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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FTUC and Beddoes add their weight to criticism of latest decree

The State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree contradicts the Public Order (Amendment) Decree which grants safeguards against defamation, libel and slander. 
Where there is error, may we bring truth? Where there is doubt, may we bring faith? And where there is despair, may we bring hope 

FTUC Press Release No.17-04/12

The free and democratic world is once again shocked to know about the new State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree 2012 promulgated by the regime. It came into force on 7th Feb, 2012.

The provision of the Decree gives immunity to the Prime Minister and his Ministers from being sued for defamation, libel or slander for any comments they make against anyone, either in their official or personal capacity. It provides that no media organization can be held liable for publication of statements whether written or verbal from the PM and his Cabinet Ministers.

The regime’s spin on the Decree is that it is intended to facilitate open and frank discussion between Government, the public and other stakeholders in the lead up to Fiji’s Parliamentary elections. The decree will expire upon the date when a new Parliament is convened which will have its usual privileges for statements made by Parliamentarians.

The question that begs an answer is that there is no Parliament and no Opposition party so where does this privileged decree fit in with Parliamentary privilege providing immunity to unelected government ministers. Parliamentary privilege only applies to members of Parliament in Parliament and nowhere else.

The ordinary citizens  have to be mindful of Media Decree and the Public Order

Amendment   Decree    when   they    make    any    opposing    Statement   against government. The Decree basically allows the media to print the criticism from the regime and gives a wholesale license to make personal and defamatory remarks against their opponents in the lead up to the general elections in 2014. 

The decree also raises questions on the intent of the Regime and why it should only protect itself when they have no ulterior motives. Surely, if they spoke the truth and had evidence, they do not need any such decree. The media equally need not fear if it reported facts and exercised fairness. We ask, Why isn't the general public also given the same privileges so that open and frank public discussion is held on the future of the Country and her people? This would surely ensure a "level playing field" that the AG is attempting to get the world to believe as his real intention.

Professor Bill Hodge from Auckland University’s Law Faculty describes the Decree as totally beserk, bananas and bizarre. He said the decree purports to change fundamental rights which can only be done by Statute. We agree.

The State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree contradicts the Public Order (Amendment) Decree which grants safeguards against defamation, libel and slander. This contradiction surely points to the fact that the current sets of Decrees are churned out by the regime in desperation for impending Constitution Consultations and elections in 2014, if it happens.

Felix Anthony

Statement No 5        12/2/2012
Subject:                     ‘State Proceedings Amendment Decree’
‘Imposing the State Proceedings Amendment Decree just before the country starts the process of developing a new constitution in the lead up to the 2014 General Elections does nothing to inspire confidence that the ensuring debate and exchange between participants in the process will be open, free, transparent or fair’
Former Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes said in a statement today that Imposing the State Proceedings Amendment Decree just before the country starts the process of developing a new constitution in the lead up to the 2014 General Elections does nothing to inspire confidence that the ensuring debate and exchange between participants in the process will be open, free, transparent or fair’
Beddoes said when one considers that the military Regime has over the past 5 years exercised unilateral, absolute, unaccountable and non transparent control over every aspect of life in Fiji, imposing a variety of decrees that in the main have denied the very people they have sought to rule, of their basic and fundamental rights.
Beddoes said that when we look at Fiji’s current score card in terms of the people’s rights and liberties, employment opportunity, economic prosperity and  improvements in our level of poverty and housing, it should be as clear as daylight to everyone, including the Military themselves, that even with the imposition of decrees designed to silence ‘negative comments’ or ‘criticism’ it does not necessarily mean that having removed the criticism and negative comment, that somehow all of the plans and objectives that the government wants to put in place will somehow succeed? It does not as our current position today shows.
This Beddoes said is because by removing the people’s right to comment freely, the government also eliminates at the very least 50% of its natural reservoir of alternative thoughts and ideas that would come from an engaging ‘population‘.
By removing the free flow and exchange of ideas and thoughts, the Regime saddles itself with a very limited and not necessarily genuine flow of thoughts and ideas from only those who support the notion that voting by the barrel of a gun is preferable to voting by the barrel of the ballot, and usually the basis of their thoughts stem from their vested interest and therefore it does not have the best interests of all the people in mind.
Beddoes said repressive decrees that deny freedom of expression only serve to create a pool of dishonesty because those who do advise the government dare not tell the truth for fear of losing out of whatever benefit their support of the Regime brings them and when the Regime uses this pool of thoughts and ideas as the basis for its policies and objectives, it is not surprising that it ultimately fails to deliver.  

Beddoes said that anyone, whether a member of the current Regime, previous governments or parliaments or aspiring for the first time for the honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Fiji as their representative in the next parliament, must be prepared to have every word they say or policy they promote subjected to the full scrutiny of the people they seek to represent and be prepared ‘without hiding behind some so called privilege’ to defend and respond with the facts to back up whatever it is they say.
If the aspiring representatives can’t handle this kind of heat, then I suggest they get out of the kitchen and seek a career in a field where honesty, integrity and moral courage are not qualifying characteristics required.
Beddoes said if we accept that the intention of Regime for the 2014 elections is to usher in a new, progressive and fairer parliamentary system of government that will unify our people, and lead us all towards a prosperous and happy future?
Then over the next 31 months instead of issuing more repressive and counterproductive decrees the Regime will need to start issuing decrees and statements that encourages not discourages our people to look positively towards the future and be courageous enough to embrace change.
And as a government they should take a leaf out of the words uttered by former UK Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and I quote ‘where there is error, may we bring truth? Where there is doubt, may we bring faith? And where there is despair, may we bring hope unquote.
Truth, faith and Hope is what our people seek today and Truth, faith and hope is what our leaders, past, present and future must deliver and if they cannot or will not deliver this to the people then they should accept their limitations and short comings and forfeit the right they may feel they have to seek the peoples mandate to Lead.

