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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dictator disestablishes GCC but wants to cosy up to chosen few

Ratu Naiqama
Frank Bainimarama has bowled down another Fiji stronghold in his way, the Fiji Council of Chiefs, as he moves to secure his illegal reign and reinvent a 'fair Fiji.'

The gazetting to formally disestablish the Boselevu Vakaturaga was done a few days ago and announced today, but Bainimarama had effectively shut own the GCC pretty quickly after taking control in 2006.

In formally announcing the decision today, he chirped out that the Council was part of Fiji's colonial past and was no longer relevant saying "if all Fijians are to have their say during the consultations for Fiji’s new constitution, people must ensure that every voice is equally heard and equally represented."

Krishna Datt
Yet, typically, the self-appointed prime minister acted without mandate.

As noted by the former politician, Krishna Datt, in FBC today the decision to dis-establish the GCC should have been made by the people via the consultation process.

Quote: “It is a constitutional matter and ultimately it will have to be resolved to that point. So I believe that this is one of those issues that the commission could have handled in a more amicable manner and the people of the country would have had their say on whether or not they wanted to continue with the system that they’re used to for more than a hundred years.”

Today's announcement reminds us that Bainimarama is systematically removing all obstacles that stop him from assuming control of the country as prime minister or president.

Underground material seen by C4.5 show that while Bainimarama has disestablished the GCC, he intends to hand pick chiefs who will support him and hold a one-day meeting with them to discuss the Constitution. He will also break the chief stronghold and get trusted sub-chiefs to handle government projects.

Responding to the disestablishment, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalabu told Fiji Village it's easy to tear things down but hard to build it up again. 

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Anonymous said...

Good one Bani, the next one should be the church. But hold on, what about the muslim league and the Hindu orgnaisations - why not them.
Dont the muslims preach terriorism and the hindus preach against other religions - why dont you go all the way.
In the words of a Con Artist turned failed politician, RAJESH SINGH, "BANI,you are scared of losing power to the people."
Rajesh maybe an uneducated conman loser running from his past but he certainly speaks the truth.
Its time for people to rise against this dictator.

Anonymous said...

Krishna Datt...there is no lawful position to discuss the constitution. Which law book you are reading to even have a discussion on GCC by those who think they are law?

What did you highlight as wrongs in the 1997 constitution since you had the mandate?

Anonymous said...

This institution is a waste of time, and a big waste of taxpayers money.

This is no need for it. There will be a parliment, senate. They are sufficient representation of people.

This is an added obstacle to economic progress from Fiji. Chiefs go and contest elections, lets see how good you can be.


Declared war on his own people said...

Bainimarama has declared war on his own people. He destroys the Chiefs in Fiji whilst at the same time is appointed as Big Chief Malumpa in Vanuatu? Just a two faced treasonous scumbag. The Fiji military are nothing but gullible fools. Looks like Driti and Mara were right in trying to stop this taliban cancer.

Anonymous said...

This is no way of solving racial politics. Ghai is totally giving wrong advise to Khaiyum - who is a total idiot.

We love our Chiefs too much. Our Chiefs define and give identity to our Fijianness and make us the iTauki.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:05 PM

Hindu's don't preach against other religions (Islam and Christianity do), nor do they ever go around mass converting (again Christians and Muslims do). This may hurt but its the truth. Get your facts right!

mark manning said...

What was it that made Indians think they would hold the reigns of power once the coup was completed and anew Constitution put into place ?
What must those same coup supporters be thinking now ?
Holy Crap ! we've been duped.

GET TO GRIP said...

Chiefs can break away and form their own association or get together under a new guise but it will not be allowed to thrive. There is no point in them even trying. The better plan would be to work against the government via the elections

Anonymous said...

mark manning, talking thru your arse as always. why wud indians have any feelings about holding power? they were too busy fighting SDL's racist policies, trying to get equality. you know, you really must stop listening to that ape you married who is feeding you such one-sided crap.

C4.5, you claim no racist rants are allowed, so how can you allow manning's dribble thru?

