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Friday, March 30, 2012

PINA media summit exposes realities of Fiji censorship

Nevermind the censorship we still honour 
your presence at this PINA summit Mr Dictator

Akauola with Bainimarama at PINA.
An example of why the real world gives very little time and credibility to both the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) and Fiji's censored media.

While illegal leader Frank Bainimarama's speech about journalists 'not having to be pro-government but pro-Fiji' was a big push at this week's media summit, the headline splash has been the all too obvious decision of PINA and the regime to stop journalists from grilling him.

Bruce Hill
Radio Australia journalist Bruce Hill revealed in a report that PINA did not want questions to be asked saying Fiji's Ministry of Information had  told him that PINA has imposed censorship on its own media gathering at the Pacific Media Summit.

Fiji Village is today quoting PINA's media manager, Matai Akauola, as saying it would not have been right in the Pacific or Fijian culture to door-stop the Prime Minister after the official opening.

Akauola says no request had been made for time for journalists attending the media summit (the theme is Building a Healthy and Responsible Media Culture), to ask questions and it was improper to do that. 

Fiji's chief censor, the Permanent Secretary for Information, Sharon Smith-Johns, has also waded into the muck saying Hill is misleading people. 

According to Fiji Village reporter Vijay Narayan, Smith says Hill had asked but they need to understand that PINA asked Bainimarama to officially open the media summit, not to have a media conference.

She is also quoted as saying she never said to Hill that PINA had asked the Prime Minister not to take any questions. In the FBC story (see below), she describes it as an effort 'to gin up a dramatic news story'.

Lisa Williams
In discussions this morning on the media circuit, a spokesperson for the Pacific Freedom Forum, Lisa Williams, noted: "I wrote to Matai and Sharon Smith Johns asking if there would be time for Pacific media to ask questions of Bainimarama, and Smith Johns responded to that by saying there would be no interviews.

"I then followed up with a request for an interview and did not receive a response at all. In previous PINA meetings journalists have been able to speak to the country leaders attending and its bizarre to think we wouldn't be able to request one on one or joint press conference fora. It's what we do!

"All journos like Bruce and I were doing were seeking interview time. What Vijay could have balanced in this story is the unasked question...but I guess the answer is loud and clear in that silence...."

Censorship claim desperate to dramatise story

17:09 Thu Mar 29, 2012


Ministry of Information permanent secretary, Sharon Smith-Johns
Taken from/By: FBC
Report by: Christopher Chand
Claims by foreign media outlets that Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama snubbed them during the PINA summit are an attempt to ‘gin up dramatic news story’ says Ministry of Information permanent secretary, Sharon Smith-Johns.
She says these allegations of censorship by the ABC are a desperate attempt to dramatise their stories.
Smith- Johns says censorship does not exist in Fiji.
She says no one can waltz into Fiji, demand a sit down with the Prime Minister whenever they want.
Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama was chief guest at the PINA Summit on Tuesday.

Bainimarama's speech to PINA conference


Anonymous said...

The behaviour of Matai Akoula and some of the Fijian media personalities handling PINA is extremely disgraceful and shameful. How can they invite the very person to open the pina summit who threatened them and stole fiji's liberty and rights of its citizen at gunpoint. How can pina entertain a person who has raped and abused media freedom in this country. How can pina entertain a person who has been a symbol of opperession, violence and human right abuses. Let me be very blunt here. Fijian people are crafting their own demise for their own selfish gain. Shame on you matai!

PINKY P said...

TO MUCH LASU [BULL SHIT]sharon you and bai are running out of lies,THE END IS NEAR

Anonymous said...

Come on, this is ridiculous. When someone comes to make a formal speech at a function, where is the requirement that he must answer questions? Did Ratu Mara ever do that? Did anyone else in a Pacific context?
A news conference is different and Bainimarama is giving one today at the MSG. Go to that if you want to ask questions. But really...A couple of precious overseas journalists who trample all over accepted local norms. Bugger off.

Anonymous said...

Good for regional journos to see the BS going on in Fiji

Dumb and Dumber said...

Matai is using 'pacific culture' to defend the wrongs of an illegal government.

Semi said...

Not helping yourself here Honorable PM. Should have had that interview and Q&A. What an opportunity blown.

