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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fiji and Russia agree to visa free agreement

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Russia and Fiji have agreed to begin work to draw up a visa-free travel agreement.

“Currently, not many Russians visit Fiji – about 500-700 people a year,” Lavrov said during a news conference following talks with his Fijian colleague Ratu Inoke Kubuabola. 

“We hope that the agreement on visa-free contacts would contribute to the development of tourism.”

Lavrov’s trip to Fiji as part of his Asia-Pacific tour marked the first visit by a Russian foreign minister to the island nation. Fiji and the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations in 1974.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the visit aimed to establish a regular political dialogue and expand interaction in international affairs, as well as to work out prospective trade, investment and humanitarian projects with regional countries.

Russia and Fiji are planning to develop cooperation in the spheres of agriculture, mining, fishery and medicine, Lavrov said during the news conference.

Russia is also ready to provide more scholarships for Fijian students to study in Russian universities, he said.
Kubuabola said in his turn cooperation with Russia would help Fiji “ensure its independence and self-sufficiency.”

“Contacts with Russia are important not only politically, but also economically because they help us develop our economy and create jobs,” he said.

Russia took over the rotating chair of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum in 2012. Lavrov’s tour also included Japan, Brunei, New Zealand and Australia.


Bisun said...

well since NATO countries have all been supporting the Arab spring, Frank & co are aligning themselves with the big bad wolfs > Russia and China for support. They hoping that befriending the commies will keep those tomahawks at bay.
Too bad Frank, we don't have any oil well in our backyard, so they don't give an eff if someone sticks a 50 cal bullet through your head.

Anonymous said...

Really? Castro cuba comes to mind,many unfulfilled promises by Kruschev and succeeding commie Chairmans, which leave this once rich islands, in the gutter today!
Without tourist money from Canada,US and others, Cuban Castro would have definitely waved, their white flag and admitted their screw-up, in kissing-up to the wrong kahuna? Cuba's economy is totally tattered & Torn and it would possibly, takes 2 to 3 generations, to bring it back to normality? So please don't go overboard with the commies, lets stay close to our old friends and allies; we know them and they know us? We've been friends for over 200 years and we've fought together,played together,worked together,growup together and moved forward together
and i for ones, like my ancestors before me, will stay true to that old-dependable friendship; and will defend both our rights to exist, in this beautiful paradise of ours! FIJI!

Anonymous said...

Are we really to suppose that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is visiting Fiji in order to encourage more Russian tourism to Fiji, as if that somehow benefits his government? Fiji is not even a member of APEC, so that angle doesn't explain the visit, either.

What does explain it is Moscow's interest in gaining Suva's recognition for the breakaway Georgian districts of Abkhazia-South Ossetia, in building a naval base in Vanua Levu, and Bainimarama's interest in obtaining millions of dollars in return.

I've been warning that Bainimarama is selling Fiji out to China and Russia. Most Fijians probably understood the allusion to China but not to Russia. This is not Moscow-baiting; Bainimarama is secretly allying Fiji with Russia.

Spasiba, Comrade Voreqe, for transforming Fiji into the Castro's Cuba of the South Pacific! We now confer on you the Order of Lenin. Congratulations, tovarich!

s/ Dakuwaqa

sara'ssista said...

whenever the Russians or chinese pick side they always seem to end up with egg on their faces...'Kubuabola said in his turn cooperation with Russia would help Fiji “ensure its independence and self-sufficiency'...oh really? isn't it just seeking another handout.. how does this help independence and self sufficiency??

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa 2:16

I thought he was aligning Fiji to China back in December 2006.

Whats happened to that alignment ?

Where did the alignment to Venezuela go ? Weren't they supposed to have built some kind of refinery over here ?

Didn't we join the Non alignment movement in 2007 or something ?

What happened to our alignment with the Georgians ?

How many "alignments" are we going to have ?

This thing is starting to look like a 3 year old at kindergarden drawing lines with his crayon. This way and that way. "Aligining" in so many different directions and ways and angles its totally confused zig zagging all over the place.

Anonymous said...

This will be good for Fiji in the long run. Fiji will get access to vast russian natural resources, as well as tourism.

mark manning said...