I dare you to print my comment!!!!

Anonymous said...

You destablize the structure, it is all over-your identiy is gone-Well, based on what is on the ground-the CHURCH is Fiji's last hope-because the Military cannot do it from within-bring the mass, lets spill some blood and we see the fun....Close the airport and lets ask them what is it they really want from our beloved country...you can make as much money as you want but dont touch what is so dear to us because that is our only identity...I know the mass are just waiting like charcoals-awaiting the wind to get the momentum to flare the flame and boom!!! Its coming very soon...Remember Rt Sukuna once said Fijians will not chase them..they will just leave without any goodbye....

Anonymous said...

True @ 7.55p.m. Buddhists are also peace-loving folks.

If you look at Fiji's history, it's quite unfortunate that religion has been used by both sides as a convenient excuse and cover up for their evil agendas.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of old farts that regularly meet to see who has the most kanikani and getting paid to do so while at the same time regard queen elizabeth as their paramount chief.

How exactly have people in fiji benefited from this let's not be slave to the british anymore.

Anonymous said...

How can you have uneducated so called Chiefs elected to parliment to determine our destiny.

we want democracy and not autocracy.

good decision Ratu Voreqe......

Anonymous said...

Why can not Chiefs contest elections like everyone else, if they have so much to offer to the people of Fiji.

There will be so many seats to contest for, enough for all of them.

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs to add economic value to its land, that will provide employment to the youths so that thhey can fulfill their dreams as well.

Anonymous said...

Fiji needs to add economic value to its land, that will provide employment to the youths so that thhey can fulfill their dreams as well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Christians are peaceful people. It's just idiots pretending to be men of cloth that cause problems.

Anonymous said...

@Frank 6:47
"This institution is a waste of time....money...an added obstacle to economic progress.

You've described the Fiji Army perfectly.

Anonymous said...

A sad day for Fiji. The chiefly system is part of Fijian culture, and this pig has destroyed all of that. It's time for the chiefs to gather support and put an end to this evil man of a pig.

Anonymous said...

Whether we like it or not Frank did the right thing to de-establish the GCC. The chiefs should reign only in their own villages. Leave the running of the country to the politicians!!!

What Frank has done is level the playing field, one man one vote. No more racial communal-line voting, all born in Fiji to be known as Fijians, New system to appoint President.


Anonymous said...

How quickly can some people forget. Some really have short memories and no apreciation for this country's chiefly system. Our chiefly system has been found to have been a stabilising influence in the overall life of this country. History tells us clearly the goodwill of the chiefs has assisted very much in the economic development of this country. Please have some respect for our history and the chiefly system.

Anonymous said...

Bai and your Fiji Army, you can wipe away our Chiefs Council, you can chase them to the mango tree, you can threaten our Talatalas, you can eradicate the interest of the Taukei off your plans, You can continue to drown Taukei inspirations and values, you can burn Taukei history, you can destroy our land and sell it in bulk to China, get investors to run havoc over the Namosi forest, you can continue to kill Taukeis at will..Taukeis will one day be in the same category as the Abos of Australia, Maoris of New Zealand, Kanaks of New Caledonia, the Maldives.....

We have to face this reality that we will one day loose what is ours...our land...culture ..tradition and religious freedom.....we will loose them because the Army and BAI have fought so hard to destroy this very special race...the Taukei - KAIVITI.....

I wonder whose interest Bai and his Army are protecting since they are destroying the interests of the Taukei?

To all Army people out there, Taukei have always been looking up to you to protect our interest, not to destroy us.

