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Friday, March 30, 2012

DISMAC: not enough boats to rescue people

Nadi town. Photo Mai TV
The western division is in lock down tonight in what is being described as Fiji's worst floods since 2009 with no boats to help in the rescue.

Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba and Rakiraki towns are under water with parts of Tavua flooded.

 Ba under water
Fiji's Disaster Management Office the Ministry of Misinformation (DISMAC) is  appealing for locals who own boats to help them rescue those stranded.

A DISMAC source says today's heavy rains and floods were totally unexpected. He says these floods are worse than the ones in January and could be as bad as the 2009 floods which devastated thousands of homes and killed 11 people.

The floods began in the early hours of this morning: by tonight DISMAC was still trying to reach everyone, hampered by the lack of boats.

Eight people were rescued off roofs in Nadi as waters rose seven metres high and sources say the phones have been ringing all day with people needing help and the only assurance they can give is 'wait till the boat comes'.

At nine o'clock tonight, 50 people including 10 children, were still stranded on Nadi bridge.


Anonymous said...

And the Lord sayth; let there be lights and there was lights and the day was the seventh day of his work? Bai it's time to give it up or our ancestors will continue to brign you down by natural disasters
after another till you're totally get it!You're fighting a losing battle and you can't win!

Anonymous said...

FB you better start building the Noah's ark. God is angry with you and your boy friend AK.

Anonymous said...

Mr P Dobui no wonder you failed your RFMF Officer Cadet Course because you cannot plan properly,iji is a flood prone country,boats and flood services equipment is a MUST.

What A Bunch of Jokes said...

Disaster after disaster after disaster...this is the situation in Fiji now; that is disaster everywhere we turn BUT worse still are the natural disasters that just picking up now to test the mettle of the national authorities.

Frankly these including the latest and could be the worst ever flooding to hit Fiji, are GOD ordained to test the mettle and faculties of those in leadership positions and most of them have been badly exposed along the way.

In fact I have observed inefficiencies, lack of imagination, over-casualness, over-reliance on norms and previous practice, inexperience, too much rhetorics, lack of planning, lack of anticipation...you can think of whatever you like.

Some of these individuals at the helm of Government Ministries including the PS responsible for disaster management, the Director disaster management and Divisional Commissioners as well as the Provincial Administrators and DOs, have been badly exposed by recent events, natural or man=made, in the past 5 years.

Unfortunately most of them are just doing routine work with no new ideas, no proper planning, for how can they think ahead when most of them are nutcases who do not deserve to sit where they are now.

This is what is unfortunate about being thrust into a position through unfair or illegal means.



marys toi said...

chief warwar what now

Anonymous said...

Hope no lives are lost because of this. This is another test for the pig Voceke and his useless army. Last time he was so incompetent and useless the people suffered while he partied away with his drinking buddies.

Suraj Jha said...


May God bless them & be with them.

Anonymous said...

"Look North" for boats.

If you abuse your friends (Australia & NZ) during the good times, then don't expect them to come and help during the bad times.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Typical Vuaka in time of crisis...useless and lost. He's quick to send his useless army idiots to arrest people but slow to help people. Waiting foe the boat? Perhaps the boats have been washed away in the floods Vuaka.

Anonymous said...

Get those bloody lamu sona army, who were seen lately flexing its muscles on a route march through Suva, to get out there and earn their keep for once in their miserable lives, and help out......you bunch of useless @#$%s

Anonymous said...

my heart felt prayers goes to the fiji people.
pls god help these poor and needy.
what is the regime doing.nothing.
gods is punishing the regime .
time for you bai/cronies to repent and hand over the power to elected govt.
stop fighting with gcc,church,vanua./people.
repent now.
god bless.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the flood. This is really sad.
But what can we do when the creator uses his creation to teach us a lesson.A timely reminder to FB and his regime.....'he who rebels against what God has ordained brings judgment on himself'. Nomudou talaraka na GCC ena talaraki tale ga kina na nomudou taga$$.

