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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Global protest against Fiji dictatorship launched

The democracy movement in Australia has organised a protest day to encourage people to show the world they are opposed to the self-appointed government of Frank Bainimarama.

FDFM are urging people to wear black on April 10 and to record the event by taking a photo or video and posting it on the internet.

The FDFM chairperson, Suliasi Daunituti, says Black Tuesday is aimed at bringing together a global protest against the dictatorship rule of Bainimarama.

"Wherever in the world you are, if you are not happy with this regime and how it has abused the rights of Fijians, then stand up and be counted on this day. 

"Please take photos or videos of your location and the people who have supported you in protesting against this illegal regime, then post it on any pro-democacy website with your personal messages to Bainimarama and Khaiyum."

Coupfourpointfive will post blogger's Black Tuesday messages, photos and videos on our blog and Facebook.


Anonymous said...

What a joke. Bet just ten or so will do such. Just like the Roko Ului meetings.

Anonymous said...

Vakacava mo dou laki cakava mada i Viti...dou kua ni kodro tiko mai keri vaka na koli ni kai idia.

Na kena sasa ni ka dou cakava tiko e keimami vakila tiko na lewe ni vanua e Viti....tubu na i sau ni bula ena vei siga kei na veivakatotogani ni neimami tikotiko vakavanua, vakalotu.

Dou tuvana mada edua na macawa ni lolo kei na masumasu...dou na qai raica kina na nona kaukauwa na Kalou levu eda qaravi tiko. Dou bau dau lotu tu se sega? Ke sega dou guilecava!! E vakatulewa tiko na Kalou e na veika sa yaco tiko e Viti, ena nodra duka na veiliutaki - vaka matanitu, vaka lotu. Sa da kila vinaka sara tu ga na ka me da cakava - e levu tikoga na vakilakila.

Kalougata o Viti.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree what a joke, Can you come up with a better solution, What will this wearing black do, "this is us and that's them" and after that. Just another hype, like Rokoului

flash in a pan said...

I agree that this is a totally pathetic. I assume the global protest would have more traction if it were a Occupy Wall Street type of protest geared at the real icons of malfeasance and crony capitalism; the bankers and politicians who have been bought out.

Anonymous said...

Lako tiko...dua ga naka me caka tiko. Vinaka cake mai na vosa wale tikoga. But dont stoop as low as they did. We are a race that worship "WRONG SENSE OF HUMILITY". Most of us still believe that someone from the grave yard would come and change the direction of our ship when we have all it takes to do it ourselves. Someone would come up with some ideas almost half of the group can't wait to see the idea or ideas fail without even trying. Like that saying;'If you think you can't...you wont'. Ni lako ni lai veitokoni yani...ni rawa ga e dua naka...the very people who critizising you will jump ship. GOOD LUCK AND POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

to first comment, the rokolui meetings had over 300 people in both the sydney and Auckland gatherings. Sounds like you're one of Bainimaganas bakewas!

The Oracle said...

I wonder whether the Democracy Movement might be better off channelling its funding towards a REWARD to any Fiji soldier(s) who overthrows Bainimarama.
"Cut off its head and the snake (regime) will no longer be a threat."

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9.59am...

Even if its 2 or 3 take part, the message is loud and clear, Enough is Enough. Let all the supporters of this illegal regime be reminded that the Dictator Vores day of reckoning is coming soon!

Dont forget people that 10 April is the annivesary date for the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution. You can also wear black ribbon or black arm band, anything BLACK for the day, will be acceptable.

Thanks C4.5 for publishing the FLYER.

Anonymous said...

toso tiko ga suli, roko ului and comp,,,,,,,,,,,
we the majority in Fiji against the regimes so keep on doing yo good work,,,,time is near for the cassava patch dash!

Vit vou said...

The new Fiji will move on, and you whining idiots will be left behind..Halleluiah..

Anonymous said...

Some people live in dreamland. Get real. Nothing will happen, so just move on, please.

