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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bainimarama's dirty coup secrets revealed

Beaten to death: CRW soldier. pic Truth for Fiji

Truth for Fiji has at last revealed some of Frank Bainimarama's dirty secrets, thanks in part to statements from senior officers and the military Board of Enquiry Report (BOI), commissioned by the illegal leader himself. Reprinted here are excerpts from  the very detailed story posted on Roko Ului Mara's website and several of the photographs that accompany the sordid tale of why Bainimarama can never relinquish his stolen power. 

For the full article see:
The 2000 Coup
Bainimarama was unexpectedly appointed Commander RFMF in February 1999, over the heads of more qualified and senior officers.

The coup deposed the Labour Government of Mahendra Chaudhry on 19 May 2000 with the world being led to believe that it was being carried out by George Speight and his followers.

Extensive rioting and damage occurred. For 56 days Speight held hostages at the Parliament Buildings that included the Prime Minister. Subsequently Speight was deceived into surrendering himself and Bainimarama took full credit for ending the coup and freeing the hostages.

On May 29th Bainimarama carried out a second coup and announced to the nation that he was assuming executive authority from the President and declaring martial law.  Then after the conclusion of the George Speight coup he reluctantly ceded civil authority to Laisenia Qarase.

Bainimarama has always represented himself to be the hero of 2000, the person who at that time saved Fiji.  The truth is, however, just the opposite.

Bainimarama's Pre Knowledge of the Coup
In the months leading up to the coup Bainimarama received regular military briefings of an impending coup. He was fully aware of the threat to Government. He had also built up intelligence on the impending coup through a military intelligence unit. In addition, soldiers from a specialist unit called the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit (CRW), which had been created by Government, and members of the Third Fiji Infantry Battalion (3FIR), were gathering information on the coup and informing Bainimarama.

The sad fate of the CRW soldiers, who were either murdered by or incarcerated or otherwise silenced by Bainimarama, is also outlined in this document.

Despite all the information that Bainimarama had received regarding an impending coup, Bainimarama arranged to attend a conference in Norway in May 2000. This was a United Nations conference on Peacekeeping (the irony of the subject matter of this conference will rapidly become apparent).

Before he was due to leave for the conference, Bainimarama was informed by the Commanding Officer 3FIR, Lt Colonel Viliame Seruvakula, that the coup would be held on 19th May 2000. This warning was given one week before the coup. Bainimarama's response to this warning clearly shows his guilt in the matter of the coup.  He said: "OK set you know what to do I have to attend this meeting it is very important for the RFMF."

Bainimarama clearly planned to be out of the country when the coup occurred so that he could avoid blame for it.

Bainimarama's Guilt
Clearly, Bainimarama knew all about the impending coup but took no step to stop it. He was prepared to stand aside and let it happen. This failing was especially serious because as Commander he had the power to stop it. He was therefore a crucial participant in the coup. His guilt was as great, and in fact greater than that of any of those who carried out the destruction and violence that accompanied the coup.

Despite the Commander in Chief and President Ratu Sir KKT Mara questioning the wisdom of Bainimarama leaving the country at an unsettled time, Bainimarama insisted that it was alright for him to go. The President yielded to Bainimarama’s view.

Bainimarama departed for Norway on May 12th with full knowledge that the coup would occur on May 19th 2000.

Events of 18th May 2000
The events of 18th May, the day before the coup, were described to the RFMF Board of Enquiry by Lt.Colonel Seruvakula. They were as follows.

Sergeant Filimoni Tikotani requested the CRW troop leader Lieutenant Charles Dakuliga to meet him at the Laucala Bay hangar in Suva to receive orders from the Officer Commanding CRW Units, Lieutenant Penaia Baleinamau. At that meeting Tikotani told Dakuliga that Bainimarama had issued orders through Lt Baleinamau, Major Ilisoni Ligairi and Lt.Colonel Philipo Tarakinikini that they were to take over Parliament the next day. Those Counter Revolutionary soldiers who queried the order were told that Bainimarama knew about the plan but had to be overseas.

Lt.Colonel Seruvakula stated that he and Lt Baleinamau were in direct daily contact with Bainimarama throughout his absence from Fiji. He also stated that Bainimarama told him not to tell other officers that they were talking to each other.

Events of 19th May 2000
The coup occurred on 19th May as planned when CRW personnel entered Parliament and took Government members hostage. Live weapons were held and used by those CRW personnel at that time. Bainimarama was the only person who could have authorized the CRW personnel to act as they did and to employ live weapons.

Bainimarama had recalled Major Liqairi to head the takeover of Parliament.

At the takeover shots were fired. But the CRW soldiers had been tricked into thinking that it was only a training exercise. Once they had realized that it was a trick they still continued, on the understanding that they were following orders from Bainimarama.

Occupation of Parliament: Bainimarama's attempts to take Leadership of the coup
The CRW in Parliament were supplied directly by the Army with food, fuel and weapons.  This would have been impossible without Bainimarama's support. In fact Bainimarama gave direct orders for such support. He stated: "RFMF supports the cause." He also repeatedly expressed support for Speight.

After the coup and during the 56 days in which hostages were held at Parliament, Bainimarama made repeated efforts to take over leadership of the coup. There came a time when he realized that he could not succeed in this aim.

Bainimarama had hoped that with Major Liqairi and the CRW soldiers holding hostages in Parliament the rest of the Army would follow in support.  However, the Army stood firm and the President condemned the takeover and declared a state of emergency.  The coup did not receive sufficient support.

Bainimarama therefore had to adjust his strategy and to appear to oppose Speight. He cunningly gave the impression that he was loyally besieging Speight at the Parliament buildings in order to free the hostages and to save the nation.

Bainimarama then tricked Speight into signing the Muanikau Accord, which ended the coup and provided for the return of CRW soldiers to barracks. Speight was convicted of treason and incarcerated. He is still held incommunicado to this day so that he cannot expose Bainimarama's role in the coup. 

RFMF Board of Enquiry
The events of the coup were carefully examined by the Board of Enquiry. Bainimarama was given the opportunity to give evidence to the Inquiry but he refused to do so. The conclusions of the Board were so unfavorable to him that he ordered all copies of the BOI report destroyed except one to be held by his favorite and sycophant Major Aziz Mohammed. But, another copy has survived which tells the raw truth.

Major Aziz, the person who carried out, at Bainimarama's behest, the removal of the Chief Justice was later appointed as Acting Commander.

Bainimarama also deliberately withheld the report from the Police who had requested it to assist them with their investigations.

