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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family of man murdered by soldiers seeks justice

Death at the hands of soldiers: Family mourn Nimilote Verebasaga.

The brother of Nimilote Verebasaga, who was murdered by RFMF soldiers, has spoken out for the first time about his murder. In his video revelation below, he names those who were involved in his brother's murder.

Posted below with his video interview, is a confidential cable leaked by Wikileaks naming  those involved in the torture and deaths of Fiji citizens.  The cable was written by former US ambassador to Fiji, Steve MGann.

P 252359Z MAR 09


E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/26/2019

REF: 08 SUVA 157

Classified By: Deputy Chief of Mission Richard Pruett. Reasons 1.5 (b)
and (d)

 1. (C) Summary: Embassy Suva submits the following credible evidence of gross human rights violations by members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and the Fiji Police.  We have listed the individuals by name and then included a summary of the human rights abuses for which there is credible evidence of involvement.  All are Fiji nationals. However, in most cases we lack other identifying information such as dates of birth.

Christmas Eve 2006 Detention, Assaults and Abuse

 2. (C) At midnight on Christmas Eve 2006, six pro-democracy activists were forcibly removed from their homes and taken to the RFMF headquarters at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva. According to independent statements by several of the individuals, during the course of the night, RFMF personnel
subjected them to humiliating and degrading treatment, including physical assault and verbal abuse.  They were beaten, punched, kicked, and made to crawl on all fours in the rain.  One woman was allegedly asked whether she was
pregnant and after she replied in the affirmative, a soldier stood on her stomach.  One man was allegedly asked who was Fiji,s president, and upon answering (then-deposed) &Ratu Iloilo,8 was repeatedly kicked by the soldiers.  Another woman said that RFMF soldiers blindfolded her, put an unloaded gun to her temple and fired repeatedly.  The group was then forced to run in the rain from the military camp to a location several miles away, where they were compelled to remove anti-coup slogans from the walls of a house.  Before
release, RFMF soldiers allegedly warned them that if they spoke out again they would be taken back up to the military camp and suffer worse treatment, as would their families.

 3. (C) While much of the alleged abuse was perpetrated by lower ranking and unknown RFMF soldiers, those detained reported that the following high ranking RFMF personnel were present, orchestrated and in some cases perpetrated the abuse:

(1) Tevita Ului Mara, Colonel, Chief of Staff, Land Force, and Commanding Officer of the RFMF Third Infantry Regiment, DOB: 25 May 1965
(2) Pita Driti, Colonel, Land Forces Commander, DOB: 29
October 1960
(3) Sitiveni Qiliho Tukaituraga, Colonel, DOB: 30 December,

The Death of Sakiusa Rabaka Following Detention by the RFMF

 4. (C) On January 24, 2007, RFMF and police personnel detained four young men, including 19-year old Sakiusa Rabaka, ostensibly for smoking marijuana.  They took the men to the Black Rock Military Base, near Nadi, and forced the
men to participate in severe exercises, which included multiple beatings.  Among many indignities, the soldiers forced one man to perform oral sex on an unconscious co-detainee.  The four were dropped off at a police station
the following day, where they confessed to their crimes, and then released.  Rabaka died as a result of injuries sustained during the assaults.

 5. (C) The RFMF attempted to frustrate the criminalinvestigation into this incident.  The army refused to allow the police to interview eight RFMF soldiers suspected of involvement.  The police then lost the file, necessitating
that much of the investigation be redone.  The DPP ultimately charged eight RFMF soldiers and one police officer with murder, at which point the RFMF tried to send them abroad on a UN peacekeeping mission.  The attempt was nearly successful, with only a last minute intervention resulting in the accused being asked to de-board a UN chartered airplane at the airport.  Following trial, all nine were convicted of manslaughter and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on March 17, 2009 and sentenced to four years, imprisonment.

 6. (C) The following RFMF soldiers based at the RFMF's Black Rock Base in Nadi in February 2007 were convicted:

(1) Taione Lua;
(2) Ulaiasi Radike;
(3) Etonia Nadura;
(4) Ratunaisa Toutou;
(5) Joeli Lesavua;
(6) Jona Nareki;
(7) Laisa Kurimavua
(8) Napolioni Naulia

Patrick Nayacalagilagi, a police officer at the Namaka Police Station in February 2007, was also convicted.

The Death of Tevita Malasebe in Police Custody

 7. (C) Tevita Malasebe was beaten to death at the Valelevu Police Station on June 4, 2007, after being arrested on suspicion of robbery.  His bruised body was delivered to the Suva mortuary the following morning.  The police ultimately charged seven persons with murder and an eighth policeman
with obstruction of justice.  At trial, the pathologist reported evidence of assault with wooden planks and torture marks on the soles of the feet.  The court ultimately convicted detectives Lole Vulaca and Rusiate Korovusere of
murder.  One person was convicted as accessory after the fact for attempts to cover up the crime.  The remaining members of the Fiji Police Force were acquitted:

(1) Detective Lole Vulaca
(2) Detective Rusiate Korvusere


Nimilote Verebasaga's brother, Nemani Ramasei, shares on Utube for the first time how Fiji soldiers killed his brother.


