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Monday, March 19, 2012

Details of death of CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale revealed

Dictator Frank Bainimarama’s violent paroxysm of revenge against innocent CRW soldier Selesitino Kalounivale following November 2000 mutiny at Delainabua barracks

Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz stopped police interview when soldier confessed to killing CRW soldiers on dictator’s orders
Kalounivale’s post-mortem report went missing from Police and DPP files


Aziz (right) with Bainimarama and Aseri  Rokoura
On 26 July 2004 Fiji’s present dictator Commodore Frank Bainimarama, while fielding questions from the media regarding the bloody 2 November 2000 mutiny at the Delainabua barracks in Suva angrily retorted: “But somebody should ask why they came into the camp? Did they come in for a picnic or what? There is such a thing known as karma – that is you come in to kill someone and you get killed in the end that is your bad luck.”

He was referring to the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit soldiers who tried to kill him for betraying them after having ordered them to overthrow the Peoples Coalition Government of Mahendra Chaudhry. Bainimarama had cowardly escaped with his bodyguards by bolting through the cassava patch, and later took refuge at the naval base in Walu Bay, clearly shaken and frightened for his life.
Worst, he had arrived at the naval base emitting an odious wafting body smell – according to some of the naval officers who received him that day the dictator had defecated in his pants from sheer fright.

The dead soldiers who, according to the dictator met their Karmic fate were as follows: Jone Kamoe Davui, Iowane Wasaroma, Epineri Bainimoli and Selesitino Kalounivale.

But according to a “Briefing Paper – CRW Murder Investigation’ in my possession by a senior assistant police superintendent, the above CRW soldiers were beaten to death and murdered. He wrote: “On 2nd November during the Mutiny at the Fiji Military Force Headquarters in Nabua, the following CRW members were brought to the Army Camp from Central Police Station and Nabua Police Station by a group of soldiers. 
They were taken into the cell by members of 3FIR, where they were beaten to death and murdered. Our investigation was conducted into the deaths of the above whilst the mutiny investigations continue. The investigation has revealed that this was a case of Murder as the deceased were not all involved in the mutiny. They were all brought in by a group of soldiers from outside the camp.”

The Case of Murdered Selesitino Kalounivale
Kalounivale was definitely one of the innocent CRW soldiers who had played no part in the mutiny that day. While awarding his widow $24,000 under the Workers Compensation Act against the Fiji Military Forces in April 2006, the then Resident Magistrate Ajmal Gulab Khan (later a regime lackey Chief Magistrate after the dictator’s coup) outlined the following undisputed basic facts. Kalounivale died on 3rd of November 2000 from injuries received to his body.

Kalounivale was a member of the Fiji Military Forces. He belonged to the elite CRW Group with the Military. On 2nd November 2000 he was at home attending to his sick child while his wife was at work. Meanwhile at the camp some CRW soldiers were involved in a mutiny where they had taken over the camp. The army set up special operations as if it was a battle situation. The camp was taken over by CRW at about 3.30pm and retaken by the military around 6pm that day.

Kalounivale had his knapsack bag and was in civilian clothing. He was later picked up by soldiers in Tamavua area. His knapsack was searched and it contained a camouflaged army trousers, detonator, cord, knife and a water container. He was taken to the Army commander Bainimarama at the Naval Base. After some half hour the soldiers were instructed by the Commander to take the deceased to the Central Police Station. Kalounivale was handed over to CPS.

After 4pm that day Kalounivale was seen taken out of CPS along Pratt Street in an army van by 4-5 soldiers. He was on floor of the van and the bystanders (witness 1 and 2) could hear swearing, hitting with rifle butts and kicking at the back of the tray. Around midnight on 2/11/000 he was taken to the mortuary at CWM Hospital. 

Due to the curfew no one could go out that night. The next morning the applicant (Kalounivale’s widow) went and identified Kalounivale at the hospital. Post mortem was conducted on 8th November 2000. The cause of death was found to be “multiple blunt force injuries including head injuries with subdural haemorrhage”. 

Kalounivale’s body had a number of recent injuries.