Bainimarama transfers blame to CRW
The CRW were now being blamed for the coup as Bainimarama intended. Many were now being beaten, charged with treason and sent to jail. Bainimarama was hunting them down and torturing them. This was part of his plan to transfer the blame.

Accordingly the CRW staged a mutiny on 2nd November 2000, which Bainimarama ruthlessly reacted to, but only after it had been suppressed by gallant officers and soldiers. Bainimarama abandoned his men at the start of the mutiny to save himself by running away down through the casava patch.

Five CRW were beaten to death on his orders after the mutiny. Others languish in prison until this day. All those CRW who could tell the truth as to Bainimarama's involvement in the coup have been silenced.

Post 2000 Coup
A new Commander was being appointed by Government to replace Bainimarama so in December 2003 Bainimarama sought to rally Army support to remove Government.  However he failed at that time to gather enough support. But he did blackmail Government, with threats of force, to renew his contract.

By November 2006 the Government had decided that enough was enough and Bainimarama was facing the following charges:
  1. Disobedience to a lawful order by the Minister of Home Affairs, the Prime Minister's office and the office of the president
  2. Sedition in threatening to remove the Minister of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister
  3. Treason in plotting to overthrow the Government
  4. Unlawful aborting of a Commission of Inquiry (not the  Board of Inquiry)
  5. Illegal removal of the President in 2000
  6. Murder of CRW soldiers in 2000
  7. Abuse of office.
Bainimarama reacted by staging the 2006 coup to save himself.

Bainimarama's biggest lie has been and continues to be that he saved Fiji in 2000.
Bainimarama continues that lie even in his 6th January 2012 speech seeking to justify substituting new drastic measures for those previously in the Public Emergency Regulations. In that speech, written by his expensive and discredited cover up agency, he mourns the devastation of the 2000 coup and says that such must not recur. This he seeks to use as a justification for his new despotic measures.

Bainimarama's regret, however, represents crocodile tears. He more than anyone is responsible for the fires of 2000. Bainimarama knew of and supported the events which led to those fires and all the other pain and sufferings of 2000.
The lesson of 2000 is that to avoid a recurrence of 2000 and to end the fast deteriorating human rights situation in Fiji it is necessary that the current regime be replaced immediately by a fully democratic government and that the Army immediately return fully and permanently to barracks.

Bainimarama must go, in the name of humanity.  The exposing of his biggest lie leaves no alternative.

This article reveals the truth about Frank Bainimarama and his lies and treasonous activities against the democratically elected Government of Fiji, its people and the Royal Fiji Military Forces (RFMF).  Bainimarama did not save Fiji.  He is the problem.

In February 1999, Bainimarama was promoted to Commander RFMF above other more highly qualified and experienced senior officers.  Then in 2000 he chose to play a game that he didn’t have the capability or the brains for.  To save himself, Frank Bainimarama did the well known Fijian “liumuri” (betrayal) and then cunningly portrayed himself as the savior of Fiji.  Indo-Fijians call this treasonous act “aage-peeche”.

Government was appointing a new Commander RFMF so Bainimarama ordered his officers to plan for the removal of Government.  The officers refused so he had them removed. Under duress the Government renewed Bainimarama’s contract.  There will be no escape from these crimes and Bainimarama knows it.  So he is now doing everything and anything he possibly can, including brinkmanship, to stay in power to avoid being arrested and prosecuted. 

The police were to arrest Bainimarama in November 2006 while he was in New Zealand.  It was aborted and Bainimarama was made aware of it. He returned to Fiji, and on 6 December 2006 removed the lawfully and democratically elected Qarase SDL Government.  The then Commissioner of Police was also removed.

Bainimarama told the world that he staged the coup, amongst other things, to rid Fiji of corruption.  But the world now realizes that it was all a ploy and that Bainimarama is now even more corrupt than the Qarase Government he removed.   He is also threatening and beating loyal Fiji soldiers, police officers, Church leaders, Fijian Chiefs, civil servants, citizens and defenseless unarmed women who disagree with his brutal and corrupt dictatorship.  He is also telling many lies, including:
  • Lying about the date on which he would hold an election
  • Lying about lifting restrictions which he has burdened the people of Fiji with for many years
  • Lying about holding democratic elections in 2014 when he cannot hold such elections without being arrested and charged.
We contend that Bainimarama staged the 2006 coup to save himself from being arrested and charged by the Fiji police.  The return of democracy to Fiji with free and fair elections will, no doubt, also return with the police charges against Bainimarama. Therefore, Bainimarama is doing everything and anything to ensure he remains in power and can prevent those charges from being laid against him in a truly democratic system with a free and independent court of law.

This article is far from perfect, but at least it will give the people of Fiji and the world a much clearer understanding of the true motives behind Frank Bainimarama’s actions, specifically how he is manipulating the Fiji military forces and lying to Fiji and to the world to save himself from prosecution and achieve his desire of becoming leader of Fiji.

What was done
This article covers three key periods of time:
  1. The 2000 Coup and Bainimarama’s involvement
  2. The Post 2000 lead up to 2006
  3. The 2006 Coup.
Information was gleaned from copies of documents (attached) that were made available to us from people inside and outside of the RFMF and Police force, civil servants and civilians.  The key information includes:
  • RFMF Board of Inquiry Report ― The Board of Inquiry led by Lt. Colonel Jackson Evans (from 21August 2000 to 24 October 2000) looked into the involvement of the First Meridian Squadron (CRW) in the illegal takeover of Parliament on 19 May 2000 and the subsequent holding of hostages until 13 July 2000.  Frank Bainimarama refused to be interviewed and he ordered the findings destroyed with only one copy to remain with Brigadier Aziz.  Please note, Brig.Aziz was a major at the time and later, like Bainimarama, was promoted over other senior and more qualified military officers.
  • Letter from Ratu Silatolu to Bainimarama
  • Article from Lt.Col Tarakinikini
  • Col Alfred Tuatoko's statement which clearly outlines Bainimarama's orders on 16 December 2003 for the Senior RFMF officers to plan for the removal of the Government
  • Col G Kadavulevu’s (05 January 2004) formal advise to Bainimarama against removing the SDL Government
  • CEO Ministry of  Home Affairs’ statement on Bainimarama's conduct 
  • Lt Col SV Raduva advise (19 January 2004) to the CEO, Ministry of Home Affairs about Bainimarama's threat to remove the SDL Government
  • Father Akauola's 2003 assessment of Commodore Bainimarama's performance as Commander RFMF ― It was requested by a senior Bainimarama military aid and done in consultation with RFMF soldiers and officers
  • Father Akauola's 2010 interviews with Ratu Tevita Mara 
  • Col JB Baledrokadroka’s interview with Lt.Col Seruvakula 
  • Court martial records 
  • Newspaper articles 
  • TV interviews.
02 November 2000 Mutiny
It is important to understand that the CRW mutiny of 02 November 2000 was not against the RFMF or the people of Fiji.  The mutiny was aimed at one person only, Frank Bainimarama, because he had used the CRW to do his bidding and then he (Bainimarama) betrayed (liumuri) them to save himself.

