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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sources: flooding to reach $200 million

Some of the flood victims outside the FNPF office in Lautoka. picture: BALJEET SINGH

The anguish today of flood victims desperately seeking funds from the Fiji National Provident Fund only to be sent home empty handed.

According to the Fiji Times 58 families (many of them with children) yesterday visited the Lautoka FNPF office seeking funds for basics and school uniforms.

Those turned away were reportedly told the forms had not reached the office or that FNPF would not be helping flood victims.

One man was quoted as pleading: "I am requesting the government to step forward and help us through these troubled times."

The plight of flood victims come as information from the ground suggests the cost of the flooding is well above the $8 million estimated by the regime. Inside sources told Coupfourpointfive last week damage is likely to top $30 million; another government source says a more realistic figure is $200 million dollars.

Sources say the illegal government will be hard pushed to find funding to repair the estimated 20,000 homes that have been destroyed along with bridges that have been washed away and roads that have been left with huge potholes. 

They say most of the flood victims will get no help from the regime apart from the two months of food rations and that many victims will probably have to rely on international aid via aid agencies like the Red Cross or NGO's instead of government.

Meanwhile a study by the UNISDR and UNDP, based on the devastating floods of 2009, has led to the finding that Nadi will be experiencing high-intensity floods every 25 years by 2100, instead of every 190 years.

The UN will have to do another report because it seems that every time there is heavy rainfall, flooding occurs.

It took only three years for flooding to reoccur after 2009 and there is serious concern that the frequency and intensity of this type of flooding will continue every 3 years or even more frequently.

While the UN believes being better prepared and having early warning systems is crucial - it does nothing for the millions lost to farmers and residents in crop damage and personal belongings and equipment.

The regime is advocating the relocation of settlements and farms - but who will pay for this? And what happens to current leases and rental agreements? While the idea is noble, the feasibility and practicality will be a logistical and administrative nightmare if not done correctly.

The following is the UN statement on an e-news bulletin:
NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- The United Nations on Sunday called for preventive measures to assist Fiji as heavy rains and severe floods have been ravaging the archipelago nation over the past week.
The United Nations disaster risk reduction agency said at least eight people have died and there have been 51 reported cases of water-borne diseases, including diarrhea and typhoid, as a result of the floods. A 15-day state of emergency has been declared in Fiji's west coast areas as more rain is expected to hit the country.
Some 1,300 people have been evacuated from their homes and the damage caused by flooding is estimated to be about $30 million. Population in vulnerable areas have been advised to evacuate, the agency said in a statement.
"These types of events are likely to continue to occur," said Angelika Planitz, sub-regional coordinator for the Pacific for the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR).
"Scientists are exploring the evidence that climate change and developments in low-lying flood-prone areas such as Nadi and Ba are contributing factors," she added. "In the interim, improved preparedness and early warning, two important elements of disaster risk reduction, will have to remain important and urgent priorities."
A recent publication by UNISDR and the UN Development Programme warned that high-intensity floods would become more frequent in western Fiji.
In the Nadi area, for example, these type of floods used to occur every 190 years, but by 2100 it is projected that they will occur every 25 years.

No fund for flood victims


The beggar nation said...

The junta has bankrupted Fiji. Get used to it. If your kids are starving go and see Nur Ali. She has made a fortune from the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

Bainimaramas & Aiyaz coup in Fiji has brought the country to its knees..and yet the people are just letting it go..to me the biggest culprit here are the Taukei..the biggest liumuri's and levu ga na vosa..I marched with talatala's and all the Taukei's in Lautoka in 1987 for support of the Rabuka Coup..today..where is the methodist church and all its hoohaa!!..its seems the Taukeis are just there for the ride..and if bainimarama is feeding them..why not join the bandwagon..all Kalaveti Batibasaga and fijian reforms..are no where to be seen...levu ga na vosa..

Ali Baba said...


Bisun said...

Taukeis have no reason to complain if they can't grow some balls and take the bull by the horn.
Driti, Mara, Teleni, Baledrokadroka all had their chances but gave it up.
The only solution is a bullet to Frank's head, short and simple.

Thakur Ranjit Singh said...

