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Monday, February 6, 2012

Prophet Day offerings

Frank Bainimarama's rather expansive speech to mark Muhammad's Day and a blogger's rather cautionary piece on what he says is 'the Muslim colonisation of Fiji'

Today we celebrate the birth, life and immense spiritual influence of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Prophet Muhammad lived a life of obedience to God, and taught the universal principles we all hold close: love, unity, tolerance and respect.
His teachings are the bedrock of Islam, and they transcend all cultures, societies and religions. These are indeed the same values all Fijians hold paramount.
Remembering the day of Muhammad’s birth is therefore a time for all Fijians to reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that faith confers upon each one of us, the responsibility that human beings have to one another, and to God.
Universal respect for each other, regardless of our race, religion and culture is a blessing shared by all of us.
This is a time to offer appreciation for the support Islam asks us to provide and the responsibility to advance opportunity and prosperity for people everywhere.
This a time to reflect within, envisioning the world we want to build – and the changes that we want to make.
This must begin in our own hearts, our own communities and be nourished by our faith.
In recent weeks, Fijians have expressed their respect and care for one another as we help each other in the face of devastating weather-giving to each other in a time of need.
We must sustain our faith, patience and love during the months and years ahead as Fiji moves together to a new, common future.
We are all Fijians. And today, we are all united in celebrating the principles of the Islamic faith, which contributes to our communities and our country.

Fiji is going through a false scenario of reforms and modernization to have a new Fiji. This was reiterated by the PM in his address during the November 2012 budget. Sadly it is bound to end up with civilization with darkness.
The truth is Muslims, through Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum, is colonizing Fiji. They are deceiving the people of Fiji using nice phrases and words such as modernization, a new Fiji without corruption, transparency, fairness to justify their staying in power. Look at what has been happening:
  1. Muslim riding hard on power (RFMF)
  2. Rule by decree
  3. Increase in the number of key positions in government being given to Muslims or those supporting Khaiyum
  4. Weakening of Fijian institutions and culture and land ownership
  5. Nepotism
  6. Recruiting of non-Fijians, especially kaivalagis, to weaken Fijian's capabilities
Wake up Fiji. Wake up to the radical changes in our beloved peaceful and friendly country. Regrettably, Banimarama will not do anything: only he knows why it is Yes sir, three bags full Sir!


Anonymous said...

OK which Muslim country do we want to be like?
Yeah right.
Maybe Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or etc etc.
Honestly why do most Fijians, Indians, Muslims etc would rather migrate to Australia or NZ or USA or Brittain.?
I mean lets be really honest. Refugees flee Afghanistan etc but they don't just stop in Indonesia( another Muslim country) but they want to go all the way to Australia? Why? Why? Why???

So Bainimarama is an idiot because, Fijians don't want Fiji to become a Muslim country.

This speech is like all his other speeches. Full of shit.
Too much Masipolo to the muslims.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Has voreqe been converted to Muslim
by his AG Khaiyum?

Anonymous said...

This speech was written by none other than Aiyarsehole. Voceke is so dumb he can't even string together a sentence, and it's not surprising that the speech praises Mohammed because of the taleban Aiyarse.

Anonymous said...

Our Viti is truly being turned into a Muslim state/nation..whatever you call it...and I guess this is what the current regime and all its supporters and military officials want.
Are they also aware that they are being indirectly converted to the faith?
To all the kaiviti who play a part in this...shame on you and your families for ever!!!
The great chiefs of Fiji including the Ratu Seru Cakobau, Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, Ratu Penaia Ganilau, Ratu George Kadavulevu Cakobau, Ratu Edward Cakobau, all previous Tui Cakau etc and other past prominent chiefs in the 14 yasana and 3 confederacy would be turning in their graves.

1 Timothy 6:10:For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

A lot of Kaiviti (especially those who are part of the current regime) are wandering from their faiths because of "NA I LAVO".

However, the price for such greed for money is endless curses, coupled with grief, cries and tears for all concerned.

Dou qarauna tiko - ena sega ni lasu na vosa ni Kalou.


Dadarikai said...

Yes,without doubt it is the indigenous Fijians who are on the receiving end of the thrust of Baini and Kaiyum's criminal experiment. We are being out-manouvered and hoodwinked in our own homeland.The glove has been thrown down and it is our turn to move.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is helpful for this blog site to engage in anti-Muslim rhetoric.
There is no substance in the comments that have been offered in response to the Commodore's message.
We must instead adopt the spirit of the late Rev Paula Niukula - Methodist Talatala - who lived a life based around interfaith understanding, stemming from his experiences of living in India and his appreciation of the inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ. Inter-faith reconciliation is the only way forward for Fiji's religious future.

Anonymous said...

I am a captain in 3fir and have been in the army for last decade.

We see that commander is being fed false intel by certian individuals from MI and orders flowing in from AG office.

We also know that the current compol with LFC is making certain policies inline with AG vision to keep out certian people like cmdr. Teleni from being active in current government.

We quietly talk about the muslim assholes who give us orders to carry out but the sad part is that commander is not doing anything about it.

Weapons are now closely guarded and ammo kept separately.

Anonymous said...

Both China and Russia have vetoed plans to stop violence and death in Syria can Frankass and Assie tell us the people of Fiji what is Fiji's stand

Anonymous said...

E vinaka me da sa matanitu musulomani yani baleta e rawa kina na vakamate tamata......
whats going on vore??????????

Graham Davis said...

There's something deeply unpleasant about this kind of posting and I'm at a loss to understand why you guys at 4.5 would allow it.

The prophet Mohammed's birthday is the Muslim equivalent of Christmas Day and it's only right and proper that the leader of a multiracial country refers to it. There's nothing in this message that any Christian, Hindu or atheist wouldn't also agree with - the importance of tolerance and unity.

The blogger you quote is clearly trying to stir up religious and racial hatred. "Muslims are colonizing Fiji"? Are you kidding? This is the kind of ignorant crap that belongs on the websites of people too stupid to know better. Why would journalists like you with even the most basic skills of analysis run any of it?