The Muanikau accord that helped end the hostage situation included an agreement that all CRW soldiers involved in parliament would return to RFMF.  The murderer Frank Bainimarama also told CRW soldiers that they were all forgiven and that they would be posted to other units. Meanwhile, CRW members were being arrested and charged for treason.

So what were the CRW to do?  They were being blamed for the 2000 coup, arrested at their homes, beaten and then charged for treason and either sent to jail or imprisoned on Nukulau Island, which was setup as a detention camp.  Then Frank Bainimarama tells the CRW that their unit is going to be disbanded, further suggesting to the world that the CRW unit was guilty of staging the coup and could no longer be trusted and had to be dealt with.

The CRW soldiers saw their options as:

  1. just accept what was happening to them and move on
  2. kill Bainimarama for betraying them.  

Frank Bainimarama was counting on option one, with the CRW soldiers just rolling over and accepting their predicament.  But Frank Bainimarama was wrong! 

The CRW were not going to take the blame for following orders from their Commander, Frank Bainimarama, who had betrayed his men to save himself.  The CRW were all clear, in their understanding, that they had followed their Commander’s orders to go into Parliament and to protect the hostages.  And that is what they had done.

To accept what was happening to them and move on meant going to jail and their families would no longer receive their income and support.  How were the families to survive?  Who would pay the bills and put food on the table?  And their children… 

The CRW chose to kill Bainimarama for betraying them. However, this act to kill another Fijian went against their beliefs and inner being.  It was hard for them to contemplate.  So to help overcome this situation the CRW soldiers first consumed large quantities of alcohol before the operation got underway.  This move proved fatal. Their operation didn’t go according to plan and the rest is history, with Bainimarama setting a world record for the “casava-patch” dash.  Bainimarama had abandoned his men at the start of the mutiny and ran away to save himself. 

A Lt.Colonel commented that it was raining that day but there was dust in the air! The Lt.Colonel was dismissed from the army. It wasn’t raining that sad day of the mutiny but the Lt.Colonel’s comment aptly describes Bainimarama’s character and lack of bravery in deserting his post and men.  The Fijian word for this is lamusona!

Loyal Fiji CRW soldiers, who had followed their commander’s orders, were now being hunted down, captured, tortured and some murdered.  Even those CRW that were not involved in parliament were being hunted down and tortured.

There were over 60 tortured CRW soldiers held captive in Korovou prison, just across the road from the Suva yacht club.  The number of CRW soldiers being arrested was increasing daily and they were taken to Korovou prison.  Their families were not told of their whereabouts and they didn’t know if they were dead or alive.

Frank Bainimarama had given strict instructions that none of the tortured CRW soldiers were to receive any medical attention. But through the grace of God, a Marist Priest, Father Seluini Akauola, a specialist Moral Theologian and Counselor, was there in Fiji and he went out of his way to seek help for the CRW soldiers. They finally received medical attention and most of them are still alive today.

Fr. Akauola, who often visited the CRW soldiers in Korovou, recalled with tears in his eyes, that the CRW boys were treated like animals.  He said that they had been locked up in their dark cells for days, even weeks, with their injuries untreated.  The injuries included multiple fractures to the arms and legs and ribs, severe bruises and swelling, and open wounds and distorted faces.  Captain Steven, who had led the CRW operation against Frank Bainimarama, was near death.  Fr. Akauola said that he “could not believe that one human being could do this type of injury to another human being”.  
Here are a few photos of those tortured and murdered Loyal Fiji CRW soldiers. 
Beaten to death
Editor's Note: We apologise to the families of the men  pictured for any distress caused; the photos have been published only in the interest of ensuring the people of Fiji are informed about the true circumstances of their deaths.


    Anonymous said...

    People should text these photos to all their relatives in the village to show what they're dealing with.
    Bainimarama is evil. It's sad that he has been able to con even acedemics in Fiji and even con the Indians too.
    He murdered these people and we will bring him to justice.
    We need to dismantle this guy and all who stand with him.

    -Valataka na Dina.

    Anonymous said...

    OMG. Keep the photos..the time WILL come!
    Vei kemuni na weka voleka ni yalo vakacegu baleta ena yaco na gauna me ratou na raica na cava na ca ni vaqara kaukauwa!

    Anonymous said...

    Where do you get all this bullshit from???

    The article is a lot ofcrepe and theblog owner is dumb to have it on this shitty blog

    Anonymous said...

    Now the truth is beginning to come to light. This revelation will result in this guy entrenching his grip on power as he will now become more frightened than ever before which means that we must now forget about elections. What has now come out is too much for him to bear. This has come from Roko Ului so it cannot be anything out of the truth. No wonder all those army officers involved in the Board of Inquiry have left the army.

    Anonymous said...

    Baini the bastard is a liar! But so is JB, parading as an academic in Australia, his fingerprints are all over those who were beaten to death on baini's orders.

    mark manning said...

    As horrendous and troubling as these photos are, in the name of Justice, in memory of the victims and their surviving Families, Fijians, if Fiji is to begin healing, must confront the unimaginable and confront these images and respond accordingly.
    And that is to demand Justice against those who perpetrated these heinous acts of human rights atrocities and to demand justice, for the Families and the victims of them.
    It's time for Fijians to confront the past and to begin dealing with it in a just manner.

    Taukei 5. said...

    What goes round comes round - Nailatikau included.

    Anonymous said...

    Baledrokadroka was a murder suspect, for he was doing the beatings of CRW soldiers, and later fled to Australia, to avoid being questioned over the 2000 murders. He may have objected to 2006 coup but he must tell us what was his role in the horrific murders of this patriotic soldiers who tried to kill the Pig for betraying them?