I think PM Bainimarama should defer the general elections to 2010. This will give us time to rebuilt the economy and formulate a good constitution. From 2012 - 2016, we should work in our economy and from 2017 we should have national reconciliation. then in 2020, we can have our true and fair elections.

PM please defer the elections now.

Anonymous said...

@Thakur Ranjit Singh.

The longer Bainimarama defers the election, the more corrupt he and his cohorts will become, and then the more we will suffer.

By 2020, if your wish for an election then is implemented, Fiji will be bankrupt if it is not so now.

There will be more losses from more hurricanes and floods, not to mention the impending earthquakes to which we are prone.

Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their cronies are failed wannabe leaders who have failed to bring up the standard of living since they took over the country illegally.

Your statement shows that you realize now that we are suffering more under this illegal regime than under any other government.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pro-Vuaka's in here? Go to hell Bocimarama, you and Aiyarse have dragged this country down to bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Why not defer the general erection indefinitely? He knows Fiji will have too many issues and we seem to be unable to get it up so let's defer.

Anonymous said...

Piss on you frieken reconsiliation & middle fingure to your 2020 election. Why are you scared of the election been called for 2014?Are you scared of being chastized by the majority or is it the law to
kicked your ass out of the country?
Sorry i'm just been a ITaukei with my Itaukei democratic Agenda!!!Hey
worse still Qarase may be back???The SDL may be back???I may be Back?? Butadroka is still alive and living in America. He will be Back???

Anonymous said...

@Tumargaan Ranjit Singh

They couldn't get the economy right between December 2006 and now, what makes you believe they will do it by 2020 ?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these people know that Bainimarama , Aiyarse & Pfliger took their FNPF.
Are they really that ignorant?
The thief Bai came and took their FNPF money , which they worked hard for, and then they go and do the matanigasau to him.
Are these villagers really that ignorant or has logic gone out of their brains?

You cannot support Evil or ignore Evil and think that something good will turn out of it.

Evil has to be killed.
Did you get that Methodist church!
Evil has to be got rid of. You cannot play around with it.
So please tell all your Preachers to preach against Bainimarama and tell all the villagers that they are doing the matanigasau to the wrong person.
They should do it to God and they should apologise to the future generations for being such arseholes for not getting rid of this evil regime.

-Valataka na Dina.

Radiolucas said...

@ Thakur Ranjit Singh

"I think PM Bainimarama should defer the general elections to 2010. This will give us time to rebuilt the economy and formulate a good constitution."

Why? Because this gang of idiots have done such an AWESOME job so far?

Waiting until 2017 to have 'reconciliation' - what reconciliation? With who? With Frank?

Moronic. There will not be any "true and fair" elections while this clan of clowns is hanging around.

Kanti Tappoo said...

How can anyone call Bai a Prime Minister. He is not even worthy of the title of Casava Patch Runner. His an idiot and needs his ass kicked.

As for ASK-hole, he needs to be shot in the head (an ugly one that too). Whilst at it, his very own Aunty Nur with her ugly face needs to be blown up.

Where is David Pflieger? He needs to be captured and thrown in prison for life. His guy is destroying Air Pacific by the day. Get rid of this silly American NOW!

Anonymous said...

Is the Denarau Island development now creating a bottleneck for the Nadi River? But then again, Nadi Town is below sea level, so it doesn't take much to flood the place.
As for wages for soldiers in Iraq.....tell someone who gives a fuck.....suffer you bastards.

Anonymous said...

why should we (fijians) march to take down bainiamarama & aiyaz? why blame us? we have learnt our lesson over the years.
the very arseholes responsible for bringing this mess are the lamusona soldiers. rather Bainimarama's soldiers.
mera kauta laivi na 'da' sa bini tuqo. sa muri tiko yani na revurevu ni nodra valavala kaukauwa vei viti.

Anonymous said...

200million or more would be would be close to the flood damages?Who are they trying to fool but themself by falsely giving out such information to the General public? What is the point?why are they trying to contain the flood damages?Are they afraid that the public may decide to get together and caused problem to their free rides? Your days is numbered Gates,Bai,Khaiyum etc,etc,.OK people let's get it on!!!

Anonymous said...

The are so many highly paid disaster management advisers at SOPAC, SPC and UN living the high life in Fiji. The do small talk and attend meetings, fly around and earn big per diems.