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia from 2008, President of Russia 2000 to 2008 and prior to the Presidency and until 1990, a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB.
He believes in restoring Russia to its former glory and has done much to ensure it stays that way.
Personally, I suspect that Russia's interests in fiji are strategic only and probably at the behest of the Americans and its allies.
Simply put, to maintain stability in the Region, Russia needs to stay one step ahead of the Chinese, if you recall, remains a Communist Dictatorship, like Fiji is currently.
There is a lot to lose if China is given a free reign around the World and Frank and Aiyaz and their supporters don't seem to realise it yet, but they are way out of their league right now and destined to obscurity in the very near future..
If I was Fijian, I'd be welcoming Russia to Fiji @ this point in its history, Fiji's history.
All is not as it may seem !

Anonymous said...

The big players want votes in the UN.

A liitle side play is the biggest game in town......arms sales

So maybe our next shipment will be a few containers of AK 47 and ammo....worth a few million....that pays and justifies the trip.

and of course rubs it up the nose of the Ozzies and Kiwis and embarrases the USA no end.

Anonymous said...

Ride him Cowboy

Chinese Hookers


Russian Hookers.


Putin, make sure you send some gandu for AG.

Anonymous said...

"Fiji the way the world should be" was 40 years ago. Now we see the the demise of the i-taukei. I-Taukei Fijian race will never be the same.The I-Taukei customs & traditions might not be the most perfect but the i-taukei were remembered all over the world for the beautiful smile and kind hearts when strangers from a far visited their land, Viti. Now when i visit the smiles are a miss their friendliness nature is some how replaced with distrust.i can see the weariness,stress and emptiness look on their faces . This is not what i remembered when i visited Viti all those years ago. This breaks my heart. i wish I'd never lived to see the day! i wish all I-Taukei Fijians and non I-Taukei the best life can possibly offer.

Anonymous said...

Chinese and now the Russians. Next Robert Mugabe will visit Fiji to see his brother Vuaka.

Anonymous said...

O boy this country is fast becoming China and Russia's whore.....Vinaka Voreqe......Hope when we are drowned with lots of Communist issues in the future - The children of this nation will remember you as communist porn.

Anonymous said...

A clear sign of isolation from the international arena.

We invite thugs to be with us since all decent right thinking players distance themselves, our only choice is to prostitute ourselves to the lowest and dangerous bidder.

I guess IRAN is next in line

ghekko said...

inoke and bainimarama really think that meddling in world politics makes them great statesman. a reflection of shallow minds by small people.playing russian roulette with the bear and drinking tea with the dragon is not a spot fiji wants to be in right now.

so, what option do they have? nothing really.

with fiji regime defaulting in its re-payments to india exim bank as well as china bank and there is a likelihood that it will default in march, they will scrounge for any pittance to keep the economic wheel grinding. inoke, bai, aiyaz, ajith and whole bang lot of them will willingly lift their skirts and flirt with the dragon and the bear for bread crumbs.

so we, dear people must believe that there is no place for this evil regime. we must believe that overthrow of bainimarama regime is our calling. we must stand united to act and complete this overthrow, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

be prepared to act when you are called. remember, bainimarama is a small fella, just like you and me, so as is aiyaz, bole, the army boys, shameem, gates etc.

we must refuse to accept this evil regime in us and prepare for its overthrow. talk to your friends and challenge them with this thoughts.

@.COM said...

Good on you Baini! after Russia get Nth Korea and Iran.

We now have visa exemptions for Chinese, United Arab Emirates and Russian nationals for the first time in our history. It means citizens of these countries can get on the plane to Fiji and will have their passports stamped with a 4 months entry visa on arrival at Nadi Airport.We will only end up attracting sophisticted criminals into our shores. On the other hand Fiji citizens still need visas to these countries.Looks more like a bloody rip off than a trade off. Keep it up Baini cause there's only a few nails left now we're getting closer!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that bainivore and his stupid Military council of thugs are closely monitoring recent developments whereby China and Russia are voting NO in ALL. What in Fiji will go to the UN Assembly.......... may be the NO-ELECTION when 2014 comes...... may be people would revolt and weapons are brought in by neighbours. However, when Russia is voting NO in the Assembly can never be relied on to courage or support. it means nothing.

The same, this latest plot to align us with Russian Mafias means nothing but corruption. The russians are full of it, they will devour this conman from kiuva.