    Anonymous said...

    can this picture be showed on TVNZ, One News, TV3 , BBC, ABC, CNN, etc.This should go all over the world NEWS, more in India and China , they are supporting this bastard, BAINI YOU WILL DIE LIKE A PIG OR DOG!!!!!!!!!!


    3FIR said...

    To Commander RFMF

    Sir, i am a royal solider who swore oath to defend this nation and by rank am a Captain.

    This news has send shock waves through all of us and its time that you remove your selve from commander or face a coup.

    The LFC will not support you and aziz is smiling all the way with AG and compol knowing your now a dead meat and a blow to your elections campain.

    As you have been told time and again by senior officers - you must shift your power base - entrust army to a stable commander and resign.

    AG will not save you but he is setting you up for the fall!!

    Anonymous said...

    what a joke
    ratu maras son running away to tonga
    the graffitti boys all gone bush
    the army all lamu sona
    frank as corrupt as ever
    the muslim ag milking all the way
    muslim brotherhood gaining strength
    poor indians and fijians suffering
    kfc kicked out for not giving the formula
    fiji is a laughing stock
    if this was anywhere else there would have been a revolt but no all you folks are lamusomas

    Hore from Horowhenua said...

    Have these photos of unarmed men murdered by your cowardly dictator been photoshopped as well?

    Samu Matei said...

    Bainimarama and all army personnel responsible for the atrocities, which most probably include Baledrokadroka and ului Mara, must be tried and punished for their henious crimes.

    Watch and see said...

    Hmmmmmmm now how will the coup apologists and local media deal with this one?

    Anonymous said...

    These photos are very disturbing, and yet you Fijians are still talking but no action. The assholes above who said they are photoshopped and fake should be ashamed of ourselves. You are supporting an evil pig. What if these men are your relatives? Shame on you bastards.

    Anonymous said...

    Whatever the truth is it would never have been possible for one person to undertake all these wrongs without a lot of support.

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    A soldier described how 3 teams (of 6 to 10 soldiers per team) would take turns to beat and stomp each of the CRW until death.....

    Anonymous said...

    These murder photos must be published as paid advrtisment in all overseas newspapers and sent to all fijian in all fijian villages to see the thug junta dictator who make to coup to save himself from police charges.

    Look at the heads busted with cement block.

    Anonymous said...

    Its complicated!!

    I think this is getting closer to the truth but there are still holes. Who can blame people like Mara and JB as they were involved int he retributions and are probavly guilty to some degree of the murders. But the truth must come up, even from Rabuka. Ehile anyone keeps a secret on this sorry tale Bainimarame and others who will follow can thrive.

    Anonymous said...

    After the Board of Inquiry when what actually transpired inb coup 2000 were spilled, highly qualified military officers began leaving the army. They did so after finding that no lesser being than Baini himself was the main culprit behind 2000 takeover. I believe they did so because they did not want to be associated with a rogue institution they had so much respect for. Look at the calibre of people that left, Colonels Tuatoko, Evans, Raduva, Kadavulevu, Taraikinikini, Seruvakula, Rabukawaqa, Saubulinayau, Waqanisau. These are highly qualified officers who are commander material in every respect.

    Anonymous said...

    Hei folks - the regime lackey and propagandist Thakur Ranjit Singh had balmed the Fiji Times for the overhtrow of Chaudhry - now it transpires it was none other than his pet dictator and bullshit friends of the Indo-Fijians - gosh, snake in Fiji's sugar can field - and now it must be biting his Indo-Fijian supporters very hard:
    The 2000 Speight coup in Fiji: An analysis of the role of The Fiji Times and the impact of partisan media by Thakur Ranjit Singh

    Anonymous said...

    this is the biggest peice of fiction on the 2000 coup I have ever seen. None of it fits the facts.

    Anonymous said...

    Isa, is it possible to put a name to those dead soldiers - they are someone's husband, son, father, brother - you PIG and all your Indo-Fijian and Fijian supporters, inside and outside Fiji, we will deal with you chaps

    Anonymous said...

    I can imagine Croz Walsh already echoing claims sent in by regime supporters that these photos are obviously photo-shopped... because the mass of bloody pulp that now lies where a head once was isn't casting a shadow!

    These are monstrous acts Bainimarama is alleged to have committed.  Obviously, anyone who could engage in perfidy of this depth and on this scale is capable of anything.  I can't say I'm surprised.

    I recommend reading the report in its entirety.  Its richness of detail, the way it hangs together internally, and the accurate character depiction of Bainimarama all give it the ring of truth.  Bainimarama's refusal to testify, his burying of the BOI report, his numerous lies and his continued censorship add to the report's credibility.  His diehard supporters will say what they always say, that the charges are trumped up for political purposes, but that just goes to show the degree of their pathetic, guilt-driven self-delusion or worse, complete amorality.  

    Fijians must not look to the international community to solve the problems of Fiji.  The Western democracies want to help, but they will do nothing in the absence of action by a political opposition movement on the ground in Fiji.  Conscience-stricken, loyal RFMF officers and rank-and-file are undoubtedly anxious to restore their institution, but everyone is waiting for someone else to 'bell the cat'.  Even Fiji's illegal, figurehead President Nailatikau has signaled that he would be willing to help depose Bainimarama, but he feels powerless to act in the absence of popular support expressed through mass action.  

    That mass action can take many forms.  In Iran, the opposition staged shouts of 'God is Great' from the rooftops.  In Egypt, people gathered in Tahrir Square.  What matters is for people to see that they are not alone and to sense and display the strength in their numbers.

    We cannot plan an effective programme for action in public without tipping off the regime.  Therefore, we should use the Internet to elect an opposition leadership now.  That leadership would provide the organization, locus for planning, and unity of purpose that -- let's face it -- Fiji's democratic opposition currently lacks.

    Am I alone here, or does anyone else agree that we need to stop whinging and start organizing?

    s/ Dakuwaqa

    Anonymous said...

    Commodore, I mean second Anonymous @ 8:53, I'm glad to see you reading for once.

    Typical refutation on your part. So articulate! So witty!

    Vakaloloma nai taukei said...




    dau bo dali said...

    epeli ganilau and epeli nailatikau were behind bainimarama throught out all this,ului mara stop covering up your brother inlaws

    Anonymous said...

    These images are true...because I was there in AE- CWMH in 2000 when injured CRW soldiers were brought in...some were brought in DOA, and others with grave injuries.

    They were like slaughtered cows and pigs..brought in flung at the tray of a truck...reeking with urine and faeces and covered in blood....and one whom i attended was crying out 'oilei tamaqu meu bula'

    It was a unbelivable sight to see grown men begging for their life...

