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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Consultation 'attacks' first instance of new State Decree in action

Khaiyum and Anthony. pic FVillage
Personal politics is already rearing its ugly head and the newly-announced Constitution consultation process hasn't event started yet. 

The illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has 'revealed' the FTUC national secretary, Felix Anthony, called to (according to him) offer support in 2009 for the decision to abrogate the 1997 Constitution.

On Fiji TV yesterday, Khaiyum told viewers he was in the room with two 'gentleman witnesses' who were prepared to swear in an affidavit to his conversation with Anthony, when the call came in.

He said: "I put the phone of speaker because I was writing. And I remember saying to the two gentleman in the room, 'Lets see what he says.'"

He claims Anthony told him: "Well, AG what had to happen has happened. Don't worry we are here to support you. These things need to happen and we gotta look to the future .... words to that effect."

In a statement issued earlier today, Anthony says the allegations, which came as a result of him saying the regime was reinventing the wheel by introducing a new Constitution (see earlier Coupfourpointfive story), are false and misleading. 

He says he was concerned about the abrogation of the Constitution and called to find out what was happening.

"I sought a meeting with him on the issue. I was granted an audience in his office at a later date and I explicitly made it very clear to him that I was there in my capacity as National Secretary of FTUC and questioned the decision to abrogate the Constitution. 

"I was assured by the AG in that meeting that the abrogation may be temporary to deal with the High Court decision that ruled the takeover of Government to be illegal and in any case he would ensure that a decree would soon be gazetted that would strengthen the Bill of Rights in the 1997 Constitution and would guarantee Human and Trade Union rights. 

"I reported the outcome of this meeting to the National Council of FTUC held in Nadi the following week. I can have the entire National Council of FTUC sign an affidavit to support this. The AG, as we all know, did not keep his word."

Anthony says Khaiyum's attack on him is the  first instance of the newly-introduced State Proceedings Amendment Decree 2012 in action. 

Fears have already been widely expressed about the Decree offering absolute immunity to regime and the media who choose to report verbatim and unchecked its claims.

In the same Fiji TV report which was also picked up by Fiji Village and FBC, Khaiyum also accused Anthony of speaking out solely because he is no longer on the FNPF board.

Anthony says the reference to his position being in any way linked to the FNPF Board is "mischievous and the smirk on his face while making such comments tells it all."

"There is absolutely no doubt that the AG will continue to make such allegations and personal attacks with the protection of his decrees to try and avoid dealing with the real issues."

AG New Constitution
FTUC statement


Anonymous said...

Two typical kaidia infighting.

Anonymous said...

ag /bai are liars.
good on you felix.go kick the puffter out.

Anonymous said...

biggest liar are ag taliban and his boss frank the crank.
every words they utter is a lie.
never trust them.
dont worry one day you will end up in jail.
than speight/other will fix you up.
time for fijians to unite and kick the juntas out.
peoples power.
god bless fiji people.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz must do anything and all he can to make this constitutional change take place.
He knows that if it doesn't go ahead, his neck will be in a sling.
He will lie, falsify, give false witness to avoid his up coming prison sentence.
You can tell when Aiyaz is lying, his lips are moving.

Anonymous said...

This is Aiyarsehole should not be trusted. He's trying to turn people against each other so he that he can be seen as the good guy. Well Aiyarsehole, it won't work wnd it will never work. You're one slimy S.O.B and you will face justice.

Hidden agenda said...

The unfortunate truth is that Felix, Mahend Chor_dhry and some others supported the coup in the crucial first few days and weeks; they were also part of the gravy train for a long time. They took full advantage and only crying foul when they lost the perks and privilidges.

We should see Felix and Mahen for what they are - they are vocal now because they want to regain lost privilidges. Mahen is trying to divert attention away from his court case for tax evasion. So these cunning people are peddling their own agendas and trying to save their arses.

There is reliable evidence that Mahen Chor_dhry knew of the coup in advance. He needs to be investigated for treason. In any event, Chaudhry and Felix were part of an illegal regime. Like Senololi and others who aided and abetted Speight, these two have to be charged too.

Anonymous said...

The new consitution must state:

1. FMF to be reduced to 100 men for ceremonial duties only.

2. No amensty for any FMF officer or junta ministers or appointees and investigation of all crimes from 2000 onwards.

3. All FMF, junta and junta ministers to resign now if want to contest 2014 election.

4. The dictator and kaiyum to declare all corrupt monies/assets from 2006 till now and how much 700000 year salary paid?

Baiya. said...

I am not surprised that it is true that Felix did do as AG has said.

Felix is an opportunitist and will change sides any minutes.

He has no principals what so ever!!!

Who is Felix trying to fool now? Please do not assume that people in Fiji are STUPID.

Anonymous said...

