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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Regime supporters stir racist pot

The deposed prime minister and the leader of the SDL Party, Laisenia Qarase, has hit back at the Fiji Sun story that claimed his party is racist.

The article Rumblings of the next eruption in SDL talk, was penned by regime supporter Graham Davis.

In a statement, Qarase says SDL has always been multi- racial and has a broad-based support.

"The editorial staff of the Fiji Sun know this very well. In the 2006 election for example, the Party fielded a multi-racial slate of candidates from the major ethnic communities in Fiji.

"It is true, however, that the majority of members of the SDL Party are indigenous Fijians. It is equally true that the majority of members of the National Federation Party and Fiji Labour Party are drawn from our Indian community. This fact does not make these three political parties racist!

"The Fiji Sun columnist, Mr. Graham Davis, needs to be educated on the realities in Fiji, and stop writing inciteful articles such as the one that appeared on 14.3.12."

Qarase says critics should read the SDL 2006 Manifesto and take a look at the line- up of candidates in the 2006 election, to see that SDL is not a racist Party.

"The Party’s Constitution is also not racist."

Qarase says Davis’ literal translation of the Party name “Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua” is quite wrong.

"The correct literal translation is “Association of People United”. The word “lewenivanua” does not mean “iTaukei” or owners of the land. It simply means “citizens” or “people” of a country.

"Mr. Davis made some comments on the SDL legislative programme and referred to the Qoliqoli Bill, in particular, as racist. The Qoliqoli Bill is about the acknowledged rights of indigenous Fijians to their traditional fishing grounds. It was not about race. It is similar to, say, the Property Act which deals with the rights and obligations of owners of private properties. Mr Davis made some quite inaccurate claims about the provisions of the Bill.

"Incidentally, some aboriginal tribes in Australia have been given ownership rights of more than 7,000km of the Australian coastline.

"It might be of interest to Mr Davis that the Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his officers were strongly supportive of the Qoliqoli Bill and other measures to address indigenous concerns after the 2000 coup."