    Vakaloloma dina.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you C4.5 for this article. But only unless the mass is informed (and these are those who cannot access this site), this powerful revelation will just be put to rest like all other controversial reports against Fiji's political leaders. And this blog-site like others will just be a forum for bitterness, anger, envy and frustration. In Fijian, it is called, 'Bula ena vosa'.

    Anonymous said...

    So now that the head of the world peacekeeping force has left Fiji with glowing acknowledgement of her soldiers then ex-Military senior officers who were part of this horendous act now want to play the 'I Save Fiji' act, just as Frank did in 2000. Remember you were all part of the 2000 and the current coup - you cannot escape and to think that this means, Fiji must ascede to another bloomin' idiot of a Military man to lead us - YOU MUST BE JOKING! Bring on a civilian, but no crooks, no lawyer poofters please.

    My Damascene Moment said...

    Isa o Viti. The scales have fallen out of my eyes.

    Verebau.. said...

    Tranformed the flower of Taukei youth into violent psychopaths.
    Nice one Nailatikau - careful one doesn't get you?

    Anonymous said...

    Frank is now asking coke for the secret formula!

    Anonymous said...

    @Anonymous 9:58 & 11:01
    Not to worry. I've sent a link to this story to one of those News Media sites.
    If you have a favourite News Channel just look at their website and upload it.
    Na ka e vunitaki tiko sa na qai ceburaki kece mai tuba. Vinaka Turaga Jisu.

    Kenneth Zinck said...

    I feel for the families, wives children, mums and dads, brothers and sisters and all the relatives of these men in the pictures and those not shown but murdered at the hands of Bainimarama and his cohorts. When the children of these men see these photos how do you think they feel Bainimarama, Nailatikau Khaiyum and the rest of you? Thanks Roko Ului for bringing these photos out. Now all I can pray and demand that justice comes quick so Bai and his gangs pay the price of these heinous crimes committed mercilessly against unarmed innocent men. May their souls rest in peace. Kenneth Zinck

    Anonymous said...



    Anonymous said...

    Relatives of some of the murdered CRW soldiers could not believe the state of the corpse of their loved ones they collected from the morgue. Almost all of them had their testicles and provate parts severed and some were well beyond recognition. A gruesome act indeed art the instruction of Bainimarama. There is evidence that he issued rthe orders and that piece of evidence will find its way into the courts some day. Bainimarama may think there is nop eviodence that is there to implicate him. He will be shocked when this piece of vital evidence is presented when he aoppears in court and that day is not too far off. Da masu ga vakalevu me basika na dina.

    Aseri said...

    If you are reading this Mainimarama, i hope you appreciate the anger and hurt relatives of those you murdered feel. Most Fijians also detest the horrible crimes you inflicted on your victims, surely if you have a drop of human feeling, you will appreciate the impact of your actions on thousands of people in Fij.

    Anonymous said...

    No wonder BAI cant sleep at nights and needs priests to come and pray him to sleep .One told me he was picked up at Sunday eve and taken to offer prayers and Bai had a towel wrapped around his head and like a baby crying with sever head ache HE MUST DIE HE MUST BE PUNISHED HE MUST DIE

    mark manning said...

    No man is above the Law and all, including those currently overseas or supporting a return to democracy, must be held accountable for their crimes.
    It's time to separate the men from the boys and stand up an take responsibility.
    As for J.B. I've spoken with him personally in Sydney and doubt very much that he had a hand in any tortures in Fiji in 2000 or at any other time.
    As then Land force commander however, he did have a job to do, a very difficult one under very difficult and extenuating circumstances. My guess is, that perhaps some Soldiers were overwhelmed at the thought of their fellow Soldiers being killed by their own and by their fellow Soldiers.
    Something which had never taken place in Fiji before, though it does seem to have continued under Frank Bainimarama's Command since 2006.
    Under these circumstances, perhaps they themselves gave in to their grief and took revenge against the CRW Soldiers.
    Sadly, if you all recall, one of those CRW Soldiers was an innocent man, not even on duty at the time of the original atrocities.
    It's possible and probable that J.B. had no knowledge of these atrocities until after the event.
    I know many would argue that I'm reading things incorrectly.

    Anonymous said...

    what more can i say but bai/ag are great liars.
    fijian armies/police are suckers to bai/ag taliban.
    if i had my way i am ready to hang this evil people.
    so god give me a courage and day that we may free our fiji people.
    fijian armies open your eyes you been used by bai/ag taliban.
    god bless our poor people.

    Anonymous said...

    the bodies do not appear to be that of fijians. have a close look,

    Anonymous said...

    CRW got what they deserved.

    they wanted to kill frank , then kill frank.

    He was one man...so it took the whole crw to kill one man.


    this was just another coupe with Sitiveni Rabuka waiting to step in.

    crw killed innocent fellow soldiers at the barracks and they got the full fury of the loyal soliders
    crw were not loyal...they were elites scum set up by rabuka

    f!@k the whole army...bastards all of you
    March 3, 2012 10:31 AM

    Inia Seru said...

    Now that Ului has taken our attention back to 2000,could he give the public a detailed discrption of the 2006 coup.We want names of shadowy figiures, military men and especially all the tortures and beatings up at camp of civillians in which he was in command.

    Anonymous said...

    The pictures speak a thousand or perhaps a million words. Fiji has never witnessed any such crime during its colonial and independent rule. True leaders can be better judged by how they treat the lowly and the ordinary citizens. We feel as if the pictures are from Burundi or Rhuwanda in Africa.

    Are we heading there? These pictures show that we are there already, and we may be heading where they are going politically, economically, and socially.

    Isn't it time to ask this regime to step down now and hand over power to an interim Administartion? To take us forward to elections immediately ? The time is now, not 2014. Everything seems to be going terribly wrong, and before it's too late, please give us a new leadership now.

    jay said...

    Childrens are left fatherless because of the incompetent leadership of a pig.

    Anonymous said...

    Like Qaddafi, Saddam and all tyrants, Frank will one day be laying on the same same concrete slab at the CWMH MORTUARY, IN PLACE OF THE SLAIN SOLDIERS!!

    Anonymous said...

