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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sources: regime taking credit for work of aid agency

OUT AND ABOUT: Illegal leader Frank Bainimarama in the western division but sources are challenging the official information. pic Minfo

Murmurs from people on the ground today about what they say is the lack of transparency in what the regime is doing for Fiji's flood victims and what the Red Cross is doing.

Sources say there's disquiet over the agency's operations in the western division, run by Faiyaz Ali, the buddy of the illegal attorney general who was last week made a Justice of the Peace despite facing fraud charges.

Sources say Red Cross distributed water given by Fiji Water and gave food to Fiji Police force but did not call media or issue a press release of where they've been. 

The source says "It looks like they are doing jobs that Government is taking credit for."

The source says the Red Cross should provide a breakdown of where they are distributing and that foreign governments should give their donations to NGOs, adding FRIEND, is doing more than Red Cross.

Another source says despite reports of people getting aid, the help has not been as generous as has been made out.

"When people were at evacuation centers government gave them no food.

"When people from Naviyago village, with a population of 500, were told to return home, they were given one 10kg flour and 5 packs of 2kg dhal!"

Sources also report that Lautoka doctors say there have been three leptospirosis cases despite MINFO maintaining there have been no flood related cases of the disease.

The Fiji Red Cross Society today lauded what it says is the coordinated approach by the National Disaster Management Office during the recent floods in the western division with disaster co-ordinator, Eseroma Ledua, saying the distribution of the rations, security, and other logistics have been up to expectations.
In a government statement Ledua said “The authorities and other non – governmental organizations (NGO’s), and international partners have partnered really well which is good.”


Anonymous said...

Well!!lession learned. What ever this ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT put their hands on will be reduced to none, zipped. Since blood is written all over your hands...NA KA KECEGA DOU NA TARA CAKE E NA VAKARUSA NA KALOU!!!. Dou yavu kanaloto.

Bananarama republic said...

Under this illegal and corrupted regime everything is compromised. The nation is on a road to nowhere. An absolute bananarama republic.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a Government that is running out of
money and can't pay up it's debts?
Bai your look north attempts is definitely a major disaster and as
always you took the wrong course?You navigate your ship to the wrong latitudes?Time to hand over
the wheel to a qualified capitano, who is able to re-calculate the course; and re-direct our ship onto
the correct latitude and saved us all from being shipwrecked?

Red Cross fan said...

In Rakiraki government workers arre just doing what they please. It is the Red Cross that is going out to the people and braving the bad weather. There have been a few laughs over how some reports on the ground have been disseminated to the media...for eg: a report that classes at Rakiraki Methodist Primary School were cancelled as the school was under water. This might have been possible in Noah's days..but not now...The school sits on the highest point of the town. Just goes to prove rumours around Rakiraki that the DISMAC and relevant civil servants who are supposed to be out in the field keeping a tab on damages and areas of ned are spending the rainy days indoors around the grog bowl. And then we have the town's interim special administrator cruising with her family members in the town council's newest vehicle as the people in affected areas wade through floodwaters to get to the evacuation centres...which by the way...do not meet their basic needs of food and water. The only people Rakiraki evacuees are thankful to are the Red Cross people and the volunteers who have sacrificed time withe families and the comfort of their homes to come out and help those in need.

Anonymous said...

TheY have no idea what to do, had they known that it was going to be this tough the PM says he wouldn't have done it? But please Red Cross,
give the man a break and hand him a
"DIGNITY PACT" with viagara or Sialis included? Many of his tries
with the opposite sex,have gone dis-satisfactory or disaster!

Anonymous said...

Just look at that boci holding an umbrella, he's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

God bought famine,disease,war,into the land of israel when his people starts to open doors to sin ie fornication or adultery etc....wake up Pastor,.Reverand..Bishop..Evangelist....Christians..when you dont do your job..Lotu vakaca,masu vakaca,wili volatabu vakaca...the nation will feel...come out from your comfort zone and preach the gospel to the nation..preach the sin not the sinner...go read and study the book of Hosea..Hosea5:1 "Listen to this priest(Talatals)!pay attention,people of israel(men and women of God)!Listen you belong to Royal family (nation)you are supposed to judge with justice so judgement will fall on you........she has been unfaithful,and her people are unfit to worship me"Everybody turn back to god ask for forgivness...coz he loves the nation and the people but hates SIN..john 3:16 for god so loved the world that he gave his only son for who so ever believes in him shall not perish but have an everlasting life"amen...JISU GA NA WALI NI LEQA...bless

no money said...

the real cost of the floods will be far higher than what the government says it will be. it does not have the money to do everything it needs to for the victims

Anonymous said...

