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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big rush on the RFMF report into the 2000 mutiny

While Fiji's censored media continue to ignore the RFMF report and graphic photographs into the deaths of CRW soldiers in the 2000 mutiny, copies of the previously suppressed report are being downloaded in huge numbers from the Truth for Fiji website.

The RFMF Board of Inquiry report was released by former 3FIR leader Roko Ului Mara several days ago, along with pictures of soldiers beaten unconscious or beaten to death after the mutiny.

Truth for Fiji's website has now updated the BOI report saying the size of it has been reduced to allow easier downloading, but its contents have not been changed in any way manner or form.

It says 1,584 copies of the report were downloaded from the site when it was first released on Friday and that downloads now average 495 a day.

Add the numbers downloaded from other blog sites including Coupfourpointfive, and it's clear there's huge interest in the report - and the truth - despite regime leader Frank Bainimarama and media predictably thumbing its nose at it.

The RFMF BOI report (see link below) should now have all 1,027 pages with the article by Brig V Lal (pages 374 to 398) now forming part of the Report.

Supporting documents also now include a letter from the Reverend Timoci Silatolu to Bainimarama from prison, a letter from the office of the then permanent secretary for the president's office, a letter from the then permanent secretary for the Home Affairs Office, along with a statement.

The smaller version of the BOI Report
Ratu Silatolu's letter
Letter from President's Office
Letter from the Home Affairs Office
Home Affairs Office statement


Anonymous said...

Don't be selective, include also impact on people and families who lost loved ones to the Military fracas caused by CRW. A Catholic priest suffered head injury on that day because he was in the middle of counselling some soldiers when the CRW stormed into camp. He was a highly qualified psychologist who worked with prisoners locally and had practised in PNG and other countries. He was also used by the NZ Government out of respect for his good work. Today, he remains in Taveuni unable to continue the great work he used to do because of some irresponsible and selfish people. It is said that woe begets those who upset the annointed, particularly teh annointed who repay cruelty with love and forgiveness. Need I add more?

Laura Khaiyum said...

vinaka roko lui keep up your good work.

mark manning said...

Indeed the truth shall set yee free.
Good on you Ului Mara for sticking your neck out for the sake of Justice.
Just make sure that you stick to your original promise and face the Courts yourself when the time comes, this will ensure that you retain any semblance of sincerity.

Anonymous said...

good work RUM ...........but we hope when things get back to normal one day we want you to come back and ANSWER TO the people of FIJI what was your role in the kalabu takeover and during the coup........your bully tactics and speechers that always appears on FIJIONE that time shows a BIG QUESTION HERE or you like the BIG trying to save your A also.......

Anonymous said...

dina says...

when you read all these letters from its source...

what else can we say......vakasisila Frank...boi dada ga na nomu via clean-up and weed corruption.

All your actions here is corruption and seditious at the highest order.

Can't blame someone whom we grew up together being a bosi..e na boci tuga....bau dau veivacu tu mai vei ? kauta tani mada na boci gaurd and gun qai laurai...boci e yali.

You and your kawa..are gone bro...

..kana DA and Lasulasu big time Frank.

Anonymous said...

well done roko ului
The good Lord is watching over you!

God bless you and Fiji!

Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului, you're doing the right thing. Isn't it easier to live with yourself now?

You have much to answer for, but this good work will also be measured in the balance. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 7, 2012 8:00PM,

The difference was that the CRW soldiers who attacked other soldiers during that time of the coup in May/June 2000 were later brought to trial.

But Bainimarama stooped down to torturing and murdering these CRW soldiers when the rounding up and the courts were in due process.

Bainimarama was in revenge mode and perhaps your Catholic priest too.

Bainimarama did not allow legal action to take its course. He realized that if he did, he would be prosecuted himself because he was the real one behind the 2000 coup.

Anonymous said...

Kony 2012.... Frank have you heard of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Kony 2012 .... Frank are you scared? Fear! May there is hope for in Fiji. We need our story told to the world.

Anonymous said...

Please leave the catholic priest out of the equation. He was there doing his job when the mutiny occured.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what many have suspected that the Qarase Govt was inept and useless! Carefully read this report and you soon see why they couldn't understand why one one hand the mutiny in QEB was just the same as the one in Labasa! All they were worried about was the "quantum" of the sentences given, WHY because they reckon there were deaths in QEB and none in LABASA? Very ,very simple the TUI CAKAU was involved in the mutiny in LABASA-a mutiny is a mutiny whether there were deaths or not is really immaterial-its the charges thats laid that decides the sentence! The more we exposue things the more emergers of the incompetent Qarase Leadership-and Roko ULui what about his part in all this rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Silatolu letter does not say much, anyone can write that kind of letter to make someone look bad.

The fact is that country was destryed during 2000 and Fiji became a joke.This was done by Fijians thugs who have never done anything positive for their so called beloved country and Silatolu was one of them.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1223
It's the role of Government to Administer Justice, that is the role of the Judiciary.
The "Separation of Powers" under the Westminster System of Government, dictates this.
You have the Executive arm of government, responsible for making bills and passing Laws.
The Police enforce those same Laws and the Courts and Judges etc. determine if they have been broken and apportion sentence accordingly if found guilty.
It was never Mr. Qarase's job to have Frank Bainimarama arrested, in fact, it was definitely the opposite, it was not his job at all.
The Director of Public Prosecutions has that role once a case has been referred to him.
At least that is my understanding basically, of how the System is supposed to work.

Perhaps someone more learned may be able to shed some light on the process for all of us so we can stop blaming Mr.Qarase just for the sake of blaming him.

mark manning said...



Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Diapers is Frank going through every night, shitting & peeing all night as he tosses and turns as he cannot sleep.

Why talk about the Military staging a coup against you unless you have inside information that something is planned to get rid of him and bring him to justice for the crimes against the peolple of Fiji.

ex army said...

Mark Manning you are saluting RU and JB whom both are also part of Bais regime prior changing their stance.Remember that you are not Fijian and you are sitting on top of an ice berg of Fijian politics.The Fijian politics that you are trying to understand will prick you from the bottom up and you will not realise it until you are part of it.Probably youll enjoy it behind the prison wall with JB and RU.
ex army

ex army said...

Mark Manning you talking about the westministers law while Bais using the bush law.It shows your stupidity.Too much crap from you we need people like coup 4.5 to come out.What about your useless Australian democracy movement too much talk nothing in concrete.
ex army

Anonymous said...

Medal pinned on Qiliho. Never heard of such a medal in military circle. Must be for arson and beatings. Wait for your time Qiliho, luveniyali, luvenisala kaisi bokola. Your destiny Naboro is waiting for you for burning down of Justice Ward villa.

Anonymous said...

Since when was Timoci Silatolu ever a Ratu? Don't bastardise the traditional chiefly title please.

Anonymous said...

When the time is right Rabuka, Voreqe and their coup supporters are to be charged and send to prison. George is already serving his term. That is the only way to stop the coup culture in Fiji.