    I beleive C4.5 can channel these pictures to counterparts offshore, esp, to other media outlets.
    The world has never seen this, a strong message as such to the world will shore up US, Russia, China,EU ,UN, etc ,to the mis-haps in Fiji with its current leadership and add more to what the world has on the current illegal PM of Fiji.
    Isa lei! these blood still cry out for mercy, will be re-deemed in due course. Wawa vakalailai, se bera!
    Look at a scenario here( from those who gave orders to kill):
    The wicked King Ahab and queen Jezebel ordered the brutal slaying of poor Naboth because he could not sell the king his ancestral pocession-a vineyard- which according to God's Law forbade him or his family to sell. As the word from the Lord came to Prophet Elijah that Naboth was dead on the orders of the Ahaz and Jezebel he went to the King and spoke the word of the Lord "Hast thou killed, and also taken pocession?...In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick thy blood"
    In fulfillment of this King Ahab, dressed in disguise was struck by a random arrow in the war.By the evening, King Ahab was dead "..and the blood ran out of the wound into the midst of the chariot, where the dogs licked up his blood". The same fate befell the queen. The next King-Jehu was sent by a prophet to smite the house of Ahab. When Jezebel heard that King Jehu was coming, she disguised herself (painted her face). She was thrown out of the window and died. Later when men were sent to bury her, all that could be found were a few of her bones. So the prophesy of Elijah came true."In the portion of Jezreel shall dogs eat the flesh of Jezebel".(Full story can be taken from 1 Kings 21-old testament.
    Sun has to set after its rise and since the world is round ..what goes around comes around, so is man...what he sows shall he reaps.

    Frank your time will arrive and you should be willingly ready to face it.It is just appropriate. You cannot hide,disguise or paint your face along the way.
    Sa vinaka.

    Taukei 5. said...

    @ Anon 3:33.
    Those responsible such as Nailatikau & Vore will never hand over power because once they do they know they'll be charged.
    Buying time & avoiding prosecution over these murders is what its always been about for them these past few years.

    Anonymous said...

    These pics speaks a THOUSAND words about the the mentality and modus operandus of the the man. He will stop at NOTHING that stands in his way!!
    Qiliho was also part of the beating. I was there, but could not do anything as I am only a private.
    Can you imagine, Qiliho the ADOPTED son of a Bishop!!
    But then I guess he was only ADOPTED!!
    Dua na siga Siti, luvenisala o iko!!!

    Dalit said...

    This article and photos deserve nothing less than the pages of our daily news papers...lets see if they have the balls to publish the truth behind the 2000and 2006 coups.

    Anonymous said...

    Mark Manning can you for once just stop your idiotic comments-spoke to JB-so what ! Do you think you some white sona from who knows where is going to be the one JB ig goign to make his confession to? You dumb dumb!
    Before we go one and on about the photos I need soemone to identify the photos to be of the CRW personnel! Normally when photos of deceased personel are taken they are identified with date, time including name of the person etc, etc reason been you require them to be produce as proof of your evidence-so far i don't see any? Secondly -SOMEONE forgot to mention the soldiers that were kiiled in the RFMF barracks in Nabua by the CRW crew-one was a relative who had just returned from night duty and was shot by the CRW crew while asleep! Some parts of this report are true but a lot is rubbish! If Frank was aware of the working of the CRW personnel why the hell did he trasfer a senior Officer from the RFMR who was about to leave for the middle East to join the CRW crew just a few weeks before the incident at Nabua,hiskey role was to infiltrate the CRW to find out what was going on! I should know cause i was close to the action then you will ever , ever know! You guys have been taken for a nice sweet ride!

    Anonymous said...

    Now that Ului has taken our attention back to 2000,could he give the public a detailed discrption of the 2006 coup.We want names of shadowy figiures, military men and especially all the tortures and beatings up at camp and your involvement.What drove you to continue to follow VB. You already had this knowledge as an officer prior to this coup and after the internal inquiry.

    Siteri said...

    Have just sent copy of this article and Coup 4.5 site address to Television NZ and New Zealand Herald

    Anonymous said...

    This revelation will surely scare this idiot to the bone which means there will be no elections because the sooner the elections the sooner he faces the courts. His immunity has not been worked out which confirms the no-election prediction. And if there is eklections and he wants to contest, how is he going to show his face in the vilages campaigning with this kind of revelation. Who in his right frame of mind is going to accept such a murderer as his man in parliament. This man's most appropriate destiny are the gallows. He does not deserve Naboro.

    Anonymous said...

    Don't think being in tonga & trying to redeem yourself Mara you are free from evil doings. You are a monster as much as those others involved with all the torture/murders.

    Anonymous said...

    This is why Fiji will never win any International Rugby Competition. And for that matter any Sporting Competition.
    First clean up your backyard.
    First bring the murderers to justice and only then can Fiji win anything. Right now you are just losers.

    Red Scorpion said...

    Its high time for the people to rise up.Thids has gone on for far too long!

    Tokona na Dina said...

    @Anon 8.06am
    If your comments were true, please bear in mind that your side of the story will be very crutial in the investigation of these beating/tortures/murder as you can clearly witness the % of phisical body ijnjuries on some of those you attended to on this particular day with their physical body states. You still can recall whom you were with at the time these victims were brought in at the Accident & Emergency at CWM. Your stories will be helpful in describing the natures of their injuries. A time will come to complete all these investigations so we have to link all these evidence to complete the jig saw puzzle. The truth will then prevail.

    Anonymous said...

    Very troubling indeed. Not sure what to say......

    Anonymous said...

    I was one of the soldiers, together with Qiliho sent from Nadi to QEB to reinforce on that day.

    Anonymous said...

    What a disgrace for human kind and for Fijians to witness turning on your own. Few in the Animal Kingdom does this.

    Like a few of the readers, we ask when will these monsters be stopped? This must happen within and not from outside Fiji or the military.

    Who has the balls?

    We all agree that you cannot talk these monsters out of it...

    I understand that the AG privately laughs at VB's inadequacies and says he has VB by the balls, and VB does pretty much what the AG tells him to do!

    The division is already there, all that is required is some titillation!

    Dive Tagane!

    VT said...

    Too much bulshit, listen to his interview by Graham, he cant even answer properly. He first said that he wont involve himself in the next election and later he stated that he was going to stand definately. Sky news.


    Hunger for power.

    Anonymous said...

    Forwarded the article to Mr Key, New Zealand Prime Minister

    Anonymous said...

    @ Comm Esala Teleni

    Didn't Maciu die under similar circumstances ?

    VitikeiRotuma said...

    Hmmm....... Someone should make copies of this and drop it off all over Fiji including RFMF HQ and Units around Fiji. The truth will set us free!!

    Anonymous said...