Anonymous said...

First it was China, now it is Russia!
What next North Korea?
All Communist countries.
The illegal regime must be really and truly hard up ie cash strapped!!!
When asked, an insider from the FNPF [one of the bosses] says they HAD to contribute because they were 'DIRECTED'!!!! Hello, that is OUR money, the members. FNPF is saying that they can no longer carry on the way they have been doing, yet they lend big money to Air Pac and now this. How can they justify all this nonsense and thieving,? I understand that a 'DIRECTIVE' has also gone out to the Housing Authority and Public Rental Board.
Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

The question is, will the US allow
Russia to build a military post in Fiji? Too uncomfortable, as its very close to American Samoa, Hawaii and other Allies states in the South Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand?Not sure
whether Frank has realised, that he's walking on dangerous ground? I wouldn't be surprise to see, that
someone else, may be pulling the string behind the scene?

Anonymous said...

Russians are not a tourist culture, after all the hassle from communism they are more into asylum seeking, and to rebuilding their lives etc. so don't expect much tourism from that quarter. As for education in Unis there, mmmm there's a thought- might learn something or two on people's revolution to topple dictators and self-centred despots.

Anonymous said...

Dealing with the devil is China not enough.

Anonymous said...

By signing up as many countries as possible with Fiji, this old fart Kubuabola is merely trying to impress on Baini that he was the right choice for Foreign Affairs. An oportunist of the highest order who does not hold any clear political conviction but his pockets. It is indeed a ridiculous irony having an extreme indigenous nationalist in Baini's regime which is hell bent in promoting multi-racialism and multi-cultural country. This 1987 greedy chief coup planner will do anything and go to any length to have his pockets handsomely lined up.

Anonymous said...

China economy grew when US gave them the most favoured nation status a few decades a go.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has recently opened many Diplomatic relations with countries that has history of corrupt practice and violence. My senses are telling me that there is hugh amount on narcotic drugs smuggled into Fiji and tourists are making use of it. Serious crimes are happening either Fiji Police/Military are not aware or been made blind by drug lords. I suspect very soon something big will happen in Fiji if the authorities do not act quickly. God Bless Fiji….

Anonymous said...

Well done Frank, you have totally out maneuvered NZ and Aust on this one.

time for Rudd to grow and take his bat and ball home!

Vinaka Fiji! Vinaka Knox, Vinaka Frank!

Sharon Suaniu said...

Many pro Frank supporters were crying that democracy isn't suitable for Fiji. Now the commies are coming,this is what they've been crying for - a communist Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Knox tiko vei iko..Boci!!Fiji is like the Whore nation in the Bible. Sa ca ga na tamata yalowai ni veiliutaki. Kawa ca,luve ni dau vakatevoro mai Korovou. No wonder Vore is full of evil, it begins from the root!!

Anonymous said...

Very soon Russian will rub anthrex on Baini's face, the idiot will think it is baby powder

Bob Lee Swagger said...

Even normal Russians are trying to run away from that freezing hole...being the whore of the pacific that our nation has become vore opens his sona wide to let the russians IN.
We'll be overrun by commies before we realise it.

Anonymous said...

Whao........Fiji has again out manouvered the ANZUS treaty.

Well done, you have again beaten the Aussie to the tape.

Now the Russians will be behind Fiji in Peacekeeping operations, and that will be a shame to Rudd and Gilliard effort.

Remember less is much......... small is large. That is Fiji.

The world is flocking to her door.

Vinaka Ratu Voreqe.........

Anonymous said...

Frank ain't beating anybody but himself, like someone had said somewhere in here,he had step over the line? Our traditional leaders have step back;to allow him the room to run. Frank is the front-runners' leader,he has to be careful of where he puts his foot,for any mistake on his part,could cause a domino effect on those following?Every mistakes on his part, is countered with a correction, by the event judges? Any major mistakes, will means an immediate disqualification, by the event Chief Judge-VOSAVAKADUA!Isn't it incredible, that since he pulled the coup, natural disastor phenomenas, has struck this beautiful Garden of Eden, on a yearly basis? Is the Russian deal a major mistake? We'll just have to wait and see our ancestors FINAL JUDGEMENT!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:47

Koya ga ratou dau kaya mai Nayau. "E sa ci". Sa ra ci veitarataravi tiko ga mai na Keba.

