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Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Guiding Constitution' already drafted by Khaiyum's inner circle

Nazhat Shameem
The constitutional expert, Yash Ghai, is looking more and more like a pawn in Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum's plan to save themselves from prosecution.

Shaista Shameem
Anthony Gates
Ghai will have to answer for himself for succumbing to the wily pleas of the corrupt duo to lead the drafting of their new Constitution.

But the real threat to any integrity to what is already an illegal act, continues to be those who lurk and hover behind the shadows and follow the bidding of Khaiyum.

They are of course Khaiyum's inner circle - sisters Nazhat and Shaista Shameem and Chief Justice Anthony Gates - the Tight Three who have aided and abetted the decimation of the rule of law in Fiji.

Coupfourpointfive has it on excellent authority the trio has already drafted a guiding Constitution and held a secret meeting on New Years Day at the Macau Hotel in Nadi to discuss the following:

1) The composition and the sanctioning of the Constitution
2) The start of the consultation process in May
3) The start of the Civic Education or NICE Programme (National Initiative for Civic Education programmes)
4) The composition of the Constituent Assembly and the approval of the President
5) The lifting of the PER and the introduction of the Public Order Act (Amendment) decree.

The draft Constitution has been drawn up by Nazhat Shameem's Consultancy.
That being the case the work of Ghai and the Commission is destined to be a facade and a public exercise to appease the international community and secure support.

Coupfourpointfive has it on excellent authority that as suspected, Yash Ghai was chosen by Bainimarama and Khaiyum to head their illegal consultation process because of his profile.

Our information shows that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are consolidating a Constitution and Elections that will ensure their immunity from prosecutions, and that they worked hard to secure the services of Ghai.

Reaction was apparently mixed about Ghai but his work in particular in war torn Iraq (the review of the National Assembly and the drafting of the new Constitution) won the day.

It's said Khaiyum was only ever impressed with his tutor's work on autonomy and ethnicity and that what he is really cashing in on is Ghai's networks and influence with the international community. 

The aim, of course, is to legitimise the 2006 coup, the presidential mandate of the Peoples Charter and the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution. 


Anonymous said...

Please can the Police arrest them.They are creating trouble.

Moro said...

I've said it so many times and I'll say it again. This whole idea of putting together a new constitution is to facilitate immunity for Bainimarama and his goons. All these talk about building a new Fiji is all bullshit. He is merely trying to evade rotting in Naboro.

Anonymous said...

As expected.....
the key here is that SDL, Methodists and Chiefs must be ready with Plan B ie no Kai Viti must take part in elections if the already drafted constitution is imposed.

The Oracle said...

Surprise! Surprise! Didn't we say this some months back?
Yash Ghai is being brought in to rubber stamp what's already been decided on.
Make no mistake about it... Bainimarama's on his way to be the next President and there will be immunity for all -- the Constitution will ensure this. That his only way out -- the Presidency and Immunity.
Again, the inner circle shows only fleeting glimpses of the work they are doing behind the scenes!!!! Nazhat has combined her "legal brilliance??" with Khaiyum's "conniving brilliance" to crap in our faces and ensure their own freedom from complicity in Treason.

God Sent said...

C4.5 you are great.many thanks to the hard work by your team. the authors of the new constitution has finally surfaced. b!@#$%u sisters with g!@#u husband and gay white arse are behind the review.what a shame to Ghai and Saten. these two highly qualified idiots will be used as seal to the new constitution.

March 22, 2012 4:09 PM

Anonymous said...

shameem has to be taken to task. the conniving bitch. who does she think she is? calling herself madam. she is a sacked judge so should not use any such title. she should aslo tell bloggers and the public as to why she wrote the mac patel sentence for goundar and the sentence for sahu kahn.she should also tell readers how much she has made from her consultancies. and finally she should tell us how she got the consultancies.

Taukei. said...

What is wrong with this picture?

A bunch of money faced Pakistani's aided by an Indian who looks like an extra left over from Slumdogs + a suspected expat paedophile judge have drafted a constitution
for Viti's majority indigenous Taukei population...Dream on...

