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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Smuggled papers show Bainimarama's lust for power

Commodore Frank Bainimarama sacked senior officers who opposed his takeover plans. Picture / Greg BowkerFrank Bainimarama tried and failed three times to seize power in Fiji before his 200 coup. Victor Lal and Russell Hunter reveal how the warning signs went ignored

It was February 2007 - two months after Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power in Fiji - when Time magazine's Australian editor Steve Waterson arrived in Suva to assess the situation.

The coup leader, aware that his image abroad needed serious repair, immediately granted an interview and launched a charm offensive.

"Just call me Frank," he told Waterson, and later added, "I didn't want this job." He explained he was needed to clean up corruption and put the nation on a path to prosperity.

A series of documents smuggled out of Fiji tell a vastly different story. Bainimarama not only wanted the job but had tried three times previously to seize control of the nation.

His first attempt occurred during the negotiations to end the George Speight hostage crisis in August 2000.

Several of those present confirmed that the Commodore - who had tacitly supported the Speight coup - declared that the military should lead the nation "for the next five, 10 or 50 years".

A heated argument between Speight and Bainimarama ensued, ending only when President Ratu Josefa Iloilo said a democratic solution was the only way forward.

Bainimarama proposed that banker and businessman Laisenia Qarase should lead an interim government with elections after one year. But to his frustration he found his "advice" to the interim government was routinely shunned.
By December 2003 the Qarase government - tired of the Commodore's constant and often public interference - was reluctant to renew his term, due to expire in April the following year.

When Bainimarama got wind of this, he flew into a rage and ordered his senior officers to start planning a coup. But he reckoned without senior officers who counselled against such action and finally refused to implement his orders.

On January 5, 2004, secret advice to Bainimarama not to stage a coup warned of the chaos and damage that could follow.

The document, composed and signed by Lieutenant Colonel Jeremaia Waqanisau, Colonel Alfred Tuatoko, Colonel George Kadavulevu, Colonel Samuela Raduva and naval commander Timoci Koroi, reads in part:

"We feel that the interests of the RFMF (Republic of Fiji Military Forces) and the nation have been overridden by your personal wishes ...

"Under the circumstances there is no way you can justify your intent and impending action. On the other hand the consequences of such action would be catastrophic for Fiji. The despair and suffering will be unbearable and longer lasting than that experienced after 1987 and 2000."
None of the officers agreed to be interviewed.

However, the later "redress of wrong petition" also contains a statement by Tuatoko, who wrote: "In my interview with [Bainimarama] he stated that he would forcefully remove the present government if his term as Comd RFMF was not renewed.

"I advised him that such an act was illegal and amounted to treason. I advised him that there are legal ways to settle his disagreement with government and that he must follow that legal path. Comd said that doing so would take too much time. He said that removing the government would be legally wrong but was morally correct."

This document was sent to the Minister for Home Affairs, Joketani Cokanasiga, and is likely to have been seen by Qarase. Incredibly, nothing was done. A senior minister told Hunter at the time: "We're not too worried about him [Bainimarama]. He doesn't have the support at the camp that he thinks he has."

The aborted coup of January 2004 persuaded the Government that the soldiers would not obey their commander if he ordered them to commit treason by removing it.

In December 2005, Bainimarama decided to try for a third time. He had been reappointed, so his job was no longer an issue, but he knew Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes had no intention of backing off a murder inquiry into the deaths of five members of the elite Counter Revolutionary Warfare unit, kicked to death by loyalist soldiers after the November 2000 mutiny.

There was also anger in sections of the officer corps (by now mostly hand-picked Bainimarama men) that the Qarase Government was "soft" on those involved in the 2000 coup.

Bainimarama had sacked the five officers who refused to carry out his first attempted coup and appointed Lieutenant Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka as Land Force Commander - effectively his deputy. He told Baledrokadroka to prepare plans for a military takeover.

Like his brother officers before him, JB (as he was known) refused to be involved in treason. He was told to take leave and not come back but again the coup had to be postponed.

