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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ILSC Commissioner removed over 'delays' in prosecutions

PARTING OF WAYS: Connors and Khaiyum.
Nazhat Shameem
Insiders at the Independent Legal Services Commission have confirmed that John Connor's contract as Commissioner was cancelled after Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum made an unannounced visit to do a 'spot check' on the files.

Sahu Khan
Khaiyum picked up two files - Haroon Ali Shah and Diven Prasad - and demanded to know why the lawyers had not been prosecuted and found guilty. 

Sources say Connors told him the process had to take its course and Khaiyum left in a huff. 

Connors' contract was not renewed and the announcement a new Commissioner was on the way came two days ago - with Connors obviously removed from the role despite the regime's efforts to publicly 'thank him' for being at the helm since 2009. 

The Fiji Sun's headline said 'Praise for legal body's ex-head', but there was no direct thanks or effusive acknowledgement of Connor's hard work by Khaiyum. Coverage by other media was even more cursory.

Khaiyum has made much of the fact that the ILSC works independently providing 'confidence to the public about the functions of the legal fraternity', but why is he  interfering in the affairs of the ILSC, which is by decree to remain an independent body? 

It cannot be denied that Connors fell on his own sword. Cavorting with the regime in any manner shape or form is simply an invitation to betrayal or being shafted.

Paul Madigan has been appointed the new 'independent' Legal Services Commissioner. But sources say Nazhat Shameem is at the ILSC everyday and dictates to staff. 

Sources at the ILSC also confirm that it was Shameem who wrote the sentencing and judgment of Dr Shamsud D Sahu Khan, who was disbarred last year for professional misconduct. Connors only read it out - 10 minutes after she delivered it to his office that day.

ILSC will now be anything but independent with the drunkard Madigan at its helm.

We should also note that the ILSC is not truly independent as its funding is determined by Khaiyum's office. Section 88 of the Legal Practitioners Decree 2009 reads:

Remuneration and allowances
88. The Commissioner, whether appointed as part-time or full-time, is entitled to such remuneration and allowance as fixed by the President, upon the advice of the Attorney-General.

Again, the question: why the Attorney General? Why not the Public Service Commisson? Clearly, any semblance of independence is an illusion as the ILSC is just another tool for the regime to stifle opposition.


  1. tru melanesian...kai viti dinaFebruary 14, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    poking his nose everywhere.what goes around comes around

  2. He did the right thing.

  3. Not surprising at all!! Thats what happens when you put your head on the chopping block. He had it coming the first day he took the post.

  4. Fiji Judiciary says..

    To be honest, we here at the DPP and judiciary a fed up with continuous interference from Aiyaz & Naz Shameem telling us what to do and who to prosecute. We have been asking ourselves as to what is Frank and the army doing about this nonsense.

    This Khaiyum is a clown and puppet, he talks about independence, rule of law etc etc but yet he his blinded by his own shadow.

    There is no law in fiji, ASK is a criminal by act and definition so he will put his dick & ass everywhere. he cant trust anyone except himself. if Frank not careful ASk & Shameem will write a decree to nail him too.

    law of the jungle & arbitrary laws and rules in banana republic.

    moce viti.

  5. they are all lawyers together...farkim all.

    shoot the whole farking lot....theres not one honest one amongst them...bar none...all s...kum

  6. "why the Attorney General?"

    Probably so they don't waste any time - why bother speaking to anyone in government other than Frank and Princess Aiyaz?

  7. Too bad,so sad but we are as dead.

    Live up,rise up and stand up for our beloved country.

  8. we can expect this won't be mentioned on the 'nicer pro regime' blogs as it hurts to even accept this is what happens in the new fiji. First they will rubbish coup four for even suggesting it, then they will go to rubbish anyone who complains, then they will shut down any comment that doesn't suggest fiji is in an example to be followed when it comes to the administration of laws and justice.

  9. What's more ignominious? Being dismissed for incompetence? Or having on your résumé a job that consists of providing legal window-dressing for an illegal regime?

    After all, even attorneys have their standards. Well, at least SOME still do.

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  10. Aiyarse Kunt is effectively running Fiji. The pig Voceke and the pisshead president Naiulukau are simply useless, and they have given Aiyarse all the freedom to do as he likes.