Qarase says the Fiji Sun editor should be taken to task for publishing the misleading and inciteful article without giving him or SDL the right of response.
Rumblings of the next eruption in SDL talk
The wave of optimism that’s accompanied the Fiji Government’s announcement of its constitutional timetable is likely to be short lived, judging from the public comments of Laisenia Qarase, the man deposed by Voreqe Bainimarama in his 2006 takeover.
Mr Qarase has given an astonishing interview to Radio Australia in which he says his SDL Party (Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua) will consider fielding candidates at the promised elections in 2014 depending on the outcome of the constitutional process. It isn’t going to happen and Mr Qarase knows it.
Why? Because all along, Commodore Bainimarama has said that no party that stands for the interests of one race in Fiji will ever be allowed to contest an election again. And of all the country’s political parties, the SDL is most obviously in that category.
The literal translation of its name is the “United Organisation of People of the Land”, in other words, indigenous Fijians – iTaukei. It was specifically formed to advance the indigenous cause and its programme in government was unashamedly pro-indigenous, so much so that it was branded as racist in many quarters in Fiji.
Its legislative programme included the infamous iQoliqoli Bill that would have required non-indigenous citizens to pay for the use of coastal resources, not just to fish but to cross stretches of water and even the simple act of going to the beach. Coupled with its plan to free the racial supremacists who staged the 2000 coup, including George Speight, the iQoliqoli Bill ultimately led to the SDL’s downfall.
Commodore Bainimarama – as military chief – demanded that Mr Qarase back down, accusing his SDL government of racism and corruption. Mr  Qarase refused and the rest is history.
Two years ago, Commodore Bainimarama told Grubsheet that Laisenia Qarase would return only over his dead body. Two weeks ago, he said he was welcome – like anyone else – to contest the election he’s promised in 2014.
But that means Mr Qarase himself, not the SDL. As far as Commodore Bainimarama is concerned, Mr Qarase can stand as an independent or form another party that is multiracial, with members of all races and a multiracial platform.
But the SDL? Only over his dead body. It is unequivocal and non-negotiable. And lest it be seen as a specific objection to the SDL, the same applies to any other existing single race party, such as the National Federation Party, the traditional political bastion of Indo-Fijians.
None of these have any place in Commodore Bainimarama’s vision of a new Fiji, where equal status, equal suffrage and equal opportunity will, he says, be the hallmarks. Laisenia Qarase knows this. So why did he choose to ignore it in the interview with Radio Australia’s Bruce Hill? Mr Qarase said he was “happy” with Commodore Bainimarama’s statement in the Grubsheet interview that politicians like him were free to stand in 2014, describing it as “a change of heart”.
All well and good. But then he talked about “getting through the selection process” of his own party, the SDL. Ahem. Well, they might choose you, Mr Qarase, but it’s a moot point because you’re not going to be allowed to stand on their behalf.
The deposed Prime Minister went on to say that while he’d prefer an election this year based on the abrogated 1997 Constitution, a decision on whether the SDL would field candidates in 2014 would depend on how the constitutional discussions went. But if the elections were free and fair, the party would contest them and he would win.
It isn’t going to happen and herein is the rumblings of the next eruption in Fiji – a raging argument over the legitimacy of any election whenever it’s held. Wherever you look, Fiji’s critics – the Australian and New Zealand governments, NGOs and think-tanks like the Lowy Institute – are insisting that any election process has to be inclusive, reflect the views of all sections of Fijian society and be a true expression of the will of the people.
But there are some tough questions to be answered that aren’t part of the current debate. Nor, incidentally, are they part of the political paradigm in Australia and NZ. Is racism a legitimate expression of democracy?
Does genuine democracy include the right to believe in the supremacy of one race and superior rights for that race over other citizens? Does it include the right of anyone to stand for office to represent the interests of one race or for race-based parties to field candidates in any election?
Definitive pronouncements are going to have to be made. And Laisenia Qarase has clearly decided to bring it on, to shove a spoke into the Government’s plans right from the start.
His tactic is a familiar one – donning the cloak of democracy to mask his party’s supremacist agenda.
For Qarase and his party, it’s still “Fiji for the Fijians”, the lewenivanua, not equal rights for the whole nation as Commodore Bainimarama insists. The SDL opposes the use of the term Fijian for anyone other than the iTaukei.
Commodore Bainimarama has made it mandatory for everyone to be called a Fijian irrespective of race. What position will Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the international community take? Will it be enough that Laisenia Qarase himself is allowed to stand to meet their test of a legitimate election? Or will they insist that the racially exclusive SDL also be allowed to contest the poll?
On this most basic of questions, the immediate future of Fiji largely depends, along with its relationships with its neighbours.
Commodore Bainimarama’s Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, clearly senses the danger a re-emboldened Qarase presents, referring to politicians “caught in a time warp where nepotism, elitism and racism were the norm”.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said that “voices that echoed from that past… sought to regain power and take Fiji back to the dark ages.” Certainly, that will only happen over Frank Commodore Bainimarama’s dead body, something the international community needs to comprehend as it assesses its position.
In the immediate aftermath of our interview with the Prime Minister for Sky News a fortnight ago, Grubsheet learned an intriguing fact about Commodore Bainimarama’s childhood that explains a great deal about his own multiracial outlook.
When his father was the local prison warder at the main jail in western Viti Levu, young Frank attended Natabua Indian Primary School.
So his friends were mainly Indo-Fijians and he learned Hindi in the classroom and the playing fields. Until now, it’s been assumed that his multiracial attitudes were forged much later, when he attended that bastion of multiracialism, Suva’s Marist Brothers High School, but it’s clear they were ingrained from early childhood.
It’s also a little known fact that only Commodore Bainimarama’s father is an indigenous Fijian. His mother was a Kailoma – a part European from the O’Connor and Pickering families. His wife, Mary, also comes from a prominent Kailoma family, the Keans.
All of which casts considerable doubt on the claims of Commodore Bainimarama’s critics that his multiracial agenda is merely an cynical mask for what they allege is his craven lust for power. While the young Laisenia Qarase was growing up in the village of Mavana on the almost exclusively indigenous island of Vanuabalavu in eastern Fiji, Voreqe Bainimarama was kicking a soccer ball around with his Indo-Fijian schoolmates in the country’s west.
Small wonder that their attitudes to race are so diametrically opposed.