The Doctor’s report states: “He sustained numerous blunt impacts, particularly to the head but also to the chest and abdomen. All compartments of the head – front and back to the scalp, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth has received multiple blows. These have resulted in bleeding around the brain. The pattern of injuries indicate that this man has been severely assaulted.”

The Royal Fiji Military Forces (RFMF), according to magistrate Khan denied that the army personnel had taken Kalounivale from the CPS. They last handed over Kalounivale to the CPS around 4pm on 2/11/00. The issues before Khan was (1) Was Kalounivale in employment, (2) Did he suffer personal injury by accident (3) Did it arise out of and in the course of the employment?

According to Khan, it was disputed if Kalounivale had gone to work that day. There was evidence of a phone call after which he left home. He was picked up by soldiers on the street and taken to the Commander. The FMF also gave evidence that soldiers were called to camp that day in an emergency due to the mutiny in camp. Khan ruled: “I find that the deceased [Kalounivale] had gone to work that day when picked up by fellow officers. He was an employee of RFMF and was called to work on that day.”

Did Kalounivale suffer personal injury by accident? Khan, after citing legal precedents, ruled: “In this case deceased [Kalounivale] was picked up and taken to his commander. Later to police station. He was seen taken from CPS by military men in a army van. There is evidence of assault by rifle butts and kicks. The military has denied taking the deceased away from CPS. I find it as a fact that the military personnel had taken him out of CPS in the back tray of their van. He was assaulted and sworn at whilst being taken away. There is credible evidence tendered by the applicants on the issue which I accept as true. The injury and assault was an “unlooked for mishap” and “not expected or designed” by the deceased. It was an accidental injury suffered by the deceased.”

Did it arise out of employment and in the course of the employment? Again, Khan ruled: “He was picked up from the road as he was a CRW soldier whose group had taken part in the mutiny. He was picked on commander’s instructions and later taken to CPS. It is obvious that the whole incident and injury arose out of his employment as a soldier of CRW Unit. The employment had contributed to it. There was no evidence that the deceased was personally a mutineer and the court cannot assume as such.”

Khan continued: “There is evidence that the deceased [Kalounivale] was at home that day attending to his sick child. He had taken him to the health centre for treatment. It was after being called to work that he left home. The Respondent [RFMF] says he was walking in the direction away from the camp when picked up by the army officers. However, I am satisfied on balance of probability that the deceased left home for work after being called. The respondent witness has also confirmed all military personnel were asked to report to their base due to the upheaval at the camp on 2nd November 2000. It was his work which took him away from home.”

Was it the course of employment? Khan stated: “The deceased [Kalounivale] was a soldier who accompanied fellow military men and was taken to their commander at the naval base. After some 30 minutes upon the commander’s instructions the military men took him to Central Police Station where he was celled. The military has denied doing anything further. The applicant’s [Kalounivale’s widow’s] witnesses have given evidence that military men took the deceased after 4pm from the CPS in an army van. There were four to five officers in uniform. They noticed the deceased was put on back tray where he lay on floor. They also heard swearing and saw hitting and kicking of the person on tray of the van. The medical report confirms injury to the deceased by blunt objects and as a result of severe assault on him. On balance of probability I am satisfied that the officers had assaulted him [Kalounivale] after taking his release from CPS and the injuries suffered had caused his death a few hours after his assaults. He was pronounced dead around 1am that same night. The military denied having any knowledge of the injury but in closing submissions as I understand raised certain issues.”

Khan considered the issues and ruled upon them.

1. The deceased [Kalounivale] was part of CRW soldier who had taken part in the mutiny that day?
Khan: There was no direct evidence of the deceased being a mutineer except that he was a CRW soldier. Also the shooting was at camp between 3 to 6pm when he was not there.

2. It’s not part of soldier’s duty to assault fellow soldiers. So the act of assault was beyond the call of duty and therefore not within the course of employment. The soldiers may have acted beyond their scope of employment. But they have given no evidence of assault. If they had assaulted him [Kalounivale] as a mutineer or a betrayer to their command, there was no complaint and court cannot assume it to be so in absence of evidence by the military. In fact there is convincing evidence by the applicant [Kalounivale’s widow] that he was released from CPS and taken in an army van and being assaulted by army officers.
Khan: I am satisfied the injury suffered was incidental to his work although not in the currency of his engagement as a soldier but it was certainly incidental to his being taken to CPS and later released and assaulted by military whilst being in their custody till pronounced dead later that night. The assaulting soldiers may have exceeded in the scope of their duty by assaulting the deceased [Kalounivale] but they acted as soldiers of FMF and were responsible for their actions in the general scope of their duties.

