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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Khaiyum-Bainimarama rolled out false casino dice

One Hundred Sands Ltd began as purveyor of agricultural produce and ‘deer farmers’ with no experience as multi-million dollar casino operator 
The regime’s illegal pay mistress Nur Bano Ali and her husband in charge of company’s business accounts.


In December last year, Fiji’s illegal prime minister and dictator Frank Bainimarama announced that One Hundred Sands Limited has been granted Fiji’s first exclusive casino license.

He said his illegal government rigorously assessed all applicants before choosing One Hundred Sands Limited which plans to open a casino, a resort, and a convention centre on Denarau Island.

He said his treasonous government was not trying to “imitate Las Vegas in the Pacific” because Fiji already had its own unique brand name. The dictator said One Hundred Sands Limited was a company with the ability to maximise economic returns without damaging the socio-economic fabric of Fiji.

According to the Fiji media, the dictator said his government also chose One Hundred Sands Limited because of its strong affiliation with Native American culture which provided a malleable fusion between the Western ideals of casino gaming with the strong cultural values of tribal and community life (that is before the dictator de-established the Great Council of Chief in Fiji). 

He said government required that at least 20 per cent of ownership in the One Hundred Sands be reserved for Native American interests that are currently involved in casino gaming, as is customary in the US.

In a press statement, Larry Claunch, described as an American millionaire and founder and chairman of the Board of the One Hundred Sands, said his Fiji based company is to build a $290 million Luxury Casino Resort and Convention Center on Denarau Island. One Hundred Sands plans to employ 600 to 800 local residents. “After two years of working diligently with the Fijian government under the stewardship of Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, and Native American tribes, we’re delighted to be part of this thrilling opportunity to introduce casino gaming and state of the art convention center to the Fiji Islands to help create jobs and expand tourism for the country,” said Claunch.

Claunch also added that his firm is “looking forward to working closely with Fijian Tourism Authorities, other local resorts, tour operators, and airlines throughout the Pacific to enhance the tourism to Fiji.” One Hundred Sands, he disclosed, is partnering with the Snoqualmie Tribe from the State of Washington and Seventh Generation LLC, a Native American company, in order to enhance its casino gaming experience, the development of social and economic initiates to benefit local Fijians, and to further develop cultural and tribal ties between Native Americans and Fijians.

His press statement claimed: “The Casino complex will bring a new level of sophistication to the Tourism Industry in Fiji featuring very high end luxury rooms. It will provide a plethora of opportunities to various existing and new business for ancillary activities. The Fiji airline industry will see direct benefits and through the creation of additional passengers on the plane. Foreign exchanges will be bolstered to higher levels and this will contribute to the enhancement of their GDP.”

Toothpower  Ltd and Larry Claunch

An investigation into the background of One Hundred Sands reveal that the company was previously called Toothpower Limited which, in September 2004, had informed the Registrar of Companies that its registered office was at 21 Le Hunte Street, Suva (P O Box 13353).  On 15 September 2004, in its Return of Allotments the company notified the ROC of the change of name from Toothpower to One Hundred Sands Ltd. Other details were as follows: Number of ordinary shares allotted payable in cash 999; nominal amount of the ordinary shares so allotted $999; amount paid or due and payable on each share, $1. Names, descriptions and addresses of the allottees: Larry L Claunch, P. O. Box 122, Savusavu. Number of shares allotted, 999.

In its Memorandum of Association, Toothpower had stated that the objects for which the company was established were to do the following: “To carry on business as farmers, growers, agriculturists, horticulturists, livestock and in particular deer farmers & breeders, arable and fruit farmers, copra farmers, seed and fertilizer merchants, millers, manufacturers and processors of farm products and the sale by wholesale or retail of farm produce of all types and varieties, and to acquire and construct glasshouses and any other premises for the promotion of speedy growth of crops, vegetables, fruits, flowers etc etc etc – and trade in goats, cattle, pigs, deer, poultry, game and live and dead stock of every description, mil, cream, butter, cheese, eggs, porkers, meat and other commodities goods or things.” The company was originally incorporated under the Companies Act as a limited company on 21 January 1987, with Anil Kumar Tikaram (Suva solicitor) and Wilfred Bentley, of Pacific Harbour, Deuba, holding one share each.