JB told Hunter on the day of his dismissal: "I saw an order that I deciphered as treasonous and I could not accept it."
By May 2006, in the full realisation that Bainimarama's reappointment had not bought off its troublesome military commander and with a fresh election victory under its belt, the Cabinet wanted him gone.

There was talk of surcharging him for the blatant abuse of military funding in the army's "Truth and Justice" campaign that sought to influence voters during the 2006 election. It came to nothing - but Bainimarama was to hear of it and it fanned the flames of his fury.

With the dismissal of JB he was able to surround himself with an officer corps that owed their positions to him alone. His coup would take place within a year.

Claim strongman threatened to kill officer
Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama threatened to kill a former top army officer who challenged his 2003 coup plan, according to the officer's written testimony.

The late Lieutenant-Colonel Jeremaia Waqanisau refused to carry out the Commodore's coup order and took a new job as CEO at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In a file note at the time he recalled in January 2004 the Commodore barged into Home Affairs Minister Joketani Cokanasiga's office with several bodyguards, accusing Waqanisau of raising an army against him.

"Bainimarama further said had it not been for the minister I would have been dead already, and next time the military came back to finish what they started he would personally lead [them] to town and make sure I would be the first to die.
"I told Bainimarama when he came down next time he should come alone, without his weapon and his armed body guards and then try to kill me. He became furious challenging me to a fight taking off his [weapon] and posing for a fight... I said I didn't want to fight him and he should go away. The minister was holding him back and eventually pushed him out the door."


Anonymous said...

Well the PM is a bit of a bully,he'd scream and shout if he notice a lot of friends around who could help stop him or his opponent! He does this in school when we were young, i use to get him alone and than beat the shit out of him.But if you beat him up
he'd get even, by bringing in his brothers, the next day to work you over.But for me they were all aware
of my boxing background,so no one
really tried to intimidate me? To bad Jerry Waqanisau did take up his challenge, Cause Bai would have
backed-off right away.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that there were honest men who tried to follow the rule of Law.
It is obvious that Bainimarama had no desire to follow the rule of Law.
It is also obvious that there won't be any democratic elections in 2014.
What Bainimarama has achieved we can all see : A morally corrupt army. Corruption in every area of government including the Judiciary.
And corruption in all the big businesses where he poked his nose in : FNPF;FDB;FSC;FICAC; FNU; FHL; Fiji Police; Air Pacific etc etc etc.
A lot of academics supported this guy. Where are they now? Are they still in collusion with him?

There is only one solution. He needs to be captured and the full brunt of the law be applied to him.
Is treason still a hanging offence? If that is what the law says then that is what needs to be applied.

-Valataka na Dina.

TURUKAWA said...


where is roko ului mara to tell us this or he was screened off by bainimarama or was blindfolded and led on the merry go around as the rest of the band wagon?

so many questions to ask,but the truth is coming out slowly and the vanua will speak for itself and yes when time is right.

bai please no more,we had enough of you and your merryman raiding the fiji ppls coffers!!



Anonymous said...

Theres always an ending to everything we do. When that ending comes, we must make sure each and everyone of them including the Pig himself is taken to justice.I cannot see anyreason why we cannot start something similar to Syria, power by the people. Probably theres a lot of Liumuri out there I guess

Corporal Sefanaia said...

What Bainimarama's contribution to Fiji is a severe lesson of "what not to do".He is worse than Rabuka and Speight put together.But there were serious oversights by the Qarase administration which permitted Bainimaram's influence to spread like cancer into the Fiji body politic wreaking havoc along the way.

In summary, the lesson learnt from Bainimarama's horrible experiment with Fiji is "options not to take". Any hint of a coup must be nipped in the bud straight away. No, waiting around making assumptions. Get the person out. If resistance is the response then under the Bitikawa protocol,neighbouring Pacific Island security personnel can be called in to use force to remove the offending army commander. This should be the last resort and used if other ways cannot be implemented to extricate the rogue commander.We have to continually build partnerships with our traditional island family of nations to come to our aid when facing miscreants in the army.