3. Police force conducted the arrest so not course of Army employment?
Khan: There is evidence before the court and I am satisfied that there was no complaints laid against the deceased [Kalounivale] to the police. He was taken to CPS on Commander’s instruction by fellow soldier[s]. He was later released to the army and taken away by them. The military had custody of the accused [Kalounivale] during his assault and death. There has been no explanation tendered by the military before this court on the release of the deceased from station after 4pm on 2nd November till midnight that day when he died. The deceased was not in custody of the police force. He was at his work with fellow military officers who had taken his release from CPS. The deceased [Kalounivale] was a workman who suffered injury during his work hours and such injury caused his death. The whole incident was due and incidental to his work as a member of the FMF.”

The Solicitor-General’s Office, representing the RFMF and the dictator, had contested the compensation claim, relying on Immunity Proclamation 2001 (Presidential Proclamation, Proclamation No 2 of 2001, Immunity of Disciplined Forces), and that the claim was statute barred under the provisions of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Act, Cap 81, particularly section 52(1), which stipulates an action to be commenced within three months after the act complained of, and finally the claim was defective under the provisions of section 52(2) of the RFMF Act, Cap 81, as it did not expressly allege whether such act was done either maliciously or without reasonable and probable cause or through gross negligence.

The Court rejected all of their defences, and ruled on the widow’s statement of claim that her husband Kalounivale was murdered by the RFMF or alternatively died as a result of the unlawful beating he received from members of the RFMF.

It is worth noting that Ajmal Gulab Khan’s judgment is no longer available on the illegal Fiji government’s official judicial website www.judiciary.gov.fj or PACLII.

It is quite clear that Kalounivale had not gone to the naval base for a “picnic” nor had gone to “kill” the dictator. It was the dictator who had requested that the innocent Kalounivale be brought to him and later sent him to the Central Police Station from where he was taken to the army camp by his security guards and beaten to death.

But it is worth reminding the dictator that karmic debt is repaid in kind. Or as Exodus warns us: “Whoever strikes a man so that he dies shall be put to death.”

In the dictator’s case, the law is very clear - it holds that a commanding officer, being aware of a human rights violation, will be held criminally liable when he does not take action.

And we have his infamous interview with the Australian journalist Graham Davis in 2009:

Davis: Did you want them dead?
Dictator: I didn’t want them dead but I wanted them punished – You must understand it was a mutiny. These guys came in to kill us – I don’t think a lot of people understand that? These guys came in to kill us. So people really don’t expect us to kiss them on their cheeks.

Again, Kalounivale had never gone to kill the dictator nor had gone to be “kissed on the cheek” by him. Kalounivale had taken no part in the bloody mutiny on that day.

One of these days I will be revealing how Kalounivale was battered to death, and how Brigadier-General Mohammed Aziz, then army legal officer, had stopped police interview when one of the soldiers confessed to KILLING Kalounivale and the other CRW soldiers on the dictator’s orders. I will be naming that murderous soldier whom the dictator has protected since 2000. I will be also disclosing the horrifying contents of the missing post-mortem report, and other details, to disprove the dictator’s claim that he carried out the coup to weed out corruption and to give the descendants of Indian coolies’ equality in post-coup Fiji.

The dictator carried out the coup to escape prosecution, for among the charges he was facing shortly before the 2006 coup was the murders of Kalounivale and the other CWR soldiers.


Anonymous said...


It would be better if you scan all those documents and then post them here like RUM did.

We are smart enough to read them and then arrive at our own conclusions.


Indo-Me said...

Exit strategy = Cassava Patch.

mark manning said...