Anonymous said...

See more brutality of the goons:


Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5
Thank you US Embassy, Suva
Thank you Wikileaks
Thank you Nemani for being brave enough to stand up for your brother.
Shame on the Shameem sisters for desecrating the Human Rights of Fijians.
I also wonder what the UN rep in Fiji has done about the continued abuse of the Fijian population by Bainimarama and the Fijian Army.
Even now they still persist with their arrogance and rolling out a Decree where no one can sue them even if they lie to the people.

Bainimarama is unrepentant.
The leopard can't change it's spots.
Even now in 2012 he is still trying to con the people of Fiji.

Anyone in this forum that still thinks that Bainimarama will bring in Democracy in 2014 must be either brainless or stupid.

Bainimarama and all the soldiers that perpetrated these crimes must all be brought to justice ASAP.

The Fiji Army is now full of unprincipled men who are evil. There is only one solution and that is to get rid of it completely.
I think a bomb by USA on Delainabua would greatly help.
The population of Fiji have suffered enough at the hands of these soldiers. It is time to put a stop to it.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Thank you c4,5 for sharing this story with us. Nemani's story like Rabaka's and Malasebe's must be recorded and for the world to see how ruthless and evil the Fiji Military forces have become. They kill innocent civilians and walk free among the besieged and scared people of Fiji. These killers must be brought to justice, the people of Fiji must seize the opportunity now to overthrow this illegal and evil regime.

Thinking Man said...

Army too comfortable too hard to shift them. Momentum gone. Mara's escape waste of time. Down to bloggers again to keep fight going.

Kai Kubuna said...

Verebasaga is from Tailevu Province. He was killed by a group of military murderes including a Tailevu man Rabitu the Tailevu Provincial Council driver. Within the illegal dictatorship hierachy, who run the country are these Tailevu men, the dictator himself Bainimarama, Joe Serulagilagi the Chairman Tailevu Provincial Council and Public Service Comm, employing murderer Rabitu and the illegal President Eveli ....these criminals are perpetuating human rights debasement/abuse and Fijian subjugation. What are these kai Tailevu doing to correct the wrongs committed against a fellow Tailevu family from Nakaulevu Nakelo???. Verebasaga's blood will keep the flame against these criminals alive and burning until justice is done.

Satini Koki said...

Vinaka taciqu, ena tagica tu na Kalou bula na dra nei Verebasaga. Me sobuta tiko na vakacegu na vuvale nei Verebasaga kei ira kece na vuvale ka vakaleqai na nodra gone ena ligadra na mataivalu.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na Dina?...RUM please,you're still between a rock and a hard place! you're still unrepentant,unremorceful,
still full of yourself,i know-you
can't help it? We're still tracking you and don't ever doubt, that when
things is return, to the way it was, before you help Bainimarama,pull his treasonous coup,that you'd be
forgiven by Fijians? You will be put on trial, like every single one
of you; and let the judicial system
passed judgement, against your illegal participation! The ruling of the democratic court, will be respected and defended.No one and I repeat-No one, will sail through our web of justice;but will get their just due?

Anonymous said...

Good job Nemani,don't forget to get a good international criminal lawyer that could take your case to the world court if need be? If you need money to fund your case,go ahead and open-up an account with a bank and i'm sure,good people will only be too
glad to help you out? I wouldn't have any problem donating to good causes? We can start now in naming
criminals that caused the death of our Fijian brothers.

Anonymous said...

Only think he has not mentioned is how his brother was giving tenants hard time including stealing and demanding money.This was reported to Nausori police who failed to do anything.
However killing him is not right.

Anonymous said...

Mara will never return to Fiji. He knows that he his too much dirty laundry in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The day will come for the Abusers to face their Victims in the Courts of a Free Democratic Fiji if they are lucky to get to a Court.

Anonymous said...

Me da sa lotu ga vakavinaka na Kai Viti!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mara have you apologized to the families who have lost their sons, brother, uncle, you are not worthy of having chiefly title still, staying in tonga will not hide your evil doings.

February 15, 2012 11:43 PM

Vosa Vakadodonu said...

@ Nemanis comment about a talatala...
koya gona qo e leqa tiko,levu na i talatala lotu vakarisito e Viti e ra sega ni cakava tiko na ka e ra kacivi kina...ME VUNAUTAKI VAKADODONU GA NA VOSA NI KALOU...sa rui sivia nodra kocokoco kei na lawaki ca!!!
to all the talatalas outer there kerekere bibi vei kemuni sa rauta na kocova na i yau ni vuravura qo...