You guys are meant to be the standard bearers of democracy, not the operators of a Nazi style hate sheet. Let's hear your reason for running this rubbish. Go on. Or are you too gutless to confront the truth of your own apparent sense of religious and racial superiority.

Anonymous said...

god wil punished them slowly......but the sad thing is they are blind to see what is happenning now in fiji...

Anonymous said...

It's been said that with or without religion, good people will do good, and evil people will do evil. But for good people to do evil requires religion.

Thank God Fiji's Moslems are overwhelmingly moderate and peaceful. Blessings to you on this occasion.

As for Bainimarama, it seems the man never worshipped anything but himself.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Prophet M was a fraud...ask his conservative followers in the Mid East..even the royal household in KSA.

He would always CONVENIENTLY have a DREAM when he wants something like having as many wives as you can afford all at once.

Jake said...

To the Moderator.

While there maybe an element of truth in what you say however at this juncture it all suppositions and therefore to flame the fire of hatred is indeed foolish.


Anonymous said...

Prophet Mohd also had sex with 9 yr child. He also had sex with his sons wife.This man was a con artist who held knife against few christains forcing them to write quran based on his fantasy.

Anonymous said...

This suggests that Fiji is under control by bigger powers out there somethere. Yes, Muslims are in charge of 4 important strategic areas (1) The law via Khaiyum/Shameem, (2) Military (via Khaiyum/Aziz), (3) Communication (Shameem's husband), (4) Finance via a Muslim guy, a professional lier while Whiteside (RBF) is only a front-man and let's not forget Aunty Nur Bano the accountant.

Anonymous said...

This is a icky speech and so typical of the propaganda government and Qorvis have been pumping out.

Wake up Davis said...

You and the fool from horowhenua need to wake up to yourselves. Your rantings and attacks on Fijians and their Christian church are unacceptable. Get some racial and religious tolerance you fools.

Franks head games said...

Frank's speech is trying to be inclusive but in actual fact it ends up being rather provocative. That's what you get when you try to play with people's heads.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shut the hell up Graham Davis.

Anonymous said...


Jieke said...


The problem is simple: while Voreqe has attacked and persecuted the Methodist church he gives the muslim and Hindus a free hand.

The problem is not with c.5 but with the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of this blog but I must admit that this article does not deserve to be included in your site. To include articles of intolerance to other religions should never be C4.5's mission. I believe C4.5 has missed the mark in arguing that a handful of Muslims are representative of all in that religious denomination. I am a Fijian Christian and might I remind you that All of the previous coups had been undertaken by Fijian men claiming to be Christian. Please let the primary focus continue to be on the corrupt and illegal practices being done by this regime instead of giving voice to these types of intolerance. If such credence is given to this article than you have only brought disunity and dimmed the light of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe sa levu ga na vosa vakavuku ko cakava tiko sona levu! E sega tu ni vakaibalebale baleta na veika lolovi ra ko sa mai cakava tu vei ira na lewe ni vanua o Viti!

E sa lewa tu na gusumu na nomu i soresore i mawi o Khaiyum! Bau madua drau yavu kawa ca.

Anonymous said...

Ok people, the issue here is about the relevance and the appropriateness of the tone of the speech..It is not about religious tolerance or about who is the right God..read the speech between the lines and analyse the application of the speech and its directives, what audience and issues it is addressing and assess its relevance in the current context. Stop the war against which is the right God..

microscope said...

@ Anony Feb 7, 1:51pm
Wonderful, Thanks so much.

Anon2 said...

Well said Anon@4.27pm.

Kai Yasayasa said...

Why so much hatred against AG and the PM.

Whether we like it or not, they are respected by leaders around the world wide, maybe not by Gilliard and Keys. bloggers.

PM may not have the high degrees most of you have, but he is renning the government with so much wisdom. he has raised the status of Fiji to a height that has never been reached before.

You may all have the knowledge, but you lack the wisdom to do what is right.Ratu Voreqe has.

Your unruly is testimony to my comment.

Kai Yasayasa

Suck Eggs Mate said...

Is this the same Graham Davis the dirty little coup apologist who praises fellow coup apologist Croz Walsh and coup conspirer Sharon Smith Johns, not to mention himself, in his so-called analytical pieces? You're not in a position to be demanding anything of anyone Davis

Anonymous said...

what the hell was bai making this sort of bullshit speech for? i don't like it myself and on face value it is bai posturing and politicking for 2014..

Anonymous said...

mohammed had 26 wives, was an illiterate and pronounced violence on other humans - do we deserve to recognise his birth as a public holiday????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Where is the Christian' principle you were raised up with in Sunday school in Kiuva-tabacakacaka o Buretu-wasewase o Bau? You were taught the Bible and Jesus. Not mohammed!!Voreqe is blind to the fact that the moslems are running the nation right now and their main agenda is to slowly cunningly inject sharia law into all facets of the community. sharia law is the social and secular system of islam where democracy can also be attained through jihad!
Perhaps he is taking us this route, I guess as potrayed through the current leadership. As for this speech- its' Kaiyums and Voreqe is just the(scapegoat) mouthpiece.

Yasayasa is a fool said...

Kai Yasayasa, have you forgotten to take your medication again? Voceke Bocimarama and Aiyarsehole are not respected around the world, except in China because the Chinese are loaning money for something in return. Voceke and Aiyarse are so stupid and blind they don't even have a clue.

Raised Fiji to greater heights? Yes you're absolutely correct in that. Fiji has risen a few notches but still below Zimbabwe. Idiots like you Yasayasa need to finish school as clearly you're one dumb motherfucka.

Anonymous said...

Reply by Sireli 2 hours ago
eX Matavuvale

Sireli 2 hours ago

Indian High Commission Udai Rao said: "Islam is not a new religion and it teaches the same message that other religions share with their followers".

@Udai Rao

Now you say that to Cmdr dumb idiot Number 1 Bai who thought Mohammed is different from our biblical masters according to his speech.

@Bainimarma and Aiyaz

Lesson 1. Well stay with our biblical belief then idiots because Mohammed doesn't make any difference according to Rao.