Anonymous said...

Matai and Sharon making Bai and themselves a laughing stock

Anonymous said...

When one is scared to death that his bullshit will be exposed he or she will demand at all cost that he will act as a preacher, ie. one way of communication only and no questions asked. Frankie is scared as the bullets coming out of his mouth are all rubber but he doesn't want to receive the real bullets as that will kill him. Matai as his name says is a smart arse who will do anything to protect his his saviour. Sharon, well we all know her....she wouldn't care less as long as her TRP and bonuses increases every six months...

Corruption at PINA said...

PINA has been in decay for a while.
When Nina Ratulele was in charge she acted like it belonged to her father. She and her coup-supporting partner Peter Lomas treated the place like a piggy bank, going on overseas junkets at will. Kaicolo Nina who cannot string together a coherent sentence was promoted as a 'journalist' by Lomas. This was 'nepotism' at its best.

Nina's successor Makareta Komai also acted like PINA was her father's business. She and Matai keep all overseas trips between themselves. Both are right up this regime's arse. PINA is corrupt to the bone.

Anonymous said...

This is the beauty about Rabuka. He'll take questions at anytime. Probably the most media-friendly PM ever was.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Leader has rejected claims by Colonel Tikoitoga that he failed as Minister of Finance and was dismissed.

“My record as Finance Minister belies any such claim. By the time I left office in July 2008, Fiji’s financial and economic situation had stabilized and the nation was well on the way to economic recovery and growth. Government finances had been rescued from the highly critical state it was in at the time of the Army takeover in December 2006. In addition:

Foreign Reserves had stabilised and was up 8% in May 2008 compared to the same period a year before despite the pressure from escalating fuel and food prices

Government’s operating expenditure was down with figures for the six months to June 2008 showing a surplus of $77.4m

Budget deficit for 2007 was contained at 1.5% of the GDP well below the targeted 2% and a vast improvement on the 5.2% of GDP under the previous government

Government’s debt position had improved with debts falling 4% compared to the previous year

“Col Tokoitoga is equally wrong when he claims that I was dismissed. I resigned effective 19 August 2008 along with my two Labour Party colleagues in response to a directive from Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama to his Cabinet that all those wanting to contest the next general elections should vacate their Cabinet portfolios at least six months ahead of the elections which were then scheduled for April 2009,” Mr Chaudhry said.

I wrote to the Prime Minister on 18 August 2008 informing him that since work on the Draft People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress had been completed and it was being put to the people for their views and comments, the FLP National Council had resolved that the Party should “withdraw its Cabinet Ministers from the Interim Government in order to enable them to concentrate on the consultation process on the Charter and prepare the Party for the next general elections”.

“For the evaluation and consultation exercise to be considered credible, the FLP will need to ensure that it is conducted at an arm’s length from the interim government and is independent of any form of attachment to it…”

On 22 August 2008, Prime Minister Bainimarama wrote to me acknowledging receipt of my letter of resignation with the following remarks:

“Your input as Minister for Finance and National Planning, Sugar Industry and Public Utilities (Water and Energy) has been invaluable in the Interim Government’s pursuit for good governance and stabilizing the economy and for this I am grateful… Please accept my heartfelt appreciation once again for the sacrifices you have made and for the services you have provided the Interim Government.”

Colonel Tokoitoga would do well to check his facts before he speaks out against people who may not see eye to eye with him.

Wasted Fiji Dollars said...

An opportunity missed Frank but perhaps you don't care. Considering you spend heaps of taxpayers dollars on speeches ... including that one... (or was that penned by Graham Davis peter Lomas or Matai Akauola??) all written by Qorvis.

Anonymous said...

Speight was happy to front as. Good showmanship by both Rabuka and Speight.

Anonymous said...

All you bloggers who criticise PM Bainimarama, look closely at what is happening on the ground, the people are much happier than before because illegal as this regime maybe, it is at least, doing something about the plight of the poor. It is VERY RESPONSIVE. So, go fry yourselves a kalavo for your dinner.

Moce Jo said...