Anonymous said...

Gahi's is not going to get a miniture country like Fiji to ruin his reputation. I would doubt very much he will accept a prepared Constitution completed by those that have a very limited knowledge of Constitution review or the tas of writing one up! We need anew Constirution even Apisai Tora said that several times-that there was not sufficient time for the last Constitution be be discussed amongst the population beofore it was passed!

Anonymous said...

Both ladies have Taliban chareteristics through and through re! They are also master technicians in public sector camouflaging. Camouflage is common among invertebrates. It is also common in a variety of other animals (it is be used by prey to help hide from predators and it is used by predators to help them conceal themselves as they stalk their prey). Bloddy invertebrates!!

Anonymous said...

Syrian state prosecutor, judge assassinated in Idlib

19/02/2012 3:01:53 PM

The Associated Press
Gunmen in Syria staged a guerrilla-style ambush that killed a senior state prosecutor and a judge Sunday in an attack that suggested armed factions are growing bolder and more co-ordinated in their uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime.

The roadway slayings -- reported in an opposition-dominated northern region by the Syrian state news agency -- came a day after a deadly hit-and-run attack on a political figure in the heart of the pro-Assad city of Aleppo.

The targeted killings have not reached Assad's inner circle, but they indicate a growing shift toward violent tactics by the opposition as it seeks to tighten control over the small pieces of territory in its hands.

The latest assassinations came on a road in the northwest province of Idlib, which has become a patchwork of areas held either by the government or mutinous soldiers who have safe-haven bases in nearby Turkey.

The state news agency SANA said gunmen opened fire on a car carrying Idlib provincial state prosecutor Nidal Ghazal and Judge Mohammed Ziadeh, who were killed instantly. The driver also was fatally wounded.

Idlib has witnessed intense clashes between troops loyal to Assad and rebel militia who attack and then melt into the rugged mountains. In June, the town of Jisr al-Shugour became the first area to fall into the hands of rebels, who were accused by the government of killing scores of people and setting government buildings on fire. Syrian troops loyal to Assad retook the area shortly afterward.

On Saturday, SANA said gunmen shot to death Jamal al-Bish, a member of the city council of the nearby northern city of Aleppo. The city has been a centre of support for Assad since the uprising began.

The back-to-back slayings follow the Feb. 11 killing of a Syrian army general in the first assassination to take place in the capital city of Damascus. Brig. Gen. Issa al-Khouli, a doctor and the chief of a military hospital in the capital, was shot as he left his home. Last month, the head of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch in Idlib was shot to death while on his way to Damascus.

Calls for strikes in the past did not succeed in tightly controlled Damascus, where government forces and informers keep a close eye on all activities. The capital has been mostly quiet since the uprising began.

Anonymous said...

For the past several years, the Taliban and affiliated insurgent groups have carried out a concerted campaign of assassinations, taking aim at influential local figures because of perceived loyalty to the central Afghan government.

KABUL, Afghanistan — In Afghanistan, to be a judge is to be a target.

Afghan officials Sunday reported the assassination of a provincial jurist from a restive eastern province. His 8-year-old daughter was killed with him, they said.

For the past several years, the Taliban and affiliated insurgent groups have carried out a concerted campaign of assassinations, taking aim at influential local figures — tribal elders, community leaders, municipal and provincial officials — because of perceived loyalty to the central Afghan government.

Such targeted killings account for a growing proportion of overall civilian deaths in the war in Afghanistan, the United Nations said in a recent report.

The victim of the latest shooting, on Sunday evening, was Mohammad Nasir, who led the appeals court in Kunar province, near Pakistan's tribal areas. It has been the scene of heavy fighting over the past year. The killing occurred in a district close to Jalalabad, the main city in Afghanistan's east, which was recently handed over to Afghan security control. The Afghan police and army are gradually taking over security responsibility from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces in anticipation of a winding down of the Western combat role in 2013. A drawdown of U.S. troops is already under way in anticipation of that shift, and other NATO nations are following suit.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the judge's death from the Taliban or from other groups that are more active in Afghanistan's east, including the Pakistan-based Haqqani network.

