church of Fiji is expected to educate their members on the Public Order Amendment Decree, 2012 soon.

Acting General Secretary of the Church, Reverend Tevita Nawadra said people need to understand and know the importance of the decree so that they are not misguided.

Nawadra said a time is yet to be decided.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The amendment decree came into effect from the 6th of this month after which the Public Emergency Regulation was lifted.

Story by: Tokasa Rainima

Anonymous said...

Bullshit consultations, the constitution has already been written by Alqaeda and co. That was just a PR excercise, but looks like Alqaeda and qorvis are still disagreeing.

Anonymous said...

@2:35 PM. Vast Majority of America is RED (Republican), patrotic right-wing. Go see the political map of America. Liberalism is a CANCER and will be eliminated.

Bendover Bai said...


SEMI MEO said...

That is not news at all! The Bainimarama/Ayarse/Teleni regime have amassed many reasons and excuses in the first month of 2012 to justify dragging the constitutional consultation and possibly elections for many many moon yet!!

An excuse"' well, thanks, but no thanks to the cyber hawkers, the blame this regime may pin on a sovereign party mingling in domestic affairs. Any autonomous sovereignty, democratic or otherwise would have stalled any public referendum in this similar cyber threat circumstance to ensure safe and secure process absent of any alien interferences of any form.

Still, not a good excuse at all as time is of the essence now; not so much the appalling poverty and social degradation timeline of the majority but, the survival and integrity (if an ounce is left) of the so called clean up coup of the Bainimarama/Ayarse/Teleni regime.

Any delay, only spells disaster for the regime as the hunger pangs of the majority and the humiliation and stress of exclusion of the academics and elite from governance may seem like a cloud in the horizon as big as a man’s hand, but imminent turbo charged growth to mammoth heavy black cloud that has to fall down..sooner or later… like any heavy rain; some living things enjoy as form of life while others sulk in deep regret and flooded into the back pages of our history booksor possibly the dark cells of prisons.

Anonymous said...

The regime is finding that time is not on their side and really their enemy. They tried to buy time in December in announcing the Feb deadline. All of sudden Feb is around the corner. In 2009 they gave themselves 5 years to fill their pockets and work out an exit plan. Suddenly time is coming up with 2 more years to go for the purported elections. So far they have filled their pockets but to date they have fumbled in contriving any exit plan, evidence of which is their continual breaking of promises and constant deferment of deadlines.

old Macdonald had a farm.... said...

ol Macdonald had a farm said...

When Baiganinimarama planted the seed of deciet and lies in 2006,he is now reaping the fruits.We cannot plant a carrot and reap 'baigani'(eggplant),it cannot be BUT if it does as is happening now,the carrot goes up ASK's A$$ and the 'baigani' up BAIGANINIMARAMA's A$$.

January 22, 2012 4:39 PM

Anonymous said...

It seems like 6 yrs of lining his own pocket.

Anonymous said...


Annon 1. said...

Congrats C4.5 - brilliant composite cartoon.

Anonymous said...

get ready for a boycott of elections

Anonymous said...

The battle to oust the Dicktator and his Government must be fought and won by the Fijian people right here at home! Bainimarama and his
thieves knows that for them to return the Government to the people
would be similar as commiting to their own death? So our only salvation is to fight to take them out? there is no other way! Blood must be spilled in order for us to have a safe future for our next generation.Lets not come up with excuses such as: We don't want to die? we don't want blood to spilled on the street;lets not kill to get our freedom? etc etc.Freedom comes at a cost and that is why when the battle has been won, we will sit down together and deviced a constitution
that will ensure the continous protection of future lives? The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the magna carter etc,etc,, were fought on that principle. So lets do it! It's not up to anyone in the military to pull another coup against these ass-holes, it's us-the people-against them-the military and their paid lackies.So lets get it on!!!

Radiolucas said...

The writing is on the wall indeed - with constant delays and excuses being made, I doubt any assurances that Frank and Aiyaz make to return the nation to democracy - why would they when they are getting so much without it?

Anonymous said...

they have run out of excuses, maybe Qorvis is writing up a spin for them....to justify their actions.

