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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sources: Suva special administrator being investigated

Insiders say the regime appointed special administrator for the Suva City Council, Chandu Umaria, is being investigated by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption and is about to be charged for bribery.

Umarai was accused last year of a number of irregularities including a tenders scam in the Council involving a 10 per cent cut from preferred contractors and suppliers. 

The scam involved tenders being called for capital works and procurement of supplies. 
But unlike the normal practice, the tenders were being opened behind closed doors by Umaria and a select group, including the director engineering Ravin Pillay, senior enforcement officer Suresh Rattan, tenders clerk Krishna and solicitor Zulfikar Khan.

When the tender prices were known to the group, the original tenders would then be shelved and renegotiations conducted  with other companies to include the special administrator's 10%. 

Sources told Coupfourpointfive the works and purchasing frenzy led to both overstocking of non-essential items and shortages of essential supplies.  Some Council workers were dismissed and faced police action on allegations of selling overstocked tyres. 

A number of staff involved in estimation and procurement were also suspended.

Sources also claim Umraia approved a $10,000 pay rise for the Works Depot Manager, Uma Chand, to ensure the tenders and procurement records were safe and reworked to protect himself.

Umraia was taken to court by his landlord after failing to pay his rent. A High Court ruling in Suva on August the 30th last year resulted in him being told to vacate the flat and to pay the arrears plus $1,500 in costs.

Sources say FICAC information against Umraia includes a $200 bribe from a builder to have his plans passed without inspection plus a $5,000 bribe from an advertising company executive to have its billboards erected in Suva.
Picture: Chandu Umraia (front right) at a Fiji China Friendship Association meeting earlier this month in Suva. 


  1. No surprises here, only was a matter of time, so greedy got more greedy, dont wanna share paisa with bai, aiarse, noor, ajith K.

    Time to join another choro in naboro, Suncourt hardware Dhansukh bhika,,wait there is more names to come,,This fulla chandu umaria has been grafting since aiarse was a boy in toorak. go figure.
    No khidchi in naboro., only big alu !!!.

  2. What else do we expect when our country is run by corrupt leaders.
    Bainimarama comitted treason and stole the government by force from the people, so what else do we expect.

    A country is only as good as it's leaders.

    Of course there is going to be corruption and bullying everywhere.
    Of course corruption will now run rampant.

    This is class one stuff.
    You don't have to be Einstein to figure this out.

    The fact that Bainimarama and his soldiers thought that by committing treason they would stamp out corruption show their lack of a basic understanding of human nature.

    The funny thing is if Bainimarama or Aiyaz does it, its OK but anyone else does it they go running to FIRCA.

    The question is how long do we sit here and allow Bai and Aiyaz continue with this bullshit.

    -Valataka na Dina.

  3. Frightening to know panadol is the considered cure. Government being shown up badly by the disaster. Glad WHO and NGO's on scene

  4. Well, well, birds of a feather flock together.

  5. Suva Restaurant OwnerFebruary 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    I had personal dealings with Umaria when I was in the process of applying for licences for a restaurant in Suva years ago. Chandu was merely a city councillor then. He asked me to visit him at his home in Toorak (Umaria Building) with a 40oz bottle of Johnny Walker whiskey if i wanted approvals quicker. When I refused he ensured my approvals were delayed and i had to approach Rob Donges (the then Australian Town Planner at SCC) to assist.

    The other guy they need to investigate is Sashi Kant - Toorak old boy like umaria (another of the guji mafia at SCC that included Bhika at its head. He ensures all the guji building applications go through quickly.

    Corruption is rife at SCC and its been known for a long time. Drive around Suva on any given day and watch the council workers on roads go SLOW. Tea time at every 3 hours. If the road in front of your house needs work, a few dollars to the supervisor will ensure a load of gravel and tar sealing the same day otherwise it could be weeks.

    charge Umaria if found guilty.

  6. Interesting picture Chandu and Jim A Koy...easily the most corrupt businessman in Fiji. I remember him telling a friend when he was made Fiji ambassador to China..."front row seats" he said .... to benefit his businesses i guess. Check out all the China made electronics at Jim's business ...kelton marketing.

  7. The article on treatment for Dengue is just panadol is correct. In fact panadol is the drug of choice in treating someone suffering from Dengue, which also includes a lot of fluids.The use of panadol is reccommened due to one of the other forms of dengue which can cause bleeding.So one avoids using asprin. The case here which resulted in a death is most probably due to complications or other factors that could be missed. One should note that you can't admit all case of Dengue if there is an outbreak or else you will fill up the hospital with just dengue cases what happens when you if you do get other cases of dengue that are more severe in presentation or even bleeding dengue cases, emergency cases or other diseases that also warrants admission into hospital. The skills of Medical Practicenors and also the history from patients is so fundermental in getting a correct diagnosis.The process of admission is even more severly tested in outbreaks.

  8. and the ass was made special admininstrator for 2011. what a sick joke.

  9. I can't help but notice that Indians are really making a lot of money out of dodgy deals and practices, thanks to Vuaka and his sidekick Aiyarse.