Authorized By:          Mick Beddoes


Anonymous said...

ON FRIDAY ALL ARMY OFFICERS TO WEAR SULU CHAMBA AND SARI, good one my friend from earlier comment.

Anonymous said...

Good one and vinaka vakalevu Mick for the candid and constructive comments.
Let's all hope and pray that these ILLEGAL idiots will take it on board!!

Anonymous said...

No!! Not only Friday!! The sulu jaba and sari should now be the daily working dress of the military. While they are at it, the 'Routine Order' should also include " NO UNDERPANTS" !!!!

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mick, long time no hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Two huge MUMU for their leader-bai
and khaiyum?

Just wondering said...

Good to see the statements but what else can we do? Frank and co still holding us to ransom guys. Have we all given up?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:14 PM

Stop being racist, be more inclusive. Include "salwaar kameez", remember Aziz is a muslim kattoo. he aint wearing sari or chamba.

Anonymous said...

Mick, you need to run for the Fijian I Taukei ticket this time around. I'm sure Fijians will elect you as their rep to our new parliament.

Anonymous said...

sulu says..

Military should wear jaba, sulu, "salwaar kameez", sahri, banana leaves and no undies because they have NO BALLS.

Fiji is being governed by military idiots and ulukau's. just like their master puppet Frank.

Aiyaz and nazhaat Shameem has their fingers squeezing Frank's cherries.

yavala mai said...

We tell the truth so everyone knows what the interim AG is doing, creating decrees to save their sonazz, get the message out to families,friends, village folks.

Anonymous said...

Mick look old buddy, you really don't need anymore shit from Bai&companies? Why don't you go into the entertainment industry and see what you can comeup with? Look you brother did alright for himself with some of the best song composition every writtened in the south pacific. Who knows, you might
exceed the expectation? But you don't need the political & physical
agravation from bai?

Straight Up said...

Anon@1.59am Leave Mick to decide what he wants to do. We need the good guys back so don't try to scare them off

one of the others said...

Mick stood by the sideline and sat on the fence when he was a so called politician. Your contribution to the debate is miniscule and insignificant as you lost all credibility when you tried to jump on the bandwagon of popularity by your lack of class when you immediately called for special priveleges for Lady Mara when hubbie passed. Also we haven't forgotten how the 30 or so workers from your company Coral Sun, that you sacked almost 10 years ago are still owed back pay and are still striking outside your office. If you want to be heard as a credible voice, then act credibly in all other ways. Yeah go back to singing and eating....the biggest loser beckons.

Yes to Change said...

one of the others said@11.43am that is the some of the sad history of our country but if we are to remove frank's government either via the polls or via other means then there has to be a unity between all of those who can make that happen. there is no new leadership and those that would or will throw their hat in the ring will not get a fair chance under this regime. Pro-democracy, and this may not mean Pro-Beddoes, have to work together otherwise we continue to have limited power. So have your say but let people hear other views and give us a chance to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Poor coral sun workers

they all said...

@yes to change 2:03 Sure I agree we need new leaders to help things forward. Mick surely shouldn't be one of them. The perennial fence sitter did nothing for the general electors who voted him in - during his time as leader for General electors...what a terrible racist term....coined by the racist Qarase and co. Mick is a self serving politician who really has done nothing nor contributed anything to Fiji other than start up a bus company ...that sacked workers willy nilly. We all know about the workers who are still officially on strike after 10 years, picketting outside his office. Do the honorable thing, pay them what they are due. Also stop eating so much, you passing too much wind... climate change and all that you know.

Taukei. said...

Bula Mick - where've you been hiding these past few years?

Some believed you dead?

GVP said...

Not sure what the Coral Sun nonsense is mentioned here. Beddoes was pushed out of that company a long time ago ie. the bus workers were sacked, and eventually Beddoes was sacked too. They all lost their jobs for the same reason, the company was going broke. It couldnt be helped.

@They All Said (6.10pm)
Beddoes was never a leader of the general electors. He was a leader of his constituents. As one of these constituents, I can honestly say that no politician in Fiji ever gave as much to his people as Beddoes did.
Where other politicians were only ever seen at election time, Beddoes travelled to meet his constituents constantly, even advertising the meetings in the paper so people could attend and be heard.
Fence sitter? You call him a fence sitter? He is the only candidate who has stood firm in his opposition to the govt since day one. Even when his own party members (Bernadette Ganilau, for example) defected and joined govt, he refused to bow to dictatorship.
And your last comment about his physique... a typical ad hominem attack. I don't care what my representative looks like, as long as he delivers the goods.

@Taukei (10:28):
He has been in the same place you have been - frustrated to be muzzled by the govt, and unable to say or do anything, on penalty of severe beating and torture.

Anonymous said...

As the song goes:

Anonymous said...

"Company was going broke"-Question is who broke the COMPANY certainly not the workers MAAAAATE?! They didn't get paid-MICK was the BOSEMAN remember!

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