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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chaudhry: too early to talk specifics about a Coalition Party

OLD ALLIANCE: Chaundry and Bainimarama in chummier days.

The debate over the consultation process for the regime's new Constitution and its planned elections, has prompted a jostling for positions.
We have subsequently sought answers from the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, regarding his new fervour in taking on the military government and the sudden attraction of the SDL Party.
We also republish here two articles that appeared in the Fiji Times which we feel readers and bloggers should note as discussions swirl, especially about the possibility of a Coalition Party being formed to challenge the regime at the ballot box.
While we want the removal of the unelected government, we don't want political immorality, lack of credibility and self-interest being put ahead of national interest.

C4.5: Why did you support the 2006 coup?
Chaudhry presenting 2008 budget.
Chaudhry: The FLP did not support the 2006 coup. In fact, a Labour Party statement on 6 December 2006 denounced the Army takeover, and called on the RFMF to hand over "executive authority to HE the President, as soon as possible, to facilitate a prompt return to democratic rule". 
C4.5: When sworn in as interim finance minister, did you not say that the legality of the administration that you elected to serve had yet to be determined by the court - yet you condoned the military coup as many of your statements show. Why?
Chaudhry: Please state when and where this was said and forward copies of the statement.  

Editor's Note: In the front page story A Strange Twist of Fate (Fiji Times Jan 10, 2007), Chaudhry describes his appointment as a 'strange twist of destiny' and says while the constitutionality of the regime has yet to be determined, he was joining to 'rebuild the nation'. Note: It was also FLP's own decision to join the regime after executive authority was returned to Iloilo. http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=54937

C4.5: Why a craving now for the 1997 Constitution when you have been on record as rubbishing it since its enactment 13 years ago?
Chaudhry: The Fiji Labour Party has never rubbished the 1997 Constitution. In fact, it had a significant input in the constitution through the Joint Parliamentary Select Committee process. What the FLP opposed was the complete reversal of the electoral arrangements as recommended by the Reeves Commission by the Rabuka/Reddy (SVT/NFP) leadership.  The Reeves Commission had recommended that Fiji move away from race-based politics by adopting more Open seats as opposed to communal seats on a 45:25 ratio. This was reversed to 25 Open and 46 communal seats under an agreement between the two leaders. We also wanted a reduction of the voting age to 18 as recommended by Reeves but rejected by SVT and NFP.

C4.5: If you did not like the electoral provisions, why didn't you change it when you were in power? You had at the time an 81 per cent majority in the House of Representatives when one needed just a two third majority. You also had control of the senate.
Chaudhry: You forget that the Labour-led government was only in office for 12 months in which short time we achieved a lot. The Constitution had just come into effect - it had to be given time to be tested. Based on that experience, whatever action was required would have taken place in due course.

C4.5: Regarding today's story about a coalition with SDL, if it went ahead would the marriage of convenience be enough to get the regime out of government?
C4.5: Given your past history with SDL, would you and the FLP be prepared play second fiddle to SDL?

C4.5: How much of a compromise would FLP be prepared to make? Bloggers are already tipping 35 candidates for SDL 32 for Labour. Would that sit well with you?

Chaudhry: Q 5,6&7: These questions are premature at this stage.

The articles below (Click on Read More) from the Fiji Times: Coup Good for Economy in July 2008, published after a press conference given by Chaudhry as interim finance minister three weeks before he was forced to resign in August 2008. In the second article, Economy Stable, Chaudhry (on the day he left office as Bainimarama's interim finance minister), maintained the regime had been a Saviour for the Fiji economy. Note his view of the coup, the economy, and Laisenia Qarase and SDL.

Coup good for economy 

Mary Rauto
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
INTERIM Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry says the economy has improved — thanks to the coup of 2006.
He made the comment in media conference yesterday that he said was in response to the negative assessment of the state of the economy and Government finances by academics at the Fiji Update Seminar.
"When USP people talk they don't give you figures at all," he said.
If you look at Dr Biman Prasad's analysis, it's without any figures or facts," he said.
But Professor of Economics and of Business and Economics dean Dr Prasad said he used the Bureau of Statistics in his assessment.
"What is he talking about?" he asked. "What we pointed out was done using Government figures.
"His own Bureau of Statistics says the economy was down by 6.6 per cent for 2007.
"We offered some policy advice to government so he can't say that we did not provide anything constructive."
Mr Chaudhry said the improved trends in economic performance indicated that growth "is likely to exceed the earlier RBF forecast of 1.7 per cent for 2008. Sugar cane production is up and the ratio of cane to sugar is expected to improve at least 15 per cent in 2008 compared to 2007," he said.
"Fisheries and forestry are showing good signs of growth, as are the transport and communication sectors.
"The Vatukoula Gold Mine is in operation again and exports of gold so far this year have totalled $3million
"Tourism has made a strong comeback, with visitor arrivals forecast to increase by 5.9 per cent in 2008."
Mr Chaudhry said the export sector had seen steady growth and the economy was benefiting from its re-exports of mineral fuels given the dramatic increase in the global fuel price.
"Exports for the first five months of 2008 totalled $507m up 24.2 per cent over the same period in 2007, a much improved performance compared to 2005 and 2006," he said.
Mr Chaudhry said there were 18,000 more people in employment at the end of 2007, compared to 2006.
He said mismanagement of public funds by the SDL government resulted in the economic downturn.
"Our economy was being mismanaged that was the problem. When you have a government that, mismanages the result may be the same so governments that mismanage the economy spend irresponsibly, borrow irresponsibly that's what SDL was doing," he said.
"In five short years they have doubled the national debt with nothing to show for it," he said.

