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Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Zealand Law Society refuses to advertise Fiji vacancies

The New Zealand Law Society's magazine, Law Talk, is refusing to advertise vacant positions in the legal profession in Fiji.
Fiji Village is reporting that the office of the Director of Public Prosectuions has been informed by email that under the military regime, the New Zealand Law Society will not accept advertisements for legal positions.

It quotes Christopher Pryde as saying "it is unfortunate that the NZLS is involving itself in politics and preventing New Zealand lawyers from hearing about job vacancies in Fiji."

Pryde insists the Officer of the DPP is independent, non-political and that the DPP has the sole responsibility for criminal prosecutions in Fiji without recourse to any Government minister, including the military appointed attorney general.

Pryde is aquoted as saying his invitation to the NZLS still stands and they are welcome to visit Fiji to meet and talk to anyone without restriction so that they can obtain for themselves a first hand appraisal of things in Fiji.


Living a giant legal fiction.. said...

Any & all lawyer anywhere & everywhere who doesn't understand or comprehend the basic legal premis that this regime is illegal under law deserve everything that will eventually come to them.

Kadavu Parrot said...

Sa dina sara, the Kiwis have values and care about their immediate neighbourhood. Despotic military types have hijacked the nation of Fiji and all its institutions. And the legal system has been compromised with the removal of the constitution, the entire notion of separation of powers have been scuttled. The judicature is not independant, not transparent as it should be. As Fiji geographically is located within the immediate ambit of New Zealand, they correctly have chosen to abstain from giving the illegal and corrupt regime in Fiji any encouragement. The Kiwis have been friends of Fiji for hundreds of years and stood by us thru good and bad. The friendship is genuine and everybody in the islands knows this. Vinaka Kiwis for doing your bit to help justice and fairness for the people and for the nation of Viti that will aid us return us to normalcy. Yes, back to the position where we are once again a respected member of the international family of nations that upholds equality before the law, justice and fairness in society, a free media and parliament. Paaleassse, NOT as a satelite vassal of the Russian Bear or Communist China.

Taukei 5. said...

Expat Christopher Pryde accusing others of being involved in local legal politics is a bit rich.

Mr. Pryde - have you ever considered the fact that in order that you & others obtained & can maintain your current idillic lifestyles & positions your employers' have tortured & killed people?

Selesitino Kalounivale.
Jone Davui.
Epeneri Bainimolo.
Lagani Rokowaqa.
Iowane Waseroma are but 5.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody is dumb like the Mataivalu ni Solisona & will believe your bullshit - You imbercile.

Anonymous said...

My Pryde. you live in Ga Ga land.

You are clearly not in touch with the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Chris Pryde must be either blind or a goddam idiot!!

How can he can he say that the DPP is independent when his illegal boss Bin Laden no longer recognizes the validity of the the1997 Constitution of Fiji and worst still holds the AG position via a criminal act of treason?

Pryde is a bloody rogue Kiwi national who should be extradited by the NZ government to face charges of terrorism in a foreign country.NZ should send their SAS to snatch him off the streets of Fiji.We don't want their Paheka garbage and they should vandalize his backdoor for good measure.
Another bloody terrorist foreigner is Sharon Smith.This bitch will be locked up in the men's wing at Korovou jail for 50years when this illegal circus is cleaned out.

Anonymous said...

Pryde, the position of DPP maybe independent, apolitical or whatever, but the relevant issue here is that the successful applicant would be appointed under an illegal authority of the illegal President and illegal Chief Justice!

Can't you get that into that big and empty head of yours? The NZLS has every right to reject any ad from the Fiji Govt purely for the reason that it is an illegal dictatorship.

I am not a lawyer but it does not take one to understand the reason behind the decision of the NZLS.

Anonymous said...

good on them........just like their team thrashed fiji.......

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pryde,

If your claims are indeed true that the DPP and Police are independent, could you please make public what happened to the CID file of prominent hotelier and regime supporter YP Reddy?

I am sure you are aware about the CID file number : CID/HQ/PEP 128/2010 and who from the 4th Floor ordered the CID Team to stop all interviews of Reddy Group, cancel YP Reddy's arrest warant and let him get away with fraud against minority shareholders?

The docucments relating to thsi will be passed to Rt Mara and will be published in his website soon. So that your claim of DPP and Police independence can be verified properly.

Put our money where your mouth is Mr Pryde. Will you?

Bendover Bai said...

Are there no more lawyers in FIJI? hundreds graduate each year from USP

Anonymous said...


YOU are a BULLSHIT. You cannot pride your office to be independent whatsoever.

Your office has to either follow the laws as outlined in the constitution, or if you purport that the constitution is abbrogated, then you must follow the decree as purported law of the land.

Your law has to follow one simple path whichever you choose.

If you choose the latter, then you must withdraw all charges against serving military officers Peter Driti and Ratu Ului Mara and reinstate them to their bona fide positions.

It is not for me to teach you your job or the law..you should be able to see the law on whichever part of the law you choose.

Show us what you understand and how you interpret either parts of the two sets of law!!!!!