In July 2006, the Return of Allotments submitted by BDO Zarin Ali stated the following as directors: Larry L Claunch, P O Box 12900, Beck Rd, Dallas, Oregon 97338, USA, and Janen Singh, P O Box 10027, Laucala Beach State. Claunch held 2,398,999 shares and Singh 23,900 respectively. On 30 July 2006 Singh told the Registrar of Companies: “At an extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders it was resolved that the authorized capital of the company be increased by $9,995,000 from $5,000 divided into 5,000 shares of $1each into $10,000,000 divided into 10,000,000 shares of $1 each.

In November 2006, Claunch and Singh, a local realtor, had joined hands to set up a real estate business in Savusavu to target up-market properties. Claunch said Fiji was the Hawaii of tomorrow and its biggest asset was its friendly people. He said visitors from all over the world would find Fiji the idyllic tropical destination without the crowds. Claunch and Singh, according to media reports, had invested more than $500,000 in setting up Homes and Properties Fiji Ltd and had bought Savusavu Real Estate from Pettine Simpson, who had joined the company as a sales executive.

Singh said Claunch had invested more than $12 million in buying two freehold islands and had been a regular visitor to Fiji for the last three years. He said a resort was being developed at Nukudrau Island in Natewa and he had set up a private retreat at Bekana in Udu Point. Singh said the company planned to set up offices in Nadi and Suva next year.
He said the aim of their company was to do international marketing through their website and a representative in the United States. 

Singh said the company's aim was to help people in search of homes to realise their ‘paradise dreams’.

On 1 September 2007, a year after the treasonous coup, the ROC was notified that One Hundred Sands registered office was at Level 8, Dominion House, Thomson Street, Suva. The two directors were listed as Claunch and Minesh Kumar. 

The statement was signed off by Alison Southey, administration manager at AlizPacific. On 9 February 2011 Kumar resigned, leaving Claunch and Barbara L’Ami, both US citizens, as sole directors of One Hundred Sands Limited.

In December 2011 the dictator announced that One Hundred Sands Ltd had been granted the exclusive right to run Fiji’s first casinos – a company which seems to have no experience in having “rolled a dice” throughout its existence in Fiji.

The illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Khaiyum’s aunty and uncle’s accountancy company seems to have pulled another spectacular business coup for their client in post-coup Fiji.


Anonymous said...

This is a 100 % FICAC investigation.

A casino licecne should be open to as many operators that wish to take part at an annual fee of $1million.

Survice ior go bankrupt...not our concerne...pay one million ..pass go.

In addition the industry will be regulated and monitored by an expatriate company that has bide for the job...and paid with a % from turnover or some such nature.

Maybe under a contract with Australian regulators.

Put them all in jail

Anonymous said...

I see nothing amiss in the company set up. They seem to have invested a lot in Fiji. What is the problem?

Anonymous said...

The truth will prevail, thanks for the revelation.

This Illegal team never gives up, they keep churning out tricks after tricks up their sleeves.

What are they trying to prove? Bankrupt Fiji or to own Fiji?? So much greed....

Anonymous said...

One Hundred Sands beat 30 bidders, so we were told - who were the 30 who had bid to build contracts and who is Barbara L'Ami, living in Savusavu

Anonymous said...

Fiji SUN, 17 March 2012

Claunch, chairman of the Board of 100 Sands Casino, the company selected for Fiji’s first casino development, spoke about the project at the closing of the Food and Wine Festival at the Sheraton Ballroom yesterday afternoon.
He also launched a casino convention centre, which would boost the economy of the casino as well as Denarau Island.
Mr Claunch, in an interview with the Fiji Sun said the main point of difference, in his opinion, that got them the contract was their sensitivity to the needs of Fiji.
“Through this process, I have gained a great deal of respect for the Government and for this project,” he said.
“It was very clear from the beginning that an important aspect of this venture was the cultural aspect, the respect for the needs of the people.
“Our partnership with the Native Americans of the Snoqualmie Tribe was very beneficial in this respect. This partnership has enabled this investment to enrich their lives.”
He said there were great opportunities to bring in new type of tourists.
The 1500 seating capacity centre would mean that at any time there is a booking for an event, all of Denarau would be occupied.
The casino will also make available 600 employment opportunities for locals.
The project, whose ground-breaking will be held by the end of this month, will have 500 slot machines, 60 gaming tables and a high roller room.
The Casino complex will introduce a new level of sophistication to the tourism industry in Fiji featuring very high end luxury rooms.
It will provide a plethora of opportunities to various existing and new businesses for ancillary activities.
The Fiji airline industry will see direct benefits and through the creation of additional passengers on the plane.
The US$290 million project is projected for completion by October 2013.
To ensure all checks and balances are in place, a fully blown gaming Commission is being set up

Sau said...

