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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Constitution commissioner likened Bainimarama to Moses and Peoples Charter to Bible

Academic gave Bainimarama the Biblical proportions of the prophet, Moses.

Nandan (second left) with Khaiyum and others.pic the Jet
Thou shalt honour the dictator and see him in God's image. 

It seems that's the very thing Satendra Nandan has done and he has been suitably rewarded. 

Nandan is one of the two commissioners named so far by Frank Bainimarama for the newly-formed Constitution Commission, after chair Yash Ghai.

The academic fled Fiji after the first military coup in 1987. He returned in 2005 and supported the Fiji Labour Party in the 2006 election.  After the coup, he began praising Bainimarama. By June 2008, he was comparing the regime leader to Moses and the Peoples Charter to the Bible. 

We found the following article where Nandan makes a meal of Christian doctrines, including the adage that the first casualty is truth, in the Fiji Times archives.

Academic refers to charter as sacred

Saturday, June 21, 2008
THE most sacred text after the Bible in the history of Fiji will be the People's Charter for Change Peace and Prosperity, an academic said.
Professor Satendra Nandan quoted Bishop Desmond Tutu's book No Future Without Forgiveness which said those who treated others abominably were not heathens but claimed to be fellow Christians who read the Bible.
"Each of us has been created in the image of God. Treating anybody as if they were less than this is veritably blasphemous. It is like spitting in the face of God. The Bible turned out to be the most subversive book imaginable in a situation of justice and oppression," Mr Nandan quoted from Bishop Tutu's book.
Speaking at a public forum organised by the Ecumenical Centre for Research Education Advocacy, Mr Nandan said Christianity went to India with Doubting Thomas 400 years before it came to England.
"To want justice, we have to be just to others. The time has come for us to challenge parochialism, resist fundamentalism, demolish walls of exclusion and practices that diminish our people's humanity for a fistful of dollars," he said.
"Our houses can be made of walls and beams, a nation is built on love and dreams."
Mr Nandan said all texts, sacred and profane go through changes and to hold on stubbornly to the purity of a text was as absurd as to hold on to the purity of race.
Fiji was spared from the decimation and dispossession that took place in many islands and continents particularly since 1492 a fact we had to thank God for, Mr Nandan said.
"Until 1987, one had never heard of the burning of a temple or mosque in our seascape. On May 14, that fateful day, a culture of violence and violation was introduced in Fiji. Many individuals and institutions felt violated and it was done deliberately, conspiratorially, traumatically.
"Whatever may have been our past neglect or mistakes, our children and grandchildren should not be caught in the net."
Mr Nandan said in any act of charlatanism, the first recruit was often God and the first casualty was truth.
He said those who spoke in terms of the chosen people had no understanding of 2000 years of persecution and suffering of Jews.
"Do we in the third Christian millennium still talk of heathen races? And if the colonel was seen as Moses, many may see the Commodore as Jesus. After all, Jesus was more radical, I think, than Moses. And his impact more lasting."
Fiji has a holiness of heart's affection which sustained us like a Diwali diya on the darkest night of the year, Mr Nandan said.
He said study words such as Fijian', Indian' and Australian' contained multiple identities none of which were indigenous and yet became an integral part of our being and becoming. 
Fiji Times – 21st June 2008


Anonymous said...

There you have it. A vacuous man full of platitudes with an unerring instinct for self promotion. He was nominated chair of the Media Authority which he cleverly dumped on an unsuspecting Professor Subramani. He got his wife appointed an associate professor of the University of Fiji when she would be hard pressed to get a senior tutor's job elsewhere. A real snake. You will get your just dues one day.

Anonymous said...

Is Nandan a Christian?

Rushdie said...

Mahatma Ghandi,Rt Sir Lala Sukuna,Rt KKT Mara etc would be turning in their graves with that type of comment Nandan,the above leaders had one thing in common,'THEY DID NOT COUP A NATION TO LEAD'SO DID MOSES FOR YOUR INFO, Professor or Dr'Na Da' whatever!!!!!.

mark manning said...

The People's Charter, to serve man :-

Rusiate Mosi said...

Like saying a sheep is very similar to a lion or Nandan is similar to Mother Theresa.

He obviously is a non-Christian who does not know Moses.

Nandan objectives include currying favour with the worst, and most cruel leader we have had the misfortune to be thrust into our society.

Bainisona is Devi incarnate.

Anonymous said...

Nandan's likening of Baini to Moses is near blasphemy I would reckon. You cannot compare a murderer, torturer, woman basher, drunkard incapable shit-in-the pants treasonist to a Holy man of God ordained for a divine purpose. This guy has no purpose, all he's been doing is just to save himself from being thrown into jail for the murder of the CRW and othewr crimes committed in the afteremath of 2000. But what's comforting is the fact that the arms of the law are too long to run away from. The whole country is being taken on a merry go round for the past six years with all the bullshit reform initiatives to blind the people from the truth.What he needs to be told ..YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED MURDERER.

Kaafar said...

Another enlightend self serving comedian in the Bainikhaiyuum circus.

Anonymous said...

Well Moses was not Christian either..

Taukei. said...

And Judas Iscariot towards money.

Where do they find these mercenary people? Previously would have said
"typical Indian" - but they've got them from everywhere - Australia NZ -US Qovis - "Carpetbaggers Fiji Beachcombers Viti - pretty well sums them all up.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Nandans wife was my english teacher @ Grammar school and during english classes I couldnt understand half of what she was saying as she always murmurs and dyslexic..I think I could have done better if my english teacher was someone else..and as for Dr.Nanda..he promotes himself and I find him a very lame acedemic..

