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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Qarase stands by response to regime journalist

The deposed prime minister and SDL leader Laisenia Qarase says he stands by his response to regime journalist Graham Davis’ comments published in the Fiji Sun on March 16 and repeated again today.

Qarase says the false information Davis continues to spread about him and SDL cannot go unchallenged. 
"Davis is correct in saying that membership of the SDL Party has always consisted overwhelmingly of indigenous Fijians. It is equally true that the membership of other political parties - the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party and the General Voters Party - had been dominated by other ethnic communities.

"Davis must understand that both the 1970 and 1997 Constitutions provided for ethnic voting. This is the key reason why voters flock to political parties dominated by particular ethnic communities. The SDL Party was not even conceived when these two Constitutions became the supreme law of Fiji. I, L. Qarase had nothing to do with both documents."

Qarase says he agrees that only two of the 28 Ministers in the 2000- 2001 interim Cabinet were non-indigenous. But he says he had offered positions to several more. 

"These offers were not accepted because of the serious political instability at the time. In the 2001- 2006 SDL Government I had offered a multi- party Cabinet but this was not acceptable to the Fiji Labour Party. In the 2006 multi-party Government 11 of the 24 Ministers (12 were non-Cabinet Ministers) were non- indigenous. The composition of Cabinet complied with the provision of the Constitution."

"Davis said that “Mr. Qarase always insisted that the rights of indigenous Fijians should be paramount in Fiji”. Can Davis tell the world when and where did I make such comment? Can he provide evidence? I know that he cannot because I never made such comment.

"Davis is confused with the SDL’s policies on affirmative action for all communities in Fiji and the protection of certain indigenous rights allowed under the UN Convention on Indigenous Rights. I draw Davis’ attention to “Chapter 2- Compact” of the 1997 Constitution, in particular Section 6 (j) and (k). Chapter 2 of the 1997 Constitution provides the legal authority for SDL’s policies on these issues."

Qarase reiterated that Davis should read SDL’s 2006 Manifesto saying there was nothing racist about the Party’s policies.

"Davis continues to ignore the provisions of the Qoliqoli Bill. It has always been the law in Fiji that those who wish to use coastal resources for commercial purposes (fishing) must pay for a fishing license. This fee goes to the Government and not to the indigenous Fijians. The Bill however was to provide access for all Fiji citizens to public and private beaches free of charge. Davis is clearly putting into the Bill provisions that were not there."

He says Davis’ statement that non-indigenous communities “are already prevented from acquiring more than 80 per cent of Fiji’s land surface” is quite misleading. All communities in Fiji can acquire native land by way of leases for periods of up to 99 years. Foreigners have similar access. Davis may wish to enquire from the appropriate authority the extent of native land occupied and used by non- indigenous. He should be happy to find out that the majority of the 80 per cent native land has been “acquired” by non- indigenous.

"The Oxford Dictionary of “racism” is fine. The behavior and attitudes of Mr. Qarase and the SDL clearly do not fall within the definition.

"It appears that Davis has agreed with my translation of the SDL name. He should and I hope he will not raise the issue again. What is wrong with a non- racist indigenous name to a political Party? And what about English names to political Parties? Is Davis implying that the English language is superior to any other language on this planet? Davis might like to suggest that to the Chinese or French!

"Davis, I hope that this response will end your futile attempts to discredit and crucify the SDL Party and its leaders. It won’t work!"

Coupfourpointfive notes that Davis' original article in the Fiji Sun this week did not carry his byline - (why was that we ask?), although it was clear it could only have come from him.


I Taukei Dina said...


Anonymous said...

If Qarese is not a racist then why did he allow a Australian VC of USP in place of a well qualified local.

If SDL is not racist then why did it associate itself with people who carried out 2000 coup.

If Qarese is not racist then why he allowed his party members to make comments in both houses that were anti Christain and racist.

Why he allowed I-Taukei children scholarship whose parents earned over $100 000-00 and Indo-fijians earning less then $2000-00 a year had to fund their kids education.

No matter what you say Mr Qarese you are a racist and even honest I-Taukei agree with that.

Sese said...