Qarase stirs up trouble


I Taukei Dina said...

I hate to be rude but graham davis is so full of shit. I sincerely hope that he does not come to Fiji often and at the same time does not publicize that he is here, for his own personal safety.


Anonymous said...

Graham Davis, five years after the bainimarama coup, can you tell me how has the ethhnic composition of the civil service, police, military, Fiji missions abroad, cabeinet changed?

The truth is that under Frank Indian representation in all these fronts have declined.

Get your self educated and engage yoru brain first before mouth.

Anonymous said...

The fact is SDL and QARASE were racist. His past policies speak for themselves.
Frank is correct in saying politicians like Qarase and Chaudhury are not needed.

Anonymous said...

Grahm, please dont compare Mr. Qarase with the no school Frank Bainimarama. Mr. Qarase graduated from Auckland University with B.COM (Hons) and Frank is a Form Four fail. He scored 14/100 in maths check his file in PSC. Dont insult the legal PM.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe a thesis of this tom-dick n harry would change the course of a Nation. Unbelieveable!!!!It should be in the STUDIP book of record instead.

Anonymous said...

Fully support the comments of Mr Qarase. Graham Davies thinks he knows all about Fiji but all he knows is what Vore wants him to know. He is so blinded by his worship of Vore that he cannot see straight. The man is a criminal and a uneducated bully and a murderer! Wake up Mr Davies.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is a nationalist racist, qoliqoli bill first then oxygen bill later for breathing air around Fiji. Go and relax and retire sa qase mai.. Power corrupted Qarase just give it up you have enough, when Lai was in power all his clique friends all held high posts?!?

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon

Very true. In contrast to Frank, Qarase has been highly educated, worked for multinational banks and if you meet and talk with him, comes across as a very pragmatic, honest and caring leader.

He does not need to hold a gun to ANYONES head - his leadership qualities and qualifications are apparent to anyone. Even Chaudhry, for all his faults, is a FAR better leader than Frank.

The New Colonialism said...

Look at the white experts telling the Fijians how to think and speaking on their behalf? The so called Pacific expert Hayward Jones is reported as saying Fijians don't want their chiefs - total bulldust. Other colonial whites who think they can decide the future of Fiji include the coup groupies Davis and the fool from horowhenua. Who do these colonialst whites think they are to speak on behalf of Fijians? Hayward Jones in particular - is a fool.

Anonymous said...


Graham Davis should not talk about subjects and matters sensitive to Fijians. Just SHUT the F..K up.

Australia, NZ, the UN recognised indigenous rights and principles, what is wrong with that..

Stop stirring up and fueling block heads like Frank and his cohorts.

You should be ashamed of yourself..idiot.

Keep The Faith said...


So much for 'Graham Grubby Shorts Davis' "journalistic independence".

That he feels the need take his personal bias and delve in the political affairs using the same cues as the illegal and treasonous regime, damages his credibility completely.

Media in Australia please take note.

Krishna Datt said...

14/100 in maths means he is not conniving,calculating,with hidden agendas or a strategist.....all the nastiness then must be from the duo Nazi Shameem and AIYAZ and their mean spirited selves with their own plans and self worship.Nazhat has never forgotten that she was never dux at school so now is an opportune time to try to be one.

Anonymous said...

You are correct in one thing, just because a body is made up predominantly of one race does not necesarily make it racist. What is more important is their policies and actions. However, by that measure the SDL can only be judged as RACIST. Anyone who does not recocnise this is just trying to fool themselves.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bainimarama once say that Qarase is not even a real Fijian.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I always thought that those who mention the very word racism are themselves stirring the racist slur. So davis better do us a favour and keep his trap shut and not stir any more untruths about Fiji. He seem to be just a mouthpiece of the regime esp FB in propagating the bogey about racism. All his false claims have been justly clarified by Mr Qarase so there we see what the truth really is. Anyway Qarase was rightfully elected to govern not the blind power grab executed with military might by FB to launch himself into the top position of government.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, you idiots are so stupid you can't see that you're dancing to the white man's tune, getting all het up about nothing. Davis speaks the truth. The SDL was racist. Qarase's response is pathetic. The whole country knows the truth of what Davis says. As for your threats to his personal safety, just try. You'll be up at the camp before you can say qoliqoli and be beaten to a pulp.

