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Friday, March 16, 2012

The question can be asked: So will the Fiji Muslim League get the axe?

In 2001, while writing his thesis on the "Final Solution" to ending the Great Council of Chiefs, the young Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, an Ahmadiya Fiji Muslim, had taken a swipe at the predominantly Sunni Fiji muslims and their corporate body the Fiji Muslim League. Now that he has succeeded in convincing the dictator and the puppet president to de-establish the GCC, we wonder if he will axe the Fiji Muslim League, which he accused of acting as “a fiefdom”? See below his Letter to the Editor in the Fiji media in 2001:

Dean and Khan with Bainimarama
Critique of FML decision regarding the 1997 Constitution

The claim by some executive members of the Fiji Muslim League ('League') that Muslims support a review of our Constitution and demand separate seats merely because the executive says so is a gross misrepresentation of the views of the everyday and majority of Muslims in our country.

The executive lack the mandate to speak as a representative body for Muslims since the League has been and is essentially an administrative institution managing and maintaining mosques, schools, orphanages, a sugar cane farm and real estate.

In addition to the lack of mandate the arguments and justifications espoused by the executive for a review and separate seats are flawed. They are flawed because our Constitution, in particular the Bill of Rights, namely sections 38(2) and 35 more than adequately guarantee and protect religious freedom and minority rights. 

Indeed if an almost identical South African Bill of Rights provision protects the rights of the minority South African Muslims then what is so special about and differentiates Muslims in Fiji?

On the basis that last century the then nascent League made submissions on separate seats, it is argued today that so called Muslim rights will be achieved if these seats as submitted then are allocated now. To refer to a resolution passed some seventy years ago, in an era with its own specificities and dynamics, as justification for separate seats in today's Fiji illustrates a complete ignorance and denial of our political, social and constitutional history/experience as a nation-state.

Indeed if we were to hark back and uphold the standards of 1929 then commoner indigenous Fijians and women would not have the right to vote. 
Fiji and the rest of the world have moved along. Clearly such absurd referrals to the past illustrate an enormous vacuum in basic critical thinking and analysis, discourse and a general prevalence of obscurantism within the executive.

Furthermore, it aptly demonstrates a complete ignorance of contemporary developments in and interpretations of Islamic law and jurisprudence vis-a-vis constitutional, human rights and international law and conventions. More tragically, however, the opportunism of the executive displays the absence of and lack of belief in justice, compassion, selflessness and basic human decency.

Most Muslims in Fiji know that certain officials treat the League and its branches as their own little fiefdoms. Fiefdoms, where nepotism is known to be rampant at most times; where certain families and individuals have reigned as executives literally for decades; where children and families of well-to-do officials benefit from scholarships which were and are meant for poor students; where chairs of numerous committees are held by single individuals; where businessmen and business interests are over represented; where women, the youth, various provinces and other denominations are either underrepresented or not represented at all; where appeals to religious dogma and unity are utilized in response to queries of administrative/financial discrepancies and where certain individuals view the League merely as a means to acquire access to power, influence and ultimately money - all under the guise of "protecting Muslim interests."

Indeed the absence of proper representation, transparency, accountability and ultimately legitimacy also plague other local institutions in contemporary Fiji.

The executive of the League cannot and does not represent the political opinion, views, philosophies of individuals or the bulk of Muslims in Fiji. These self appointed guardians do not speak for the masses. Therefore, the current administration and all Fiji Islanders must understand and recognize the majority of Muslims who believe in basic human decency, justice, democracy and constitutionalism reject the idea of separate seats and/or a review of our Constitution.

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Anonymous said...

K-yum is and was always a Sunni Muslim

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shame List:
Nazhat Shameem
Aslam Khan
A Jan
Nur Bano
zarin (bano's husband - may be include Sunil)
Aiyaz Khaiyum
Riaz Khaiyum
Faiaz Ali
Mohammed Aziz
Wahid Ali(Denarau)
(please add to list)

Anonymous said...