Bottom line - Suffering has escalated in FJ...social problems on the rise besides the Water & Power fiasco!!

We want a Return to Democracy Soon!!

Anonymous said...

no exit point voreqe bainivuaka
he really wants to get out ,but no exit plan

nanuma beka me ka rawarawa na veiliutaki, ena sikoa mai na ulumu, vutu na ulumu, ketemu, nomu soresore ka vakabibi ni na mosi sara vakalevu na OMU SONA.

PM sara tiko vakadede me yacova Niko VEKACA NA NOMU TAURASESE

Anonymous said...

Bainimagaitinana is simply a joke, but the problem is no one is laughing at this joke.

Anonymous said...

This kind of lying and deceit is merely a reflection of the low calibre and poor quality of officers of the RFMF and Fiji navy.

Keeping your word is an important aspect of being an officer. It is about honour.

That they cannot keep their word and continually lie is a sad reflection of the poor quality of the institution which they represent, the RFMF and Fiji Navy.

The Fiji Millitary has always served in theatres of war with the British, Australian and New Zealand
armed forces whenever those countries have deployed together to anywhere in the world. That has been the case since World War 2.

Since 1987 when the RFMF overthrew the British Monarch Fiji has lost that esteemed privilege. That recognition of being one of the trusted and elite infantry units of the Commonwealth.Of being one of the best in the world.

Since 1987 all Fiji has been recognised for is being a provider of cheap troops to UN deployments sourced from other similar third world coup riddled and unstable countries with third rate coup practicing armies to make up a third rate, ill disciplined and very ineffective UN force to different parts of the world.

When the British deployed to Iraq in the First Iraq war the Queen called on Australia and New Zealand, as has always been their privilege to send their bati to that warfighting mission.

In the second Iraq war and Afghanistan she called on the Australians and New Zealanders.

We once had that privilege of being called together with the Astralians and the New Zealanders, but not any more. Not trusted. Not worthy.

The only thing we are good enough for is UN deployments with other coup practicing troops from unstable third world countries to Un missions deploying third rate cheapline coup practicing troops renowned for black marketing, sexual offences and ill discipline, to places in the world where the UN wishes to deploy those cheapline third rate soldiers.

Even so, the south Lebanon deployment has been taken away from the RFMF and issued to the Ghanaian millitary forces, and Fiji's millitary deployments within that UN mission ever decreasing, a reflection of the RFMF and Fiji Navy's decreasing standards.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe, ona vekaca na nomu taurasese, me na qai kacivi mai o khaiyum , me na qai mai cara na demu.

ena vinaka mo se solia rawa na veiliutaki kina lewenivanua, qai ka vakamadua me qai dua na commander. ..me qai tawa na nona taurasese...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:17
I agree with your assesment of the Fijian Army.
A corrupt and ill-disciplined force.
Obviously the UN views our army now as worse than the Africans.
Like you said it all started in Southern Lebanon when Fijian soldiers became involved in Black marketing and Racketeering.
Unfortunately the Leaders did not nip it in the bud and now the disease has taken over the whole tree and has spread to civilian society.
A pathetic Army.

Unfortunately the lack of integrity in the leadership of the Fijian Army has led to all this rubbish.
Right now the Fiji Army is in the worst situation it has ever been. Bainimarama has systematically removed any vestiges of integrity from the Army by removing some decent soldiers, Tarakinikini, Baledrokadroka, Pita DRiti, Rokolui etc etc.
What we now have left is Bai's personal Gestapo terrorisng its own citizens and subjecting them to all kinds of torture.

I have no respect for the Fijian Army at all whatsoever( even though I have very close family from the bottom even right up to the top)

Hopefully oneday the US Army will come and wipe out these vermins from Delainabua.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Why should the U.S. Army invade while Fijians won't lift a finger?

Also, apparently a fair amount of misunderstanding persists about the U.S. political system. The majority of Americans are not members of the Republican Party, nor do the parties regularly alternate in power, nor do they often support the agenda of the president if that president comes from the other party.