Economy stable: Chaudhry

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
OUTGOING Fiji interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry says the nation's economy is in a much better state compared to 2006, reiterating he has helped save the country's economy from "financial ruins".
Mr Chaudhry has been replaced by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who will be acting in the position before a suitable candidate is sworn-in.
When questioned if the nation's economy was actually in a stable condition for him to step aside, Mr Chaudhry said: "Yes, the economy is in a much better shape then it was in 2006."
The Fiji Labour Party leader said he had no regrets of joining the interim regime, saying his aim when he joined the Government in 2007 was to help bring the country's economy from the verge of collapse to the stability it is in today.
"Yes, the economy is in much better shape than it was under the Laisenia Qarase government.
"We have the operating expenditure in control, debt levels have fallen and there is investor confidence in the economy now," he said.
He said in 2006 exports were down, and the Government began borrowing indiscriminately.
Mr Chaudhry added the country now has a stable economy, with a forecast for much better growth next year.
The Labour politician stands by his earlier comment that the 2006 military takeover was a saviour for Fiji's economy with the Growth Domestic Product forecast to exceed 1.7 per cent while foreign reserves standing at $878million.
The interim Government has an aim to keep the budget deficit within 2 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product.
"What I had released earlier were official statistics from the Reserve Bank of Fiji and the Fiji National Provident Fund, so numbers don't lie.
"The economy is looking on road to recovery because an economy depends on how the funds are managed so we can say that we are on our way to recovery," he said.
Yesterday was officially Mr Chaudhry's last day in office after resigning from the interim Government on Monday.

Editor's Note: The SDL leader Laisenia Qarase has told Fiji Live the party is willing to work with 'any organisation or political parties during the constitution consultation process' saying this is the right time to work hand in hand with parties such as the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party or any other organisation in the lead-up to an election. Qarase has also been asked about the current situation and his intention to stand in 2014 and has yet to reply to C4.5's questions.


Sharon Suaniu said...

The Frank/Aiyarse has been a blessing in disguise bringing the two major political party together. But we should be aware that Frank/Aiyarse are the ones making the rules.

Anonymous said...

There should be informed debate before any support is gifted to either SDL or FLP as a Coalition. These users can't just float the idea and expect voters to fall in line/ Both have had a chance to act in Fiji'sinterest and didnt.

Bring back Mahen Chaudhry said...

Mahen "Champion of the poor" 'Chor'dhry is a hypocrite. He gave his full suport to the coup and was rewarded with the finance ministry portfolio.

He only started to criticise regime after he was sacked. From a major political figure and minster, suddenly he was a political nobody. He was desperate to get back to power.

Remember he was charged with tax evasion. He started to discredit the regime in the hope of discrediting the tax evasion charges. But the case against him is strong.

Remember, as finance minister 'Chor'dhry adopted a strong anti-tax dodger stance while committing that very offence. This hypocrite is morally unfit to hold any kind of political position.

We must never forget how Mahen 'Robin Hood' Chaudhry pocketed funds raised in the name of of the 2000 coup victims.This is nothing but thievery.

He used to call everyone a 'fat cat'. The biggest fat cat of all is this chorwa with $2m raised under false pretences stashed in his Australia account. He should never again call anyone fat cat.

'Chor'dhry is affectionally called 'barka' by his hangers on and arse lickers. Barka means big. Now they should call him 'barka' chor (big thief). He has earned this name.

'Chor'dhry has a brilliant track record. The champion of anti-corruption and anti-nepotism as PM gave pyara beta (beloved son) a nice job and in-law Sachida Sharma a senate seat. Sachida is fit only to clean parliament toilet but got into senate – what a corrupt and chor (crooked) Khandhan (clan). Nepotism, obtaining money under false pretences runs in the family blood it seems.

Mahen will be remembered as the most hypocritical, crooked, unethical, conniving, self-serving politician who achieved nothing for Fiji. Just knew how to talk big and grandstand in front of illiterate farmers.

Arrogant PM who could not even see a coup that was staring him in the face. Could last only one year in office as PM. so much for being a clever politician and great leader. A greedy, petty-minded small man is more like it. A disaster for the people of this country.

Yet he still has some blind, dumb loyalists supporting him. Watch them jump to this useless man's defence.

Anonymous said...

we need people to move forward and get the regime out before fiji become another uganda.
fiji is in huge debt already.
people can work. if they put fiji at heart than personal ego like bai/ag taliban.
pm-lq/mpc have proven record as pointed out in the article by doctor narsey.
jai ram reddy/rabuka worked and gave fiji 1997 constitution-great.
pm lq /mpc can form a united force and get the regime down.-why not .
so lets move forward.for give and forget -for better brighter future.
great move leaders. .
we fully endorse.
united we stand divided we fall.
god bless.

Sushil Kumar 15 Ritova st said...

