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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Questions over regime recruitment plans for voter registration clerks

Ballot boxes in the 2006 election
Another step being taken by the illegal regime towards its 2014 election and questions are already being asked about the legalities.

The regime has started to recruit voter registration clerks for its 2014 election. Two days ago it ran a full page advertisement in the Fiji Sun under the name of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the illegal attorney- general and Minister for Justice and Anti-Corruption.

It expects to recruit up to 1050 individuals to be part of the Electronic Voter Registration Team with applicants being told to send their papers to the Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice and Anti- Corruption.

But the SDL Party leader, Laisenia Qarase, says the recruitment of Voter Registration Clerks directly by the illegal attorney-general’s office is improper, and raises the question of independence of the election process from the beginning.

"The Voter Registration is an important first step in the election process," says Qarase. "This task, including the recruitment of Voter Registration Clerks, should be carried out by the Office of the Supervisor of Elections under the direct supervision of an independent Supervisor of Elections."

Qarase says the regime should re-establish an effective and independent Office of the Supervisor of Elections. 

"Such an office should be independent from any Government Ministry, subject only to a relevant Minister regarding its reporting requirements and budgetary provisions. A qualified Supervisor of Elections who will command the respect and trust of the people of Fiji should be appointed immediately. The entire election process including the recruitment of staff must be handled by the Supervisor of Elections."

It was clear some time ago Khaiyum would 'oversee' the elections and as we pointed out last week, he is now being called Elections Minister without any formal notification the 2014 poll will come under his office.

The question must be asked: how does the regime expect voters and critics to believe the elections will be fair if everything is being done by the corrupt office of Khaiyum?

Editor's Note: The SDL Party had its first gathering yesterday since April 2009 because of fears it wouldn't be able to meet after issues with a permit. Qarase says it was the first of many meetings being planned as the party prepares for the constitution consultation process starting from May.


  1. We are hoodwinked again by the election process proposed by the illegal regime

  2. The Election Office should be independent. The AG is not an independent person but a corrupt person

  3. First you say there'll never be an election. The you complain when there is one. Come on guys!

  4. That is the basic of elections. An Independent Supervisor of Elections is essential. Recruit from overseas as unlikely anyone in Fiji can do it as they will be 'leaned' on by the regime.

  5. If they ASK doesn't do it, who does? Oh yeah, I know, you want the UN or someone you regard as independent. Fiji is not East Timor. Just let the government deliver on what it's promised and get on with it.

  6. Khaiyum will not stand in the elections. He will just see that it is done according to Baini's way of having one designed to ensure that he wins so that he can work his immunity. When this process is done, this Taliban son of a bit.. will make his exit from the country to where his millions which he accumulated from underhand dealings over the past six years.

  7. can see some logic in AG's office supervising the elections to avoid people 'leaning' on officials etc but problem is tis: Khaiyum is not squeaky clean and already has far too many portfolios (read power). He is not credible or trustworthy. If government thinks it will win let international scrutinees in!

  8. I am tired of you people who only talk alot and do nothing for fiji

  9. The Mother of all Parliaments is in England. That is where you get your Supervisor of Elections and his support officers. They and the Commonwealth will likely willingly fund such important support. If it is a fair election that is wanted then just ask.

  10. ag wanna be minister for everything.
    election will happen and will be rigged .
    so baini /ag taliban will win and control fiji for 20 years.
    i was advised by one of the illegal minister.
    ag/bai are lamu to go naboro.
    army is ready for another coup if sdl/flp wins.
    read mosese remarkss.

  11. Is Nur bano paying the clerks and elections staff?

  12. Anon at 3.45pm, I agree. Far too many big mouthes here. I don't like the government much but it seems to be doing what it promised. ASK can also be a pain in the aiyaz but he works his aiyaz off too. You say he's corrupt. Where's the evidence? Just a lot of hot air from boring Victor Lal, who can't ever hide his bias. I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt. Deliver a free and fair election or else.

