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Monday, February 20, 2012

Deaths on up but Ministry refuses to impose public emergency

Peni Namotu
The fiasco over the handling of the recent flooding has spilled over with differences between the police commissioner western commander, Joeli Cawaki, and the Health Ministry now out in the open.
Cawaki is warning he will declare a public health emergency himself if the Ministry continues to insist the country doesn't need one.

Cawaki says there are now 62 cases of typhoid, dengue fever and leptospirosis: 17 of them typhoid, 28 dengue fever and 17 leptospirosis.

Several deaths have occured as a result of the diseases and Cawaki says the way to control its spread in flood affected areas is to restrict people's movements by banning kava sessions and communal gatherings.

Officials, however, are rejecting the idea saysing there's no crisis yet, althoughCawaki says the cases are from 36 different villages.

One of two FBC reports on the state of play today says senior officials have been meeting to discuss Cawaki recommendation but are not convinced.

FBC says the Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr Eloni Tora, told it the Ministry is monitoring and analysing the situation in the West.

Tora reckons imposing a Public Health Emergency "is not that easy" as a lot of issues need to be taken into consideration.

The Ministry spokesperson, Peni Namotu, backs him saying the mergency "will affect the country’s economy".

Quote: " The Ministry has made a decision not to impose the Public Health Emergency at this stage because there are cross implications esepcially to the nation's well-being."

Namotu maintains the ban is unneccesary because "communicable disease numbers have not reached an alarming level and the sanitation environment is also improving."


Anonymous said...

Namotu, how many people do you want affected or die before the emergency becomes an emergency?

Anonymous said...

I beleive in such situation which the Ministry of Health has the best data and expertise-its best that those who are also holding positions of Authority need to listen to the experts. This is a simple case of "too many cooks spoil the broth" which includes the health spoke person saying something, the Commissioner saying something which is different. Its best if people remain silent till all the facts are on the table. Data can be interpreted in so many ways-the least we need is for an illogical and stupid conclusion. I do not see the Ministry of Health interferring into the role of the Commissioners but shouldn't the Commissioners at the very least listen to the Ministry of Health Officials ie PS?

Mafi..USA said...

They are worried that tourists numbers will fall and thus affecting the economy,when, such an emergency will help in curbing the spread of diseases. This really shows that the regime worries more about the economic repercussions of declaring a Health emergency than the health of its people.
There you go ppl, you can figure out where their priorities lies.
This is sad.

Anonymous said...

he commissioner is the best person who would know wat is hapenning for the reason that he is going around not the PS health or their team so the CW is doing a great job

N. Tuisawau said...

The problem with these army idiots, they want to be become experts in every field. Why dont tghey just leave the health issues to the people concern. The implications of an emergency health declarations......visitors will not visit fiji,fiji citizens will be restricted from travelling to other boarders, exports will will be affected.Cawaki should just concentrate in giving more equipment and update facilities to allow the ministry of health to do their work properly.

Anonymous said...

The Ministry of Health officials are the EXPERTS!!
Cawaki, who used to paddle a tin boat around Suva harbour knows SWEET bugger all about health matters!! Who the hell is he anyway, the "Johnny come lately" want to be civil servant!!
There has been too much publicity lately in the press about the man, that he is now drunk with power like his master the Vore!!

Kai Kubuna said...

Who is this Peni Namotu? I recommend to PM Bainimarama that he be suspended or sacked if need be given his lack of respect for citizens' lives that have been lost through these water borne diseases emanating from the recent flooding.

What emergency level is he talking about? Are 60 plus deaths not enough for him? WHY IS HE CONSIDERING THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY AS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIVES OF CITIZENS?

It is about time the Government act insensitive inexperienced officials who do not know what they are doing and are indecisive on very sensitive issues regarding our people and the affairs of the state.

Radiolucas said...

How many deaths do there have to be before it reaches an "alarming level" I wonder?

Anonymous said...

The West is providing the Economy
The East uses the Money. Lifes of people
In the West is least important than those
Foreigners or Tourists. The West is always
Treated as second class and are negleted.

Anonymous said...

To 'Kai Kubuna': Peni Namotu is the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. He is telling us what the EXPERTS are saying!! Why penalise him?? GET REAL MAN!!


Sacrificing citizens lives for a few dollars. Same as soldiers turning a blind eye to the truth for 30 pcs of silver. Is it really worth it?

Anonymous said...

Comissioner Northern Lt Col Moceica said yesterday at the opening of Police Station that "people should lead by example".
How about he lead by example and resign from his illegal position.
I can just see the villagers laughing at this kind of talk.
What about our leader Bainivuaka? Is he leading by example? Very good example for fijian boys to follow in the future ie just bully everyone. Very good example to follow.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, 62 victims of typhoid, dengue fever, and leptospirosis sounds like quite a few to me, especially for a population the size of Fiji's.