Anonymous said...

@ Thakur

You are joking. Drau veivadai bakaukauwa qo da-nivore, ruarua, liu i muri talega. Kemudrau start qo kiuva, qai kalas i nasilai.

2020 kemudrau report tale mai.

Bimal Chand said...

Thakur is correct. Fiji needs to rebuilt properly with all reforms completed before any elections are held. PM Bainimarama must delay elections to 2020 as suggested by Mr. Singh. The courts cases of Chaudhry, Qarase, and others must be completed before any elections. These leaders must clear their name or be convicted for their crimes. We should all get behind the 2020 elections - truly democratic elections. 2020 - Fiji will be ready not in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Why are some people attacking the Methodist church, for in action? If the writer has some balls between his legs, then go on, who is stopping you from attcking Vore. You, just talk shit!! Why dont you ask, "where are the Indians", who are now being called FIJIAN!! They now have every right to marching the streets now, in protest. Dont just take your simple brain and talk about the Methodists. We are fighting this illegal regime as a united front.

Anonymous said...

FNPF was the brainchild of National Federation Party.
This has brought so much security/savings to all members.
PLEASE DONT TELL CHAUDARY- To him FLP was better- Strikes, nepotism, lies,evasion politicising sugar industry etc etc-heheheheh

Anonymous said...

@ Bajaru Chand 4:15 pm

Tum pagli hai ?

Anonymous said...

I support Thankur. 2020 Elections is better.

Anonymous said...

These pitiful supplicants for flood aid remind me of Karl Wittfogel's monumental work 'Oriental Despotism: A Comparative Study of Total Power', first published in 1957, in which he argued that many despotisms, mainly in Asia, organized around the issue of flood control. I leave it to the people of Fiji to decide how competently the current despotism -- i.e., 'government of the day' -- 'justifies' its continued existence by its competence in controlling flooding.

Thakur, elections in 2020? Seriously?

Without attacking you personally, let me just say that I find your suggestion utterly reprehensible. This government has had ample time to transition Fiji to a new governance model and yet, to date, hasn't even begun to engage in a serious dialogue with the elements of Fijian society over the shape of that future. Bainimarama again and again proves himself a contemptible disgrace.

Why shouldn't the people of Fiji be allowed to pick Fiji's leaders and choose Fiji's destiny? Of what are you afraid? Why are you in the thrall of this treasonous regime?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa,listen up big fish you've been asked before to go get bai,we're gonna ask you again to go and bite Bai in the assole!Do anything BIG BAD FISH!Look this guy is pissin everyone off, so what's going on?Have you forgotten the tradition? If we don't like the prick your job is to go and bite the dick! So go ahead big bad buddy, and it doesn't matter where you nailed him just nail the bugger!

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot more than $200 million to pay from the coffers of the government and much more from our individual, family, and community efforts and resources to pay for the damages these floods have caused.

And still there will be more devastating floods to come this season. "The ides of march are not gone just yet."

While this illegal regime will go bankrupt because of the vast amounts of money Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their cronies pay themselves, the resolve of the ordinary people will become increasingly extraodinary.

We just need to hold fast to our faith and be patient and continue to be obedient to our God, whose Son suffered and died on the cross for us. He speaks to us through hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tidal waves and famines. But He will also sustain us through these natural disasters.

He is now fighting our battles because we have no guns.

I think the Methodist Church and the Chiefs by not hitting back, but by being humble, and by doing the right thing, have gained the favour of God.

There is no cowardice in being humble. "A man stands tallest on his knees".

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:19
Why are you angry?
You know I'm speaking the truth.

I had a go at the Methodist church because most of the Fijian soldiers holding the guns and supporting Voreqe are Methodists and they go to church every sunday.
So how come they sit at church every Sunday listening to all that preaching and yet they turn out to support the oppression of their fellow Fijians.
So naturally I ask the question: What are they being taught at church?

I can't see any verse in the Bible that says I must oppress other people for their good.

Even God Himself gives people their own choice to choose whether to go to Heaven or Hell or even swear at Him and even to nail Him to a cross. He doesn't send down ligthning and strike people.
No, He gives them "free will"
And yet here is another human being, Voreqe, who is choosing to oppress me and he is being supported by Methodist soldiers.