Lesson 2. A huge difference between Islam and Christians is its people goes out to wherever peace is needed to establish peace. Whereas Islam goes in after peace is created to steal its peaceful disciples. That happens not only in Fiji but around the world too. Christians arrive here first. It could not have been Islam because of its mis-teachings.

Hate no more - says Indian High Commision Udai Rao
Salaseini Vosamana
Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Chief guest and first secretary of the Indian High Commission Udai Rao said: "Islam is not a new religion and it teaches the same message that other religions share with their followers".

"I thank the government for setting aside a day for Muslims in Fiji to celebrate the birth of our Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be upon him.

"It is time we unite for the well-being of our country."


Freedom Seeker said...

While the followers of Islam seek to control the country- through
subtle infiltration into the senior executive management of Fiji’s leading corporations and conglomerate companies- they will not be too pleased to discover that the religion they so vehemently follow with extreme devoutness – is, in fact, a sham.
There is increasing archaeological and documentary evidence being
discovered which clearly shows that Islam was developed by the Vatican for the sole purpose of eliminating Jews.
While many may be shocked by this revelation- there are a group of
people who are privy to the authenticity of this fact- in fact, they may even hold key evidence and documentation which exposes Islam as a false religion- and an off-shoot of the Roman Catholic faith.
Let’s acknowledge a few facts -Roman Catholicism and Islam propagate their faith by the mere fact that youngsters have no choice but are born into each respective religious faith
-the veneration of Mary is found in both religions. In fact, while
there is no reference in the Holy Bible which states that Mary should
be worshipped or has the ability to intercede on anyone’s behalf- the Vatican insists that she is a pathway to eternal salvation. This goes against the words of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who clearly states in John 14:6 “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one cometh to the Father but by Me.”
The Quran also has a chapter on Mary titled ‘Surah Maryam.’ It is a
documented fact that even till today people from the outskirts of
Cairo to Bombay to Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina, hundreds of
thousands of the Islamic faith have congregated and continue to
congregate wherever processions carry Mary’s statues and where her
apparitions are said to have appeared. She is esteemed above the most revered women of the Muslim faith, including Muhammad's two favorite wives, Khadija and Aisha, and his daughter Fatima. The hadith teachesthat Muhammad selected Mary as his first wife upon entrance into Paradise. It is interesting to note that one of the most popular Catholic apparitions of Mary is referred to as Our Lady of Fatima.
-one of ancient paganisms most common rituals- the use of beads in
prayer was adopted by the Vatican in the 13th Century and used to
offer repetitive prayers to Mary. Similarly, Islam also use beads and
offer repetitive prayers to Allah. In fact, prayer beads were a part
of Islamic devotion to Allah long before an apparition of the Blessed
Lady taught St. Dominic to pray the rosary beads in the 13th century. (second part coming)

Freedom Seeker said...

2nd part

-Roman Catholics and Muslims regard pilgrimages as a means of
obtaining favour from God. The hadj, one of the five pillars of Islam, is a required (one-time) journey to Mecca. For Catholics, pilgrimages historically have been acts of religious purification, often induced by the promise of indulgences. Multi-millions of Catholics travel yearly to hundreds of shrines (nearly all dedicated to Mary) located
throughout the world. The Crusades were indulgence-stimulated attempts
to regain Jerusalem from the infidel Muslims in order to re-establish Catholic pilgrimages. Incidentally, the Church of Rome offered the crusaders full pardon from purgatory should they die trying to liberate the Holy Land. Similarly, Islam offers rewards in and assurance of Paradise to those who die in religious battles.
Perhaps the most concrete evidence of an historical link between Islam
and the Vatican is the fact that Roman Catholicism recognizes Allah as the God of the Bible.
In 1985, Pope John Paul II declared to an enraptured audience of thousands of Muslim youths, "Christians and Muslims, we have many things in common as believers and as human beings....We believe in the same God, the one and only God, the living God...."
But how is that possible?

Freedom Seeker said...

Historically, Allah was a pagan idol, supreme among many idols
worshiped by Muhammad's Quraish tribe long before he was born. Will
Durant in his classic, The Story of Civilization, writes,
“Within the Ka'aba, in pre-Moslem days, were several idols
representing gods. One was called Allah; three others were Allah's
daughters, al-Uzza, al-Lat, and al-Manat. We may judge the antiquity of this Arab pantheon from the mention of Al-il-Lat (Al-Lat) by Herodotus [fifth century b.c. Greek historian] as a major Arabian deity. The Quraish paved the way for monotheism by worshiping Allah as
chief god....”
Archaeological evidence uncovered in Arabia is overwhelming in
demonstrating that the dominant pre-Islamic religion was the worship of the moon-god, Allah. Muhammad simply eliminated the other 300-some deities, including Allah's daughters, making Allah supreme while retaining many of the pagan rituals and symbols associated with him.
For example, the crescent moon was the symbol of the moon-god from the
time of the Sumerians and the Babylonians through the time of Christ and right up until Muhammad's arrival. It's hardly a coincidence that Ramadan, the Muslim time of fasting, begins and ends at the time of the crescent moon. Nearly all of the moon-god rituals and other idolatrous practices, including kissing the Black Stone, praying toward Mecca, running around the temple and between the two hills of Safa and Marwa, were pre-Islamic rituals.
Catholicism's zeal to relate to Islam makes one wonder how honest it is about its own perspective on God, based on the "Sacred Scripture."
God is referred to as Yahweh or Jehovah about 9,000 times in the
Bible. Never is He thus referred to in the Qur'an. He reveals himself in the Scriptures as "The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob and Israel." He is the Father of the
Jews, "the God of Israel." In the Qur'an, Allah never refers to
himself that way. God calls the Jews His "chosen people." He gave them the land of Israel as a heritage "forever": "And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children's children forever" (Ezk 37:25). God's covenant is with Isaac (Gn 17: 19-21), while Muslims believe Allah's
covenant is with Ishmael.
Further comparisons between Jehovah and Allah demonstrate clearly that they cannot be one and the same.
Jehovah has a Son: "And we have seen and do testify that the Father
sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world" (1 Jn 4:14).
Whereas the Quran clearly states that Allah has no son: "And say:
Praise be to Allah, Who hath not taken unto Himself a son, and Who
hath no partner in the sovereignty..." (Sura 17:111); "Allah hath not chosen any son, nor is there any God along with him" (Sura 23:91).
Whereas God the Father declared from heaven concerning Jesus, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (Mt 3:17), Allah of the Qur'an condemns such a belief: "...the Christians say: Messiah is the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouths. They imitate the saying of the disbelievers of old. Allah's Curse be on them, how they are deluded away from the truth!" (Sura 9:30 - The Holy Qur'an).
While there are both clear and critical differences between the
biblical God and Allah, nevertheless, the Roman Catholic Church accepts them as one and the same God

-Sourced from Islam and Catholicism: Ties that bind by T.A. McMahon

Trouble in Paradise. said...

