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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bainimarama makes merry while Khaiyum steals Fijian land

Bainimarama at the opening of the Naitasiri Provincial Council meeting this week. pic Minfo

Great irony emerging from the Naitasiri Provincial Council meeting in Kalabu this week, with the loaded question 'Should chiefs get higher lease payments?' popping up.

The Bose Vanua of Naitasiri has asked Frank Bainimarama to restore the old system of distributing the lease money, where high ranked individuals get a bigger share.

Bainimarama says Naitasiri will have to ask every member of their landowning unit if they agree to give more money to the chiefs stressing the 'government' is unlikely to change its mind.

Ironically, Bainimarama is not calling the shots as he or some loyalists still believe, especially where Fijian land is concerned.

That privilege was lost to him when he appointed Aiyaz Khaiyum attorney general and later still when he allowed himself to be convinced by Khaiyum that land is fundamental to Fiji's economic success.

In doing so he gave Khaiyum carte blanche to create the Land Bank, which quickly established a new system of rules to abolish the Native Land Trust Board and allow 'the State' exclusive proprietorship as established by the case Kanakana and others v State.

Bainimarama didn't see it (does he now?), but Khaiyum and his power circle - well aware that while Indians own 80 per cent of businesses, Fijians own 83% of the lands ... all of it held by the Native Land Trust Board - have their eye on Fijian land.

To achieve his goal, Khaiyum has had to remove the bureaucracy in the land tenure systems to allow more flexible provisions favouring foreign investments.

The Kanakana and others v State case of 2010 has now not only eliminated Native Title Rights but has empowered the Muslim Network considerable powers to legitimatise its actions to govern Fiji indefinitely.

In much of the recent information sighted by Coupfourpointfive, the Muslim Network is touted as a real threat to Fiji land ownership. Documents we have seen say the Network aims to control the mineral industry to further push landowners away by compensating them.

The instigator of it all of course is Khaiyum, and those following the play say he is driven by greed and hunger for power.

He had in 2003 put together a thesis paper (Cultural Autonomy) based on the supposed weakness of the Fijian separate administration system created by the Colonial Administration.

In that paper, he argued a Fijian can only be an 'economical driven race' and 'can only participate in development if they are submitted to the State through direct control and that the State should introduce legislative reforms to develop natives by establishing a dynamic and vibrant culture.'

The paper said the separate administration system has to be abolished if nation building, progress and peace are to be achieved. It also said the politics of the elite had caused the 1987 and 2000 coups.

Both were readily swallowed by Bainimarama.

Information shows the spirit of Khaiyum’s thesis is to create chaos through unlawful dismantling of indigenous institutions, authorities and aspirations - all of which the Bainimarama has allowed to happen.

His thesis, of course, attempts to create a system of rules to analytically neutralize the indigenous cause. 

Look no further than the so-called equal distribution of lease aimed at weakening leadership and governance at communal level, which has led to chiefs being cut off from financial resources to administer the Vanua.

Our information shows Khaiyum knew he had to remove two stumbling blocks to get his hands on Fijian land - the Methodist Church and the Great Council of Chiefs. He failed to get the more militant church leaders ousted (note though Mosese Tikoitoga's threat: the Methodist Church is 'next') but succeeded in getting the GCC.


  1. Is this why he tried to burn NLTB last week?

    -Valataka na Dina.

  2. these Naitasiri people are fools entertaining a fool.
    Jone Usamate sa maumau sara na dabe tu va qori,,,,,,,sa sega ni o bau wawa ka vakasama ia sa totolo sara nomudrau via qaravi ka rokovi vakataki ira na sucu turaga,,,,
    drau yavu tamata dau vakasaqa keina siwa kei vore na vuaka,,,,,
    They want to oust the chiefs but are now acting like chiefs,,,,,yes animal farm comes to mind!

  3. go back to the Rewa Provincial Council deliberations in 2007-08,,,,al these things were foreseen then,,,,,by the Rewans,,,,,
    as for Naitasiri,,,what a bunch of merry fools!

  4. To be fair we are all fools for being taken in by these two 'cos that's what happened these last six years. Can we sharpen - that's the question...with all the info being made freely available to us can we smarten up our own act?

