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Friday, February 10, 2012

FLP: new Decree 'sick joke'

[posted 9 Feb 2012,1500]
State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree 2012 granting privileged protection to the prime minister and his team in the lead up to general elections is another blatant assault on individual rights and freedoms. 
Together with the Public Order Decree 2012, it will undermine any chance of the next elections being free, fair and credible. Nor will it “facilitate open and frank discussion between Government, the public and other stakeholders…”, in the dialogue process due to begin soon, as claimed by the regime. 
The primary aim of the Decree is to protect the prime minister and his cabinet colleagues by providing a privileged environment in which to fight the elections. 
The Decree gives them immunity against defamation. Likewise, the media is free to publish any statements they make without fear of being sued for libel, no matter how defamatory and slanderous. 
The Decree further circumscribes the powers of the judiciary and denies the individual the right to redress, if wronged. It also violates the most fundamental principles of the Media code of ethics - that of honest, accurate, balanced and fair reporting. 
The move by the regime to seek protection via parliamentary privileges is preposterous and a ‘sick joke’ when Fiji has no parliament in place. 
Parliamentary privilege only applies to statements uttered in the House or Chamber. The same statement made outside the House is not covered by privilege. 
The regime is, therefore, incorrect in claiming that privileges accorded to its ministers under the Decree “is consistent with Parliamentary privilege as was applicable in Fiji and which is applicable in countries throughout the Commonwealth". 
The claim that the decree provides “a level playing field” is equally ridiculous considering that it gives an unfair and unjust advantage to the prime minister and his ministers in the upcoming election campaign. 
One fears that with the two recent decrees, the State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree 2012 and the Public Order Decree 2012, Fiji is becoming more and more of an authoritarian State rather than returning to democracy and the accepted tenets of international law.


  Fiji Labour Party
New Decree gives Bainimarama and his ministers legal protection


Anonymous said...

Crosbie Walsh hiding like a cocroach on this one.

Anonymous said...

i'm suprised that they have not yet come up with a decree to be free from prosecution in perpetuity
in the 2006 military coup and their miss-managing of the country economy? That could be the next one? You think maybe the Chinese is getting nasty with both Bainimarama and Khaiyum, about paying up their loan interest?Indian may also be doing the same thing, calling-up the minister of finance, seeking loan interest as well? Hey if you want to play with the big boys, than you need to do a better job to study them; and to know them better, than they know themselves?

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a banana republic.

Anonymous said...

The AG lives under a banana leaf and doesn't know that Fiji is a banana republic!

Bill Govoka said...

This is how ASK is described:

Sayed-Khaiyum to the character, Squealer, in George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm: “All the other male pigs on the farm were porkers. The best known was a small fat pig named Squealer, with very round cheeks, twinkling eyes, nimble movements, and a shrill voice. He was a brilliant talker, and the others said of Squealer that he could turn black into white.

This son of a vitch stole my daughter with all his brilliant talking. And now, he flirts with other women and not to mention sleeping around with prostitutes on his overseas trips. We all know what you get up to ASK. You are being watched without you realizing it. Watch your back you Squealer. It's a dangerous world out there you know.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mr. Chaudhry for standing up to the regime crooks and cronies like Thakur Ranjit Singh. Despite all his flaws, Mr, chaudhry still stands head and shoulders above all other leaders including qarase, mick beddoes, attar singh and the rest. At least his party website is alive and working and he keeps in touch with his people. Actions speaks for itself.Where are other leaders?

Anonymous said...

If there is choice bet labour party and present government, I will pick present government at anytime. Who is reponsiable for all our mess? You would find all road eventually leads to labour party and that low life Mahendra Chodo.

Anonymous said...

Mahend, please retire. You have achieved nothing in your political career, and will never achieve anything in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dina says....

whatever privilege accorded its all illegal because they are all illegal appointees anyway including Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz khaiyum.

EU, USA,commonwealth and the worl should take note of this. Therefore any election initiated by these criminals will be a farce and unfair and illegal.

Interesting to watch and see how, what the big global watch dogs will say.

Anonymous said...

super says...

which ever way you skin the cat....its still an ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT...., FROM THE START.

mark manning said...