    Corruption is at it's worse, the very thing that the Vuaka was out to eradicate, but he and Aiyarse are actually more corrupt than any one else in Fiji, past and present.

  10. What serendipity! Seated next to Chandu is the arch enemy of all freedom loving Fiji citizens, namely Jim Ah Koi. Here is the man who right from the word go was supportative of all coups right from 1987.When this serious crime was committed he was among the first to jump in to try and trivialise the crime and make a hero out of the person who had broken the law that held everything together in Fiji. Some have asserted that his motives was always to be the first hyhena on the scene to feed his greed from the wreckage.He would have to be one of the persons who has played out as the Great Evil Tevoro role behind the scenes, to undermine Fiji's resurrection as an esteemed and respected member of the international law abiding community. Well, Chandu is a former employee of Ah Koi and has learnt from the master how to con and choro. Chandu has been caught out this time so it seems. No more fooling around with the young ladies of the night in the Suva night clubs eh? Now we need Baini and Aliarse to also be indicted.Or, some heroic body guard or soldier/policeman to on behalf of all Fijians - solve all our woes...

  11. Chandu was a crook right from the 90's when he was councillor and mayor. Jail him now for he desrved to be like his predecessor Dhansukh Bhika.

  12. The little runt probably didnt want to share.
    I am sure the Brotherhood will move in to fill the vacum.

  13. Chandu gave a piece of land at toorak that belonged Scouts to his friend from under the nose of scouts association to Tarun Ambaram to build a motel

  14. isa you gang, madaqa leave the poor alone, franky the fool and his left cherry Aiyaz are milking "ghuuusss" money left right and centre from Chinese investors keeping it stashed some where secret...chandu is a small fish...if someone has balls...investigate franky and his left cherry aiyaz...me madaqa no balls...

  15. C4.5 not a big fan of you. However I wish this story is true.

  16. All those who take up board member, chariman and administrator appointments are fools, they will be used and then set up with charges for FICAC and sent to gail.

    This the plot of the junta who need gail numbers to increase to show that they fighting corruption.

    All resign now and leave or go to gail later.

  17. Remember the NFA chairman and CEO facing FICOOK charges and many more.

    Why the idiots accept the appointments.

    Its a trap- all will be charged by FICOOK and sent to gail.

  18. dina says...

    hey Viti, look it takes a thief to catch many thieves...????

    The illegal self appointed PM and his cronies appointed all these incompetent chor's and CEO's,

    now they are reaping their reward of the same...first was Chaudary, felix, Dan the grand masters. Ayaz Khaiyum was looking and learning from them. so he took Frank with him including aunty Nur & Naz Shameem ++++++. all chor's.

  19. Same story in Lautoka Mr Pravin Bala sits with his balls all around Rimal Karan, Shalendra Dass, Shiva Rajan , Mr Jone Nakauvadra so wat else wh]ill there coucils do without a balance and no opposition. look the way Lautoka is going over spending all ways possible and why isnt the Minsitry doing anything ???? Is it because the minster was called to unveil the works upgrading for $180,000 after neg with the contactor Who made a cut there from Metalworks Mr bala and wat does a tender mean no neg is it or lets call tender and neg. Well FICAC wake up in Lautoka

  20. The biggest corruption is one billion dollar waila city development project scam- by dictator.

    Chandu is small fry.

    The biggest thug call himselb primeminister.

  21. ranjit singh thakur says
    chandu was taking cut from charles wakeam addup advertising.
    he asked cut from map too.
    he is following his mates ag/bai/aziz,bano,nazrat,others,
    where is ficac when will they charge erasito consultant/others in spg scam.
    fiji is more corrupt now than any other govt.

  22. The next person that should be investigated is Bala SA of Lautoka. Another big time choor.

  23. Need to get your facts straight: Kelton Marketing has not been operating for almost 20 years, Ah Koy's family business imports from China in last 5 years, approximately ZERO $. Nearly 100% of imports from Australia, NZ and some from US (books for christian book shop).

  24. Jail Ghandu Umraia.I'm sure he is guilty. Put him in the max in naboro. My cousin will look after him there.

  25. Anonymous 10:35, glad to see you read the opposition blogs, Sir James.

    The perception throughout Fiji, and even at the MFA, is that you used your official position in Beijing for personal gain. I hope your health holds up long enough for you to be able to have your day in court and to exonerate yourself, if you can.

    Perhaps the bigger problem is the perception that you've been helping Bainimarama sell out the country to the Chinese. When you're ethnic Chinese and representing a corrupt regime to the amoral and opportunistic Communist Chinese, I guess it pretty much comes with the territory, doesn't it, especially when your business interests seem to be doing so well while the rest of the country is in recession?

    I don't know how you counter that impression. Perhaps you could lead a popular effort to end the human trafficking into Fiji of prostitutes and phony laborers by Fulluck. But then that would mean the closure of Angel Club and the loss of a profit center for Boss Hawg, wouldn't it?

    That's quite a perception problem you have, Sir James. You may be rich, but my, how it must suck to be you!