Anonymous said...

While I certainly share the sentiment behind this gesture, I think it hints at, but broadly misses, the kind of action that really needs to take place. 

First, many people cannot or will not participate in this event, for various reasons, even though they're sympathetic to the Cause. Secondly, apart from something extraordinary and calculated to precipitate trade or tourism embargoes or military invention -- all of which are pretty unthinkable  -- international protests will have no appreciable salutary effect on the situation on the ground in Fiji. In fact, their failure will be touted by the regime as an inverse indication of its popular support.

What are needed are mass actions on the ground in Fiji. These actions should be of a sort designed for easy and virtually risk-free participation. Their purpose would be to demonstrate to the people of Fiji the strength of the loyal opposition, without putting its members at any significant risk. 

This can be done. We just need to be a little more creative and organized. In fact, I have a concrete plan for such a demonstration, but I cannot share it in this forum without compromising its effectiveness.

Let's first nominate and elect Fiji's transitional leadership using C4.5's good offices and the services of an Internet voting company. Our elected leadership can then weigh all of the tactical considerations and endorse the proposals it finds most promising. 

We need to challenge the regime in Fiji. Acting in a coordinated, rather than haphazard, ad hoc way, will improve our chances for success.

s/ Dakuwaqa

God Sent said...

The idea looks good but it will nice if the movement clears debts to individuals.
thumbs up

Caqepepa said...

"Na dena sara" in one of the comments in the articles b4 this cracked me up...LOL..let me add one.."na dena ka tabu ni boi" lol..sa dri yani...

Toso Vitia said...

Good one FDFM Australia. A protest like the Black Tuesday protest will harm no one and it will show the illegal regime and the International communities that these guy Bainimarama has no support. These are the kind of peaceful protests that we want. I for one has been requesting for action as there has been too much talk and this is good timing too after Ghai has called on the Fijians to test Bainimarama. Good one indeed and we need more of these kind of peaceful protests.

Anonymous said...

Suli, and other freedom fighters, the world over. Thanks for keeping up the fight. the only people who will go or write against you move are those who are benefiting from this illegal government. You will know them by their words in what they write. NO right thinking person will support Vore, only those who have something to gain from it, THE SUCKERS.
They dont have any culture, no chief, no vanua, just a sucker on the end, living on other peoples gain.

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! me da lotu ga vakalevu ka vakaidina. justice will be served in a perfect time. or are we facing justice already?

Raivalati said...

Good idea is to build up a fund to reward anybody or any group, including any soldier who eradicates Bainimarama by any means. As lomg as he is eliminated.

Am prepared tp donate F$1,000

Anonymous said...

it would only make sense if you "wear black" and protest in front of the Fiji Embassy if you're overseas. this will generate at least a bit of press coverage. Encourage supporters to use BLACK as their profile picture on their Facebook or any other social site for a day( this could be a starting of a revolution) . if your going to plan something like this this then at least do it properly not half arsed!!
to the rest of the people that continuously bring god to the equation , please realize in that thick head of yours that god does not take sides!! that is a human trait! Leave god out of this , men have created this problem and men will learn to fix this problem. Once we've passed this world then we answer to our gods for our actions.
Long live the I-Taukei way of Life!!

I'm tired.... said...

God our Heavenly Father must have big plans for us. The longer we endure these trying times the more I believe that something bigger and better is going to happen to our beloved country. God does not allow suffering to go on and on..


I'm tired.... said...

Just want to say that even though they'll only be 1 or 10 protesters just remember that 1 = 100,000 back in Fiji.

mark manning said...

The responses here already show that the concept of wearing black on April the 10th. is working.
Look at the panic coming from the Regime supporters already.

Anonymous said...

