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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The long awaited Board of Inquiry Report

The RFMF Board of Inquiry Report into the 2000 coup and the deaths of the CRW soldiers that Fiji's illegal leader tried to suppress to quell the questions about his involvement. Reproduced here, along with two other supporting documents, for people to see for themselves its authenticity.

Board of Inquiry Report

Bainimarama exposed

Colonel Tuatoko's statement


Anonymous said...

Mai!!it will soon end!!

Memory Lapse said...

C4.5 is only looking at a portion of the implication of Fiji's coup and I guess this is your call for you serve primarily those who have lost financially at the hands of the Bainimarama coup. But, how stupid can you all be?? The international community also takes into consideration those who lost heavily (the Indians especially)from the 1987 and 2000 coups. And equally important, let us not forget the suspicious accidental deaths of David Toganivalu, Jona Qio, Veisamasama and others. Let us also not forget soldiers who benefitted from the previous coup. What short memories C4.5 has and I dare you to print this.

Anonymous said...

some one please in Fiji collect email add and send link to every citizen in Fiji. Time to do some smart campaign

Kaiviti said...


Anonymous said...

Kaiviti @ 7:25pm

Gen Park Chung-Hee, the last dictator of South Korea, was assasinated by a group of his own millitary officers led by his head of Intelligence, Kim Jaegyu,on 26the October 1979.

Anonymous said...

fijians still tabetabe to ag/bai.
when will they open the eyes and fight for its vanua/chiefs/people.
i think all armies/police are yes man to ag taliban/bai.
bai you will pay one day and the same fate will happen to your family.
this is my oath and fight and prayer to almighty god.
he will punish you soon.
sadam /other gone .your time coming soon.
god is great.

Anonymous said...

Time for bainimarama to go. This is really shameful and disgusting. Current fmf soldiers, Fiji does not need you, You're a waste of taxpayers money, and you bring nothing but misery and suffering to a beloved nation.

My fathers fought valiantly in the solomons an Malaya and earned their reputation as fijis finest soldiers. Only for their sweat and tears to be utterly degraded by this bunch of bocis. They would rolling in their graves.

AU diva kera me sa bula, segai o bainimarama keira nomu lala sotia boci kanabuta ni tiko qori ena keba ni kana I vacu ga.

Anonymous said...

It seems the BOI is shifting blame on Major Ligairi, a man of great humility who is widely respected by those like me who know what kind of person he is. The question that needs to be answered what was the purpose of his re-engagement by Bainimarama when he was enjoying his quiet retirement in his village. Bainimarama has a lot to answer for and he should state why he refused to appear before the BOI.

Anonymous said...

Ok...so now we are starting to get somewhere. long way to go but this is a start.

Bainimarama can and never will be PM of Fiji. He has and been only ever dictator.
1.To hold him to his word ..no benefit to the military.
2. Coup of 2000
3. Coup of 2006
4 Murder
5 Fraud ( back leave)
6. Multipul salaries - theft of public funds
the list goes on.

If he, Aiyaz, Chaudhry or any of the beneficieries of the coup stands for elections then a general boycott of elections, general strikes, marches, disobidience etc.

Last resort will be assisinations.


Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu c4.5 and all Back To Democracy For Fiji advocates! The images of the brutalized CRW soldiers are certainly doing the rounds here in the US, and the feedback from Fiji is just as good. I understand that this is distressfull for the relatives and some people have started removing the images like in FB, but the truth has got to come out! Bainimarama continues to do what he does because very little of the truth filters down to the people! Spread the word good people, let us continue the fight, the end is near for the dictator and his evil followers!
VN, California.

nick naidu-nz said...

if there is any strength left in the kaiviti community than please show some unity and cannibalize this khaiyum and kick this bastard no school idiot bainimarama.

sarka khan said...

what a shame on the indian and Chineese government for helping this traitor.perhaps they are used to this kind of situation in their country that why there is no bearing on them.stop aiding to this corrupt govt fiji has ever had.

Anonymous said...

what's the point putting on web when whole Fiji has no information , hammer in Fiji as well

Dalit said...

This guy is a despot, a serial liar and a conniving murderer who needs to be terminated.

hafiz khan-suva said...

where is [RAMBO]? time has come for you to throw away your sulu and put on uniform and march in the 4th floor. you can do it b!@i don't be scared.

March 5, 2012 8:09 AM

Anonymous said...

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( Ahum!..Disregard for the safety of self ?? Problem here, Franky is a coward like other socipaths I know, only brave when liquored up)


Anonymous said...

Ahmad Wali Karzai, head of Kandahar's provincial council, was killed earlier Tuesday in his home in southern Afghanistan in an attack for which the Taliban has since claimed responsibility.

With his death, President Hamid Karzai's powerful brother now joins a long list of Afghan officials threatened, attacked or killed by the group. In the past few years, the Taliban launched a number of personal attacks on high and low ranking Afghan officials.

In April 2011, U.S. envoy Karl Eikenberry told Reuters he expected "that in the course of the spring and summer we could see continued attacks, perhaps at a higher level then we saw last year." Eikenberry warned of more assassinations on U.S. and Afghan officials, explaining that "It seems to us now that they have shifted and they have begun now a very focused campaign."

Anonymous said...

BAGHDAD — The assassins strike quietly, often just after dark, as Iraq’s political and military leaders speed home surrounded by armed guards.

