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Friday, March 9, 2012

FTUC and Mara: Constitutional process a propaganda exercise

Yash Ghai (left) supervised Sayed Khaiyum's controversial thesis.

Taufa Vakatale
The regime's consultation plans for a replacement Constitution have taken a clobbering from the Fiji Trades Union Congress and Roko Ului Mara.

FTUC and Mara have both gone for the jugular saying the regime has no mandate and that at least two of the three people named for the Constituional Commission should resign.

FTUC's national secretary, Felix Anthony, says Fiji is writing a new constitution for the fourth time when there is no need to reinvent the wheel. He says while there were imperfections in previous Constitutions, they were dealt with in a lawful manner.

Satendra Nandan (left)
"The 1997 current Constitution which was adopted by an elected Parliament need amendments that could include the values and principles outlined by the Prime Minister, none of which is objectionable."

Anthony says the process is too long at one year.  "We believe that the phrase "non-negotiable" is inappropriate in the circumstances as there really should not be any negotiations, the values and principles stated need to be put in practice by the regime and now is the time to do it."

He says it is not the people who need civic education: he says education must start with the military and the "disciplined forces" who are charged to uphold the Constitution and protect all citizens of Fiji.

"After all, their oath when taking up office is to uphold the Constitution and not thrash it when it does not suit them. The common people of Fiji have had enough education on Constitutions and are probably most educated in the region in that area.

"We note that the Prime Minister has omitted the most crucial issue that should be on his "non negotiable" list and that is the role of the military and it should have no powers to usurp the powers of an elected Government. This is also a "universally recognised and aspired to" principle.

The FTUC says it's also concerned at the gaps in the review in today's announcement. 

"We believe that the Prime Minister needs to spell out clearly the make up of the "Constituent Assembly" the process and procedure to be adopted by such an Assembly. This is critical to ensure that the process is going to be credible."

In a statement via the Council for Fiji Democracy, Roko Ului Mara says the consultation process announced today will not pass any international test of credibility and independence.

He says the consultation is stacked in Bainimarama's favour and is a massive propaganda exercise.

Mara says two of the three people appointed initially to his Constitutional Commission to engage in a "civic education process", should resign immediately.

"Professor Nandan is a prominent Bainimarama disciple who has publicly and lavishly praised his 2006 coup. Taufa Vakatale is widely-regarded as a Bainimarama supporter who has willingly accepted appointments by the regime. Their sympathies will obviously come into play during the consultations.

"The Chairperson, Professor Yash Ghai, is certainly experienced in constitution-making and is familiar with Fiji. However, his role as academic supervisor to Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Bainimarama's chief collaborator, when Sayed-Khaiyum prepared a controversial thesis on indigenous Fijian culture, raises questions about his appointment. The same applies to his earlier role as a constitutional consultant to certain Fiji political parties."

Mara says the evidence for the 'planned national brain-washing' is contained in Bainimarama's reference to government collating and printing material for "civic education".

"He is intent on forcing the People's Charter for Change down people's throats. This has been adopted by the government as its own manifesto. But it does not have a valid mandate from the people. If the Bainimarama manifesto is to be the ideological reference point for the constitution then the manifestos of political parties with proven support should also be put to the people."

Mara says Bainimarama should also tell people whether the army will be sitting in the constituent assembly.

"Which political parties will qualify? Who will decide on the assembly's membership? There are real grounds for scepticism about the level of freedom Fiji citizens can exercise to make their views known. It appears that only those who Bainimarama thinks are "forward-looking" will make the grade. This is coded language indicating intolerance of dissenting views. Similarly his comments urging people not to be distracted by "petty politics and politicians" is another warning sign."

FTUC statement

Roko Ului statement via Council for a Democratic Fiji


Anit Singh said...

"The 1997 Constitution Lives"

Be warned any dialogue / discussion / participation in for an alternative Constitution would an act of treason.

The 1997 Constitution is not and cannot be abrogated.

Anonymous said...

well mara /felix.
we dont need any other con documents.
we want 1997 const and court ruling in april 2009 .
1997 const is still alive and living document and coup was illegal. .
all this is illegal.govt illegal.contracts are illegal.
so my 2 cents advise is just go back to the barrack and restore the 1997 const and let the elected mp run fiji.full stop.
frank/ag taliban doesnt have people mandate to change anything in fiji.
i hope they can read this and follow the right things.
they need education not fiji people.
god bless fiji.