@Dakuwaqa--This protest basially answers everything you are suggesting - 1: this is the type of action needed at this time
2:many people will participate in this event, if we rally them and tell them how important it is to stand up now and be Counted 3: The protest is not only global but also calls for partiipation by people in Fiji. It has a chance to make or break so show support now than the following organised protests will keep Bainimarama sweating 4:This protest basically calls for mass actions on the ground in Fiji. It is virtually risk-free participation. "Their purpose would be to demonstrate to the people of Fiji the strength of the loyal opposition, without putting its members at any significant risk."

Your plan can be put forward as the another course of action but right now we need to support FDFM Australia and do something instead of talk talk and talk

Black Rules said...

Black Tuesday power and Power to Black!

Anonymous said...

Where are the chiefs manna?

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning---just what I was thinking. They quiCkly pressed the paniC button. Comeon people;Lets mobilise and organise. Wear black on April 10th..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.08am'

Sa nomui tavi mo masumasu lolo vaki keimami ena siga tusite 10 ni Everli. Qori sa dua na job levu!

Keimami na tucake ka cakacaka na kena vo.

Anonymous said...

to s/dakuwaqa.

a governement in exile will still have family membvers back in fiji, so i doubt there will be uptake on this becasue of fear...everybody is related or very close friends of civil servants or army police etc.

Fiji is to small of a place where everybody knows everybody.

better if democracy movement in new zealand and australia set out a time line that mirrors the regime timeline with sanctions that will come in to place if the regime reneges on its promises.

Democracy movements need to get together, thinkout the strategy and lobby with all its might the Australian, New Zealand and myabe USA ( except US normaly supports dictators and right wing regimes as a matter of coures)governments to follow such a path.

We the people need a resolution to this 8 year impasse, it is critical that the regime that any backing away or out shall be responded to with full economic sanctions.

All shipping and airservices shut down and military option (bikatawa) last resort.

No more chicken shit stuff.

Make it clear that this is last chance for Aus and NZ to actually act and be rewarded at a future date.
If the Oz and Kiwi gov do not use the big stick then they will condem us to many more years of dictatorship and all future represntations by them will be utter hypocracy.
Gutless without conviction. A

We will suffer, but we will know it is by our own hands, for this is our problem but we need a catalyist, help, just as France, Italy and Gemenay did, to rid them of Dictators and occupation.

You do not accept appeasment with Sadam and went to war, why the double standard with Frank.


The Oracle said...

All... See Sharon Smith's latest outburst (on fijivillage.com about past practice not being perfect). Her remarks make her look more of a fool than she already is, especially when she knows how her good friend the fly by night "Youtube" Supervisor of Elections conducted her business.

The UN Monitors who complained did so to point out the shortcomings in the Elections Office. NOWHERE, did they say or recommend that the staff of the Elections office (Apart from the Supervisor of Elections) should be appointed by a government Minister.

Sharon must think that Fiji is left with no-brainer people and hence her condescending explanation trying to justify the necessary changes in the Office of the Supervisor of elections.

NO ARGUMENT - changes are definitely needed but with government interference and monitoring?

What the heck is the Canadian company coming in to do - are they just supplying the machines and software for electronic voter registration or are they actually inviolved in EVR?

If they are involved in the actual registration of voters, why should Sayed Khaiyum be hand-picking their local employees for them?

If Sharon Smith cannot understand the meaning of independence and transparency then she should maybe take on a better tan, skip the red lipstick and blacken her red hair so that she is not blinded by her own "self importance and effervesence".

Sharon: You can mystify your background girl, but you obviously can't mask your stupidity. Use your Australian passport and catch the next flight home -- you've had too much of Fiji's Sun and are now showing signs of fatigue and wear and tear. Even the army is recommending they get rid of women PS's .. so that flight home must surely look a real possibility.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:46pm

How can you ascertain that it is "risk-free participation" event?. It is only "risk free" for you guys screaming from abroad.
For us in Fiji, we need to practise "risk aversion" in view of the "uncertain payoff"

Anonymous said...

Yes we must support FDFM. We must harness all our efforts and resources to fight this illegal regime.