Very nteresting Freedom Seeker,enlighten us more...

Anonymous said...

Bai and Aiarse the 'squealer' what is Fiji's stand on Syria, I live on a country beside Syria and I have seen the atrocities committed ,For God's sake what is Fiji's stand ,a you going to follow Russia and China?
Drau veicai

Anonymous said...

"...The greatest of these is LOVE..." If you have all the faith in the world that can move mountains and all the knowledge and wisdom BUT not LOVE then you are just a empty vessel making too much noise...Jesus said "love one another as I have loved you" ...HATRED is from the devil.

Anonymous said...

Please Commander and Aiarse we the Fiji soldiers with UNAMI in Iraq still have not received our pay from last week.

Anonymous said...

dont put all kaivalagi's in the same boat. look at the one's who support this regime and those who don't and you will clearly see who are the ones who believe in democracy.

No bigotry please said...

Freedom Seeker, the article you copied from your source is just one of trillions that continue to judge religion, particularly Catholiscim which has not wavererd and continued to survive despite persecutions for over 20 centuries. So, I will not adhere to the way of Satan and therefore, not attempt to go down to your level of bigotry. Note that there are both Muslim and Catholic bloggers who also use this site and who like most bloggers in C4.5 oppose this illegal regime.

I Taukei said...


The Oracle said...

@Graham Davis...
I agree with you on one point, we should not use religion or race to justify our hatred for what is happening in Fiji today.
HOWEVER: We also need to be truthful in anlaysing the situation in Fiji. Aziz and Khaiyum just so happen to be Muslims. They play very important roles in the current sacrilege that is being wrought on the people of Fiji through the daily rape of democracy. Vodafone Fiji is a major supporter of the interim government and is headed by a Muslim whose wife just happens to have unlimited powers in interpreting Fiji's laws and deciding, without the proper consultation processes, what is legally good for Fiji. These are statements based on what is clearly visible to those who wish to see. I am not trying to be racist - merely realistic.
C4.5 has provided a means for the marginalised to vent their anger at what is happening in Fiji - if you were truthful you would have to admit that despite the withdrawal of the PERs, local media outlets are still hesitant to report issues of national importance including the political and economic turmoil we curently face. Their fear is understandable... the Public Order Decree is open to interpretation only by Bainimarama/Khaiyum and their interim government without redress by the courts.
I don't read your blogsite (GRUBSHEET??) as I've alredy formed an opinion of you through your constant defence of Bainimarama and the destruction he is causing to this country.
On the issue of Muslim dominance -- you are probably right. Talk of Muslims trying to dominate might be far-fetched. However, if your memory bank is as good as the Fiji Sun's promotion of you as an award-winning journalist, then cast your mind back to 1975 when S.M. Koya and a large following of Muslims were pushing for a seperate seat in Parliament for Muslims only. Khaiyum, if you didn't know it, is the son of a former Senator who was a Koya supporter.
Now, we will probably hear you justify the latest Decree which gives Frank and his interim-ministers the freedom to say whatever they want in the local media and be free from any legal action. They're likening it to Parliamentary Privelege - something that doesn't exist at the moment but which they are now using to shield themselves. If I remember correctly, Parliamentary Privilege applied to what was said in Parliament. It did not necessarilly give the media the same protection from prosecution as it did the MPs. I hope there are enough experienced journalists left in local newsrooms to realise the trap that's beng laid.
So, please, when you do report on Fiji, please do so with an open mind - looking at the various scenarios rather than the blinkered one you have adopted. We all see things differently.. but GOOD journalists tend to see things from all sides before offering their audience an "insight" into any given situation. Your "timely" retorts to criticism of the interim government, however, sometimes make me wonder whether you and Crosbie Walsh have taken on paying roles to help Sharon Smith defend the illegalilty of the situation in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

No. 4, 'weakening of Fijian institutions and culture' is nonsense. This became obvious when Sukuna tried to create a 'one size fits all tradition' for the Fijians in the 1940s. By doing so, Bau/Lakeba became paramount over all others, and of course, this fitted in well with the original intention of the Colonially constructed so-called Fijian institutions. While I am a native Fijian who does not support this coup (nor the 1987 & 2000)and continue to live here in Fiji, the accountability and transparency now demanded from the Fijian institutions is making them aware that they must adhere to the rule of law. Otherwise, these institutions have normally been the haven for misdeeds by chiefs and politicians alike.

Anonymous said...

Freedom Seeker...what an eye opener.
Islam an offshoot of the Catholics??

It is revealing.....

Fear Factor said...