The main lesson learnt is that army high command must have a limited term to prevent possibility of negative outcomes like a military coup.By limiting the term of army officers holding key positions, it is similar to the controlling device known as separation of powers.Their time as commander and operations head will be so short that they will not have the time to build up the momentum to launch devastating coups across the land.No extensions to the term of the Commander must be given as Bainimarama has shown us how this can bring on catastrophe. And no special favours just because they are ethnically Fijian or belong to the same tribe.

In Military/Police trainning and in Cadet and in indeed the general education system at large, the reason why coups are bad must be taught. The value of honour and upholding and defending important documents such as the constitution must be shown to be of vital importance as it is the document that holds the entire nation together as one.This is probably the most important duty of army officers, who by observing this duty are in turn respected and honoured by the citizens.The rule of law, is a modus operandi that is artificially created to uphold the integrity of the nation state. It requires constant vigilence and tweaking to maintain this umberella structure that upholds the giant bure of the nation of Fiji. In the proper way, well trainned army security personnel with impeccable credentials protect and uphold the protective structure of Viti. Well educated military officers who have been background checked appropriately would never ever break their solemn oaths. Bainimarama is the uneducated scoundrel who slipped thru the cracks and got his way also aided because of government complacency.Me kalougata madaga ko Viti ena vei gauna mai muri.

Taukei. said...

Yes yes - we know all this - more immediate problem is how we get him & his mentor Nailatikau out peacefully?

Suggest damage being constantly inflicted on RFMF is a good starting point.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 please tell us something new! These papers are old news on frank and his illegal gang.

We all want to know what franky is doing now and record everything against him to see him hanged!!

Over it already said...

Lal and Hunter not telling us anything new. Is this a lead up to a book? Good for them but doing nothing to change Fiji's path, past present and future.

Down and Out said...

Over it

The future is in the hands of the people of Fiji including you if you are one.

Anonymous said...

It's unconscionable that FB wasn't arrested for attempted treason back in January 2004. If PM Qarase was so worried about the Vore's retaliatory measures, he should have worked with the police and loyal officers to arrange the arrest to be carried out while he himself was abroad.

If you carry a snake on your back, don't be surprised when the snake turns around and bites you. And a traitor is lower than a snake, in my book.

Robin Nair said...

Bainimarama has a history of lies
and deceit!!
‘flip Flops’ and Contradictions make a clear case of his agenda

Judge for yourself

1. Under his Command, CRW soldiers took part in the 2000 Coup and hostage taking of the Mahendra Chaudhry led Peoples Coalition government. Arms and Ammunition were released under his Command to take the government hostage. Despite request from the President Ratu Mara to seal off the Parliament complex, Bainimarama was reluctant to defuse the hostage crisis early and allow the Chaudhry government to prevail.

2. Betrayed the Coup leader George Speight by breaching the Muanikau Accord which was signed by him and rebel leader Speight that enabled the safe release of hostages including Labour leader Chaudhry.

3. Despite objection from George Speight and his supporters over his choice of Qarase his interim PM he pushed ahead to appoint Qarase as interim PM in July 2000 and later ordered brutal assault of George Speight and his supporters in Kalabu who wanted Adi Samanunu Talakuli Cakabau to replace Qarase as Interim PM.

4. Failed to protect his Commander in Chief, The President and Tui Nayau, Ratu Sir Kamisese Tuimacilai Mara. He deceived His Excellency to the Navy Boat to depose him under threat of abrogating the Constitution in the presence of Police Commissioner Savua, Sitiveni Rabuka and Epeli Ganilau

5. In 2000, during the Chandrika Prasad Case over the validity of the 1997 Constitution, Bainimarama sided with Qarase and provided an Affidavit in support to claim the Constitution was abrogated and that it was the cause of Fiji crisis in 2000.

6. After the 2001 Appeals Court declaration that the Qarase interim regime was illegal and that 1997 Constitution was the supreme law of the land, Bainimarama released a statement in the Fiji Sun threatening that Chaudhry will not be allowed to return as PM. This prompted the President Ratu Iloilo to dismiss Chaudhry as Constitutional PM and appoint Qarase as interim PM to call fresh Elections.

7. After 2006 Coup, gave a national undertaking to follow the President’s mandate to respect and Uphold the 97 Constitution as the Supreme Law of Fiji but has purportedly abrogated the Constitution after the Appeals Court declared his regime as being unlawful and illegal in April 2009.