Nothing this Regime purports is Legal, and in reality, they have no protection from prosecution for their crimes in a Legitimate Court, no matter what spin they try to put on their illegal activities.
This is the reason it is more imperative than ever, that Fijians demand a return to Democracy and the Rule of Law under the Constitution of 1997.

Anonymous said...

That would not guarantee these illegal hooligans to win any sit in "Parliament" if everything is done correctly.

But then no one can guarantee that the General Elections would not be fixed so that Frank and Khaiyum could win seats.

The people already know that the results of this election would be corrupted and nothing that Khaiyum will say would change this conviction!

Anonymous said...

Sick jokes from sick people

You go Mahen Chaudhry said...

Nobody should forget that Mahen Chaudhry was a coup plotter and integral to the success of the takeover.

When all this over he should be charged with treason.

As expedient and opportunistic as ever, Mahen is only speaking out because he was kicked out as interim finance minister.

He did not speak out in the beginning, when it mattered, but quickly grabbed a cabinet position.

Do not forget he was Bainimarama's left hand man and partly responsible for Fiji's suffering.

Mahen Chaudhry should shut up and crawl back into his hole.

This man has no credibility left.

He was quite happy to be part of the unelected regime until the stench from his secret bank account became too much for the military council and they kicked him out.

Mahen Chaudhry built his career by attacking corruption and nepotism.

But that's for others.

As soon as became PM he appoints his son as his private secretary.

He also tries to give his daughter's father-in-law the Labour Party's allocated senate seat.

It's called keeping it in the family, Chaudhry style.

It wasn't enough that he made all that money in the name of Fiji's poor - he also had to grab positions for his family.

Disgusting - this man's greed knows no bounds.

The amazing thing is he still fancies himself as somewhat of a royal in Fiji - what a laugh!

The fact that this failed politician is still opening his mouth shows what a shameless and unprincipled man he is.

Chaudhry was given a great opportunity to be Fiji PM but destroyed himself, the Labourt Party and Fiji's Indian community by his greed and nepotism.

This man has sullied the name of Fiji Indian community and brought them suffering by his unethical and probably criminal behaviour.

He should be hiding in shame, not speaking out.

But then, as I said, he is shameless and he thinks we are stupid.

master sanmogam said...

bro mahen please stop using this idiot LRV on future media statements.this gives very poor reflection on your hard work. kerekere bro stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Everyone.....remember all the decree created was just to save Bai and all his gang.....thats it.

Anonymous said...

FLP needs to look at themselves in the mirror before they cast stones at others. FLP has nothing for Fiji. They were there just for Mahen Choudhry's pocket filling and abused their power.

Sniper said...

Fuck the decree, a bullet to Vuaka's head is the best decree one could think of. The old fart Nailatiulukau will sign a death warrant for Vuaka, not a decree that will suppress the Fijians.

Anonymous said...

If any cares to look at my postngs i have already said that Frank has one up his sleeve, question is can a decree not be challenged in court of law.As for asking for parliamnetary privileges don't know about you guys but so far i have not seen a parliament in action since 2006!We leave it to the legal minds to give us their opinions as with everything else nothing makes sense as for Fiji the present day leaders have already made their plans-its a case of Game over and out-khalas eke dum, moce Viti bye, bye birdy! Need we ask how we ever got to this stage-or how we came to be in the situation we now in??? Tari tara tara na da!

Anonymous said...

You are dead right Mr Chaudary. People are sick of this people especially Bhainikayum. They are making a fool of themselves and look foolish and stupid to the international community by coming up with such draconic degrees. It just goes to show how stupid and idiotic they can go to any length inorder to be on the safe side and be protected by dictator style leadership. Khayum, how stupid can you be to say that those in the unelected government will not abuse their powers. Talking of abuse, how much abuse has Bainimarama done to the people of Fiji by enforcing draconic degrees and hiding behind the gun and other abuse of powers like the FNPF, NLTB, to name a few. This will just give more power to Bainimarama to abuse people and do whatever he likes. Well, there is a time for everything.

Bob Lee Swagger said...