Anthony is, as we know him a crook & a lier,whatever he says is bogus, not credible and member of his FTUC might as well forget it!He's ripped-off the peoples money, from the FNPF and fleeced their hard earned pension, for his own use, after he conned the IG to take him in, as Chairman of the FNPF? After the IG caught him with his treachery and kicked him out,here he is,back with the FTUC,
conning its member all over again?Bai,common man,these are the people
you need to removed, from our new
parliament?The AG is probably telling the truth, but hey i'd believe him first before Anthony,Urai,Singh and other Union

Anonymous said...

AG is a snake in the grass. Careful he will bite.

Sunil Bano Sharma said...

Khaiyum is a liar fullstop.

can khaiyum provide details of the two witness who have surname khan and ali from pakistan.

what is the credibilty of these two talibans?

and why did khayum say that the abrogation is temporary and he had no intention to do that?

Anit Singh said...

- The 1997 Constitution Lives -

It is not Ghai-yum's or Frankie's document or any other Tom, Dick or Harrys' to fiddle with and/or to have the audacity to purportedly abrogate it.

No..no powers were ever vested in any AG, (Legal or otherwise) to abrogate the Constitution. The President is a creature of the Constitution with no vested powers to abrogate the Constitution -

And if the Presidents does try to abrogate the Constitution - as khaiyum persistently purports -the President also simultaneously and concurrently abrogates himself. And since the position of the President has always subsisted - so does and is the currency of the 1997 Constitution.

Only fools and horses believe that the 1997 Constitution can be or is abrogated!!

The 1997 Constitution Lives and it is only through this document that all our grievances will be redressed and Justice will prevail.

Exploration / or search for another Constitution is only for the purposes of and suits the interests of those like Khaiyum trying to avoid treason.

Shamimi said...



Anonymous said...

@7:45 PM. "You can tell when Aiyaz is lying, his lips are moving"

That also sounds like Barry NObama.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about back stabbing!! The phrase 'no honor among thieves' comes to mind when reading this article. This is what happens to people who think they can trust Aiyarse or Bai....sooner or later once they've served their purpose they get discarded and ridiculed. Felix and Chaudary and the labor party people who joined Bai are just reaping what they had sown in 2006.

Fozia-Jittu Estate said...

the question remains to be answered what were those two puppets doing with this gandu ag when barka you were talking to this idiot.as a matter of principle i would have thought that discussion was confidential[what were those two rascals] doing there. Why he had to put the conversation on speaker. can he produce video evidence of this in the affidavit. i am sure the bastard cant.I will leave the rest for the public to judge on this liar.
Allah Who Akbbar. -Comment edited C4.5

March 12, 2012 7:29 AM

Anonymous said...


March 12, 2012 8:40 AM

Anonymous said...

We now hear from Aiyarse that abrogation was temporary. By saying that, this Taliban bastard confirms the assumption that he is the one that has been calling the shots all along since 2006 and that Baini was merely a puppet in all these. This guy needs to be quickly terminated as he seems to be fiddling with the life of this country and its people.

Keep The Faith said...

Hear, hear @ Anit Singh March 12, 2012 9:38 AM

Sailosi said...

Fiji will have to demonstrate a genuine intention to hold democratic elections before the government considers lifting sanctions, Prime Minister John Key says.

Self-appointed prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama announced at the weekend a constitutional consultation process would be held between July and September this year.

He says a new constitution is expected to be adopted in March 2013 ahead of democratic elections.

New Zealand imposed sanctions on Fiji after Cdre Bainimarama seized power in a military coup in 2006.

Mr Key says the regime must hold genuine consultations.

"They must engage with all stakeholders, not just say they will," he said on TV One on Monday.

"We want to see elections held, we've always said that, and we would like to see sanctions removed."

Mr Key says the sanctions aren't extensive.

"They're virtually non-existent, they are a travel ban on members of the regime and their direct family, there are no real sporting sanctions and we let teams in," he said.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says the move by Cdre Bainimarama is a step in the right direction.

"The international community will take a close interest in this process and the New Zealand government intends to give the process every opportunity to demonstrate its value."

mark manning said...

I think that I'd be correct in saying that all or most here agree that anyone associated with or in the Regime, should face Justice once Democracy is restored.
Let's all stay vigilant, maintain the rage and keep up the fight for Justice.
" The cost of Liberty, is eternal vigilance "!

Anonymous said...

democracy says...

The appointees of Frank to the constitution review are clowns of his regime.

Nothing new. The review team should be political parties, NGO's and religious organisations that represent the true views of whom they represent.

NOT the 3 puppets and apologists of Frank, Aiyaz and Shameem's coup.

Pls stop fooling yourselves man.

Anonymous said...

There is so much of mudslinging happening, which we don't need. We do not want to know who was where, or what was said, what we want is a government elected by the people as soon as possible. We don't need any more constitution as we have one that is in place.

We are asking the regime to step down and let an interim government to take us up to elections as soon as possible.