8. Following the 2006 Coup, Bainimarama appointed Labour leader Chaudhry as interim Finance Minister and called him Robin Hood on the National TV. Ironically in 2008 he sacked Chaudhry and later conspired to lay money laundering charges against his Robin Hood despite the Australian Tax Inquiry (which was paid by the regime) fully clearing Chaudhry of any breaches of the tax laws.


Anonymous said...

I have written with regards to the issues regarding Frank. The officer who Frank challenged was Waqanisau. This is stale information well known in Fiji! The lesson to be learnt is simple-Many Senior Army Officer didn't support Frank and Qarase was well aware of it what Qarse didn't contend with was the way Frank was going about to counter the moves by Govt to neutralise him with the sebsequent appointment of Hughes which we all ended in disaster. Qarase was too busy trying to damage the Labout Party by pleasing his supporters not keeping an eye own his taukei countryman. He went about claiming the Indo-Fijians were a threat to the Fijians etc and hence the cancelling of landleases and all those push to make life as hard as possible for the Indo-Fijians. He basically took his eyes off the game with regards to Frank-truth be told he thought Frank was just a side issue because he never made the moves to pressure Frank by geeting him investigated and put on leave as the process was being run! In the end this is a lesson for the future-if you run the country by segregating other races and make policies based on advice from you support groups such as the Methodist Church ( who also were playing politics) you bound to win sometimes but when you loose you loose bad! The race card will work a lot of times but sometimes it backfires as in this case & these will come to haunt you ! In this case it was not the Indo-Fijians that conducted the coup rather it was iTaukeis! We need answers for the future-as once again ask "have we learnt our lessons yet? or are we still in the learning process? DRi yani.

Anonymous said...

All the sweet talk about the clean up, mop-up, cover-up, are just to paint-up a face riddled with greed, power-hunger, and abuse, which the country was fooled into in 2006-2007.

Has any of the Qarase government members been charged and found guilty of the so-called corruption allegation?...No not even one for the last 5 years.
What we see is daylight corruption, nepotism, abuse, and robbery happening right in front of our eyes, where clerks have become CEOs, murderers have been reinstated into their former civil servants jobs and promoted ahead of senior and much more qualified officers.
The civil service is no longer promoting the best officers to serve the people but the best to serve the boss.
The regime do not seem to get anything right, because it did not get in through the right way in the beginning.
It should do the honorable thing and step down and allow an interim government to take us through to the next election under the 1997 constitution, for the greater good of all !

Anonymous said...

It may be nothing new but the whole world now knows that the Pig carried out the coup for his own selfish ends. And the Indo-Fijians will be fools if they continue to follow the pig - it is for us to rise up and finish what Hughes couldnt do - arrest him - and hang the Pig on a lovo pole. We need to know the past actions of the PIG to understand why he carried out the coup - we are slowing but surely waking up, and so is the rest of the world

Anonymous said...

The pig shit Vuakamarama wakes up every morning to a wet bed as he is so scared he pissed himself every night. He is scared of what his fate will be, he is scared of being arrested and thrown to the mercy of those he abused. The pig will squeal for mercy but too late for that. Tik tok tik tok Vuaka the safety of a cassava patch isn't enough to save you and Aiyarsehole.

Anonymous said...

Here hear - useless talk indeed - why dont you guys try to contribute to positive nation building! My head sore from all your childish talk.

Anonymous said...

Not mention recon bill which allowed LQ and SDL to free up jailed criminals. Talk abt one sided article. Not mention of inept SDL Ministers.

kiwilad said...

Frankly what's revealed now by Lal & Hunter was commonly known by most intelligent people a long time ago. Baini is now so entrenched with his "boys" in the key positions - both in the miliatry & the civil service - that he virtually can get away with murder ( He has already survived few murders by his cohorts on his direct orders since 2000 coup). The only way to get rid of him is by non-violent civil disobedience; Wonder when this will happen?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he has same temper as Kevin Rudd. Yet FB calls KR flop!

Anonymous said...