Where is the Fiji Army?
This is where they should be working. Not sleeping in Delainabua.
Go and do some work you lazy soldiers.
Go and help your fellow Fijians.
Stop standing around doing nothing but holding a gun at checkpoints. Go and help some people.
Useless lazy soldiers.

Satini Koki said...

akaa gonei!! koya qo e siga tu mada la na uca qai vakaiviu taki, mai ya so! Voreqe dolava la na matani nomu tarausese me tekiduru yani kina o la tauri viu tu qori, oti drau visau me fair.

Anonymous said...

Ho!Ho! Just look at Vore's tummy, how it bulge out. No more army look, but looks like the kanaloto, arsehole he is. Shame on you cocky nose.

Anonymous said...

What else do you expect from crooks like Bainimarama, Aiyaz, Faiyaz, Shameem, Gates and the rest of the crowd. Appointing a known conman and opportunist like Faiyaz as JP, along with other responsible posts he is holding in the West courtesy of Aiyaz, is blatant contempt of the rule of law when the guy is facing court action.

But then this regime is the most corrupt we have ever had the misfortune to rule over us. Compared to the Bai-Aiyaz setup the corruption evidenced under the Qarase and Rabuka governments pale into insignificance.

Anonymous said...

The know-all advisor on interim PM's right...viavia kila, drau boci

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:57
that boci should be handed a fan too...a true masipolo. Bloggers just look closely at the pics you can tell many things from there...Bai trying to figure what his boy is pointing out etc...sa sega ga ni rawa

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:57
that boci should be handed a fan too...a true masipolo. Bloggers just look closely at the pics you can tell many things from there...Bai trying to figure what his boy is pointing out etc...sa sega ga ni rawa

Anonymous said...

What has Israel go to do with Fiji? Christ can we just leave Israel for a while and worry about Fiji-part of our problem is we never wnat to see it from others perspect it, some how its always others that have cuased out problem. Reason why all the talatalas are seeming very quite is because many supported the previuos coups they all now going thru PENANCE! Just for once lets stop comparing ourselves with Israel or Afgahnistan-our problem needa local solution. All in all, the COUPs got us here how do we move from that to another more better solution-is it elections?

Anonymous said...

Even our saviour is sold with 30pc silver . So, Umbrella boy & others in regime can do anything given more packages...so we all know the end...ni na mate ga!!!vakasuka rawa ni se tu na gauna...ke sega na via vinaka cake o jiutasa .

mark manning said...

Another photo opportunity with the fat bellied Commander !

ghekko said...

red cross fan, at least those civil servants will work when told to, without which why should they? they know full well that bainimarama does not care about the citizens of fiji, he cares about himself and how to exit without ending up in naboro farm including the boys in the photo.by the way, this is coming sooner then they realise.

as for red cross, how do you think this world wide organisation started? such is their corporate mission. they do not need to be thanked but supported monetarily.

in our struggle to rid our nation of bainimarama's evil regime, there will be sacrifices to be made and prices paid.

however, we must stand united and not give in to bainimarama's bullying tactics and destructive ideology. we must be ready to fight to remove bainimarama's evil from us. remember, the change can only be achieved when we believe it is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

kilai sara ga o koya na sotia e dusi tiko... e gone vakilakila..
nomu dusi toka qori sotia.. ke vinaka cake ga mo se dusia cake na sona nei bainimarama.

sa sega ga ni rawa e dua na ka e keri.. dou sarasara ga dou yavu sotia ululala vata kei bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Komanada Bai-sa cerecake tiko mai e ketemu ena levu na kana free o cakava tiko-o volia na kemu mai nai lavo o butakoca, free tale tu na lori-,sega ni sauma nomu vale-ia sa voleka tiko na siga mo na qai raica kina na kunea.