The Oracle is right. I add my own thoughts....supporters of the unelected government cry 'racist' and 'religious persecution' because it's the quickest and most effective way to scare people off and kill debate. We have been scared off so much already and I hate to see it happening on the blogs.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that moderate Muslims live under more intense fear of the extreme element of Islam than the rEst of the world, hence their silence or reluctance to publically condemn any criminal terrorist activity, whilst the very perpetraters deny everything including the ongoing genecide of black Africans by Arabs.
The hardline extreme Muslim sects in Iraq view "moderates" as worse than infidels, so they send suicide bombers to the mosques in Baghdad as recently as 27th Jan this year,killing 33 and injure 71.
World wide in January this year:-
Jihad Attacks = 194
Countries = 19
Religions = 5
Dead Bodies = 1145
Critically Injured = 1639
Deaths since sept. 2001 = 18,398
It is not just Iraq & Afghanistan...
it is happening in England, Spain, Thailand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, India, Indonesia, and the list goes on.... Fathers killing daughters, to masss murder and every kind of brutal butchering of families ... church and Mosqes bombed and burned with the occupants incinerated. The sickening list goes on and on, it is called Islamic terrorism because Islam is their stated purpose.
Western Democracy with secular governments (non religios) allows the very sinister free speech that threatens to overthrow it. But since the 9/11 attack which killed 2976 people, Australia has laws which criminalise the very act of planning terrorist activities and 9 Muslim men at 3 different trials have been sentenced to,13-18 years in prison.
... the question is how many moderate muslims are awaiting the opportunity to die for Allah .. some of them -we know- have caches of weapons hidden away for that very day.
Democracy under Christian Influence gives its people freedom of religious worship.
Muslim Governments either turn a blind eye to church burning (Egypt) and murder, or in some extreme situations give you 2 choices- convert or be executed.

Graham Davis said...

Thank you to my critics for all their attention but can I just make the following point?

So long as there is racial and religious hatred in Fiji, there is little hope for anything other than a degree of authoritarian rule. The other races in Fiji deserve and require protection from those who would seek to prejudice their rights as citizens.

Religious intolerance is as bad a racial intolerance and is unacceptable in any context. This is not to favour one religion over another but to respect the right of everyone to worship in their own way.

Some of the comments here are so extreme that they would provoke riots in some parts of the world. I can only ask any Christian here to reflect on how they would feel if a Muslim branded Jesus Christ as a child molestor or the Methodist Church as a hollow construct against the Jews. Yet that is what has been said here about Muslims.

We are all entitled to our opinions about the regime, Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum and the way forward. Yes, we can disagree vehemently. But those attacks should be non violent and confined to politics, not to the colour of someone's skin or their religious beliefs.

It is a deliberate falsehood to claim that indigenous Fijians are being disadvantaged in their own country or that their own religious beliefs are under any threat. History tells us that no people can be dispossessed if they have inalienable rights over their land, as indigenous Fijians do.

The nature of the debate here indicates that it is the minority races in Fiji who need protection from extremists, not the indigenous majority. So you can't really blame them for forming the view that if that has to be enforced at the point of a gun, then so be it. In their position, you'd undoubtedly feel the same.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago Arab muslims from Northern Sudan massacred 3000 non muslims from the South.
Their excuse was these people were stealing cattle.
Is that what the Quran teaches about how to deal with cattle thieves?
Is this what the Vuaka want us to be like?
I'm sorry Vuaka we have no respect for a religion that behaves like this.
And we have no respect for you for advocating such garbage.
Obviously not much thinking happening in that brain.

Clan of Ten / Kai Yasayasa said...


Why discuss the Muslim religion in a negative tone.Why not discuss the Christian fundamentalists who violated the rights of the Indians in 1987 and 2000.Remember what you see on the TV and hear in the news is far different than what is actually happenning on the ground.

Its only a few fundamentalists believers who are using the holy name of Muslim and Islam to further their causes.

Now you trying to blame the 9/11 attacks on the Muslim religion. You have no idea who the actual players are.

Remember there are more covert destruction that are organised and conducted by Christian against all faiths and countries than what the Muslims are doing.

Vietnam, Afghanistan, Shatila and Shabra in Lebanon, IRA and Protestants in Northern Ireland. And worst of all are the killing of women and children by NATO forces in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Libya, Iraq, etc. These were the handiworks of Christians leaders.

Please do not blame our Muslim, Hindu and Bhuddist brothers. Lets pick the mole from our eyes before we try and pick from others.

Clan of Ten / Kai Yasayasa

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that bloggers on this website in this day and age still cannot let go of the race card.

This website I thought was one which encouraged fair non-discriminatory exchange of views.

But it appears those who are writing here seem to be having a racist agenda towards muslims filled with bias, innuendos and lacking credibility.

Back in 1977 the race card was employed to oust the late Sid Koya from becoming Fiji's PM because of his race. Today some people are still using the same tactic because the current AG is a muslim. So what if the AG is a muslim,or a christian,hindu atheist and so forth. Let it be. You also have the opportunity to go to Fiji and try to become one rather than hiding behind this website and making stupid racist comments.If you are fair dinkum come forward in the public domain and make your self known so that the genral public can make their own minds about your disconcerted views.

How can the world see this website as one which is credible when it encourages racisim.

Please get out of your old habits and do away with your racist views. The world is moving on and so should you.There is no time for biggotry, teetle tattle nin com-poop gossips.

Food for thought said...

No one is looking at what Frank is saying and where he is going with the speech .....broad appeal and support for Islam .... all aimed at winning the 2014 elections

Anonymous said...

why is davis suddenly being so reasonable. i still smell a rat

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum's Land Bank is a way of dispossesing the indigenous Fijians of their Land by stealth.
A bit like John Howard's emergency acquisition of Aboriginal property in Central Australia ( which Northern Territory government is still practicing). All by stealth.
We know what Khaiyum is doing and when the villagers become aware of it, then pity all the muslims in Fiji, because they will pay dearly for it.

Anonymous said...

The race issue is still alive in Fiji. More Indians support Vuaka compared to the native Fijians, think back to one of the polls conducted a few months ago.

It is a known fact that Muslims are real terrorists, and what other religion encourages their fundamentalists to kill? Al Qaeda and it's groups world wide are doing just that. Suicide bombers for instance were actively encouraged to kill.

Fiji is already in that path to destruction, and Aiyarsehole is laughing as he's doing it under Vuakamarama's nose.

The Oracle said...

@Graham Davis 3.08pm....