  5. these naitaisiri people should have ask bai why did he hit the chiefs/elders in kalabu in 2000.
    these people should have arrested bai and lock him up.
    but i guess people were scared of the guns.
    time for fijian too stand up and fight like what the indians did to british.
    if not this ag taliban will make fiji the taliban state.
    bai/armies is playing in this evil mans hand.
    god help open the eyes of bai/fijian armies/police and the people.
    god bless gcc/church/vanua.

  6. turanaga na qaranivalu locked up by this idiots and how can naitasiri people entertain this fools.
    i cant understand the fijians some times.

  7. Why should the Naitasiri Provincial Council, and for that matter the rest of the other Provincial Councils,go back to their respective
    "......landowning unit[sic] if they agree to give more money to the chiefs....."
    Hello, the change was shoved down their throats in the first place by the Vore himself!! The Vore should therefore just reverse it instead of throwing the spanner in the works. Furthermore, who is going to fund this whole exercise? Is he, will he?? Every and all members of landowning units who are living and are registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula, live not only Fiji but all over the whole damn world. Get it?
    This is just ANOTHER damn lie by the bokola!! Another example of how his PEE brain ticks and shows his immature and childish mentality!!


  9. The restoration of the old system of the lease distribution money is an integral part of the Vore "WINNING THE HEARTS AND MINDS" of the indigenous kai viti after the demolition of the GCC, the attacks on the Methodist Church and the desecration of all things dear to us, as his election campaign!!
    We are not gullible Vore!! YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED should you decide to stand for the elections!!

  10. blame the RFMF for supporting bainimarama...without their support these people will be in jail right now.lol!

  11. Where do the people of Kalabu (owners of most of the prime land in the Suva peninsula, apart from the Suvavou clan)really come?

  12. These chiefs are thieves and do not deserve any money. Wankers or as we say in fiji khali sharka maro. Great going Frank!

  13. The Naitasiri fellers are real B!@I. They just call us Indian's B!@I.
    Now we see the true B!@#'s!!!

    I can understand Khaiyums thesis to the point to get the ass's kicked and get them into making the land productive.

    BUT using the threat of Indians will take the land as fear driven into land owners and politicised.

    Then having hand over land to Chinese.

    NOW you Fijian's go and ask who started this land threat game. Better still you would have been to share thruthfully with Indians who works hard to create a economy for you guys but last 10 years has taken you back 5

  14. The millions promised to Naitasiri is ANOTHER strategy to 'WIN THE HEARTS AND MIND " and as an election campaign by the Vore!! PERIOD!
    Dou ciqoma na i lavo sa yalataki 'qori vei kemudou, IYA kua ga ni dou solia vua na nomudou 'TICK" e na gauna e na veidigidigi, KE MANI YACO DINA!!

  15. NOTICE : Those who have not signed up to join the FGSM - Please do so NOW!!

    FGSM = "Free George Speight Movement"

    One Law for All - Some Treasoners are free whilst others are locked up! Not Fair.

    Free George Speight NOW!!!\
    Free George Speight NOW!!!

    One Law For All!!!

  16. Fiji - SAY NO 2 Cassava Patch Constitution!!

    Exit Strategy = Cassava Patch!!

    No Immunity For Treason !!!
    No Immunity For Treason !!!

    No Immunity For TREASON !!!!

  17. treason lamusona bai/ag taliban and cronies.
    they have ripped fiji taxpayers funds.
    where is the auditors general reports .
    latest news bai having affairs with sharon and naz.
    ag told robert and john prasad fijian are kissing and bending to him as a savior.
    he said bai and armies no brains they are his puppets.

  18. Anon@9.37 where is the petition for speight then

  19. Freeing George Speight really makes sense!!

  20. Robert Khan Tarana
    Frank and AG made millions in commission from FBC deal.
    I am willing to be a crown witness and my brother in-law John Prasad too.
    Riaz is making commission too.
    Frank I am fed up you and AG for asking funds every time from me.