@11.35pm Re: Bring Back Mahen Chaudhry
You accusation cannot go unchallenged,firstly if you have guts to dirty your mouth than why cant you write under your name u madharchood.secondly,why cant you lift your dirty arse and tell your rubbish to every person who voted MPC than you will get the answer u puffter.Thirdly,he did not pocket any money neither he raised funds for 2000 coup victims. If that was the case then HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE? teri mai chood? You have also accused of nepotism,mahen has three children all graduates and staying together. Now for the Pyara Beta as you say quite rightly and let me tell you he is one of the most successful and leading lawyer at his age today. Have you got guts to face him on a live TV debate on any subject of your choice--sala gandu.Finally let me remind you losers and dump theory writers that fiji politics has no place for jhattu's like you perhaps you may be better of joining likes of J RAWAN CHOOOOOOOR Reddy.CID/HQ/PEP/138.

Anonymous said...

No thanks Mr. Chaudry and Mr. Karase you had your big bite on the cheese cake you can now retire to your big properties and private business...Sorry we don't need you back in politics ever again. GOD BRING US PEOPLE FULL OF DINA, DODONU KEI NA SAVASAVA.

Tetaiya Dass -RakiRaki said...

I suggest you talk to Prof Wadan Narsey regarding Mr Chaudhry's achievement.Back Stabbing Koya [Dove/Flower] planted division in the party.1987 Blouse,Petticoat and Saree hide and run[ bachaooo bappaa rabuka awee]. repeat in 1999 same story. currently under investigation for making false document CID/HQ/PEP/138 non other than JAI RAWAN REDDY.

X- Vivekananda High Sch[USA} said...

Mr Chaudhry you have people's power behind you and stop till not the goal is reached.

Samjhawan Singh-Tailevu said...

Mr Chaudhry "a coward dies many times before it death but a valiant never taste of it but at once". keep up your good work and leave the critics for us to handle.

Anonymous said...

bai/ag chor hai .chor chor chor.
mpc/lq mahann hai.
fiji desh hamara hai.

Shamimun Nisha-V/Canada said...

Iam extremely disappointed the manner in which people talk about mr chaudhry. I use to work for ministry health for 18 years before migrating to canada. Mr chaudhry has done a lot for civil servants and cane farmers [my family background].Please think twice before putting pen to paper and specially making any adverse comment against this great man.
Long Life Mr Chaudhry,Love u.

Anonymous said...

There is now no time for Qarase and Chaudhry. You both had your chances and mucked up because you were both too stubborn to listen to the small voices. Get a life and retire in peace. Leave Viti to new and fresh blood that is not so tainted and without baggage.

Anonymous said...

The more Chaudhary talks the more dodgy he appears. I don't think he is capable of seeing that he was wrong, instead he tries to explain everything as if he was right all along and we're all wrong. How he can't see that he supported Bainimarama shows the arrogance of this man. I can see why he was sacked by the regime as there can't be two dictators in the same regime. As much as I would like to see an SDL/Labor merger I don't want to see this conniving backstabbing thief in the mix.

mark manning said...

This alliance between Frank Bainimarama's illegal Regime and a desperate has been Prime Minister and Politician is doomed to failure.
It's based on joining forces with an entity with absolutely no mandate from the people and on a once legally elected Politician's desperate bid to remain relevant.

Anonymous said...

dina says..

we all know and the world knows that Mahen Chaudary is a grandfather of a snake and liar,
BUt for the betterment of Fiji any partnership with any or all polictical parties to topple Frank/Aiyaz/Naz Shameem/gates/Pryde government is welcome.

Hey....I can't see Mahen's water BOY lekh Ram Veiyeshnoi around here in Fiji anymore.

Remember.....he made a public statement..."Frank Bainimarama is GOD sent" to execute this coup.

Where are you idiot.....No different from your master blaster...caught with pants down.

Anonymous said...

FLP and SDL will be banking on betting good publicity because people 'wnat a change' but their 'we want change' won't have the integrity Barack Obama's did

SDL leader Laisenia Qarase says the coalition of the Fiji Labour Party with the SDL could be the answer to the country’s economic hardships.

Qarase confirmed yesterday that the SDL was willing to partner FLP in the next elections in 2014.

He says they may have different philosophies but they respect their differences.

‘I think the radical changes that this government is trying to bring about is compelling a lot of different interest t get together and try to influence the path that the present government is taking . I think the ultimate aim is to get a truly democratic society not dominated by a particular section of our community or a group of people.”

Chauhdry announced yesterday they will be working with SDL to fight the next elections.

Interestingly, Qarase is now complementing the work done by the Fiji Labour Party while in government a contrasting statement to pre 2006.

“I know that when the Labour party was in power for a very short time they were bringing about changes in the economy that was going to bear fruit in the long run, unfortunately of course they did not remain in power for long”

He adds SDL and FLP knows what to do when the economy is down and will have no problem finding the solution.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chaudhry, you had your chances, but you screwed it up many times.

You have a history of deceit, dishonesty. Your arrogance, and lack of respect has led your downfall.

Before May 2000 coup, there were rumors everywhere of a coup, with all the power you have you could not do anything to stop it.

Please someone else a chance, someone outside your family.

Just saying said...

SDL FLP equals political genocide. What of the wimmin and youth vote?

One on One said...

Too many liabilities and as already said rules will be set by Khaiyum and Bainimarama who have already said no old political parties can stand only individuals

Anonymous said...

SDL-FLP Alliance will lead chaos. Its an alliance to get rid of Frank only. Its not an alliance to work for the betterment of all people, there vast policy differences which the parties cannot compromise on.

Anonymous said...