  11. Naz clad in Sari mingling and no one dares to be her offsider and Aslam on the other hand rubbishes the regime just to report business people to AG if they talk ill of this Corrupt unelected,interim regime.. Army guys when took over Fiji was this your intention, you all are now LAMU LAMU of AG He has become so powerfull that you all shit in your PANTS just hearing his name at the barracks, wear sulu taba or SARi on Friday all Sautias or soilders .lamu

  12. FIJI JUDICIARY, you get paid to wash Naz and Aiyaz's nappies no matter how soiled and smelly it maybe, whether running shits or diarreahoea, no one will help you. but you have the power to hit back at them.
    misplace those files, take an additional 2 days to complete the assignment given you, do what your boss says and no more, do not use your initiatives.
    the 1920 putch in germany failed more so because the civil servants refused to take orders from the military government.
    the rest of you civil servants reading this blog, do your bit.
    it will make these wanna bees angry, frustrated and sag their energy. more to come.

  13. So there goes another one! who's next........

  14. The shafting of Connors should send out a very strong signal, if it ALREADY has not, to people wanting to join this illegal and bunch of crooks and bullies.
    When oh when are people going to get this fact into their thick skulls??!!

  15. Goodbye justice pig. As an unemployable oaf you decided to join the illegal human rights abusing regime. So fark off, goodbye you treasonous fool.

  16. The governments of Australia and NZ should do us a favour and immediarely SLAM the travel bans on Nazarse Samimi [another 'ARSE'] and her pig of a husband Arselam [also another 'ARSE']. Boy, we certainly have a lot of "ARSES' amongst us, do we not??!! These two are working in the background advising, informing, helping and encouraging the ILLEGAL regime!!

  17. If Naz wrote the judgment against Mamu Sahu Khan, then she is as guilty as Justice Goundar....

    Dr Sahu Khan is Naaz's mother's brother....some rivalry fueding there.....

    I did not know she could become so low down...

    Sa sucu Sa Lutu

  18. Come on Oz and Kiwi Ambassadors, surely, it must have been brought to your attention at your regular INTEL briefings about the clandestine activities of the PIG Arselam and his sow Samimi!!
    You see Arselam does all the eavesdropping, tapping and reporting , whilst Samimi does all the advising and drafting of ALL the illegal decrees.

  19. @sa'rasita 4.13pm grim geality of life in fiji at the moment; regime supporters acting like they untouchable and think frank will be in power forever. their day will come though

  20. talibans running fiji now.fijians sleeping.
    what a joke.
    fijians have to wake up before bai/ag sell fiji to china/india.
    judges are corrupt like the boss ag taliban.
    i hope god open the eyes of poor fijians.

  21. kaiyum must face the ILSC for rape of fiji democracy and decrees that are bananas and bizzare and ridiculaus , a day will come when he will be facing this body and be disbarred for life and then to naboro maximum for life happily after.

  22. Just look at Kaiyum in the photo. He looks like an evil doer. And what's with the same purple/pinkish tie he wears all the time. It looks very gay. No wonder his nickname is PINKY...LOL

    Seriously, Bai, Kaiyum, Samimi Sisters, Aunty Nor, David Pfligier and the rest of their clan need to be locked up for life. Put them in a cage, display it in Suca for public egg and tomato throwing.

    Time for the Fijians to wake up and remove this illegal Govt out. Move fast and act now brothers. What are you waiting for!!!!

  23. Former judge Shameem and Dr Shau Khan are blood relatives.

    Dr Shau Khan was a crook and should be in prison.

  24. Ripped off by Sahu onceFebruary 15, 2012 at 11:26 AM

    Judge Shameem and Dr Sahu Khan are first cousins(shameem's mother and Sahu's father are brother and sister)

  25. this useless Regime needs to be elminated ASAP Frank and Kaiyum must be killed NOW

  26. the biggest parasites around aiaaaas and naaaaaasat

  27. What's new. Where there is Nazhat Shameem, there is deceit and back biting. But she is cunning. She puts gun on other's shoulders and fires. So no one suspects her. Love to see the day she puts gun on someone's shoulder and fires on AsKhaiyum the coward bomb maker in 1987 who flew out of Fiji just before being nailed. In fact all major policies are being dictated by Shameem and all judgments written by her. So no surprise.
    Let us hope they die dog's death. That way Fiji will be saved. Now it is Connors used and kicked. Who is next? Could be Bainimarama. What a laugh. Lawyers in Fiji should now have spine and speak out before they become sacrificial lambs thus satisfying others secret agendas.I am glad I left Fiji twenty years ago and stopped practising in Fiji. Allah was kind to me then. Gave me foresight.