I think you are over-reacting to postings on this site. The religious and racial hatred expressed on this site and which you refer to is being expressed by a handful of bloggers. And if you browse through C4.5, you will get a fair idea of just who those repeat bloggers are. To take the views of a few and assume that it is representative of the majority is to do what the Bainimarama government is doing - ruling in an arrogant fashion over the majority while riding on the support of only a few.
Let me assure you that religious hatred is not as widepread as you would like to believe. The majority of Fiji's people are God-fearing and where religious hatred is being fermented, it is being done by the limited number of extremists who have their own political agenda.
The issue of racial hatred, however, is one that needs to be analysed in its totality before any meaningful conclusions can be drawn. My own personal experience has been that racial hatred is not so much a Fijian against Indo-Fijian thing but more so a resentement that some people have been able to make great economic strides over others. Once the I-taukei realise that they are responsible for their own lack of economic progress, the racial issue will become less significant. For centuries the i-Taukei have survived on the basis that their land, their chiefs and their Gods are paramount. The sooner they realise that land is only valuable if utilised, the better they will be off economically.
To argue that one should accept and condone rule by the gun to protect self interest over national interest is pathetic.
Granted, Bainimarama has achieved some milestones as a result of the absence of open opposition to his dictatorial rule by the gun. However, the legitimacy of what he has achieved is questionable because it has been a case of a few dictating to the majority what is good for them without affording the people the oportunity to decide for themselves.
And to add salt to the wound, Bainimarama has attempted to cover his back by decreeing that no one can contest his and his ministers actions in a court of law.
Much of what you have written about - the need to overcome intolerances, the need to move with the times etc - can be achieved through targetted educational programs. There was no need to point a gun in the face of the people of Fiji, wreck the national economy and silence opposition as is being done now by Bainimarama.
Past coups in Fiji have been engineered by people influencing the military. On this occasion the coup was primarily military-initiated and as it has turned out - by one man and a handful of his militray henchmen. The other senior officers who voiced opposition have since been booted out of uniform. And the question remains .. did Bainimarama act to protect himself? And without being racist or fermenting religious hatred, the fact of the matter is that Bainimarama's support in the days immediately after his take-over, came from the Muslim community and prominent members of the Catholic faith. There were of course the others, like Mahendra Chaudhry, who seized an opportunity to further his own agenda before being given the boot.
You are said to be a respected, award-winning journalist. All I am asking of you is to report fairly on the situation in Fiji - to look at the various scenarios before making pronouncements which appear to favour Bainimarama.
Fiji is our home, we need to see improvements and we need to be able to contribute towards those improvements if they are to have any meaningful effect. Unfortunately, it's a one way traffic right now with Bainimarama being prosecutor, judge and jury - all in one. And it's certainly not a help when people like you promote Bainimarama as a champion of sorts at the expense of the majority of us who remain patriotic to this country of ours. And as you well know, there is a vast difference between patriotism and treason .. and that despite the differences, one can easily be mistaken for the other, depending on who is pronouncing judgement.

Graham Davis said...

The Oracle, thank you for your wise and considered contribution.

I understand your position and take your point that I ought to be more cognisant of the views of people who live in Fiji and find the regime irksome. I guess my answer would be that there are plenty of other people currently filling that role, including 4.5.

My writing is designed to fill what I think is a void - to tell the flip side of the Fiji saga and encourage the notion that Australia and NZ re-engage with Fiji to help it through this period of upheaval towards a more lasting democracy.

I do this by pointing out to a largely Australian readership what I don't think they fully appreciate - that the previous "democracy" wasn't a level playing field, the other races were being disadvantaged and there is a level of racial and religious intolerance standing in the way of a prosperous, multiracial democracy for all.

The ins and outs don't really concern me so much as the ultimate objective to see Fiji regain the stability and prestige it enjoyed in the eyes of the world before the first coup in 1987. For "coup coup land" to be "the way the world should be" again.

It's about tackling and trying to resolve Fiji's racial problem once and for all. Because I believe this is what is holding the country back and preventing it from achieving its full potential.

The problem with the SDL was its almost total lack of regard for the minority races in Fiji and the way they were being driven to the margins in a manner that was totally unacceptable to everyone but indigenous extremists.

I ask you: what was the alternative to the dramatic intervention of 2006 to arrest this process and put the country back on track? I personally can't see one and, believe me, I've tried to think of alternatives.

The truth is Bainimarama's way is an experiment in nation building that is both noble and flawed - noble in that I believe he genuinely wants a multiracial Fiji and flawed because it is being enforced at the point of a gun.

You'll be aware of the old saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink and it remains to be seen if indigenous Fijians are prepared to embrace genuine reconciliation.

I guess my over-riding concern is that Fiji eventually achieves this; that it "builds a nation fit for heros" of all races and religions and that every child in Fiji has a stake in a prosperous future where there is equality and opportunity for all. Up until now, that hasn't been the case.

Unfortunately, some of the extreme comments here indicate that achieving all of this may be just too hard. Perhaps - as in the Balkans and Sri Lanka - the cycle of instability of mistrust can't be broken. But I think it won't be for want of trying on the part of the present government.

Frankly, they're the only game in town right now and if they fail, the experiment fails and we go on the same way as before. I'm happy to hear the alternative. But please don't call for the restoration of the SDL. Stripped to the bare essentials, you can argue that they caused the 2006 coup, not Bainimarama, and I think the sooner everyone wakes up to that the better.

Anonymous said...

For those who care to read about Muslims i suggest that you read the Book of the Old Testament-Deuteronomy in which Moses speaks of the coming of the Prophet-this never applied to Christ nor any Jews Leader after Moses till to-date unless someone can prove me wrong! So lets not mix politics & poultry as Butadroke use to say! There are just as much bad Christians as bad Moslems as bad Jews! None of us a perfect much as we pretend to be-so lets fight the cause of getting Fiji back to a democratic country not split ourselves into compartments of religious fanatics be it Christian, Moslems or Jews. DRi yani!

Anonymous said...

C4.5 you have Davis/regime all in knots

Coup 4.5’s politics of hate
February 8, 2012 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama (left).