My thoughts on this so called PINA Media summit:

1. I don't know why people like Lisa Lahari and Bruce Hill attended the summit as "individual journalists" not representing their organisation. Does it mean that your principles as a journalist change when you are not presenting your organisation! You should not have attended "as a matter of principle". Other credible journalists in Fiji chose to stay away unlike you.

2. Bainimarama did not want to answer questions.
What else did you all expect! We have known for a long time that he is a dicator ...and a dictator dictates, get it.

3. Sharon Smith Johns is a liar and not a qualified media practitioner, otherwise she would have advised Bainimarama that this was his chance to score brownie points by answering questions from regional and overseas journalists.

4. Shame on you UNDP! You know that there is censorship in Fiji yet you still provide money for useless things like this summit which was organised by journalists who support the military regime.

5. It's been said that Fiji journalists write pro-regime stories because they are not supported etc like overseas journalists. Excuses excuses....again a matter of principle. If I was a journalist in Fiji under the current circumstances, I would change my job! Go into communications, teach English. Or stay away from political stories. Stop making up excuses.

Anonymous said...

So Frank and co were scared of a handful of journalists from outside the country. Fromwhat I've seen there were only a few Euro journos, Frank, the rest were Fiji's own lot

Radiolucas said...

"She says no one can waltz into Fiji, demand a sit down with the Prime Minister whenever they want."

...and receive a free trip to Nadi airport for deportation.

I think we see how this works, Sharon.

Anonymous said...

I think it is better for Voceke not to open his mouth and answer questions. I have NEVER heard anything wise from him, only bullshit, and stupidity. Voceke is holding to the saying, 'It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt.' At that Q and A, Voceke will once again, as always, expose hiself areal fool.

Junket Queen said...

I am shocked Junket Queen Lisa Lahari is attending conference after criticising PINA and the regime to the hilt.! What a hypocrite.

She would have made a strong statement by staying away, like her Pasima colleagues, not by wining and dining with the regime and compromised journalists. She has totally compromised what little credibility her half-baked, one man show PFF had.

But we should not be surprised. Lisa is well known in regional media circles for her love for junkets and her adeptness at cornering aid dollars for globe trotting, for which she milked the Fiji situation for all it was worth.

Anonymous said...

PINA as a media organisation has no credibility at all. A complete waste of time and money.
Journalist ethics have been and continue to be completely compromised in Fiji with morons like "Akaulasu" happy to dance along to the illegal tune.
It's a sad day for journalism indeed when you see propagandists in the place of balanced news reporters. How can they live with themselves?

Anonymous said...

as was expected, Coup4.5 has taken a beating at the PINa media conference. Accused of misreporting and engaging in personal attacks against Frank, Sharon and the list goes on.
This is what happens when you suppress the media and the right to freedom of expression.
Thank you Coup4.5 for providing an outlet for right-thinking people to vent their disapproval of this illegal regime.
Keep up the good work. Funding will flow in for your media freedom activities as you have been a beacon of light and hope in the hours of our darkness.

Media Mouse said...

are pacific journos media or mices?

Anonymous said...

Of course Frank won't answer questions, he needs to know the questions 24 hours inadvance so he can have all the answers (so he thinks).
You see because Frank is dumb and dumbies can't answer intellectual questions and come up with a smart answer at the same time.

No Retreat said...

"Just as political leaders like me must strive for the realization of an ideal.

The difference is that for politicians the proof of our words is found in our deeds."

How do you match up to your words Bainimarama,not at all!!

Sorry illegal pm rest in peace

Anonymous said...

There is a severe flooding in Fiji folks..and in view of the fact that Fiji is a flood prone country, and this is the third or fourth time that severe flooding has affected Fiji this year, the comments by the DISMAC director in Fiji is appaling. Is this guy qualified for this job?

His comments read:
"DISMAC Director Pajiliai Dobui is now calling on people who own boats to come forward and assist DISMAC in rescuing hundreds of people who are still stranded in the flood affected areas.

Dobui said they have also received many calls from people who need urgent assistance but they cannot do much without the boats."


It is a tool for tackling flood and communication in a country like Fiji...for crying out loud...DISMAC should own boats and not asking for them in time of needs. Boat owners also need them for their respective families.