Other comments about 'sovereign parties mingling in domestic affairs' and something about a 'cyber threat' and the 'integrity' of Bainimarama's regime are frankly incomprehensible to me. Parties should not only be 'mingling' in domestic affairs; they should be leading the nation, on the basis of platforms openly debated and endorsed by the people, who are sovereign, in a general election. The 'cyber threat environment' -- i.e., blog comments with which we disagree -- is no excuse whatsoever for disenfranchising the people of Fiji. And then, the regime's integrity? What integrity? This regime is led by goons who used naked power to overthrow a democratically elected government and have lied every step of the way since.

What likely has happened is that Qorvis is finding itself in the role of John Samy -- advocating dialog but finding itself undercut by Aiyaz. If Qorvis had a social conscience, it would pack up and leave. But no, it will stay for the money and continue to put lipstick on this pig.

Fiji would do well to develop a two-party system like the American, but what I expect to see instead is Bainimarama's adoption of a presidential system without the checks and balances of the U.S. system. Unless he is stopped, Bainimarama will dictate Fiji's constitution, and then arrogate to himself extraordinary powers enabling him to intervene decisively in Fiji's politics for the rest of his life.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Whatever plans Bainimarama has, whether he plans to be President or King, is immaterial given the deteriorating state of the Fijian economy.

The economy is the achilles heel of this boys own fantasy attempt at national and regional dominance.

A car which runs out of petrol can eventually run no-more. Similar to a Government with an economy which runs on debt and zero growth.

The US has no need to invade Fiji millitarily because ANZUS already has Fiji corralled economically.

Whats going on here in Suva with all this Government posturing and bluster is called "sparring with windmills", or to use another metaphor "pissing in the wind".

Anonymous said...

Hhmmmm!! Not surprising at all. Stay cool guys. The vore is looking for a reason to defer the election another 2 more years. Keep on fighting this conman with the pen. You are doing great.The psychological effect is eating him up. God bless Fiji.

mark manning said...

It seems to me that Fijians are confused between a Traditional Culture and Chiefly System, and a Democratic Government and its Process, and subsequently, respect for the Rule of Law and just what that entails and means.
Resolve those issues and Fiji and its people, all of them, will prosper.
More importantly, until that is resolved, Fiji will continue to go down the path to annihilation.

Anonymous said...

If you look closely all these changes in dates and strategy are being orchestrated by Khaiyum! Frank is only a puppet! All Frank does is sit or tour the world and check his bank balance to make sure that money continues to pour in.

The pig Khaiyum should be stripped to his balls and tied up in Sukuna Park with the public only allowed not to do anything to him but can only spit at him.

Once he is greasy and ready then Frank to be brought to suck him!

After that then change them around. That is the only fitting thing to do to these two...and it will be so done!

Anonymous said...

In the news, Pacific Green has resurrected its operations in Sigatoka with fanfare and a big suck-up to the illegal dictator. It's this kind of blind endorsement of the illegal regime by the business community which is destroying Fiji's economy.
It was the same in Rabuka's time, business people willingly courted an illegal government as if all was fine.
Journalists like the law fraternity in Fiji were given no alternative but to succumb to the gun to protect their livelihoods. In the process losing all credibility and ethics totally compromised. And this from "so-called" professionals!
It's time for all "Fijians" to wake up and stop kissing the dirty backside of the illegal regime.
If you want a better Fiji, It's not through any charter. It's through defiance and courage to stand up against tyranny. So, kiss-asses in the business community, do yourselves and everyone else a favour and stop trying to legitimise the illegal government of Frank Bainimarama and his pet monkey Aiyaz.
Until then, the situation will continue to deteriorate.

Anonymous said...

The reason why talks have been cancelled is because his niece passed away on Friday and the funeral is on Wednesday in Nadi.

Relax people its going to happen!!!

QEB Snitch said...

Anonymous January 22 10.52pm...I totally agree with you.

What is the point of raising your views here. A lot of you just talk too much trying to impress readers under anonimity how clever you are; using fancy words, phrases and clauses.

What we need to do is talk about how to remove this Illegal Government; determine its basic strengths and devise ways to eliminate them.