Anonymous said...

can some one confirm that NEEL CHOROA SHARMA has been charged by FICAC for taking commission on laundry equipt for the hospitals

Corporal Sefanaia said...

The wicked regime of Baini may issue their harsh decrees that oppress the people of Fiji, but International Law is higher and they will be made to account for their actions one day. This was the case with the Nazis at Nuremburge.Hopefully, Bainimarama and Khaiyum will be sentenced to hang in the gallows to serve as a deterrent to future coup hopefulls. A life sentence would be a big mistake. They must be made an example of for future generations. Either strung up from a refurbished Korovou hanging chamber or string them up ga on a lamp-post in Suva for all to come and see.

The electerol process is serious business. Essentially, it must be seen to be a fair contest, so that the winner becomes the legitimate governing authority endorsed by the people. But to skew it in this way now with one sided decrees against the people, just makes it so unjust and the outcome cannot possibly be deemed legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, the election in 2014 will be rigged so the Evil Corrupt Illegal PM Bainivuaka can stay in power for however long it takes!!!!

Anonymous said...

why else would they amend the decree?
they will give false promises to the people, and use the media as the advertising puppets...radio fiji 2 has already been massaging BainiHARAMI's balls...

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent and timely statement by the FLP. Such statements should help to mitigate the party's guilt for having aided and abetted Bainimarama in his treason against Fiji.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the FLP really would do well also to apologize publically for supporting the 2006 coup. It should repudiate its role in helping to foist the Peoples Charter upon the nation. And it should ask forgiveness for having continued its participation in the Leaders of Political Parties process even after Bainimarama had, in bad faith, abandoned the process by disinviting the elected opposition.

The FLP is quite correct in pointing out that Parliamentary Privilege is being invoked by this regime in order to give itself additional immunity and an unfair political advantage with which to contest the elections. I would like to add for clarification that in the Westminster parliamentary system as practised in the United Kingdom, members of Parliament cannot be arrested on civil matters for statements made or acts undertaken as an MP within the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, on the condition that such statements or acts occur as part of a proceeding in Parliament. Statements made outside of such proceedings enjoy no such immunity.

Therefore, until Fiji's parliament is restored, no such privilege and immunity can arise.

Note also that Parliamentary Privilege confers limited immunity on civil matters only. It gives no immunity from arrest on criminal grounds, and certainly none in cases of high treason.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

After hearing illegal justice Gates speaking on radio when swearing in JPs my little nephew asked loudly if he was gay..I asked him in return how he knew and he says he sounds very gay..well he is big time gay gates cause everyone in suvavou will tell us why...question answered.. and how would anyone in their right mind would ask about the hoopla being played obviously here..its a laugh and fijis laws are a joke..big time..

Facist fools said...

And idiot junta supporting facist fools like Davis and Walsh think decrees such as this are taking Fiji forward? Perhaps these fools should tell us what other dictatorships they support?

Bisun said...



Anonymous said...

Interesting to see on Fiji village and Fiji sun commenting on new media decree and not one mention in Fiji times. Looks like gag order on Fiji times!

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary name should be erased from Fiji politics, he has hidden money in Aust which should have gone to the farmers and workers in Fiji. He is another typical indian politician filling pockets and bribry-lost all intergrity.

SPLINTER said...

Its ovbious isnt it??? Not only are we sinking but we are an authoritarian state...FIJI will never be the same again!!!!

We are under the rule of ongoing deceit through criminal elements currently in power!! It was never about transparency and accountability...it was about saving their necks from the noose!!

They know they are facing judgement, they know who they are - Manipulators of the minds of the people of Fiji better known as Advocates of all Evil and Corrupt practices...Power hungry,Greedy, Murderers, Terrorists who torture innocent victims, Cowards, Bullies, military strategists aided by Corrupt and Illegal intellects of the judicial authorities, Military police who are party to changing the face of Fiji FOREVER!!!

They are to be seen as Evil Double-standard Corruptive players of the highest degree and will go down in the history books as such!!

They are for themselves and not for the people!! They are Liars and are desperate!!!