Once we get rid of the LIU MURIS and the GUJIS( who support any coup reargdless) it would be the first step to sanity for our country. Crooks like Frank and his gang must hang for their ddeds.

Anonymous said...

Oilei!!!! Isn't he sucessful. What good this shit gonna do. We all know it. Give us something constructive or a plan to kill him.

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? I mean if we read and decipher what Bainimarama is saying: "I didn't want to do this but they pick me to do it" and the question is; who picked him
to do it? Why was Qarase so hesitent to have Bai arrested? He knew about the so-called coup threat,yet he did not take any action? Now it seems very spooky and highly suspicious

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

Bainimarama's greed for power is obvious and the current public images being displayed by the illegal regime of him possessing the legitimate power to rule should be questioned and torn down. Dictators cunningly portray images of power of strength: represented by appearing in full military regalia (uniform and supporting troops on parade) and the benevolent leader: stately civilian attire (three piece suit at state functions of bula shirt at public events). This image is indicative of emerging dictators who like to be seen as, all powerful and the source from which the wealth, stability and power of a nation originates. But does the power which Voreqe professes to display really his or was it acquired through greed for power?

The incredible Arab spring has laid bare the fragility of seemingly invincible dictators and their evil regimes but in particular, these events serve as reminders to all global citizens (including current dictators) that the power which tyrants possess is power stolen from the people. The activities of thieves vary in degree and tastes. Car thieves steal cars, pick pocket thieves steal from pockets, livestock thieves steal animals and there are thieves who steal by illegally entering any prospective premises. All these thieves have a common thread because their activities involve a crime driven by elements of greed which in turn, sustains their daily existence and those they support. Organized cartels that specialize in theft are similar to parasites who utilize the resources of their hosts to extract whatever they require to survive. Similarly, dictators are the same but to a higher degree. Driven by greed they steal power from the people and use it against them to extract submission.

The people of Iraq were shocked and disbelieving that the TV images of the captured ragged, unshaven, unsophisticated old man wearing dirty ragged cloths like them was their all powerful leader, Saddam Hussein. More unbelieving was that he was arrested in a crude dirt sewer pit rather than in any of the many opulent gold palaces he owned. Like other dictators, Saddam was a Godlike identity who made countless public claims of being powerfully omnipresent and possessing the power for which life and death is determined in Iraq. Yet, this man could not escape the pair of $50.00 handcuffs around his wrist.

Wilson Tamanikaira said...

Real power comes from the people. Power is all the resources within a state which are owned by the people and deployed and consumed for their own good. In a democracy, it is the people who appoint their parliamentary representatives to be stewards of their resources and to increase their well being. These representatives are of course paid by the people and entrusted with the power to make decisions. Dictators want it all because of their greed for this power but they are individuals who do not possess the talents to be successful. They use their criminal instincts to steal this power from the people and to build an aura of invincibly. In other words, the people of Fiji are involuntary giving their resources to fulfill the daily needs of Bainimarama, to build his dictatorship and support those criminal elements around him.
It is the people who produce the means to involuntary pay the dictator Bainimarama’s self imposed salaries, the food that he and his family eat, the house they reside in including all furniture and fittings. The people also pay for their health, education and Pajero costs including mobile phones and other forms of modern technology. All of this for free and obtained by theft!!

The people also involuntary pay to maintain for his military force. They pay for the weapons, ordinances, buildings, vehicles, plant and equipment and other stores. They also pay the wages of all the dictator’s officers and soldiers including his feared Police. It is the people who involuntary give their innocent sons and daughters to serve in his military and incredibly, these sons and daughters are exploited to carry out by the dictator to detain torture and even kill people who oppose him.

Now, all of this sounds terribly wrong and the question that needs to be raised is,” How do the people end the theft of power by Bainimarama?

The answer is simple. Through the use of non military means, withdraw all power that drives his dictatorship. Individual citizens, agencies i.e..unions,student bodies,civil servants, businesses, churches, citizen groups, international friends and even those working within the military can collectively agree to cut the flow of their resources. The most powerful weapon which dictators fear is collective consensus and after all, if we all agree to this method, he cannot put the entire country in jail for disobedience.