Chodori's water boy is begging in Auckland. The master did not share the spoils of the loot with him. We heard that he is talking a lot and spilling more beans than his master would be happy with. He is also seen with the NFP Big Boys - rumors are that he may so switch.

Radiolucas said...

Who cares whether or not the SDL and FLP have only been brought together by a shared dislike of the regime?

Everyone in Fiji has suffered under the regime - the only ones that havent are the same supporters that hang from Frank's tit today.

Anything is better than the levels of stupidity, lies, corruption and thievery going on under the regime's name today. Noone honest can argue otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Don't trust Chaudary. He is the most stubborn, hyppcrite, selffish and arrogant leader a country would have seen. He has used the farmers, unions and the rest of it to his own advantage and ruined the country. Thank u C4.5 for brining past statements said by mahen and comparing it to his changing tunes. Keep up the good work.Also print some more of like this. His son rajen was also applauding the interim regime and changed his tune after his dad was kicked out

Anonymous said...

@ their 'we want change' won't have the integrity Barack Obama's did

Let's definitely hope NOT. Since your idol Obama is completely indept and incompetent and illegal and the WORST president' in America's history..... record debt, record poverty, record food stamps.... go check it out.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:08 PM - an alliance to get rid of Frank is the same as an alliance to work for the betterment of the people because Vore is a disaster!

Anonymous said...

NObama's "change" is definitely a "change" we CAN'T believe in... NOPE, KEEP THE CHANGE, Barry.

Same with Qarase and Chaudhry. We don't want these two 'leading' fiji again. We're in this mess because of them

Anonymous said...

There are other answers ...let's keep exploring. Remember Tevita Mara and the false promise of hope he brought.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:18pm we are in this because of the military and not because of qarase.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:18pm we are in this because of the military and not because of qarase.

Kai VT said...

i dont trust Chaudary at all.. if he can steal money from his own indian community js imagine what he will do to us the citizens of Fiji..he shouldnt contest in the next elections

Anonymous said...

This alliance will only work if Qarase and Chaudhry decides not take any political position or contest for any seats, but nuture the leaders of tommorrow, by being an influence on them.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 1:18pm

"Same with Qarase and Chaudhry... We're in this mess because of them"

No, we are in this mess because of a pair of idiots who carried out a coup to escape justice. Both Chaudry and Qarase were deposed by the same tyrant - so there is no doubt the reasons why they feel the same way about Frank.

Don't forget the truth in our history because otherwise we are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Having Chaudhary is 100 times better tahn the cureent CORRUPT Regime.

Corruption after December 2006 is rampant with the likes of VB, Khaiyum, Nur Bano, Shameem & others milking the country dry while the dumb Mataivalu ni Solisona support blindly thinking they are doing the people of Fiji a favour of getting rid of a democratically elected Government.

Through Parliament there were checks and balances - Where are the audit reports since Dec 2006 and why is Nur Bano paying the salaries of Cabinet Ministers.

I do not care who becomes the Democratically Elected Government in Fiji - Just get rid of the Mataivalu ni Solisona & VB once and for all.

Fiji does not neeed these bunch of kaisibokolas.

Anonymous said...

Its great to read all these positive and negative comments about MPC but remember, only LAI AND MAHEN are truly elected leaders with a political machine behind them, both have learnt from their mistakes and we need to give them one more chance.As for real opportunist like Rajesh "Chor" Singh, Nikhil "who" Naidu and other democratic crusaders, werent you all against MAHEN and LAI at some point of your crusade - where are your morals - if you lot were rewarded with jobs and kick backs in current unelected lot, you would have jumped to it especailly Rajesh and Nikhil.
Grow some and fight like these true leaders who are now back -this must be hurting the novice wannabe unelected dicks like AG.

Anonymous said...

Can chaudhari sue tikolevu in his personal capacity for making statment that he was sacked when he was not, for false statement and defamation.

Moce Jo said...

Chaudhry is a liar and should not be trusted. He sold his soul to the devil and joined the regime thinking of his own pocket.

Qarase too is a corrupt man.

Both should not be allowed back.

We need new blood. Where are all the young people? Please stop partying too much at O'Reilly's and Traps and get together and start thinking of forming a political party.

What about the NGO's and women's groups? Lot of talent there ...why doesn't someone stand as an Independent?

It's time for new blood ...out with the old including Bainimarama, and in with the new!

mark manning said...

@ moce jo
You say Mr. Qarase is a corrupt man, but where is there any proof of this ?
If you are a Christian, you should know not to falsely accuse someone of wrong doing.

Anonymous said...

There is no way in the world, that Chodohry or Qarase for that matter,
will come back as PM or President of our country! Why would we want two assoles, that cant protect our country, from terrorists? Chodohry is the worst of the two,he was the Minister of Finance, in the Labour Government 1978 of Bavadra, when Rabuka and his terrorist troops walks in & took him & his Government, under detention.In 2000
as PM of Fiji, another private Citizen-George Speight-& his terrorist group, walked-in and again
took this assole under restraint, in exactly the same way? Hello! how many times does a coconut have to fall, on your head, before you can get it, through you skull, to walk-away from the tree?In the current Bainimarama coup,he heard Bai threatening, to pulled a
coup, which he knew was treasonous,
yet did not do anything to stop these terrorists? Why? was he afraid of the solidiers or guns? He actually went and offer, his help to the terrorist-which was in fact treasonous?Qarase did not fair so well either! He was told about Bai's intention to pull the coup,but he was more worried about
Fijian protocols, rather than take action(s)to protect our nation?We don't need these two assoles back!
We want to elect a leader, that will put our national security as his number one objective, immediately after winning the election? Thats people is the leader i will be electing this time around!!!


