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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pryde against bail variation for Samisoni and three others

The Suva Magistrates Court has deferred its decision regarding bail variation for four people charged with urging political violence and urging another citizen to burn Suva.

The four are businesswoman and deposed SDL MP, Dr Mere Samisoni, and Mataiasi Ragigia, Semisi Lasike and Apete Vereti.
The case was heard by the acting chief magistrate Usaia Ratuvili who says a decision will be made next week.

In court today, though, DPP Christopher Pryde announced that  Samisoni is no longer a Justice of Peace saying that there has been no Parliament since 2006 so therefore the provisions that allow a MP to be a JP no longer exist.

He also objected to a variation in bail saying all four should be remanded in custody.

Prosecutors allege the group conspired to overthrow the illegal government last year between September and December naming Waisea Kaloumaira as the man they allegedly urged to burn Suva.

In a statement yesterday the family of Samisoni said the case was to be heard after "repeated delays."

It said the 73-year-old grandmother was detained on December 30 and released on bail on 4 January "in a case that co-incised with Fiji's military regime introducing new powers to detain and even kill civilians it suspects of committing an offence under the Public Order Act."

The statement continued with: "Fiji's military regime has established a policy of Lawfare, using the court system to inflict punishment and costs on individuals it intends to destroy, including the elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, Human Rights lawyer Imrana Jalal and former Fiji Rugby Union chairman, Keni Dakuidreketi."


mark manning said...

The Regime is doomed !

Hang Pryde said...

The regime supporter and parasite Christopher Pryde must hang for the injustices he has done to the Fijian people. He along with other dogs like Gates and Smith Johns must NOT be allowed to escape when the illegal junta is destroyed. Pryde has alleged that this Fijian woman, the patriot, this grandmother, is charged with "inciting political violence". Yet he is part of a brutal murdering regime that took over a legitimately elected government by force using thugs with guns. The regime that Pryde is part of has brutalised, intimidated, bashed and murdered defenceless Fijians. And he and the dog gates think this is OK? It is not ok. It is criminal and evil. These dogs must be brought to justice and dealt with like Saddam and Gaddafi. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Are they kidding, who is this God from below. How crazy to think that a lone ranger was going to burn down Suva.

and if the regime would give a shit if a few shops were burnt down. they would love it, an opportunity to go savage some defenceless people up.

Seems to crazy for Mere to hatch such a plan but even more crazy that the regime should consider this a threat.

How pathetic, the regime should have at least nabbed the schemers in the act, to justify all this hassle and to convince us Mere is cookoo.

At this point it looks like the regime is cookoo going after a 75 year old grandma.

Anonymous said...

Pryde is correct in one thing, there has been no parliament since 2006. So Pryde, what does that tell you asshole?

Anonymous said...

pryde f your boss ag taliban and bai.
you are a idiot and no school lawyer who was a legal aid lawyer in nz.
we will hang you with ag/bai/cronies soon.
justice will prevail.
fiji will be liberated soon with the help of usa.
we urge president obama to sent his sas to liberate fiji like he did to the people in libya and got rid of osama.

god is great.
god bless fiji people.

VereBau. said...

At 73 Mere S is as feisty - brave & as combative as ever - how many others of this age can say this?

Don't worry about this Marama - she can take care of herself - she'd be loving every minute of it & she'll eat these fools for breakfast. Shame sasa brooms aren't permitted in court.

Kai Tholo. said...

In tradditional Taukei history Lone Rangers don't burn down Suva -we do.

Anonymous said...

!stly -"DPP Christopher Pryde announced that Samisoni is no longer a Justice of Peace saying that there has been no Parliament since 2006" Then how the hell can you ask for Parliamentary priveledge for the 'coup makers ' of 2006 & the subsequent supporters
2ndly-Waisea Kaloumaira this bloke went squeelling to the POLICE because he wanted a $1000 to do the job! But its acse of his word against the accussed.Talk about the LIU MURI's we now have in our midst-beware people this is Fijian liu muri at its most dangerous! Du ta kena.

Let's get real said...

So this piece of pig shyte white boy Pryde wants to charge a frail 75 year old Fijian grandmother with allegedly saying 'she will overthrow the government'? Listen carefully pig shyte. Fiji does not have a government. Fiji has a military junta which overthrew the legitimate government using thugs with guns. This junta you support Mr Pryde has bashed, tortured and murdered Fijians. But in your view this is ok because the thug junta you support did it? Yet those including a 75 year old grandmother who are fighting for freedom and a return to democracy are to be demonised by you and your treasonous pack of dogs? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

I say again, 'Pryde' is a misnomer for a man who has none. Maybe it's a pun based on a family trait of debasement, much like an especially large man might go by the nickname 'Tiny'.

Pryde's flight from Fiji will be one of the most telling indications that the regime is collapsing. After all, he's an opportunist who will stay on as long as possible -- no one else will want to hire him -- but he doesn't want to find himself on the other side of the bar of justice. 'Pryde goes before the fall', you might say.

The best way to frustrate Pryde's escape plans is to create a shadow government, right here in cyberspace, so that Fiji has a recognized Attorney General ready to assume his or her role the moment Aiyaz is deposed, and ready to issue 'no departure' orders for Pryde and the rest of his ilk.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mere - Have faith in the Lord because he works in mysterious ways.

Our Lord and Mother Mary will not let you down & you will come out victorious against these false charges.

I Pray and Pray everyday that our Lord removes this evil(The Military Junta & all its supporters) from our beloved Fiji and that our country can move forward for our future generations.

Jieke said...

A classical example of a criminal government turning to a common criminal to provide evidence....whut a laugh.

Anonymous said...

pryde and his bosses all committed treason.
wait for your day when you ass will end up in prison. the prisoners will have chuttar white party hahaha.

Anonymous said...

First off...who the hell is Waisea Kaloumaira i.e,what connection does he have with the group and can he burn Suva? How the hell does he plan to carry out these tasks and what good would it do anyone if he even succeeded? The question is: Will burning Suva result in the Military Government
removal? To removed the Military Government, you first have to weakened its fortress at Delainabua, after taking out Voreqe?

Anonymous said...

Pryde has got to put bread and butter on the family table.
He, like the rest of them would not be able to find jobs anyway, except in a banana republic. Pryde will sing and pass judgement to their tune!!

Anonymous said...

People think that Waisea Kaloumaira is a hardcore, infact qo na tamata sona levu,da nanuma ga me tamata vakadomobula baleta ni excon,mai vei...