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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disease figures not making cents

Frank Bainimarama and Nauru's Jarden Kephas. pic MINFO
Question: Is Fiji's closest ally, China, being the good friend it could be as the country struggles with the floods?  

A look at some of the recent donations shows the China Railway No.3 Group, which has benefited huge business opportunities in Fiji, gave just $6,000 towards the regime's relief fund compared to Nauru, which gave $37,300.

Question: Where did the sudden 'figures' for the communicable illnesses used by the regime come from? 

In a media report two days ago the Health Ministry claimed that "before the floods there were 18 confirmed cases of typhoid which has increased to 20, dengue fever had 16 confirmed cases before the floods and this number has increased by 6 to 22, while leptospirosis had 27 confirmed cases before the flood with the number now standing at 28."

The report, The Onus is on the People: Health, says the Ministry "is doing its part to control the spread of communicable diseases in the West and it says the onus is now on the people ensuring this happens."

It added: "Spokesperson Peni Namotu says the government, NGO’s and international
  organisations have intervened to help restore order in flood affected areas. However Namotu says neglect and the lack of responsibility isn’t helping."

How come the public never knew about these statistics before the floods? Officials had said typhoid at Nanoko was fully contained and dealt with. And how come these patients are all going to the hospital after the floods?
The floods and the breakouts in diseases, not to mention the seven deaths (which jumped suddenly from one to seven!), is testing the regime's credibility. Sadly, it is again blaming the people and telling lies to cover up its incompetency.


Anonymous said...

So what are you trying to say Penis Namotu? Restore order in affected areas? Since you're the spokesperson for the Health Ministry, you should tell the truth about the number of people who are sick, the steps taken by your ministry to contain the outbreak of diseases that is affecting the people. What about the story on people being turned away and advised to take panadol? This is just incompetence on your part.

I'm not surprised by the amount donated by the Chinese as they are only interested in making money. The loans they give to Vuaka's illegal regime are earning them a healthy return, plus other deals that are not made known to the public.

Come on guys, don't believe what's coming out of Vuaka's man in the west, it's all a farce and Vuaka is only protecting his interests. End of story.

Anonymous said...

and they shall be cursed from the 3rd to the 4th generation..you wicked people.lol

Anonymous said...

China Railways $6000, Nauru $37000
China taking all the Bauxite & building their Navy port in Vahua Levu and this is what we get from them.
Look North Policy looks like has come back to bite Vuaka in the bum.
Voreqe you should kick out all these fricking Chinese now.

Radiolucas said...

China gave $6,000. NZ gave $2,500,000.

So basically, ding-dong Frank and Aiyaz have bet the farm on aid from China that is worth LESS than 0.3% of what NZ's aid is?

What a joke. The only "aid" that Frank and Aiyaz are getting for China's Railway No.3 Group is the kickbacks that they bank with Aunty Nur in Dubai.

Shocking. Their greed and lies are exposed once again.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the PM looks pretty cool in
the Bula shirt, he's modeling in the picture?He looks very comfortable in shaking the donor's hand; and in
accepting the cheque.Finally,the man is settling in, to the PM role and doesn't he looks very majestic?
Those of you Fijians, who's still pissed-off at him-just remember this,yesterday he appointed two Fijians, as his newest ministers, in his so-called dictatorial administration.I'm begining to believe that his 2014 election promised is legit?

Anonymous said...

I'm always a bit surprised to see anyone still contributing to the PM's flood/slush fund, rather than to a reputable organization like the International Red Cross. Most of the countries that naïvely contributed to the PM's fund in January 2009 have not made the same mistake twice and still wonder how their money was spent. The fund should be audited, but all of the Public Auditor reports must go first to the PM's desk, from which they never emerge.

So much for this regime's oft-repeated promise of transparency!