  28. Khaiyum and Naaz Shameem keep Bainimarama overseas opening and often visiting new high commissions and embassies while they continue to suppress Fijians. Wake up soldiers. Wake up Baini. They give big spending money to Baini and he keeps well fed and drunk overseas while these 2 muslims rip off Fiji in all respecte. Wake up international communities. There has been rape of democracy. Shameem and Khaiyum responsible. Continuing and getting worse. Connors sacking whether right or wriong is another example of the way these 2 bad muslims behave. Many before Connors have painfully left badly hurt.

  29. NAZi Shameem is going to suddenly disappear one day for greener pastures very soon and all the damage she is doing now won't hurt her as she has moved all her money out of the country ready for the move. Her children are desparately trying to become UK citizens and hoping to import their parents.Poor Voreqe and Aiyaz will be left behind to face the next compromised judiciary during "democratic" governance henceforth.Executions will be brought back for next democratic governance by the new PM and parliament(caucus-IMrana, leoung, Madraiwiwi,richard naidu,president sakiusa tuisolia,shamima ali) oooiiiieeeeelei !!!

  30. AG Khaiyum was failed DPP lawyer. Then in Democracy 18 group post 1987 he made bombs but before detonating them his group was caught then this coward left for Australia. Ran like mouse at night. He is acting as if he is most senior lawyer in Fiji. Truth is that he is the worst of the species. He picked up a law degree from a cheap university. Whai is he talking? With the help of his adopted mother Naaaz Shameem he talks big but in reality he is a sheep dressed in lions clothes. Hope he catches malaria or syphillis or aids and perishes to leave Fijians to rule peacefully. Ami

  31. is aiyas sayed khaiyum really the 1987 bomb maker? who were with him?
    why can't bainimarama and his army top brass with the sly sneaky iowane naivalurua do something on this piece of intelligence information?

  32. Khaiyum being a former bomb maker is more common knowledge than intelligence information.

  33. Yes it is same Khaiyum who was head of bomb making unit in 1987. He was almost caught when he was made to run out of Fiji at night to Australia. He was assisted to leave Fiji suddenlt in 1987 to avoid going to jail for life. Guess by who? A new junior lawyer prom DPP's office named Nazhat Shameem, thats why now pay back time with one point three million dollars consultancy job and dictatorship of FICAC. He is being guarded 24/7 by the same military in woman's gear who then almost caught him. What a 360 degree turn around.Open up your eyes military. He has destroyed Fijian institutions like NLTB and Fijian Affairs. Soon the rest left overs. All of Fiji will be owned and run by his clan. Roopesh

  34. Correct Roopesh. You spoke the truth. I like it. Charan Jit Singh of Labasa an opportunist also helped him then in 1987. He is now owning half Labasa with soft loans. Aiyaz's father is property manager for Charan group of mega companies. It is payback time now too for Charan.

  35. Correct Roopesh. You spoke the truth. I like it. Charan Jit Singh of Labasa an opportunist also helped him then in 1987. He is now owning half Labasa with soft loans. Aiyaz's father is property manager for Charan group of mega companies. It is payback time now too for Charan.

  36. Juniors of 1987 are now seniors on top of the world. Bomb maker AG Khaiyum is holding ten ministerial portfolios and getting paid $750,000 per annum. 1987 junior lawyer Shameem is now fake consultant of all matters on $1,300,000 salary per year. Not bad. Well done because of illegal activities. Charan jit singh budding businessman now really owns ten percent of Fiji thanks to AG's father and soft loans. Taxpayers of Fiji biggest losers.

  37. What about Frank B.M.? And other Fijians on the take? Not forgetting aunty Noor Bano and uncle Zarin Ali the master payers of minister's exorbitant salaries. And millions they pay themselves for paying others their corrupt and ill gotten gains? Idi Amin of Uganga was bad but better than Aiyaz AG . Both muslims though. Egypt's Hosni Mubarak stole 100 Billions. Now he is before court. All dictators same. Only different degrees.


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