In the south of Afghanistan, a U.S. military contractor reported the deaths of four Tajikistan nationals in a helicopter crash in Zabol province, which borders volatile Kandahar province. The NATO force confirmed the crash but said the fatalities were nonmilitary and referred questions to the contractor, the Supreme Group.

The U.S.-based contractor said the helicopter was operated by the Central Asian Aviation Services, The Associated Press reported. The cause of the crash was not immediately known, but the weather across Afghanistan has been snowy, cloudy and cold.

Anonymous said...

27/06/2008 - 09:26:33
Iraq’s Higher Judicial Council today said a senior judge was assassinated while travelling in eastern Baghdad.

Spokesman Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar said masked drive-by shooters shot and killed Judge Kamil al-Showaili yesterday afternoon on Canal Highway, as he was heading home.

Bayrkdar says al-Showaili was the head of one of Baghdad’s two appeals courts.

The spokesman did not identify any particular group as being responsible for the slaying.

Anonymous said...

We have been fooled again by these people who are behind the scene. Their insider in here, at the camp is Aziz. Ask Driti and Rokoului when he cried at the CID confrontation session during the investigations. He said I'm a Warrior and I can not do this to the PM...bloggers he was to locked up that night because he was still under caution but he managed to call FB and was released.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

NUR BANO is finance minister

Verebau.. said...

@ Anon 5:05.PM.

Obvious nobodies ever told you about Taukei camouflage?

Despite living in Viti's most recognisable house & playing the part of a rum soaked fool - overwhelming majority of people still haven't seen the real powerbroker behind the RFMF?

Anonymous said...

Tu na da.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:05.PM

I think that Anon 5:05.PM
is a "Kai Idia" camouflaged as Verebau. The spelling of Verebau has revealed all that...what is Verebau anyway? In Kai Viti langauge, it should be Vere vaka Bau.

Anonymous said...

They were all plotting even before coup, now just look at them, backstabbing S.O.B's.

Anonymous said...

There goes the ugly Shamimi sisters again. The truth is, they're very close to Aiyarse, literally.

Anonymous said...

A Cassava Patch Constitution!!

Anonymous said...

Yash Ghai is a fool - he doesnt get it - these lot want his name on a new Constitution so that Nazhat could return as the new Chief Justice under a new Constitution - see the attack dog Khaiyum's tae on former CJ Fatiai

CJ appointment under 1997 constitution was a political appointment-AG

Publish date/time: 20/03/2012 [07:06]

Print this page
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Attorney General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said the Chief Justice appointment under the 1997 Constitution was a political appointment.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the Fiji Trades Union Congress had recently raised concern about judicial appointments.

He said the union should come up with concrete suggestions on how Fiji can have a constitution that will provide equal opportunities.

Sayed-Khaiyum said systems should be set up to ensure that there is no manipulation.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

The constitution consultation process is expected to begin with the civil education process from May to July.

From July 2nd to September 30th, the Constitution Commission will gather public submissions.

This will be followed by the collating of the public submissions between October to December.

The Constituent Assembly will then sit to discuss the draft constitution before the final constitution is approved next February.

Verebau.. said...

@ Anon 6:49.

Verebau is a correctly spelled blog name used by a non Kai Dia Taukei. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I call on all i Taukei not to be oblivious to the well schemed conspiracy that is being secretly engineered by this Taliban SOB and bajarus supported by this gay CJ who are out in full force to diminish the rights and status of the indigenous community. Bainimarama has been merely used for this cause. They have ridden on the fears of Bainimarama from prosecution over the murders of CRW in 2000 to roll out this conspiracy. Taukeis wake up and go for the ex-termination of these individuals. Kemuni na noda mai na keba, ni yadra ka vukica na uto ni sa vakayavalati na noda bula vakaitaukei mai vei ira eso na tamata lawakica ka kocokoco. Ni nanuma na noda vanua,nomuni mataqali, yavusa, koro, wekamuni, noda i tovo kei nai vakarau kei na noda lotu. O ira na Musolomani sa ra via talaraka sobu na noda yavu. Era tamata kocokoco ka sa tukuni ira oti tu na i Vola Tabu. Ni rai vakayalomatua ka vakayacora edua na ka. NI LOMANA NA NODA VANUA.