Mark manning,qarase IS corrupt...he owns fijian holdings shares which was only released to a few friends of his...called class A shares,since the rest of the shares classified as B shares are open to all and the shares are worthless but it is used for funding the purchase of properties for A class shareholders. There is your proof bonehead !

Anonymous said...

@FHL SHAREHOLDER - when has owning Class A shares seen as corruption? Given that this regime has unfettered access to all documents (e.g. walking into FHL/NLTB/Government Ministries etc and taking away any documents they want by force) for the past 6 years and has been actively trying to put something on Qarase which to date has amounted to nothing, I think it most likely that there really is no corruption to be found. You can always keep waiting another 6 years and hope all this waste of taxpayer money might find something to pin on him but I would suggest the less boneheaded thing to do would be to take the most likely answer which is there is nothing to find.

Anonymous said...

Corruptive practice of Qarase and the likes of him with regards to FHL is well documented in someone's PHd thesis and also authored by an Australian book. Go and read! Bavulu sese ga sa bavulu se levu na kodrokodro but no avail.

Anonymous said...

Reading the amount of hate comments going on this blog about LQ and MPC, I wonder if we are any better then the two. Remember, Voceke started out that way, "No military man will benefit in this coup," What has happen now - military man are every where. Voceke started by trying to clean the Government, and in the end, got his hand in deep shit.Voceke wanted to save Fiji, now he is drowning the nation in debt. how can we guarantee that the 'New Blood', or 'Young Fresh Idealist'who are at present , as stated by a blogger, partying at Burbanbluez, or Traps, or Birdland or wherever will not fall into the same hole and dirty their hands as Voceke? Let us not point fingers at anybody, and kick the illegal thugs out for a start, and you can vote your 'Honest politician' in the next round, when Voceke and his illegals are all in jail.

Selai said...

Qarase's face looks of anger, about to whack the reporter!! lol.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anon @ 4.16pm but would add, when Tui Cakau, Seniloli and others who committed crime in 2000 coup are also in gaol.

Kai Tholo. said...

Old Taukei saying.

Your enemies enemy is your friend.

Anonymous said...


Before you start your dribble about re entering the Chambers - just answer one question :


Democrat said...

I have known Qarase for 36 years and never known him do anything corrupt. He is concerned at the disparity between Fijians and other races and was doing what he could legally to redress this inequality.

Anonymous said...

Forget about anyone else, Bainivuaka is the most corrupt of them all and needs to be gotten rid of. Start of with his $180,000.00 leave pay backdated 30 years!! Lets not forget who signed off on that one....Mahendra Chaudary...who at the time when asked said he saw no irregularities with that even though PSC regulations were clear that you couldn't backpay 30 years of leave! Add the 20-30k on that payment for FNPF and he just pocketed over 200k. Not a bad first down payment for committing treason. With all the senior army rats getting rewarded for their part in the coup and living it up do we really think a new constitution will rid us of the coup culture?

Anonymous said...

Mahendra has been known to jump from one place to another to protect himself. He's trying to be be seen as the good guy, but dig deeper and you would know how crooked he is. One must wonder how much he's stashed away in overseas bank accounts, and some of it are obtained under dubious circumstances.

Funny how he's just emerged from a long period of hibernation and making a lot of noises.

He will never be a PM again, otherwise another coup will result.

Anonymous said...

'A fool is a man who is wise too late'. That adage applies to Qarase and especially to Chaudhry. Both men need to answer to the people of Fiji to explain their past sins of commission or omission. But both men might now be in a position where they can redeem themselves and the country. In tandem, they are now our best hope for ransoming Fiji from the hostage-taker Bainimarama. 

If they combine in a grand alliance, then I'll rescind my calls for an Internet vote to elect a new shadow government. However, before we give them our support, I urge the readership to join me in asking both men for certain undertakings.

The first is to stipulate that their tenure in office will be for one year only. Theirs would be a transitional government only, the primary purpose of which would be to restore democratic governance, bring back and protect civil liberties, re-establish the principle of civilian supremacy over the military, organize and conduct free and open elections, establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and determine through an open and transparent process the terms of reference for an honest review of Fiji's constitution.  

At the end of the one-year period, both men -- now no longer incumbents -- will need to give their testimony to the T&R Commission and the courts to aid in the prosecution of Bainimarama et al and to explain their own conduct before, during, and after the coups. Both or either will only be free to contest future elections after sanctioning by the Commission.

Their parties will be allowed to contest the open election to be held near the end of the one-year term. Let's encourage both to identify and put forward deserving new leaders of courage, wisdom and integrity.

The formula for sharing power can remain fluid for the time being. Perhaps it should largely depend on each man's effectiveness in rallying the support of sectors of Fiji's society. If Qarase can effectively mobilize the SDL, the vanua and lotu, then he will lead the ticket. If, on the other hand, Chaudhry's mobilization of the FLP, cane farmers, and labor unions has a greater impact, then he should lead the ticket. Mobilization is essential; Bainimarama won't go without a fight. Again, their term of office would be for one year only.