Matawalu said...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if he forced tenants to pay unrealistic rates or what have you, nobody has the right to abuse or take another human being's life...there are systems in place to hear and solve your grievances...Bunch of Kai Veikau..I guess our old habits keep coming back..next we'll be eating each other again..RIP Mr Verebasaga...

The Oracle said...

Thank you to Nemani.We need to compile this type of evidence to bring the current regime members to justice. As Nemani rightly pointed out, those who are supporting the regime are just as guilty of the atrocities committed. And those who recognise the wrongs but remain silent are also just as guilty. The US diplomatic communication is absolutely correct in that the army deliberately tried to thwart police investigations by sending officers wanted for questioning on overseas assignments. All soldiers of all ranks should hang their heads in shame for the torture inflicted on their own brothers and sisters. And Roko Ului needs to be truthful about his role in the tortures. Hopefully one day he will be subjected to the same degrading actions he, Bainimarama, Driti, Aziz and other senior officers condoned.

@Anon 2.04 - Killing Nimilote was inexcuseable - whether he took rental money or not. If that crime was punishable by death through extreme torture then what should we do to Bainimarama for not just having a hand in that death, but also for destroying the economy and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Fijians? God promotes turning the other cheeck but nowhere in the Bible is it recomended that we continue to simply turn the other cheek in the face of repeated abuses. Jesus, if you recall, went on a violent clean up of the synagogues which had been turned into black markets. There is a time to recognise that enough is enough and we should stop turning the other cheek. We may not be able to fight Bainimaraa's guns now, but with the collection of evidence such as that provided by Nemani and others, we should be able bring these people to justice one day. One Day Mafatu!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nemani, Rabitu e tamata lamusona...kalevu tu ga na vosa...ia me tu vakarau...na veidusi sa voleka mai...qarauna Bainimarama..its about time you lock up your men because they are about to bite your hand...!!!.

Anonymous said...

To the illegal government and all its supporters..what happened to Verebasaga is inexcusible...the loss of 1 dear life..loss to his family..children with no Dad...a Dad who would have wished to grow old with his children...a dear wife who like daily support of her husband..how can the soldiers pray to our living GOD when they have killed an innocent man...how do they face up to their own families when they have denied Verebasaga of his own...how can we call our selves fijians when we have no heart...

Major Sosiceni said...

In Fiji certain elite elements maliciously manipulate Christian sensibilities to lighten serious criminal and treasonous offences so that cronies are let off the hook or given window dressing sentences. A case in point is the handful of people who were supporters of George Speight, given sentences that was suddenly shortened and sent home. People such as Ratu Jope Naucabalavu, the Tui Cakau to name a few. Of course like Atlas holding up the whole can of worms in Fiji is Rabuka, who was not punished for the catastrophe he has committed against the nation of Fiji.

Yes, by all means Bainimarama and the rogue Fiji army, “mataivalu-ni-soli-sona” and entire illegal junta must answer for the murder of Verebasaga and others. But we cannot possibly end this affair by sentencing Bainimarama and co to Naboro, that will be just waving a red flag to a bull for future coups. There has to be a hardening-up and a severe lesson taught here that treasonous offences are extremely serious and it will cost you your life. If this is not done, Fiji will be doomed for many more cycle of coups in future years. This Bainimarama coup therefore is a window of opportunity to demonstrate once and for all that coups don’t pay. A handful of the key perpetrators must be publicly executed to show that justice is done and crime does not pay. The idea of public hanging in Sukuna Park sounds great and I suggest for starters, these people swing from the rope after being charged and sentenced in a court : Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Nailatikau, and the Shameem Sisters.

When Gadafi was outsted he managed to run away and hide in a culvert. Thankfully, one of the rebel soldiers found him, and when he realised who he was he finished him off on the spot. Sometimes justice is brutal.Remember to search the culverts guys.

Vinaka People said...

Great interview and information thanks Nemani and C4.5. Looking 4ward to video two.

Anonymous said...

4 years on...New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says if Fiji's military regime does not do a "miraculous turnaround" and commit to elections soon then the economic consequences will be dire.

Speaking to journalists in Beijing, Mr Key said that recent events in Fiji mean the country is being given a "passport to poverty" by Commodore Bainimarama....GOD BLESS FIJI!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Nemani. My respects to your family.
Show there are still people with guts in Fiji and who still expect the regime or any individual to be held accountable for their actions. Forgiveness is all well and good, but not when the regime explains away their own brutality and expects victims to 'go cap in hand'. Where is the visit from bainimarama to this family asking forgiveness? More do as we say not, as we do?

ex army said...