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday October 29th, 1929, Wall Street witnessed a 13% decline in the Dow Jones, an episode that became known in financial mythology as “Black Tuesday.” It is generally recognized that Black Tuesday was the beginning of the Great Depression. It happended because the market forces just failed to produce sustainably at the optimal. Hence, for Fiji,the same market forces and associated economic indicators will signal the begininng of the demise, and collapse of the economy. This is the stage at which the Banana Republic of Fiji begins...and maybe people will realise...but sa bera re!!

Anonymous said...

Daunitutu needs to concentraye on his paint vocation been thrust into the presidency of the democracy movement shows up his lack of ability to plan things. Painting is much easier its either up or down or sideways! This one requires a firing of milions of neurones all at once! Let those who have written your past speech Daunitutu do the talking!

Anonymous said...

At last someone is stepping forward to organise the people of Fiji to stand up to this daily bullying. I support you FDFM Everything will be Black come April the 10th. I will wear black on the day, my whole family members will also wear black, my Facebook profile will turn black, my cars will fly black Fiji flags, etc. etc. Lets all stand together on this day and give a message to Bainimarama that he is not wanted. Thank you FDFM

Anonymous said...

Sharon is nearing her use-by date, yet the stupid cow doesn't even know. The pig Voceke has already said, no female PS, and colonels will be heading the ministries.

Sorry Sharon, they used you, both in government buildings and in private.

It only takes one rusty bullet fired from a rusty gun to take down the pig Voceke. The army boys are all cowards, they think they're tough, but take the guns away, they will run through the cassava patch, just like their boar Voceke.

Guerilla warfare comes to mind. Mobilize groups that will cause havoc, and that will make them cowards jump and run for cover.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy, the never-ending circus.

I'll bet that Bai will decree that everyone must wear 'BULA' to work on Tuesday with a big hibiscus flower on top of their heads. haha...

Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka won't be at work on Tuesday, because he will have a hangover from drinking Monday night. Another reason, he got so drunk he shit his pants, which is normal for Bai. Besides, he's not running Fiji, Aiyarse is.

Anonymous said...

Who is going wear black and post pictures. I am sure FB and his boys will make note of them wait for their return to Fiji or even worse attack the relatives in Fiji. I think we need to put pressure on othe countries to force change in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

To the FDFM: We the kai Viti dina in Fiji HAD faith in your movement. We truly believed that you would physically rescue us from what happened in Dec 2006.
But alas, all that was in vain. It is now SIX solid years and we are still suffering. All the big talk and rallies that you people organized has come to sweet bugger all!!
So please just leave us alone and stop all this grandstanding!!
Sa rauta, sa rauta, kemami sa qai kila 'qo ni kemami a vakanuinui ena bilo vakacicilo!!
Come here and lead the marches and protests if you are really all honest and concerned. Otherwise, do not fan the flames, because it is people like us who will taken and tortured if not killed!!

Tamani said...

Sa dua na ka na viavia vosavosa vaka lotu sa tu qo vei keda na kai viti.Ni yavu tamata lamulamu,levu ga na vosa teri ni dua na ka ni rawata.Ni yalomalumu ga ni tokoni Bainimarama ke ni sega ni saqati koya rawa.Ni galu na via saqati koya tiko baleta na vosa e sega ni yaga ke sega ni cakacaka taki.O Bainimarama sa na sega ni rawa ni vaka mate tamata qo baleta ni sa tu oti nai tukutuku ni nodar labati ira na leqa ena nona coup.Mai da mai qai da valuta na mataivalu ni soli sona qo

Anonymous said...

To Suli Daunitutu, Pita Waqatairewa and all of you in the FDFM , just back off and leave us alone!!\Levu ga na vosa, sega NA ACTION!!
For SIX years you people have given us false hopes. We are just honestly fed up. Trade Unionists like Dan Urai have court cases pending what have you people and the trade union there done? Sweet bugger all!!
Just let us be - dou yalo vinaka!!