  13. Lekh Ram Ves No E should oversee the 2014 election.

  14. Anon@3.28pm. Yes you're right, Fiji is not East Timor, because they are not corrupt like Fiji.

  15. Lets allow this process to take place, I think its transparent anyway.Lets allow elections to take its cause please

  16. @Anon 3.21 and Anon 3.17....
    Qarase is absolutely correct on this one. Any election needs to be conducted under an Independent Supervisor of Elections. This person then recruits staff to carry out the process of registration and overseeing the elections. This is what transparency means. This is how it's done the world over. Even when school committees are formed, there is usually a "scrutineer" appointed rather than have the outgoing or contesting President oversee the elections.
    Australia and New Zealand have been funding the Supervisor of Elections for a number of years and without a doubt would be willing to do so again. However, the appointment and the processes need to be in order and the two countries need to be satisfied that the whole process will be in order before they can commit funds. Contrary to what Khaiyum wanted us to believe, these two countries offered to fund the Electronic Voter Registration process but they obviously also wanted to see the appointed company's terms of reference to satisfy themselves that the process met their funding requirements. Khaiyum, of course, wanted to create doubts in our minds by saying they were interfering.
    So, YES, elections as soon as practically possible. Under Khaiyum's leadership? No way in hell!!!!
    The other question to ask .. if the Candaian company has been awarded the contract for EVR, then why isn't it doing the recuiting for relevant staff? Or is it an arm-chair management style with the clerks doing the work on the ground while the chosen company and Khaiyum sit in their air-conditioned offices sharing the loot provided courtesy of Australia and New Zealand?

  17. These clowns are so out of their depth its not funny anymore.

    Keep giving them enough rope to hang themselves with folks.

    The world is watching.

  18. They want to hold on to power to prevent any court action. (ie; purpose of the coup)

  19. First you were crying for election and now when its finally eventuating, you still crying …what a bunch of cry babies…believe it..you guys have nothing but bad mouthing for the last 5 years .. what have you achieved? Support of a fugitive whom no one want to listen? Victor Lal .. a self proclaim (know it all) investigative reporter .. if you cant help make fiji a better place to be … don’t complain ..if you have a lot to offer (including – victor lal) ..put your submission to the constitution commission . What good have G and M achieved for Fiji .. nepotism? Corruption? Racism?

    Just my one cent – barking dogs cant move mountain … stop being that

  20. Aiyaaz..minister for everything..one man wearing too many hats..maiaiyaazzoo..

  21. candian voter registration officials left and said ag got his comm and didnt pay them.

  22. Thank you Mr. Qarase for noticing this anomaly. If we are going to have any election at all, it must be a free and fair election.

    ASK should should be reminded that we are not stupid. He should recuse himself from having to do with the election if it ever happens at all.

    Again, thank you Mr. Qarase for bringing this up. This shows you still have a sharp mind. You will have my vote.

  23. These goons speak so much about wiping out corruption but the way they want to start off with work on the impending elections is corrupt by not leaving the work to an independent supervisor of elections as should be the case.

  24. Results of the 2014 has already come in. ....

    The winner is Frank with margin of 68%. We just need a election in 2014 to make it legit.

  25. ASK stop insulting the intelligence of the people of this country. Already you are showing the quality of intellect that you and your colleagues have. Qarase's comments against your proposed recruitment of election clerks shows his mind is sharper than you and your boss and his goons put together.

  26. Go back to 2006 and what authority did Aiyaz have prior to the coup ?
    What authority would this man have now, if not backed by Frank and his thugs and their guns ?
    None, on both counts.
    Why now, do Fijians listen to this man ?

  27. Its not rocket science that these election clerks are disguised soldiers who will change the ballot papers before the count,,,,usual tactics in dictotorships......





  29. C'mon, guys. You've been complaining for five years that you want an election, and now you want it be free and fair, too? That's going way too far.