  21. What's wrong with the 1997 constitution. It was a non-issue when this d!@#$%^d dictator took over in 2006. He said the takeover was because of Qoliqoli Bill and Truth and Reconciliation. Then suddenly the reason changed to corruption and clean-up. 1997 Constitution never was an issue. Suddenly it became an issue in 2009, three years later after the Appeals Court ruled against the coup. Still there is no good reason given for dumping this document. This confirms that all these bullshit were just to save this idiot from going to jail for CRW murder.
    March 23, 2012 10:34 PM

  22. John Samy NZ- Charter
    Frank you are a liar.
    You used me and others for your benefit.
    People of fiji didnt endorse the charter you forcing the people.
    I am happy to support Robert and John to be state witness to put you in jail soon.

  23. Sada Reddy
    Frank is Liar like his boss Khaiyum.
    They were shifting funds to overseas bank accounts.
    Frank /Khaiyum I will be a state witness with others to get you locked up in jail soon.

  24. Well I never!! Kalabu of ALL places!!
    The very place where the Vore ordered the soldiers to move in, arrest, torture and take them all to the Police Mobile Force Station!!
    He must not only have a very short memory, he has the audacity and bloody cheek to go there.!

  25. There will be a day when the Indigenious Fijians will be guests in their own land, The indians and Chinese and other Foreigners will own everything.
    Then you will see the problems that other Indigenious people face around the world right here in Fiji.
    Very sad indeed

  26. If you can't beat em, join em!!! If you all join then by sheer number & majority you can over throw this illegal government from within. Now that they going to buy the trust of the people and blind them with financial gains, it's going to be a tough long road for changes to happen. It's time for undercover Democracy Movement Agents to infiltrate this tight knit group. Time for Mara to contact all chiefs in Fiji and get the chiefs to declare BainiMarama a wanted dictator. If "all" chiefs come out all at once and declare this, it will rattle him to his bone. Preferably they all make a stand on "Black Tuesday". Tevita Mara make this happen , make the call to all the chiefs. Get them to make a stand, get the GCC to release a statement and get the chiefs to stand Tall & Proud so that they may win the hearts & minds of their people. If they put their lives on the line certainly people will follow but it has to start with chiefs sacrificing themselves. Mara,Suli & co should consider returning to Fiji. Like I said you need to win the Minds & the Hearts of the people.
    "Long Live The I-Taukei Way Of Life"

  27. Free Speight!
    Otherwise lock up every treasonist.

  28. Why is the PIG and Chief of Vanuatu allowing these Fijians dressed in cutlural attires to be entertained if he thinks RACE should not be on display in Fiji - remember it was Fijians dressed in similar attires who had dug a lovo outside Government House in 1987 after the racist Rabuka coups and had threatened to roast Indo-Fijians alive - come on, you swine - and hypocrite - either you believe in a truly non-racial Fiji or not - stop exploiting Fijian culture when it suits you - you bloody Kai Loloma from Kadavu - some say you are from Kolkata (Calcutta)- Kai India blood in you!

  29. Blame the Indo-Fijians again-isn't the Chinese buying up the minerals-so far i haven't seen any companies form India digging the land for minerals! Whne the Indo-Fijians woked the lands thru blood , sweat & tears we called them crooks for staling the land people forgot they only leased the lands! AS for those who want to free George Speight hopefully when Frank goes to jail you will also make him the same offer? If any thing sgoes wrong in Fiji we balme the Indo-Fijians yet the Amry is almost 99.9% iTaulei, same witht eh police same with civil servants-when was the last time someone saw a part European civil servant! We deserve what we got for thinking we can fool God, we now getting it in double doses!

  30. VALATAKA NA DINA...Now you're talking! Exactly my point when LTB was burnt,Khaiyum was my first guess, someone need to keep track of this pyromaniac bastard 24/7.Khaiyum has been torching records, to cover his embezzlements, from his former employers; and doing the same thing here to destroy important Fijian Mataqali land units records etc,etc
    RUM...you've created a monster in this pyromaniac by establishing him as the brain behind the Bainimarama
    Government, you actually gave this bastard, a Celebrity status, far more prominent then the Commandor? The bastard is walking around like he's totally imuned to bullets & or arrest etc? Last time i saw this swine, his head was as big as a watermelon,and he's looking at everyone like, you're all dumb!Please,stop talking about his stupid thesis and stop creating a
    3 headed monster.There were&are many Fijians & Indo who have writtened important thesis for their higher PHD degrees but did not get the notorities this whimp is getting from you all!!! So stop encouraging the assole and don't give, more support to this narcissistic idiot?