Dua na vula, dua e ci. Vula tarava, rua e rau ci. Vula tarava, dua tale a ci.

Sa ra ci veitarataravi tikoga.

Sa voleka ni ci tu qori o Pio Tikoduadua.

E na tini mai.

Na ka kece e vakaiyalayala.

Anonymous said...

North Korea next. Heard that Robert Mugabe wants to visit Fiji to see what his country can do to help with the recent floods.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:05, you are right, but I prefer to think of Bainimarama less as a child coloring spastically with crayons, and rather more like a diseased prostitute desperate to sleep with anyone who will have him, pimped by Kubuabola to Georgia but then bending over for Russia.

The na├»ve optimism of Anonymous 12:15 is breathtaking.  Fiji will have access to Russia's vast natural resources?  How wonderful for Fiji!  I'm so glad to hear that this deal will allow Fiji to exploit Russia!  For a moment there, Pollyanna, I rather supposed that this deal was all about Russia exploiting Fiji's resources.  

My dear Mark Manning, sometimes you are spot on but other times so misguided.  Are you really so thick as to think that Fijians should actually welcome the Russians, and that Moscow is somehow doing Washington's bidding by establishing a naval base in Fiji?  You really think the USA should welcome a Russian military presence in the South Pacific, as if that is somehow a counter to Beijing, Moscow's defence partner in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation?  Please tell me that I misunderstand you!

The only way it makes sense for us to welcome this development is if we are to believe that Washington would feel so threatened by Moscow's relationship with Suva as to decide to take active measures against this regime.  That's not likely.  Even when he threatened to expel the US ambassador, Washington chose not to publically humiliate Bainimarama, which it could easily have done -- and, in fact, still could do -- simply by going public with the true facts of the case.  Active measures wouldn't even be necessary; the truth would suffice.

Anonymous 1:59, well done -- your posting is the most laughable of all!  Bainimarama has once again outmanoeuvered Canberra... in a race to the bottom.  Yes, small is large is indeed the case in today's Fiji.  And the world is certainly flocking to her door, or at least to Angel Club on Victoria Parade.  (For a good time, ask for Nur Bano.  Tell them her nephew sent you.)

In case you haven't noticed, however, the Russians aren't really keen on participating in peacekeeping operations.  Their forte seems to be vetoing any meaningful action by the Security Council.  It is the Americans who provide so much of the money and airlift for PKOs and so have the real say.  In fact, Fiji continues to participate in UNAMI and MFO only because the Americans won't let the Aussies impose on the UN a political litmus test for PKO contributions.  But if it gets angry enough, Washington could always decide to give in to Canberra's pressure, and at any time.

Treacherous waters, these.  Before Bainimarama swims with the sharks, someone ought to remind him he isn't from Beqa.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Frank has made a very strategic move by aligning with another super power Russia. Now Aust and NZ will have to wake up and help reform Fiji as they have been left behind due to continued ignorance and support. The super powers will back Fiji all the way!!!

Vutu Lucky said...

@ Anon February 2, 2012 12:15 PM

how will Fiji get into Russia's natural resources when we can't even mine our own land.

Anonymous said...

We know that the US are pretty up to date with keeping in check the
competition? I think the Fiji PM -Bainimarama, may be treating on allowed ground? Lets see if a warning shot is imminent? Won't suprise me if it happen soon rather then latter?

sara'ssista said...

the regime is claiming to have a'right' to advertise in the NZLS magazine? Interesting they use the word 'right'. Have they never heard of SEEK.com? I can just see it now ..."luv the sun?, want to get away from the hustle and bustle?, come and work for a military regime where you can make your own law..."

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes Bainimaramas side is greater fool than Bainimarama. This bastard does not understand world politics and just jumping boat. Australia and New Zealand will have nothing to fear, but this Bainimarama and his mobs will wipe out Indigenous Fijians identity. One has only to go to Tonga and see how Chineese have taken over in Tonga

Anonymous said...

what a bulshit you all wrote here guys. visa free for russians exists for ages now, at least since 1990's http://www.fiji.travel/information/getting-fiji/passports-and-visas
it will be a mutual visa free travel, so we will be able to travel to Russia. Read docs or regulations before writing something.