Anonymous said...

This article shows once again that Graham Davis is out of touch with the reality of what's going on in Fiji.
Obviously it calls into question his integrity and the integrity of whatever he wants to comment on in the future.

This is shoddy journalism at its best and toilet-paper material.

Once again the Fiji Sun has shown that it cannot seem to rise above toilet-paper content.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it usual practice to run the article and then run the response?

You guys ignored Davis's piece until Qarase commented on it.

Says it all about the journalistic standards of 4.5.

Guy Threllfell said...

Cor Graham, You have come out all guns blazing here.

It does not matter whether Qarase was:
A good PM or a bad PM
A racist or not a racist
Corrupt or not Corrupt

What does matter is he is the leader of the biggest political party in Fiji. He has been told, in your interview he can stand for election. Of course he is going to make plans for his party and his own elections. He might be stopped at some point but until that day good for him.

Just because a dictator says something does not mean we all have to follow. (I know you always do as the dictator says, but not all of us have to). We have also seen Frankie change his mind regularly, even about who can take part in the election. It was not so long ago he was saying anyone associated with the Interim government would not be allowed to stand in elections and there he was in your interview basically saying he would ignore his own directive.

Calm down Graham. It’s OK Frank will be President, his lackey will be PM. The dictator will be fine. Qarase will be in Mavana. Don’t worry yourself there is a long and fine tradition of Dictators winning elections comfortably. The question is by how much. Circa 60% like Putin or Circa 99% like Mubarak. The difficult decisions you have to make as a dictator.

Graham Davis said...

Bula vinaka to all my friends at 4.5 and especially "i'taukei dina", the charming person who has physically threatened me. You personify everything that is noble in a true Fijian.

I stand by the essence of my opinion piece published in the Fiji Sun. I note that Mr Qarase has said that the SDL has always been multiracial. While it is true that the party included a very small number of people of other races, it has always been overwhelmingly indigenous.

Successive SDL governments were dominated by indigenous cabinet ministers. In the first Qarase government -the interim cabinet from 2000-2001 -only two of the 28 ministers were non-indigeonous. In the second Qarase government, from 2001-2006 only three of the 28 ministers were non-indigenous. Even in the multi-party cabinet of 2006, only eleven of the 36 ministers were non indigenous.

Mr Qarase always insisted that the rights of indigenous Fijians should be paramount. in Fiji. Certain members of his government were avowed indigenous supremacists and a small number were identified as participants in the George Speight coup of 2000.

In government, the SDL embarked on a program to promote the interests of the i’taukei over other citizens. The Qoliqoli Bill – as envisaged – clearly required non indigenous citizens to pay their fellow countrymen for the use of coastal resources. This clearly disadvantaged the non indigenous community, who are already prevented from acquiring more than 80 per cent of Fiji’s land surface.

The Oxford Dictionary defines racism thus:

“the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” It also cites “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”

I believe the evidence clearly shows that the behaviour and attitudes of Mr Qarase and the SDL fall within these accepted definitions. He certainly argued publicly that indigenous Fijians were entitled to superior treatment over other citizens. And some of his legislative program clearly prejudiced and disadvantaged other races in Fiji.

I also believe that the former prime minister is splitting hairs in taking me to task over my English translation of the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua. My understanding is that lewenivanua means much more in the Fijian context than “citizen”, vanua encompassing the whole Fijian way of life.

In any event, I think it is fair to wonder that if indeed the SDL is a multiracial party – as Mr Qarase argues – why it chose an indigenous name that is open to misinterpretation by other races.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. One can almost see the smoke coming out of GDavis'you know what!!! He is fuming in his personalised attack of LQ, so much so that he fails to see that he shot himself in the foot many times over...goodness me, goodness me!