Koya na Vu said...

bloody hell Bainimarama is a dickhead. he cant think straight and have let all of us i-taukeis down. he's listening to his so called advisors almost all of them muslims, hindus and those that worship idols and other gods. He doesn't use the 10 commandments as his guide. Fiji is sinking further and further down to the abyss. PM , thats the last thing u should touch, our identity as a native fijian and our chiefly system. You take a look at Tonga, Samoa, PNG etc. Our pacific island neighbours still keep their traditional system intact and look at how their economy is progressing? a million times better than us. why? because its natives stand as One people. Unlike Fijians, we dont now who we are anymore just because some drifters who we ( Kai Vts) dont now where they originated from , whispering $$$$ in your ears in exchange for all these abolishment of our culture and identity???? You watch out, The Fijians will not just stand by and watch our cultures and lst identity be taken away. All other races beware

Koya na Vu said...

Kai Vt rise up..sivia na lamu sona. Kill Bainimarama to end the suffering!!!its too much and tooo too painful!!its Game over for the Fijians (itaukeis)

Anonymous said...

SDL stands for:Soqosoqo Duavata ni LeweniVanua.English interpretation would be:"People's United Party" or "United peoples'party".I noted that the Fiji Sun has either mis-interpreted the-SDL- English meaning in its yesterday 3/14/2012 column.

Anonymous said...

Frank says that the GCC have become to political..and wat about the army a product of the colonial days..where honorable soldiers served their countries with heart and soul..not staging coup de tat for 4.5 years in row..the army shud have been abholished long ago..wat a load of crap by Baini and who to approve the decree..another ulukau...Nailatikau..io sa tinia talega na noda vaka Ratu taki...baleta sa ivei na nodra tamata o ira turaga ni noda yasana mai viti..sa i vei o KALAVETI BATIBASAGA..

Anonymous said...

Cakava....It will quicken your demise. Tamata viavialevu.

Anonymous said...

a cunning ploy,,,chiefs are the key part in the Fijian structure,,,remove it and destroy Fijian identity ,,,next is land ownership....keep on going Kaiyum and then...............BOOM FIJI WILL NEVER BE THE SAME

Anonymous said...

Fiji's chiefs must now prove their worth. They need to defend Fijian culture by ending Bainimarama's usurpation.

If they do, they will merit the respect long accorded them. If they do not, they and Fijian culture will fade into oblivion.

Only give the word, great chiefs!

s/ Dakuwaq

Anonymous said...

Vinaka, Voreqe. First the chiefs, now the Methodist Church. Go for it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Unconstitutional and an abuse of power. In history the abrupt removal and destruction of an identity in a population through unequal relationships typically happens to prisoners of war, rape victims and those from holocaust situations. This is not democracy no matter how corrupt everyone else appears to be.

Anonymous said...

Sad day for fiji! Vore being Installed as a big chief of vanuatu then come back to fiji and demolish our chiefly system. THE HEIGHT OF HYPROCRISY! This is what happens when you let a kailoma rule..LUVENI KAISI BOKOLA!!

Anonymous said...

United states no gcc, NZ no gcc, aust no gcc they all far more developed than Fiji!! Save the money treat all equally good saraga!! Wananavu frank you have the guts!!

Anonymous said...

GCC is the forum which represents Native Fijian interests into Government. If Banimarama wishes to erase this body from existence, it will cause more opposition to his dictatorship from all levels of Fijian (only indigenous Fijians should be called Fijians) cultural structure.

Ratu Naiqama was true in that the GCC was already in existence in pre-colonial era. During those times (daku ni kuila), it had other names and other purposes.

The Government and the RFMF are more recent entities than the GCC. The then GCC, in 1874, ceded the 300 islands of Fiji to be governed by British rule.

He should think very carefully and many more times about this move. It will be the cause of his defeat in the 2014 election, if the election ever happens at all.

Anonymous said...

To the first comment....

You really can't see a difference between the "muslim league and the Hindu orgnaisations" compared to the Methodist Church. The government has not gone after the Methodist church because it is a religion or its spiritual views. It has gone after them because people at the head of the church want to rule the country for their own benifit and no-one elses. The muslim league and the Hindu orgnaisations are not trying to do this, nor are the catholic church.

Anonymous said...

The government has always been native Fijian, which represents native Fijian interests, why do you need another body.