Sharon Suaniu said...

no matter what the people say Kaiyum his boy Vore...qe will determine the outcome of the Vore...qe constitution. The pig has to safeguard his a$$ in this constitution.

Taukei. said...

Whole thing's a joke - very expensive one at that.

Anonymous said...

taufa/satendra nandan/gai if you have some ethics left in you.
pls resign now.
if not you will pay for this in jail and in gods kingdom.
give some sense to bai/his ministers not for money sell your self and fijians.
god is watching you all.
satendra was coup and i hope you dont support coup but i hate to say money is not everything but respect and honesty.
bai /ag stop playing with peoples lives .
one day you will have to ans to the people /god.
time is still left go ask forgiveness from the people,church,vanua,chiefs.mps,and the families of crw and others thats been killed or jailed so you can holding power.
god will forgive you and fiji people will too.
restore back 1997 const and return to barrack.

Anonymous said...

Butt out Mara, you womanising, freeloading, human rights abusing waste of space.

Kenneth Zinck said...

The appointment of the three Consititutional committee members can be likened to "THE THREE STOOGES" and the "THREE BLIND MICE". These three must join the other THREE Bainimarama, Khaiyum and Nailatikau in NABORO MAXIMUM PRISON for TREASON, MURDER, ROBBERY< NEPOTISM< STEALING, CORRUPTION, FRAUD, THUGGERY, LARCENY< and the crime list goes on.

Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

Mara please start educating people of Fiji Baini the 2000 coup maker

Anonymous said...

A sad day for Fiji. It was all planned - CCF's drunakrd padre breining Yash Ghai (and the lady next to him Jim Coterrell - (his new wife after he dumped his Hindu wife)to launch that book on Consitution-Mkaing. How much are you chaps being paid for the illegality?

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama's speech:
Bula Vinaka and Good Morning.

Already, the Indians are ignored - Namaste and moce mada - coolies

Anonymous said...

wake up,Yash Ghai Fiji has a constitution, obey the rule of luck ,,,1997 constitution can not be abrogated tell your boy Ayaz.

ex Fiji tourist said...

from the ABC

Carr rejects talk of softening Fiji stance
By New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz
Posted March 09, 2012 20:26:46

Foreign minister designate Bob Carr has rejected media reports that he is planning to soften Australia's hard stance against Fiji.

Mr Carr was speaking in Auckland after holding informal talks with his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully.

Mr Carr said he had noted Friday's announcement by Fiji's military leader Frank Bainimarama about planned public consultation over a new constitution.

Both Mr Carr and Mr McCully greeted the announcement with caution and said time would tell if the Fiji's rulers were truly moving towards democratic elections.

The former New South Wales premier also says he will be seeking more information from the ACTU about the human rights situation for workers in Fiji.

Mr Carr says he wants to further investigate claims that any union official who speaks out against the interim government still risks life imprisonment.

"Certainly one of the tests we'd consider in the future is the right of organisation in the workplace," he said.

"That's a fundamental human right.

"I'd expect to have more conversations with unionists, in particular the ACTU."

Mr Carr said his hour-long discussion with Mr McCully about the region was wide-ranging and helpful.

He will meet prime minister John Key on Saturday morning.

Keep The Faith said...

The 1997 Constitution lives and We The People will not be fooled, moved, cajoled or forced into accepting a sham of new one without a democratically and constitutionally instituted process such as parliamentary oversight.

We shall let the act of Treason be for the traitors alone to bear and we will not be duped into sharing the "hangman's noose" with them.

We have all learned from the recently leaked RFMF BOI report to never succumb to Bainimarama's covert and overly overt manipulation.

And we will actively observe whether the oft quoted but never substantiated "64%" do indeed participate in further acts of high treason with the current traitors.

junta wankers said...

Here is a message for junta wankers and dribbling idiot regime groupies like lord haw haw and dimwitted davis:

"Foreign minister designate Bob Carr has rejected media reports that he is planning to soften Australia's hard stance against Fiji. Mr Carr was speaking in Auckland after holding informal talks with his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully. Mr Carr said he had noted Friday's announcement by Fiji's military leader Frank Bainimarama about planned public consultation over a new constitution. Both Mr Carr and Mr McCully greeted the announcement with caution and said time would tell if the Fiji's rulers (read dictators) were truly moving towards democratic elections.