    Just let the government do what it has promised, repeatedly, over many, many years, before it has to change its mind again.

    Aiyaz is the perfect man for overseeing these elections. He's the Attorney-General, after all. He must be a man of unimpeachable integrity, or Frank would not have selected him.

    He changes Frank's nappies. I'm sure he can deliver him the vote.

    If they can't find enough election workers, they can always bring some in from Sri Lanka.

  30. There's a strong indication if parties start to winge and protest, the elections will take another 10 yrs to eventuate!!!

  31. All political parties must boycott the elections, kauim is trying to recruit 1050 army officers and their famalies as clerks.

    this not on, must be office of supervisor of elections.

  32. Did we have an independant Elections Officer in 2006,where is he now? Or was he a strong SDL Supporter who faced the other way when he saw dirt in the elections process.

    Do we need elections for a better Fiji at all?

    Will Tourists stop coming to Fiji if we don't have elections?

    Will the cost of food decrease if we have elections?

    Do I still have a job without elections?

    Why elections when we can just appoint people on merit?

    Answers plse!

  33. Just read this and cannot stop laughing. What else can this guy do. He must be super human. Sounds we only need one person government to run Fiji.

    Surely he must have people working under him that can write on this site about him. What was he like at school? Anyone out there that was educated with him? Come on I am genuinely interested to understand this guy.

  34. @Anon 6.40pm... barking dogs were never meant to move mountains. They were meant to alert others to impending dangers. Using your description, we the barking dogs, are merely highlighting the lack of transparency and independence, in this case - the process of conducting free and fair elections. You, of course must be a different breed of dog... one that sits comfortably in your master's house lapping up all the goodies he throws your way. All you do is consume without giving a second thought to how your master obtained those goodies. When your master stops his generosity you'll probably come crawling to us other barking dogs with your tail between your legs. If you have nothing concrete to contribute to the debate on transparency, why don't you just curl up in your comfort zone and let your master continue stroking you? Just be careful -- sometimes drunken masters forget the loyalty of their dogs and resort to venting their rage on the helpless muts because they don't have the courage to vent that rage at others who are willing to stand up to them. Just ask all those female activists who were tortured by your Master!

  35. Anon@5.24pm.

    Dou you really know what is going on in East Timor?

    Please do some research before you splill beans!!!

  36. Anon@3.35pm. I know more than you when it comes to East Timor, and sadly Fiji is worse than East Timor. By the way, what is 'splill beans'? That's how uneducated you are idiot.

  37. @ Anon "why elections when we can appoint people on merit?" Appointment is done through elections you idiot!

  38. Isa Mr Qarase, you did well, but you and your party's heart is in the wrong place and only for one group of people..It's a shame you could have been better than this.

  39. Anon@5:21pm...Lekh Ram Vyesnoi like his labour Party leader is nothing but a crook? Please don't even joke about this thief,who was elected by the indo, as their member in parliament. He owes an Indo Jewellers in Ba over $40,000 for jewels he bought with his personal cheques,for his daughter's
    When the Jeweller went to cash the cheques, there was no money in the Bank and the bastard had skipped the country!He's applying as refuge in New Zealand and his case is under reviews?We don't want him back here,if he's send back i know the best place for him would be to send him directly to Naboro and get Bai to pay him a visit with his Army Boots?

  40. Memories are short remeber how Qarase stopd short the studeis of a Lawyer to become the Supervisor of elections! Well guess what numerous people who lived in Suva had their names REGISTERED IN Lautoka they only found out on elections day. Mine was not even listed the Fjian Electrol but under Others! Now if some think these were isolated case you dreaming! So whats new about conning the electoral process we even had observers form the Commonwealth who turned a blind eye on the day of lections when told of the irregularities! So whos conning who now!Let those of us who were there speak not these dopes who never ever livied in Fiji with their 2 cents worth of rubbish, tained with their hatered on Indo-Fijians filtering thru!


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