DISMAC should be scraped and let the police and navy handle this responsibility.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:48

We ARE looking VERY closely at what is happening on the ground and under the water. The poor are getting poorer and the dumb are getting dumber. Glad you at least recognise these rats are illegal. Suggest YOU go and find a dry kalavo if you can and lovo for your kana, Sucker!

Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know, Bainimarama was so afraid of questions.

Not afraid to bash women and yet so afraid to answer questions.

If you have chosen to Lead the country then you should be willing to answer the people's questions.

Obviously not Leadership material.

Be willing to answer any question ( like Obama).
Choosing questions or avoiding questions is what precious little pussies like Paris Hilton do.

I must say having a pathetic Press-Secretary like Sharon doesn't really help.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Frank shud fire Sharon and take Matai up to the barracks for shutting him out from taking media questions. What it actually indicates is that Sharon, Matai and Co. underestimate Frank's ability to answer off the cuff questions worrying he would fumble as usual.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:56pm

DISMAC is in this situation because of inadequate funding from the Government.

The RFMF and Police are also involved in evacuations. However their capacity is limited because they don't have boats, they don't have fuel, they don't have night vision capacity and they don't have communications equipment.

In Australia the Emergency rescue services have night operation capacity. They also have boats and they also have communication equipment which enables them to coordinate with the Australian Army and Australian polie dutring emergencies.

These capabilities require funding. Funding which the Fiji government does not have.

Anonymous said...

DISMAC should kerekere the navy.

Anonymous said...

Dont Worry, the royal fiji Navy will come and save you on thier BilliBilli, as soon as the commodore is free.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymouse 2:48
The "happy" people of Fiji are now stuck in the flood because no boats from DISMAC.
All the money went to Army but not to DISMAC
Fiji people now "not happy".
They might have to eat the kalavo ni waluvu.
Welcome to happy Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.44pm

There could have been funds available...if they have halved the millitary budget of $130M....this money is been used to pay the increased paycheck of military personel so they continue to support the illegal regime...[and they don't even go to war..phew]
Secondly whoever heads the DISMAC should have prepared well in advance after the experience of the recent flooding, and knowing that we are still in the hurricane season..if you fail to plan then plan to fail!!!! I am sure DISMAC have given the report to the illegal Govt, but am positive they turned a blind eye to it...

Believe me...there is more wrath to come..

The wages of sin is death...and FB, ASK and co..know very well what am talking about..

Anonymous said...

I USED to have a hell of a lot of respect for Matai. It is obvious now that he has no morals, no convictions, no personal standards!
But then again, who can you trust and believe in nowadays when people are SELLING their souls short!!
May they all rot in hell!!
As for Sharon, well, the bottom line is that she is very jealous when any fool wants to waltz with the PIG!!
To all of you in the illegal junta, waltz to your hearts content because the MUSIC is about to end!!@

Anonymous said...

O sa ni viavia "Main Boy" kece ga Matai Akoula!!
Sa rauta mada na 'KUBUTIA' tiko!!

Anonymous said...

Well I never!! Matai Akoula, you certainly are a TAMANI liumuri!!
You certainly must have forgotten your ANTI-GOVERNMENT comments at the grog session at Raiwaqa!! REMEMBER!!!?????

mark manning said...

I hope that someone in or out of Fiji is making sure that Sharon is arrested for assisting in an Act of Treason when the time comes and that there will be no way out of Fiji..

Anonymous said...

See Sharon that;s why they want to get rid of female PS because you can't do your job properly. Frank should've been seen to be strong and inclusive not small and undemocratic.You have just reinforced what the world already knows it's a waste of time trying to get through to him

Moro said...

Agree with you Anon 6.32pm..

Yes you're right blogger,Sharon and Matai showed they had no confidence in Baini. They were worried he might make a fool of himelf and become a laughing stock if he was allowed to face the media in an off the cuff showdown.

Anonymous said...

sobo Matai kauti iko sobu mai,,,,,bau mai cau kina vica na ka bibi sa veivuke tiko kina na OBs. Sa kua so mada na tabe tabe!!
Anyway - who really gives a fark as he is on borrowed time cause SDL/Labour will will hands down,,,ie Kai viti vote for SDL and Kai dia Labour ,,,,,so who will vote for Bainikaiyum,,,,maybe the monkeys! Bye bye frank u going down soon!