The former New South Wales premier also says he will be seeking more information from the ACTU about the human rights situation for workers in Fiji. Mr Carr says he wants to further investigate claims that any union official who speaks out against the interim government still risks life imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Come on Fiji are you allowing VB and Kaiyum to dictate our destiny. Let us fight them at their own terms-force with force.

Anonymous said...

"The 1997 Constitution Lives"

I like it - I like the sound of it and the bare simple logic and truth of it.

Anonymous said...

Lets get one thing straight...The 1997 constitution had been abrogated by the former legal President Iloilo in 2009. So you can all continue to scream & howl
like the two blockheads-Anthony&Mara- or cool down and accept the inevitable,ie a New Constitution for Fiji in 2014? How do we passed the new constitution? Let's leave it to the expertise constitutional committees, headed by one of the world reknown expert
constitutional lawyer, in the planet- Professor Yash Ghai? Personally, like all of you, I didn't like the way Bai pulled his coup and removed our then elected Government and like you all-i'm still ticked! But lets be real, a new kid, is on the block and that's
our reality!!!Either we welcome the new kid into our group or he'd make up his own play group(s).So the fact that Bai, was able to bring in a world reknown constitutional expert, in Professor
Yash Ghai,says a lots about Bai's Agenda, to do right for Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Fiji does not need the Mataivalu ni Solisona and this should be entrenched in an amended 1997 Constitution through a Democratice Parliamentary Process.

Fiji does not need VB & these Bullshit artists whoo are trying to con the international community to ensure they remain in power.

Look at what is happening in Greece. The people of Fiji should not complain in the future when the same thing wil happen here as we all have no guts to stand up for our freedom and rights - Fijian, Indian, Chinese , part European we are all equally to blame for this current mess.

The Libyan and Syrian people
are real heros for standing up to the guns and sacrificing for thier children and future generations.

Who will be Fiji's hero a frail Indian women or a Cheif standing up for his people. Your guess is good as mine.

Anonymous said...

VB your eyes during the interview were not steady, they were like the eyes of an albino suffering from the hot sun. You need to do a better rehearsal the next time.

Anonymous said...

Part One

The entire constitutional process is a subterfuge to allow Bainimarama to consolidate his rule.  Let's not forget that this government came to power through extra-constitutional means and then forced the constitution's abrogation, so it clearly has no respect for the constitution or due process.  Bainimarama is himself the principal offender against the principles and values he espouses as 'non-negotiable'.  Like everything he touches, the cynical nature of this constitutional exercise will become increasingly evident as it plays out.

Back in April 2009, the announcement of a new constitution was mainly an excuse to play for time.  Now it will serve as cover to ratify the changes Bainimarama wants.  Some of those changes are fine, but, as Anthony points out, could have been achieved through amendments to the 1997 Constitution.  Now Bainimarama wants to play the role of Lycurgus the Law-Giver, while tailoring Fiji's laws to maximise his personal power.

Mara is right.  Bainimarama's speech has coded language to show that he intends to disqualify opposition candidates, mobilize the resources of the state to pack meetings with his supporters, and to shout down opposition voices.  The regime will refine the approach it took in trying to ram through the People's Charter, which, just as I warned, will now form the basis of much of the regime-promulgated constitution.  The 'consultation' regarding the Charter previews the kind of 'consultation' to be allowed for the new constitution.

I say 'regime-promulgated,' because I don't expect to see a genuine consultative or ratification process.  After all, we heard many of the same promises of honesty and inclusivity when Bainimarama reluctantly launched the Leader of Political Parties process in the supposed run-up to the President's Political Dialogue Forum.  He didn't honor any of those promises then, and he won't honor these promises now.  

The People's Charter codifies a political role for the RFMF and would give Fiji's clearly compromised courts the legal authority to dissolve any political parties found violative of the 'spirit of the Charter'.  The people of Fiji should not accept the Charter so long as it contains these two planks.

The questions Bainimarama poses reveal some of the changes he wants.  He'll seek to enshrine 'economic and social rights' in order to mandate a form of state socialism, aka fascism, that promises all things to all people. He'll reduce the number of parliamentarians, introduce new qualifications for MPs, and eviscerate their powers in order to make of them a rubberstamp legislature.  He'll take away whatever shred of nominal independence Fiji's courts might still have.  He'll insist on asset and liability statements for some but exempt others.

