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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leaked road map report reeks of truth

Growing proof of the regime's exit strategy for Frank Bainimarama cloaked in a new Constitution and the 2014 election.

Some of the details in a paper titled Fiji's Road Map To Political Election 2014 (sent to Coupfourpointfive the day before the consultation process was announced more than two weeks ago on March 9) are too convincing to ignore.

Bainimarama has today confirmed as we touted in our March 14 story (Regime abolishes GCC but wants to cosy up to a chosen few) that chairpersons for the Provincial Councils will no longer be elected but appointed by the regime.

In the paper sent to us on March 8 which revealed that would happen, it was also detailed the GCC would be 'reorganized under a new format' and the strategy would be to 'break the chief stronghold and get trusted sub-chiefs to handle government projects.'

That, too, has happened with confirmation the Rewa Provincial Council will not hold elections this year and Bainimarama reiterating at the Naitisiri meeting today that the GCC was a colonial administration that had to go.

Also mentioned in the March 8 paper were  'new energized loyal colonels and commodores' being made Cabinet's 'new faces.' Motivation for Mosese Tikoitoga's sudden enthusiastic media spiels?

We publish here that March 8 paper that was sent to us by inside sources who said it came straight to them from a meeting of senior military colonels including the land force commander, Captain Natuva, Colonel Saumatua and Colonel Aziz.

The message attached was: "The meeting mapped out an exit strategy for military personnel’s involved in the 2006 coup and how the current illegal PM can be out maneuvered. Some of the strategies were discussed with Bainimarama, others just by the group."

Fiji's Road Map To Political Election 2014
Strategy 1
·    The election is not to be delayed any longer and government is to activate a free, fair composition­ of a “People Constitution Forum” using the various government departments as the driving vehicle to establish the roll out.
·    Each government department is ­to be headed by the PS with a term of reference designed to address all Constitution issues discussed by the committee of the “Peoples Charter”
·    Committee members are to be senior civil servants and the committee should be empowered to co-op outsiders to be members with the concurrence of the PM’s office.
·    The constitution term of reference is to be simple, easy to understand and be able to be read and discussed by ordinary citizens and in all languages.
·    With 20 Ministries 20 Constitution Task Force Teams.
·    These teams to be monitored and controlled by the PM's office not the AG's who is immature in his political outlook and his background knowledge in politics has never been tested. If  involved, he will use wrong models and can destroy Bainimarama without him knowing what has hit him from the back.
·    The Constitution consultation fact-finding mission and compilation is to be 6 to 8months.
·    The people and community leaders are to be given the freedom to  write in proposals based on their different organizations political, economic, social, unions, school, non-profit organization and churches.

·The illegal PM to publicly announce this month he will stand for election. Make a national televised speech of hope, peace, tolerance, understanding and freedom message to get the confidence, attention of the international community and the people of Fiji.
·    The illegal PM must hand pick highly professional and political experts to be his election and campaign advisers.
·    The illegal PM must form a political party using the current government set-up and empower experienced political loyalist to be his henchmen.
·    Militarize all government departments with soldiers, who are to be his campaign runners.
·    Reshuffle all the current Roko Tui and place military soldiers so they follow orders well, then civil servants.

·    A new clause in the Constitution must state no old political party will be allowed to register.
·    A new political order for registration is to be designed and formulated.
·    Candidates must go through a criteria test and qualification skill exam.
·    Bainimarama is to propose a name for his political party so the people can accustom themselves to the theme name.
·    It is suggested he form  and owns the name “One Fiji Party” - the theme being One Fiji for all. The theme is to be used in a way that calls for unity in all his addresses. One Fiji industry, one Fiji export, one Fiji sports, one Fiji health etc.
·    Roll this theme out all over the arms of government, organize seminars and workshops on the theme.

·    Reorganize a new GCC format and hand- pick chiefs who are his supporters and expose them on one-day meeting to discuss  new constitution.
·    Break the chief stronghold and get trusted sub-chiefs to handle government projects based on people support, which includes  churches.
·    Redraw GCC role based on a mixture of modernization, revolutionization, heritage and culture.

·    Cabinet is to be reshuffled to put into motion a political campaign working team.
·    Female PS are weak links because this current set up is military motivated and to address the road map to 2014, we need military soldiers who are order prone. They follow command.
·    PM must start his political campaign roll out by pumping in political charged propaganda.
·    New energized loyal colonels and commodores must be Cabinet's new faces.
·    Some are popular strategists who are planners of the 2006 over publicized coup.