Dalit said...

This guy is senile and does not have a clue what he is talking about.

Saten Nandan fan said...

Nandan is famous as a self-promoter for him and his family. A rather oily character. Adept at milking the situation for his personal benefit. Sucked and wormed his way to a professorship. He has no credibility or standing as an academic and as a person. A well-known penny-pincher. A cunning fox. Not a man you would trust.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with what he has said.

Anonymous said...

simple all this is waste of time and tax payers money.
nandan is another idiot.

Anonymous said...

Nandan - fuck off to australia and continue your poetry maichod.

Anonymous said...

To liken Bainimarama to Moses is an insult to Moses and the people of Israel and the Hebrews and the Jews.

Nandan is not Christian and understands squat about the Lord Jesus Christ and true Christians.

Anonymous said...

This is blasphemy at it's highest! How can he compare a liar and a murderer to a prophet of God.

Anonymous said...

Nandan is not a Christian--he is a Ponga Pundit !! His wife pretnds to be a Christian.He is None and he is Done.!!

Anonymous said...

This article is not worth publishing. There is really no meaning to it. Written by someone who has a superficial knowledge of the Bible, and no knowledge of what it means to be a Christian.

Throw in a couple of inventive association of ideas with academic sounding sentences, and hope that the ignorant masses (who do not read this blog) will believe it ??
Result = load of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

sorry ... should have said "not many ignorant people read this blog"
You can tell by the comments who is ignorant.... especially baini supporters, or is it baini himself.
We really love to read how stupid you are.

Anonymous said...

Someone in this blog has very aptly named him Prof. "Non-Done".

Anonymous said...

We shall all call them MONKEYS everyone including there families cos only a MONKEY can MONKEY with other MONKEYS...MONKEY.So all a in a ZOO with BAI n A'IASS the mother MONKEY and MAMA MONKEY..yawa tamani combination rau@@@@

Anonymous said...

The snakes are emerging and they're all trying to crawl up Vuaka's ass.

Anonymous said...

Hey the guy is excited no need to cut him down? He's doing his best
in the current bad situation.Wonder why they don't consider Mike Beddoes as one of the committee member for the constitution?We need a Vasu to be there and he appears to be a credible person? Bai here's your man and he can be trusted to do a
good job for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Nandan is Dr davendra Nandans brother , two totally different man. I would have been happy to see Dr D NAndan in that place, a man with principal . Also in the photo is Dr Raju another Ayaiz and Bhai's man we will see him with army goes back to QEB. Banch of selfish people where no were to be seen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what does a Prof of stupid Poetry know about the world???

Anonymous said...

His real name is Sri Yukt Satendra Nandan(none-done).He fled Fiji in 1987-basically a coward.Pretnded to snub Rabuka in Canberra.He is not even fit to tie the shoe laces of Dr Brij Lal. Thinks he is the equivalent of Tennyson-fact is his books can only decorate the toilets in Nadi bus stand.Self seeker-his parliament speeches are like the stupid jokes in Readers Digest.Go back to exile in Canberra.-Comment edited C4.5
March 14, 2012 11:38 AM

Anonymous said...

To you all who are against Mr Nandan...........he is a professor. And you.......hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Lets put it this way, where did Ratu Sukuna lead us? No-where???? He was reared by our colonial masters to be the voice of us (itaukei). He divided our lands in the West especially Nadi with a blurry stick/cane!!!!!

Where did Qarase lead us? 36 ministers in a small country like ours. CORRUPTION. Ministers, State Ministers and Assistant Ministers!!!! Dou!!!!

Where did Mahen lead us? No where!!!!

Where is Vore leading us? ONE-MAN ONE VOTE, no more communal kaidia se kainoda voting. Level playing field, Chiefs - Ratu ga i nomu koro!!! Churches-Attend to your own flock and let the nation be governed by politicians.

If people say that Vore's days are numbered for squashing the church, GCC etc WELL kemuni na Marama kei na Turaga it seems that GOD is content with what Vore is doing because the guy is still standing !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vacuous, platitudinous, oily, self-promoting -- these sound like the ideal qualities for a Bainimarama commissioner.

I'm not upset because Nandan compares Bainimarama to the great lawgiver Moses.  For that matter, I earlier wrote that Bainimarama sees himself as Fiji's version of the great Spartan lawgiver Lycurgus.  No, read the article again.  Nandan actually compares 'the colonel' -- i.e., Rabuka -- to Moses and Bainimarama to none other than our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Come to think of it, the last time I saw Bainimarama, I thought I did notice a halo effect, but it was around his nose!

Nandan is said to have stated:  "all texts, sacred and profane, go through changes and to hold on stubbornly to the purity of a text was as absurd as to hold on to the purity of race."  Perhaps he's referring to Fiji's Constitution, which, with Bainimarama as its chief defender, did go through major changes -- all the way from being the law of the land to the rubbish bin!  

I don't think he can be referring to the books of the Holy Bible, the sacred text of which was recorded faithfully over many centuries, with scarcely one jot or tittel of change.  

He certainly can't mean the People's Charter, which was unaffected by any of the critical suggestions made during the so-called comment period.  Like holy canon, it had not changed one iota from its original draft text when the regime passed it to President Iloilo for his rubberstamp.

Speaking of the 'decimation and displacement' since 1492, perhaps Professor Nandan should reflect upon the impact of his girmit forebearers in the displacement of Fijians and the ongoing decimation of iTaukei culture.  Indo-Fijians have also made their own valuable contributions to Fiji, but the fatuous and hypocritical Professor Nandan isn't one of them.

s/ Dakuwaqa

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