  31. Why cant chiefs take the matter to court?

    Why cant chiefs seek court to apply restraint and order the formula to be maintanined.?

  32. This article is further from the truth. We in this country agree more with Frank with each passing day. The accomplishments everywhere receive positives vibes everyday. Get on the band wagon, before you're left behind with sour grapes...

  33. Levu ga na nomudou vosa tiko na turaga tau mai colo...dou sega ni lomana na nomudou turaga na Qaranivalu..dou lai soqota tiko na kaisi bokola i tamana qori o Bainivuaka.....sa sivia dina na vei vaka turaga taki lasulasu,kei na veidabui sa tiko vei keda na kaiviti...sa da vaka loloma,era na vakaloloma ga kina o ira na noda kawa...me ra na raica tiko na veidabui vakaoqo...sa rauta mada...Dou,sa veidokai toka madaga va kai Kubuna,sa rauti keimami tiko mada ga na Tovata kei na Burebasaga me keimami na sota tiko kei ira na kawa ni tamata kocokoco lawakica vakai Bai...me dou na taroga se na kau mai vei na 10na milioni me na caka kina na vei vaka torocake taki?????qori na nona i vadi lawakica na gata,dou sa lai tokona tiko vaqori..qori sa kena i balebale vaka lawa ni dou sa tiki tale tikoga ni cala na TREASON e cakava o Bainivuaka..kevaka dou sa lai tokoni koya tiko va qori..sa donu eda na qai sota tiko...Dou vakaukau saka na qo'u La'lai turaga a Aiso'ula eina Gone Marama bale a Ro'o TuiDre'eti,eimami na tu raviti emunu enai laolao qo....ena sega ni ura me na damu ni u'a!!!

  34. One cannot justifiably scorn Naitasiri for its reception for the illegal PM. aT LEAST Naitasiri asked Bhai to reverse his decision on equal pay,ent of rental income. THAT IS COURAGE.

    Scorn should be directed at Provinces, Tikinas and villages AND groups who unashamedly asked the illegal PM for forgiveness.

    Forgiveness for what???? one may ask!!!!

    Forgiveness for his barbarity, his tortures, brutality, murders, suppressions, corruption against Fiji, stealing from national funds and disenfrisement of our people????

    For goodness sake, those condemning Naitasiri shoud pull your heads in.

  35. And the dumb Mataivalu Ni Solisona cannot see what is happening around them - I hope they all rot in hell for allowing these crimes against the people of Fiji continue to happen everyday.

    They are the biggest buncn of kaisi bokolas ever to be born in Fiji.

    They should be ashamed for calling themselves indegenous Fijians - As for Tikoitoga you are the biggest kaisibokola.-Comment Edited:C4.5
    March 24, 2012 6:57 AM

  36. Why is the PIG and Chief of Vanuatu allowing these Fijians dressed in cutlural attires to be entertained if he thinks RACE should not be on display in Fiji - remember it was Fijians dressed in similar attires who had dug a lovo outside Government House in 1987 after the racist Rabuka coups and had threatened to roast Indo-Fijians alive - come on, you hypocrite - either you believe in a truly non-racial Fiji or not - stop exploiting Fijian culture when it suits you. Commetn edited:C4.5
    March 24, 2012 12:43 AM

  37. I agree ... people need to be more responsible for their comments. We all feel anger but constructive discussions are the way to get them. These goons would like nothing better than to see us fight and burn each other

  38. Oile if anyone looks dumb in this photo it is PM Bainimarama. Gummy smile, low IQ and evil heart what a combination

  39. Lutu, what solvent have you been sniffing? Hang on, I think you've been sniffing Vuaka's arse. Open your eyes because all the pig is doing now is bribing people, and they are falling for it.