Isa o ira na nomu kawa cava era na kaya nio sa yali e delai vuravura... Tamata wacarasation.

Anonymous said...

The 5000 army must be sent to clean and repair all damage or else they do nothing.

time for clean up campign.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.57 & 4.11...How DARE you call the umbrella guy BOCI.
Did they miss him somehow?
Or is it the guy behind him that is BOCI who is holding the red file!!
Or maybe you recognised him to be a Telaban....

Where are all the Churches..are they not donating for their Talatala loyalists? Have they lost their Christanity for the sake of getting back at Bai and Telaban!!!

Were they in the past also riding on Govt's handout?

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu..

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ 4:22, free elections ARE the answer, but do not expect elections organized by Bainimarama and Aiyaz to be anything but a sham. Therefore, we must not leave the organization of the elections to them.

Fiji is not the only country ever to have experienced a military coup. We have many models from which to choose for shaping Fiji's return to representative government. This regime gave Fijians the right to revolution when it promulgated the PER, which took away the people's right to peacefully petition the government for redress. China's Chairman Mao said that 'revolution is not a tea party', and he is right, but many non-violent tactics remain available to Fijians. I suggest trying these first but do not rule out a shift to another approach if necessary.

Given that the nature of this regime and its actions to date indicate that it intends to hold power indefinitely, elections notwithstanding, its goal at this point should be to engineer the poll in such a way that it achieves a regime victory while passing the international community's 'smell test'. It will seek to do that by creating an uneven playing field, controlling the political calendar, and keeping the democratic opposition off-balance.

I have a whole programme of counter-initiatives to suggest, but this is neither the time nor the place for that. I do suggest, however, that the good offices of C4.5 and an on-line voting service be used to organize a virtual caucus allowing Fijians to nominate well in advance of the elections a slate of candidates to contest each of the top positions in the government, including the presidency. This 'government in cyberspace' would be in a much stronger position to rally opposition elements, affect the constitutional debate, speak to the international community, and organize and contest the elections, especially as, unlike the present regime, it would have a real measure of legitimacy.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The guy holding the umbrella is a BOCI. Look closely at the photo, there is only one umbrella and that's for the vutulaki Voceke. It's not even raining and not sunny either, so why the fark did he put the umbrella up for?

Anonymous said...

Is Bai pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Umbrella is just to show where the target is.

Anonymous said...

na tauri file keinai viu ni sona e caka tu qori,,,,,,unqualified butako tutu sa rauta me leqa o Viti,,,,,yavu kana loto via veiliutaki qai sona!

joeli said...

That pufta guy wearing green uniform is Monty naulumatua, son of Milika Munivai. Known to be a womaniser in Nadi.He actually is having an affair with vika a friend of mine.Sa ka levu kece ga mai na ketedra na duri tu qo.Your day of judgement will come.

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous we dont need a local solution...we need a JESUS solution...coz Mr PM is opening doors to Paganism practises into the country...sit and watch the new decree to be given...We are Israel in spirit and so the Nation is filled with SIN...50% Blind shepherd,adultry,fornication,hyprocisy,deceit.....grow up people...we christians we worship JESUS only from our mouth not from the Heart...we preach something but practise something else...Mr PM is a christians but practise something else...how about you and me.?.....so the solution is only in the word of God.....Everybody including the PM GO BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD....it might be Foolish hear this but am serious...Me Liu na KALOU ko JIOVA ENA MATANITU not ALLAH...Theres only one God who created the Universe,who creates you and me and his name is JESUS...no other God to be worshipped but only him.

Anonymous said...

Do not see the Illegal Regime slagging off the evil overseas Countries and Aid Agencies for interfering in the Fijian Flood Crisis. The Two-faced Hypocrites in the Evil Illegal Military Junta will not be offering any praise and taking all the Credit. The only people they are fooling are themselves.

Joeli said...

O koya na boci, gone sonalevu dusi tu qori (guy in green uniform) o Monty Naulumatua Munivai. Your days are numbered you f!@#$%^g a!@#$$%^&e.

February 16, 2012 2:06

Anonymous said...