It must be an incredibly difficult thing for Indigenous Fijians to keep revisiting this horrible part of Fiji's history, but it has to be done in order to break through the wall of silence and the post traumatic stress the Nation has been suffering ever since 2000.
God bless Fiji and give those involved a conscience to do what is right, the families of those involved some peace of mind in so far as they now know for sure, that we have not forgotten their loved ones and the wrongs perpetrated against them by the few.

Perhaps, as the truth becomes known, those currently supporting the Regime, can use this as the opportunity to turn away from the Regime in an attempt to restore peace and harmony to the islands of Fiji.

The least those involved can do, is to find someone somewhere or some website where they can open their hearts and begin telling the truth of what happened where and who did what to whom.
Evidence is needed to lay to rest this sorry saga and the souls of those departed and to give peace to the families of those tortured and murdered.

Let the healing begin and the coup end.

Anonymous said...

Given this eveidence, I now challenge Naivalurua to arrest VB immediately to see if he is a man of principle that he professes to be.

Anonymous said...

Sad when when people are killed, both CRW and loyal soldiers.
I hope FIJIANS learn from this that there were no winners during 2000 coup except Mr Qarese.

Fated Destiny said...

"WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND"...As Jesus said; "Everyting that happens in the world is new for I have faced all these persecutions and difficulties".


All GOD fearing individuals should know this...be at peace and watch the workings of ALMIGHTY GOD

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS LEKH RAM VES NO E [sorry for spelling] i will try to put it right in the next one.

Anonymous said...

As much as he tries there is no dodging this case for Vore Bainimarama. The coup and the subsequent cover ups and removal and burning of files was so that Baini could avoid having to face court for his crimes. He has made a habit of hiding and dodging interviews and request for anything pertaining to the 2000 coup and mutiny. What other conclusion can we draw other than that he is guilty of all charges! The truth will always come out no matter how hard you try to suppress it Baini.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting my money on Naivalurua to do the right thing? If anyone can-Naivalurua is a prime candidate
to nail Bai and Khaiyum!

Anonymous said...

Something is seriously wrong with Vore. Mutiny happens...he craps his pants. Can't handle his drinks..craps his pants. Rumour has it during the fitness walk last month his knapsack was filled with Nappies.

Anonymous said...

What man of PRINCIPAL? Naivalurua was Commissioner Prisons in May 2009 when he released the convicted killers of Verebasaga and Rabaka from jail - they spent only 1 week in jail for murder. Naivalurua also allowed Kean to keep getting his navy commander salary while in custody for manslaughter and let him out ealy on compulsory supervision order. Don't make me puke, "man of principal" ni dena. He knows where his bread is buttered!

Keep The Faith said...

What a sorry state of affairs. Every road from 2000 leads directly to the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama.

No wonder Aziz can do no wrong while Driti is now left high and dry. Bainimarama owes Aziz.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning my relative go killed by the CRW it won't do us any good now to re-live some issues because they were killed in cold blood-murdered too! On the day in question i have already mentioned-Senior Offices were getting concerned also at the anger that was building up-unless you were there you can never ever know the situation! It appears you think by opening up here it will serve a purpose-let me be blunt on the days of the coup even Senior Officers were no longer trusted! Ask you mate Baledrokadroka-if it wasn't for the cool headed of some, Sergents & Warrant officers the camp could have been a killing ground. No one knew who to trust let alone any officers because it almost became a Confedracy thing! If you a Fijian you will understand -if it wasn't for the displine instilled in the soldiers in their overseas peace keeping roles.If the Rebel soldiers had taken over the camp ,Fiji would have had blood shed like you never ever believe, the killings you see on TV in other countries now would have been a baby crying compared to the blood bath that would have followed not from the soldiers but from the supporters of the Rebels. So for Victor Lal don't kid yourself & Mark Manning please stop trying to act like a Psychogist-this is not the venue for helping injured minds-if it was so easy why don't you get the Aussies to have website and admit the killings did to the Indigenous people of Australia since they arrived-see if it will help them! Sometimes Mr Manning it pays to keep our trap shut when we don't know the whole story!

Satini Koki said...

There's a living God, there will be justice!