Anonymous said...

These stupid people..shamimi sisters and the paedophile judge should be locked up in jail..they have no credibility anymore in this country and are a bunch of criminals..lets see to it that they dont go running away..they will have to face a re legal court of law as soon as all this is over..Dont you think we fiji citizens will give up easily..we will see to it that they answere to a genuine court of law and not an illegal one like what they are running now..we will not stop till we get justice..the whole lot of you will have to get locked up for life./.

Anonymous said...

1997 constitution is a living document.
all this is good for tp.
taliban running fiji now.

Anonymous said...

Man Shaista Shamimi is one ugly SOB. These sisters are milking the country and they already have an exit strategy when everything goes wrong. Yes there will be another coup after the elections.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he a pedophile, he is also a truly committed 'SHITOPHILE'!!!!

Anonymous said...

The new consitution is already done by kauim clan and will be shoved up the backside of all fiians.

the whole process is a sham.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I have never ever met saSHIT SAMIMI in person!!
Is she buck-toothed like a donkey or what??
I am told that a visit to the dentist by her has been long overdue!! A good teeth spring cleaning now and then would be great saSHIT!!
But then again it depends on what fodder you survive from!!!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama and common I-taukei are winning, you bunch of insecure losers.

Anonymous said...

Annon@5:00pm...You sir, are absolutely correct, Professor Ghai
International credentials is more important to anyone in his position
than all the money in the world? By the way Fiji does not have the kind of money, to pay-off anybody for anything? They don't even have money, to meet their loan interests to: China & India? Listen
up people, we've gotta put our trust on someone to do the right thing;and Professor Ghai is about
the only international deal-breaker
we can depend on! So lets not be too critical of the professor and lets encourage him to complete his job;and don't give Khaiyum the kind of notoriety he's looking for?
As far as i'm concern, a Master degree, is not a big deal and can be completed within 8 to 12 months.Khaiyum completed his paper in 2 years-that's shows, how stupid he was? Professor Ghai had supervised Masters & PHD program of thousand
of students. Why would Khaiyum be more different than other students?
Really? Give the professor a break
since he could be the only chance we have to change our political,economic & Social landscape?

Anonymous said...

time for our beloved fijian to wake up .
fijian been taken for a ride.
ag taliban with his taliban sisters /gay cj are taking fijian rights away.
when will you wake up and fight for your land and chiefs and church.
middle east people can do it and kick dictators out why cant you fijian do it.
armies/police been used by ag/bai /cronies to hold on to power.
come bati wake up.
god bless.

Kai Viti said...

Kaiviti says.....

Frank are you out of your head...what is wrong with you Fijian soldiers, wake up.

These shameem sister;s Gates and Khaiyum is shaming the muslim community in Fiji.

Something has to be done.....tik tok.

Frank these people are out to destroy Fijians.-Comment Edited: C4.5

March 22, 2012 5:21 PM

Anonymous said...

joker says...
Shameem sister's Naz & Shaista ....
what a shame hiding your ethics under your skirts....shameful bastards.-Comment Edited:C4.5
March 22, 2012 5:23 PM

Anonymous said...

Both the SAMIMI sisters think that they are God sent by Allah!!
March 22, 2012 11:24 PM

Anonymous said...

To Anon 22 March: 'Ladies' you call these two lesbian sisters? How dare you use the word 'Ladies"!!
They are nothing worse than 'sows'[female pigs].-Comment Edited:C4.5

March 22, 2012 10:46 PM

Anonymous said...

naSHIT SAMIMI, saSHIT SAMIMI and toniQARA [gates], in cohorts with ARSEshit have FINALLY now been revealed to all and sundry!!
Frank messed in his pants on the cassava patch dash!!
What a SHITTY combination!! Is it a wonder then we are ALL now in SHIT Street??
The combination of garlic [Indian], celery [white man] and ivi fart [Fijian] is a very, very potent and killing combination!!-Comment Edited: C4.5
March 22, 2012 10:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Well, if there were ever any doubts that the regime might be genuinely considering a change in its ways, those are surely gone now.

