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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another tourist attacked in Fiji

Another tourist has been attacked in Fiji but again the story has gone unpublicised because the regime doesn't want to spook the tourism industry.

The South Korean tourist had his right hand (just above the wrist) severed by a Fijian man in a robbery that turned violent last Sunday (February the 5th.)

The man and his wife were guests at a Resort in Beqa.

Sources say the local Fijian man, armed with a knife, entered the couple's room intending to rob them. The tourist put up a fight and in the process, his hand was severed.

They say he ran outside towards security guards and the atttacker then turned on the woman. She also fled the room but the man caught up with her and managed to pin her to the ground and tried to rape her. Sources say she ran away while he tried to get his pants down.

They also say that in the urgency to get the man medical attention, security officers forgot about the woman and that it was an estimated 45 minutes before they realised the wife was still out there. She was found hiding in a bush, half naked.

The injured man, captain and a nurse took a boat and travelled to Suva in high seas and rough weather to get him help. The man was taken to CWM but nothing could be done to re-attach his hand and urgent medical evacuation had to take place the following day (Monday the 6th) to Australia.

The offender is in custody and is a known marijuana peddler on Beqa island.

Last year, between July and September the deaths of a New Zealand man, American and a Japanese student were played down by the regime and Fiji's self-censoring media for fear of alarming tourists and encouraging negative publicity.

EDITOR'S NOTE at 8.15pm Monday February the 13th: Our story initially named Likuliku Resort as the place where the incident occured. This was incorrect. Sources corrected their information a short time ago. The couple were attacked at Lawaki Beach House in Beqa.


Anonymous said...

This sad story sounds like an allegory for today's Fiji. The rapist is Bainimarama, the Korean tourist is Democracy, and his wife is the Vanua.

In my beloved Beqa's case, the suspect is already in custody; in Suva's, the suspect is still at large.

The grievous injury can never be repaired, but I pray that justice be done in both cases.

s/ Dakuwaqa

YP Reddy said...

If this story hits the South Korean media, this will be end of Koreans visiting Fiji and the end of Korean Air flights.

The regime needs to be kicked out ASAP. Bai and ASK need to be locked up in a cage and displayed in Suva so the Fiji citizens can throw eggs and tomatoes at those two thieves.

In the other cage would be the ugly Aunty Nur Bano and the S sisters.

And not to forget the white trash David Pfliegier. He needs to be canned, thrown in a cage and then locked up for life. Stupid white man.

Anonymous said...

"The offender is in custody and is a known marijuana peddler on Beqa island"
What does peddling pot have to do with this?
I am glad you posted the story but there is no need to sensationalize it any more than it already is. The rumor that he peddles pot is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Normal day in Fiji where law and order is non-existent.

Anonymous said...

What the hell, maybe waiting for kulina's skin fall off then they might actually do something about tourist safety!

Anonymous said...

Sa qai garo mai O Daucina!!!Really!
What is happening to the king of Garo-leka! He should be going after
Sharon Smith John and all the female coup appologists, instead of the easy picking tourist!Absolutely, more dangerous than ever, when hes into
Marijuana? Doesn't look good on this BAKULEVU, but was he been led on, by the unsuspecting, tourist couple? Didn't know Moro, used knife and not his champion tool? What is happening to our traditional KALOUVU, too much yaqona and drugs supplied by Khaiyum? Too much free rides & free beers by Bai? OMG!!!

Anonymous said...

My sympathy to the Korean tourist and his wife, but were not they warned in Korea before they came that Fiji is in an abnormal state. This is what happen when people want to take the risk- there's no holiday here, you enter at your own risk.

Want to Know said...

Anyone know if these figures are correct?

Sunday, February 12, 2012, 10:00 Hrs [IST]
Visitor arrivals to Fiji from India and China on the rise
By TBM Staff | Mumbai
Fiji is taking strides in attracting the China and India market. With the introduction of direct flights to Hong Kong in 2011, the visitor arrivals from China and India are growing. Elizabeth Powell, Fiji Tourism Permanent Secretary revealed that the visitors from China grew by about 6700 in 2011. It is however a 37 per cent growth when compared to 2010.

The arrivals from India increased by some 26 per cent. But with figures yet to be finalised, Ms Powell said these were conservative estimates, according to a Fiji Times report. The results come as the Tourism Ministry reorganises itself to better support the industry. Powell said the Ministry had been reorganised into four units: research, product development, local ownership, strategic and investment unit and policy and regulations.