Anonymous said...

anon march 19 2012
The murdered also have relatives. Just as you, they also want justice. All directly involved in mutiny have been punished, jailed and some have died. Here we talking about those who are not in camp during mutiny and were picked up and murdered later. This still need to be investigated and justice done. Justice is for all and must not be one sided just because those investigated still have guns and have taken over the nation. Murder and Human Rights abuses must be investigated and those guilty punished.

Anonymous said...

dina sasy....

FRANK & AZIZ and AIYAZ & Iowane will die like DOGS....

Time is coming....

We all knew at the barracks that Frank was the wrong choice. Epeli Ganilau should pay for this wrong choice in bring nut head Frank to the military. Obvious he was not intelligent and trained to become a army commander. CRW revolt shows that his leadership was not upto scratch. Fiji is paying the price now. May be Graham Davis can teach Frank some lessons now.

having spent 27 years in the military now, we know that the coup we did was to protect Franks own skin and prevent him from going to jail. WE often heared senior military and some civilians colluding that this coup would also benefit them - ride on Franks wavecrest to gain adavantage and get better jobs. These we saw in the removal of many senior govt employees and statutory institutions. In fact some of my very own collegues here at Delainabua made up or invited civilians to fabricate stories of those whom they want kicked out.

This was the order as propaganda to justify Franks coup. But to be honest, Mahendra chaudary was also a culprit for coming to see Frank in the camp. when this happen, I saw it with my own eyes - something is about to happen to the people's elected government of the day.

Franks should NOt be trusted and I pray that the soldiers and senior army officers will do justice to serving and protecting our people - an OATH we took.

God bless Viti

Politburo said...

The revelations are useful but will not ultimately change anything because no one is prepared to arrest and charge these a!!holes! And there have been so many 'revelations' already and nothing has happened. The elections and the Constitutional consultations is the real story. Lead the way C4.5

Anonymous said...

Frank knew about the 2000 coup and was in the planning of it with Speight and the CRW soldiers. Then the relationship turned sour and Frank betrayed his own CRW soldiers. That was why the CRW soldiers wanted to get rid of Frank who made that dash down that cassava patch.

The shooting exchange between the CRW soldiers against the loyal soldiers happened because their commander, Frank, just could not hold them together. He was disloyal and dishonest and has brought disrepute into the RFMF.

He was not a capable leader neither is he even a capable illegal PM now. Just note how the economy is tanking and how the whole world is beginning to notice his abuse of human rights laws.

Anonymous said...

Current soldiers swore to protect Bai instead of the nation. Others are in for bread and butter!

Anonymous said...

Selesitino's wife gets $24,000 for her husband's life.
Bainimarama gets $140,000 for unpaid leave.

Obviously this arsehole values his "leave" more than he values human life.

We, the citizens of Fiji, must bring this arsehole to justice. It is our duty.

-Valataka na Dina.

Taukei 5. said...

Selesitino Kalounivale.

Jone Davui.

Epereni Bainimolo.

Lagani Rokowaqa.

Iowane Waseroma.


How many murders constitute genocide?

Anonymous said...

Yes the murdered soldiers have families. We have all been harping on the deaths of the CRW soldiers but nothing the deaths of loyal soldiers who were murdered by the CRW soldiers. It was the CRW soldiers that started this killing, they killed a soldier who was still sleeping in bed, a clerk who was still typing in his office, sniper the others who were trying to flee for their lives. These soldiers too have families, wives and children. Are we going to fight justice for the CRW soldiers only and not for them.
The CRW soldiers knew that if they were defeated in their attack, there would be NO Mercy. They knew that the counter attack would be destructive, there would be collateral damages, and wrath would be unleashed. And certainly, it did.
I am still confused why they made the surprise attack on us and killed their fellow soldiers, their brothers in arms. I was there and I am lucky to have survived the CRW attack.
Well they started a war and they were killed in the same war. Remember, CRW soldiers have their own system of communication that you and I are not aware of. Yes, they were definitely directed to, report to QEB to, by their leaders to take up arms against their own fellow soldiers.
They tried to kill the Commander but he was forced without his will, through the cassava patch to survive the evil intention of the CRW soldiers. What do you expect him to do, to run into the arch of fire of the CRW soldiers? No, he had to escape to survive for the calling he is committed to today.
Most of you bloggers were not even there, I was and I will not forget the sight of my fellow soldier who was killed by a sniper shot, lying next to me behind after we recovered his body from the arc of fire of the CRW sniper. He has a wife and two kids. Why the sniper attack when we were not even their enemies.
The loyal soldiers who were killed by the CRW soldiers also have families ......... let’s not forget that..................