And I'm more convinced than ever that Bainimarama will have the new constitution give sweeping new powers to the presidency and then have the Cabinet name him president to replace Nailatikau.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Part Two

One of the worst things about this charade is that most of the international community will be willing to accept what it knows is a farce so long as ASK choreographs it carefully enough, and in the absence of an organized and vocal opposition.  Everyone will get the election they've clamored for; never mind that this constitutional process will have rendered the election outcome itself irrelevant.

I've called repeatedly for Fijians to use the good offices of C4.5, the support of election donors, and the services of an Internet voting company to elect by popular vote a shadow government to lead Fiji during its Bainimarama Captivity, through the Hibiscus Revolution, and into the transitional government beyond.  This elected government-in-cyberspace would need to be included in all constitutional negotiations, if it agrees to a new constitution at all.  (My own view is that the Abrogation was completely illegal.)  The regime should not be able to exclude our elected leaders without triggering a massive boycott of the process -- garnering international support for Fiji's loyal opposition and giving rise to strong questions regarding the legitimacy of this whole phoney 'constitutional' exercise.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama's speech:
Bula Vinaka and Good Morning.

Already, the Indians are ignored - Namaste and moce mada
March 9, 2012 9:57 PM

Anonymous said...

A constitution should be the will of the people but the terms of reference for this one as outlined in his address did not have any public output and waqs dictated to us by this dickhead dictator. Si it has been tailored to suit his political agenda and that of his cronies. Political leaders like Qarase and Chaudhary who have been invited to participate shud stay out as their participation would mean endorsement of the process. They shud remain steadfast in supporting the legitimate existence of the 1997 constitution as its legitimacy has been pronounced by two supreme court rulings in the Chandrika Prasad case and the 2009 ruling. The invitation to both of these leaders by this cunning dictator is all a joke because his plans are to have them participate but they will not see the elections as by that time they will have been locked away in Naboro for their pending court cases. Their participation is merely to draw international endorsement of the process. Wake up fellas..

Anonymous said...

I used to have a lot of respect for this lady Taufa Vakatale. But this is slowly beginning to erode. This is the same lady that was Deputy PM in the government that drew up the 1997 constitution and was very vocal in defending its endorsement when the final draft went before parliament. What has happened to her I do not know. Could money be the blinding factor here. I am sorry to say that you have quickly lost your dignity lady.

Anonymous said...

So this talk about Australia making a u-turn on Fiji following the appointment of Bob Carr is all wishy-washy bullshit. Mr Carr has clearly clarified that in his Wellington speech. It seems like this regime is so desperate in having Australia re-engage with us quickly to help them get the country out of its current economic predicament. Where's your big mouth talk against Australia Baini.

Anonymous said...

Was there any public consultation on the composition of the commission and the terms of reference as should be the case when you dealing with something that will encapsulate the will of the people? How did the names of Yash Ghai, Taufa and Nandan emerge? I doubt it so the dictator continues to dictate as usual to ensure the outcome best suits him.

Anonymous said...

1970 is the only legal constitution.

Looks like Felix and Mahen are running out of money and both do not qualify to make any comments on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Already from the start this seems like half-baked process as he has only managed to name three people as appointees to the commission i.e Yash Ghai, Taufa and Nandan. I believe in such a major and critical national exercise as this, one cannot do things on a piece-meal basis. He says two more will be announced later to complete the five-member commission. It projects a feeling of uncertainty. My foregone conclusion is this guy is having difficulty finding the right people to agree to be members of the commission as no reputable individual in his right frame of mind will want to be involved in such a circus-like excercise...that's the long and short of it. Long live 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

These three stooges have already seen the draft constitution already made by Khaiyum and Yash Ghai.

They are only a big show to be seen to be consulting.

Sucu Sa Lutu

Coup 4.5 said...

Dakuwaqa: it is a good call and we will do it.C4.5

Anonymous said...

Guess what would be the most important thing this d!@#%#$d will want jotted in this new constitution of his which must appear in the preamble of the document. Not the noble principles of equal suffrage, good governance and so on and so forth but immunity for him and his men for the murders and all the astrocities incurred upon the populace over the past six years. This is the most important priority for the guy. Just like what Rabuka had in the 1990 constitution. Mark my word. So this exercise will provide a noble way out for him so he can evade rotting away in Naboro. Equal suffrage and all these high talk is bullshit. I doubt he understands what suffrage means anyway.

March 10, 2012 10:31 AM

Anonymous said...

The 1997 Constitution is not the problem.
The problem are the soldiers. Everytime they don't like something they do a coup.
And so it will be with the new constitution. Just a waste of time. Get rid of the army.