Both men need to humble themselves and to speak honestly. Chaudhry needs to stop mincing words and announce unambiguously whether he still agrees with 'one man, one vote', or now prefers the retention of some communal voting.

While holding in abeyance the issue of the prime ministership, the men should begin issuing joint statements describing their vision for the nation, explaining their programme for the transition, and identifying their joint candidates for the presidency, vice-presidency, chief justiceship, and key ministerial positions.

Peace begins just where ambitions end. For the good of the country, put aside your personal ambitions this time and look to your legacies.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has made comments supporting Chaudary to lead either Fiji or a political party again in view of his past misdemeanor and indiscretions whilst holding public office designationss is speaking from a racist overtone.

As of now, Fiji does not need that anymore. Can anyone also tell us whether Chaudhary has the mandate to lead the Labour Party? ..if affirmative...what are the specifics of these mandate?

The leaders we need should have apolitical stance for issues in regards to governance and nation building and maintain unbiased position in regard to political matters. In that regards, they will concentrate more on the merits of matters that urgently need attention in terms of policy formulation for building a better Fiji for all.

Remember this:
Chaudhary is the only PM (on record) who degraded, disgraced,demean and mortify the honorable office of the Prime Minister of Fiji when he was caught red handed and in an uncompromising situation/position with a female (you know who!!)

That act should must be taken on board when he intends to stand in the next election.

Lucky, he was the PM for only a short time, otherwise the brothel in Waimanu Rd may have relocated to Government buildings!! Think guys!!

Other indiscretions by former PMs of Fiji are not as inferior as that...it is really a disgace to all the tax payers of Fiji.

Remember that it is also on record that he hired his own son whilst being the PM of Fiji...This same son also holds a prominent position within the Fiji Labour Party...It is time for a change: complete overall....we don't need these old farts and their croonies and network.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a no go when it comes to political leadership. His leadership intellect can only be limited to captaining a touch rugby team at Albert Park. Look at the top military brains that have had to cut short their military career and move elsewhere because they just cannot be part of this revered institution because it was being led by an idiot. Col Tuatoko, Kadavulevu, Raduva, Taraikinikini, Seruvakula, Rabukawaqa, Saubulinayau, Commander Koroi, Driti, Mara. Most of these are career military officers who are highly trained and have commander potentials. So unfortunate this idiot has turned the military into a rebel force cum terrorist organisation.

Anonymous said...

where is felix anthony and dan urai?? its hightime they took over FLP

Dalit said...

Vore looks like a dara fala in the photo...pote sona levu.

Anonymous said...

Can we please reframe from hurting my friend RAJESH SINGH, he isnt a leader, he is just an uneducated contributor who will jump ship even if he has to trade his wife ( which he has with Francis)- MPC has never got over 2000 and Lai is lamu like Bai and AG- get rid of all these players and start fresh - time for new leaders like Felix Anothney and Ratu Mara - power to to the new crop

Moce Jo said...

Vinaka FHL Shareholder.

Mark Manning you of all people who has been blogging for so long and everyday on Matavuvale know that Qarase is corrupt.

So stop pretending ...do some research before dribbling.

Radiolucas said...

I personally don't see much hope in the 'new blood' argument - I myself am <35yrs old - so I view myself as pretty young in this - having said that, I wouldn't be so brave to throw the baby out with the bathwater for the sake of giving some more incompetants a go at screwing the nation over.

Let us be ruled by the leaders who lead us and the leaders we choose - not by idealistic nonsense and lies - thats EXACTLY how Frank got here in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the only way Fiji can do to counter every cunning tactics this regime has put in place is to put diferences aside and work together towards the planned 2014 election. Different races will always have different philosiphies but that does not mean that they cannot form a workable govt.Other races living amongst us are not our enemies,it's the one who deprives us of our rights in our own country. He,s got the gun but we,ve got the people,s power.Please we should get rid of the racial mentality, it will only take us back and give more advantage to this present regime.

Anonymous said...

In 1987 Rabuka identified the inequality of wealth between native Fijians and other races.

After 25 years if it is still the case, then who has failed here, its the native Fijian leaders who could not solved these problems.

How much more time and power do they need.

This is why I think Frank is still the best choice in the long run

Anonymous said...

Qarase and Chaudhry should only be leaders of their respective parties. They should work from outside the parlimentary process.
They should elect a person that command the support of the both parties. They themselves should not hold any position whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Added to the list of top military brains that have had to leave the army because of this idiot's jungle-type leadership were Col Vatu and Baledrokadroka. Col Saumatua was also known to have been considering leaving.

Anonymous said...

U fools comenting here ,,,,be grateful that SDL and Labour can come together to rid the country of a murderous regime....
Thank u Mr Chaudry! NFP should also come in and the useless General Voters (too much tabetabe to all)

Democrat said...

Good idea SDL / Labour to form a coalition / national Party to depose the regime but may I suggest Labour finds a new leader. Mahen is too tarnished by association with the regime.

Response to Sushil said...

Lots of blind and delusional Chaudhry supporters like Sushil Kumar. People with peanut brain who see Choro as demigod. Chaudhry is corrupt to the bone and champion of nepotism. You can worship Choro but some of us respect him like we respect sh@t. Ok Sushil? Commeny edited: C4.5

Anonymous said...