If you look at life over a 1000 years, this only has 130 years. These people should get elected through the ballot box

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see that so many bloggers are against the chiefs.
Well, let me remind you all. It is because of the existence of a system of hierarchy where chiefs hold a position of authority over their people, here in Fiji, that we are able to live in a tolerable atmosphere in for a long time. You do away with the chiefs, you do away with peace. Watch in 10 years time, we will have a new bread of people in the Fijian society.
If God chose chiefs to lead in Fiji, as the bible says, watch out Vore!!

Anonymous said...

Blame the Hindu,s they dont recruit they tell the truth. Dont blame the muslims they r your cousins read the bible if you can so the Hindu,s will watch the bastards fight trying to claim being legitemate child of a devil father. Having sad that they are all humans and listen to the truth OM-Namah Sivaye go to net and find that song search for the truth?????????

Anonymous said...

The GCC and the methodist church poses bigger threat to Frank's dynasty, that's why he has to change leadership in them and install his puppets in it. Sadly for GCC he has to de-establish it.

Anonymous said...

CCF Coup Support
Below letter shows Yabaki and CCF part of coup conspiracy ,,,,also part of planning of new constitution with Kaiyum and Yash Ghai and disregarding anything the Kai Viti values….consultations is just bull as new set up already written by Naz, Gates, Yabaki, Yash, Kaiyum,,,,,,,,meanwhile the sotia lialia just keeps following……………
When all all breaks loose ,,,,,,,,,,,remember this Kai Viti,,,,the time is near,,,,very soon

Pathway to democracy

As long expected the debate over whether or not we take the path of the purportedly abrogated 1997 constitution as the pathway to return to parliamentary democratic election in 2014 has come to haunt us.

CCF in a letter after the events of December 2006 had written to and proposed the formation of an interim government made up of those to be aptly selected by the then President, the late Ratu Josefa Iloilo Uluivuda.

The same was part of the declaration of the Court of Appeal in April 2009. It is important that we resolve this issue in our minds and hearts in choosing the pathway forward in the context of the consultation as announced by the PM on March 9.

To settle the matter the solution lies in civic education.

We need to salvage what is best from the 1997 constitution especially the Bill of Rights. At the same time improve on it as per CCF’s two non-negotiables, removal of raced based voting and reducing the voting age to 18 years, which were originally ruled out due to compromised stance taken by the Inter-Party Parliamentary Committee in 1995.

Those who continue to hold on and lobby for the reinstatement of the 1997 Constitution should heed the calls from former vice president Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi who stated during his review of the handbook “Constitution: Making and Reform” and I quote “While I mourn the manner of the passing of the 1997 Constitution, by force of arms on 5 December, 2006 and then by purported abrogation on 10 April, 2009, I recognise a new opportunity to build afresh. And this time, there is a very real prospect of laying a foundation that lasts. I appreciate that certain realities may require that change and reform takes decades rather than months and years,” end quote.

So altogether we can all start afresh this time.

Civil society can help make the population aware of the benefits and shortcomings of the 1997 constitution. The designated constituent assembly will also debate the issues and if necessary put it to a referendum.

So let’s get into the process of consultation and let people speak for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Fiji Military Forces was created by British, Law was created by British, Christianity was introduced by British, Education was introduced by British.
Abolish All Please.....

Anonymous said...

Blogger 7.55am,

Tamata ulukau. you low down person. Erase the Methodist, and you dig your grandfathers to keep the peace in Fiji. You low down p!@#k!!
March 15, 2012 1:13 PM

Anonymous said...

Leaders equals Chiefs and Chiefs equals Leaders, who now needs to be elected by people to represent them.

Things change over time for the better. Its good GCC will be gone.

Koya na Vu said...

@11.56am. You're wrong. They go after methodists b'coz we are indigenous Fijians ( majority) and we are protecting our country, christianity, and culture. You have touched our religion, and our govt. The last thing we're holding on to is our culture. we're nor rich and we never wanted to be rich. We just want peace growth and prosperity in our country. People who want to come and live in our land and country and be a part of this country must accept the fact that we Indigenous are the owners of this land and they must respect that. A Fijian cant go and live in India or Saudi Arabia and slowly change their caste or Traditional Muslim and Hidus system? You Muslims and Hindus are pests to our Fijian society - you drifters!