So my question is what has the Methodist church been teaching these people from when they were young?

Even the villagers too. Their logic has flown out the window. They are now apologising ( matanigasau) to someone who stole their goovernment ( coup), stole their money (FNPF etc etc).

That is upside down thinking.

Where does this type of thinking come from? It's appalling. And its the Methodist church that has been teaching these villagers Sunday after Sunday.

Why are you angry with me, when I'm just opening your eyes to the truth.

Humility is facing up to the truth; Accepting the truth ( not get angry) and Correcting my way to align with the truth.
Jesus is The Truth.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

2020 erection! That's what FB's Chinese friends are saying.

Anonymous said...

2020? Seriously?

By 2020 the Chinese would have out numbered both Indians and Fijians. Awesum time to have 'one man-one vote'

By 2020 the Russians would have set up their Mobs in all major centers. Forget about election rigging..worry about bomb riggin!

By 2020 Voreqe would be living in a mansion tucked away in China and Ayaz would be tucked away between his legs

By 2020 FICAC would be corrupt and a decree would be in place to protect FICAC

By 2020 Thakur Ranjit Singh and Bimal Chand would have migrated overseas saying 'Fiji is bahut bekar!'

By 2020 the RFMF would be based in China

By 2020 FNPF would be FUPF..F**ked Up Providend Fund

Awesome Idea Fellas!You rock!

Anonymous said...

Aha....this will really upset the 'taukei' and the others sent home empty handed. So was the lavo??? Beka sa fill up taka na pocket ni na illegal regime and da family and Co.
Walega kemudou sa sega rere na lawaki and butako. Oqo sara lako vale rarawa, tagi with no money ike FNPF, kemudou wawa time will come when Jehovah God na sauma lesu vei kemudou.


Anonymous said...

@Bimal Chand

Hey!! You mentioned Chaudhry, Qarase and the others. What about the chor illegal, wannabe, or so called government of the day.

Anonymous said...

So, you are still alive and not still bedridden,.... but with cupboards full of prescriptions of course? or is it your ghost now talking.
How I wished you had taken the lead to hell!!!!!!!




Anonymous said...

@ Bimal & Thakuru-i-muri.

Bro, if things go like the same until 2020, one would expect some certain things to happen. Of that a few i am sure would stick out the most.

1) FB would be either senile or in the coral-oven.
2) Islamic jihad have a safe haven in the pacific.
3) we will see a whole range of the mumbai types of jihad.

Anonymous said...

Bai should delay elections til 2100. elections to be made in hell. so iTs gonna b Him vs Lucifer in Hell. with all His suckers. ni kua ni vosa nai taukei, sivia na lamusona. bau vakai ira maada na wantoks, vosa ga vaka dua. seg na liumuri vaka caka tiko vei keda vakawai taukei vata.
sa kenai tinitini ga na boidada, luaraka na da, BOIDADA NA KA KECEGA

Anonymous said...

Bai should delay elections til 2100. elections to be made in hell. so iTs gonna b Him vs Lucifer in Hell. with all His suckers. ni kua ni vosa nai taukei, sivia na lamusona. bau vakai ira maada na wantoks, vosa ga vaka dua. seg na liumuri vaka caka tiko vei keda vakawai taukei vata.
sa kenai tinitini ga na boidada, luaraka na da, BOIDADA NA KA KECEGA

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Valataka na dina-9.52am.. get help, you are a sick, derailed person. Listen and learn more, and talk less. what you stated above shoes how stupid you are. Just re-read your latest blog, slowly, analytically, in SILENCE!! You mentioned the bible and Jesus, and free will, that made you stupid. Jesus' New covernant, talks about Love your enemy, if anyone slaps you on the right, give him your left, forgive 70x7, and so on--these are principles taught every Sundays by Methodist preachers, if you have ever been to church. If any member of the flock goes astray, like the soldiers yo refer to, they are still Methodists, NOT following Church principles. So dont talk about things you DO NOT know- The Church and Jesus. Talk about how to get rid of Vore, who is like a drowing man, clutching on every straw. Your name is "Valataka na Dina", so keep fighting for the DINA.

Anonymous said...

Blog @ 9.52am.