The dead in April alone included generals, police commanders, a deputy minister and the head of Iraq’s tax agency. The wounded included a member of parliament, a judge and the head of the national theater, survivors of attacks on their motorcades

Among 50 targeted killings last month, most were carried out by gunmen using silenced weapons, according to Iraq’s Interior Ministry, which oversees the country’s police forces.

Assassinations are not an entirely new feature of Iraq’s political landscape. But a stealthy string of killings that began last month has given them new prominence.

Ali al-Dabbagh, Iraq’s chief government spokesman, said there was no evidence that Shiite militias are behind the assassinations. But he acknowledged that the sheer number of killings of high-placed government officials has become a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Iraqi intelligence officials say the killers include gunmen who have stalked Iraqi bureaucrats with semi-automatic weapons muzzled with silencers. Others have been masked men on motorbikes who slap magnetic "sticky bombs" on motorcades carrying the country's political and military elite.

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To cut off potential escape routes, security forces have erected new roadblocks and checkpoints in recent days, contributing to traffic gridlock.

"It's a new, blind kind of insurgency," said Ahmen Riyad, 25, a police officer who was directing traffic last week at an intersection adorned with makeshift memorials to three assassinated police officers, including two killed recently by gunmen using silencers.

Anonymous said...

WOW,Come on people, how come these pictures has suddenly poped out and
we don't even know, if these are not actors or picture of dead people in Africa,USA,or anywhere else in the world? why would anyone
with a bit of common sense wants to
bring up a highly disturbed pictures into the general public at a time? When the Fiji Government
is planning to returned the Government back to Democratic election? Just seems to me that something here is very wrong?On one
hand the PM is trying to give us back our electoral Government, while on the other hand, someone is absolutely afraid, of the PM move;and doesn't want him to let go of the wheel? WHO ARE THE REAL CULPRIT HERE?The PM has had no experience in hardcore handling of
enemies?Most of the Colonels the PM fired or released, were hardcore
battlefield vetrans, who would shoot to kill, at the drop of a pen?

Taukei. said...

@ Memory Lapse.

Only Indians can reduce & equate a discussion about torture & murder into financial loss.

Just saying said...

to the anonymous wowser@ 11.19am As I said you know when regime supporters are pissed about their false idols getting a hammering and asking WHO ARE THE REAL CUPLRITS OUT THERE. Eeelarious!

bakewa said...

ref to:fiji live story today. bai bicai you are no count in front of chaudhry you bluff-master.chaudhry's hard word is well recognized by cane farmers and workers of fiji. he commands respect amongst the underprivileged and ordinary citizens. he doesn't mingle around with corrupt group of which you are the leader you better know this u madharchod he will finish you soon.

Anonymous said...

On Oct. 6, 1981, assassins posing as soldiers opened fire on Egyptian President Anwar Sadat as he watched a military victory parade to mark Egypt’s 1973 war with Israel.

The assassins waited for the right moment to kill Sadat. They waited for the military parade to pass in front of Sadat’s presidential viewing stand. There were thousands of soldiers watching and taking part in the parade, but very few of them were armed. As a precaution, Egyptian troops marching in the parade carried unloaded weapons. The weapons were supposed to be just for show. But the assassins smuggled in bullets for their AK-47assault rifles. As the gunmen passed in front of Sadat, they opened fire.

Al-Zomor, one of the founders of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad group, admits he supplied the ammunition and knew about the plot, but says he never directed it.

The decision [to kill Sadat] was based on a number of factors together. Sadat broke into the people’s rights with the idea of tyranny. He dissolved the people’s assembly [parliament]. He was a tyrant, and he dissolved and he cheated and he made his party the one in control and running everything. The third issue is that Egypt reached such levels of tyranny. We were confronted aggressively,” Zomor said.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

On October 31, 1984 Indira Ghandi's Sikh bodyguard Beant Singh drew a .38 revolver and fired three shots into her abdomen. As she fell to the ground, Satwant Singh, a second Sikh bodyguard in her Personal Security detail, pumped all 30 rounds from his Sten automatic weapon into Indira Ghandi's crumpled body. At least seven bullets penetrated her abdomen, three her chest and one her heart. The Prime Minister of India was dead.

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Cala 'qori said...

Taukei @ 11.52am, Vosota e cala nomu vakasama, au iTaukei botoboto. Typical!

ICC said...

Did you guys see franks interview on FBC Tv last night - he was clearly sweating and said :

- maybe i will stand for elections - what does that mean - no elections or he trying to become president !

- first constitution then elections - how long will that be ?

- he must understand that he will face ICC even after elections because democracy means rule of law

Just saying said...

C4.5 this report will only be useful if you can get the damning pictures to the ordinary person in Fiji and they turn on Bainimarama. Otherwise ball is back in Mara's court where it has always been.

Anonymous said...

@ Just saying.

Ball has never been nor ever will be in Mara's court. Only court he can look forward to visiting is one of law re his involvement in the CRW killings.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama for PM !

The Executioner (Suva Gaol) said...

To all soldiers in the RFMF!!!
You are being misguided by an illegal commander, Voreqe Bainimarama.

This is the statement that will lead to his hanging!!

"As Commander of the RFMF, I, under the legal doctrine of necessity will step into the shoes of the President".