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would we need more foreign lawyers and or judges? Don,t we have enough graduates from the USP
looking for works? Don,t we have enough lawyers in private practices
that the assole gates could appoint as judges?What are these foreign appointees doing? Are they conspiring to bankrupt the nation?
Whose job is it to hire these judges and lawyers from abroads?Bai it may be time to throw out that assole racist Gates?

Anonymous said...

Haha! Meleka!! Meleka!!!

Ps - lots of bush lawyers in Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Mr Pryde you go and say or tell that to your dead father and he will agree.LIAR LIAR LIAR you money hungry THIEF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

could someone please tell that failed legal mis-illegal christopher pride that he has no credntials and dignity anymore in this country and to return to new zealand cause he is just making a big fool of himself..bloody con artist..opportunist..illegal fool.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pride must be out of his mind about the independence of the Fiji judiciary when most of the recently published illegal decrees cannot be challenged in the Fiji court of law.
Mr. Pride should be reminded that those illegal decrees indirectly tells the Fiji courts not to hear any challenges from the very people that the regime is claiming to lead.
The judicial system of any country doesn't belong to either the state or any other institution, although it is funded by the state.
Has Mr. Pride forgotten the Administration of Justice Decree of 2009?, come on Mr. Pride you can restore justice in the land by advising the regime to adhere to the Appeal's Court decision of April 2009.

semi miau said...

Pryde is just full of lies as its everyday news about the military control DPP.Mr AYeaaarse has been the sole driver of the DPP in Fiji.Mr Pryde you are a filthy slave of Mr Vore who are there to pick up some easy cash in the expense of my people.Go back to where you come from as you are just part of the problem in Fiji.There are local laywers who are more qualified than you and Mr AYaaarse.

Anonymous said...

This is great news NZLS, keep your stand and slowly the coup leaders will be eradicated.Smart sanctions in areas that will hit them hard!!

Power to the People....

Anonymous said...

Dina says..

Pryde, you have fooled yourself just like your masters Frank and Aiyaz.

NZ Law society is credible and professional and does not politicise the institution like you and Ass Yazz.

What independent you're talking about..sounds like a broken record.

Even Shri Lakhans are fed up with you both....judiciary intefrence including Naz Shameem.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 staff seems to be taking it easy now days especially on weekends and holidays? What's happening guys, do you need helps during the weekend&holidays?We need
to continue this fight 24/7 and the
people that only have time on the
weekends to check out your blogs needs to be encouraged that this is
serious business and he's or she's also important to our battle to change Fiji's course ASAP? So there C4.5 you need the help or not?

Anonymous said...

Pryde, being a lawyer should know and stop being such a dick. How can the NZ law society recognize the judiciary that is illegal? They should advertise in Zimbabwe and or Somalia.

Anonymous said...

1. Have you seen the state in which the court house is? freaking pathetic and downgraded to prison style environment you this the kiwi lawyers are "kuku" to working in such a filthy environment?

2. May be Frank and his left cherry AG should have their office shifted there...that's where they belong...in the shit house.

3. The Sri-Lankan judges or lawyers will bow down to AG but mate forget about the kiwi lawyers...the whole judiciary system is controlled by Frank's left cherry and his sub cherries.

4. Christopher is also one big "laamu sona" sucking up to Frank's left cherry...dont know what kinda person is he?

5. The rest the readers can figure out!

no teve said...

what about sri lanka

Fiji has no pride said...

Syria is amll fry oompared to what is happening in the world including Syria. It is up to the Fiji populace to do something and it isn't. People of Fiji quite happy wasting their time on Facebook and other trivial past times instead of fighting for democracy. Quite rightly so it deserves people like Chris Pryde.



Syria: Assad Refusal of Peace Plan Will Deepen Conflict

Brussels, 2 February 2012 (ITUC OnLine): The rejection of Arab League peace proposals by Syrian ruler Bashar al Assad means that yet more innocent women, men and children will lose their lives as the regime clings to power against massive internal opposition. The League had called on Assad to form a national unity government to steer the country out of the crisis.

“More than 5,000 people have been killed, many more injured and thousands remain in prison. The situation is bound to get worse, as the country slides further towards all-out civil war between reformers and a regime that has no legitimacy. The international community must step up pressure for Assad and his entourage to step aside and a process of democratisation, with the development of civil society organisations including genuine trade unions, to begin. The alternative will be further carnage and increasing risk that the conflict will spread,” said ITUC General Sharan Burrow.

Syria is becoming more and more internationally isolated, with its latest rejection of the Arab League’s proposals, and the regime’s continued terrorisation of its own people during the recent monitoring mission, during which at least 600 more people lost their lives.

Anonymous said...

PS real struggles taking place overseas with people losing their lives> No sacrifices being made in Fiji. Examples everywhere in the world but people inFiji sucking up to lamusona regime

Journalist shot dead in Mogadishu

Brussels, 31 January 2012 (ITUC OnLine): Hassan Osman Abdi, a leading Somalia journalist, was followed from his work place, shot and riddled with bullets on Saturday 28 January. He died on his way to the hospital. The ITUC strongly condemns this murder and calls for urgent measures to stop the attacks on journalists.