Joeli, vakaraitaka ga o iko na sonalevu tu vei iko ..Ulukau.. You have a problem with Capt. Monty, go deal with it, don't robe us in and defame the poor guy..He's just doing his job..whether he likes it or not..

Brain Dead Fiji said...

The boci syndrome in Fiji is not a surprise given the intimidation and killing tactics of this regime. Like everyone who continues to defend and make excuses for Frank and co, the umbrella guy is just another one wanting to be on the winning side thinking the dream run will never be over.

Wanna Change said...

Anon@1.43am Appreciate your perspective about the upcoming elections and how the country should tackle it. Bring on your ideas bro

Anonymous said...

Finally the AG-Khaiyum has gone to India to prepare a place for Bai,Eveli and himself...Good place for them!
Hes in the wrong spot as Indians don't like muslims, so he better move on to Pakistan. Not sure what they're going to do with Gates and the Samimi sisters? What about eveli Ganilau, anyone have a recomendation what to do with this
CEKELEVU? I say put him on trial and cut-off his ceke in public?

Neutral Munchkin said...

Incredible revelations today by Peter Thompson...he is telling news today that elections will be fair and unbiased. These elections are primed for Frank and mates to win. Thompson is just putting a spin on it all

Anonymous said...

Is the vuaka pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Hey who impregnated Bai the pig? Is it Aiyarse?

Anonymous said...

sobo - sa wele o Voreqe mavoa tale on Monty Python na boci,,,what a dumb name!

Democracy Supporter said...

Frank is looking less than fit these days. Age and the easy living taking its toll.

Anonymous said...

Sa ra na wili kece kina. Levu ga na va fancy when in uniform.Waraka tiko.Sa sucu sa lutu.

Anonymous said...

Conversation between Vuaka and the fella in green (fig).

Bai: oi what's that?
Fig: that's a hole.
Bai: what hole?
Fig: the hole caused by the flood.
Bai: no ass hole.
Fig: yes big hole.
Bai: boci stop mocking Khaiyum.
Fig: he's got a big hole?
Bai: yes boci, rough like that too.
Fig: how we gona fix that hole?
Bai: boci stop asking too many questions.
Fig: fucking asshole.
Bai: yes I have, just look at my stomach boci.

And that ends their conversation.

Anonymous said...

Dua ga vei iratou qori me biligi Voceke ka ratou buluti koya sara yani ena i keli e vakaraica sobu tu qori..na gauna sa buluti kina me laurai tu ga mai i cake na nona sona me ra vakayagataka na gone ni lewe ni koro qori me pilo ena gauna era play mapolo kina...

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this was a PR job by Sharon Smith Johns,but it's certainly showing -off the wrong body-parts of Bai the Ketepoka? I mean, what was he doing in there?That's an Engineer job, to examined analyse and rebuild the damage areas etc. Bai job is to be there during the flood and after the engineers have done their jobs. What the hell does he know about rebuilding a bridge,or house? He should have been in his office trying to get money to help out these victims of the flood.No wonder Khaiyum is in India trying to get another hefty loan from the Indian Government,to help out these poor flood victims?

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.56am. Read the posting above yours on the conversation between Vuaka and the boci in green. Vuaka knows fark all about nothing.

Inky Pinky said...

PM plans for another fiji village today:

Western tour
Publish date/time: 17/02/2012 [18:57]

The Prime Minister is planning to make another tour of the Western division next week to check on the relief efforts.

Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said that there is a lot of relief work going on at the moment and one of their priorities is getting children back into schools.

Bainimarama made the comments while receiving a donation of $51,300 from five donors for the Flood Relief Fund today.

He assured all the donors that the money will be very useful in the relief efforts especially to those affected from floods in the Western division.

Nauru's High Commissioner Jarden Kephas handed a cheque of $37,300 saying that President and Government of Nauru is giving a helping hand in assisting people affected.

Also the Sri Lankan community today gave $4,500.

Story by: Sneh Chaudhry

Anonymous said...

But Vuaka will deposit it first in his bank account.

Anonymous said...

man in green. Dont you dare forget about what happened in Black Rock. Your day will come. We cant wait for that day.