Anonymous said...

wrath ,god bless and some leaders have lost the plot and devastation may open some eyes, PRAY FOR FIJI

Anonymous said...

frank and cronies repent now and restore back gcc . give fiji people back democracy/freedom.
fiji is doom under the regime.
gods warning to you now.
time still left to repent and humble yourself.
god bless fiji people.

Anonymous said...

Govt is only seen after the flood,when people need help,they are no where to be found,busy drinking grog.lol! useless people

Anonymous said...

Maybe Daunitutu and Tawawili and their group of "know it all" can put their money where their mouth is and help. While Fijians overseas helped in the last flood they didn't even give a sent. Well they were nothing in the army during their time so how can they assist when they can't even assist themselves.

mark manning said...

Sad for those affected by the floods, but the Lord does work in mysterious ways.
It's never a good time for a coup d'etat :-
global financial crisis, floods, hurricanes, decimated economy, sugar cane industry all but wiped out, travel bans, no assistance from the E.U. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

ITs not the disaster that is the worst disaster to hit fiji.

the worst disaster is the dictator and thug junta to hit fiji.

the wrath of god is upon fiji.

nothing is moving and fiji gone back 30 years.

where js the reforms threr is no reforms

fiji is heading to bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...


Suruj Dayal said...

I work for Government, and note the significant response differences pre-2006 and post coup of Govt and donor/foreign aid assistance to natural disaster relief.

Now Fiji is slow to respond and resources deployed are pathetically inadequate...we have lost friends who used to be generous aiding us when needed.

NZ and Aussie responses in terms of resources and personnel aid were almost instant during such disasters while the volume and extent of such aid were amazing,

ON several occasions I went on NZ Airforce helicopters on damage surveys available as soon as weather permitted,,,while floods had not subsided.

But now we have been abondoned by our real allies and helpers to be picked up by our reluctant benefactors the likes of China and India who cough up measelly funding to the tune of $10,000 or so not even enough to plug gaping gaps left by Bainimarama's and Eyearse's thieving of buplic funds.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I feel for the people affected by the floods as VB & his Mataivalu Ni Solisona and all their guns have been rendered useless by the wrath of God.

This is the begining of the end of VB, Khaiyum & the Mataivalu ni Solisona as God is more powerful than you all.

God works in mysterious ways and the people of Fiji will have to suffer first before they have the blessings of the Almighty because we are all cowards and could not stand up to VB & his Mataivalu Ni Solisona.

God bless Fiji especially those who have been affected by the floods.

Anonymous said...

Io Kalou sa rai jiko mahn. Sega ni ura me tei damu ni kua. Sa ra dredre tale jiko na GCC kei na vanua , na Lotu.


Anonymous said...

Interested to see who is donating into FB's fund.

Anonymous said...

@Anon:4:31 AM

When one mismanages his/her own income, he/she will ask...kerekere...प्रश्न करना [prashn karna..... Its is the same with any government in any country..Mismanagement means corruption and nepotisim is rife..why? because the wrong people are appointed....so, so, simple.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11.01am. And where did you get your information from? Get out of Vuaka's azz because all you're doing is talk s!@t.

Are you going to say that about thousands of Fijians living overseas? They may not assist Vuaka's relief fund but they assisted their families still in Fiji.

As for Vuakamarama, I wonder if he's turning to china to help out since he's too uneducated to know that NZ and Australia are ready to help, and they have been assisting in such disasters before. The problem, he's sucking up to the Chinese yet Nauru gave more than them in the last floods.

Go back to school and learn!

Anonymous Suliasi Tawawili said...

Lousy Soldier says...do not worry abour Loruama Tawawili and Suliasi Daunitutu...I know they are doing quite satisfactorily.

What can you expect with Tawawili, he is more than capable, so is Tai Daunitutu.