I believe that the primary target is the Army itself particyularly its armouries wherever these are. We can easily identify their sites locations then determine their volumes and capacities, strength of oversights, etc.

These are the kind of issues that we have to be talking about for all to read including Bainimarama and his Elites. Keep talking and planning about these till we are sure of what we really want for one day soon these armouries will be exploded in their faces by our forces out there; the people's army that includes the people's intelligence operators and snithes in the QEB Nabua....

Anonymous said...

Na cava tale se warakitiko. O ira na noda mai na keba era na biuta nodrai yaragi era ka takoso mai vei keda kevaka e da tucake ka duavata me sa vagalalataki o Baini kei kaiyum. I know there will be mass defectionby our boys at the camp once we make a stand and make moves to oust these bastards from power. The boys at Delainabua are fed up of all the lies and strong arm tactics deployed by these goons and they will drop their guns and walk across once we stand together and make our move. It is not evil to make that move it would be a noble move and our children will remember us for changing the course of their future. Come on lets go.

Anonymous said...

Fiji flood damages will cost billions.

There is no money.

The junta must declare fiji bankrupt and get a free ride to naboro maximum for life-one way trip.

Anonymous said...

The fiji consitution is already made.

The consultation is bull and consitution will be shoved in the buttucks of the fools who go for consultation.

The thugs will have amensty and goons will be guardian of the consitution.

The junta thugs will never leave.

only one way is overthrow by force.

forget the consitution or elections.

Lieutenant Marika said...

The Public Order Ammendment decree was not an outcome of consensus from the people. It was designed to allay the fears of Kaiyum and Bainimarama.Their coup has been declared an illegal act by Fiji's High Court. Thus they do not have the authority to make decrees. And the public should not respect the decrees at all.

If nothing is done about the twin evils of Baini and Kaiyum, we will all have to look our grandchildren in the eyes and tell them we did nothing when all our freedoms were taken away.

Anonymous said...

QEB snitch, Anon 3:36

Ia drau gole sara yani. Since you have it all sorted out, all the best to you keyboard commandos.

Just a caveat, qori na cakacaka lialia.

Sa leqa tu mada qo na Vanua. Na ka sese drau tutaka tiko mai qori sa na qai vakavuna na rusa vakadua nei Viti.

Happiness is a "warm gun" eh ?

Anonymous said...

@ anony 3:36pm,boys in the camp can Not do that, bai has increase their salary, give them allowance that no one has done before, they will support bai all the way because of bread and butter...
believe me ......

Anonymous said...

dou caita na constitution sa vola tu qori kaiyum,,,,,,SA SO NA SOTIA ULUKAU MERA VAKAYAGATAKI TU ENA KAWA BOKO TAKI VAKALAWA NI KAI VITI

Satini Koki said...

Kua na vivala...da tiko veilomani. The privates sleeps peacefully while their commander sleeps with both eyes open.

Kai Na Keba said...

Anon January 23 6.01pm...LAMULAMU

Anonymous said...

Maybe the delay in the consultations has something to do with Filimoni Kau's suspension?

Anonymous said...

IT IS STARTING!!! His niece, then his nephew, then his sisters, then his brothers, all their children, then his family, then his wife, and finally vore, but he would not die. he will be like a cabbage.He will shit on his bed. The KAISI!! Now, Vore will be worrying about how to fix the damage of this wet weather. Tourism will be Vore's biggest headache.

mark manning said...

"Fuck It" indeed, I love that expression, very Australian !
Frank could also say, "we're fucked" !

Anonymous said...

@ QEB Snitch

Go ahead QEB Snitch.......I will be waiting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.55am...Taba Teveli Rawa Toka, vakarau toka me rawarawa...

Anonymous said...

A more fitting and precise comment to this PIG is "F... YOU"

Noah's Ark said...

Anon@1.22 Is he the only one that can lead the consultations? The government has a team of people but I guess he IS the one that can bullshit his way through it. The floods would be a better excuse to cancel for the discussions but in case they try to use them as an excuse can we try to remember that the floods happened after the meeting was cancelled?