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Monday, February 6, 2012

Khaiyum plays dumb over New Zealand Law Society ad ban

Five years and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum still doesn't get that New Zealand will not support the illegal regime. He's pissed the New Zealand Law Society won't advertise Fiji vacancies and accuses it of being 'obtuse'. What he doesn't want to accept is that New Zealand will never endorse him and Bainimarama's illegal rule, no matter how much they try to dress us 'reforms' as 'independent'. This false outrage from today's Fiji Sun over the principled stand by the New Zealand Law Society not to take blood money.

“We have had NZ lawyers work over the past few years in Fiji and indeed the DPP (Christopher Pryde) himself is a New Zealander. It is very childish and very ironical that NZLS talks about principles and values. 

"One of which I assume would be freedom of access to information, freedom of movement, yet they want to disallow their members’ access to information to make an informed decision on whether they want to move to Fiji or not.

“They are depriving individual lawyers in NZ the access to lawyers. I am sure individual members of the New Zealand legal fraternity are intelligent enough to make their own decision. Why should NZLS control such information, it is very ironical? 

"They accuse the Bainimarama Government of depriving people of information when that is in fact not the case. But it is most definitely the case with NZLS as far as them not allowing members to access information regarding jobs in Fiji,” he said.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum added that NZLS has not been able to view Fiji independently, and was influenced by their government’s stance regarding Fiji.

“It is most unfortunate that the NZLS has not been able to put themselves in a position where they have even tried to, in a very genuine manner to ascertain the ground reality in Fiji. They have essentially followed the foreign policy of their government. 

"They have essentially relied on the misrepresentation of the Fijian Government and particularly the Fijian legal system.

“It is rather spurious and indeed rather obtuse for NZLS to disallow an advertisement, and that too a paid advertisement, giving the NZ lawyers an opportunity to work in Fiji, in the DPP’s office."


  1. oh for crying out loud!!isa this man is really sick...really is an egoistic maniac

  2. He can con those that are blind in Fiji with his propaganda but not the real world where there is democracy.

  3. So Kaiyum complains that NZLS is not independant but is "influenced by their govt policy".
    That is because they live in New Zealand (a democracy) and are not a law unto themselves.
    Unlike in Fiji where idiots like you can do a coup and make PERs willy nilly.
    So get over yourself and just be content to be the top frog in your own stupid little pond in Fiji. You can make as much waves as you like in your little pond.
    Just try and look after the people affected by the flood please and stop trying to interfere with other countries business.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  4. Martin Luther was not a great reformer like the history books teach, but he was a fraud and a great one at that!

    So do we have a fraud in the Hypocrite AK!! He actually despises those whom he deceives with lies & hypocrisy which proves at the same time that he has no respect for himself.

    Hypocrisy coming from the attitude of AK is really great fodder for comedy those who are aware..who are alert to his cunning!!

    A man without honour, a man without integrity!

    Cry our beloved country!!!

  5. OMG khaiyum, can you for once talk through your mouth please and not your azz! Every time you say something all we can smell is s!#t! It must be coming from the wrong orifice!

    February 6, 2012 2:09 PM

  6. Khaiyum is an idiot

  7. Mr Khaiyum, if NZ law society refuse to advertise the vacancy, please just accept it. Why barking like a dog????????
    You & Bai got the power to dictate here in Fiji and Not in NZ...

  8. What else can he do? except what he is doing: lying his teeth out to defend their position

  9. poor regime, haven't they got the money for an advertisement on SEEK.com

  10. the reason bai & kai recruiting kaivalagis is to attract investors. Investors feel confident seeing one of their own looking after their investment.

  11. Pryde & Khaiyum should advertise the vacancy in China and Russia instead of NZ......


  13. Just look at the size of NZ and its legal government compared to the illegal dictatorship being run by pint sized commodore and self appointed AG in Fiji. Obviously the noise is from the mouth which is more of a nuisance than any substance or real concern. This is one hell of a big megalomania. And how did iAG assume that it was through NZ government influence that NZLS made this decision. He is just a presumptious narcissist thats all.

  14. Man he is stupid must be on a different planet the law is the law and these jokers need to read it and aplly it like they were taught

  15. Living a giant legal fiction..February 6, 2012 at 7:08 PM

    Correction C4.5.

    He's not playing.