Anonymous said...

Black Tuesday - 10th April, we protest in black ,we fast every Tuesdays. This fight is taking us to another level.

Dont give up!! Keep fighting for our country of birth.

Mobilise all Fiji supporters overseas to protest at Fiji Embassies especially. Who cares if they see us all?
For those that says stop barking like a dog, we have every right to bark because we send $$ to Fiji.

Be brave and walk the talk...Let's represent our family, our koro, our Vanua who are suffering silently!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of you stop and think that Bainimarama might have lot of suport from grassroot people majority of them i-taikei.
Unlike fdfm which only gets handful people in its meeting even in Australia.

Anonymous said...

fijians overseas should form viti army and go and throw this ag/bai and cronies out.
look at the history of great subash chand boss .
who formed indian army overseas and got rid of british from india.
fijian armies are heaps in uk,auss,nz .
time for fijian overseas armies to give back some pride for the vanua/lotu,chiefs.
look at old man ligairi he was sas.
wake up wake up.
sas is coming to take you out soon bai/ag taliban.
can some chiefs ask usa/british,nz,auss govt to assist like they did in libya/iraq/others.
united we stand .
god bless.

Anonymous said...

how come naitasiri people accepted bai in kalabu.
the chiefs/people was hit by the military juntas in 2000..
i cant under stand how these guys invite this idiot to open the meeting.
liumuri bai should be a shame.

Just Me said...

I just want to congratulate those of us fighting for freedom for speaking up and standing up. We got quiet here for a while because of disappointments and it was disheartening to see government soldiers and governement supporters trying to trash pro-democracy and no on standing up. Encouragement to Suli and the movement. And can the rest of us think of a way tht we can particiapte without fearing soldiers at the door?

Anonymous said...

TOSO MAI TOSO MAI !!!! Black Tuesday ga ni kua,

All are welcome to take part in this demonstration. No decree to police this event. Do it for your childrens future as a statement of FAITH !!!.


Anonymous said...

10million for Naitasiri...cava qoi,voli rawa na tiki ni vei digidigi..kua mada na vesumona tiko voceke,sa sivia na nomu lasu,kerekere sa suka madaga ki na keba kei ira na nomu sotia matakau..(TOY SOLDIERS) ni vakarau takaga na kena me laki dou valataka nomudou kisi ni TREASON,kei na nomudou sa na laki vaka tawani NUKULAU tale,na vanua ga dou a sogota...keimami sa oca saraga..era na vaka loloma na neimami kawa mai muri e nai vukuvuki dou sa cakava tiko.....keimudou sega ni leqa taka e dua na ka,baleta ni dou na lako kece ki VANUATU na vanua dou sa buli kina....

Kai Waisiliva said...

Kua mada na mai vosa vaka lialia tiko ka ni na levu ga kina na nomu i valavala ca...ko na la'ki tarogi kina mai LOMALAGI e na gauna ni veilewai.

E boica mai na gusumuni ka titi tu vakaca na nomu weli e na vosa rogorogoca ko kaburaka tiko mai.

Laiva mada ga vua na KALOU LEVU KO JIOVA NA ALIFA KEI NA OMEKA me nona na ka kece...cakava ga na nomu i tavi vua.

Observer said...


Very soon I will expose you...stop inciting to plot assasination strategies against those in authority now...

Watching U said...


I think I know you...why plot assasination?

Tovuto said...

E boica mai na gusumuni ka titi tu vakaca na nomu weli..Ouch..

Anonymous said...

Good to see some action taken. The strategy now taken by FDFM must be well thought of and the timing is just spot on. To those of you who have said that you've given up hope hang on in there. The Polie and Military have no jurisdition over the clothes you wear. Good move FDFM.

Anonymous said...

Good discussion and points raised.

I sincerely hope I'm proven wrong and the protest works, because its failure could demoralize our movement.