For you soldiers who are doing nothing; just standing around, marching, training, playing rugby, etc etc etc. earning so much for nothing, you should give and give on behalf of all including Daunitutu and Tawawili...-Comment edited: C4.5

March 31, 2012 12:28 PM

Anonymous said...

Don't use natural disaster for political mileage, nothing to do with great council of chiefs or political leadership. See around the world its worse then this. Fiji will recover and move on our prayers are with the people and this is not the first time , floods has been there for generations!!!! even under the leadership if ratu mara and the colonial masters.

Anonymous said...

People were told to wait for the boats. Hahaha what a joke. Mobilize the useless uneducated army and let them do some work for a change.

Where's the pig Voceke? I guess his rolling away in mud somewhere because pigs love playing in the mud.

And I wonder how much China is giving to Voceke this time. Hmmm let me think...last time Nauru gave more than them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:31

Under Rt Mara's leadership and the colonial Masters leadership we didn't have a country indebted at upto 85% of its GDP with an economy in negative growth and a Millitary eating up 15% of the national budget but producing nothing, as is the case today.

Rt Mara negotiated the UNIFIL deployment. Qarase negotiated the UNAMI deployment and Sudanese deployments.

What has this millitary Government negotiated other than debts from China and India (which it is now in default over to the tune of FJD$ 185 million)?

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.31. Man you're one dumb MF. Think back to the last floods not long ago, yes not long ago. Voceke and his useless advisors, and his Mickey mouse army, were too slow to act. Now another flood, and nothing will change.

Uneducated people like yourself should not comment as all you're talking about is shiyte.

Voceke has dragged Fiji to the lowest point ever. The government is broke from all that borrowing, mainly from China. For your information, how much did the Chinese gave in the last flood? Peanuts compared to what they're getting from Fiji. Get a life idiot.

Anonymous said...

@3:51 PM

It is simple, Anon 2:31 is not a thinker and can,t conceptualise..that is why his writing is rife with illogical idioms. Can't blame him/her though. As rightly said by you, the Turaga Tui Nayau, Sau ni Vanua o Lau negotiated with the UN for Fiji soldiers to service in the Middle East, hence every soldier who has served in the Middle East are indebted to the Tui Nayau for ever.

Anonymous said...

This shows that the Disaster Management Programme at SOPAC is just a waste of money and time people travelling talking at international meets in hotelS, HIGHLY PAID etc,,,,,,,yet no boats etc,,,,,WHAT A FARK UP

Anonymous said...

Big damage bill for this illegals..infrastructure big damage.,.now all the loan money from china has gone under water..fiji has become bankrupt..

mark manning said...

Fijians have the Government they deserve.
The cost of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance and sometimes, just sometimes, blood may have to be spilt defending it.

Anonymous said...

And they still won't military overseas natural disaster teams into Viti because of the perceived threat they may pose? Lack of rescue boats merely masks the fact that even if they did have boats they don't have fuel.

Anonymous said...

and so the MSG gathering continues in luxury and style while our citizens suffer the full brunt of this natural phenomenon. Shame on the regime and the MSG leaders.

Anonymous said...

Australia and New Zealand still give more disaster assistance to Fiji than any of its new 'friends'. And what about all of the disaster management training the Americans gave? Was DISMAC sleeping through the lectures?

Well, at least the PM's 'disaster relief' slush fund will swell again. I guess there's a silver lining in everything!

Anonymous said...

This Govt has no plans in place for such disaster management nor the capacity to deal with it;; They should have learnt from 2009 floodings and acted to at least dredge the Nadi n Ba Rivers and to set aside funds for Emergencies like this from the Budgets.But no, just wait and anticipate Donations from elsewhere; No Country, be it Aussie, Nz or USA is spared of natural disasters to deal on a regular basis and their own economy is not sustainable to give large grants and donations these days; Ministers, CEOs, top Civil servants need to take a huge pay cut to sort this mess as the Country cannot afford to pay them extravagant salaries for doing Nothing productive any longer...