Hassan Osman Abdi was the director of Shabelle Media Network. Abdi was involved in the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), as he was branch secretary of the union's Banadir region. He's the third Shabelle Media Network member to be assassinated since 2007 after Bashur Nur Gedi (2007) and Mukhtar Mohamed Hirabe (2009). According to the information received by the NUSOJ, Abdi was probably killed because of his role in reporting on politics and corruption cases.

"Freedom of press is essential for democracy, and journalists must have the possibility to carry out their legitimate work without having to fear for their lives," Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, pointed out.

Somalia is the deadliest country in Africa for journalists.
For more information, see the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) website: http://africa.ifj.org/en/articles/faj-condemns-assassination-of-prominent-journalist-in-somalia

Anonymous said...

New Zealand lawyers are the most incompetent in the world. Not worth the money. Do not know their work? Only good at talking.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10.40am. I guess you're one bush lawyer, just like Aiyarsehole. Why is then the illegal Fiji government trying to advertise for lawyers in NZ? That's because the Fiji lawyers are incompetent, and useless, just like Aiyarsehole.

Ask yourself, who went over to Fiji to represent Mere Samasoni? If Fiji has good lawyers, then Mere would've hired one, but sorry boci mouth, you can go back and lick Vuaka's a$$.
February 6, 2012 12:37 PM

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers often must strike a balance between liberty and justice. Except in Fiji, where they have already dispensed with both.

Pryde is not a man but a misnomer, for what is a man who has no pride? He is a disgrace to his profession, prostituting himself even as he prostitutes the truth, to perpetuate an unjust regime that disenfranchises and indeed holds captive a kind and once proud people.

Pryde and his co-accomplice, Aiyaz, have floated the canard for years that Fiji's judiciary remains independent. All the while, they ignored the high court ruling on the illegality of their regime. Then they imposed on Fiji a plethora of decrees they had taken months to prepare in order to abrogate Fiji's constitution. They dismissed Fiji's entire judiciary and then changed the licensing rules so that they need only hire back those who would bend to their will. They brought in mercenary magistrates from abroad and sifted through them, dismissing or driving out any who ruled in ways adverse to their interests. They replaced most of DPP. They used the levers of justice to harrass and persecute Imrana Jalal, Ro Teimumu Kepa and other people of conscience. They prevented fact-finding missions by international jurists. They gave the regime immunity from prosecution and denied due process to torture victims, defrauded pensioners, and others.

I don't know whether they commited the arson that destroyed the Fiji Law society office, but if so, that would be among the least of their crimes.

Gates is the chief injustice of them all. He overlooked the whole thrust of the development of Western jurisprudence since the Magna Carta's signing at Runnymede in 1215 and instead chose to cherry-pick only those arcane rulings that he could misinterpret and misapply in his attempt to justify Bainimarama's naked usurpation of power.

Such injustice cannot be sustained indefinitely. For, as Seneca reminds us: 'authority founded on injustice is never of long duration'. We who serve a just God know that His justice will not be denied forever.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Agre nz lawyers are hopeless. Please get aussie lawyers.qc representing aunty mere is hopeless too. Pita Wiliams is just too makawa qa!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:40.

Obviously never met Viti's chosen ones.

Anonymous said...

The Eagle Has Landed. Watch God's
Hand at Work. Rejoice and be Glad.

Anonymous said...

NZLS must be reading the plain truths coming from c4.5. Isn't this wonderful!

Realizing that all of Fiji's media are censored and the real truth being withheld from the public, NZLS will not support or even condone any of its members to become part and parcel of this illegality.

Lawyers are also bound by oath and moral obligation to stand for truth, justice and honour which are miserably lacking in ASK, Bainimarama, and all those associated with this illegal regime.

Thank you NZLS for your stand and thank you c4.5 for revealing truths that are unavailable to the general public. Each act of revealing the lies of this illegal dictatorship will cause an additional dent on this already failed so called regime.

Kai Yasayasa said...

Now you on to Mr Pryde.....come on whats wrong people?

NZLS are only talking about democracy but exercising dictatorship.

Shalow ...shallow ..shallow

Well Fiji will survive the test of time and will have the last laugh.

OOOps how many Commenters for this article, not even 50. so so sad.

Kai Yasayasa

Anonymous said...

@ Kadavu Parrot

Try and stop the marijuana cultivation in Kadavu before you smear your sliva on other issues.

Vakaloloma, even a whole whole families are involved including the parents and children.

So so sad.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Kai yasayasa drau veidulu kei gay Pryde!

Anonymous said...

Mr Pryde is full of Pride-he needs to be head(from the word head-job meaning blow job) every once in a while just to remind his bosses he steel(from the word STEAL) around lest Sharon steals (from the Fijian word CHOR) all the show!

Anonymous said...

Well done NZLS - bring it on!!!!
Pryde is obviously desperate for a job to say the least!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The "White Pussy" syndrome is still very much alive with these bunch of illegal crooks!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you did it for the money... You've sold you soul...

I bet it won't be worth it.

Good luck getting back to NZ.