Corrections in todays Fiji Times

Ioane Burese
Friday, March 16, 2012

* A PICTURE on Page 3 of yesterday’s (March 15) edition showed the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama with the Chief Justice Anthony Gates and Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

We apologise for any inference that Chief Justice Gates and Mr Sayed-Khaiyum were part of a press conference held by the Prime Minister to announce the de-establishment of the GCC. The picture was taken as they went on a tour of the government buildings in Suva.

* AN article on Page 15 of Wednesday’s edition this week incorrectly identified Commander Viliame Naupoto as Immigration Director. He is in fact the Minister for Youth and Soli Sona n Mateni (tamata lau vutu wavoki tu ga mai QVS).

Anonymous said...

not forgeting:

Afzal Khan
Hafix Khan
Fareed Khan
Abdual Khan

Anonymous said...

Muslim league is a religious org.

Does not interfere in politics like GCC. Its the best thing Bai has done by scrapping GCC.

V. Namosimalua said...

The fact that the Fiji Muslims have been posted disproportionately to high posts under Eyearse/ his close relatives have exploited Eyearses position for huge dishonest financial and business gains and huge surge in tying up Fiji with Muslim countries make us bilieve that Muslims are closely associated with moves to disposses us Fijians in our own country. This is quickly turning Fijians against Muslims in Fiji....thanks to Eyearse .

No Retreat said...

the famous saying of the nuthead illegal PM will be haunting them down now

"There's a thousand ways to skin a cat"

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is Sunni, not Ahmadiya.

I relish the irony of his masquerading as a constitutionalist. He says the League leaders don't have the mandate to speak for Fiji's Moslems, but what mandate did he have to assert in his concluding argument that he himself speaks for 'the majority of Muslims who believe in basic human decency, justice, democracy and constitutionalism'?

Indeed, looking down to the present day, what mandate does he have to speak for ANY Fijian?

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Khaiyum's bitterness against Fiji Muslim League stems from the fact that he didnt get a scholarship from it - CCF had to step in and persuade Yash Ghai, the founder of CCF, to take him up to University of Hong Kong on a scholarship, and now Ghai is being paid back through the bogus constitutional review commission as a "Thank You".

Anonymous said...

Shame List Continued

Dewan Maharaj - Quality Print
Vijendra Prakash - Sanatan Dharam
Damend Goundar - Tour Managers
Swani Maharaj - Self Proclaimed Idiot
Shaista Shameem - Former Human Right Commisioner
Satendra Nandan - University of Fiji
Sanjeev Pal - Morallly Bankrupt Individual
Lawrence Tikaram - Coke and Post Fiji
Aziz Mohammed - Deposed FHL Director
Aiyaz Musa - Deposed FHL CFO
Freddie Keshwan - Deposed Higher Salary Comm
Sereana Qoro - Kicked out FHL CEO
John Prasad - Deposed Finance CEO
John Samy - Known Thief
Francis Ram - Evicted FTIB Chair
Parmesh Chand - CEO PSC
Dick Singh - Former NFP Idiot
Mahendra Chaudhary - Known embezzler
Lekh Ram Veshnoi - Known pedophile
Ganesh Chand - Known Fraudster
Niel Sharma - Known Abortionist
Abhay NAND - Known Beneficiary
Fiji Bus Operators - known beneficiaries
Rajesh Singh - Apologist
Arvind Kumar 3SA Carpets
Rajend Chaudhary - Deposed Sports Council Director
Rajesh Chand - Deposed Nasinu Mayor
Chandu Umaria - Almost deposed Suva Administrator
Ajith Kodagoda - FNPF Chair
Hafiz Khan - Hexagon Group
Fareed Nouzab - FHL CEO
Riaz Kaiyum - CEO FBCL
Musa Mohammed - Former FDB Executive
Adrian Sofield - AFL Chair
Padam Lalla - Director FHL
Isoa Kaloumaira - Deposed FHL Chair
Vishwa D Sharma - Recently appointed Magistrate
Adish Naidu - Director Properties USP
Tappoo Family - Known beneficiaries
Mahendra Patel - Initial Coup Supporter turned jailbird!
Felix Anthony - coup beneficiary gone to dogs
Mahendra Reddy - Commerce Commission Chair
Thakur Ranjit Singh - Idiotic Columnist
Recently appointed JP' s and Comm of Oaths
Satendra Nandan - University of Fiji
Rishi Ram - Fiji Taxi Union
Rishi Ram - former PSC Chair
Himmat Lodhia - Renowned Sucker
Arvind Maharaj - tebara Buses
Jasper Singh - Shore Buses
Ajith Singh - Tacirua Buses
Pramod Archary - Deposed FNPF executive
Florence Swamy - CEO FAVC
Vijay Madawan - Office Equipment Executive
Nalin Patel - G Lal
Nur Bano Ali - Aliz former BDO
Zarin Ali - Aliz former BDO
Sunil Sharma - Aliz former BDO
Simon Narayan - CEO Fiji Shipping Corporation
Bachubhai - Vinod Patel & Co
Neel Shivam - beneficiary of FHL
Adish Narayan - Solicitor Ba
Faiyaz Ali - VP Lautoka Football
Rajeshwar Singh - Unionist
Vidya Lakhan - FASANOC

