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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New decree heralds more foul play

Not so idle hands of Epeli Nailatikau has signed off yet another decree. pic MINFO.

Yet more shape changing from the illegal regime. With its eye clearly on the upcoming election, it has introduced a new decree to allow it to claim parliamentary privilege, a practice enjoyed by democratic governments where members have been  elected, media freedom is a given and where there is an Opposition and political debate may be brutal but is regulated.  

In again trying to reinvent the world to suit its purposes, the regime tries to dupe both the nation and the media with a statement that makes big the fact no media will be liable for publishing the comments of the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama or government ministers. 

In reality, media teams are being lulled into maintaining the status quo: reporting the view of the regime without analysis or criticism ahead of anyone brave enough to front the elections or make it to Parliament. The discerning will have noted, too, the 'fair play' spin in the headline.


Ministry of Information
The President has approved the State Proceedings (Amendment) Decree 2012, which provides that no media organization can be held liable for publication of statements, whether verbal or written, made by the Prime Minister or any Minister of Government, whether in their official or personal capacity.
The Decree is consistent with the Parliamentary privilege as was applicable in Fiji and which is applicable in countries throughout the Commonwealth; however, it goes further by protecting media organizations.

The law is intended to facilitate open and frank discussion between Government, the public and other stakeholders in the lead up to Fiji's Parliamentary elections.

The Decree will expire upon the date when a new Parliament is convened which will have its usual privileges for statements made by Parliamentarians.


Anonymous said...

This alcoholic old fart Epeli should quit now. He's a disgrace to the people of Fiji.

Kenneth Zinck said...

When Nailatikau Bainimarama, Khaiyum and the lot realise that they are an illegal bunch and that they will be charged for TREASON, they must stop deceiving themselves with such draconian decrees that try to save them from damnation. Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

What the hell...it's just another illegal decree from an illegal dictatorship! All will be re-visited with the Courts when the people have regained power and Frank and Khaiyum are in Korovou!

Frank and Khaiyum will be locked in one room (Korovou) not to be bigger than 3 feet by 3 feet. We shall then see Kama Sutra practised in real time!

Anonymous said...

There goes Eveli's pen again signing something he has not read!

O sa sega ni bau madua Eveli na sainitaka laivi tiko na nodra dodonu na lewe ni vanua o Viti?

Bau raici iko mada e na nomu sa volitaki tu e na vica walega na tikini siliva!

level playing field my ayarse said...

This is great for parliamentary democracies where you have a government and an opposition. In a dictatorship where you only have the dictator and his lackeys it gives them more freedom but none to anybody else.

In effect the opposing parties still need to be mindful of the media decree and the public order amendment decree. But not for Frank and his cronies.

Another example of one rule for the dictator and another for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

How about making this a mutual decree i.e ordinary citizens making comments against the regime will not be “screwed” in any way, shape or form??

Rocket Scientist said...

They acting so generous when realy its is more mines being put in an already full mine field

Anonymous said...

This is utterly nonsense decree. It has no practical use for the regime or the people. It is just another production line run of the mill product from a decree factory operated by Asskay inc. Nothing better to do I guess.

Anonymous said...

Totoka ga vei au o Adi....

Anonymous said...

At the end of day this government is getting away with murder, and nothing is gonna change it.

Anonymous said...

Let him make whatever decree he wants. Once he is removed from this illegal position all these decree will mean nothing. People of Fiji just need to act now and restore true democracy ... TODAY.

Anonymous said...

This 'parliamentary privilege' decree allows the media to print only what the regime says and goes no further. This is the sort of 'dialogue' this dictatorial regime has in mind in the run-up to elections. The new constitution will give President-for-Life Bainimarama sweeping new constitutional powers to remove any parliamentarian who dares speak against him.

When the Hibiscus Revolution arrives, all of the rules laid down by Bainimarama and Aiyaz will only be used as evidence to implicate them at their trials and to serve as cautionary tales to future generations.

Bale ga vei kemuni na cauravou e Viti. Ni yavala me savasava na vanua.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

@ s/Dakuwaqa.

Sega ni macala se cava era vakasamataka tu na noda cauravou me baleta na i balebale ni noda sere ni vanua 'qori.

That line from our national anthem should stir some thoughts and inspiration in the minds and hearts of our soldiers. They're of no use if they are just singing it.

This new decree proves true the quote from "Animal Farm": 'some are more equal than others' indeed!

Anonymous said...

Very sad photo.

No one is smiling. Not even the guy wo got paid to sign this immoral decree.

This decree reflects the type of man Bainimarama is ie All the privilege but No Responsibility.

There is not much else to say.
I feel sorry for Rt Epeli's wife.
How do you cope, living with a man who sells his integrity for money?
How do you live with a man who denies the "cries" of his people, all for a few dollars?

I feel your pain Adi and I pray that God will give you comfort through such a difficult time.

-Valataka na Dina.

TURUKAWA said...



Anonymous said...

This new decree confirms that Bai and members of his illegal regime will run in the next elections, and that they intend to stay in office until then throughout the period of campaign and actual voting taking place.

The decree gives them leeway to make personal and defamatory remarks against their opponents, and to get away with them when such remarks are printed in the newspapers.

So for all opponents of the regime that are intending to stand in the elections, be aware that dossiers are being compiled with information that will be used against you.