They know they face judgement... there is no other way for them to go except to establish new decrees to save themselves!!!

They are running for cover and we the people are letting them get away with what they have destined our nation to become... we are no longer a democracy...we are indeed an Authoritarian state - lost to Goons who control our Destiny!!!

This ILLEGAL regime is Condemned by the international arena..why do you think they are now in partnership with China,Russia and terrorist countries??? Why do you think we face draconian laws and decrees which are forced upon us??

Are you awake now ...people of Fiji??? you accept defeat to evil without even a whimper!!!!


Vakaloloma Dina!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those who are attacking MPC---tell me--where is Jai Ram Reddy, Harish Sharma .Ujagar Singh,Raman singh etc etc ??----all hiding !! and trembling !!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Bainimarama apart from been stupid,insisted that he's in good shape and doesn't need any medical operation? The President is urging the PM to take
time off to attend to his health?
According to his- Bainimarama's
latest medic physical examination in China, his Chinese medical reports claimed the followings; 1=has Type 1 Diabetes; 2= need immediate heart surgery to clear 4 blocked arteries;3=has severe erectile dyfunctional-will require
dick extension & implant;4=Flesh eating dieseas-will requires surgery
and long term medication.Voreqe knows that his days are numbered, hence the reason, he's trying to return power to democratic election and to the Fijians!

Anonymous said...

Gonna feel sorry for any elected government, the mess this regime will leave will take a decade at the very least to clean up.

Te Vonolagi said...

The decrees the regime are dishing out reveals the character of the people who make them. Cowards and hypocrites. When there is an elected government, the flow of assistance needed to any disaster is organised and fluent. Now with the illegal regime, there is chaos and after weeks of flooding there are still no assistance given to majority of the people. The bible says, "there is a time for everything". Everything happens for a reason. God is in control.

Anonymous said...

@Anony 10:16am.
Ka dina taciqu
Au lomani keda

Anonymous said...

Mahen you part of the shit-so its kinda too little too late for you and your cronnies!
What about the money you stole from the donours and handed it to your family for safe keeping -aaare mai chod. Keep your trap shut-so we can all know you still alive,but not dead.Everytime you open your mouth now your remind us of what a shit politician you finally became-money & power hungry! Well guess what Chodo we don't give a shit about you but those that voted you must be rethinking what a fool you made of them & if they stupid enough they will vote you in again!???

Isalei said...

@ 11.53

I'm not one of those attacking MPC but I absolutely doubt that those gentlemen you've named are 'hiding or trembling'... it's more likely that they're shaking their heads in great sadness and disgust at the DAMAGE that Aiyaz, MPC, Shameems, Goon Aziz, Nur Bano, Gates, Pryde and bethren have wrought on the country.

I still recall the photo in the daily papers of Jai Ram Reddy in tears at his farewell party from the office as the outgoing leader of opposition. For a gentleman I had never met, I sensed his profound sadness and felt that it had nothing to do with him losing his seat or office at the 1999 general elections.

Oh, what a missed opportunity for ethnic Indians and the indigenous population to rally behind that partnership (Reddy/Rabuka) as imperfect it may have been, it was a start and the best shot the country had to move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and peace.

However, MPC and brethren felt an outrageous yet unjustified sense of entitlement in a land that yes, they had toiled but it was never theirs in the first place. They could've, would've and should've rallied their followers behind the only true and respectable ethnic Indian leader that the indigenous population looked up to and respected - starting with the Great Council of Chiefs - the honourable Jai Ram Reddy.

Rest is history... too bad so sad.

And here we all are, looking like ulucows, at full circle once again.

'Chordhry' said...

Gali, gali me shor hai Chaudhry Khandan chor hai(the news is out that Chaudhry clan is corrupt).

Taukei. said...

@ Isalei.

Get your hands on & read Tuimacilia (Deryck Scarr).

Its all there as plain as day.

"If you rent a house I do not know of any law which enables you to own that house through the length of tenancy"?

Under Indian cutural practice the reverse applies.

This arrogance - stupidity - or just one big bluff?

Isalei said...

