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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More key FICAC investigations

Sources say the wife of the high commissioner to India, Yogesh Karan,  has been under FICAC investigation for the past four months.

They say Angie Karan was involved in a $75k per diem travel and was forced to stay back last year when her husband took up his Delhi post.

She and the couple's children are renting Knolly Apartments and had landcruiser and have had their passports seized.
Meanwhile sources say Yogesh Karan didn't know about Aiyaz Khaiyum's current visit to India. Apparently, the illegal AG is meeting with casino investors and is then off to Dubai.


Radiolucas said...

Well, Dubai is where they went with the China bribes - so no surprise with the Casino bribes.

So much for the cleanup - the only thing that Frank and Aiyaz are cleaning up are the nation's bank accounts - sweeping them nice, clean and empty.

Anonymous said...

Another propagandists from the racist.

Anonymous said...

Problem with crooks is they may be
picking out the wrong person and the wrong Government? Hang in there people, were almost at the destination?

Anonymous said...

What was the alleged crime? A fraudulent claim for per diem?

For the Attorney-General, Minister for Tourism, etc., etc., etc., not to meet with his high commissioner to India during a stop in India is the height of disrespect.

Since the Squealer will be in Dubai and so will be in the area, I don't suppose he will visit the Fijian contingent serving in UNAMI or MFO, will he? No, I suppose that IS asking too much. But at least he should stop by Syria -- to ask Hafez Assad for some pointers on regime survival.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

This is a freaking WITCH HUNT...Fiji run by these idiots, self centered and greedy goons is becoming like banana republic...Banarama needs to step down...

FICAC needs to shut down wasting tax payers money...they are only attacking innocent people...

Anonymous said...

john prasad nz

ag and bai using ficac to charge people to take fiji peoples focus out from them.
they are more corrupt than anyone in fiji.
idiots thieves.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before "Corrupt ledership leads to corrupt followers"
Bainimarama took the government in a corrupt manner. He leads by corruption. He is corrupt.
He is supported by corrupt soldiers and the 2 corrupt Shameem sisters.
FNPF is corrupt
FSC is corrupt.
FICAC is corrupt
Air Pacific is corrupt
Government ministers are corrupt
Police is corrupt
Even the Fiji Judiciary is corrupt

Even in the Bible it says that if a church member continues in corruption he should be ex-communicated ie we get rid of him.(Note it doesn't say "Turn the other cheek")

But here we are happily allowing this non-sense to continue.

The only sad thing is that we reap what we sow.
In this case corruption will lead to more poverty, more deaths from diseases due to lack of medicine; more rape, more murders, more stealing etc etc etc.

The future does not look good, only more sadness.
So I would greatly urge the Methodist Church to strengthen the knees, Stand Tall and preach against it. We must do it NOW.

It is time we do the RIGHT thing.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

About time they get FICAC to investigate the 2 main culprits - VB & AK. That will be the main show to watch!!

Keep watching this space..time is near..

Ravin lal said...

Why are only indians being targets for investigations? Chaudhry, Mac Patel, Dirend pratap, Umaria, Bhika, Danial Mani etc?

The 2006 coup was stages because of SDL corruption, but five years after the coup how many SDL ministers, MPS and members are have been convicted and jailed?

Why is Qarase still free? PM Bainimarama must not target indians please.

Anonymous said...

Can tell someone tell me what the crime was and how one is linked to the other? What a confusing piece of writing-unless there are some invisable dots to join up?#%$&*(

Anonymous said...

Block all borders and freeze their assets, dont send them to Naboro, string them from a vaivai tree

Anonymous said...

Well what more could you say. The only people thriving in Fiji government are the conmen and conwomen. They are flocking enmasse to be part of the cleanup campaign.

Aiyaz Khaiyum is in India to get more 'experts' to work in Fiji and get them settled here, so they can vote for him and Voreqe in 2014.

Anonymous said...

anon@2:54pm...Khaiyum is in India and will move to the middle East looking for asylum deals for him,Voreqe and Eveli.The rest of the troop will just have to fend for themselves? That's how a dicktators operates! The plan is,the election in 2014 will be conducted as promised;and the UN,UE,BCW,US,AUS&NZ will be here to
witness a clean,legitimate election run. Before the vote counts, a AP flight will leave nadi Airport, destine to India or the Middle East,with the Big 3 and their wives & families, on board and by the time a new PM is named, the plane would by then have reached, its refugee destination!
So we as a people, must make sure
to working together to keep them from leaving Fiji?We need to arrest
them,try them and hang them all!!This madness must end here!!!

Anonymous said...

Was this dude a long term civil servant or a bi-product of foreign
BOOMERANG GRANT from donors? Don't
understand why his wife and kids are living in Hotel in Fiji? They don't have a permanent home? Is this the kind of people we want to represent our country abroad?

mark manning said...

Aiyaz' Wife must be very proud that she has sold her soul to the Devil.

Anonymous said...

They can run but they cunt hide, the world is a round and we will catch them, bring them back to fiji, to face the consequence of their actions, dead or alive.
Remember FB, ASK, and others, you will pay for what you have done to this nation.

Anonymous said...

Mark whats that got to do with the price of bread-as for the devil the same could be said of George Bush jnrs wife -whose the greater Devil for killing innocent civilians in Iraqa, Bush or Khaiyum or for that matter John Howards wife? Goodness Mark what you say seems to get more & more stupid!

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 6:21.

Middle Eastern Countries don't need any advise from George Bush's wife John Howard Mark Manning or the Devil on the art of killing their own innocent civilians. Danger for Viti here is that a large proportion of RFMF personel have been exposed to this unique style of governance.

Anonymous said...

ravi lal
becos the indians charged are guilty of corruption and qarase is not......what kind of dumb head are u ????

Anonymous said...

Ravin Lal@ 11:15am...the people you named and appear to be attached to herein are nothing but
crooks. Sorry to having to tell you the truth about these assoles,
but if Chodohry was to be used as an example, every single one of these crooks, need to be strung-up
by the nearest mango tree and hanged? Look at the way Chodo, was using up the Cane Farmers Union funds,taking his girl-friends with him on overseas trips,living high in 5 star-hotels,buying her expensive dresses and expensive food;and upon returning home,use the same fund to pay for his girlfriend apartment&expenses, in Suva.If this is not corruption than what is? Oh by the way, you forgot Felix Anthony, but anyways-they're all the same-crooks and they need to be stopped!!!