(Fiji-born Graham Davis is an award-winning Australian journalist who has reported from around the world. He blogs at http://www.grubsheet.com.au)

Most countries have laws that prevent religious and racial vilification. Most responsible media outlets – including those on the internet – excise comments designed to inflame religious and racial hatred.
But sadly not the most prominent of the websites set up to oppose the government of Fiji’s prime minister, Frank Bainimarama.
That site calls itself Coup Four and a Half – otherwise known as 4.5 – and is supposedly run by journalists.
Its name denotes the four coups in Fiji’s post independence history -the two Rabuka coups in 1987, the Speight coup in 2000, the Bainimarama takeover in 2006 plus what 4.5 regards as the half coup when Bainimarama’s takeover was declared illegal by judges in 2009 and he abrogated the constitution and continued to govern by decree.
Now, Coup 4.5 is entitled to oppose the Bainimarama Government, though many Fijians prefer it to the nationalist government Bainimarama overthrew.
It’s also entitled to campaign for the restoration of democracy, though many Fijians are happy to accept the Government’s promise to hold elections in 2014.

But there’s plenty wrong with 4.5 – unforgivably so – when it publishes the most vile attacks on people based on race and religious affiliation.
Grubsheet has taken the site to task before for publishing comments describing Indo-Fijians as “mongoose” or “mynahs” – the clear implication being that Fijians of Indian descent are imported pests.
It regularly refers to the prime minister as “the Baini”, a disparaging play on words on the popular Hindi description of a person of low breeding or class.
But now comes something far more grave, an all out attack on Fiji’s Muslims on one of the holiest days of the Islamic calendar – the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.
This wasn’t in the comments section of the site but in the main editorial column. It underscores why the Bainimarama Government is so determined to stamp out this kind of racial and religious intolerance in Fiji once and for all.

This grubby little offering isn’t just inflamatory but utterly false.
Muslims constitute just seven per cent of the population of Fiji – some 54,000 in a country of 860,000. They are hardly “colonising Fiji”, as the anonymous author of this rubbish asserts.
There is one Muslim cabinet minister – Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed Kaiyum – and one Muslim officer – Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz – in the RFMF, the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. These are hardly “Muslims riding hard to power”.
In fact, they’re total exceptions in their fields in a population utterly dominated by Christians and Hindus. So the notion that they pose any “threat” is risible.
There’s also a puzzling reference to the “recruitment of non-Fijians, especially kaivalagis, to weaken Fijian’s capabilities”. Kaivalagi is the indigenous term for a white man or European.
On the latest figures available, a mere 0.4 per cent of Fiji’s population describes itself as European, under 3000 people in a population of 860,000.
Perhaps the author was referring to the recruitment of American PR people or the odd expatriate lawyer. But this is clearly even more of a furphy than the claim about Muslims.

Radiolucas said...

From what we hear, Graham, Sharon, Frank and Aiyaz have regular get togethers on what sort of idiocies that Graham should write next. What a blue-ribbon loser.

The Oracle said...

@ Graham Davis....

The problem I have with you is that while you claim to target an Australian audience, your articles are read in Fiji, courtesy of the Fiji Sun, and are easily misinterpreted as preaching to those of us who are "collateral victims" in Bainimarama's war against the SDL.
I agree with your sentiments about the SDL and the direction in which it was taking our country. And for the record, I have never been one to defend the SDL. HOWEVER: The party was elected to power and that stands for a whole lot more than assuming power through the barrel of a gun.
As for your question about whether there was a way out of 2006 and the SDL blunders. YES.... The people of Fiji are not as naive as to not recognise what was happening. Through agitation, including through targetted use of non-governmental organisations, some of the more heinous intentions of the SDL were quickly put on the back-burner. In a democracy where people have the freedom to voice their opinions, people do so when they are pushed into a corner. There were avenues to contest the SDL decisions through an independent court system. There were avenues open to us here in Fiji to bring the SDL down. And rest assured, Qarase's SDL would have faced a fierce battle at the polls if they had been allowed to continue.
Your argument that Bainimarama's intervention appeared to be the only way out is based, sadly, on your lack of faith in the intelligence of our own people.
I ask you: Give me one good reason why Bainimarama overthrew the government in December 2006? Why was the timing so important for him .. especially when at that point in time there was nothing which threatened national security? And, when you do provide an answer, could you please weigh it against the fact that the police had, around about then, called a media conference where they had announced renewed fervour in their investigations against those "threatening" the government with the clear insinuation that arrests were imminent?
Most of us here in Fiji share your hopes for a more homogenous society, tolerenat of each other and working towards a common national goal. We are as patriotic to this country as you seem to be through the concerns you raise. And we do recognise the fact that Bainimarama's reign is an experiment in nation building. However, six years down the road, the experiment has gone terribly wrong .... and the economy and the people of Fiji are suffering the consequences. And sadly, unlike you in Australia, we have no recourse to the courts to draw Bainimarama's attention to the damage his experiment is causing.
There are always two sides to a coin .. the problem in Fiji is even if we flicked the coin, Bainimarama will always win because his coin has himself on both sides. As you say, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. In our case, Bainimarama is denying us the right to choose whether to drink or not because he's chosen to keep the water to himself.

Bill Govoka said...

This is how ASK is described:

Sayed-Khaiyum to the character, Squealer, in George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm: “All the other male pigs on the farm were porkers. The best known was a small fat pig named Squealer, with very round cheeks, twinkling eyes, nimble movements, and a shrill voice. He was a brilliant talker, and the others said of Squealer that he could turn black into white.”

What a great description of the little rat bag (that's you Aiyaz-hole or ASS-hole).

Anonymous said...