Thanks Taukei. Will try to get a copy of that book.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Liumuri/backstabbing cronies/silent supporters of the 2006 coup- people who would want to act as saviours of the country now and slowly changing their tune as we are on the road to the proposed election in 2014-we the people know all of you. God is watching you all.
The exit strategy is not going to work-what you sow, you must reap-that is the Masters principle-we the peole will bring all of you to Court and provide the transport to gaols. All these nonsense must come to an end...Now its Gods time-watch closely as events begin to unfold...Lets continue to pray Fiji

Anonymous said...

Maichodo Chaudhry is planning another round of world tour to seek funds from all "stupid" indos
who had left Fiji to start up a new
life abroads? He thinks that he can con these bunch of Lamusona to donate money toward his retirement and hotel bill for his girl friends? Actually, i gave him money
in Australia, as we were told by him that all donations will be used
specifically for the cane farmers and poor indian families? Well heres what i got for you assole, a middle finger right up your backside!!!

Uncle Chaudhry said...

Aree, don't say like that to my uncle choro-dhry man!

Anonymous said...

Hello...we're not through the wood
yet! Remember, that this snake-chodohry was one of the man behind
Bainimarama coup! Remember, he was the first Minister of Finance right
after Bainimarama successfully pulled his coup in 2006? Chodohry
was only ousted from within by a smarter dude-Khaiyum & the Muslim

Anonymous said...

Well guys, the election in 2014 seems to be a go! Bai has learned a lot in the past 6 years and the UN has been very forward with his
Government as far as the economy,human rights and Governance.The election was Bai's call,they even hired a legit company from Ottawa, Canada to do all the leg works for the Election and whats needed to be done? The UN
today announced that it has sent a contigent to Fiji, to work with the Government, to ensured that the election was free and clean,that people are not intimidated to vote
etc,etc,.They will also monitor the
Canadian company hired by the Fiji Government to conduct registration of voters,etc,.So isn't thats Great? No wonder Mr Khaiyum is in India making arrangements for all
his gang asylum seekers!

You go Mahen said...

We now know Choro-dry's 'asli roop' (true colours). He is a cunning and calculating man. When he does something, he considers how it will benefit him.

So all this community activity that the devoted Chaudhry fan has highlighted is designed to attract political dividends later.

A very forward-thinking man, our Mahen Chaudhry.

Throughout his career, everything this man claims to have done for the people was done with an eye on how it would benefit him personally, such as further his political career or fill his pockets, like now infamous overseas fundraising.

His latest cunning move is to criticise government. By discrediting government, he can discredit the tax evasion charges laid against him.

Do not be fooled - he is calling for elections not on behalf of the people but because elections might save him from the criminal tax evasion charges.

While he was interim finance minister, he had very different views about elections, and as PM, he had a very different stance on media freedom.

The chameleon and opportunist that he is, he has changed his tune to appear like a human rights campaigner to the international community.

Everything he is doing now is a desperate attempt to save his ass.

Anonymous 3:33, if Chaudhry is such a man of the people,why doesn't return to the people the money he collected in their name but kept for himself? That will truly get him the support of the people, including mine.

But do not hold your breath. The people will not see one cent of their money.

This is a shameless, unprincipled, greedy man who built a career on anti-nepotism and anti-corruption but have his son a job and tried to give his daughter's father-in-law a senate position. As interim finance minister he cracked down on tax evaders while dodging taxes himself.

People of Fiji better wake up to the fact the Chaudhry is, and always has been, only for himself and his family.

Through his tax evasion and improper handling of donations, Chaudhry has tarnished the entire Indian community.

Because of him no Indian will ever be trusted with the prime ministership.

This man is a curse on not only Fiji Indians, but Fiji as a whole. He has achieved nothing for Fiji or Fiji Indians but quite a lot for himself and his family.


Taukei. said...

@Anon 2:44.

Many have been saying exact same thing about "both" Chaudhry's for ages - they are nothing but big impediments towards any peaceful negotiated settlement in Viti.

Anonymous said...

Well it is hard to accept the election results since their are so many irregularities in the counting.To me the regime are just continuing from their 8 years in power. The election is just a means of gaining acceptance from the outside world. Am i wrong