Anonymous said...

Selesitino's wife gets $24,000 for her husband's life.
Bainimarama gets $140,000 for unpaid leave.

Obviously this arsehole values his "leave" more than he values human life.

This is very True. frank should face justice.

The reason for the 2006 coup was to save frank baini-magana's ass from going to jail.He should be brought to justice.

All those supporting this illegal regime are all illegal-aliens. Its very simple as that.

Atama R. said...

Voreqe Bainimarama blood is on your hands and will haunt you and your thieving family.You run but you cannot hide,time is coming for you to pay for your crimes and we people of fiji must not be misled by this murderer,liar and thief.
RIP SELESTINO and may God bring comfort to your family.

Anonymous said...

dina says..

the 5 crw's plus those killed by soldiers in 2006 coup plus those that god heart attack after loosing their jobs due to Franks policies...

Report it to the ICC in Hague.....

Anonymous said...

Dina,Taukei,Valataka na Dina...RUM you're like a broken record,worse than a wifes' whinning? If you're so smart than Bainimarama, how come
he outsmart you and Driti,fired you both before you could pull the trigger? If as you want us to believe,that every colonels he removed from the Army were much smarter than Bai, howcome that he's still running the military today and you're all have no job or
in a foreign asylum? Hear this and don't ever forget it! The battle against the dictator must be fought
right here in his door step? Don't be like an Indian Dog,barking from
your safe haven, 1000 of miles away? Prove yourself, that your military carreer was not a mistake, by returning home just the same way you had left;and mount a suprised attack on the Dictator!!!RUM.. it's time to put-up or shut-up???

Anonymous said...

I think of the regime solicitor general arguing its case against workers compensation to this murder victim's widow. How does one live with himself after that?  

How does someone like Graham Davis ignore all this and devote himself professionally to defending Bainimarama?

I think of the police turning a blind eye away from what they know is their duty. 

Somewhere, someday, someone needs to be loyal to Fiji. Someday, someone needs to defend their own conscience!

Anonymous said...

Don't give up yet on Naivalurua. Just because he hasn't acted yet, doesn't mean he won't.

And for God's sake, he must.

Anonymous said...

There is an International Court waiting for the Narcissist Dictator and his thugs to turn up too to answer for the Crimes against the Fijian People. All Dictators meet a very sad and sorry end and their families have to endure the consequences for their actions for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

Strongly recommend you watch/read this


FB and AG revolution is coming......soon

Anonymous said...

Good one VL. I know that Officer Caucau went and confess to the Women's Crisis centre about the murder of CRW soldiers. He had said that Vore, lifted a concrete block and hit the head of the CRW soldier. And what he saw was getting into his mind. Check it out VL, Caucau is still around.

Microscope said...

One of the killers name is Jack Komaitai, a former rugby player......

Anonymous said...

Stop farcking around everyone. Time we see FB and AG run thru the cassava patch.

Anonymous said...

RIP to all CRW soldiers, to the soldiers that were killed innocently, to the Fijians who were victims of this decision by VB to control Fiji.

To the families may you all find peace & healing....

You will not be forgotten.....our hearts are heavy with what is happening to our Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Corruption and politics is rife in the military and Government

Anonymous said...

anon 19 Mar 10.03
yes lets not forget the loyal soldiers killed and their families,,,,their murderers have been punished. Lets not forget the innocent CRW who were not involved in mutiny but picked up and murdered later - their murderers have still not been punished and are still today being paid by taxpayers,,,,,
all families loyal and CRW must be compensated for this sad event...
Lets make sure no bloodshed ever happens again and that means responsible and caring leadership,,,,unfortunately regime is not showing this and we now moving to the FINAL SHOWDOWN,,,,WHOS GONNA STOP IT???