Anonymous said...

Come off, folks. The members are the handmaiden of CCF - it was all a charade - that book launching by Yash Ghai on Constitution Making recently

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama's speech gives it away:

As stated in the book “Constitution-making and Reform”, published by Interpeace and authored by international experts, to have effective consultations, the public must be well informed of the issues that they need to think about, that they need to address, and that they need to express.

The book he is referring to was the one written by yash Ghian and others and launched by CCF - God Help Fiji - if this is how the Commission has been set up - what else are these people up to?

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand some people in here supporting the pig Voceke and his piglet Khaiyum. And to recruit an international expert on human rights is a slap in the face, considering the abuse on human rights in Fiji. If this guy has some conscience in him, he would have said no, but I guess all he sees is dollar signs and what other benefits Aiyarsehole has to offer. This must be construed as a reward for supervising his piece of shyte thesis.

Anonymous said...

Dear franc and sayess
What is it about being a desperate criminal that you don't understand.
Every noble and right point mentioned in your document is completely nullified by who you are and what you have done to your country, the citizens, and your fellow soldiers.
Nothing you can do will change that.
Even long after you are dead, you will still be a dead man guilty of treason, fraud, assault (beating up woman and children-you big brave man) murder, torture, theft on a grand scale of the tax payers money...a very long list of etc's.
In short, you are scum, evil, and not worthy of any consideration of forgiveness or leniency.
So, if you would rather be dead than in prison, why don't both of you make every one happy and bring an end to the sufferring of Fiji.
You can do this yourself ie in a moment of confusion and lucid sanity, walk into a police station and surrender.
Neal before Almighty God and beg forgiveness....then:-
You can do what Kiayums hero did and take a cianide capsule.
You can have a mutual suicide pact and shoot each other similtaneously.
Or, do it in co-operation with the many soldiers who have now come to hate you, and organise your own execution and line up for target practise.
Either way - in the words of a past blogger, "the children will piss on your grave"
There is no escape for you, it will come one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4.42am 10 March

You must be a fool to believe that the 1997 Constitution was √°brogated' by the senile Iloilo in 2009.

Iloilo had no powers under the sun to √°brogate'the constitution.

The constitution can only be √°brogated'by Parliament and no one else.

If you are capable of reading and understanding english, please refer to the High Court decision on the Chandrika Prasad case.

Tamani said...

These people who had been recently appointed for the Constitutional Commission will also be part of the Naboro clan if we the people take our goverment back? If so then I suggest for the three to be locked together in one cell.

Anonymous said...

Is that Grand Pa and Grand Ma Yash Ghais (pictured) come to determine our good future - have they?? Oh how nice!

Observer said...

FTUC and Roko Ului are doing what they think is best in the best available way possible, to inform on the reality of Fiji's situation in regards to the consultation.

JVB's IG may have no mandate but this is all we can do...TALK but for the named Commissioners to resign will depend on their conscience...and what is the point in reinventing the wheel; that will not last long in our future democracy.

In fact in most things being done today since 2007, there is nothing new, is resources wasting, providing jobs for the boys and girls (Taufa Vakatale BOLE for instance), is unproductive, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say that the people of Fiji have lost their credibility when they allowed the illegal regime to rule over them. We must stand for righteousness at all times as to do otherwise we are doomed as individual and as a nation.



thank u bai,now we all fijians forget the past and have a new start all fiji citizens have equal rights to the land,sea,civil service,employment,security force and so on. thanks for abolishing the mataqali system and no rental payable to individuals instead government solely responsible for the administration on land. thanks for dis-banning the great council of thieves. your effort for a new government under new electoral system is highly regarded but let me assure you final winners will be Laisenia Qarase,Mahendra Pal Chaudhry and Roko Lui Mara. mark my word
March 10, 2012 2:18 PM

Anonymous said...

Ok guys,so I said Tomato and someone else said Tomatoe and here we are going no where? May be if we just wait him out,he'll run out of ideas,money and time? May be if we wait him out, he'd have a heart attack or stroke and keel over-dead? May be if we just hang in there, a wee bit longer, he just might die of old age? I just feel that we need to do something constructive, like engaging Bai and
see where he intend to take us? He has engaged a good man in professor Ghai to help out with a new constitution-so lets give the man the benefit of the doubt!We can always back out, if the proposal does not sit well with the majority?

Anonymous said...