Why is this regime so fearful of the truth? I think we all know the answer to that one. It's spelled out clearly in the Holy Bible, John 8:32.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that most people think that the PM's Flood appeal money will be directly given to them....Actually I will be given to them, but in a form of food, etc...in a form of election campaigning for FrankieB. People will receive with both hand singing praises for the regime...something like in the olden days "long live the PM, Long Live the AG" or maybe with a bit modern touch "this is the best government, ever, OMG", "look how efficient they are in removing corruption through FICAC"...

I pity those people...who knows, maybe because of "these people" he might win the elections...then another number of years of military rule...

No fan said...

Hah- this is surely a case of Vodafone using Fiji Village to highlight its good deeds! Dont worry Vodafone questions are being asked about you too.

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation use $50,000 to assist flood affected vcitims

$50,000 to assist flood affected
Publish date/time: 23/02/2012 [17:03]

Print this page
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Share Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has utilized its funding of $50,000 by assisting flood victims in all flood affected areas in the West.

Foundation Executive, Ambalika Kutty said straight after the floods hit they activated their Red Alert Program through which they collected FJ$50,000 within a few days and they started to contact their charity partners to start helping people instantly.

She said Vodafone ATH gave $20,000 to Lions Club Ba which went on to assist worst affected areas in Ba by giving people drinkable water, food packs and clothing.

Similarly $10,000 was handed out to Fiji Sevashram Sangh which assisted people in Nadi and Lautoka and a further $10,000 was given to Rama Krishna Mission to reach out to people in Rakiraki, Tavua and Ba with Food packs and clothing.

Also $10,000 has been given to Save the Children Fiji to assist students with school needs post flooding.

Kutty said together with their charity partners they reached out to all areas in the Western Division and made sure their funding was put to proper use.

Anonymous said...

Over $1.5M received by Prime Minister’s Relief Fund
Publish date/time: 23/02/2012 [17:05]

Share More than $1.5 million has been received so far by the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

Permanent Secretary for National Disaster Management, Colonel Inia Seruiratu said to date they have not used any of the money received by the Fund.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Meanwhile this afternoon Hansons Group of Companies handed over $100,000 worth of food and household items like sugar, flour, toilet paper, and detergent for the relief efforts to the National Disaster Management Office.

Anonymous said...

Good. Give lots of toilet paper to Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Stop bagging the Chinese, they have not forced themsleves on us.

They deal with the governement we gave them...PM & AG.

If they have given x millions of dollars to do business here to PM & AG , thats not there problem...its our governement not theres, and if this is the way we do business thats the way they do business. they do not interfear in our domestic problem.
We ask for help they help...via 2% interest . You want it we give it...with the condition they do the work. Its there money there rules...so whos problem...not theres its ours.

China does businees with Australia...Australia would be bankrupt with out chinese

China does business with America.China supplies all of americas needs cheaply and even so cheap it can save money from doing this business, and China knows that it is saving huge amount of american dollars so it helps america by investing back those dollars into american economy but americans have used those funds with absolute foolishness, they have not invested in infurstructure , education and new business like alternative energy to creat millions of clean energy jobs. America with out jobs is no good for chinese business, it is disatrous and politicians are creating friction and acusing China of being to power ful and its a threat and maybe have to go to war one day...so american will be ferafula dn frightend and continue to be stupid and vote for stupid white man that is old and only knows war, when after world war 2 the white man felt on top of the world as a war lord with much wealth.
China can not invest any longer in America because they are to stupid and greedy and there political system is utter corupt and there system is irresposnible not like Chines and India that are responsible with money. Both these countries are investing in gold, but China is th biggest producer of gold in the world in addition it is buying as much gold it can without pushing price to high...slowly, slowly catch monkey.

One day soon the world reserve currency will be the yuan ( renimbi)and it will be backed by gold or maybe a new currency like the Euro, but backed by the Brics (Brazil, Russia, India,China, SA ).

The rest of the world can no longer be affected by the corruption and out of control financial system of the white man anymore. It can no longer be lead by greedy savage stupid warrior white men any longer who subvert demcocracy by lying to their people, steeling their money via their out of control banking system and doing nothing about carbon economy.