·    PM will be receiving all the PM retirement benefit after he completes his term this year.
·    He's got his millions in his overseas bank
·    He hires and fires anyone he likes
·    He changes laws whether we like it or not?
·    He travels anywhere he likes; he is the most powerful man in Fiji.
·    He is challenging every one saying no one can coup him. WHY? Money and Weapon and Military behind him
·    Can he be arrested? The answer is YES. By WHOM: Brigadier Naivalurua.
·    HOW? Current Public Order Act gives him bigger and better weapon to do so.
·    He has extraordinary powers under his wings.
·    CP is the only clean colonel during the 2000 coup and he has  a better international standing to get support for PM’S arrest.

·    PM must go up the ladder to be Commander in Chief and the President.
·    Appoint his loyal senior officer who he honorably trusts to hold the DPM position and to take charge of National Security, Fiji Constitution, and National Election.
·    For Bainimarama to be President, he must exercise the new model before it becomes part of the new constitution.


Anonymous said...

power corrupts people.
bai is the biggest racist person .
he is like a elephant with 2 tooth.
now the armies will rule fiji forever.
fijian have to stand up and fight for their rights /freedom/democracy..
libya did it.why cant fiji do it.
wake up fijians ,
bai can you reveal you salary and auditor general report since 2006 to day.
we want to see how transparent you are.
you have wasted 12 billion dollars in tax payers dollars,no account.why.
aunty bano paying you/ministers.
this is the most corrupt govt ever fiji have.

mark manning said...

What a bunch of clowns !
Maybe Frank should call his New Order Political Party the Kava Party, Let's Have a Party or Genocidal Party.
Failing that, the " Clayton's Party " the party you have when you don't really have a party.

Anonymous said...

With all this hogwash, why hold elections we are now all asking?
Where is the freedom of speech, freedom to speak up, freedom of choices etc etc?
I have said it before and I will say it again, THERE WILL NO ELECTIONS AS LONG AS THIS MURDERER IS ALIVE!!
All this has been orchestrated to give the PIG a reason to defer elections yet again. Come on people, even the Samoan PM has said that the PIG is a LIAR!!

Anonymous said...

In the Military there is ALWAYS either a Plan'A" or a Plan "B'.
But here we have Plans 'A', 'B','C', 'D', 'E', 'F' AND 'G' [SEVEN all told!!].
Must be from the training when the Pig went to Sth America to train!!
It is also indicative of the pee brains of his strategists and what the present officers are made of!! It is also indicative of their uncertainty and insanity!!!!

Anonymous said...

sad half people of Fiji have no idea of this. There are so many ammo in this site but to no avail. Why not send this to every household in Fiji, you work it out how!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH': The Vore, like Idi Amin will wrangle his way through to becoming 'The President for LIFE"!! HE has no other choice has he?

Anonymous said...

this paper is all the more reason for the people of Fiji to rise against these thieves, murderers, liars, dictators, racists, oppressors and all. There is no time for Election or what. We have been fooled since Dec 2006. Enough is enough. Chiefs, Unions, Churches, NGOs and all rightthinking people RISE UP NOW. ITS NOW OR NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Baini has and will do a good work for all.
The abolition of GCC was the best news for us common itaukie.
They have been bludgers on all commoners.

Anonymous said...

All the articles published about how the pig and piglet will hold elections or disband the GCC or restrict the christian church, sensor the freedom of the press to report the truth, blah blah and on and on . . . .
has played an important part to reveal the lies and expose the real intent of these criminals.
Very few people still hold any hope that banana and poobum can do anything to turn around the corruption because they are a central part of it.
It is fitting that Poobum is the minister for corruption. He is very clever at writing speeches for banana, but not very clever at hiding the sinister truth. In the long run he exposes his real motives and Fiji will have a lot of sufferring and regret to go through if they are allowed to go on for much longer.
Surely there is a core of smart people in Fiji who can bring an end to the nightmare, and it will take a lot of help and a lot of patience to bring people back together to forge a new and free Fiji with a true democracy.
God Bless Fiji.
-Sydney Tourist

Anonymous said...

Strategy 10 : CASSAVA PATCH

Moro said...