The Arab spring is an example of how the people and their agencies have collectively agreed to end the theft of power by dictators. Egyptians, Tunisians and Libyans have emerged from 40years of darkness from under the clutches of seemingly invincible dictators; the dictator of Syria is at the moment using the resources of the people to kill them in his last desperate attempt at self preservation. Syrian military defectors have come to the realization that Assad is using them to kill their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children to protect his evil regime.

This is a message to all the agencies of the people in Fiji who work in the government including the military, Police, Navy and Prison. Your lives and careers were given to you by the hard work and trust of the people of Fiji but are now stolen by the dictator Bainimarama to perpetuate his greed for power. Collectively you all must do the right thing by your people and withdraw your misguided support for the dictator.

Let us be like the Arabs and set a date of non violent opposition to bring this evil regime. If just our sons and daughters in the military say, “no more to tyranny and yes to protecting the interest of the people” then Voreqe the dictator will be no more.

Anonymous said...

Heard it all before. Let's put word to action by getting rid of this illegal regime.

We want somthing new said...

Want of New News
Is this all you got, it was already mentioned in earlier posts on this blog, what we want is what rokolui promised, there's nothing new in this, are you guys short of information??

Anonymous said...

Qarase must be regretting not sacking the commander. Taukei Fijians are too much into veirokorokovi, mindful of the vanuas and not to offend the peoples. But remember, problems must be nipped at the bud and when you are in a position of leadership, you must act decisively according to tried and proven principles.

As it happenned, the opportunists jumped in beside Bainimarama. The Saiyaz Khaiyums, Shameems, LabourParty, CCF, Mara and Ganilau clans with their followings (Gates, Naupoto(an in-law of a Ganilau sister), Kabakoros, Tapoos etc).

These report is trying to pin the crime solely on Bainimarama and let these other people go scot-free. But we truth-loving people of Fiji must not allow this to happen. Nazhat Shameem travelled to Britain in late 2009 and coincidentally from then on Victor Lal has stopped ranting against the Shameems.

They are all now trying to distance themselves from the crime and enlisting help to do so. Justice must be carried out.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers there will be no election in 2014,only more decrees likes sunday bans etc...you see people all crying for democracy,no no this is all into the last stage up to the one world order...check it out

Akeneta Susu said...

hi yall, we can write and critisize till we turn blue on the face... ke sega ni dua na ka e caka its of no use. How much of what we are writting down is getting to the people?? lets find a way of getting this truth to the people. se cava ni nanuma..?

Coup 4.5 said...

Bainimarama denies previous coup claims
Publish date/time: 27/02/2012 [10:11]

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Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has strongly denied claims made by two former Fijian journalists that he tried to mount three coups before his successful takeover in December 2006.

Oxford based academic Victor Lal and Russell Hunter the former publisher of the Fiji Sun, wrote in the Weekend Herald that Commodore Bainimarama had tried to take over the country after the Speight coup in 2000, and then again in 2004 and 2005.

The authors wrote of leaked correspondence from some of the commodore’s fellow officers urging him not to proceed and warning that they would oppose him.

However in an interview with Australian journalist Graham Davis in Suva, the Prime Minister said the allegations are “not true”.

In the case of 2000, Lal and Hunter reported that Commodore Bainimarama demanded that the military be given the authority to rule Fiji for 50 years but they claim that this was opposed by the then President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.

Commodore Bainimarama said he was already in control of Fiji in 2000.

The Prime Minister said it was a historical fact that he had handed power to Qarase hoping that he would govern for all Fijians and not just the i-taukei majority.

Commodore Bainimarama also denied he made subsequent attempts to seize power before his successful coup in 2006.

He said Hunter was motivated by anger that he had been expelled from Fiji after 2006.

Source: NZ Herald
Story by: Sofaia Koroitanoa

Anonymous said...

Lol if only qarase had nt renewed frank's term,he would not have had the support of the army to carry out his coup.poor decision making on qarase's part.

Anonymous said...

