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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Advocate: Fiji's Constitutional process needs youth input

The human rights and youth advocate, Peter Waqavonovono, says  young people need to be at the front of the Constitutional discussions.

"The most important partner in taking Fiji back to a democracy peacefully are our young people. They are the ones that will inherit this Constitution and need to be at the forefront of its formulation and need to get keen on participation. But many young people like myself will not participate, this only means that there is now room for fresh voices and new ideas."

Waqavonovono describes the process as a necessary evil to help move Fiji back to a democracy but says he himself had personally decided as long ago as in 2006 that the 1997 Constitution was the sovereign and paramount Law of Fiji. 
Waqavonovono and three other human rights advocates were beaten by the regime hierarchy on Christmas Eve, just weeks after Frank Bainimarama deposed the government of Laisenia Qaraese and took control of the country.

Bainimarama and two of his key military officers are believed to have carried out the attack on Waqavonovono and the women, including one who was pregnant at the time.

Waqavonovono told Coupfourpointfive he has reservations about the Constitutional process but says people will "need to be positive about everything that happens from this end" despite it being hard for many.
"With non-negotiable terms and the existence of Decrees that could prevent profound contributions, I hope people who have hope in the Constitutional process can still participate and challenge the Constitutional Committee members. 
"It seems every now and than, the regime will drop a surprise into the laps of Fiji Citizens, for example the  GCC dissolution. I don't know why they are creating these types of conversations and moving discussions in this direction." 
He says he has doubts about the make up of the Constituent Assembly and hoped it wouldn't be "the same old faces from the charter Days."

"One thing is for sure, if you feel strongly about any issue, do not let any of the non-negotiable, decrees, or extra comments from the regime scare you. All submissions will be recorded, Fiji has a large list of human rights defenders who will have their eye's on the process."

He says it's up to the people of Fiji what they get out of the discussions and final decision.

"For those that participate, record every step and just be positive, we are making change for FIJI, not all of it has to happen in the confines of the  Constitutional Consultations meetings. "


Anonymous said...

I prefer to abstain myself from the consultation process unless it is held by an elected government otherwise I will be party to treason.

Anonymous said...

If the GCC did it work, why would Fiji ever be in its current position.

Anonymous said...

Macuata chief Ratu Aisea Katonivere says he supports the abolishment of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Ratu Aisea says with this move he can foresee the return of Chiefs to their genuine role as ‘the protector of their people’.

He says the flow on effect if embraced genuinely by everyone will not only save the chiefly system but it will reignite the original ‘mana’ that people under chiefs enjoyed.

Ratu Aisea says he publicly states his position so that his direction and intensions are transparent to all.

He is appealing to the people of Macuatu to use their individual rights to make their own judgement but at the same time carefully consider how it will affect neighbours and the country.

The abolishment of the Great Council of Chiefs was announced earlier this week.

Tui Macuata sa kua mada na masivolo tiko....tokona tiko na kena vakacegui na Bose Levu Vakaturaga..sa qai dua na ka vaka madua..tokona tiko na lasu..maumau na nomuni tutu vaka Tui Macuata,ke ra vosa kina na vei turaga bale ni vei yasana..Turaga na Tui Ca'au,Gone Turaga na Kalevu,Gone marama bale na Roko Tui Dreketi..na cava o iko mo tokona tiko kina na gata....sa kua so ti na tokona tiko na gata....era na biu kece ena valeni veivesu,sa rogoca vinaka sara tiko ya na wili kina o iko!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey people, the band Pink Floyd are coming to Fiji to promote the re-mix of their popular hit song "The Wall" It goes something like this;

We don't need no military intervention
we don't need no thought control
No dark Sarcasm from "the Muslim"
Hey, Baini leave the people alone.
All in all you're just another prick in the wall!

The song will be translated in all languages so all Fijians can enjoy the catchy tune.
Set eh.

Dodonu Yadua said...

Vinaka Anonymous Tawakilai na vosa doudou tiko e na blog vua na gone turaga na Tui Macuata... vosa e na yacamu mo qai wili mo tamata qaqa...kua na ravarava tiko qai vakatitiweli wale tiko ga.

Na gone turaga na Tui Macuata e sa tukuna tiko na lomana me vakataki iko...ko ya na lomana; na lomana e sega ni lomamu...loma bone

SONA said...

aisea KATO NI VERE your name says it all

Anonymous said...

drunkard tui macuata another masi polo idiot to bai/ag taliban.they should convert into taliban.
good on you peter.
but dont support this const process bec you will be part of treason.
1997 const lives.

Anonymous said...

No, certainly do NOT allow the dissolution of the GCC, except possibly as part of a larger constitutional settlement arrived at by free Fijians -- impossible under the present circumstances. The GCC is constitutionally sanctioned. It cannot legally be dissolved by an illegal regime.