This regime has been talking about wiping out dirty politics in Fiji. Its becoming clear by the day that this is all bullshit. We now learn that there is an intention to shove by force down the throat of the people of this country a new political order that is draconian in nature aimed at entrenching military rule to keep Baini and his murderous cronies away from the arms of the law. I hope all overseas countries are taking note of these dangerous political developments which should question the integrity of the proposed constitutional consultation process and the impending 2014 elections (still doubted).

ex army said...

Mark Manning kava is part of our fijian ceremony and dont use it as a figure of speech because it can be taken as a racists remerks to some.
ex army

Atama R. said...

Bainimarama and his army boys steal my tax to try and win elections they never will win bunch of murderers,crooks and liars.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading this material by Intel source?

I also read they reverting to Voodooism...

We need national Prayer & fasting for the country...its spiritual warfare!!

Anonymous said...

Some theory but aint good enough,the truth is the Government
has run out of money and they can't
pay up their debts interests to China or India! The Nation main money maker-Sugar-is almost bankrupt. The coup maker is horrified, that some potential young colonel,with star in their eyes, maybe bidding their times to
get rid of him and assumed the PM job!Hence the commander current directions, forbidding any military officers, from carrying any weapons without direct personal authorization from him?
The man is calling for the election
of a democratic Government simply because he can't do it,friendly Government has refused to help the
Government financially or otherwise? The man is scared to death and is suspecting everyone-especially the one close to him, like Mosese Tikoitoga;Aziz;Leweni;etc,. The man history doesn't look too good,
he was a school bully growing up;didn't stand his ground during the CWR mutiny at Delainabua and out-ran the bullets through the cassava patch,ran through mountain,bushes,rivers,veidogo to get to the Naval base.The question is: does he want to go through that again? I DON'T THINK SO?Good
reason why we're having the election in 2014 and in his twisted mind-he want to leave a good legacy behind???

Kai Viti Dina said...

Ex Army...you are so full of BULL. What is special about kava? Because it makes you dopey?

Haydar Ali-kabuli Tavua said...

International Leadership Award goes to: fiji's Illegal pm bainimaichoodana
After considering the following the jury had split decision in favour of the boci:
a] highly uneducated person
b] very highly corrupt
c] highest murderer
d] top rapist
these were main points to be considered but the list goes on

Anonymous said...

sent all armies back to the village.
no army/no gun.
no coup.
end of coup in fiji.

Anonymous said...


Tiger Balm said...

Another interesting revelation - vinaka C4.5.

Some interesting points to note from this:

1. Funny how the military themselves call Bainimarama "the illegal PM"

2. Very clever thinking re "One Fiji Party" and branding everything the same. Shows these senior soldiers may be bad in spelling but know how to be political.

3. Another smarts bout them revealing Khaiyum is "immature in his political outlook and his background knowledge in politics has never been tested."

4. They are sexist goons ...saying No female PS coz they weak.

5. Strategy 6 ....does Naivalurua know that he is in fact the most powerful man in Fiji? If he is so straight and not corrupt, Why hasn't he arrested Baini yet?

Kutari said...

The strategy is built on the premise that the people are gullible enough to swallow the propaganda.

The reality is different; people can see through the ruse the Vore has no hope in hell to win a fair election.

They are flogging a dead horse.

Anonymous said...

@ ex army
OK let's call it the "Homebrew Party"

Anonymous said...

Bai is now desperate
Kai is too stupid
Desperation and Stupidity are recipes for disaster.
Bai is desperate to win Fijian votes and the Chinese want to get their debts paid.
Bai can't pay it. So he is trying to win favour from Foreign governments so that he can get money to pay the Chinese.

Bai doesn't care about the people , he just cares about himself.

All these New Constitution and erasing Racsim etc is all bullshit.

Jesus said you can judge a tree by its fruit. Here you can see Bai plotting for his safety by putting as much military personnel everywhere in government.

Bai does not trust the masses ( people)

Don't be surprised if a new rule says "Any new party can only be led by a military personnel".

This is all self-preservation.

The new Constitution forum is all bullshit. The new Constitution has already been drawn up.
Ghai was brought over to try and make it respectable to Foreign governments.

This is self-preservation for Bainimarama. Always was and always will be.
We can see right through you Bai.

As for Ghai, he is a professor, but he is also an idiot because he can't see what's happening.