Coup 4.5 what else we can say vinaka,vinaka and thank you very much.
You keep on reminding us of these murderers history so that every one will remember and remind us of the evil leadership.
ex army

Anonymous said...

I know a key witness who took the late Verebasaga's body,he was assigned to be the driver that night.

Ex soldier who resigned. said...

The more news like this comes out, the more scared Vuaka and Aiyarse become. Let the world know and no decree will protect them. The soldiers will desert Vuaka and that will make his arrest a walk in the park, unless a brave Fijian puts him down with a bullet.

As for Aiyarse and all those in high positions, the borders should be blocked in case they try to flee. The president Naiulukau who signed all those decrees must be held accountable, as the deaths of innocent people was partly blamed on his signature.

Only two sentences are appropriate for these goons. Imprisoned for life or let someone exterminate these pests for good.

Mara knew that one day all of these will come out and he made a hasty retreat, and now he's languishing in Tonga.

Vuaka and Aiyarse, and all of you goons and murderers, it's not a case of if, it's when.

Taukei 5. said...

Don't forget the CRW boys - because others certainly won't

Selesitino Kalounivale.
Jone Davui.
Eperneri Bainimolo.
Lagani Rokowaqa.
Iowane Waseroma.

Lot of you people still don't comprehend the big picture within Viti. Real behind the scenes pupeteer has always been Nailatikau - Vore was just a simple bati ni wai gau seduced by someone he believed was a future Vunivalu of Bau.

KAI GAU said...


Fijilive - Tikoitoga denies allegations in death Gateway to Fiji, Fiji ...
www.fijilive.com/news/2012/02/16/40191.Fijilive -
Speaking to FijiLive Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga in response to a report by Radio New Zealand said these are false allegations made against ...

guerilla warfare said...

This is the time to work out a strategic plan on how to rope these bunch of murderers when the time comes, total lock down on all borders so that they do not eascape the wrath of the people. They should all stand trial for the all suffering they have caused to all Fijians.

Anonymous said...

A professional army, a professional officer corp would at all times have a "rules of engagment" in place.

The tools available to the army to keep the peace and intimidate if necessary, never,never needed to reach this state.

I was /am no favourite of previuos parliment and was not sorry to see them go, BUT what transpired after and till now was never in a million years expected from what was supposed to be a professional army that has had extensive training and experince over 30 years.

There can never be any excuse for their behaviuor and responsibility rests with the officer corp.

The officer corp reverted to pre cession savagery.

Some of those are living in supposed free democratic societies that hold human rights dear.

They need to charge those individuals and inprison them.


You harbour them to one day return to Fiji and become leaders. Do you seriuosly think that at any point in the future we will have any sort of government that will have the discipline and fortitude to bring these people to justice.
All you will do is to further destabilize our country a further 10-20 years.

Jail them......and in due course we will jail those who are presently oppressing us here at home.

Meanwhile ....the utter hypocracy of New Zealand and Australia is only to clear.

They are playing a two faced game, and utterly hopeless, failure at both.

Anonymous said...

Anon;2:02 pm You are full of garbage..its people like you who are like shifting sands-not sorry for the last parliment to go and now not happy of the soldiers behaviour...you have no principle!

February 17, 2012 5:31 PM

KAI RARA CA said...

Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of God, God has made man(Genesis 9:6:
Truth will come to light, murder cannot be hid long( The Merchant of Venice, Act 2-Scene 2)
Iam eagerly waiting for that good day when I'll witness justice served and only God knows what is the end of kai Tonga Eveli Nailatikau, kai loma/drarua FRANK and kaitani, meca i karisito Aiyass luve ni kaisi botoboto.anyway who are these people to tell us what is best of Fiji . ratou kui vai rawa?

Koi Navitilevu said...

@ "Kai Rara"
Drau kwa dina rau. Roto cobo levu.

Mosese talks said...

Strange just tried to open the Fiji Times link to read Tikoitoga's reply to Nemani's interview but can't open it. Article's called Tikoitoga denies death allegations. It was published yesterday now wondering if it has been removed ???

Ratzmann said...

Good work coup 4.5 and Nemani. This is a good start. All we need now is to push forward more. @ Anonymous February 16, 2012 1:29 AM..why don't you open up an account and start the collection for the good cause. I would like to see how much you put in first..it will show that you still can put your words where your mouth is.
Nimilote Verebasaga (RIP) my brother..the crimes committed against you will not go unpunished..whatever a man sows he shall also reap..dua na siga..if not now. So as the crimes commited against Malasebe, Selesitino Kalounivale, Jone Davui, Epi Bainimalo,Lagani Rokowaqa, Iowane Waseroma, and not forgetting the 3 loyal soldiers that were killed during the mutiny. God have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Romans 12:19

Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 48:22

“There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.”