Regarding whether or how to participate in the constitutional dialogue, recall that the FLP participated in the Leaders of Political Party dialogue process even after Bainimarama reneged on the promises he had made at the first meeting. Bainimarama laid down preconditions--including prior acceptance of the People's Charter (never mind the Constitution) as the basis for moving Fiji forward--that the SDL and NFP rightly refused to accept.  The FLP should have withdrawn from participation in the LOPP in solidarity with the other parties, but it chose to be opportunistic instead -- to its everlasting disgrace, as Bainimarama abrogated the Constitution the following day.

I'd hate to see any of Fiji's well-meaning leaders make the same mistake.  That's why Fijian patriots need to create and coalesce behind a unity shadow government now, before going into what otherwise will surely be a one-sided constitutional 'dialogue'.  Fijians have indulged Bainimarama too many surly monologues already.  

Part of the reason for the tyrant's staying power is the fact that no one speaks for a united opposition.  We need to change that right away with the help of C4.5 and international partners.  

C4.5 has graciously agreed to help us form a virtual shadow government with the assistance of an Internet voting service.

Other countries will marvel at the ingenuity of Fijians for having created the world's first revolutionary government-in-cyberspace.   This shadow government, having been freely elected, will be Fiji's legitimate transitional government.  It will be able to speak for Fijians with greater authority than Bainimarama's treasonous regime.  

Aiyaz seeks to choreograph a phony consultation process stacked with regime supporters ready to drown out the voice of anyone who stands up to them.  This ploy will not succeed if we elect and rally around those who should be leading Fiji.  

Once we organize, we can participate in the consultation process more effectively and be prepared when, not if, the exercise is proven a charade.  Only then will we be able to enter this unfair competition as we should: boldly, like William Tell, with an arrow for the apple, and a spare for the tyrant Gessler.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The GCC has never been true protector of common fijians.
The chiefs enjoyed the benefits of all royalties income and never passed a single cent to commoners.

Anonymous said...

This Tui Macuata is a drunkard at Union Club already bribed by the regime.
Remember that he was squarely beaten by Isireli Leweniqila for the Macuata seat. Leweniqila speaks for the people of Macuata not this drunkard already bribed lasulasu chief. 99% of Macuata opposes the disbandment of GCC. This Tui Macuata is trying to worm his way into the regime puppet chiefs meeting and constituent assembly,,,,,,KEEP ON WATCHING HIM

Anonymous said...

Ratu Aisea must be in for some handouts from the pig.

Sanguine said...

Interesting article re Gates' comments on the Constitution made in 2001. http://intelligentsiya.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/anthony-gates-constitution-is.html

Anonymous said...

Waqovonovono's perspective makes so much more sense than the old players; Qarase, Chaundry, Bainimarama, Khaiyum etc. My hope for the betterment of this country lies in Waqavonovono's generation - I am certain that they are not tainted by the communally divisive politics that has plagued our nations for decades. My vote's for Waqavonovono,Mere Nailatikau, Jackie Koroi and the like.

Anonymous said...

Aren't anyone courageous enough to stand up against the regime...if the only thing you can do is to write comments about your feelings...then Fiji is doom!!!! Come on convert your energy wasted in writing comments to start a RIPPLE EFFECT

Anonymous said...

Spot on Peter youth should be interested and right at the heart of the discussions. We talking about new blood well bring on the young blood

mark manning said...

The role of the GCC won't affect anything Political.
It's apolitical whereas the Military has become Political.
The Military therefore, should go, not the GCC.
No military, no more coups.

Anonymous said...

@anon5:41...well and good your sentiments...and ripple effect etc...so what you doing about it? more blogging? Put your neck on the line first...hopefully you are single with no dependents. We all know how ruthless this regime is. Whether we like it or not, consultation and negotiation -of which we have little chance, is still the way forward. Nothing lasts forever and frank and Aiyaz know it.

mark manning said...

I'm still trying to get my head around " young people " !
Everyone of adult age, is entitled to a say and they shouldn't be differentiated, isn't that the basis of Frank's argument for a fairer Constitution ?
No one should be marginalised for any reason, provided they are adult age.
A non discriminatory Constitution and Government I think Frank is advocating, but the reality it seems, is vastly different.

Anonymous said...

This is probably the best piece I have read. Pro-Democracy thinkers in every home and family can choose how they want to engage, but lets make it LOUD and record it. I will stand aside too, 1997 Constitution is still alive and its a breath of fresh air to hear people like Mr Hibiscus just say it as it is. thank you Peter,

Anonymous said...

Katonivere you should disclose you business dealings. You power is limited to your village Naduri. No other chief in the province of Macuata will respect you now. You influenced the current regime to built a port of entry at your village without considering Malau or Savusavu. I call upon the chiefs of Macuata to disregard you.

Anonymous said...

FYI Katonivere is from dreketi, claiming to be the Tui Macuata through devious means. Its not his title , he just spoils this title and the name of Naduri Village. His days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Katonivere was definitely Tui Macuata as he was the eldest surviving son of his late father, Ratu Soso Katonivere who was Tui Macuata before him. Now he has passed - our thoughts and prayers should be with his family at this sad time. For whatever decisions he made all should be forgiven with his passing. May he REST IN PEACE.