No young blood please. No,I would not allow someone without a solid service track record to manage my family's and country's affairs. There are important attributes that needs to be considered when it comes to national leadership. Solid family man or woman, strong religious conviction, must community respect, deeply entrenched in culture and tradition, have trhe exposure to effectively mingle with international political leaders, have the stature to stand with confidence in international forums like addressing UN General Assembly and other similar organisations. They must be sensitive and have a good understanding of village and rural type of life. A highly educated person does not neccessarily mean he or she has the right attributes for national leadership. There are a lot of other qualities that make up the right chemistry for such position. We have a lot of highly educated people in Fiji but they have to have a balanced understanding of life. Not the O'Reilleys, Barns, Traps type. We need someone who understands the different cross section of people in society and can grapple with the intricacies of the country's socio-political issue. This is no place for trial and error kind's thing. People like LQ and MPC have these attributes.

Butako clan said...

gali gali me shor hay.
Mahen Chordhry Khandhan 'bardka chor' hai.

(hear yea, hear all, mahen 'chor' dhry clan big butako.

Moce Jo said...

Jeepers first time ever in the world I'm hearing some of you saying can't have young people with no record to lead Fiji. Don't underestimate our young people man. All they need is to be groomed for the role. The ones chosen to lead will already be intelligent of course and have certain attributes to be chosen, not just and Mere, Jone or Pita! Have faith in the young people of Fiji. I guarantee they have more values than the dirty politicans we are and have been stuck with for decades!

Moce Jo said...

Jeepers first time ever in the world I'm hearing some of you saying can't have young people with no record to lead Fiji. Don't underestimate our young people man. All they need is to be groomed for the role. The ones chosen to lead will already be intelligent of course and have certain attributes to be chosen, not just and Mere, Jone or Pita! Have faith in the young people of Fiji. I guarantee they have more values than the dirty politicans we are and have been stuck with for decades!

Moce Jo said...

And ...if the Labour Party of Qarase's party are smart, they should prop up young intelligent people in their parties.

20 going on 35 said...

Uh oh old guard already posted themselves at the palace gates

Suraj Jha said...

Mahenchoor madarchood should go back to india,because in india he is regarded as low caste in which he cleans the toilet,mahenchoor want to come to fiji and lead us with his toilet skills,salee kute kamineee..diee..

And to qarase butabutako should be investigated for all the things he done in his village using the peoples money luveni kaisi bokola,dont need this thief to lead us anymore,dieee..

Anonymous said...

Just a remainder to Mahen Choodu and LQ

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Abraham Lincoln ...

Neither one of you have a clean slate. Let's see if you can fool all the people of Fiji again and again

You go Mahen said...

To Sushil Kumar 15 Ritova

yes,Mahen has 3 children all educated with degrees. He also has a nice house, and a fat bank balance.

Then why the hell was he going begging bowl in hand like a bhikari (beggar) asking for money to resettle in Australia (or was this excuse only concocted after Victor Lal exposed the scam)?

Since he got the money, why is he still in Fiji? Why is he not in Australia? If he is not resettled in Australia, is this not obtaining money under false pretences? if he is not settled in Australia, should he not return the money or donate to charity? After all Chordhry is champion of he poor.

Reality is he is champion for himself and his family. People elected Chordhry to represent them, not use his position to benefit himself and his family.

Doesn't the whole thing stink to you Sushil? Are you related to Chordhry, or Sachida? perhaps that's why it doesn't stink.

Anonymous said...

Its shocking to read so negative comments by so many people .IS this the way forward for Fiji?
People cannot see Unity, leaders who had a racial divide should never be given any any political leadership role, they must retire and let the intellectual lead.

Anonymous said...

Chaudary said he resigned and was not sacked. That true. He was forced to resign because of hiding $3m in Aust. I suspect he will be a tenant at korovou in 2013.

As for LQ, he may have the same fate soon and that means both will be disqualified for 2014.

That will be a blessing in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Worried about our children seeing people walking through the streets with guns,dark glasses and head band pretending to look scarey and tough thinking this is normal.Can recall an interview by a Somalian Youth leader in England in regards to Somalian piracy problem. He stated that we don,t have to only blame them because they were born during the time when their country was at civil war.They saw killing everywhere,looting,raping and piracy,they held people captive for ransom.When they grew up they resort to these kind of behaviours.
Remember it can happen to your children & mine or any body. So put FIJI @ heart,work together as one and if your hands are clean, go for it in the 2014election.We,ve had enough
of this bullshit.Election is not the answer, IT SHOULD BE A FREE & FAIR ELECTION for everyone.

Anonymous said...

One blogger is claiming the LQ/MPC proposed coalition is just to get rid of Bainimarama and nothing more. In fact Bainimarama's takeover was just to save him from jail for CRW murders and nothing more.

Fijiana said...

Let’s look at Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s record:

1)Chaudhry is dead against the 1997 constitution. One of Rabuka’s demands with Jai Ram Reddy was that Mr. Reddy to convince Indian Government to support readmission Fiji to Commonwealth. Mr. Reddy flies to Delhi, meets with the Indian officials, convinces them that the proposed constitution was better than all the previous constitutions. Indian government accepts Mr. Reddy’s suggestion and agrees to back Fiji’s readmission. No sooner Mr. Reddy leaves Delhi, Chaudhry arrives in Delhi and tells the Indian officials that this was the worst constitution and asks not to support. This is the same constitution under which Chaudhry was Prime Minister for one year. Now in 2012 Chaudhry says that 1997 constitution should not be scrapped. Come on Chaudhry make up your mind.

