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Friday, February 24, 2012

FTUC: Usumate must 'abandon' labour baggage

The Fiji Trades Union Congress says the claim the appointment of a new Minister for Labour is a "reflection of commitment to labour" rings hollow considering the National Industries (Employment) Decree and the amended Public Order Decree and the State Proceedings Decree.

In a statement from the national secretary, Felix Anthony, FTUC says the draconian decrees continue to undermine workers fundamental rights to collective bargaining, freedom of association, freedom of speech, protest or demonstration, right to seek redress grievances and disputes.

Anthony also says the Ministry of Labour, which will now be headed by Jone Usumate, has become idle and ineffective.

"It has demonstrated no capacity to deal with workers issues, or Industrial relations or even enforce existing laws. It has curtailed the functions of the Wages Councils, the Employment Relations Advisory Board and the OHS Board.

"One of the more important roles of the Ministry is to promote good Industrial Relations practices which it has miserably failed to do.

"Reports of disputes can take as long as 6 months for the Ministry to respond to when the law clearly states that it has to act within 30 days. The Permanent Secretary is never available for consultations with the stakeholders."

"The new Minister has a real task on hand and he must be prepared to abandon his old baggage and assume pro-active and impartial role. He inherits a Ministry that has almost become non functional."

Anthony says the FTUC looks forward to seeing immediate improvements and only after that should the regime lay claim to real and genuine commitment to labour issues.

Editor's Note: FTUC president, Daniel Urai, appeared in the Suva Magistrates court this morning briefly on charges of urging political violence and inciting antagonism. State prosecutors have filed an affidavit with Urai's lawyer expected to file next week. 


Anonymous said...

Felix, aren't those the very issues you (and other Union fat cats) were so adversarial about in normal democratic times. Imbalanced as it were, the system gave you room to negotiate and beat your chest about issues.Not now bro. But all the best, power to the people!

Anonymous said...

jone you have f yourself with this regime.
i had lot of respect for you all gone to the toilet mate.
felix is right govt has f the workers and want to run fiji like german hitler or sadam/gadaffi.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a lot of respect for Jone Usumate but now he is just another illegal unit of this dictatorship. What would Jone call this Regime which grabbed power through the barrel of the gun?

Sorry Jone, you're now just another power grabbing, money stealing thief who is stealing public funds! Nothing you say or do would change this new picture of you!

Anonymous said...

Felix, you're now a toothless tiger, shutup..

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank y dnt you show the cheque which ur masipolo Pravin Bala gave and than asked you to look after the busniess people of Lautoka

Also youn promised a lot ands the stupid SA mr bala is trying indian witchcraft by getting pple to his office today and try and make things works for his job with the help of the punja family.
Also Frank wat about the witchdoctor saying no to meeting u as he told bala he doesnt want to waste his time with a foolish person like you poor Pm called a foolish person by a witchdoctor from indian in front of ur masipolo Pravin Bala wat next for you Pm seems your days are numbered Hey also Pravin bala is planning a coup with Driti n mara latest in coconut wireless bloody NFP man

Baiya.... said...

it appears all the same names seem to come up again and again....for the wrong reasons

Previously for the FNPF Board
and now at each others throats!

felix anthony the cat - loud mouth

dan urai - no brain, drunkard and yes man for felix

taito waqa - likes to hear himself speak loads of rubbish

how constructive! all in the same bad boat that rocks from side to side.

Anonymous said...

'J' for Jone NO 'J' for Jiutasa (Judas) who sold JESUS for 30 pieces of silver.Youre so cheap Jiutasa sorry Jone.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3:39pm...You're almost right-on but...don't open the door for these so-called Union fat-cats to
snuk back out with their bullshit?
The AG has smartly made sure, in his Union decrees ,that no one can participate as Union officials, unless they are employee of the company of the established union?Which will means the disqualification of most current Union fat-cats, like Anthony,Chodohry,Singh,Daniel Urai etc.It would be the end of these bastards raiding Union funds to pay
for their girl-friends,free airline tickets,hotels,expensive dresses&food overseas with bull-shit excuses of "Going to a Union
meeting" etc,.

ex army said...

I believe that we should not point our fingers on the appointment of Jone.He is a well qualified guy and he has prove himself on managing a recognised institution
We should be blaming our selves for not standing up and resist these IG crooks.Its nearly 6yrs now and all we are doing blogging,talking,complaining and mourning about Bai.
Bai is the man and mind you blame Bai and us for Jones recent appointment.
ex army

Taukei. said...

Suggest Jone Usumate's time could be better spent concentrating on ways & means of creating new jobs rather than harassing those who currently have one?

Anonymous said...

vinaka Jone

Anonymous said...

At anon 3.33 AM, well said..

Anonymous said...

Mr Usumate,all this years you abused kava and ciggies is telling now..ur face looks like a zombie(aka shitface)...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why is it a major problem
for a Fijian guy, like Jone Usumate
and or Viliame Naupoto, getting recognized for their decision-making capabilities,aptness,
competency and leadership talent?If you don't put qualified people in Government how do we propose to
run a good Government? How do we propose to keep our qualified people at home, without challenging
their capacity?If we don't challenge him,he's liable to take his know how elsewhere abroad?
Bai, although has pissed-off a lots of Fijians, we accept that, but we need to give him a tap in the back, once in a while,especially, when we know that he's made an excellent decision?

Anonymous said...

lol..vinaka Mr Usamate..ko na usa matemate mai vakatotolo nomu totaka na matanitu qo. sa kemui bulubulu saka. democracy rulz!!!!

Anonymous said...

These new ministers are part of the plot to prepare themselves with the people, let their target voters get familiar with them so they are ready for the early elections.

And Bole is retarded, made his 5 yaers in ministerial role and ready to retire with highest salary total from many miniteries that will accumulate Parliamentary Pension based on total income without parliament however.

ex army said...

I quote"Mr Usumate,all this years you abused kava and ciggies is telling now..ur face looks like a zombie(aka shitface)..."

Dear blogger,
You are no better than these crooks in the IG.Whats that got to do do with his appointment bro? Why blame Jone ,what about you bro?why dont you stand up like a man and show the world that you do not support these crooks.Typical Fijian bro...hide under the name anonymous and target an innocent person.You are not better that those corwards up at the camp by hiding behind their weapon and abusing people.
Common people...we should stop all these nonsence of complaining and try to organise our selves to get back our freedom from these thieves.
Power to the pepople.Common guys lets walk the talk and stop tearing each others down creating division amongst ourselves.Divide we fall unite we stand.
ex army

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:16.

Sure any incoming (democratic) Gov will review any & all pensions paid to these people - Bole included.

Anonymous said...

What has Felix done for the people except make loud noises. When he was getting heaps as FNPF board member and side kicks from the natadola deal, he was all fine.

People should stop blindly support felix and his gang who take from the poor

Anonymous said...

Felix just stand in front of the mirror and admire yr sweet self. Yr time as a part of Fiji's hierarchy is over... back off!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that Usumate has left, one who is ready to take over the reigns at TPAF <> is Wade Evans.

You go Wade!!

Kai Waisiliva said...

I just hope Mr. Usamate can "walk the talk", now in a more practically oriented environment of work.

Mr. Naupoto...now has to handle the Ministry that looks after the most dynamic, catalytical, and at times if not handled properly, volatile 30plus% of Fiji's population, between the ages of 15 - 24 or even 30 plus.

Old Boy...forget the negative words and curses of your detractors and move on...I wish you well.