If Khaiyum becomes the PM, he will make the indigenous fijians lives a living hell....

Anonymous said...

How many cane farm leases were renewed under Mr Qarese?

So many farmers were kicked out of the land which they farmed for many years. Those farms are all bush now with weeds, thanks to Qarese.

Anonymous said...

Whatever qarase says now- he has been and will always be racist.
Same applies to Chaudhary.
Both should retire from politics and leave them to young indians and fijians.

Qarase, please go back to the village and plant Dalo.
Or bludge on Vinod Patel and George Patel of foods pacific, who have been funding qarases living expenses since and before 2006.

Fijiana said...

Qarase you were, are and will be a Nationalist. Remember in 2004 when you came to San Francisco? The ONLY time you invited Indo Fijians to any functions was for fund raising on Saturday evening. On Friday it was all ITAUKIE. Same applies for Sunday. You went to New York to attend the General Assembly as the Prime Minister of Fiji and not as the Prime Minister of ITaukie. On Sunday you traveled to Santa Rosa to visit your cousin how was a male partner of Raymond Burr. All these expenses were born by the tax payers of Fiji. One needs to investigate and have you reimburse the government. Furthermore you should be charged for abuse of office. You have always stood for two things and two things only. First is being your pocket then next being ITaukie. You were NEVER a PM for the whole nation. Remember Qoliqoli bill, remember you wanting all Crown and freehold land to be converted to Native Land? Where do you want me to stop? You have a lot hidden in your closet. So stop while you are ahead of game otherwise your closet is ready to be opened. When it will be all said and done you might be able to add 4 to 5 more years in Naboro as the guest of Fiji Government.

Anonymous said...

Pershaps, it should be noted that Prime Minister Qarase offered Chaudhry deputy PM and Finance but he did not accept the offer. One wonders why he prefered to serve illegal military regime but not the elected multiparty cabinet. Six years later, the tune is changing from the god-sent party.

Bhaiya said...

Who is this Davis idiot am very happy to see Mr Qarase speaking out bring on the elections SDL will prevail again keep it coming Mr Qarase we support you.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks it's pretty weird Qarase being so sensitive about what Davis says at all? This guy lives in Australia, for God's sake. How can he "crucify" the SDL? The only way that will happen is if the SDL crucifies itself.

Please explain! said...

What the....? If the SDL doesn't believe in indigenous paramountcy, what does it believe in??? I thought this was the whole reason it exists and why us itaukei dina support it.

Is Qarase saying what I think he's saying - that he doesn't believe in Fijian paramountcy anymore? That he believes everyone should be equal???

He keeps going on about the SDL being multiracial. Well, if that's true, what use is it to the i'taukei?

Listen up Lai. You believe in Fijian paramountcy, brother, or you have no more future as an i'taukei leader. It's Fiji for the Fijians and that doesn't mean bloody Indians!!!! Better explain yourself quick or get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Too many questions.
1) Firstly why are they seeking money from the Chinese?

Larry Santa Claus and Bai gave a song and dance about how the Native American Indians were going to finance this casino.
So what has happened?
Were we being lied to, once again by Bai?

So who are these Chinese that are going to finance a Casino?
Sounds like it's the Chinese mafia trying to launder their illegal money.
This is corruption.

Bai is lying to us again.
Mr Claunch is lying to us as well.
Khaiyum is also lying.
These are all corrupt compulsive liars.

They will be taking their million dollar cut and then expect us, Fijians to pay this loan.
This shows Khaiyum's utter contempt of the Fijian people.

This is total arrogance by Bai and Khaiyum.
It is the same arrogance that made them do the coup and also the same arrogance they display by dismantling the Chiefs organisation.

We need to put a stop to this arrogance.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

We must not waste time on this Graham Davis guy - the only way he can see his name in print is by constantly writing pro-Voci stories - for Voreqe loves giving him interviews - otherwise Davis is a no goner in the journalism world

Anonymous said...