No more hollow statements and flowery talks, we have had enough and it is time to surrender power back to the people for them to chose their leaders.
We want a government that is accountable, not one that told us that they are not accountable to us, since we did not appoint them. Although it used and abused our taxes and levies through overspending, illegal appointments, loans, etc.
We want a government and leaders who are acoountable, transparent, and law abiding, and not abusive, cruel, and intimidating.
Give us our real Fiji, one that is free and fair in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

God works in miraculous ways. All those who have done wrong to the people of this country and made them suffer for their own selfish political ends will face the consquences. This is a Christian dominated whose chiefs had dedicated its future to God Jehovah. As in the Holy Bible enemies will end up fighting amongst themselves and thiws is exactly what we are seeing now. Firstly it was in the military, once close associates are now at loggerheads, Roko Ului, Driti vs Baini. Now escalating out in the open with Felix and Aiyarse, Once partners in crime now enemies. God's intervention always comes in his own good time. Keep on praying and see more of this unfolding.

Anonymous said...

The night of the long knives is finally upon us. Baini vs RUM, Driti now Felix vs Aiyarse. I believe the 5 years of physical and emotional torture this country has gone thru is drawing to a close. The end of this murdereous regime is near. Keep on praying folks and their demise will hasten.

ex army said...

Now we will see the funny side of the coup.All these thieves blaming each other.Anthony did not realised that once he support the coup it will be like a stigma bro,it will be with him all his life because the penalty for anyone who took any goverment by force is death.Mr Anthony you ignore all those things in the first place and support the IG while you enjoy its benefits in the first place and once they kick you out than you want to go against them like Roko Ului and Jone Baleidrokadroka.You liars.Wait for your fate you liu muri.
ex army

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse Said a lot of things that just amount to hypocrisy. "Inter-Alia" a whole load of hogwash to support their illegal reign of terror in Fiji.
He now says that politicians contesting the elections should be able to put together more than five sentences... Well i guess that rules out Frank and Leweni.. umm, eerr!
As for politicians living in a "time-warp"... nepotism? What was the release from jail of Frank's brother-in-law for murder? And then Francis Kean's subsequent appointment as PS for Works? Hypocrite! Practise what you preach! You are such a sham, you have no credibility.
Someone commenting on this blog says that "the people of Fiji get the government they deserve!" Well, nobody deserves this! Free Fiji Now! Give the power back to the people and send your goons back to camp!
The consultation process is a joke. Don't be fooled by these imbeciles people!!

Waiting 4 U said...

Ai-arse Sa-yeti Khaiyum...I am waiting to give your comeuppance for all the wrongs u have done to me, my descendants, the whole I Taukei and the rest of Fiji.


Anonymous said...

Aiyaz's claim of the call having been witnessed by 'two gentlemen' is surely false, He may have had two men in his office, but I seriously doubt they were gentlemen, as it is axiomatic that true gentlemen would never consort with such a scoundrel, especially so soon after his rubbishing of the nation's constitution.

Recall that the very day of the high court ruIng, the FLP was opportunistically going through with its participation in the phony Leaders of Political Parties meeting, despite Bainimarama's having acted in bad faith to dis-invite the SDL. Mahendra Chaudhry had only just returned to the country and so did not participate personally, but he sent his representative.

So, even though Aiyaz is an inveterate liar, I can well imagine Anthony making such a shameful phone call to him. It would be just another in a long series of self-interested collaborations with this treasonous regime by a whole host of people who must one day soon be held to account.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Does Aiyaz know what is nepotism. here's what it is:
1. Appointing your aunty Nur Bano to be the consultant for Rewa Dairy without calling for expression of interests
2. Appointing your aunty Nur Bano to manage salary payments to cabinet ministers without calling for tender and violating the public services regulations
3. Granting Casino license to a person who is a long time client and personal friend of aunty Nur Bano
4. Appointing your best friend Faiz Khan to be the board chairman and member for several statutory organizations
5. Appointing Francis Kean to be ps for works
6. Appointing Litiana Bainimarama as the ceo of sports council
7. Appointing Taniela Gavidi as senior information officer at ministry of information
8. appointing Meli Bainimarama as high commissioner
9. appointing Riaz khaiyum as the ceo of fbc
10. giving out fbc tender to robert khan for fbc upgrade. khan & khaiyum formed the company in new zealand few weeks before the award of tender. millions unaccounted for.
11. appointing your best friend john prasad to head several boards making a complete disaster of these boards.
AND the list goes on!

And talking about corruption and transperency. oh please !!!! Where are all the auditor general's report since 2006???

Anonymous said...

His eyes are set too deep and far apart. Sign of evil man

Anonymous said...

Media in Fiji promised the people that although the decree to prevent the suing of cabinet ministers for any comments is in force, they made a promise that they will exercise extreme caution to ensure that poeple are not absued. However, Vijay Narayan has now taken lead to promote govt's agenda in humiliating people with people having no recourse. Vijay Narayan is an insult to the journalists in Fiji. he is a ass kisser and the way he is going about abusing people is very shameful. he has no credibility and is a bastard. you wait and watch you swine. you are a disgrace!