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Friday, February 24, 2012

Public emergency declared as scavenging brings death

Big cheque but big effort needed. pics Minfo

Supplies - where are they going to?
Frank Bainimarama's relief fund has hit $1.5 million yet a man has died of fish poisoning after scavenging for food at a rubbish dump in Ba.

Two other people in the west have also died from dengue fever bringing the total number of fatalities since the floods to nine.

Suplies - how quickly are they reaching flood victims?
The latest deaths come as the Ministry of Health finally declares a public emergency for Koroboya and Naitasiri for a period of 30 days. Eight cases of typhoid have been recorded in Koroboya and six in Naitasiri settlement of Ba. (see MINFO release below).

The acting permanent secretary Joe Koroivueta concedes the scavenging is a serious issue and says it's hoped the emergency measure will contain the outbreak of diseases and stop it spreading.

The public emergency means movements in and out of Koroboya and Naitasiri will be restricted and all communal gatherings banned. Victims will also be isolated to avoid diseases being passed.
Is there enough to go around? pics Minfo


  1. 4 Horsemen.

    Only one missing (thankfully) is War.

  2. Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, HM Queen Elizabeth, HRH Prince Philip, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, Frank Bainimarama... Which of these does not belong in the picture?

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  3. Are the food packs, made for the flood victims or for the civil servants? They're also between a rock and a hard place-not sure whether to just quit and farm the
    mataqali land or stay working without pay and hope things will change-soon? Don't rightly know who is worse-off in this land of plenty?

  4. China is an atheistic country ie they don't believe in God. They say things like "Religion is the opium of the people"
    And this is why there is hardly any "compassion" in their dealings.

    When you subscribe to a "Look North policy" this lack of compassion is what you are embracing. It goes with the territory, as they say.

    And this is now manifesting itself in this country.
    More and more people will scavenge at the rubbish tip. There will be increased poverty. There will be more crime.etc etc
    The longer Fijians continue to support Bainimarama , the worse it will get.
    The longer the church continues to be silent, the worse it will get.

    Bainimarama must be stopped now. Not tomorrow or 2014. NOW!

    -Valataka na Dina.

  5. Regimes privileged hierarchy allows people to die as emergency aid from Viti's traditional friends and allies is denied for their own selfish political reasons.
    Nice one Nailatikau.

  6. Frank bainimaramas relief fund? That sums it up.

  7. Haven't heard of any direct funding contribution from Baimarama's govt. No paisa or what?

  8. @ Daquwaqa.

    One of us could need glass's? That person stood next to Vore can't be Ratu Mara because of a very obvious reason. Vinaka.

  9. bai is f up in his head .bubu pm.
    no money .f the country with 5 billion in debt.
    fnpf funds been used by bai govt.
    rabuka f up nbf.
    bai will f up fnpf funds.
    thats what this no school army officers give fiji tax payers.
    he hates indians but love their money.
    ba /ra.nadi people is struggling.
    i hope mpc/lq can call a public appeal and overseas people will assist.
    we wont assist bai chor govt.

  10. Frank thinks, like Aiayz, that wearing a nice suit makes him credible.
    Wolf in sheep's clothing !

  11. DAKUWAQA@2:19...Tricky question,however,both the Ratu have passed-on,the couples are still doing ok including the Commander? Wouldn't the Commander then be the logical person, to be in your picture-since he's still alive? The commander seems to be in
    good health& in good spirit,he has normalized our chiefs' potency,slam-dunk the Union fat-cats' power,re-adjusting our civil services and renovating the way we do businesses? Don't you think the commander picture ought to be in there? YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!

  12. Mark Manning whats wrong if his wearing sulu or a grass skirt or nice suit if he can afford it.Its better than wearing nothing like those girls in the strip club at your back yard.
    Ill keep you in check on this blog or otherwise youll go out of your way carryig on and end up saying scarstic remarks about us Fijians and Indians and that bloody one suit crap.
    You are no better than Aiayz a wolf in sheeps skin but the diffrence is: Aiayz is a black wolf in white sheep skin and you a white wolf in a white skin so you are a real wolf more than Aiayz is a wolf.
    ex army

  13. @ Daquwaqa.

    Question solved!
    We both do & that ain't Prince Phllip. Vinaka.

  14. Anonymous 8:34 and Anonymous 12:38, thank you both for taking the time to read my posting and to comment.

    To my friend, Anonymous 8:34, one of us does need glasses.  I never suggested that the gentleman next to Bainimarama is Ratu Mara.  I was referring to the photographs in the background, one of which is of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara.   Please get tested for a prescription and then take a closer look.

    To my friend Anonymous 12:38, you might also want to get checked.  I don't know if you're simply addled or the issue is more deep-seated than that.  I say this in sadness, not anger.  I'd wager that most of this site's readership had no difficulty with the question, but since you ask, I'll spell it out for you.  

    Unlike the others, Frank Bainimarama is lacks even the barest shred of legitimacy. He is less than a grotesque mediocrity playing the part of a hero; he is a villainous traitor who subverted Fiji's imperfect democracy in order to avoid accountability for his crimes.  The man is known far and wide as a bald-faced, inveterate liar.  He has probably damaged ("normalized") the vanua more than any person in history.  He treats Fiji's traditional and true friends with arrogance and ingratitude while aligning Fiji with international jackals who seek only to exploit the country's present vulnerability.  He denies many Fijian workers the right to defend their legitimate interests through collective bargaining, even as he steals their pensions and their futures.  Shall I go on?