Don't waste too much of your time on Graham Davis; he's obviously now so invested in this regime that he's no longer capable of intellectually honesty. 'For truth is precious and divine -- too rich a pearl for carnal swine'.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

well said hon .pm
.This will shut davis and his cronies mouth. .
i was one of the ministers too in 2006 sdl/flp multi party cabinet.
This was the best govt since the past multi ethnic govt of late president and pm hon Ratu Mara.t had all races included.
Now we see only 2 indian ministers in this illegal regime.
Can davis ask bai .
How many minority people is in this illegal govt.
How many indians /others races are civil servant. the ratio .nos pls.
bai is racist and worst person to lead fiji.who have divided the people.
We will prove this soon with his text messages that he is two face idiot/racist .
Davis should ask former mp in auss and fiji/nz.how the govt was in 2006.
God bless sdl/flp leaders .
this is a time to be united and fight the regime.
sdl/flp will win election hands down.
bai and armies will end up in naboro soon.

Anonymous said...


2001 - 2006 offer to FLP of cabinet seats were not according to the 1997 constitution, period.

sweety said...

vinaka mr PM Qarase very good response to the palagi.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why the big hoopla about
the imbalance of ethenic ministerial possition distribution with SDL?
First off Majority of the Population at the time favours the Fijians,Indian has 38% of the population and they were allotted a fair numbers.
Take the FLP they allotted 10 seats to the Indo & 4 to the Fijians,even though Fijians has over 60% population of the country.
You figure that out!The Bavadra Government also had the same numbers.Hello!!

Graham Davis said...

"I'taukei Dina", I look forward to seeing you face to face in Fiji.

This is the second time you have threatened me in these columns, assisted by the gatekeepers of Coup 4.5, who are willing to break the relevant media laws relating to the incitement of violence

You call yourself a "Taukei Dina" - a true Fijian. No, my friend, you are an embarrassment to the i'taukei.

A true Fijian stands up proudly for what he or she believes in. You don't. A true Fijian allows others to speak their minds. You don't. A true Fijian uses their real name. You don't.

The more you do it, the more you show your intolerance for other opinions, your disdain for true democracy and your fear of the power of the pen.

I've seen your face in Fiji before - the face of blind, unreasoning hatred. We all have. But it doesn't scare me one bit. Time has moved on even if you haven't.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mr Qarase. Can't let all these untruths go unchallenged. Unfortunately from some of the comments here it seems that some people actually believe them. Nothing racist about a multiparty cabinet that included the Labour party which represented the Indo-Fijians. Unfortunately some people like Chaudary had sour grapes and couldn't put the nation before his own interests! We would have been flying along nicely if the multiparty concept had been allowed to run its course. Just some words of advice for Qarase, the selection process has to be stringent for the SDL party this time around, don't let Jale Baba anywhere near it. Get rid of those members who seem to be fond of making racist comments and whoever the leader of the party is better be prepared to discipline people who utter such comments which is what you should have done back then. They give the party a bad name. You had the right ideas in 2006 inviting the labour party, maybe try again this time around and hopefully some people would have learnt their lessons from their stint with Bai.

mark manning said...

Davis should also be charged with Sedition !

Fiji Democrat said...

Comments by Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga in the Fiji Sun sum up the problem. He is a civil servant and should not get involved in political statements. The next move is for the PSC to discipline him.

Anonymous said...

Qori. Davis has a point. Why are you allowing threats to be made against him here?

Anonymous said...

Good response Mr Qarase, you will win next election hands down while other will be standing pants down...

Anonymous said...

Problem with Lai was when he was having meetings with the Qaranivalu & mob up in Tamavua he said one thing to them & made sre he implemented them as with the 'lease renewals " for Indo-Fijian farmers-how many were renewed a big fat ZERO! Infornt of everyone who was i Taukei he siad the right words because he meant it ie Fiji for the Fijians! Short & sweet" now he jumps up and down and says he belived in a multiracial country-well we all saw how that was operating Lai, it was too obvious, whilst you were blaming all the Indo-Fijians for the ills happening in Fiji you made sure you were raiding the money tank at Fiji Holdings-with you family owning shares in various names!Not a bad ploy keep the Natives busy whilst you played your dirty little tricks! You were in there for yourself first with your cronies Waleilakeba, Baba Qaranivalu etc. How many properties does Waleilakeba now own and you Qarase up in Tamavua-Ragg Avenue!P My definiton of a Nationalist is "simple someone who believes only in their race (under the pretext of beleiving in the NATION) but hates every other races! Don't beleive what i say just measure them in what they SAY and what DO! Truth seems to have funny way of showing people up-ie their true colours-Qarase was such inapt as a Leader & worse still a racists in his heart only problem was poor old Lai he may have hated the Indo-Fijians but didn't relaise how close he was to them thru blood ties!Soqosoqoni o rakuita as me old Tua used to say!

