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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sharma: number of dengue cases 'privilege information'

Naviyago bridge and flooding
A 28 year old woman has died from dengue fever but the illegal Minister of Health, Neil Sharma, is refusing to tell media how many cases there are in the country.
In a story urging pulic to utilize health services, Fiji Village reports that 18 more cases of dengue fever have been reported but quotes Sharma as saying the actual number of cases is 'privilege information.'
Why is Sharma refusing to say how many people have contracted dengue fever as a result of the floods? People are entitled to know but he only wants to give them selective information.
Typically, Sharma is following the regime line that the truth must be kept from people presumably because the number of dengue cases makes the illegal government, which has already rejected reports of typhoid and leptospirosis, look bad.
In democratic countries, such outbreaks and health alerts are concerning but only governments with something to hide choose to withold information saying it's 'privilege information.'
The 28 year old woman who died was a mother of one from the village of Naviago near Lautoka and her death was confirmed by the village headman Rusiate Deutu after the announcement was made to them by Commissioner Western Colonel Joeli Cawaki.
Fiji  Village reports Deutu as saying Maraia Taleqa was part of the 200 evacuees from Bila and Naviago villages that moved to the Lautoka Girmit Centre which is used as an evacuation center.

Public urged to utilize health services


Anonymous said...

Fiji is going down the drain...BIG TIME !!

Anonymous said...

How can information regarding the scope of a public health issue be privileged?  It's not as though we're asking the minister to publically name the victims.

Friends, if Bainimarama and Aiyaz won't even allow Fijians to know the severity of Fiji's dengue outbreak, what are the chances it will allow a genuine dialogue on constitutional reform and free elections?

The nature of this regime and its actions to date indicate that it intends to hold power indefinitely, elections notwithstanding. We can safely guess that its aim at this point is to engineer the poll in such a way that it achieves a regime victory while passing the international community's 'smell test'. It will seek to do that by creating an uneven playing field, controlling the political calendar, and keeping the democratic opposition off-balance.

I have a whole programme of counter-initiatives to suggest to the leadership of a united opposition. We can create that unified leadership virtually. We can use the good offices of C4.5 and an on-line voting service to organize a virtual caucus allowing Fijians to nominate well in advance of the elections a slate of candidates to contest each of the top positions in the government, including the presidency and all cabinet positions, such as Sharma's.  

This is already a proven concept.  The poll would be conducted by a reputable firm in a Western democratic country and could be kept open for as long as six months, to give as many Fijians as possible the opportunity to register on-line and cast their individual votes securely and in anonymity. The poll cost of about FJD 200,000 could be donated by any number of friendly governments.

The elected 'government in cyberspace' would be in a much stronger position to rally opposition elements, shape the constitutional debate, represent the popular will of Fiji to the international community, organize and contest the elections, and lead Fiji's transition to representative government -- especially as, unlike the present regime, it would have a real measure of legitimacy.  

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Is this guy for real? Privileged information??? WTF? What’s there to hide? This guys seems to be deep throating FB and ASK

Loyal Fijian said...

Ongoing rain is pushing the bill higher and higer. Will be scary to hear final figure but it's way over the government's first assessment.

Fiji Village today

$18.9M will be required to rehabilitate infrastructure damages in major divisions around the country.

This is according to Permanent Secretary for Works Commander Francis Kean who said the initial assessment was $13.5M however they have established that the total worth of damages is $18.9M.I don't think it has the money so I dont know what's going to happen to people who need help let alone the bridges and roads that need fixing.

Kean said recent prolonged torrential rain has badly affected the roads and bridges.

He said majority of these roads are long overdue for resealing in which works are being undertaken under the Fiji road upgrading project.

He added the ministry is liaising with the Finance Ministry in relation to the funding.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

Kean said they sympathize with road users and is asking for patience as road crews in the Western, Northern and Central Divisions are attending to the repairs.

Story by: Sofaia Koroitanoa

Anonymous said...

We've had this floods before, time and time again without
people dying from fever? Our system is used-imuned to it-suddendly someone is dead? Let's startup a police investigation, of
the food consumed, at the Grimit centre; and see if food was spiked?
Don't allow criminal to get away with such danagerous activities?

February 19, 2012 2:58 AM