Anonymous said...

Matai Akoula has now really and truly shown and proved to the outside world that there is no freedom in Fiji, by saying that it would "....NOT HAVE BEEN RIGHT IN THE PACIFIC OR FIJIAN CULTURE TO DOOR-STEP THE PM".
We door step God, we door step Allah, we door step Hanumaan, we door step Ibrahim.
Boy, it is confirming what has been circulating that the PIG is now thinking that he is God !!
Since when have you been an expert/adviser on Pacific and Fijian cultures Matai????
If our ILLEGAL President can door step on us, then who the hell are you to tell us to do otherwise!!

Anonymous said...

It is very, very obvious that when one speaks the truth and is not in line with THEIR thinking and propaganda , then we are ALL wrong!! They, sadly are in a different world!! They are ALL under the illusion that they are preaching THE GOSPEL!!
Hello, we have one interpretation of OUR Bible!! And yours??

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama with his BS,wannabe potfolio and the long form of his BS military medals: CHECK IT OUT.

COMMODORE JOSAIA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA, CF-CICI Fire(Mil), OStJ-Only Self the JAR, MSD-Mai Sosovi Da, jssc-Josaia Sa Sega Cici, psc-Possible StGiles camping

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics, Public Service, Peoples Charter for Change and Progress, Information, i-Taukei Affairs, Provincial Development, Sugar Industry Lands and Mineral Resources
Sa rauta mada...Levu ga ni jamu kei na bata.....with all those potfolios he is raking in thousands of Tax payers,hard earned $$$$$$$$..what a simple day light robbery...Charge the bullbulll!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If I was an editor or a publisher I would not be rushing to hire any Fiji journalist from this current time, especially if they don't door stop. It means they can't do the job.

SEMI MEO said...

Ratu Matai Akoula…good on you!!...keep PINA a gentlemen and ladies club, not journo thuggery chasing a cheap scoop.

Why didn’t Mr. Wills or what ever his name is arrange his own time to ask the interim PM his question at his own Australia tax funded time..

Of course, no one oblivious to the noterity of the Rear Admiral's love hate relationship with the media.

Wait till the interim PM is on the campaign trail then ask him as many blooming questions you dare…not slurring the tranquillity of a dinner enjoyed by hard working jornos, who’ve just recovered from been gagged!!..goodness…
Mr. Wills..give the local compatriots a break and go and ask your question in an Aussie pub!!

Anonymous said...

Both you Sharon and Matai think that you do not have body odour!!!!

Anonymous said...

shame on you akouola,qori o nepukanesa o maroroya tiko... qarauni iko...sa kua na masi polo... far cry from what I thought you had..

Anonymous said...

Mai aso Rt Matai!! Kai ya??

Anonymous said...

Speech is too polished of course to have had any input from PM. As for the buits about editors needing to invest more in journalists and nurturing and respecting them PLUS not abusing them ! Did all of that really come out of the lying mouth of Bai?

Sharon Suaniu said...

wailei o Sharon the chief censor....I'm sure she love's to GAG.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo has just woken up and still sleep talking. Old man, all heads of government are expected to answer questions posed by the media. Your best friend Voceke wouldn't front the media because someone forgot to school him before he attended the function. That's how uneducated Voceke is.

Anonymous said...

semi meo everytime you type something you confirmed that sona ua are really from Cakaudrove

Tappoooo phoo phoo said...

The Laurel and Hardy show goes on! Sharon Shit needs to wake up and smell what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Frank do you know how to eat n drink from plate and glass? U farking parasite.

Anonymous said...

'DOOR STOPPING', what a new jargon!
So where is the 'FREEDOM' of speech, etc etc?
Talk about being selective!!

Speak The Truth said...






Anonymous said...

'Door stop' me qai vakadeitaki na ULUKAU!!
Secondly, e sa sega mai na ka me tukuni vei keda!!

Radiolucas said...

So while the people live beneath the floods, the regime does what?

Anonymous said...