But it may not be a total loss! Because if there is truly going to be relaxation of dictatorial control during the Constitution Review process, why don't we use that freedom to create a parallel "Peoples' Consultation" process for the Constitution?

Just invite Fiji's REAL leaders and ask for pro-bono services of some REAL experts, and see what comes out of it.

Whether we just re-endorse the 1997 Constitution, or make suggestions for its improvement will be decided during the process itself.

Forums can be web-based, tele-conference or grog bowl. Just as long as they are submitted and catalogued at some central location. Get some motivated volunteers to moderate and off we go.

If nothing else, this could be used to come to a common position for a untied submission to Ghai's committee. It would be part of their process for the record AND ours for legitimacy.

Then we would get a snap-shot of what the people likely really wanted at this time, for posterity to be able to compare with what the Shameems have already drafted!

Kai Waisiliva said...

What is wrong with you people trying to negate all that those in power are doing?

All your comments mean zilch because you are making noises in the wrong places.

You should all know who to turn to...have your quiet time and pray; cry to HIM THE ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH IN HEAVEN, THE ALPHA AND OMEGA...to intercede for you.

Unfortunately most of you do not really know what to do. REMEMBER...the same GOD that allowed Bainimarama to act is THE ONLY ONE to remove him, not you and your rhetorics.


Anonymous said...

So these two daughters of an Islamic teacher who came to Fiji as a missionary from Pakistan and married into the newly local Sahu Khan family are the legitimite lawmakers of Fiji?

We whose forefathers toiled to bring Fiji into the modern era, we whose fathers, uncles, grandfathers and kinsmen fought for our beloved Viti, we whose mother, grandmothers worked hard to serve Christ: it seems our efforts count for nought.

These coup opportunists have shown themselves to be of the same stripes as their father the devil. They have been the accusers of the taukei Fijians, interpreting every action always to condemn us. The ever-ready to feel guilty taukei Fijians have been taken for a ride and our sense of community have been used to condemn us all. If some people have erred, then let them answer for their actions but do not eradicate everything that defines us as a people. End Result to weaken us as a people. The kailoma and kaiValagi invested their know-how and finances to build up this country. But only the most recent kaiValagi who came to make money with his practice is eligible to decide the future of this country.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me whether Anthony Gaytes is a Fiji citizen or Australian?
If he's Australian, we'll report him to Bob Carr for his criminal activity defrauding the Fijian people.
I'm sure we can nail him like justice Moti of PNG.

Anonymous said...

@ Kai Wai Siliva 10:16
I suppose David just prayed and the Goliath fainted and died.
Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

NOTICE : Those who have not signed up to join the FGSM - Please do so NOW!!

FGSM = "Free George Speight Movement"

One Law for All - Some Treasoners are free whilst others are locked up! Not Fair.

Free George Speight NOW!!!

The Oracle said...

@ Yash Ghai .. you want us to "test" your favourite student's PM? Then tell Sharon Smith to stop muzzling the local media. She's complained that they are giving too much time to the "old ways" and that they should now accept and promote the "new order". If that's not a subtle threat then what is it? Remember the local media have to be licensed. So, Sharon has more ways than one to skin her cat.
She and Qorvis are struggling to deflect growing public attention away from the wrongdoings and so she's now resorting to subtle threats. AND YOU WANT US TO TEST THE PM? Have you asked Kahiyum about the draft prepared by the "inner circle"? If you know a draft already exists, are you in possession of it and if so, would you still accept Fiji taxpayers money to come in and give some kind of "international" endorsement to something to which the general Fiji citizenry had no say? If you answer yes to all of the above then the value of your Kenyan dollar must be so low that you'll clutch at what your favourite student (who by the way, has never impressed anyone with his court skills) throws your way. Help us free ourselves of the bondage we're in - don't compound it by giving credence to the Bainimarama regime. They've led by Decrees for the last five years and yet they still lack legitimacy in the eyes of the free world.