The Vore, needs the very ressistence you are calling on the Methodists and the Chiefs to engage this illegal regime in, to justify their existance and forever running this country.

Long live Fiji.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who are attacking the Methodist Church,we believe in what the God says,'VENGEANCE IS MINE' my advice to other people who are blaming the Methodist Church leave it to GOD he knows what is BEST and HE will pay rightfully and accordingly to all as they have done.

Anonymous said...

No Aid from Aust and NZ to help with the floods? and we wonder why, yes Bai, you made your bed now you can rot in it.!

Anonymous said...

I know God had already left our beloved FIJI...

Anonymous said...

VALATAKA NA DINA...Tough words after doing your Matanigasau on the sly, before skipping the country to Tonga!Very bad example to the young Fijian generation;and we don't want to teach our young generation to run, when faced with an obstacle, do we??? Also,your alias doesn't jive, if thruth be known, you haven't fought anybody or anything in your whole life? So just cut the bullshit and used your
true identity-RUM-Growup, this is the world of mature individual, who can interact with each others on a mature level?So give it up, you're no Maafu, so return to your
island and be a MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:21
Ican see that you are confused.

If your neighbour comes and rape your daughter or your wife, are you going to give him the other cheek? Are you going to wait for him to rape your wife 70 times?
I hope that is not what they are teaching you at church.

The right thing to do is to take him to the police. If there is no police then you beat the crap out of him.

So here is Voreqe and his thugs raping the country...Are you going to wait for 70 more coups?

The right response is to apply the Law to Voreqe, but since he has got rid of the Law, then we beat the crap out of him.

I can't do it alone. We must do it all together and especially to convince the villagers. (Unfortunately Sam Speight was trying to do this via DVD when they beat him up. But we must take up where Speight left off)) Voreqe knows that if the Fijians finally realise that he has been conning them then they will beat the crap out of him. I thank God for the flood, because now via these hardships, Fijians are beginning to wake up.
But at the end of the day we must make the choice and we must take the action. God has his part , we have our part.

In this posting I have hidden two messages. One thing we must get rid off completely and the other thing we must uphold (oops!) vehemently.

Have a happy weekend.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Valataka na dina, thats why Jesus said, that the Narrow Road is not easy. If Jesus can forgive Rapists, Murderers, Liars, tax collectors, prostitutes, you, me and the whle world, and God watched while His son is grilled, no wonder His footsteps are too hard to follow. Those are the teachings of the churches. May your mind be opened so you can see that forgiving the person who rapes your daughter, justify your petition to God to forgive you when you ask so. Otherwise He would ask you when you beg forgiveness, why should I. Peace be with you VND. Fight Vore, not Christian principles.

Anonymous said...

Valataka na dina, thats why we have the legal arm of any country to put evil doers away with a fair trial, not you to avenge. God gave Moses the laws to deal with your rapist and your part is to forgive 70x7, read your bible its full of answers for your confused mind.

Anonymous said...

Annonimous @ 4.24pm, God has not left Fiji. He is in my Home and He talks to me everyday. I know He is in many other homes in Fiji. Look for him and He will find you.

Anonymous said...

@ Ali Baba...what the fuck you fallas waiting for.Remove him forcibly at gunpoint. You wanna know whats going on...tell you what!!! you so dumb...thats what's going on troopers. In 87 the foot soldiers believed in the cause and did it for peanuts. Todays sotia solisona are just as bad as Bocimarama and arsehole. All bloody corrupt.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:07
Why you say I should "fight Vore" when you've just been telling me to "forgive him".

OK lets just "forgive" Voreqe. Lets just turn the other cheek. Never mind. Let the soldiers continue doing the coup year after year.
Another soldier will come up and do another coup. Let's just forgive him.
Never mind the Fijian kids have to go cut sugarcane in Tavua because they can't pay the school fees. Never mind. Let's just forget about free education.
That boy could have become an A380 pilot like Timoci Bainivalu but ahhhh let's forget about it.
Never mind, just let more Fijian kids become more uneducated like their cousins in Africa.
May be they can become soldiers. You don't need an education to be able to pull a trigger ( but you definitely need one to fly an A380)

Let Voreqe and his soldiers take all the money.
Never mind all your relatives suffering at CWM because no money for their medicine.More and more of them dying from neglect and deteriorating service.
Ahh never mind. Let's just all turn the other cheek.