    The pig is simply following orders from Aiyarse because he knows Vuaka is one dumb SOB. I guess you'll be one of the first ones to jump ship when Vuaka and his boss Aiyarse fall flat on their faces.

  40. Right. Get on the band wagon to hell, with Leweni as band master.

  41. There are those that will defend Aiyaz but it has been clear for a long time that he is setting the agenda for Fiji not Frank. There are also those that will say Frank just using Aiyaz as the fall guy. According to the information available to us I would say Frank committed the original sin and Aiyaz sinned after he got a taste of the power.

  42. The millions promised to the people of Naitasiri reminds me of a catoon, where the main thug like Vore, said, "Offer a reweard of $1m," and the accountant said, "Sir, but we dont have that kind of money to pay them!!" And the Vore thug said, " I didnt say pay them, I said, Offer them." Where is Vore goin to get that kind of money, my , my, he is liar, who is not ashamed to do so.

  43. All land should be freehold or crowned owned. There is no need for NLTB or Native title. This will resolve all the issues forever.

  44. people of fiji have to have guts no guts no glory.
    people have fought battle than got democracy.
    time for the leaders to march and the church/vanua/lotu./chief/union/political leaders.
    this will test the army/police.
    how many people they can lock in prison.
    come on viti wake up now.
    if not dont blame anyone else but yourself.
    god bless.

  45. People condemning Naitisir are really condemning themselves - why do we judge them for something we cannot do. Somebody has to make a start to stand up - what about Black Tuesday and wearing black have we considered that?

  46. What is happening at the army camp goes to show the level of mentality of these Marist old boys that is leading it. Yavu qauri. Bring back some real men with real LEADERSHIP qualities.

    To all the fijiansoldiers, Kaiyum is dismantling your very own race!!!!!!!WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!'m

    In 20 years time, Fijians will have nothing in their own country. Just like the Maoris in NZ.

    BAINIMARAMA only cares about saving himself from prison, all these things about equality, about race etc is BULLSHIT!

    Have you been to NZ or Australia, racism is rife and exists in all aspects of society.

    Wake up and protect your God given heritage or you will lose it forever, through these cunning decrees and dismantling of your Fijian institutions, social structures, language and way of life.

    Keep the GCC as veto to any legislation affecting Fijians. The only thing to do is to reform its membership, and also more importantly look at financial models that will enable ALL Fijians to keep their unique identity but still progress them into the modern world. It's not hard,all it takes is some ingenuity and creative thinking.

    The bastard Kaiyum is hood winking every Fijian cleverly manipulating Bainimarama. And all you dumb fools like Tikoitoga etc follow blindly. At least Driti and Mara saw through Kaiyum and saw the great deception and tried too do something.


  47. The problem with land lease money distribution is that the Rat drives around in a luxury 4X4, hiswife in another and his kids in 2 twincabs, while the people whose lease money her gets fat off don't have money to feed their kids. Naitasiri is a big problem area for child malnutrition, but people are afraid to say anything our of respectfor someone who clearly does not deserve it.

  48. driti for commander.
    mara for president.
    qarase for pm
    chaudary -deputy pm.
    these regime for -prison.

  49. The guy in dancing attire is not from Naitasiri,he is from the same village as bainimagana,in fact he is the "Roko Tui Kiuva's' son ,who is in the navy.In fact it is him who should be sitting where wannabe chief bainimagana is sitting and vice versa.
    The picture is a clear cut evidence of how bainimagana thinks of the Fijian society,NO WONDER HE MARRIED ,Mary and not MERE,a real Fijian.

  50. Not sure whats going on here,but
    isn't Bainimarama's Father is the Roko Tui Kiuva? Is the guy next to Bai than a cousin? What was he doing in Naitasiri? Is he farming in the Kalabu areas?
    We must remember, that the name Bainimarama was originally created
    by society as one of our official title. As we moved on from pre-colonial to colonial era the title
    takes on a new roles&meaning, as the new power,used it to their advantages, by assimilating it into their administrative system?Bai actually seems to understand what was done in the old days,and is trying to re-create a similar situation,by removing the GCC,Methodish Church etc? But, will he succeed,only time will tell,as there are just too much & way too many obstacles to overcome???