Anonymous said...

Free George Speight when he spills the beans.

George Speight knows he stays alive in prison, outside, that may be a dubiuos proposition.

After all he is not safe until Franky is inside, and George certainly got the inside organized. You might say the boot would be on the other foot at that point.

George will be giving one body lanterine duty at the chicken farm and the other duty at the hog farm.

Anonymous said...

It must have been Frank that was the person who was supposed to turn up and take over from George Speight.

When officers and 3FIR would not join up, Frank backed out leaving George in the lurch.

All the time we were thinking Savua was supposed to turn up.

This explains why Goerge has kept silent. The King Cobra can still strike.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are proud C4.5. It just shows what sort of people you are when you allow the hate filled vile comments that are above.

You and the people making the comments above think you are the defenders of democracy. What a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:31, Gates is a dual national, British and Australian. He does not hold Fijian citizenship.

I believe the Oracle is correct. Bainimarama aims to be Fiji's next president and to serve as president for life, with sweeping new powers to ensure he never answers for his heinous crimes.

Anonymous 9:56, vinaka vakalevu for your excellent suggestion. A parallel "Peoples' Consultation" process for the Constitution is entirely in line with one of the ideas I've been advocating, which is for C4.5 to work with an Internet voting service to help us virtually nominate and elect our own shadow government. This would be a transitional government to lead us during the Bainimarama Captivity, the Hibiscus Revolution, and the early days of Fiji's national reconstruction. Our elected leaders would negotiate on our collective behalf.

I personally think they should cling stubbornly to the positions that: an illegal government can neither abrogate the Constitution nor lead a valid process for the adoption of a new constitution; the Constitution (not the People's Charter or regime decrees) is the supreme law of the land; the GCC is constitutionally sanctioned and cannot be abolished through extraconstitutional means; and a constitutional convention with a genuinely inclusive and transparent process for consultation should be convoked as one of the first orders of business by a lawfully elected parliament. 

To the regime's list of 'non-negotiables' must be added the non-negotiable requirement that the RFMF return to the barracks by the end of the year and abandon all claims to any future political role in Fiji. 

When (not if) the regime shows it will not negotiate with our leaders in good faith, we should back our leaders' call to boycott the process.

Apart from these measures, we should make it clear now that Fiji will repudiate any and all debts incurred by Bainimarama's illegal regime. 

And we should call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be established to look into the actions leading to and committed during Fiji's coups, just to watch the coup-mongers squirm.

s/ Dakuwaqa

former human rights commission employee said...

shaista shameem left these idiot's company in 2009 april and has never spoken to any of these idiots. you guys are so so dumb c4.5. She wasn't playing ball like they wanted to and terminated he employment because she was was talking too much human rights for their liking. they couldn't make money with her around.

Anonymous said...

The two ladies are daughters of a Pakistani national, naturalised Fiji citizen. FICAC should immediately begin an investigation into his Fiji citizenship papers to ascertain whether it was granted on merit. I am pretty sure that he came into Fiji through the support and sponsorship of the Sahu Khan familiy, so that he may marry their daughter..with the saying "the more you are connected to the motherland, the more genuine and pure you are as compared to other muslims who toil the land, work hard and struggle to build up their lives in Fiji. The Sahu Khan family has a lot of connections in government, and they just have to press the magic button.

And look, what has happended - the sibblings of the same Pakistani national are going againts the very core of trying to unite the races in Fiji as stipulated in the 1970 Constitution and the 1997 Constitution. Why do we need a new constitution?

Maybe, he was planted in Fiji by the Pakistani Taliban!!! These ladies are fiji born Pakistani's for life. The Fiji citizen and Fiji passport are just an outer coat.

Sarge said...

Thanks guys, no he was thinking of retiring away to China or Russia, but now, you just gave him an idea..Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Is that right? So things were hatched at the Macau Hotel in Nadi!!
If my memory serves me right, the Macau is owned by a Chinese [from China] Syndicate.
So the New Years meeting/bash tab/bill must have been FOC - courtesy of the Chinese people [mafia]!!
First the friendship with the Talibans, then the Communist Cubans and Russians and now the Chinese Mafia!! What next?