Every such action has implications for the movement. It's high time we formally and fairly organize that movement instead of leaving its direction up to random actors and bloggers, yours truly included.

I agree that international protests should target Fijian missions abroad. This is for symbolic effect. Threaten no one. I suggest appropriating the national flag as our symbol, just as the Egyptian protesters did theirs, to counter regime accusations of opposition 'disloyalty'.

I suggest that we NOT call for a rally in Suva. Participants should be dispersed. Leave the regime and its supporters guessing whether people dressed in black are in the opposition or not. If questioned by police or soldiers, claim you're in mourning for Tonga's King George Tupou V.

I suggest the protest be followed the next day by a general, one-day consumer boycott. We don't want the boycott and the protest on the same day, because we want to encourage the visibility of people in black. By calling for the boycott the following day, we actually encourage oppositionists to shop and be visible on April 10. Our absence from the shops on April 11 would then be all the more dramatic.

To Anonymous 3:06, please let me clarify. I do not propose a government in exile. I propose a transitional shadow government in cyberspace. I would expect most of those we elect to be resident in Fiji. 

Perhaps you're right that many will not take up the call to leadership. My idea is that for their names to be stricken from nomination would require a positive act of renunciation on their part. We'd construe acquiescence as tacit acceptance, so they need commit no outward act that the regime could argue is sedition. 

Most of the candidates I will endorse for high office have already shown they are people of integrity who are not easily cowed.

The democracy movements in Australia and New Zealand should focus on the labor movement, calling for embargoes and trade sanctions. These calls are unlikely to succeed, but they will make the right people nervous.

I disagree that the U.S. 'normally' supports dictators. I'd argue that America is the world's bulwark of democracy, is still in many ways a revolutionary power, and is in general strongly opposed to dictatorships. On the other hand, it has, does, and will continue to support some dictators out of what it considers geostrategic necessity for its own long-term protection, which it defines very broadly and sees as essential to the defence of liberty's future in the world. In Fiji, it supports a return to the democratic path, and yet it will work with any government in power -- under certain defined and universal legal and other restrictions in the case of a nondemocratic government. Exceptions to these restrictions require a presidential waiver, for which Bainimarama's regime will never qualify.

Better to pressure Canberra and Wellington rather than Washington. They're more sensitive to Fiji's democracy movement, and it's their tourists, carpetbaggers and remittances that are most propping up this economy and regime. No outside power will intervene militarily until blood is already running in the streets. Let's first try every other recourse.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Roosters said...

@ Kai Waisiliva

Right on the 2 cents Mate, ca ga, o qai kaburaka tale mai o iko na blessings vinaka(ca)!!

Anonymous said...

10 million is more than any other Government in the past has given to Naitasiri before an election! But of course the Chiefs & people of Naitasiri could kindly refuse as per Fijian protocol? So Frank is doing what use to be done in the past but the difference is if you care to travel up to the villgers in Naitasiri there are now bridges and new roads-now that has changed peoples minds about what Frank is about be! It maybe he is ripping people off do you think they care? Maybe they do and maybe they dont't-question is howdifferent is this form the Govts of the past that came only election time to give the people all the "bull" about Indo Fijians stealing the land, owning all the business but no metion of the failed iTaukei business ventures!Mr Manning reckons the coup supporters are out in numbers against wearing the black arm bands-Mark I was in the Suva markets preventing Indo-Fijians getting punched up and females having their clothers and money ripped from them when the first coup took place! Where we you? There was only me and Sunia Cama that stood between the innocent-so stop making out you know about our pains and sufferings! You just a "Johnnny come lately " who has has fought for alost cause in teh Aborigenes now you seem to think you may win this one? We don;t need another White saviour-they are the cause of Fijis problems in the first place!

Anonymous said...


Levu ga na vakamacala kei vesu mona veiliutaki suguraki yaku surasura : Na lasu, butako kei na labati ni tamata me vakatusai mai Bainimarama !!!