I am surprised atthe fact that bloggers chose thuis medium to vent there fraustration on the dictator and his illegal goverment.He is already a sheep to the slaughter.What we need to really focus on now is find means to assist our families facing the brunt of the flooding througout fiji.The goverment is doing nothing about it.The Dismac team dont have a boat to cause a rescue effort on stranded people.The news says it all.The illegal goverment is ill equiped to gurantee a future for anyone in fiji.Water keeps pouring out of rivers.lakes and sea onto the streets and homes.This is a fine examples of the make up of this illegal goverment.He does not care so why do you try and pit you intelligence against him.He wouldnt understand,let alone feel the value of human life.Let us instead find means to elevate th suffering of our fellow countrymen.

Anonymous said...

Bai is not known to be an intelligent and spontaneous responder so if the interview were to eventuate he would be at a loss for appropriate and timely answers and be a huge embarassment. As you can see in all his speeches which are all prepared by someone else and virtually read word for word by him. Unlike the staged ones by davis. So in this instance the bouncers have jumped in to defend their intellectually challenged minder cum illegal pm. I am a loss at how some go the length they do to support this thug of a leader. Such as like PINA, MSG China India and so on. What is the rationale and logic of this. Surely it can't be really for the people of Fiji since this leader does nothing with good intentions for the people of Fiji. Its all about him and his friends family army and cronies.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matai lest you forget what treatment your own son received from the military when Peter Forster"s escape was blamed on him!!! Wasn't he left half dead in Denarau!!! Pity you are short sighted that your own son suffered and yet you compromise with those that almost killed him!!! Verebau family are better; at least they have the courage to voice and continue to voice their plight!!! Maumau dina!!! Matai stop praying and suggesting you are a strong faithful Christian!! Unless you are "turn your other cheek" 4.5type!!!!-Comment edited: C4.5

March 31, 2012 10:11 AM

SEMI MEO said...

Again, thank you C4.5….

Cyber friends, I nearly sniff in sadness when reading spews from faceless, nameless cowards in Anonymous March 30, 2012 10:20 PM, Anonymous March 31, 2012 12:29 AM their big brother Anonymous Anonymous March 31, 2012 10:11 AM .

Ratu Matai Akoula has a face, a name he is very proud of and a picture of him these 3 gooses loath. In the annals of Fiji and the Region’s History it will be forever more be engraved that Ratu Matai Akoula was a man who walk the earth..and walked bravely and proudly.

NO..NO..NO…not for these group of gooses…so called under cover coward Christians and under cover coward Fijians…NO…NO…NO…they will never be remembered…oh of course..only as nobodies , typng from nowhere spewing nothingness and beneficiary of C4.5 goodwill to have you 2 cent pieces printed in this esteemed column…dou yavu so na ua!!

blind bat Meo said...

Semi Meo misses the point...again! lols.

SEMI MEO said...

"bai bat"March 31, 2012 9:09 PM..pls re-read my first post in this topic..mata bboko beka ga i keri!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meow is sleeptalking again. He keeps jumping around like a flea and not knowing who to support. Don't forget your medication old man because your Alzheimer's deteriorating.

Semi, you keep changing your stance, one minute you're praising the pigs, next minute you came out condemning them. Matai is known to flip flop, just like you.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo lai moce!

Anonymous said...

So, PINA has heard from Graham Davis and Frank Bainimarama. Next, they'll turn for balance to Sharon Smith-Johns, Croz Walsh, and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Want all sides to be heard!

Anonymous said...

He that pleads against the truth takes pains to be overthrown.

Buy the truth, and sell it not.

s/ Dakuwaqa

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..March 31, 2012 10:17 PM..no one is a pig..unless of course you my friend wanna be one old hairless grunting boar…lol

Of course, many of us human (not pigs) abhor, and condemn all Coups and blatant act of thievery of justice and liberty!! Including your friend the Rear Admiral 2006 Coup!!

Many of us right thinking and crusaders of truth Fiji Citizens do NOT belong to you, the Rear Admiral, Mr. Mahen Chaudry or Mr. Qarase...unitl the ballot box..

Why should we then bend our values to please and cheer with you??...sorry vulori cala ni kosi..

Now, why not this interim Government Decree a “ goodwill” Tax for all “Foreign Fijians”…how?.. watch this column!..not only the flood..but..post Coup redevelopment needs alot of foreign currency injection...