You should go back to Kenya my friend before you soil your reputation.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Do people really think its genuine?.

"The illegal PM"

"He has his millions in overseas bank"


No one is that stupid?. or are they?.

Anonymous said...

What Cassava patch???

Moro said...

All women of this country shud not vote for this new party because you have been underestimated by this goons who are saying that there shud nopt be any.Women's Crisis Centre shud vigorously campaign against this regime. So this will be the first political party in Fiji's history to show a strong disciminatory stand against women. I'm asking if they are thinking this way, why appoint Taufa as a member of the constitution comission. Taufa, you should resign beccause your lot have been underestimated by these goons. What's kjeeping you there..is it money or what. So women forget about gender equality in Fiji. All women's organisation shud put up a rigorous protest about this discrimination. Wake up and let your voice be heard. While the whole world wants to see gender equality in all areas of public life, these goons are taking us back to the past. International organisations take note of what is being done here against women. Come on ladies, your votes alone will ensure these idiots do not ascend to power. Our country is surely on its way to the dogs but our women can stop this from happening at the ballot.

Moro said...

Sorry, what I was saying is the women shud not support this proposed party because it claims women shud not become PS because they are a weak link. Womens organisation shud put up a collective protest by voting these goons out when it comes to election if there is any. Sa rui levu na veibeci..oni sa beci na marama ena tutu ni veiliutaki. Ni vakaraitaka na nomuni kudru kua ni digitaki ratou. Iko Taufa vakasuka na nomu digidigi kevaka o ciqoma kena i balebale o tokona na nanuma oya baleti kemuni na marama..

The Oracle said...

Even if not genuine .. it is in line with the Exit Strategy that Bainimarama is working out for himself. The way things are shaping up, it's obvious the 2014 elections will be rigged in his favour. If, by some stroke of fate, he fails to win the 2014 elections, he will already have in place in government positions, the people he and his cronies can control - because they will owe their appointments to him.
Bainimarama will NEVER give up power before he dies. Millions or no millions, he still has a lot to lose, personally, if he lost the control he currently holds.
His Exit Strategy is to become President because as Commander in Chief, he will still be in control.
And, the first move has already been made - dispose of the GCC which was the appointing body and replace it with sub-chiefs who will vote Bainimarama in.
If we use Bainimarama and Tikoitoga's argument that the GCC has become "politicised" and is a Colonial hang-over then shouldn't we also accept that the position of President should also be abolished or replaced with a system based on elections? Who needs a toothless but expensive-to-maintain President anyway??
The rigged 2014 Elections will be Bainimarama's opportunity to claim "popular support" and following his "victory" he will immediately project himself into the Presidency and hand over the Prime Ministership to a trusted comrade. Technically, under the 1997 Constitution, all this will be illegal. And then again, technically, with Ghai's guidance the "new" Constitution will make it all "legal".
Yash Ghai is a key "ingredient" in Bainimarama and Sayed Khaiyum's Exit Strategy - and he knows it too well.

Wimmin Time said...

The Women Are Weak ideology the regime works on reveals a lot about the regime. Wjile Rishi Ram has resigned after putting his feet in his mouth these goons are revealing to the world their sexism. Speak up women NGOs!

Anonymous said...

you are drinking too much kava if you believe this was actually leaked by the military... v.creative c4.5 work i think... of course who cares about what is truth, blog wouldn't be read or interesting if they only blogged the truth...

Anonymous said...

I despise VB hecause he removed an elected government by force, did not want the police to charge him for murder, receiving a salary beyond imagination and giving me an early retirement.

Sharon Suaniu said...

Baini has his voodoo squad, just as he has his talatala squad. It's true!

Anonymous said...

haha this will be a slap in the face of womens rights grps. women are weak leaders according to fiji military

Anonymous said...

Point One: With Aiyaz's help, Bainimarama succeeded nearly two years ago in borrowing more than enough money to roll over Fiji's debt and to bankroll his unceasing political campaign aimed at the village level. The regime borrowed at higher than necessary interest rates to avoid IMF conditionality. So, the money is there, for now.

Point Two: Don't underestimate the effectiveness of the regime's strategy of buying popularity through infrastructure improvements. Anecdotally, its efforts are genuinely seen in some quarters as a welcome change from the neglect of past administrations.

