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Monday, March 5, 2012

Fiji's newest ally wins Russian election amid claims of cheating

Vladmir Putin today (below) after the recent rallies (above) against him.
As Fiji's illegal leader talks of winning the 2014 election, tears came today from new ally - Russia's Vladimir Putin who was elected president amid reports of cheating. 

Putin was prime minister but with his protege and then president, Dmitry Medvedev, last year hatched a plan to swap jobs to beat the rules limiting his term in office.

Sergey Lavrov
They very quickly became unpopular, with Russians taking to the streets angry at how Putin and Medvedev assumed they had the elections wrapped up.

In his acceptance speech in central Moscow today, Putin who will now be in power for another six years, told supporters: "We have won an open and honest battle.” 

But Opposition parties say Putin supporters engaged in 'carousel voting', which involved bus loads of people being driven to different voting stations to cast their vote. 

Video footage also showed voters stuffing ballot boxes with multiple sheets of votes instead of the one they were entitled to.

Here in Fiji, Frank Bainimarama has also declared victory for himself, saying he'll win if he stands in the 2014 elections. Quote: "I would win" .....  "No doubt about that."

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov (pictured above), visited Suva early last month. The visit was hailed as part of Russia's recognition of the Pacific as a priority and talks apparently focused on security and climate change.


  1. C'mon Frank go for it, you will surely win because the people out in the streets and villages have taken to you. But please, chose another AG. And thank you for allowing politicians to stand also.

  2. Fijians will have the Government they deserve.

  3. The AG might surprise you and stand too. Double whammy.

  4. Considering Frank's popularity and therefore what he stands for I'm surprised that it's not reflected in the number of people on his Facebook or those following the Horowhenua blogger. Very low numbers on both

  5. Why not add USA to the list because of the disputed Presidential elections in 2000, that gave the Bush family a 2nd President and the world 2 wars?

  6. Interesting he has 80 followers yet he thinks he will win the errection cum 2014!

  7. I request all Colonels/Military/Naval Officers in the Civil Service to stand for election and gauge their popularity...

  8. The talks with the Russians focused on helping the regime consolidate its rule, collect more intelligence against the democratic opposition, establish a Russian naval base, help exploit Fiji's mineral wealth, gain more fishing access, and provide some form of Fijian recognition of Abkhazia-South Ossetia in return for millions in assistance to the RFMF and to certain numbered bank accounts overseas.

    Congratulations, tovarich! Fiji is now one of Moscow's bitchez.

  9. frank will loose the .he will be lucky to get 100 votes.
    than what another coup hahahaha.

  10. One can only predict about something if he has inside information about it...or maybe Frank is insulting and demeaning OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST; that he is on the same level as HIM.

    You better be careful Frank...

  11. Would not be surprised if Bai adopted the Putin path and went for the president he will embed himself even more in this mess to control power.

  12. at least keep qarase out.

  13. @ simson
    so now your advocating that only some would be eligible for election !
    isn't Frank's new order based on free and fair elections ?

  14. The whole world know when putin threw in his hat, that he was libel to win the battle? He was a vetran at politic and has run the country before? He was an experience President, he knows what is required to be the best President of Russia? Hey, the problem with losers, is that they
    will complain from the top of the mountain to the valley below,they'll say anything,to anybody that is stupid enough to listen to their whinning!! Why trying to cut down Bai as if he is a stupid guy? The man has been in power for over 6 or so years;although his economic records
    may not looks pretty, but he's trying and doing his best to lift us up,inspite of the continous attacks of our former vulturistic

  15. hahaha! Bai wl definitely win the election,he said so.lol

  16. He will win the election no doubt about it, just like he won the popularity contest.

  17. Word around the barracks is that people will now only be able to cast their vote by via txt message.

  18. @ Anon 11:19.

    Bai - 6 years - power - stupidity & vultures etc.

    Correct - and he does all this by killing those he's sworn to protect.

    Be careful who you associate with in Bai's new Viti - these people are now awarding themselves meddles for killing their own Kai = so good people like yourself would pose no problem. Vinaka.
    Wonder where the Prez was?

  19. Vuaka will pack a shit because he will lose. Then another coup. The pig is sick.

    On a serious note, the pig will not relinquish power because he has too much to lose. He's living on borrowed time, and when he loses the election, he will squeal like a pig, he will bribe the elected officials to give him and his piglet Khaiyum immunity. Mark my words.

  20. Did Soviet dictator Josef Stalin not say 'It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes'?

  21. @10:47 PM. FACTS DON'T LIE - Liberals do!


    President Downgrade (AKA Obama) told us he could fix it. He had his chance and FAILED.

  22. @10:47 PM. In the domain of foreign policy, the left has helped to produce the conditions that led to the destruction of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. First, under Jimmy Carter, the liberals helped to get rid of the Shah of Iran and thus install the Khomeini regime in Iran. The pretext was the Shah’s human rights failings, but the result was the abdication of the Shah and the triumph of Khomeini. The Khomeini revolution, which has proved the viability of Islamic theocracy in the modern age, was the match that has lit the conflagration of radicalism and fundamentalism throughout the Muslim world. It is Khomeini’s success that paved the road to 9/11. --- THE ENEMY AT HOME: THE CULTURAL LEFT AND ITS RESPONSIBILITY FOR 9/11. by Dinesh D'Souza

  23. Mark Manning. Fijians your head.Your comments can go either way.Just like you you dont know wether you are coming or going.Dont speak on behalf of the Fijians its better for you to talk about your own back yard.You idiot
    ex army


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