Anonymous said...

A leader does not make underage girl pregnent.

Naiqama has to keep this in his mind when he opens his mouth.

Koya na Vu said...

No Ingideous Fijian will ever support u PM . Its better you dont go for elections coz youre making a fool of urself. Aiyaz and co is just using you. You are a Fijian native vakaloloma nomu rai !Teri yaga na veisusu kei na nodra raici iko cake tu na lewe ni nomu koro, tikina kei na yasana o tailevu. O sa buturaki keimami vakaloloma i boto ni sauloa na kawa i taukei. Isa Viti keimami na wili li vei cei.Era sa dredre na vulagi e na ulukau lialia kei na vakaloloma ni vakatulewa nei Prime Minister (illegal). O iko PM o na karua ga kei Nepukanesa..the writing is on the wall. O na vaka na manumanu mai muri ni o na vakayalowaitaki ga mai. Vakaloloma na nomu bula kei ira na nomu kawa ni mataka

mark manning said...

@ anon 852 p.m.
Your a coward, why don't you identify yourself ?

Anonymous said...

A fact of life no matter what happens there's no way either hindus or muslims will ever rule fiji and they will not try to either. So itaukei's get over this phobia and stop acting stupid. You are either a christian who is supposed to love thy neighbour or a pagan who bows down to more than one master (cheifs). Let's all unite and worry about the chinese.

Anonymous said...


Do chiefs feed their people?

Do the people feed their chiefs?

Do the people know their chiefs?

Do the Cheifs know their people?

Do the people love their chiefs?

Do the chiefs love their people?

The Vanua knows and the Vanua is not going anywhere. It is not legal and it is not illegal, it IS!

This is just a healthy little hump in the life of the Vanua.

If the Vanua wants to meet, it will meet.

The Vanua is not a beggar to need money or permission to meet, it will achieve what ever it desires on the basis of what the lewenivanua decide.

The Chief is only one if his master is the government, but if the Chief is truly off the people then he is a chief indeed no law can break that.

Fear is shown by faithless imposters.

Courage is the preserve of truth.

Anonymous said...

If GCC was a non political, and cared for the welfare of all races,why have they kept silent on the injustices in fiji.If they hold law and order,why did they accommodate the coups!! They should have stood firm,but were divided themselves,now they have to prove themselves to regain respectability.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Yabaki:

Yes, by all means salvage what's best from the 1997 Constitution.  The Constitution could indeed be improved. But you forget that what is best about the 1997 Constitution is that it was arrived at lawfully through a process of genuine consultation.  It was not the immutable Law of the Medes.  It could have been amended in a lawfully prescribed manner to include the two so-called 'non-negotiables'.  We need to retrieve the 1997 Constitution because it was lawful, and in so doing Fijians will retrieve their dignity and self-respect.

By the way, why should lowering the voting age be a 'non-negotiable'?  Funny thing about non-negotiables under a dictatorship: the more you yield to them, the more they seem to proliferate.

Madraiwiwi is right that Fiji has the opportunity to build afresh.  Does he advocate discarding the Constitution and throwing out everything that went before?  No, he argues that genuine change occurs organically, over years and decades.  Try to impose it with a mailed fist, and it will not last.

Fiji's dictator scoffed at your reasonable but naïve suggestions regarding who should serve in an interim government. He has had ample opportunity over several years to engage in genuine consultation, and he aborted every one. Are we now to allow this same individual to designate who gets to sit in the constitutent assembly?

An unlawful government cannot abrogate or make lawful changes to Fiji's constitution, full stop.

Rev. Yabaki, you are a dupe and tool of the treasonous conspiracy that even today denies Fiji her freedom and destroys her institutions.  Concentrate on doing the Lord's work and not this praetorian Caesar's.

s/ Dakuwaqa