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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lots of sucking up but no progress on Constitution talks

Smile - we're in the frame.
No time for the all important constitution consultation process but time to press the flesh with visiting dignitaries, businessmen, and low key civic duties?

And again...
The illegal leader has failed for a second time to start the discussions as promised in the New Year when the Public Emergency Regulations were removed and replaced with the amended Public Order Act.

No good reason was given in January when the discussions were supposed to have started and no good reason again from the look of things.  

And again...
Still, Bainimarama is using the floods and turning conveniently to the old bogey of wanting to make sure the constitution is not a 'racist document' to cover up for failing to deliver for a second time. As we said in our story on January 22 when we voiced our concern about the failure to meet that first deadline, the nation needs to keep tracking this treasonous regime to make sure it does right by the people.

Bainimarama on constitution consultations

Volunteer service launch


Anonymous said...

history tells that majority of the Dictators do last for more than a couple of decades....are we talking more than 20 yrs for FB as well?

Anonymous said...

liar liar liar that it.
he broke all the promise since day one .so nothing new.
he cant be trusted.
can trust a dog not bai.

suar khan said...

sa levu mateni saraqa na voaka. what you trying to explain you shameless bastard? were is your sliced attorney general. you idiot very soon he will abandon you because you are useless now. its time for you to put your sulu high and bend in front of every musalmani.

Sunil Bano Sharma said...

Frank Bainimrama you are a liar, conman and corrupt. Dont behave as if you represent the indian people. we have our own leader chaudhry who has 80% support from indians. you are uneducated dickhead. just fucken give the government back to the people and their represenatives you moron.

Anonymous said...

The constitutional consultations were promised for 2012. Now, here it's already March, and nothing is moving. That's because Bainimarama has never been interested in genuine consultations, as he's shown time and time again. He doesn't care what Fijians want. He is determined that he alone will decide Fiji's future.

Anything that suggests otherwise is only window-dressing. And anyone who suggests otherwise is either a fool or a traitor.

Why do we need to wait on Bainimarama to organize Fiji's constitutional consultations? And why should we wait on him, when we already know he's a traitor and acting in bad faith?

We could probably organize and hold a virtual constitutional convention right here on-line, but what I propose is much simpler than that. We should use an Internet voting service to nominate and elect new leadership for Fiji.

This would serve much of the function of a shadow government -- an opposition ready to step in to provide Fiji a government once the regime falls.

This leadership would have greater legitimacy than the regime. It would give a structure around which to organize and unite.

We would need to select a reputable firm that specializes in this sort of thing, preferably in a Western country with a strong democratic tradition. The Internet poll could remain open for six months, giving Fijians time to cast individual ballots in discretion. The cost could be picked up by a friend of Fiji. The results would be tabulated and published by the company.

I would suggest that we disqualify the candidacy of anyone who has served in a political office under the current regime. If they don't think that's fair, too bad. Let them organize their own poll.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

When a dicktator is on it alone, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

But when his daughters, son, sons in law, brothers,friends and other relatives are benefitting. The decisions to back down is not his alone.

Other beneficiaries won't relinquish their new found source of wealth easily.

History showed that dictators are ousted from power by either revolution, another coup or assisination.

How many promises that Voceke has broken. Best leaders are known for their Integrity. Sad to say that Voceke has none and that is the known fact all over the world.

We are in for a long haul

Anonymous said...

The discussions will start on 1st of April.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Bainivuaka sucks balls.

RSI Fan said...

Is Frank getting repetitive strain injury from all of those b!@#$%^&t handshakes???

Anonymous said...

Regime is not organised on the things that will create real change it's more interested in cheap, nasty 'reforms' that foll people that something is being done. In other words lots of talk and photo ops but very little is real.

Anonymous said...

Who are those assholes shaking his hand? Did they know that Vuaka is one filthy dirty pig? He never washed his hands after he used the toilet.