Anybody warns you about Chinese tell them go get there hypocritical mind reset to "think" mode .

Chines give you the money you ask for for the purpose you want it and they also build it. Straight deal.

They are building a navy to come and collect if you dont repay, this is fare and straight busines, no bullshit.

You want to be a man, be a man.

Dont cry like a baby for free give away, or you will always be treated like a baby and stay like a cry baby.

Who cut all the trees down, burnt the trees, what we cant plant trees to stop floods, bloody cry babies.

Cry and complain this week and sleep next week, stupid undisiplined lazy fiji people, keep feeding from the white man.

Anonymous said...

FYI govt must have read your blog...just called a press conference to be held shortly - and hear this..its on declaring a public emergnecy in areas affected by typhoid!
This shows Commissioner Western Joeli Cawaki was doing somebody in Health's job..!!!

Gutter Press said...

The Chinese Anonymous at 11.00am makes a good point!

Dr. Who. said...

@ Anon 11:00.

Urgent Medical Message.

See what happens when you don't take your medication? Suggest appointment first instance with an optometrist - get that colour thing sorted - taken you have checked lenses for bird shit?
Less frequent visits to good Chinese restaurants will also aid condition.

Mao Ze Dong said...

@anon11.00am...total agree. Why blame the Chinese? They are not obligated to give away anything. Was at a dinner function recently in Brisbane and a mining guy told me Aussie company Newcrest officials were telling him with glee what loads of money they were hoping to make in Fiji. What do you think Newcrest is hoping to do in Fiji? Philanthropy?
Get real about how the world works. No such thing as money for nothing. Otherwise everyone of us would be Jim Ah Koy or Mahen Patel. Maybe some of you are already. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Now that the the Fiji Police Force have been told how to do their job - People,Power & Passion can they do the right thing - Arrest VB & Aiarse.

If not their whole workshop is a waste of taxpayers money and funds should be allocated to feed the flood victims.

Anonymous said...

All money for the flood will have to be deposited in Vuaka's bank account and he will dictate how much to be withdrawn, so you bloggers just shush cos Bai is the man.

Anonymous said...

It's money in return for job security..LOL.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:00 am
You are right. Business is business to the Chinese.
Shame they don't have any compassion like the Kiwis or Aussies or even yhe Nauruans.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:00, you make some good points, but while you exonerate the Chinese, why do you rant about 'the white man'? Is the white man the source of Fiji's problems? I hardly think so.

In fact, if if wasn't for white men, you would now be a slave in the Greater Nippon Empire.

So take some of your own medicine and grow up.

Anonymous said...

anon@11:00am...Don't blame you for getting pissed-off for us bunch of whinners: But can you blame us though? Supposing some thieves,in the dark of night, entered your Manson and stole your wives' Jewelries, which in due course,they eventually sold the items to a(fenced)Jeweller or Pawn-Shop.During the course of police investigation, the Jewels
were found, in the Jewellers or pawn-shop stores?Who do you think is entitled to that "STOLEN" Jewels- Your wives,The Thief or the Jeweller? If you're sitting as the Judge, in a legally constituted Government; and this case was brought up to you, for your decision, WHAT WOULD YOUR DECISION BE??? Exactly,the very reason why we're also ticked-off at the crooks, that stole our legally constituted Government;and
is selling it off to China,like it
was legal? So give us a break,cause
we'll be doing this whinning for a while till our Jewels is restored!

ex army said...

Fully agree I think Bai is the man now.How come in all over the world we Fijians boast about our warrior way of doing things,we boast how our forefathers conquer other province/village etc,we boast about our hierarchy or traditional position in the village and yet no one can stand up against Bai.Do not cover yourself by calling yourself Christians when infront of your very eyes people are being abused by the military.The poor are getting poorer and the thieves in the IG are getting richer in Fiji nowdays.We are talking too much and doing nothing practical to bring the Fijian military idol down to his knees.Hat off for the one and only Mr Vilisi Nadaku.Bro keep it up.
Da duri mai na kai Viti bal;eta na doka ulu ni noda vanua ke sega ni da tucake ka valataka na dina ena na rusa kei ira na luveda.
ex army

Taukei. said...