I won't second-guess the public health professionals, but I will point out that when the media is muzzled and the regime daily publishes lies, even the pronouncement of public health professionals lack credibility.

This regime keeps trying to bury the truth. It's less about 'what they don't know can't hurt them' and more about 'what they don't know can't hurt ME'. But it does hurt. Just ask any of the 62.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Cawaki is probably a bi-polar patient at St Giles. His mind is very similar to his BOSS-Bai-they see something and in no time, it'll
be multiplying in seconds? The report a week ago said that there was one death not 62. I guess the
62 numbers given were those that contracted fevers in the last few weeks. The sick numbers were,in my opinion, quite reasonable and there's no need to get overlly excited? The question is:Would you vote for this man-Cawaki- in 2014?

Coup 4.5 said...

Figures printed by Fiji Village differ from those give by Cawaki. -C4.5 Editor

Statistics not alarming-Health Ministry
Publish date/time: 20/02/2012 [17:04]

There are now 20 confirmed cases of typhoid, 27 cases of leptospirosis and 4 cases of dengue fever from the Western division from January 25th to date.

Health Ministry spokesperson, Peni Namotu said there are more suspected cases and they can only comment on those after the lab tests.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

So far the Commissioner Western, Commander Joeli Cawaki has said that a Lautoka woman has died from dengue fever and two people from Ba have died after getting leptospirosis.

However Namotu said these are suspected cases.

Namotu also stressed that the number of cases has not reached an alarming level to declare an outbreak.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The Commissioner Western has put forward a requisition for a Public Health Emergency declaration after the reported cases of water borne diseases in the flood affected areas.

Namotu said the Ministry will not permit such a declaration as yet.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

Will Cawaki have his job by the end of the week???

Anonymous said...

Under this regime

Few people die...no worries

500,000 more chinese enroute to fill the gaps


I think I caught leptospirosis from this Governments Bullshit!


mark manning said...

Democracy advocates should get this pertinent information on the poor state of health amongst Fijians to the World Health Organisation and Tourists overseas.
This action should force the Regime to then take action as they can't afford to tarnish their reputation as a place to holiday.

Dim Wit said...

EXPERTS build the Titanic it SUNK, resounding into the worse Naval Accident through out the Centuries. Noah was a simple man he build an Ark which survived the floods and accomplished its purpose. People are the ones who make up the economy of a Country. How many more lives need to be SACRIFICED before they declare a Public Health Emergency??? Mr Namotu what if the death is in your family would you then support it??? Signs of the Times...People get educated but lack WISDOM!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.40pm I think it's "Too many chiefs not enough Indians!"

Anonymous said...

Who the duck believe what Fiji village writes?

Jake said...

Mark Manning.

"This action should force the Regime to then take action as they can't afford to tarnish their reputation as a place to holiday"

What fricken reputation you speak of boy?

You mean treasonous one?


Is there not an ounce of forgiveness in you boy?

Did somebody in your past life smack you over the head with a negative rod?

For the ministry to declare a state of emergency there certain international protocol they have to follow.

For insistence the degree and significance of communicable disease over the rate of infections and also the rate at which death is eminent.


Anonymous said...

Mark Manning if only your advice was worth the paper its written on it would be worth following. Your bigger agend is to HURT the Military? Isn't it -its not for getting the military peopel to be forced into doing anything as you say. The pitfull thing is the outcome of what you want done is that it will make the situation worse for our peoples more suffering form lackof jobs? No?? If pressure on the Regime could do anything i would support it-so far the Aussie & NZ pressure has amounted to SHIT-but your solution is one that doesn't AFFECT the Regime maybe you really live in lalaland becuse you ideas a really worth shit also! We have our kin and country people at heart, so when we think of a solution for Fiji its thought out a 100 times over before we open our mouths -you neither have any connection to us by traditional ties nor bloodkin nor as a vulagi! The pressure for Fiji to change can only come from within ! Why don't you use the advice you give outto do something for the Indigenous people of Australia stil suffering worse than the Fijians-good place to start would be the WHO or the UN! - Comment Edited - C4.5
February 21, 2012 12:50 PM

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate phrasing - Why can't the PS for Health simply say that the current situation does not yet meet the criteria for the declaration of a public health emergency. He needs to stop hiding behind Peni Namotu who has inflamed the situation - either because the PS gave the wrong instruction to Namotu who has now made it seem like its a matter of money. Who is Namotu and what kind of training does he have? And the buck stops with Neil Sharma the pretender Minister and the PS Eloni - this has become a PR disaster that does not reassure the public and already doing damage to the tourism industry not helped by FBCL who constantly update the story by the minute - talk about shooting Fiji in the foot!!

mark manning said...