When we regain democracy, this and other corrupt decisions by Eyearse and Bainimarama should be thoroughly investigated and diamantled if found illegal

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sau. We need to establish if Claunch and the Indo-Fijian realtor Janen Singh (who is he)really invested those millions of dollars in Fiji. I also notice that One Hundred Sands had not filed its returns for a long time - the last in 2004 and suddenly in 2010 onwards - yes, we will investigative them, all, and slap banning orders on these crooks including ASK's aunty and uncle - Long live democracy

Anonymous said...

If Larry roach was a millionaire he would not be @every function that dr bur bano at tents like its a 3sum with Sunil lol jho.

Radiolucas said...

One Hundred Sands and its investors are drinking from a poisoned cup if they think that dealing with Aiyaz and Frank's corruption is a good idea...

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano's hubby Zarin Ali the con-master features here again. this is one man who has really gained a lot from this regime.

Anit Singh said...

The issues are more than just casino business and/or foreign investment / tourism /job creation etc.

What about some concerns of ethics / morality/ addiction / social cultural implications of 'gambling' on the majority of our humble and simple citizens.

The issues pertinent to 'gambling' are of grave concerns to many 'civil societies / NGOs in Fiji and internationally. Countries like NZ, Australia, UK and even Singapore had widespread public discussions /debates before their 'democratic' governments issued casino licences to operators and putting into place 'safeguards' to protect their vulnerable citizens.

Fact One : K-yum & Co. have no people mandate to issue casino licences (or any Licences for that matter) and are indeed 'illegal' pretenders AG & PM.

Fact Two : 'One Thousands Cents Limited' should be very cautious of of the 'gamble'they are taking with their investments since the validity of any licence they hold would be subject to revision once a 'democratically elected government comes into being,

Fact Three : Fiji belongs to the people of Fiji - and is not personal property of uncles / aunties / brother of K-yum.

You reek and stink of nepotism!!!!

Anonymous said...

Larry Claunch's pig farming qualifies him for doing business with Boss Hawg and the Squealer. He and his investors should know that Free Fiji will certainly investigate and quite possibly repudiate this decision made by the illegal regime.

Anonymous 8:54 wonders where is the problem. This is the sort of Alfred E. Neuman attitude that has brought Fiji to where it is today. Let me spell it out. The problem is that the regime awarded a casino contract to a company that clearly has no technical capacity and seems to have won the bid principally on the basis of its connection to Nur Bano Ali, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's aunt and chief money bag lady for the regime. The whole thing reeks of inflated pricing and cash kickbacks.

Bainimarama's regime is rapidly debasing Fiji. It is destroying Fiji's positive branding, which is largely the product of Lynda Resnick's marketing of FIJI Water. It has opened the doors wide open for Fulluck and others to bring in Chinese prostitutes and laborers. And it is now opening Fiji to casino gaming, which usually means graft and an influx of organized crime.

It's also taking pay-offs from the Russians to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia and to allow them to build a naval base in Vanua Levu, probably very near Claunch's Udu Point investment. Coincidence?

All this while persecuting the Methodist Church and moving to dismember the GCC.

What, me worry?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

The Native Land Trust Board building caught fire last night on the 3rd floor.The Fire Department was able to bring the fire under control and are currently investigating the cause of the fire. The footprints is very similar to the illegal AG-Khaiyum
former work place. In tracking this
illegal AG we find that, almost every company he works for, the
buildings which normally has important records, would one way or another catch fire! Get the Fire
Department to check him out,check the Cameras-if any to see? We're on to this thug and we'll expose him real soon!

Anonymous said...

The Door is now open and the door can never be closed again.

Even though this was started under the dictator Bainimarama it will never be put back into the box.

Our politicians will for ever more be lost to the people of Fiji. They will belong to Claunch and other casino owners who will be aloud to open under a democratic government.

Fiji is now lost to the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...


So which tribe in Fiji has a share in ownership of this venture?