Right now people under the pump in the Westernside & Bua urgently need humanitarian aid & medical supplies - less self promoting photo opportunities by little fat incompetent dictators who haven't a clue about what's really going on outside Suva.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take up this concept about the "whiteman" been our Saviour from Nippon! Its the white man that conned the Chiefs and segretated the people into the compartments the iTaukei now find them in and the various land distribution systems!
Secondly for Anonymous seems to forget the role of the Fiji soldiers in Solomons, Malaya etc for a country of our size we sure as hell did a lot-but look at the reward they gave our warrious- 1 VC & a folk, spade, caneknife for their efforts during the WW2. They sure as hell didn't do the same for those soldiers who came from Aussi & NZ or USA! So when it comes to the what the Whiteman did lest not get too carried away-when the British ruled Fiji we had a very similar law as South Africa with regards to the COLOUR of your SKIN! Blacks were not allowed into the Yacht Club in Suva, The Deefense Club was only for people of European decent, and even sporting events like athletics events was for people of European decent! Whitemen yeh thy did a lot but they also stole a hella lot too- of Islands in the Fiji Group and also land-especially in Nadi and in places in Vanualevu where you now have hotels etc! Lets cut the crap sometime & call it as it was not this pretentious bull history we get cause we still have suvivours from the WW2 around and their stories paint diffrent icture of the "whieman"!

Anonymous said...

The reason why people are returning to hospitals is because they need to have a follow-up of their condition (s) eg Blood test etc! Its just the normal process. Its easy to check the facts & figures quoted-if only someone cared to do so! We have seen outbreaks in the past of leptospirosis and Typhoid and dengue- some of these are on going because you can have 'carriers"! Water is also a medium for the continous spread of diseases. Knowing our people when they are told what to do and what not to do there are those who seem to think that they behaviour is their own concern without any implications of what it could cause to others later on! I have known of 'carriers' who continue to travel from place to place knowing fully well of the implications of what they were doing! Need one say more! The disease process can be exacerbated by natural disasters eg floods , cyclone etc. Its not only how people in Authority respond to these disasters that curtails the disease process and also its spread but also the reponse from the inhabitants of the land ! People all have good intentions when trying to do their best for those that suffer, lets not blame hard working people in Health etc as they are also constrained! Vinaka DRi yani!

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 6:00.

That was then this in now - can we move on please & leave peoples skin pigmentation right out of it...Less of course your Indian & can't help it.

Anonymous said...

A little perspective and gratitude, bro. White men did save Fiji from Japanese enslavement in WWII. Was it the Fijian navy that stopped the Japanese in the Coral Sea and then defeated them at Midway?

And if it wasn't for the white man, maybe I'd have eaten you for lovo by now.

Hope you're tender!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Fijians contributed to the Allied effort.  We should be proud of that.  At least, the iTaukei can be.  The Fijians who fought got a helluva lot more than one VC, a fork, spade and cane knife.  They returned with the pride of knowing that partly through their efforts, we got to keep our freedom, our culture, and our land.

Commodore Banana has stripped us of our freedom and undermined our culture, and even now is selling out our land to the Chinese.  But you don't seem to want to discuss that.  No, you want to give the Chinese a pass but dredge up memories of racist attitudes by the English and Aussies.  'When it comes to what the white man did, let's not get too carried away'. That also applies to you, mate. Our new Chinese friends have some good qualities, like all people, but they're also among the most racist people in the world. Go live with the Chinese sometime, and you will see for yourself. Or wait around a few more years under the Banana man's mis-rule, and they'll come to you.