  26. OK Guys Jim is not Chinese,He is Fijian in my book as well as in the VKB!Not sure how old he is but
    he's still doing pretty good so far?He just may run for the next election in 2014 and possibly be the next PM!

  27. Does anyone notice a trend that is emerging? The trend is that Indians are the ones who are under investigation. Go figure.

  28. Books from US eh JIm...you mean Bibles. We all remember how you secured distribution rights for a particular Bible. Profiting from your religious beliefs? Now thats rich. Sorry I mean now thats a rich man.
    You are really are worse than that Mick Beddoes falla. Sleep with whatever enemy is in power.

  29. Kai Kadavu accept JAK as Taukei - what the rest of you people believe he is is of little or no consequence.

  30. It is well known that Chandu is a big-time crook. So is Shasi Kant. If you put them together they will rob you blind. Somebody should look into his first term as mayor. There is bound to be some real dirty laundry. It was having dracula at the bank

  31. fiji is f up by these nfp and army thugs.

  32. There should be an investigation on Bala. Lautoka is the dirtiest city and I do not know how the hell they were pronounced the cleanest city in Fiji. I would hate to see the dirtiest city in Fiji.

    There are some old cases that should be reopened. One that comes to my mind is that of George Shiu Raj and Hunts Travel.

  33. Oi Jim.... or is it Michael or is it Tony writing. How come the army hasn't investigated your family's countless crooked deals. And whats happening to the self promoting, ego-testicle proposed venture... Jamestown. Was to house thousands..right. another waila? Or is NZ a better place to hide da money? Eh Mikey? Fiji is a small place in every sense of the word and crooked deals soon get found out. How's tony's mail order bride?

  34. Mahen 'honest man' ChaudhryFebruary 23, 2012 at 6:09 PM

    What's the latest on Mahen 'Chor'dhry tax evasion case and his overseas million-dollar stash? This is another crooked leader who has taken voters for a ride.

    Jobs for the son, senate seat for daughter's father-in-law...and the hypocrite was blaming SDL for nepotism and corruption and cracking down on tax dodgers.

    The cunning bastard crook!

    Chaudhry and his one-man Labour Party have screwed the country long enough. It's time they spent some time behind bars for treason for supporting the coup.

  35. Chandu Gandu had a case of bankruptcy against him in the Magistrates court this week. The case was adjourned to the first week of March....keep watching the news.

    Chandu is preaching to ratepayers in Suva not to default in their City Rates but he himself is owing so much monies to others.

  36. The fijian bible translation was paid by Jim and bibles given free. Go and check whole yasawa. All got 1 each free. Free download at www.nftbible.org. Old fijian bible is $$ to buy. Jim is getting rich paying for translation and giving bibles free ??

  37. About two weeks ago SCC workers did road markings on Toorak Road. There are more than twenty driveways on Toorak Road. The SCC workers marked "KEEP CLEAR" on the road in front of only one driveway. Guess whose driveway - "Umaria" Buildings.

    I lodged a written complaint to the SCC, copied to the PM's Office, on 22 Feb 2012 questioning why my driveway on Toorak Road was not marked with "KEEP CLEAR". Two days later on 24 Feb 2012 SCC workers arrived in a truck in Toorak Road and covered the "KEEP CLEAR" marking in front of Umaria Building.

    Ratepayers of Suva - your rates have increased in 2012 to pay for Chandu's personal tasks such as this.

  38. Cahndu should also be investigated for the security service company of a Ashok where he demanded 10% commission for having his tender approved

  39. Chandu has a police rap in Sacramento California too where he was harrassing family members when he was a mayor in fiji and the idiot thought he could exercise his mayoral rights in the US

    He should be investigated for all the external bank accounts he has in the US and NZ too and questioned where the proceeds were from.

  40. Chandu the Mayor, isnt this the guy whose murder conspiracy case was thrown out of the supreme court couple of years ago.
    I wonder if the lady who was the victim of this idiot is around,she may be a good candidate who can expose this SA to the world that Ulu kaus like him still exists

  41. @ Anon 10:42.

    Maybe the Lord acts in strange ways? Whats the issue here?
    Jim - free bibles - or Jim giving away bibles for free?

  42. Hey latest news is that Lautoka the cleanest City was doing a clean up today with all the LCC staff involved. Seems that the the administration is reading blogs too that y did lautoka get cleanest city so the SA mr Bala PM's masipolo is trying to cover up.Coupfourpoint five prove urself and also there is lots of stuffs about Mr Bala that needs to be reveiled.

  43. Chandu Umaria is stashing cash in his personal bank accounts in Aust, NZ and USA. Part of his funds are now being channelled into the bank accounts of his sons and ex-wife now residing in Australia.

    Mahendra Chaudhry was charged for doing this. Why is Chandu not treated the same?? Has Frank or FRCA given tax immunity to Chandu Umaria??

    I also wonder what Razim at FIU is doing about this? They should rename the unit to Financial Unintelligence Unit!!!

  44. Chandu Umaria has been punished enough for fooling innocent people. he must look at his left palm enough to think why is it like that....as if his begging for forgiveness or $$$$$$.


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