    Isa bro Sete....father Wase..RIP we will always remember you..True Warriors never dies...Your blood will be crying until they stand infront for justice shall always prevail....Our prayers are with your family always before,now and forever.

    Dalit said...

    The article and the photos belong to mainstream medias in Fiji so the public can judge for themselves.

    Lets see if the Sun and Times have the balls to have a go.

    Anonymous said...

    Where is Lt ului Mara hiding now?The lamu sona is equally at fault .
    He wanted to be the Commander.
    Hasnt this blog got enough informatio on the sins of this lamu sona

    Anonymous said...

    Could someone please, name the people who were killed including their village&province?
    If I remember correctly JB was involved, cause he had to rush back
    with his troop from somewhere, to put down the revolt at Delainabua and he was successful in the arrest
    of all the mutineers.I'd like to hear what JB has to say?Seems to me
    JB may have to come clean in the matter?May be the Aussie Government should investigate JB to
    see whether he was personally responsible for the death of these
    solidiers. Same with Roko Ului-they both don't have much to stand on?

    Boy said...

    Why can't we remove Bainimarama and instate the current Land Force Commander to be the Commander of the RFMF?

    Boy said...

    What was Tevita Mara's position in 2000. Did he have a hand in this torturings' also?

    Anonymous said...

    All those in the top of the military are guilty of murder or have a part in it. Aiyarsehole is quietly laughing away as he waits for the pig Bai to fall. You assholes will meet the same fate, if not worse.

    Anonymous said...

    I think Roko Lui has done a good job by sending us these pictures. He could have easily remained silent like everyone else all these years.
    Also he had the wits about him to take all these files on that fishing trip.
    I personally believe deep down in his heart he wants to right the wrongs and make sure the blame went to the right person.

    We know that Bainimarama has always tried to shift the blame first to Speight then shift it to CRW then shift it to Qarase etc etc.Then he blamed the chiefs.Then blamed all Fijians for being racist.Even now he is blaming all kinds of people for trying to kill him eg Mrs Samisoni etc etc etc.

    Always shifting the blame and now we see he was the main arsehole causing all this trouble. ( I bet he'll try and shift the blame to the Shameem sisters for the 2006 coup)
    He deserves the full brunt of the law and if that means the hangmans noose then so be it.

    -Valataka na Dina.

    mark manning said...

    @ anon 613 a.m.
    You should give your evidence and testimony to a Lawyer, Andrew Hughes, Human Rights Organisation, the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, The U.S. , the United Nations, International Criminal Court of justice and the Media, including youtube.

    mark manning said...

    @ anon 1105 p.m.
    I wonder how many are still alive and continue to live with their guilt or don't sleep well at night !
    If you have any evidence, all you guys should find out who you can share it with and have it on record for use by the appropriate authority once Democracy is restored.

    Does anyone have any idea where this evidence can be taken to and to whom ?

    Anonymous said...

    Second Anonymous 8:53, your words sound uncannily like the Commodore's. What a clever riposte!

    Frank, you're now reading the opposition blogs? What, not finding any information in the Fiji Sun?

    Congratulations, I didn't think you knew how to read!

    Anonymous said...

    I can imagine Croz Walsh already echoing claims sent in by regime supporters that these photos are obviously photo-shopped... because the mass of bloody pulp that now lies where a head once was isn't casting a shadow!

    These are monstrous acts Bainimarama is alleged to have committed.  Obviously, anyone who could engage in perfidy of this depth and on this scale is capable of anything.  I can't say I'm surprised.

    I recommend reading the report in its entirety.  Its richness of detail, the way it hangs together internally, and the accurate character depiction of Bainimarama all give it the ring of truth.  Bainimarama's refusal to testify, his burying of the investigative report, his numerous lies and his continued censorship add to the report's credibility.  His diehard supporters will say what they always say, that the charges are trumped up for political purposes, but that just goes to show the degree of their pathetic, guilt-driven self-delusion or worse, complete amorality.  

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you, Roko Ului. This surely will be taken into consideration as a mitigating factor when your sentence is meted out. You still need to explain why, knowing what you knew, you helped this monster come to power.

    Fijians must not look to the international community to solve the problems of Fiji.  The Western democracies want to help, but they'll do nothing in the absence of action by a political opposition movement on the ground in Fiji.  

    Conscience-stricken RFMF officers and rank-and-file are undoubtedly anxious to restore the reputation of the military as an institution, but everyone is waiting for someone else to 'bell the cat'.  

    Even Fiji's illegal figurehead President Nailatikau has signaled that he would be willing to help depose Bainimarama, but he feels powerless to act in the absence of popular support expressed through mass action.  

    That mass action can take many forms.  In Iran, the opposition shouted of 'God is Great' from the rooftops. In Egypt, people gathered in Tahrir Square. What matters is for people to see that they're not alone and to sense, take courage from, and demonstrate the strength in their numbers.

    We cannot plan an effective programme for action in public without tipping off the regime.  Therefore, we should use the Internet to elect an opposition leadership now.  That leadership would provide the organization, locus for planning, and unity of purpose that -- let's face it -- Fiji's democratic opposition currently lacks.

    Wringing our hands will not free Fiji. We must organize.

    s/ Dakuwaqa

    Anonymous said...

    The blood of those men are crying out from the soil where it seeped! This is the low level of killing field the RFMF has stooped so down low to under Baini's command! No amount of words will regain lost credibility. God is a God of justice, he will not allow, pride, arrogance, injustice and murder to get away with! He is allowing time for those left in the military to repent, seek forgiveness or face extermination for ever, within your families and the military itself! This monster must be destroyed once and for all! It has become too big for its small boots, pride has swollen its head and breast! Time will come Bain and co, time will come, in God's own timing! RIP to all those who have needlessly died in the name of vengeance! God said, vengeance is mine! I will avenge!

    Anonymous said...

    This idiot will now start looking for an excuse to defer the elections further. There will be some semblence of constitutional consultation which would be a mere window dressing exercise, but we have to forget about any election with the revelations now exposed on the 2000 coups and what transpired thereafter.

    Anonymous said...

    You bloggers keep harping on about a people's revolution but the truth is, the people here in Fiji, while struggling are generally pleased with the many changes taking place. The politics is best left to you who live in dreamland thinking that one day there will be an uprise and Frank and Co. will be removed. It will NOT happen because for ONCE the people are led by a responsive leader like Frank. The problem is in conniving advisors to Frank who're only interested in personal profit, and secondly, the hopelessness of the civil service and the leaders of semi-government institutes who have no clue of how to implement Frank's policies. Hence, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Frank please wake up and listen to the small voices!