Anonymous said...

If somehow Khaiyum becomes the PM, he will give the Christians and Hindu the toughest time of their life...

Anonymous said...

Even from this letter, one can see the emrgence of a great lader in tbe making. A very elequent speaker and a person with great charisma and humanility. I was at World Consumer rites day where AG was chief guest. Two itaukei man sitting next to me were just stunned at his speakimg ability saying to me who needs chiefs if we have leaders like this.

Anonymous said...

Muslims should NEVER EVER be allowed to get their own political seats or we'll have all other religious groups asking for the same. They've tried this before and will keep trying. Muslims as a religious group make up i think less 0.1% of our population? Regardless anyway.

Anonymous said...

please do not use race and religion

Anonymous said...

There is NO MUSLIM COUNTRY in the world that is democratic


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:31, just a glance at many of the comments here show what a corrosive effect your 'great lader in the making', 'man of great charisma and humanility', is having on race and interfaith relations.

Especially because of the unprecedented assault on iTaukei institutions led by this small-minded Sunni Muslim with a chip on his shoulders, the situation is clearly getting uglier. If we don't begin to moderate our language and tone, I fear we have the makings for a pogrom when the lid finally comes off, which it will.

I appeal to all Fijians to listen to the better angels of your nature. We will sooner get justice against Bainimarama, Aiyaz, and the other traitors if we unite.

Think about it. Christian iTaukei, Hindu and Muslim Indians, kailoma, kaiviti, kaivalangi -- every one of these communities shares some responsibility and guilt for what is happening to Fiji.

Watch, wait, and document. We will have an accounting. But don't take the law into your own hands. Instead, take back the country. After that we will know justice.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

Muslim League to meet on constitution

March 16, 2012 11:11:37 AM




Fiji's Muslim League will meet soon to discuss issues to bring up for the constitution consultation.

League general secretary Taabish Akbar said the executives will decide what issues the league will need to put across the table.

He said they need the collective ideas of its members to see what is best for the Muslim community and for Fiji.

Anit Singh said...

Re-Read the concluding bit from a younger, wiser K-yum - "THESE SELF APPOINTED GUARDIANS DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE MASSES."

a case of Kettli calling the Tawa black - is it????

Anonymous said...

Included in the lists:

1. Tauz Khan - Safeway Electronics.

2. Parmars Footwear Lautoka.

3. Doctor Morgon - Carpenters Group/

4. Kuna - MH's

More to come...

Kai Viti said...


March 18, 2012 6:22 PM