@Adi Akeneta Susu
You are right. For a lot of Fijians in the village they don't seem to see the connection between what Bainimarama is doing and the deterioration in their standard of living. I was at my village the other day and to them, they blame the Indians. If the bus-fare goes up it's Indian bus owner's fault. If the price of grocery go up, it's the supermarket owner's fault.
You try and talk to them about it but levu tale tiko mai na bush-lawyer.
That's why in some of my recent postings I've been suggesting that the Methodist church push this knowledge to the villagers.
Villagers are suffering...definitely...but they don't seem to know why.
I think the message is slowly getting across,, but you are right, It's too bloody slow and Bai is still conning them. They still think there will be a 2014 election. Poor misguided souls.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Valataka Na Dina I support you 100% but my question is-the present thinking you have highlighted has been indoctrinated into the iTaukei phychi & beliefs for so long by Colonial Master to the present Fijian Adminstration and ably supported by the Methodist Church! My question is how do you now send the very ones that were also preaching the Gospel of hate to now change their message & say -"we got it all wrong its not the Indo-Fijians that is you enemy its the present Leadearship of the country"! Now if that type of message had gone out in the past during elections we would have no worrys of the type of situations we are all now facing! Because people would not let come into existence immaterial of who tried coming into Govt using the same excuse i have quoted! Truth is if we are now suffering its of our own making! Now you understand the dilemma of the Methodist Church is in & the confusion the iTaukei we be left with! Its these sorts of issues that have created the situation that Frank has used to his advantage! The iTaukei is busying himself with the coming of the Saviour whether in human or spiritual form & finds solace in knowing that the cause of all his problems is the Indo-Fijians! Yet day in day out he suffers, physically, mentally & spirtually yet he still can't see it! I always like to ask the question if there were no other races in Fiji-do you think iTaakeis would be in total peace as some claim-no coups etc? DRi Yani

Anonymous said...

The Qarase government was elected by the people and had the mandate to rule the country, and it made parliamentary decisions as an elected government.
Different from a regime that seized power through greed, false allegations to cover up abuse of office. The Qarase government members at least had the people's mandate which the people had the right not to elect them through the democratic process, as opposed to one where power was seized by the barrel of guns, judiciary weakened through Decrees, government appointments made without the due process, and the list goes on.
The Recon. Bill went through the process rather than Dcrees that never saw the corridors of the illegal cabinet.
The 1997 constitution had been abrogated twice, and twice the courts have ruled that it stands. Legally we have a constition, why do we need to waste time and money to formulate another one. If people need some immunity let them go to parliament, but not hide behind another constitution. To stop the coup cycle, we do not need to to be shifting the goal posts all the time. We need one constitution, one election procedure, one law, one nation and one people.

Anonymous said...

Vlataka Na Dina@ 1:51pm...RUM you really ought to be careful of what
you're saying about Bai, cause
you're both in the same boat! No matter what you said,we all know that both you and Driti supported
his cause and freely participated
in it's enforcement. Bai wasn't standing behind you&Driti,holding
a Gun over your head,when you Beat-
up innocent Fiji Citizens? Or haul
in SDL parliamentary members,including your ant-Roko Tui Dreketi, for shake-up tactics.No matter what, you're in our book,to be tried and jailed.So
you might as well stay in Tonga for
the rest of your life?

Anonymous said...

Our constitution is one that divides us down RACIAL Groups in one instant than mixes up other Races into into General Electors-if anyone cares to read! How the hell can be it a document of any worth in this day and age.The last legally elected PM was Chaudhry-and both Frank & Qarase know that-pity we don't realise that. It doesn't matter whether we like or hate the dope!

Kai Waisiliva said...

Everything happens for a reason(s)...as of the coup and military take-over and its extended period in power, it is you and I who should be thinking hard as to what we had done wrong, more the previous democratic governments of Qarase, S. L. Rabuka and Ratu Mara.

At the end of the day, GOD is in control over everything...please just go to GOD in prayer and reverence.

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Waisiliva,

Yes you're right. If we will but turn to God, and from this time onwards, repent and keep His commandments, we will be saved from all these trials.

I cringe whenever I hear many of our church ministers and even church-going people profane His Holy Name and stoop to using obscenity just after they return from church on their worship days.