Point Three: This purportedly leaked document is internally contradictory, but that alone does not inauthenticate it. The RFMF has been divided since before the coup. It has never been monolithic in its support of Bainimarama's treason, a fact that we, the loyal opposition, should not overlook. It does not help us to demonize Naivalurua, who is relatively clean and much more respected by the rank-and-file than Boss Hawg. Teleni is a nincompoop, but he's still seen by a sizeable faction of the RFMF as a useful counter to Squealer.

Point Four: This paper lays out different and contradictory scenarios. Some are in line with my 18th Brumaire thesis, which posits that Bainimarama will use the Cabinet to make himself president and a choreographed constitutional process to give the presidency sweeping new powers. Teleni will be groomed to be PM. Aiyaz likely will be CJ. In this scenario, Bainimarama and Aiyaz need not even run for office. Elections could then be superficially free and fair, because the game will already be over. A number of foreign governments already subscribe to this thesis. Few of them ever seriously harboured the belief that the constitutional and election processes would really be fair.

Point Five: Yash Ghai's professional reputation is already sliding on the basis of his involvement in what is increasingly seen as a dishonest attempt at constitutional dialogue. As this farce plays out, the only way he can hope to redeem his reputation will be to pull a 'Robin Nair' by repudiating the regime's machinations. I sense he might instead double down, becoming a major regime apologist and thereby damaging his reputation beyond redemption.

Final Point: We should stand by the 1997 Constitution, which also means standing by the GCC. Whether iTaukei or not, we must strengthen those institutions under threat from this illegal regime. Their final disposition can only be decided by a Free Fiji.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

"Female PS are weak"

This is Aiyaz muslim influence.

Mini Skirt Wearer said...

Giving women the boot because they are not 'Order Prone'??? That's as bad as saying they shouldnt wear short skirts when they get into taxis cos they're asking for it. Scary thought that Fiji is becoming such a testosterone driven country.

Anonymous said...

I wander what is going around Taufa Vakatale's mind with the military assumption that female PS are a weak link. Taufa you will be doing yourself and the womenfolk of this country a great favour by resigning from the constitution committee. And how about womens groups. Organise protests against this perception. This regime has no place for gender equality.

Just Me said...

Never mind Taufa - what about PS Sharon Smith Johns...weak and can't follow orders? Booyah!

Anonymous said...

Female PS and Senior Civil Servants are weak links. Therefore, in the eyes of these illegal people ; TAKE AWAY THEIR FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

Taufa used to be a strong advocate of gender equality. Always demanding for greater representation of women at higher echelon of national life which includes of course the PS and ministerial level. What now Taufa with the regime you're supporting underestimating the capability of women as PS. Come on don't bne blinded by money, do the honourable, show some sense of integrity. You should remove yourself from regime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:46, C4.5 might be a blog, and it sometimes gets it wrong, but it's more bloody edifying and reliable than Fiji's newspapers. Thanks to the Media Decree, the blogs are proliferating in number and readership. Talk about unintended consequences!

Caqepepa said...

I agree, thank you C4.5, sometimes I'm here half the day catching up on the articles and commenting..I need to get a life!!..Vinaka..

Anonymous said...

Ok people we have an Old Indian Man-Pratap Singh and an old Woman-
Talei, knocking on Bainimarama's door in Suva, to ask him-personally
why his Government was screwing around with their pension? Is anyone going to support these two?
How about the scrapping of the GCC,
will someone stepped-up and take the Government to court? Let the court decide as to wheather
or not it has jurisdiction
to try the case?

Anonymous said...

We put a Kainoco to looks after our interest in the last 1997 Constitutional committee. But he was always dozing-off during the meeting& submissions etc, which resulted in the way the constitution had turned out to be -pro-indo? Well more power to Taufa
for been picked to create a new constitution for us?I know that Professor Ghai will do his job to
the best of his ability? But lets
keep an eye out for the nubskull
they got from USP,as third members
as he is known for asskisser etc,.

Anonymous said...

let us just wait and see wat god has for us .. i don't know why people can not trust god if bainibarama is wrong let god take care of it ... sa vaka rai taki ni lailai na masu ... ivei na lotu viti
ivei na qaravi kalou
ivei ko jisu
sa levu na gusugusu vaka yalewa e jiko noda vanua
if we need a good fiji we should put GOD FIRST AND NOT FIJI FIRST ... and we should just pray for our nation .. and keep our mouth shut ............