Anonymous said...

Has Fiji Democracy Movement, Daunitutu or Tawawili ever donated anything to flood affected victims? They think they have the answers to everything when they are f&@k-all people. Tawawili was a army pay office drunk who stole money from the Fiji army pay office and Daunitutu a malingering Sapper who was all talk and no action. Do you FDM members notice those work ethics still being portrayed. They can't even do anything for their villagers and they think they know how to manage a country. It would be better for the two shit bags to organize relief packs for the poor people suffering from the flood. The government is not suffering, it's the poor people you dumb asses who need help. Stop trying to gain mileage from the suffering of the people of Fiji when they need help. No government can be fully prepared for the type of natural disaster we are encountering.

Anonymous said...

Now its a good time to open fiji govt shipyard. Thank you Francis Kean and Frank Bai for your effort.

Anonymous said...

First the weather warnings were highly inadequate. That's the price for getting rid of highly experienced weatherman, Rajendra. No wonder, DISMAC was caught unprepared. Kudos to the police for their selflessness in attending to cries for help.

Where was the army? They should have been deployed by now.

And to those naive people who are preaching "don't try and get political mileage out of this". Of course we will!

Anonymous said...

I find it repulsive that people would use a forum based upon a foundation of the pain and suffering of others directly affected and fighting for their lives and livelihood against the current devastating floods. This is not the time to be taking swipes at the government, what are you doing to assist those in harms way, 'YOU SICKEN ME' - My wife, 2 month old and 2 year old children were finally rescued from a roof on Friday afternoon and taken to safety by genuinely compassionate and caring people who were engaged in the process of doing what they could do within their means to assist those in greatest immediate need - What are you doing other than focussing on your personal agenda. I thank those who assisted my wife and children as I am currently in Australia and could do nothing other than call Nadi Police and Nadi D.O to advise of the plight of many in Korociri.

Think b4 u speak said...

@ 1.14pm in Aust.

Your anger is misplaced, people are helping in whatever way they can, not just criticizing. But at the same time they MUST continue to place the blame squarely at the regime's stinky clay feet.

You must direct your frustrations at Fiji's military regime who've taken it upon themselves to guard the nation's coffers so that they can line up their own pockets, their own families and close friends.

It is they who have placed their PERSONAL INTERESTS first instead of the PEOPLE OF FIJI who have been sidelined from having a say in how their tax funds ARE DISTRIBUTED.

How else do you think essential public services have been underfunded?

There has been no Auditor General's report since 2006.

Wwll, what do you expect of rogue military officers who had stolen funds from its own men through the military regimental fund.

They all start small...

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:41

No need to vent your frustrations on bloggers. You can focus it on your Government to whom you pay taxes. Your Government is responsible to you, not the bloggers on this forum.

Anonymous said...

Is VAT going to be charged on all imported charity cloths? Can the government please clarify this publicaly?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:38
VAT will not be charged if supplies are channelled thru illegal PM's office. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

True -Sa Dina - don't take your frustrations out on us man ! Its not our fault your wife / kids sitting on the roof - and what the ....you doing in Aussie anyway??

The fact of the matter people like you don't appreciate is this: that if this illegal Baiyum regime would not have been in power this floods and even the January ones would not have happened!! Simple as that - tell us which part of this is so difficult to enter your thick korociriciri head?? yeh?

These Baiyum have brought us curse man curse from all the good hard working teachers / nurses / civil servants / pwd workers who were forced to retire and /or fired just so these scrupulous Baiyums would line up their pockets with triple and four-able pays and get their silly aunties / uncles all into the game.

How old is Bai anyway - He blooming looks ancient! And you better go look after your family and sorry pray all will be well - and tell you what done my bit of donations to assist today.

Unknown said...

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Suomynona said...

This may be an old article but its still very informative since the current regime put a muzzle on the media so that they report "this" only and not "that"

Very thought provoking article for sure.

Unknown said...

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