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 12:01pm...How did you come to your conclusion that Qarase was the only winner in coup 2000? First
off,Bainimarama and the President
asked him ((Qarase) to take on the
interim administration job as PM?I
would think that the winner of that 2000 coup was none other than Chodory,for out of the 2000coup,he
was the only person able to amassed
a fortune enough to give him the
millioner status!How did he do this? Chodo was able to con the indo population, throughout the western world, to donate toward the
Indian poor in Fiji, for over two million dollar. None of these money
was ever seen by the Indo poor!
His case are still in court for tax evation, but hes got the millions tucked away in an Australian Bank account. Out of all that 2000 confusion,and money we gave Chodo, to help the indo poor in Fiji, Chodo was able to put his Son through law school in Australia. Bought his Daughter a House in Australia and still have
million in the bank! Now-whose the winner of 2000 coup?

Taukei. said...

Anon 2:10.

Person of whom you write now sells fish in Levuka. Good man...

Anonymous said...

Anon@7:14pm...thank you for clearing up this aspect of the mutiny at the camp. I as a Fijian am very sorry that the occurrence
of killing innocent solidiers at the Delainabua barracks by the special forces=CWR soldiers,was not
clearly explained by the medias!
Most of us didn't know that regular innocent soldiers, were killed by these special forces? Could someone please named these regular soldiers
that were killed by the CWR group?
Now I can see why the commandor is doing what he's doing? i.e scraping the GCC;scrap the Methodish Church,decreed to muscle up the medias,
etc,etc,.? Is the commandor really quilty, considering the military HQ was under attack by a specialized force? If the CWR had purposely killed innocent solidiers, for me this will be the
straw that breaks the camel's back!

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:34am,Very interesting indeed,can you imagine? Fijian pulled the frieken coup but Indo
benefit with his million? Very similar to what's going on right now in Fiji? Military supported Voreqe with the coup and Khaiyum,John Sami,Nur Bano,Samimi sisters,etc,etc, are banking their million abroads.While Fijians that pulled the frieken coup are j!@#$%^g-off every where with piss-all? Pay the Colonels enough money to buy good food,car,house,clothing and trips to the west or east of Fiji. They'd be happy and leave the indo to rakes in the dough and bank the loots, in foreign bank accounts?What the hell, after the coup,everyone Fijians will be back together in the villages;calling each others again,Tavale,Karua,Mataqali,Tauvu,Nato,etc,etc. While the indo would be using their stolen loots abroad'hiding from Fiji people but living the high life?

March 21, 2012 9:29 AM

Jale said...

Unfortunate for the revenge killings..Heart goes out to the families and children of the deceased...RIP..

Anonymous said...

We tend to complain all the time.I wonder what people would have said if the Speight coup was a success and our chiefs @ the helm of leadership? May be that would have been better(Fiji under the i Taukei regime).I believe all things happen for a reason and the military takeover also had its own reason people.Forgive,repent and love people...hate will get you no where...every step takes us closer to our grave.

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Anonymous said...

Judgement day is around the corner

Anonymous said...

Fucking bullshit statement mr,FYI, those slodiers killed on that day ,were killed by stray bullets fired by you soldiers...you soldiers are cross fire by each other...CRW personal not killing any inocent people who doesnt know anything in camp that day,iam telling you this bcos iam one of them...never say anything that you don't know...just keep your fucking mouth shut.We been payed by the consequences of our did...we take it like a man with two balls.
Cheers bro

Anonymous said...

I'd put a fucking bullet through that arrogant attitude.

Unknown said...

If the grassroot of coup culture was stopped from the begining Fiji would be in thia drag today. Then you award this thug with priemership and Leader of Opposotion now remind me maddag Englishmen playing in the noonlight day. Don’t make your coup pluralism as a bedrock of Fijian society." Get over that frickin shit house.

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Isa vakaloloma dina nai tovo lolovira mai caka tu vua e dua na turaga ka sega nona cala.

Unknown said...

So sad..lose of words ..wake up fijian citizens..

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

dont forget those that got captured and survived the the heat but later died due to those fatal injuries .....

Anonymous said...

Imagine if this beloved country dont have soldiers. We would have lived happily ever after..

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