It will be left to the newspapers, and journalists to act fairly, and refuse to print anything defamatory. Please remember that this decree will terminate after the elections. Any new government coming in after the elections without Bai and his cronies can pass legislation to correct the injustice caused by this decree. So to you newspapers and journalists out there be aware of the consequences of your actions.

mark manning said...

Each stroke of the pen by the illegal Presi. ensures a sentence behind bars.
He will die in custody.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So now they can lie to us and no one is held accountable.
What kind of society is that?

Anonymous said...

PRESIDENT Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is in Bankok, Thailand attending a high level United Nations Conference on combating AIDS in the Asia Pacific region....

Anonymous said...

Epeli kei ira nona Ose...me ambassador ni grants waterhouse i nabukalou ck...o Adi ga me wase ni magiti..lol!!!

Kai Tholo. said...

@ Very sad photo.

Reason adi looks so sad is because she realises she's the one who has to find somewhere safe in Viti where they can both live rent free.

Naitasiri's nice - currently offering free land & wooden housing + complementary lovo to selected applicants.

Anonymous said...

Voceke is cunning, make the old fart Epeli drink alcohol, get him drunk and then give him a pen to sign the decree. I wouldn't be surprised if he signed his wife's name.

Sad Songs Say So Much said...

Sorry looking faces will not buy sympathy from a suffering public who are WORSE OFF and what's more, have never had the numerous opportunities that the privileged duo take for granted as their entitlement.

Anonymous said...

@ valataka na dina

Does Adi have any skills to work? Any work experience? Where did she get her tertiary education?

Any investments that can take care of their retirement?

Anonymous said...

According to medical reports both the President and the PM have ED(Erectile Dysfunctional)what else is next?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning hope you can do something about this dying in custody especially when related to Indigenous Aussies! Last major one was the bloke that the cop took int custody on Plam Island and all the white cops sided with him even the detective who made out he was innocent-poor bloke ruptured his liver into two-yet cop reckons he never touched him-you white fallows sure have some pretty strong black magic-kill someone without touching him!Yet after the court case he was still found innocent! Heavens above racism still thriving in Aussiland?

Anonymous said...

President Ratu Nailatikau delived the keynote address at Aids meet in Bangkok-pretty good achivement for a small country like Fiji with all the internal turmoils going on!

Anonymous said...

Isa Adi...vaka o cata na taba!!!! tabaki ga???

Anonymous said...

Brother Kenneth its kinda late for the damnation bit -SDL had its chances but chucked it into the bin for the sake of pleasing some! No we all have to bear the fruits of someone elses stupidity! Hopefuly we have learnt something or else this cycle never ends!

Anonymous said...

Epeli, the CLOWN that he, is should seriously consider going to Tonga where he is written in the 'Vola ni Kawa Bula ' there.
We the true kai Baus have no respect for this wannabee and viavia PLAYBOY!!
Sa rauta mada Epeli!!

Anonymous said...

Whats that porn star from Russia doing at Govt House,,,,,vakacava na veilepayaki ni matai Eveli....isa ko Adi sa vakaloloma me watina tu e dua na tamata vakamumuri tuga, levu na mateni keina veitau ose viavia Vunivalu qai sega! MOCE JO

mark manning said...

@ anon 519 p.m.
What's that got to do with returning Fiji to Democracy and frank's illegal coup ?
I made it a point myself the other night to also watch that documentary and I have a very dear friend living on that island, whom I cherish.
I agree with you, it was disgusting the way the queensland Police, some Aboriginal if you noticed them in the crowd and the Police commissioner, who i believe is still in that same position of authority, all agreeing that this rogue copper was aggrieved and innocent. a disgusting display, but typical of queensland police Service. I know, because my family has had personal dealings with them.
In my view, the Police commissioner should have sacked the union representative and the minister for
Police should have sacked the police commissioner. i also had a friend whose son had been run over by an off duty police Officer in Cairns, accidentally, but he got away scott free from any charges aND POSTED OUT OF CARINS AS A RWSULT OF THE MOTHER'S CONSTANT ATTEMPTS TO GET JUSTICE FOR HER CHILD'S DEATH. BOTH WERE AND REMAIN FRIENDS OF MINE, BOTH TORRES STRAIT ISLANDERS.
please stop harping on about me being a racist because I'm not and nor are the majority of Australians.

Anonymous said...

Body language very evident. Adi stand close to hubby. Don't shy away.You are also benefiting from all the shit these guys are peddling.

Anonymous said...

The Bainimarama Government has run out of money! The Government announced today that it was ready
to give out 240.000Fiji dollars to
famers to rehabilitate their farms?
$240.000, are you kidding? how much
are the Government planning to give to each Farmer? 10c? Not much in the bank account? Bai you can't run a Government and not paying your debts and it's interest? We may have to look for young Fijian graduates for the civil services in 2014, and may have to move the
employment age to 65 or 73,depending on health etc.

Delusion of Grandeau said...

Adi Koila is a well educated intelligent woman. A lawyer by profession, her constant devotion to her husband & family is to be commended.

Kenneth Zinck - you are laughable! go back to school and get an education, better still try university if you can qualify. Your greed & deceitful behaviour to get into the Qarase government will not be forgotten.