2)Appoints his son Rajendra Chaudhry as his personal secretary. This is a civil servant position. No application was called for.

3)Mahendra refuses to move into PM’s official residence. Reason given was that he would not stay in the same residence that Rabuka lived in.

4)Proceeds to renovate his personal residence at the expense of the tax payers of Fiji. The renovation costs in neighborhood of $170,000. In Fiji one could have a mansion built for that amount.

5)Upon complication of renovation, Chaudhry decides that there should be a new PM’s official residence build.

6)Chaudhry gets caught with his pants down (literally) with one Asha Lakhan in the PM’s office by the TEA LADY.

7)Chaudhry deviates from the list of nominated Senators passed by the FLP board. Puts the names of his family members and friends, submits the list to the President on a late Friday afternoon and flies off to China.

8)When the board members find out of the substituted list, board members approach the President and submit the nomination list passed by the board. Chaudhry returns from China and suspends all those board members that went to see the President.

9)Chaudhry refuses to accept the Opposition Party Leader’s position in 2006. Refuses to move out of the Opposition Party office. After a long bickering and being a cry baby, Mr. Mick Beddoes decides that he had bigger fish to fry and was not worth his time to be wasted with petty issues of Chaudhry.

I can go on and on with the list. But I am sure you readers have got my point. Will you call this man a “Leader” as he prefers to be called? Will you trust this man to lead our beloved country? This self-centered, egotistic SOB has no place in Fiji’s political arena.

Mahen 'Chor'dhry Fiji ke Robin Hood said...

Fijana spill the beans on Fiji's Robin Hood 'Choro'dhry.
This man is the worst politician Fiji has ever had.
He has attempted to wreck everything that did not benefit him personally.
What he did in Delhi was seditious.
This man also supported Baini coup.
A traitor to the bone.
He needs to be charged with treason once this is over.
It's about time 'Choro'dhry was exposed for the conman that he is and out in his rightful place.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Fijiana @ 11.36am, as I have been blogging, no political old farts from before. Too much excess baggage.

Anonymous said...

Why blame the Fiji indians for the disparity between the native indians and the fiji indians? After the independence Fiji has been ruled by an Indian Prime-Minister for a year. Blame the Fijian leaders for the poverty that exists in fiji now. Self-centered corrupted leaders in past have sold Fiji. We need leaders who have the nation at heart and those who are genuine and those who do not use the divide and rule principle for their person gain. We donot need people like Mahen Chaudhry, Laisena Qarase or Rajesh Singh. Bring back Jai Ram Reddy, Uli Mara and the moderate people.

Anonymous said...

To Fijiana and the rest - only one leader remains since 1987 and thats MAHEN - he didnt need to sell his people like Reddy, he didnt need to be installed like Lai,he didnt do coups like Bani, he didnt need the armed forces to gain a position like Asswipe - this is a true fiji fighter - Indian or Fijian or otherwise - Mahen is a legend - losers like Rajesh loser Singh, Felix the rat and Asswipe the wannabe should realise that they will never beat Mahen - as for the fijiana types - simple message, you elected RAJESH SINGH as your ASS. MINISTER, how stupid are you lot.

Fijiana said...

Anon For your information, I never did elect Rajesh. Mahenra is here in Fiji so that he could "milk" poor farmers and the ones that he can make fool of. People like you to would be a good example. I did not realize that there are still fools that would let this Choor hood wink you. Ask Mahen about the funds that were collected in USA, Australia, N.Z. and Canada for the people at Girmit Center. Can he be man enough to give that account. I want to see why that money never made it to Fiji.

Lot of people are say "gali gali may shor hai. Mahen sala choor hai".

I seem to agree with this people.

Frank said...

Politicians like Mahen Chaudhry and Laisena Qarase are not needed in Fiji, and the people do not need them.

Anonymous said...

Frank, Well said. Short, sweet and simple. I sincerely hope that they can "read your lips".

Anonymous said...

MPC wiLl soon be in korovow prison for the money he hid from the poor farmers.

He wants to join with SDL. For what? So that he can be PM.

Then we will have another coup.

Anonymous said...

what is qarase waiting for?

Sharon Suaniu said...

As I remember Chodo was rallying against the 97 constitution in 2000, he said that the Indian rights have been sold out in the 97 constitution.
As for the taukeis they felt same way too with SVT. The other taukei parties Fijian asociation and VLV were in coalition with Labour so they took all taukei votes.
Both indians and taukeis thought 97 constitution sold out their rights so they blindly voted the cunning fox into power in 2000.

Fiji ke Robin Hood said...

mahen 'chor'dhry Fiji ke daku Robin Hood.

Anonymous said...

Hello people,look how can you keep on pushing, Mahen & Lai to run for
parliament? They're both on trial
for criminal activities? Aint you
a bit curious, to know why they've been investigated and charged? How can you want both of these fools back, remember they both were vulnerable to coups; and neither has the smart(s) to arrest the coup makers! If you pick these guys name, you too could be perticipating, in a criminal activities? At least that was my understanding, to our Government AG Khaiyum? He's actually the brain behind me, but people like RUM are calling him an assole,crooks and mf etc,i wonder why they're so hard on the poor bastard for? Although he's been blamed for burning various buildings in Suva ,but i know he couldn't have done it! Cause he told me he doesn't smoke, so why carry a match...? come on people
think about it?