No amount of complains here will deter things happening in Fiji..Its been better then any previous government since RT Mara if you ask me..Never seen a fitter PM..

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon. Maybe we just defend the Constitution as it is.

If you want to be party to Treason, that is your democratic right.

Anonymous said...

Engage Bainimarama? Give Bainimarama the benefit of the doubt?

Strong countries (e.g., US, China) engage Bainimarama in order to have influence. Weak countries (Kiribati, Tuvalu) give Bainimarama the benefit of the doubt because they have no choice anyway. But for Fijians to continue to give this man 'the benefit of the doubt' is pure idiocy.

If someone breaks into your house, threatens you with a cane knife, rapes your spouse, beats your children with a pinch bar, ransacks your house, etc., do you continue to give him the benefit of the doubt?

Bainimarama and his thugs have stolen your government, your country, your rights, your nation's reputation, your dignity, and your future. He is clearly a traitor, a liar, a thief, a bully, a torturer, and a murderer. He's already manoeuvering to set himself up as president for life, but you still want to just trust this guy?

Fiji has been engaging with Bainimarama's BS for 12 years. It's time he engaged with Naboro.

And it's high time you wised up and finally stood up for Fiji.

the three musketeers said...

The new constitution is already written,via the Military council trying to follow,the Turkish constitution,in which the military can takeover anytime.Those 'Gang of three' are just a deception.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey and rabuka should have been on the constitution review committee

Anonymous said...

s /Dakuwaqa

State socialism = fascism

If this was true and to a large extent I would agree , if there are no checks and balances put in place to control the powers that be.

What is true is that we have had state socialism for the past 40 years. Sugar Industry, Air Pac, Copra Industry, Pine Industry, Mahogany, Native land, Pafco, FEA, (Gold - until recently) national Bank ( until recently) and the list goes on, including state sanctioned apartheid.

Those that control the levers of power are and have been the beuruecrats.(civil servants) who have proven to be fascists.

So yes we have had fascisim through out our independent history according to your simple formula.

More than half the population of the world has been and continues to be governed by degrees of what can be termed socialist - from complete democratic freedom all the way to dictatorship.

For the purists, the US bank bail out turned that into a socialist state.
Amricans view Europe a socialist basket case.

Extremism shoulders out pragmitism, which is what is required if we are ever to extract ourselves from our dilema without further bloodshed.

There are many ways to skin a cat.

If somebody paints themselves into a corner one needs to allow an exit stragety for them.


Taukei. said...

As if it wasn't low enough already.

With the addition of another 3 opportunist carpetbaggers the collective intelligence of Viti's ruling elite has just been halved.

Anonymous said...

Can some enlighten me ,Where is Ghai from?

Dream on Junta! said...

Of course, the 1997 Constitution still lives!

Anonymous said...

Annon@2:57am....Professor Ghai is a citizen of Kenya-Africa. An oxford law graduate of the middle temple. Has drawn many,many constitutions of countries throughout the globe.His services
in drawing constitutions is in high
demands especially from the United Nations.One can only guess that the UN may be the organization that
asked for his service to come to Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is so disillusioned, that he thinks Khaiyum is his bitch...infact which we all know that its the very opposite of what it is.

Anonymous said...

anon@4:02am...RUM your footprints continue to lay clear marking on the sand!I can understand your beef with Bai as he was the man responsible, for your current displacement in a foreign land.The battle must be fought here in Fiji?And must be won here-in Fiji- as well? You can't do it from your foreign resting place!Most of stories and pictures you're giving us in which you want us to belived was Bai's doing? Can't really be proven? Most of the victims of the crimes have figured you and Driti as the culprits.We're hoping to bring you back to testify once we get FIJI back to normality? For now
we must engage Bai in order to return us to democratic election in 2014.

eliki said...

lets be thankful for the initiative in getting a constitution........since 1990 with the colonial constitution in place wherein...... amendments after amendments have followed.... it proves that fijians have survived civilisation through modernised thinking therefore creating upliftsto question the english law placed. since then and the coups, we've had it all..... 2014 allows an opportunity of realism and political controversial control by which i judge no men but i prefer it be god that rules...... i am however glad that even though the political stance has ben militry run...... nothin like overseas military take over....... lets just be humble citizens and yet remain critics of the law.... it shows that we human but yet alive...... so....
i prefer it being any comment made..... try reading a law book and find out how real a system is banned and how far the law can be but never will be just!