Satini Koki said...

There's nothing wrong with qoliqoli bill and other affirmative actions that SDL implemented. Qarase was giving to the fijians what belongs to them.Give to caesar what belongs to ceasar.

When chaudry was pm he gave $28,000 to expired tenants but gave nothing to incoming native farmers. He fired his tea lady because she was a fijian. THAT'S RACIST!!

Just saying said...

I agree let's move on from Graeme Davis. Bai is hiding behind him instead of fighting his own media battles. C'mon C4.5 and others let's move on from Graham the Great Defender.

Anonymous said...

davis now stands out as an apolgist and propagandist for bai. No wonder his interviews with bai are so tame and tries to portray bai as being genuine and benevolenst which he is not. And Now this attack on Qarase on some dubious issues which are being appropriately addressed by Qarase. davis motive or rationale for joining bai's cheerleaders would be interesting to know other than his unfounded attack on Qarase's government.

Democrat said...

Every military dictator has a tame kaivalagi. Idi Amin had one now Bai has Graham.

Give that man a gong said...

Yes "democrat", Idi Amin's tame kaivalagi was Major Bob Astles. Do you think Bai will give GD a commission in the army? He certainly deserves. Colonel Blimp?

Taukei. said...

Dear Mr. Davis.

As a "Fijian" you are the last person to be telling others who is & who isn't "Taukei" - as for your lecture on Taukei etiquette & behaviour - shove it.
You are wise to be watchful of those who publicly threaten - but be doubly wary of those who don't.

Graham Davis said...

Vinaka vakalevu, "Taukei". Another anonymous tough guy hiding behind the skirts of Coup 4.5

You can read about yourself and your brave kai vata on the following link:


And congratulations, 4.5, for publishing yet another threat. Violence and racism; the pillars of democracy SDL style.

mark manning said...

Bring back Peter Foster !

Anonymous said...

Thank you Laisenia for staying the course-although you failed to take down Bai-but we'll forgive you for
that huge mistake? Keep the faith and we hope to install a new leader
in the SDL organisation, whose more a fast thinker and more attuned, to modern leadership ideals.Don't think a Chief would be good for this role but someone
with mordern education and modern thinker?

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is the Goebbels of the Fijian Military and will meet the same fate. Davis is an agent of propaganda for illegal Military Junta that rules by the point of the gun and oppresses the Fijian People.

Anonymous said...

Why are you attacking LQ? He had just bandaged a wounded nation from the coup of 2000, and set it on its feet again. The nation had not fully recoverd, when The Pig started grunting loudly to disrupt the recovery process. They take decades to fully go back on track, but LQ had just five years, and would have done a lot of good had he run another five. we support you LQ, you are the legal PM.

Boo Hoo said...

Stop being a cry baby Graeme. If you dish it out be ready to take it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who's hiding behind who's skirt Graham. You must really like the stench emanating from behind Baini's rear. Lap it up boy, plenty more when you and Baini spend the rest of your eternities in Naboro for sedition and supporting terrorism in the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Fijians have the right to revolution but would be wise not to turn to violence except as a last resort. Lasting impact more often comes through changes in attitude rather than from violence.  

No one likes to be threatened. By the same token, Graham Davis should stop to consider the threats the regime he supports daily makes against its own citizens.

Bainimarama has stolen Fiji's government and daily threatens dissenters with violence. How would Davis react if a military clique overthrew his country's democratically-elected government, disenfranchised its citizenry, stripped them of their civil rights, demolished their institutions, etc., and he then had to suffer the pro-despot propagandizing of someone who lives in another country?  