Anonymous said...

@ 3.55 you must be one that has found the parkisstani sisters having pissed you off and must be a kaidia as it sounds.

But your comments are funny and thruth about the Parkisstaani brewed kids.

How many more came before from the same kuku land before the partition!

Moro said...

Anonymous 12.24pm It seems you have not been following the events of 2000. Bainimarama was away overseas on the day of the coup so he could not be the person Speight was said to have called.

Anonymous said...

Bula ll

We would be respected for our comments as well as C4/5 if we didnt resport to name calling of the Shameem sisters - I am sure if some of you annoymous put your pics here you might illicit similar name callings - looks have nothig to do with the tragedy these women and Gates and others are inflciting on fiji - most of them from indigenous Fijian military and Provincial Councils who are supporting the Chief of Vanuatu, not to mention the Mara-Ganilau-Nailatikau family members ensconsed at Government HOuse - if the ilelgal President had refused to sign the GCC decree, the PIG would still be s...ting in the casav patch with his plans

Anonymous said...

To Anon 23 March, 12:53pm:
This I tell you and say to you. C4.5 AND the rest of us are sure bloody proud!! It shows that we care, it shows that we are concerned, it shows that we do not for one moment condone what has happened, is happening and will happen, it shows that we are concerned about the future of our children and this beloved country, it shows that we, the right thinking people have gone through, are going through and will go through.
We respect your right to comment, about, in your opinion, what you THINK are 'vile' and 'hate' comments.
At the same time, you must also respect and accept where we are coming from. You see we have had our loved ones killed, murdered and tortured by these people. You do not know the agony, the pain, the hardships, the tears we are going through.
I just hope and pray that you do not go through what we went through. Maybe it just might change you like us!!

Anonymous said...

Frank/AG f off m/f .
We dont want you bs decrees and Constitution.
We hate you idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:53, C4.5 does expunge the most excessively vituperative of the comments, but it is right to keep some of their offensive content in order that the passion and mindset of the writer might convey to the readership.

I, too, find some of it vile and hateful. I personally would like to see C4.5 hew more closely to its prohibition against racist attacks. Some of the commenters have very simplistic views where kai idia, whites, Muslims, etc. are the cause of all that ails Fiji. They don't seem to understand that they are sowing the disunity that is exactly what allows Frank Bainimarama to evade justice.

The shockingly disgraceful Shameem sisters are from Pakistan, but others from Pakistan have courageously opposed the regime, such as human rights attorney Imrana Jalal. Insulting remarks about Shaista's outward appearance might better be directed against her deficient inward character.

C4.5 should define what it calls the Muslim Network. Is this a formal but clandestine entity? Or is it simply Aiyaz, Aunty Nur, their family, and their associates? Nazhat Shameem and Aiyaz like to act as though they speak for Fiji's Muslims, but they don't.

We should focus on ousting the regime and restoring the civil rights of all Fijians. If we're to accomplish that, we need unity, not racial, ethnic or communal division.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what is happening before our eyes, as to why this illegal regime is pushing for a new constitution, and who is behind the scene in its drafting process.
Interestingly, when ordinary people can figure out what is right and wrong, some so called legal personnel take long to figure this out, probably because they are blinded by their ambitions and greed.
The ordinary people know that we have a constitution in place, and why do we need another one? What's so special about another new constitution? We have had too many constitutions already in Fiji during our lifetime.No more please! , because we will be just going around in circles, remember when we had the '87 coup, people said that it took us back for at least 20 years, but we have had four such events, how many years backwards have we gone?, and how many constitutions have we had since we became independent in 1970? It seems that we are in a great political wilderness!
I agree with one of the earlier comments that the issue of a new constitution was never mentioned by the coup maker in December 2006, but when one gets lost in political wilderness, this is what one does to try and find his/her way back. This regime has lost its plot, and has lost its way, has wasted the country's resources, image, and sense of direction.
Let's boycott the constitution consultation process, let's just stay away, by taking part we can be seen as endorsing the process and the course. To each and every organisation, individual, leaders, etc. etc. let us just peacefully stay away from the process, and in doind so we uphold the 1997 constitution. Not only do we support that document, we also support the democratic process that it went through, so let's just keep all the halls empty, let's not show up, just as we did with the many consultation exercise conducted earlier by the regime. A regime that came to power not through the consent and concurrance of the people.
Let's effectively boycott, stay away, not participate, and peacefully demand that we move forward through the provisions of the 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.59pm..yes he took that overseas trip knowingly that the coup was going to happen and it was the perfect exit strategy for him..to come back and look like the innocent victim..caka ga vei 'actchie..and by the way he is obviously a liar and everything that comes of his mouth is plain shit..and where did he go Norway..

