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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More hiccups at Air Pacific and Pacific Sun

Shaenaz Voss
Inside leaks continue about the problems at Air Pacific as the national carrier's domestic line, Pacific Sun, tries to fend off reports of trouble.

Ongoing complaints from travellers about disrupted Pacific Sun flights from Suva to Nadi flights, and  Savusavu, Labasa and Taveuni have finally got an answer from management.

Fiji Village has today buttonholed the airline's general manager Shaenaz Voss who blamed  the disruptions on 'bad weather.'

Voss reckons the Twin Otters for the country's only domestic airline have now been 'equipped with weather radars and GPS’s which will now allow domestic flights to be on schedule despite bad weather.'

She says the $300,000 upgrade will allow Pacific Sun to operate two flights daily into Savusavu from either Nadi or Suva, twice a day flights from Nadi to Taveuni and a daily Nadi to Kadavu flight.

Coupfourpointfive has meanwhile been told four senior executives (one general manager and three executive general managers) from Air Pacific have been forced to leave the company since the start of the year 'due to continuous conflicts' with the regime favourite, CEO David Pflieger.

Two of the four senior managers have been named to us as the GM Finance/Chief Financial Officer - Nick Cain and the GM Commercial/Chief Commercial Officer - Josef Loew.

The other two were unnamed but are believed to be the Chief Pilot and the General Manager  Operations.

Insiders say Air Pacifc continues to favour contract staff ahead of local employees. 

They say Pacific Sun is also operating under a cloud as costs for charters continue to rise and imminent departure of more staff to other better paying companies.


Savusavu ite said...

When is the Savusavu airport going to be extended?

Maxie said...

Lets just hope they don't shutdown! And you fellas flying on Air NZ, Virgin, etc I pity you.

Anonymous said...

why dont we hear any comments from the chairman of air pacific, nalin patel.
is he a Baini puppet as well

Anonymous said...

well whats new with air pathetic!!airline wont be owned by Fiji govt anymore with the 1.8billion loan frm EU. In other words, all staff MUST go now or in the very near future, thanks to their Pathetic Boss Dave Ulupepa Pflieger

Anonymous said...

Here's the catch: Air Pacific is leasing an aircraft form Tonga to cater for one of the ATR42 which is abroad for general mechenical check up. Shainaz Voss is a share holder in the airline being leased by air pac? what you have to say Frank. This is not a lie. Check it out for yourself

Anonymous said...

Voss and her husband owned company went bankrupt few years ago.Wonder how she is going to manage Pacific Sun when she was not even a senoir manager at Air Fiji.

Anonymous said...

those twin otters were purchased by Pflieger from his mates in Florida. They came with all the high tech gear that they say they have retro-fitted. That is BS. Why couldn't they fly in bad weather?? Bcause one twin otter leaked very badly during operation in bad weather that the water got into the wiring and equipment and totally blacked out the whole instrumentation. The pilot had no instruments to go by. That resulted in the aircraft coming very close to a fatal national disaster.The other aircraft had modification done in Florida but no wiring diagram was supplied with the aircraft.

Anonymous said...

The lease arrangement Voss made was for 1000 flying hours. That 1000 hours is the minimum rate that is to be paid. whether you use the aircraft for 1000 hours or 800 hours, you pay the minimum of 1000 hours. If you use the aircraft for more than 1000 hours, thaen there is a separate hourly rate over and above the 1000 hours. with this arrangement, one would think, why not maximise usage to 1000 hours. But no, the aircraft barely does 3 hours a day.
It sits on the ground 99% of the time. Does not make financial sense. but then if Voss is a shareholder, then more in pocket with this arrangement??

Anonymous said...

Give Phlieger some credit. He has worked hard to create a truly toxic environment where we are all looking over our backs waiting for the next crazy idea or execution of a manager. By my count he is on his 4th Executive GM operations and 4th Executive GM Commercial. Did he hire incompetent people or were they professionals who did not want to be part of his empire of lies? Either serves as evidence of Phlieger’s incompetence. The Chief pilot was demoted and Pacific Sun has been screwed up for a year since Jimmy was so brutally forced out! CAAF should worry if the airline is not run by an instable psychopath.
Pflieger has also successfully purged a critical number of Fijian senior leaders destroying the years of effort to grow capable Fijian leadership replacements for expats. The office is crawling with consultant expats even for middle management jobs that were previously filled with experienced Fijians. There is no rebuilding of the airline. If now CFO Mr. Caine is also pushed out, who would lend such an unstable company money to buy the planes we badly need? When will the board admit that they hired a crazy person and purge him before he totally destroys the airline? Every time I see him on a plane my stomach cramps up.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You don't a fox to guard the henhouse! When it leaves it not only takes the chicken but has also eating the eggs while its at it! It was a dope they needed so they did get one,when he leaves he would of ripped of Air Pacific to the bones and set himslef up for life with his newly made contacts for the businees deals he has made for them overseas!

Slovak said...

Actually they lost millions with local management, that's why they getting outside help in Consultants etc. It's worked out, minimized their losses to just a million last year. This year, they are projecting a profit, so lets give him a chance to prove himself.

Anonymous said...

nah they're cooking the books to make the profits look good, dropping budget accruals etc..its so obvious. u cant js drop the expenses js like that with the fuel and maintenance expenses skyrocketing, PLUS the consultancy fees ..yes u heard it..CONSULTANCY FEES WERE MORE THAN 2MILLION BLOGGERS..VACAVA THAT..and to top it off, Shenaaz'z hertz rental car business making huge profits as all consultants were issued with a Hertz rental each...too much collusion going in there bloggers. lets js watch and see, hopefully govt will do something abt it.this is serious Corporate governance and ethics issue.

Anonymous said...

Shaenaz Voss should be sacked with her boss....he and she...she wants to run PacSun but not capable.she should be in the kitchen.....i hope another airline comes in who can do a better job for the travelling puplic..

Unknown said...

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