Each unit, she said, played a critical role in the needs of the industry. For example, the policy and regulation unit was involved in licensing operators. Licensing operators would ensure quality of service as well as minimising risks for the industry. In other words, the unit would set benchmarks for the operators.

Meanwhile, a new chief executive officer for Tourism Fiji is expected to be announced soon. Powell said the marketing body was fortunate to have its current acting chief executive Michael Meade. She added that Meade had a wealth of experience in the field.

Proud Fijian said...

Tourist crimes happen every where in the World.

Example recently a 5 year old European tourist holidaying in New Zealand with her family was sexually and physically assaulted.


In Australia about 4 tourists are murdered each year or about 0.9/million visitors. They have about 5 million visitors per year.


Tourists are killed each year in all tourist destinations as crime affects all destinations. However to call for tourists to stop coming to Fiji is irresponsible and selfish.

Hotels and accommodation have a responsibility to the security of their guests.

My 2 cents

Socrates said...

How many were genuine Tourists? And how many were on regime-sponsored visits to look at investment, on cultural exchanges, part of official delegations (which were many in China's case), or Chinese workers "imported" to work on Chinese funded projects? True, all were visitors but the question is what was the real value, income-wise from these two new tourism sources? As Ms Powell well knows, stats are simply stats and are meaningless if not analysed. Can she provide us with figures of Fijian "tourists" who left Fiji and have yet to return. Can she advise us of the value of "intellect drain" those outgoing "tourists" have taken with them? And more importantly, can she break the number of migrating Fiji citizens down in terms of ethnicity. If she doesn't aleady know the answer - here it is .... more and more of our educated i-Taukei are leaving their homeland for greener and more democratic pastures because the regime which employes Powell has shut the door in their faces. Let the Truth be told.

Rama o Rama said...

To all the following listed coup supporters, please comment on the Public Order Decree (POD) and the Cabinet Defamation Immunity Decree which basically makes it seditious for political oponents of the illegal government to hold them to account but gives complete freedom to Khaiyum and Frank to slander everybody and anybody.

1. Thakur Ranjit Singh (Regime a$$l!@#$r)
2. John Samy (Charter conman)
3. John Prasad (ex PS finance)
4. Francis Narayan (ex FTIB chairman
4. Robin Nair ( Charter conman)
5.Surendra Sharama (ex CEO FCGC)
6. Father Kevin Barr - Wages Council guru
7. Father Petero Mataca - Chatrter Conman
8. Crosbie Wallse - Franks blog bitch
9. Robert Khan - Radion Fiji project conman
10. Nik Naidu - Khaiyum L!@#$%r
11. Rajendra Prasad - ex Ba mayor ass giver to Frank

February 13, 2012 10:26 AM
Socrates said...

Anonymous said...

Things are having its own momentum in inflicting damage on the regimes suvival. The damaging floods and now a bad publicity for the tourism cash cow in this grevious assult on a tourist.. Bad as it is the world economy is still sick and getting worse. So every little hurdle gets harder and harder to overcome. UNPK is being phased out as we speak. So could this be the year of salvation for us. Only time will tell.

mark manning said...

Welcome to Chindia !

Anonymous said...

Peddling marijuana has everything to do with the crime. That boci who said that peddling marijuana has got nothing to do with what happened is a bloody idiot. Can't he read between the lines and discern that business is not booming in Beqa and people who used to be high are now so low that they are refocusing from cloud nine to ground zero. This takes place when illegal regimes take control of goverment and other illegal businesses gets hit. That's Moro @ work. Tokolulu bastard.

Anonymous said...

At proud Fijian, The point is that the ILLEGAL GOVT is trying to hide the fact that this shite is happening. No one is saying that this does not happen any where else in the world. People have the right to know what happens in their country and tourist as well.

ex army said...