    Anonymous said...

    Ha ....Fijians against Fijians then go church on Sunday to make a mockery out of God....ooh bless.

    Anonymous said...

    But you people are losing the plot! Please for once, look beyond your noses and take it back to the 1987 coup. People were also murdered incase you're not aware. The international community is not stupid and selective critiscisim will not be taken seriously. This is why you lot are just going round and round the merry go round. I dare C4.5 to print this because I find you're also selective.

    Anonymous said...

    Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.Na yaco mai na nomuni gauna.You all rot in hell

    Anonymous said...

    Mark Manninhg how about doing something for the Afghanistan people who get murdered by the Aussie soldiers-there never seem to be anyone ever found guilty since all investigations are carried out by the Military! No dfferent form what the Amercians are doing how many USA soldiers has ever been found guilty of murder-your mob take the cake when mudering civilians yet you have the gall to come here and yell for something to be done-the CRW also stared the killing-if you were in the camp when it happened you will know the tension it was under when you couldn't rust anyone! Stop your crap talk and clean up the s!@t you have left behind in Iraq, Afghanistan or may we include Vietnam!Now your mob wnat to also try bombing Iran?
    March 4, 2012 7:25 PM

    Death to the Regime said...

    You know regime supporters are pissed when they start having a go at Mark Manning and trying to blame Jone Baledroka for what happened in 2000. Hilarious!

    Taukei. said...

    @ Anon 3:40.

    This is not about Mark Manning the US or anything else - its about Viti & the RFMF under its current leadership & in this lies a great danger for Viti in general & you personally. If they will inflict this barbaric treatment on sworn comrades - what chance do you think you & others will have?
    For reasons most obvious be very wary about associating with
    any organisation that includes murder & torture in its manifesto.

    Anonymous said...

    Ok...for one Dr Epeli Nailatikau...surely should have spoke up about the gruesome killings...but when Epeli came to NZ in 2010..he said on national TV against Nikil Naidu..that what Baini did was right..so this Dr Epeli must have done PM..andtry to hide evidence..but they blood on their hands..and they should be tried for their crimes against humanity

    Anonymous said...

    the supposed senior & more qualified Army officers @ QEB are a bunch of pussies!!!!!.....this is the result of petty squabbles and rivalry, the day they sniffed Baini as incompetent they shud have catapulted his arse out of QEB, instead they do the opposite they shined his balls for him. And now with shiny cherries the fuck head is pissing on them and the Fiji public!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Some crw were sculptured. Their foreheadskin were cut with a knife and then peeled off. Their face peeled off and head peeled off. This was done when they were still alive.

    Anonymous said...

    Satan and evil reigns up at QEB!!

    "Na lasulasu,Na tawa dodonu kei na dukadukali!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Its easy for those who were not there to know what happened on the day during the shooting of innocent soldiers at the RFMR barrack at Nabua by the CRW crew.
    Firstly when things happened many didn't actually know what was happening withing the camp! When the shootings began the demand by Captain Stevens was for the resignation of the Commander.By the time one of the Captains in the RFMF started to negotiate with Captian Stevens the anger had already settled in and there was not knowing what was going on in the camp especially to who was on whose side!The trust that existed vanished into thin air, for the first time soldiers within the camp were carring guns with live ammunition! No one really knew where the Senior Officers sat, whether they sided with the CRW crew or were on the side of the other soldeirs who were defending the baracks-you couple this to the various things that were going on-Rabuka coming to the camp, senior Officers away on training exercises, some of our own fellow soldiers already killed-one when he was sleeping! Please don't cooly judge us in the comfort of your armchairs-because at the time when we knew who are enemy was all that was left for us was capture people-no Officer would have the courage to stop men when they were driven to the state of anger at what had happened! At an incident at the Naval Base there was shout from someone about grabbing George Speight and "killing the bastard" well even before that sentence was finished there was another shout as who made that remark because George Speight was a relative!Now you can understand the situation. So please yes judge us but don't draw conclusions to easily-we couldn't trust our own comrades when we had Chiefs like the Qaranivalu coming to Nabua with bus loads of people from Naitasiri to take over the camp! Thats the reality of the situation-we went to sleep if you could call it that with guns at our side. The enemy was withing, you thank soldiers who were disciplined enough that this was not esculated and things really didn't got out of hand especially when we were taunted and made to look like bugger all by the CRW crew who thought they were so good that they just answered to the Commader-now you get some of the picture of what happened but these pages can't fill the volumes we had to also suffer from the CRW crew & their insolence to fellow soldiers and Officers! When you declare war on fellow soldiers please be prepared-forgivenness is last thing on soldiers minds.

    Keep The Faith said...

    @ Anon 5:16pm

    It's hard to tell whether one should feel for you, or pity you.

    OK so there was an eruption of mass confusion and this is backed up in the leaked board of inquiry report. BUT what is also very telling in the report is that the CRW were being played too.

    What you are telling us here is a situation where grown ARMED & jittery men were defending their posts and all thrown by the confusion of who stood where. It sounds like the perfect environment for the perfect crime.

    You guys (CRW and non-CRW) were all played. And the enemy both within (& civilians) remains at large. Bainimarama is one of them.

    The fact of the matter remains that as a disciplined forces, no one should have died. But some of you have acquired the taste for blood and you've continued to kill, maim and intimidate innocent and unarmed civilians since 2006.

    And for that, you will ALL be judged, make no mistake.

    Now that you've all fallen in line in attempting to kill the Constitution, you will recall that treason is punishable by death whereas the Constitution's right to life provision could actually save your sorry necks.

    If there is one thing that you soldiers can do in learning from all this, it is this - THINK. Remember the Nuremberg Trials because it is no longer enough to say "I was just following orders".

    Some sicko's actually get a kick out of manipulating the dispensable for their own ends. Let none of you ever be fooled again into thinking that Bainimarama's world cannot revolve without you.

    MOCEVITI said...

    Folks! This makes me sick. I thank God i did not renew my Fiji passport to vote anyone in or out. I rather stay a stranger to the land i use to call home. It is no more what i use be proud of...not even rugby. So sad :( Moce viti moce.

    MOCEVITI said...

    Folks! This makes me sick. I thank God i did not renew my Fiji passport to vote anyone in or out. I rather stay a stranger to the land i use to call home. It is no more what i use be proud of...not even rugby. So sad :( Moce viti moce.