Just wondering about the relevance of the constant reference to an indian tribes ownership in the casino.

Can we look foward to the day our great leader becomes a chief of the red indians to.

Great Flying Fox Spirit Thief that eat ripe fruit in tree and shits on people.

KAI GAU said...



Anonymous said...

One can buy knowledge through employing the right directors and staff. It is the investment that counts.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be another flop vesu mona tactic..like all the other promised flopped out promises..we are still waiting for that ethonol project..etc..100 sands is beginning to look like a con job..who would want to travel to another country and gamble when the world is going through a financial crisis..even the worlds major casinos are now going through troubled times as people are getting smarter and wouldnt dare swipe their credit cards on a bloody slot machine..and what makes them think that the millionaires of the world would want to come to a dictatorial country to gamble..haahaa..Its a scenario that we see with these illegal goons..they try too hard to impress..and like to think very big..following Voreqe's favourite phrase of thinking outside the box..Everything they do turns to shit..I am not at all impressed..Mr.Claunch is another shady character..one of the many questionable characters who have sprung up since the coup bega..first we had peter Forster..John Sami..the Prasad guy and now this..

Larry said...

Aunty Nur and her lovely husband have managed to attract investors to Fiji. And only the highest quality. Larry the lounge lizard will raise 300 million from FNPF, give 100 to aunty, a 100 to Khaiyum and with the rest he is going to do a runner. That is the plan, not to built anything in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Hold-on, has anyone checked out this guy's bank account to see whether he has the million he says he has? The bank account is the right place to go? I'm sure he's just another crook, waiting for the right time to make his move toward the FNPF funds? I'm pretty sure that Nur Bano is already making a bid for this thief's FNPF
investment loan with Khaiyum-Minister of Tourism & thieves!
Mark my word, it should be announced in a week or two?

Anonymous said...

It is highly unlikely that this casino will generate the millions forecasted as it is aimed mainly at the tourist market, and of course the pig and his uneducated followers. I highly doubt that the locals are allowed to gamble, and besides the locals don't have enough money to gamble away.

The majority of tourists will go to Fiji for a holiday, not to play at the casino. One thing for sure is that the Chinese will be the major players in the casino, and it will be a base for money laundering, as seen overseas.

There will be minimal returns, I hope so, and this crook claunch or whatever his name is, will pack up and leave.

I predict that the pig Voceke will be toppled and he will never be able to play there, nor receive any kickbacks because he will either be killed or relaxing at Naboro.

Fiji - Paradise Lost said...

Casinos are a magnet for global money laundering, drugs and prostitution. They also have a fatal attraction to those unfortunate individuals who are addicted to gambling.
The normal honest citizen of Fiji understands this, so there would be no casinos allowed on our fair shores if they had a voice.
Nobody in Fiji should be expected to live under the shadow of these glitzy dens of iniquity. No amount of polish and hype can make this turd look good.
The few who support the introduction of casinos in Fiji without any proper consultation are addicts; either to gambling or easy/illegal money.
The supposed benefits to Fiji in employment and foreign income are not worth the terrible price in loss of self esteem for the country and the soiling of the good name of Fiji tourism.
The promoters of a casino in Fiji proudly boast there will be 500 poker machines. The following news link provides some insight into the evil design that goes into making these machines as addictive as possible. http://www.smh.com.au/national/feeding-the-hungry-beast-20110225-1b8sd.html

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum burnt NLTB yesterday.
Next he will burn VKB
Finish for you indeginous people.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2.24pm. I can only assume you're Indian because Indians are not, and never will be, indigenous Fijians. I strongly suggest you watch you're saying because it will come back and bite you in your black arse.

This casino is doomed from the start. If this guy claunch is very dodgy and when things fail, he will demand all his money back. In the meantime the pig Voceke and his piglet Aiyarse are courting the Chinese for money to fund this venture. And of course the Chinese will want a lot in return.

All these loans that the Chinese are giving is bankrupting Fiji, and this casino will turn out to be a white elephant. Mark my words.

Vutuki Thakur said...

This is another money making scheme by the kaiyums and 100 sands. They'll sell this casino business sooner or later to a real casino company, at sky high price.

Anonymous said...

wWy does Australia allow Aiyaz's aunty Nur to travel her with her husband. They have investments all over Sydney. They should have the travel ban too.. and also Australian bank balances checked... Fiji's Money being deposited here..

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