We are calling Bai and Kaiyum all sorts of name,what the purpose of it?We need action and to stir up the people here in Fiji to stand up and fight in a peace full manner.But the problem!!! its us the democracy supporters to initiate the move with action rather than swearing at Bai and Kaiyum which does nothing at all.People in Fiji needs to be organised by a few to start the revolt.I believe its a good time now as most of the people in Fiji are frustrated with the high inflation rates,floods,people unfairly dismissed etc,etc.Lets do it guys.Lets stand
up for what is ours and lets walk
the talk.We can do it together and we will win the war even if we loose the fight now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mark ,..and ..chindia ....back on the trail of china and india bashing....I guess no tourists get killed, raped, molested, robbed in Australia...yeah right. your half cast kids have a better chance of being murdered in Australia than India or China. Yeah try the Gold Coast, Kings Cross or Fortitude valley on a Friday night. Bigot

Anonymous said...

this is so tragic and my thoughts and prayers are with this Korean couple..Please all Fiji, RISE UP !

Anonymous said...

Get the message out to the people, use whatever means to tell the people what needs to be done, no more talking it's time to act, we should toss these rotten buggers out before 2014.

Fark Fanning said...


How are the native aborogines faring in Australia under white rule??


Anonymous said...

To the uneducated person who thinks marijuana has everything to do with the crime, I think maybe you need a reality check.
First of all marijuana prices are at their highest in 10 years and business is booming. So that is really not a good excuse.
Second, it was the military coup that drove the prices up and have made the pushers more money.
Thirdly, your insults merely show your lack of knowledge of everyday happenings in Fiji. The point of the post was to show that the media is being censored and controlled by the military government.
My comment was pointing out that hearsay and rumor is irrelevant when reporting facts.
ps. I have been circumcised

ex army said...

Stop talking about chidi and the bull crap.Smart a....In a way that word you are using is a bit racists especially for the Indian/chinnese bloggers.What do you call yourself in Aussie "a Scotish man or scotrum pri...?Would you do the honourable thing in taking this story in to your advantage by advertising it to the people of South Korea and China not to come to Fiji for a holiday or they will go back with one arm.And for you better dont visit Fiji because youll go there with two balls and youll go back to Australia with one nut missing.
Come on people we need pictures and some photos of this man so it can be put in the Facebook and other means of communication to stop tourist visiting Fiji.
ex army

Anonymous said...


IS THE STATE PROCEDURES (AMENDMENT) DECREE NECESSARY? The Decree seems to give Ministers and the State absolute immunity from civil suit and criminal prosecution for speech and published word. The media is covered by the same immunity for publishing what the State Ministers say. However, incorrect reporting of Ministerial speeches does not cover the media nor does the publication of other people's words and speeches if, for instance, they are defamatory.

I do not know whether this adds to powers under the original State Proceedings Act which this Decree amends, and I have no idea why the Decree is seen to be needed at the present time. It would seem to be in the same order as the Essential Industries Decree: unnecessary, repressive and unlikely to win friends. Government needs to fully explain the need for its decrees and post them promptly on their website. The A-G's assurance that the powers will not be abused is not enough. Could someone close to Government seek an explanation of what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

Some christians in this forum say we should forgive Voreqe and turn the other cheek.
I guess they would also say to this Korean man to turn the other cheek or give the other hand.
And the Korean's wife should have turned the other cheek.

Voreqe needs to be punished for what he has done to this country and so does this thief from Beqa.

It's time to lock up Voreqe and Aiyaz in custody.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

@ Fark Fanning, If ASK had his way iTaukei would be living in the their own country landless just like the Aboriginals.

Anonymous said...

To the proud Fijian who said tourist crimes are happening all over the world... It doesn't mean it can happen in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Sa bai garo tu o Moro?O veka Tau, sa vacava tu nai yaragi, sa qai gata tu vaya? Were the couples both
Korean? How come the woman was running around outside, for 45 minutes half naked? was it from the
middle up or middle down? Hard to believe that this Fijian Villager, willfully tried to chopped-off, this
Korean wrist? Before we start to second guessing, of how this terrible event occurred, lets wait for a full invetigation, to hear what precipitate this elleged activities?

Half Wit said...

Isa va loloma na bula! I'm ashame to say Im Fijian in this case. Shows the prevalent lawlessness in the country at the moment.
Well this is a good example of leading by example from our leaders. You want anything just go in and take it, never mind who stands in your way as you have a weapon and they dont!!...Fiji the way the world should be???.....NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Fijians are just uncivilized rock apes. Bring back the hanging of these over sexed gutless wonders. Stop making excuses for them they are just looses with big hang ups who cannot face the fact that they are just thugs.