Anonymous said...

Being paid for two conflicting jobs is unsustainable, impractical and unethical. it's about the future of how our democracy works for us. Dual positions ignore the need for a separation of powers. Can u make sure this is in the new constitution?

Anonymous said...

Worth reading his speech to UN back in 2007 as a refresher


Anonymous said...

Blame the Pm no one else.

Anonymous said...

Well,guess what? The illegal CJ Anthony Gates is taking leave of his Job and has appointed a deputy
CJ to take his place.I won't be surprise if this is it for him?He's
taking his exit now, before he get caught in the cross-fire and have no place to hide, except spent the rest of his life in Naboro?This assole is a very calculating person,he's probably figured that the card is not on his side,so he's
cutting his loss and disappeared slowly, into the dark night? Hopefully, someone will get him before he slipped out,of our hands again?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the comment my friend.

Some Fiji muslims and other Girmitiya descendents have really sweated their backside by working hard and are good citizens as well embracing racial harmony and respecting the Kaiviti customs and traditions....The relationships amongsts some Kaiviti and Kai Idia in the western parts of Fiji are evident of this.
However, these "high class" and "genuine/pure"(they classify themselves anyway)muslims, like the two sisters have been displaying disrespectful, arrogance, stealthy and slyness in terms of how one commits him/herself to the cause. When the VB came into power, they publicly declared their support by accepting appointments and offering their services in the law fraternity. The only issue was one eye was supporting VB only, cause the other was "for self interest and the hard core (taliban) muslim network goals". If one critically examine their movements in this saga for the last 6 years and plot that in a graph, one can easily read that they have 'freedom of access" i.e. in one speech (public, TV, other forms of media) supporting VB's cause and in others indirectly supporting VB (directly supporting the muslim and taliban network cause), They have been using their "legal profession" to manipulate their public standing in view of those who control their actions, and i thought that these are deemed unethical and may tarnish the credibility of the legal fraternity in Fiji. Now, if we closely observe the vehicle of manipulation, one should ask the following rhetoric questions: What are their connections to the institutional head of the legal fraternity in Fiji?, What are their connections to those in charge of communications?

I am not againts them personally, but I thought for the sake of building a better Fiji, lets analyse, study variables and formulate assumptions.

Anonymous said...

First party to stand up and claim they will question and fight back the old constitution will be the winner. But u need balls to do this! Anyone ready to put their balls on the line?

Anonymous said...

anon@10:09am... remember you might get what you Wished for?Like "anyone ready to put their balls on the line?" What if someone gives you, A kick in the nuts? That would be terrible for your health! 1997 constitution is useless,not even worth as a toilet papers-so just let it die! It's far too big for a small country like Fiji and far complicated for us man, on the street to read and understand.So throw it in the toilet bowl and flushed the paper
down crappy lane!!! It can't even hold up,for the one Government it was established for-Chodohry labour Government? It's lifespan was 3 short years.Not a good constitution,can't stand the test,
far too constrictive and best to dump it. lets get rid of it & moved on!!!

MINISTER IN 2014 said...

The next election will be won by FIJI FIRST PARTY !!!! so don't argue over trivial matters guys. We will bring our own constitution .WATCH THIS SPACE AND OTHER SPACES. YOU ALL WILL BE SPACED OUT WHEN WE WIN. TRUESUP!!!

Anonymous said...