Davis seems to think Fiji's fascistic media laws should apply in Australia. Perhaps he thinks it a badge of honour when his articles appear on the front page of the pro-regime newspaper, in a country where publishers are regularly expelled or gaoled and dare not print offending letters to the editor for fear of being held by the regime in contempt.

Talk about fearing the power of the pen!

Davis says a true Fijian stands up proudly for his beliefs. But do that in Fiji today and you could be arrested, beaten, your home firebombed, etc.  

'A true Fijian allows others to speak their mind', he says, apparently with a straight face. Need I even comment? Does this mean his pal Bainimarama isn't a true Fijian?

As I've said before, no sense of irony, no sense of shame, and, indeed, no sense.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Please explain! said...

It's pretty clear that Graham Davis wrote his offending article for his own blog and didn't expect it to appear in the Fiji Sun. This is from his grubsheet:

"we can sympathise with Qarase that an article on a humble Australian blog site can so dramatically become part of the domestic political debate in Fiji. If any proof were needed of the power of the internet to amplify the smallest voice, then this is it.
Qarase is not only entitled to defend himself but Grubsheet is delighted that he can now do so fully in the Fiji media for the first time in a long time."

Isn't it the Fiji Sun who needs to explain why it took an opinion piece from an Australian blog site and put it on the front page as a news story?

Anonymous said...

LQ's reply makes Graham Davis an amateur in his own field.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Davis was as surprised as Qarase to find his article in the Fiji Sun. As usual, nobody tells us the full story. Perhaps if anyone should be threatened, it's the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you LQ. You are still the rightful and legal PM of Fiji - period. No amount of white washing or fabrication will take that truth away. So go forth and reclaim your rightful place.

Anonymous said...

The presence of Frank's Military Force on this comments column is very obvious.

It's sad that Mr Qarase has sent his full response to Fiji Sun, but unfortunately Fiji Sun will not fully publish it.

Thank you C 4.5 for putting this up!

Anonymous said...

The presence of Frank's Military Force on this comments column is very obvious.

It's sad that Mr Qarase has sent his full response to Fiji Sun, but unfortunately Fiji Sun will not fully publish it.

Thank you C 4.5 for putting this up!

Jale said...

SDL needs to restructure with being a more multi-racial party and lineup of established individuals with high qualifications and experience, then u have my vote..otherwise 4get it.

The Oracle said...

Graham Davis .. no threat from me - just simple logic. You call yourself a journalist. However, in your own writings and in your contributions to C4.5 you readily admit that C4.5 is doing the job of "opposition" to Bainimarama and that you're doing the job or "educating" Australians about what you consider to be the true position in Fiji and how you interpret Bainimarama's "dream" of a united Fiji, free from racial bigotry.
In admitting that, you have taken sides and therefore have now become a lobbyist. You are no longer "independent" or "unbiased" in your role as a "journalist".
The Fiji Sun can continue to "glorify" you as an award-winning journalist but your current track record shows you up as nothing more than a lobbyist and Bainimarama spin-doctor. You should be ashamed to call yourself a journalist because as you know too well yourself -- you've stepped over the line and are now a willing participant in the very government you are writing about.
Your interview with Bainimarama should be recorded by Journalism Schools around the world - as an example of what NOT to do in an interview.

For the record:
Fact One - You pushed, through your writings, for Australian government re-engagement with the Bainimarama regime
Fact Two - You engineered the notion that Carr was ready to re-engage
Fact Three - You claimed praise for yourself and your blogsite when other Australian newspapers began reporting the Carr re-engagement crap you fed them
Fact Four - You tried to scurry for cover when your notion backfired and then tried to argue that the labour/union movement was all-powerful and hence the change in Carr's "attitude" towards Fiji

Independent and unbiased journalist?

Oilei Davis said...

Davis reckons its C4.5 whose breaking media laws by printing 'threats' against him. If anyone is to be reported for media breaches, it should be him. I see that the forever lost media organisation PINA is bringing Davis to Fiji for the conference at the end of the month and that Peter Lomas has issued a release raving about Davis achievements including writing media ethics.

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