Let's just all be happy and lets just turn the other cheek.
Let the country deteriorate and become a squalor of an increasingly poor population.

Fijian land will now go to the Chinese to pay Voreqe's big debt.
Fijians will now become slaves in their own country.
Vianaka vaka levu kemuni na sotia. Ni sa sotia vuku dina.Your children will now become slaves to the Chinese.

Ahh never mid let's just turn the other cheek.

-Valataka na Dina.

Really? said...

PM handouts cheques to Rakiraki market vendors

99 Rakiraki market vendors have each received a hundred dollars from the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama for revenue lost during the floods.

The payment for 43 days of market fees to the council.

Speaking at the handing over of the cheques – Minister for Trade Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this is the first time any government in Fiji has assisted all permanent market vendors in a town.

He told the vendors – the assistance wouldn’t have eventuated without the approval of the PM.

Special Administrator Saini Raiko says while Rakiraki is a new town trying to stand on its feet – the assistance will go a long way.

“The fact that government has recognised that despite it being a small town – in light of the recent natural disaster – there is a need for support to the small businesses and this is what the government has done. Just the fact that the head of government would come to the smallest town with the smallest market to personally hand them assistance in the form of fees for days lost during business – that will be something that will be talked about for a while.”

Prime Minister and the Attorney-General are currently in Ba town to hand out cheques to the market vendors and businesses there.

More than $66,000 in assistance will be given out to businesses and market vendors in the flood ravaged areas today.


L.N.K said...

If Thakur Singh is recommending that the Election should be delayed to 2020, than I am kindly recommending him to migrate back to Fiji. He can not recommending that the Fiji people should not enjoy the principle of democracy whilst he is residing in a democratic country in New Zealand. A brain of his is out of touch to reality which has a scar of resentment , bitterness and angry. Since his removal from his post as the Editor of Daily Post by the Qarase government , he has never stop showing his bitterness towards them spewing lies and suggestion that any normal person analyse it as a misfit and needs mental counselling. I still can remember him few years back during a close up program where he promised to bring film producers to shoot film here in Fiji, but to date there was not a single producers brought in by him. We can easily assessed people of what they say and actually what they do and Thankur is one of those you can describe even when he is miles away because his Talk does not meet his WALK ..He is just the Talk of the Talk which is described as Loud, nonsense, seek attention, pride and low self esteem. I would suggest to Thankur to be silent a lot just as that famous quote "An inability to stay quiet is one of the most conspicuous failings of mankind. ~Walter Bagehot. His loud and irrelevant discussion to any issue relating to Fiji will reveal more of his character and his restless soul towards the past doing. Everyone has a story or a luggage of disappointment in life to tell but it does not have to control our thoughts, mind and behaviour. We are reminded in Proverbs 23:7 " For as he (a person)thinks in his heart, so is he?

Anonymous said...

VALATAKA NA DINA, if that is the only road to Heaven, would you take it. Or, to Hell about Heaven, I will serve the devil and fight. Remember, Jesus said, " Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,...", and the things you worry about your kids, indian kids, or the future of Fiji, shall be in the hands of the Master Planner, not yours or Vore, Your Part, do the will of God and seek His righteousness. That VLD is so easy, yet so hard when you have a mind like yours. You worry too much about Fiji's future, give to God, you seek God first. (Read Isiah 29 in the NIV Bible.

Anonymous said...

RUM...you still have a major problem and you need to man-up,set up a resistent group and return to Fiji,TO physically challenge Bainimarama. you are no longer a child-who knows,you may still have
pouch of supports throughout Fiji,but you have to come back to the country to feel it out? Loan a
Tongan battle ship from the Tui Tonga, plan your military training
in Tonga and Lau Islands.Seek weaponary systems from the US & Australia. Don't just talk RUM, you've done damages to our democratic system, your parents-honorable, as they were,must be turning over and not happy one iota!You need to take action,so they can rest in peace;and you gotta bring it on!!!Show us what you're really made off??? Their will be collateral damages,WE KNOW THAT AND WE ACCEPT IT, but it's gotta HAPPEN!!!TAKE EVERYTHING OFF