  16. Rasta says..

    This was in Tonga. I remember a few years ago when the European union officials whispered & ask some pacific leaders whilst Aiyaz Khaiyum than Franks carry boy...."is Aiyaz his dog...they both look stupid and like clowns.

    the clowns are still in the hot seats.

    tik tok tik tok

  17. Guys - this regime is illegal.February 6, 2012 at 7:30 PM

    Surely this guy (Khaiyum) can't be serious?

    His own Court has ruled this regime illegal - everybody knows the judiciary's fixed & any Viti lawyer with any ethics or standards chose to leave the country (go into voluntary exile) rather than work under this incompetent & corrupt fool.
    Also confident any Kiwi lawyers with future judicial ambitions would be aware that working for these people won't be a good look on a CV.

  18. Ego-Centric Khaiyum...Can you believe this narcissistic dick, for
    using public funds, to make himself
    looks like a smart person to the world? I'm sure he's going to do the same with the Australian law society and sit back and laugh at
    the Aussie institution for falling into his childish game?

  19. Speaking of 'childish and ironical', here again is Aiyaz sounding like a petulant child, as he whinges about the New Zealand Law Society's free and principled decision not to accept the advertising money of this regime.  

    Following his logic, the Taliban should be free to advertise for suicide bombers among the madrassa of Pakistan.   

    It is manifestly the case that this regime has systematically deprived people of information.  First it used intimidation tactics by deporting publishers in the middle of the night, fire-bombing oppositionists, and bringing contempt charges against editors simply for allowing publication of critical letters.  Then it opted for outright censorship, imposing the Public Emergency Regulations, stationing soldiers in newsrooms, assigning police to lurk in Internet cafes to read others' emails, arresting and abusing those who wrote honestly about conditions in Fiji, imposing the Media Decree and now the Public Order Act, etc., etc.

    That's not to mention its clampdown on the judiciary and law profession, nor the daily diet of lies it feeds the nation through the Fiji Sun and its neo-fascist New Dawn publication.  This is the same guy who has his chum Peter Lomas print his columns under another reporter's by-line (in violation of the regime's own media decree).  Lomas also selects the most flattering photos he can find of Aiyaz and tries to run at least one every day.

    Speaking of 'spurious', how about the case this regime concocted to arrest, harrass, and imprison Mahendra Patel? Patel's real crime was that he had the temerity to buy the Fiji Times, thereby preventing control of the paper from passing to the Aiyaz-Tappoo clique.

    Speaking of obtuse and ironical, what do you call it when a regime constantly decries the 'failure' of its foreign critics to visit Fiji to get the 'ground truth' and then denies them visas or immediately deports them when they do try to come?  In fact, it is this regime that, despite the ample time it has been given, has never sought to ascertain the ground truth in Fiji by allowing a free press to prepare a free society for free elections.

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  20. Hahahaha...Arse says "...and that too a paid advertisement..."


    Rem...that slang from way back..woohoo!!! An arse will always be an arse!

  21. So now Mr Aiyarse, you know what it feels like - not very nice eh?

    You can dish it out to others but cannot take the same being dished out to you?

    Accept the fact that your self imposed ill gotten power is neither recognised nor accepted outside of your play-pen and cut out this childish tandrum...

  22. I do notice the language of Khaiyum is puerile. He always uses words like childish etc. He is not helping diplomatic relationship between NZ and Aust whenever he talks like this. He needs to grow up and realize that we are going around the sun and not him. He is not the center of the universe!

  23. What is the reality on ground Mr. Khaiyum? Please stop self indulgence. No one supports you people so get that fact in your head. dont get excited about people being polite and quiet as a sign of support. call an election tomorrow and you will be wiped out. its a fact. people are quiet because of fear and heavy handedness of police and military. dont pretned you have peoples support. you have none

  24. Anonymous said...
    rasta says..

    Aiyaz just s!@k Franks d$$k...

    drau veitauri dagger.

    NZ govt is not an idiot like you both. just s!@k each other, than you can both congratulate each other for job well done.

  25. I think it is because Aiyaz has no concept of "ethics", "legality" or what might be termed his own "moral failings" - so before the NZLS has a chance to point out the obvious - he attempts to paint their reasoned stance as "spurious" and "obtuse". Noone believes you Aiyaz.

    Working in Fiji under the regime is a death sentence to any sensible lawyers' career.

  26. Arse seems to think that we all have the mentality of a pig, like he is.
    Let's see you get out of this rut you VUAKA!!!!!

  27. Sa laurai ga vei FRANK na ULUKAU!!!! he is using class one english !!!! au kerea me dua mada nona english class i FNU....laurai ga vei koya na NO SCHOOL...


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