Freedom Seeker what you write of with regards to Muslims is party true - but as i have mentioned ealier the coming of Prophet Mohammed was already mentioned by Moses in (Deu.xxxiii-2, Hab:iii,3)! With regards to other issues you bring up of the building of religiois places of worship yes the religion of Islam may have built its place of worship of pagan sites so whats the big deal in Fiji when the Missionaries came and converted people thay also built thier churches over the site of various Bure Kalous, its a simple case of showing that my God is mightier than yours! Lets get to your connection with regards to the use of the word Jehovah-its only a that came into existence form medieval times. Prior to that the name of God could never be pronuounced because it was deemed to sacred as such the it was the Masoretes who added vowel sounds to the name Yahwah which ened up as YHWH.This was still considered by scared and hence the Hebrew word Adonai was used or Elohim meaning God. Its a pity that you mix you commentary based on the New and Old Testaments. As for one thing the Jews do not beleive in Jesus Christ as Son of God as Christian do but consider him to be a Rabbi. Your article writes of Islam & Catholicism as contrived religions etc, etc but you seem to forget the origins of all these religions-be it either Jewish, Islam or Christianity! You forget the interwoven thread of Jewish people & the children of Ismail. The Prophet Mohammed is a decendent of Abraham to! Now lets look at some of the similarites of Great God-Man that not too many like to mention or know about. There is a likeness to the Jesus Christ story that is similar to Krishna. In the case of those who do not know the word Krishna is Sanskrit for Christ much loved by the Hindhus and whose life has many parallels to Christianity!Krishna became incarnated 1000 before Christs birth. Krishna was born of a virgin Devaki, his birth was announced by stars, angles, spirits and they danced and sang at his birth. When one reads the Mahabharata it appears someone copied the texts there word for word " Prophets attened with gifts of gold, frankinscense and myrr". Krishna was born in cave and was surrounded by shepherds-although he was of a low staus he was of royal desent.Kansa the ruler when Krishna was born attempted to destroy him immediately after birth when he ordered the massacre of all new born males! Need i go on- the idea of religion being what we see it to be today is not what it was so lets not get onto the My God is Greater than Yours business etc because in the end when you start point fingers beware fingers can also point back at you!DRi Yani

Don't Ever Forget... said...

There is only one God & all men are brothers.

Well done 4.5 said...

Well done 4.5. you bent the little sissie Davis over and gave him a back door through the Gates hole!

Anonymous said...

GraHAM WHO? cROZ who?

Trues Up said...

ps...@The Oracle...Your wisdom is wasted on graeme who? He is as Radiolucas says a blue ribbon loser. Bloggers on this site ignore him just as they do croz who?

Join the dots... said...

Wonder if long time regime supporter & grub media person Davis has any connection(input)into Qorvis?

Anonymous said...

I guess Fiji would never question or defame the Prophet so we safe, eh?

Malaysia deports Saudi journalist accused of insulting prophet on Twitter

By Associated Press, Published: February 12

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian authorities on Sunday deported a young Saudi journalist accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter, a police official said. The move came despite concerns from rights groups that he may be persecuted at home.

Jiddah-based newspaper columnist Hamza Kashgari was detained Thursday upon his arrival in Malaysia. Some Saudis have reportedly made death threats against him or called for him to face criminal charges over remarks he tweeted that many considered offensive.

Weigh InCorrections?


National police spokesman Ramli Yoosuf told The Associated Press that the 23-year-old Kashgari was handed over to Saudi officials and flown back Sunday morning. Flights arrangements were handled by the Saudi authorities, he said, adding he couldn’t give further details.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein in a statement said any charges against Kashgari were “a matter for the Saudi Arabian authorities.”

Muhammad Afiq Mohamad Nor, a lawyer appointed by Kashgari’s family, said the move was unlawful because he had obtained a court order to block the deportation. He said he hasn’t been informed by police and was still verifying if the Saudi had indeed been sent back.

“We are concerned that he would not face a fair trial back home and that he could face the death penalty if he is charged with apostasy,” the lawyer told the AP.

Amnesty International has called Kashgari a “prisoner of conscience” and called for his release.

Human Rights Watch said Saudi clerics have condemned Kashgari as an apostate who must face punishment. The rights group had urged Malaysia to allow him to seek asylum.

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Anonymous said...

whatever you sow you will reap

Anonymous said...




SHAMMER said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Voreqe!!!(Frank),Aiyaz and Mohammad!!! HELL IS WAITING FOR YOU ALL...

Anonymous said...


Believe said...


Anonymous said...

Hakwa Nadro-"Love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and thy whole mind & thy neighbour as thy self" Nei mami Qase telega era a bula ena nodra vaka bauta sebera ni se yaco mai na Lotu, ku sa so na viavia lotu kaboraki, ke a dina na noda lotu na cava sara e da sa mai tini tu kina ena botoni saulo? Eda kua so ni vaka lewa na vaka bauta ni dua tale na kawa tamata baleta era bulibuli kece ga ni Kalou?-se o bului rawa e dua na tamata mo vaka tu lewa taka na nona vakabauta? Laiva na Kalou me nona na vakatulewa-o keda eda pasidia ga ni dua na bula!DRi Yani


Dri Yani!!!!
kerekere lahara i wilikia vina na lemu i vola-tabu!! tell me..na i vola tabu cava o wilika tiko qori??? i vei e na i volatabu e volai kina ni dua tale na Kalou e dela ni vuravura qo!!! all i know that MY GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD!!!! E SEGA TALE NI DUA NA KALOU!! KE SA KAYA O KOYA NI SEGA TALE NA KALOU!!! ROGOCA MO ROGOCA TALE!!! E SEGA NI DUA TALE NA KALOU!!! O JIOVA NI LEWEVUQA NA YACANA!!! AND YESSSS HE IS THE ONLY GOD!!!! PROVE YOUR SELF TO ME!!! WASE NI VOLATABU CAVA E TUKUNA THAT THERE IS ANOTHER GOD!!! NO WAY!!!! NI QAI VAKALOU YANI KINA,AU KILA GA NI SEGA TALE NA KALOU LOMALAGI E CAKE,VURAVURA QO E RA!!!!!!! VAHAVU WA KEREVIKO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Dri Yani .... can i just ask you a question...na vakabauta cava e ra bula kina nomuni qase ni sebera mai na lotu?????? na lotu gona e mai vakararamataka na nodra bula na i taukei na gauna ya!!! e mai lutu kina na i wau ni veikanikani!!! ciqomi na lotu,tekivu me vakararamataki na nodra bula e na vosa ni Kalou sa qai curumai kina na bula ni vakabauta!!! Kerekere mo wilika vinaka na nomu i Vola Tabu...!!!!