    Very well, then.  He denies you your right to elect your own civil and religious leaders, to voice your opinion on the street as freely as you do on this website, to drink grog with mates of your choosing, to petition this government peacefully for change, to expect impartial justice from the courts, or accountability regarding the expenditure of your tax money.  Violating the trust reposed in his command, he sullies his uniform and disgraces the RFMF by leading it in bullying and torturing the very citizens it is supposed to protect -- your neighbors and countrymen.  

    The Commander doesn't care a fig about Fiji's interests, except as they conflict with his ability to perpetuate his illegal rule or add to his ill-gotten lucre.  Now, if none of that means anything to you, so long as the Commander is happy, then I suggest you vote for him, if ever you have the chance.

    s/ Dakuwaqa

  15. Dakuwaqa@12:44pm...Why you poor Big Fish,been in the deep far to long,time to shake-off the sea weeds from your big fin and get those sea-shells off your big teeth? We know what you mean and lets get back focusing on the Subject and what we must do to remove him from power-shall we?

  16. @ Ex Army
    you have a peanut brain !
    the suit is to disguise the real Frank bainimarama.
    It could be a dress or anything really.

  17. Anonymous 2:18, you're right. Time for Dakuwaqa to leave the guppies alone and go after the barracudas in Suva.

    What about Dakuwaqa's concrete proposal that C4.5 help us organize a poll by an Internet voting service? As he says, this would enable Fijians to caucus freely on-line for the purpose of nominating a united opposition slate of candidates.

    As I see it, this would operate like a shadow government to represent the true views of Fijians -- not the lies of Aiyaz as force-fed us by the Fiji Sun. I agree that this government-in-cyberspace would then be more empowered to negotiate any changes to the constitution, contest the 2014 elections -- if there ARE any -- and represent the views of Fijis to the international community.

    The countries that have already fallen all over themselves with offers of election support should belly up to the bar on this.

    Once we have a representative government, even a virtual one, we can better organize and begin the task of reclaiming Fiji's national dignity.

    And once that representative government takes power (and I do mean TAKE), we can indulge Dakuwaqa one of his old feeding frenzies.

  18. Mark Manning your 5 cent input siuts monkeys and only monkeys will believe your comments.As I have said sarcastic remarks from a racists con man
    Ex army

  19. my gawd wespac just 15000 fd when u made 3 billion aud profit!!! what a joke!

  20. what a hypocrite ,,,,,,abolished Rt sukuna day yet still have his photo there ,,,,now kai indian has Prophet Mohd and Diwali Holidays while kai viti has zero,,,

  21. ex army. Your spelling says it all, you're one dumb Phuck just like your mates in the barracks. I suppose you got sacked from the army because you're so dumb, when the sergeant calls for a drill, you ran to the workshop and came out holding a drill!!!!. Oilei kulina.

  22. ex army. Your spelling says it all, you're just like your mates in the barracks. I suppose you got sacked from the army because when the sergeant calls for a drill, you ran to the workshop and came out holding a drill!!!!. Oilei kulina.

    February 26, 2012 8:45 PM

  23. Jai Jawan said...

    Ba is under seige. Where is boci Thakur Ranjit Singh s!@#$r of Bainimarama. His area got no water for past 7 weeks. why is he quiet now? very easy to blame Qarase for all the problems, learn to take some you f!@##n sucker. Sma goes for Rajendra Prasad ex Ba Town Clerk, another s!@#$r of Kahiyum from Ba as well.
    February 25, 2012 11:12 AM

  24. ex fbc over the weekend

    Police and military officers have been sent to Koroboya village and Naitasiri settlement in Ba to monitor the implementation of the Public Health Emergency.

    Commissioner Western Commander Joeli Cawaki confirmed to FBC News – the officers arrived yesterday morning.

    He is advising villagers to respect the public health emergency or face the consequences.

    “We are posting police officers and military officers to Koroboya to see that the movement in and out of Koroboya is restricted. If people are found to be defying these orders, then we will have to take them through the police process.”

    Commander Cawaki has called on the villagers to co-operate with the stakeholders to ensure the possible spread of Leptospirosis, dengue and typhoid.

  25. He probably got some white fella off the street to pose for him with the check.
    The check is a fake and Bainimarama just needed a story to make everyone think there is money in the bank.
    but in reality not even close to a million dollars there.

  26. At least the PM is standing there
    holding the cheque and showing his interest, to received as much donation as possible, for the people of Fiji.This was a picture of a true leader!!!Although he stole our Government by force, but
    he's trying his best to make amends? He's trying to lock-up crooked people who would have bankrupt our country and is trying his best to remake Fiji into a peaceful loving nation!!!

  27. Ok I would like to elect Voreqe Bainimarama as PM for the next 5
    years. Why? cause the man has 7 years experience running the country to the ground as PM,Minister of finance,Minister of
    Fijian Affairs,Minister of Home Affairs.He has a short temper,drink
    under a coconut tree,and has a standing army that he can use to
    correct issues?


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