The reputation i speak of, is simply in Frank and aiyaz own minds, it's not real.
but if tourists are put off going to fiji because of the lack of attention to these communicable diseases and the Regime's unwillingness and inability to combat the, then that should help reduce funds to the very Regime you seem to continue to support.
Less money means the Soldiers will sooner rather than later, withdraw their support.
In the long run, it's a case of short term pain for long term gain, but getting in touch with the WHO and other interested parties, might just get the much needed medication and medical attention the people in these flood affected areas need.
Perhaps you detractors should focus more on finding a resolution and stop attacking me, rather than wasting your time complaining about me and Aborigines in Australia and their plight, you should perhaps write to the WHO and other NGO's who can help Fiji..
I wonder if any of you complaining here really understand the potential for these diseases to spread and become an epidemic and how quickly !
Write to the WHO and others and give the poor old Aborigines a rest.
Blame those who supported the coup in the beginning.

Penis Naboci. said...

Penis Namotu, wipe that smirk off your ugly face and do something.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

What idiotic 'international protocol' are you referring to?

I might be negative about this, but it is better for us all to be honest than continue to be blind to the truth, Jake.

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, no need for the smart ass remarks-Penis Naboci???????

Penis Naboci said...

Anon@12.42Am. Well what do you expect? Penis Namotu is sitting on his ass while the people are suffering.

I suggest you stop trying to be a smart ass.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Peni Namotu. He is only the mouthpiece of the 'ME. MYSELF and I' Neil Sharma - the illegal Minister of Health. That's why Sala Saketa was kicked out. She did not merely tow Neil's propaganda line.. she knew the right thing to do.

Neil was more concerned with positive presentations about his ministry; did y'all see the regional director (or whatever) press conference? Sitting right next to the idiotic minister and waxing lyrical (well, not quite) with glowing reports about the big improvements in health matters in Fiji. Whilst quoting various reports and figures, he kept glancing at the idiotic minister for confirmation making very obvious his bullshit source.

Anonymous said...

Hey howcome we've heard of dead people but no dead fish? Are the fish much stronger then human?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning the head of WHO was in Fiji -you think he didn't see the damages cause by the floods before he landed in Nadi!
We don't see any solution coming out of your mouth that solves our problems-your solutions are so idiotic we ask if you have anything to say why don't you say it to your Govt of Australia to help the Indgienous people there instead of coming up with stupid ideas for Fiji! Last i looked your Indigenous peoples were still dying from sucides-that the new phenomen to Indienous people cause they don't do such thing in their societies in the past-they either killing themselves or white fallows are mudering them in prison!Stop the tourist and what less money for the soldiers then what solders will resign. One would have thought you had a bit more sense-if the tourist stop coming out people who work in the hotels don't get fed. The soldiers will be the last to suffer-either you haven't the foggies idea of how things work in a Regime or you just don't understand!-Comment edited C4.5
February 23, 2012 1:56 PM

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the head of the WHO was whisked right away by Neil Sharma and fed information only about non-communicable diseases whilst completely ignoring the plight of the flood victims. I think they flew to Suva in a carefully planned route that avoided flying over flood affected areas.

Hotel workers will not suffer if tourists don't come because they will learn to use clean, natural resources which are in abundance in Fiji. Maybe low now in some areas because of the floods but will soon spring back.

Anonymous said...

vinaka roko veni!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:48pm the reason Dr Sala Sakete got kicked out was she was so damn slow doing her job! Dr Sala was never seen and hardly heard-if you had worked at MOH she was all talk no action when it came to doing the hard yardage!@ She was out of her dephs when she was PS.All one needs to do was measure her outcomes as compared to the last PS DR Lepani-now that would would tell you soemthing. AS for Dr Sharma he came from a very successful Private Practice- he is also a Specialist in his field. Under very difficult times Dr Sharma has visited and travelled the length & width of Fiji-he is not perfect but sure as hell knows what going on in the MOH.Those that were having a 'free" ride have all disappeared now! Dr Sharma could leave his position and go back to Private Practice and still make money! What the Minister has to deal with in the MOH is clear the rubbish that has built up from 1987 with regards to "jobs for the boys & girls" and the various Bosses who had their own political & personnal agendas which has wrecked the MOH from within! There were those with in the MOH who thought the Department belonged to Ta! Dr Sharma does not belong to any factions-he calls it as he sees it-truth be told Dr Sala was simply out of her depth-it was not a case of "towing the line" as claimed its simply doing what is required of you, which is blood , sweat & sometimes tears!DRi yani