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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samisoni and fellow accused get bail variations but still in dark over police case

The four people charged with political incitement have been granted bail variations but remain on curfew. There is also still a delay on their legal teams getting full disclosures.

Former SDL MPs, Dr Mere Samisoni and  Mataiasi Ragigia, Semisi Lawake and Apete Vereti, were all granted variations yesterday by the Acting Chief Magistrate, Usaia Ratuvili, after a hearing in the Suva Magistrates Court.

The four, who were the last to be detained in December in under the Public Emergency Regulations before it was replaced with the Public Order Act, will now report three times a week to the police instead of daily.

Yesterday's variations also allow Samisoni to move from her Central Apartments to Muanikau.

None have entered pleas as their legal teams are waiting for full disclosures from the Director of Public Prosecutions office. Prosecutors have a further three weeks to provide the disclosures. 

According to the Fiji Times, Samisoni cannot make her plea until the state submits phone call records.

It says Samisoni's lawyer, Samanunu Vaniqi, requested the court enter a timeline for the state to submit the phone records of the accused. 

The court has heard there was evidence of calls made to several people but the Fiji Times says the Director of Public Prosecution lawyer, Ilisapeci Whippy, said while the police were given 10 cell phones it had only one machine to process the cell phones. 

Whippy says it will take time to process the calls.

Samisoni and the other defendants were released from custody on bail conditions on January 4.

No plea yet by Samisoni
Certain bail restrictions granted for Samisoni and cohorts


Anonymous said...

Is this DPP 4th grade or lower lawyer for real? They had all this time since December to process the calls of 10 phones. So how many million calls were made that it would "take time to process". Certainly an open ended statement from the street class lawyer to buy time to concoct or grope for any form of evidence they can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the four were charged and then police went looking for the evidence if the allegation is that they incited political violence between August-December 2011.

The four were arrested in the last week of December. But the call transcripts are not ready now in February 2012 and the statement from DPP is that only one phone out of ten has been processed - meaning the so called evidence is not yet even collected and weighed.

And why is Pryde not turning up in court to prosecute, rather than hiding behind the skirts of his junior female prosecutors

Taukei. said...

Exact same (unsuccessful) tactic used against deposed PM Qarase. Despite its many flaws Viti's judicial system once offered ordinary citizens protection from persecution by over zealous goverments & their bureaucracies. Sadly its now become little more than a a tool used by the regime to oppress & harass those it views as political opponents...Why is it everything these people touch eventually turns toxic?
Judiciary - GCC - RFMF - Police - Sugar -International relations & now the Bua & Westernside epidemics?

Anonymous said...

dpp should charge conman bai/ag/ministers and cj/judges first before running and trying hard to charge poor people .
who oppose the regime.
dpp is f idiot pryde to be hanged with all of his cronies.
sad fiji has jungle law.

Anonymous said...

At least they've let Mere out off that cell-block.The arrest & Charges is the AG-Khaiyum plan to
disqualify possible candidates in the 2014 General Election.I won't be suprised if these people will be found Guilty and released? There
will be more such cases and with the same settlements!Just don't think that they have enough times to conduct this manuever?

Anonymous said...

As other commenters have noted, the regime has already tipped its hand that it has no case against Samisoni and the others, which is to say that this is another case in which the regime is using the levers of justice for the unjust purpose of harassing its perceived opponents. Add this to the long litany of judicial abuses that have long since given the lie to Aiyaz's ludicrous claim of judicial independence in Fiji.

The regime should not need additional time to adduce whatever evidence it has for justifying the arrests, unless it had insufficient evidence in the first place and/or needs time to fabricate some.

'No peace without justice' goes the saying, and Fiji will never have justice under this regime.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Taukei. said...

What do you expect when they've politicised both police & judiciary & everything else in between? Trashed the once fine reputation of RFMF so bad certain sections within Fiji are calling for its total abolition - although non of them have any answers towards what to do with thousands of unemployed Taukei youths?
Maybe its just coincidence?
But it does appears that a lot of key positions both within Gov & RFMF are currently held by inexperienced bati ni wai?

Anonymous said...

Theres more than meets the eye on this one as one of the Police witnesses actually took the vehicle that had all the material for the planned operations straight to the Police Station! It appears they were supposed to have got a fairly good sum of money for the job but the bloke opted out either he was lumu as the saying goes or he didn't get paid! So there are some pretty big answers we await to hear from the accused when the case begins-my concern is someone could 'break' ranks and become a State witness especially when you staring down a life sentence.

Anonymous said...

Go Mere!!!Go Tai!!!Go Semi!!!Go Pete!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:54pm...are you sure the word used is: "LUMU"? The meaning of the word is to:Massage someone with coconut oil or cream? It's always nice to ask someone native,to spell you the Fijian word(s)and to give you its meaning, before you put it down on the paper? Possibly the word you're looking for is LAMU!afraid?scared? or CICILEVU!!!