  51. The guy sitting next to bainimarama is the Roko Tui Kiuva's son,he lives in kalabu.Bainimarama is not even in the lineage of the Tui Kiuva,past,present and future.He knows we FIJIANS know it.

  52. To Kai Muanaira, me cava so, I propose all chiefs be voted in, you talk about democracy yet we have a chiefly system that does not have democracy...you hypocrites..

  53. Looks like FB is about to grab someone's banana!

  54. the most irritating thing about this Kai Viti is that they cont to joke around even when the arsonist who set fire to their house is in their house.....FOOLS

  55. Pig! What did the banana taste like?

  56. Anon@3:31pm...Hey buddy, we know how you must feel living amoungst us Fijians as we tend to joke to make things seems lighter? But we're very aware of this arsonist
    presence and others not so nice people,with not so nice Agendas living in our house? Unfortunately,
    our friends, whom we invited to dinner, as our guest for the night ,was responsible
    for bringing his guest along?So our
    invited friend, had left the house a while back, but foregot to take his guest along with him? Hey one of this days we'll definately caught the arsonist,how hard can that be, as he's already in our house? Look how can we lose,if he's caught, we'd called up our former friend; and finally get him to return, and collect his forgotten guest, and maybe compensate our house, for the damaged done by his guest?It's still is a win,win situation!!!

  57. Not sure who is trying to fool who
    in here? The so-called Naitasiri Provincial Meeting was done at Kalabu Village? Why wasn't it done in Viria,Sawani,Vunidawa,coloisuva,
    or other prominent Naitasiri
    Village(s)? The picture of the makeshift building,people present,and masi decorations,etc clearly show it may have been done in the Tovata areas in Kalabu; and not at the Kalabu Village! So can we have someone checked this out please?

  58. There is so much hatered exposed from all sides. The questioned openly asked by the people of Naitasiri was "This PM put the Chief of Naitasiri in jail - should we invite him to open the Naitasiri provincial meeting?" Two days later the army came around to investigate where and from who that question came from. What was wrong with that question? The Indians have been with the Fijians for so long yet you still do not fully appreciate the true nature of Fijians. Open your eyes and see what this Government is doing to the Fijians - The GCC is abolished, all Fijian institutions are being targetted,land banks have been created to dilute the NLTB - just like the introduction of the Commissioners by the colonial administration to weaken the Fijian Affairs administration. And people still question why Fijians wants to have a hold on the running of their country. The fears of the Fijians are being proven correct right before your very eyes. Even though this current PM is part Fijian, the actual running and decission making of this Government is being orchestrated by a a group of Indian. This group of Indians have the golden opportunity to put the fears of the Fijians to rest by demonstrating their concern for the right of identity of the indiginous people of this country over their land. Instead they are working very hard to wipe out the Fijian identity from the face of this earth. Professor Wadan Narsey's assessment of the economy may be correct but this is like trying to rearange the chairs on the deck of the titanic when the whole boat is sinking!

  59. This is a comedy section to have jokes on leaderships

  60. Why can't we indeginous Fijians be united, is it money? Yeah, it is money,than do not be bought/purchased by money itself,,,,,because money IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. FIJIAN se vei keda na I taukei, noda I yau na veilomani sega ni noda I yau na I lavo. Levu nikua e ra tukuna tiko, na I taukei e sega Nona I lavo e tamata dravudravua, qori e cala, na I taukei e sega nona qele ka sega na wekana, ya Dina na I taukei dravudravua. Me'u tinia vei keda na kawa I taukei nikua, sa rauta na moce, sa rauta rere, sa rauta na vakarokroko va kanace,,baleta sa vakarau Sara tu ga qori na kena kovei Mai na ligada a na noda I yau bula.E veivakamatavulotaki tiko o Bainimarama vei keda,Ke'o ni sega ni qaraunikoya, ena vakavuna na noda sa na mai wili vakavulagi e na noda loma Sara ga ni vale se noda vanua, Sa rauta na moce Viti, sa gauna ni yadra


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