Ke mani soli sara e 20 na milioni, You wont be free until you humble yourself and own up to your sin.

People are suffering, Fiji is crying all because of one person who doesn't want to admit his wrongdoing and now sorrounded by vultures.

Toso mai Viti, Black Tuesday meda tucake yani!!!!

Keep The Faith said...

Well I hope the people of Naitasiri read between lines and realize that the promised $10million is coming from next year's budget ie they simply can not cough it up now. So hopefully this is not an empty promise.

Just ask our tax collectors, every week and month they're being pushed from pillar to post trying to meet revenue projections.

Anonymous said...

Fiji workers residing overseas you can get your workmates to support our plight.

Get them to join us and wear black on Tuesday 10 April 2012.

We need support across the oceans from people that love and believe in Demmocracy & Freedom.

Power to the People....

Alipate Vuta said...

Looks good in theory Suli but practically impractical on the the ground here in Fiji, maybe in Canberra, because you don't have to worry about the Fijian Republican Guards knocking on your door or the Fijian Secret Service carting you away for questioning, but here in Fiji there's nothing happening. Tourists are flocking to Fiji's shores, prices of basic food items are dropping and people have access to water and electricity, what more would we want. It doesn't matter if we have a democratic country or not, as long as our current leaders know what they want for us here in Fiji, we are content with it. This government has done so much for this country in the past five years than the governments' of Mara, Rabuka, Chaudhary or Qarase put together.
Now, I'm a strong SDL supporter and always will be, but I see hope in the current leadership, I think they have done very well in uniting the country and ensuring fairness for all people in Fiji regardless of race, creed or color.
We're looking to the future Suli, please don't bring up ideas which only brings about chaos.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea FDFM-for me
I will definately wear black in Suva on this date and i'll be keeping my black shirt and pant on all day long-the least i could do!
You people in New Zealand, Australia, England and the United States of America, you can all march to the Fijian Ambassy Print-out the FDFM factsheet and hand it over to the Fijian Ambassador? I will do my part and will march up to the PM office and hand Bai this
factsheet? RUM i wish you were here so i can accompanied you to the illegal PM!

Anonymous said...

Wear black? Is it mourning for the ineffectiveness of the FDM? Probably Roko Ului trying to get more professional mourners on his side so that his reasons for jumping ship is consolidated. Cmon Rokolui,are u feeling the effects of ''Out of sight,Out of Mind'', Remember what goes around comes around! Thumbs up for Democracy people,not hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

Wear black? Is it mourning for the ineffectiveness of the FDM? Probably Roko Ului trying to get more professional mourners on his side so that his reasons for jumping ship is consolidated. Cmon Rokolui,are u feeling the effects of ''Out of sight,Out of Mind'', Remember what goes around comes around! Thumbs up for Democracy people,not hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

go fiji go

veveka ca said...

Let those want to be smart ass Fijian decide whats best for them.If they want whats happening, let it be if not let them fight for their freedom.I believe they would like to be ruled by a dictator so good luck to them.If they can't fight this group of so called less than 5000 army bullies then they have a big problem on their hand.They probably want to just suffer in silence as the usual fijian way.
God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Alipate Vuta, you need to lift your head out of the grog bowl, mate. If you haven't been dragged off to gaol, it's because you're already living in a gulag archipelago.

When we can't elect our leaders, we can't decide our fate. When we can't speak or meet freely, because of goons with guns, then what kind of 'land of freedom, hope and glory' is this?

As long as 'our current leaders' know what they want for us, we're to be content? We're men, not cattle! They're not our leaders; they're our kidnappers.

'Honour and defend the cause of freedom ever', the national anthem says, not 'don't worry, be happy'.

Anonymous said...

Eveli will hug bro in law Ului in Tonga...black arm band approach is effective only if all law abiding citizens LIVING in Fiji do actually wear it next Tuesday otherwise it will be just a waste of time and energy....

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