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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lowy academic: proof in Bainimarama's actions not announcements

The Lowy Institute academic behind the controversial poll last year that claimed 66% of people supported Frank Bainimarama says the consultation process he announced on Friday is the most positive step she has has seen from him since he took control in 2006.
Akuila Yabaki. pic Praxis
Jenny Hayward-Jones has told the AP news agency that "assuming he's serious and follows through with it, it's very positive" and that "the announcement suggests there's going to be some genuine consultation and some genuine freedom of speech."

Hayward-Jones came under attack last year for a poll deliberately timed for the Pacific Islands Forum in New Zealand that said there was wide support for Bainimarama and that he had twice the popularity of Australian prime minister Julia Gillard.

Critics (including this blog) maintained the findings of the poll could not be credible because of military rule.

Hayward-Jones insisted the survey was a fair reflection of Bainimarma's support and now says the appointment of the Kenyan academic Yash Ghai as the chair of the Constitution Commission, is a good sign.

She says Ghai is a leading expert in his field and that even if the regime start to have misgivings about the constitutional process once it got underway, it would be hard for them to stop it.

She added, though, that the proof will be in Bainimarama's actions, not his announcements. 

The Citizens Constitutional Forum of Fiji has also welcomed the appointment of Ghai and says CCF is looking in particular at a number of issues including the constitution roles of the judiciary, and codes of conduct that ensure accountability and personal freedoms.

CCF's CEO Akuila Yabaki says decisions also have to be made about the role of the military and the Great Councils of Chiefs, plus the ownership of land.


Anonymous said...

waste of time and money like people charter.
no mandate given to this illegal regime.
frank/ag taliban with his cronies need to accept the 1997 const is a living document and still alive.
they had past 5 court case on this 1997 const since 2000 coup.
3 ruling was given by current cj gates.
2 court ruling by appeal court.
only elected mp can amend the 1997 const not this illegal juntas.
full stop ag taliban go and read the law.
wanna be ag/acting pm.
if you bai think you wanted to be pm/mp
why didnt you stand in the election..
the ans no one want to vote you dick head.
i will love to hang you 2 one day when the court charges you for treason.

Anonymous said...

Professor Ghai may be credible expert, but he is politically tainted. He was NFP-FLP constitutional adviser in 1995. Nandan is a sycophant and a turncoat and Vakatale is a lightweight, no substance. Stand firm people. Don't give in to the regime. Show the world that you have taken a stand. The regime has no moral right to decide our future.

Radiolucas said...

"...even if the regime start to have misgivings about the constitutional process once it got underway, it would be hard for them to stop it."

You mean like last time with the CCF?

Morons. Frank and Aiyaz have no honour and have in the past been more than willing to ignore their promises.

Anonymous said...

Admit it, guys, you've lost and Frank wins. Every single time.

Anonymous said...

Lowy lost all credibility with those "polls" so just STFU Lowy.

Anonymous said...

Who does this drunkard padre represent. Why don't we gather the views of community leaders who matter much because they have followings. Get the views of the chiefs, turaga ni yavusa, Hindu pandits, political leaders, women and youth organisations, these people represent people. Sick and tired of this padre who is more suited to be sitting under the mango tree.

mark manning said...

Yabaki should go and re-read his Bible, especially the part about obeying the "Legitimate" Authority of man.

Taukei. said...

What on earth is the matter with this Lowy woman - she got a screw loose or what?

ex army said...

Mark Manning Mr Yabaki is a Fijian commenting on things about his Country.What about your fronm some other planet and commenting on Fiji.Mr Yabaki is a land owner but you steal the Aboriginese land and chase them to Jail
ex army

Anonymous said...

Why are these people talking ie Kaiyum, Yabaki, Low, etc etc ....they were not elected by anybody nor are they chiefs or landowners,,,,,,,
its all wrong ,,,we need our leaders to represent us ,,,ie elected leaders and our chiefs and yavusa heads,,,,,
luveni magaitinamuni na kena vo!

Anonymous said...

suck suck uPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vaka

Anonymous said...

obviously this lady doesnt have any understanding of kaiviti politics ,,,,,,what u see is not reality,,,,,,ie even if your shed is full during elections u can still lose

Sharon Suaniu said...

Yabaki the wolf in sheep's clothing!

Sweet little Jenny said...

@ jenny from lowly
jenny - i'm trying to find the nicest way to say this. You are totally out of your farking depth you expert on SFA. stop making a fool of yourself and lowly institute.

Anit Singh said...

It is sad to see that the CCF which was so passionately involved in and indeed instrumental in the consultations and the evolution of the 1997 Constitution now so casually welcomes discussions on another.

CCF Wake-Up!!

The 1997 Constitution Lives ... It Lives ... It Lives.

Read/ Research the CCF achieves. In many respects 'the 1997 Constitution was also a CCF's gift to our nation.

A lot of 'nation-building' and citizenry goodwill was achieved by the 1997 and a lot of loss suffered due to its short-sighted purported abrogation.

We don't need another!! "The 1997 Constitution Live"

Anonymous said...

c4.5 you're begining to act like the IG/AG, dictatorial Media decree 2010! You're muffling us citizens, who wanted to says
something positive, about the IG moves. You're certainly, just as bad, as the Military Government!If you cannot be neutral and non-partisan, best thing to do, is to butt out of this business, or shut-down the site!!!

Waiting 4 U said...

The best way to shut up intruders is to close their mouths and Jenny Hayward-Jones is an intruder. I hope she visits Fiji more so one day in the future, she meets her comeuppance

Anonymous said...

'Assuming he's serious and goes through with it' -- Jenny, are you really that credulous? You're beginning to sound almost as silly as Yabaki.

That much having been said, we would be foolish ourselves if we were to assume that Bainimarama would necessarily lose an election. I personally beIieve that both he and Aiyaz will instead place themselves as president and chief justice respectively, obviating the need for them to stand for election, but I could be wrong.

They've certainly been laying the groundwork for manipulating an election. They've borrowed a lot of money on the nation's credit and used the largess to buy support. Bainimarama has also been visible in traveling to parts of Fiji ill-served by his predecessors.

Most Fijians do not pay close attention to politics, especially when they feel powerless to affect them. Moreover, the regime-controlled press has fed them a diet of lies for years and suppressed news regarding the true state of the nation.

An honest election campaign would give the opposition ample opportunity to expose the lies, but we should not harbour the illusion of such an election even for a moment. That's the mistake of the Jenny and Akuila types.

The regime will want to divide the opposition and keep it off-balanced. Bainimarama will continue to take full advantage of the powers of incumbency and patronage. That's why the opposition needs to organize now to recruit Fiji's best people and to unite behind a single slate with a common platform aimed at putting Fiji back on the path toward freedom and justice.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Lets look at it this way. Who abrogated the constitution? Okay so it was the President obviously acting at the behest of FB and AK. Has he got the legal right and authority to do so? No since there was no basis on which he could do this. The 1997 constitution was still active and did not allow anyone to abrogate it except by parliamentary process.

Taukei. said...

Really curious how JHJ & her boss keeps their jobs at Lowy Ins given their previous monumental blunders?