Some interesting points to ponder:

GDavis talks about "the wave of optimism that's accompanied the Fiji Government announcement of its constitutional timetable..." a wave which he claims LQ has unceremoniously crashed through his response/comments. Well, Mr GDavies, there has been many many many similar Bainimarama regime instigated "waves of optimism" in the last 5 or so years, all of which have come to nought simply because the regime's words never match their actions! Who is to say that this latest one is any different??? The fact that they/ HE have/has put road blocks/preconditions all the way through points to this wave crashing...no, ebbing into nothingness yet again! Excuse my pessimism but experiences of the last 5 or so years offers no confidence of words being honoured! LQ or MPC dont even have to do/ say anything but mark my word, the wave is yet another mirage...OILEI, EDA SA OCA MAI NA VAKALIALIAI!

Then there is GDavies' simplistic translation of the SDL Party's name which is not only mischievous but very insulting to say the least. Typically, his deliberate semantic trickery assumes a lack of intelligence on our part! The days of "a few trinkets for your island" is long gone GDavies! We can see through your despicable political (mis)adventure! So, when one uses the term 'lewenivanua' in the phrase 'lewenivanua o Viti' does it refer only to the indigenous Fijians (as GDavies want us to believe) or does it refer to all citizens of Fiji? There in lies the ingenuity of the SDL Party name - it is an inclusive party - open to all citizens to join.

Now as to the matter of the I Qoliqoli Bill. Just a few days ago, my teenage son asked me what the Bill and the fuss about it was all about. I answered him in the only way I know a young Fijian landowner (indigenous or otherwise) can understand. I said that the Bill was an attempt at appropriating/getting just compensation for the use of one's resources. I further told him that to appreciate the Bill fully, one needs to also appreciate/understand the uniqueness of the Indigenous landownership system. Nevertheless, just as any freehold landowner is able to legally/lawfully demand fair compensation for the use of his/her land/resources, shouldnt the same legal avanue be available to any other type of landowner -indigenous landowners included? So, to the critics/opponents of the I Qoliqoli Bill like GDavies and others...your opposition once again show that while you say one thing, you mean and do exactly the opposite! Who is playing double standards I wonder? By the way, the Bill would have ensured that a little bit more of the tourist dollar stays in the country istead of it being mostly fritted away by those offshore operators and investors!

Finally, GDavis, if you want your contribution to the current debate to be credible, then focus more on the policies and less on the personal attacks!

Incite into Lai's mind said...

I don't know why you guys go on about how highly educated Lai is. Just look at his use of the word "inciteful" when he talks about the Sun piece. There's no such word. Go on, check it. It is inciting.

Maybe he meant "insightful" because that would be a more accurate description of the Davis article. Right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative actions is racist?

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is a part of the European and Part-European cabal who are now free to tell iTuakei how they should think and act. The group includes Winston Thompson, Peter Thomson, Robin Yarrow and many others. Yet, for most of the 20th century, these Europeans were protected by the Fijians whom they now wish to destroy. Davis is a self-important journo who conducts fawning interviews with Frank Bainimarama, plying him with leading questions and he thinks he is a good journo. Rubbish, white trash.

Love and War said...

Fight is on and regime using the 'independent' Aussie journo to fight their battles. So they have Fiji media censored and running 24/7 their diatribe and Davis defending and manufacturing news for regional and international media. Go da blogs

Wake up! said...

Oi, Anon at 1.48 PM

"for most of the 20th century, these Europeans were protected by the Fijians whom they now wish to destroy". I beg your pardon but where's the evidence for that? It was the Europeans who protected the Fijians by making sure the Indians didn't get one man, one vote and swamp the country. Yes, that's what the British did for the Fijians, who they understood and respected.

Why do you think these Europeans like those you mention are still assisting Fiji? Because they want us to move away from racial politics, build a united Fiji and regain the respect we used to have in the world before we became couo-coup land. Grow up and try to look beyond your own teitei.

Anonymous said...

Why did we need affirmative action programs for the i'taukei when there were so many of us in Qarase's cabinets? The i'taukei are the dominant race in Fiji and own most of the land. That should have been enough

I appeal to my fellow i'taukei. Stop complaining and get out there and contest the next election. Start a party that includes other races. Let's show everyone that the i'taukei can lead instead of behaving like a bunch of lamusona,

People like "itaukei dina" need to have a good look at themselves. Fancy hiding behind your false name to threaten Graham Davis, who was born in Fiji and has every right to his opinions. You're not a 'taukei dina" at all and if you are God help us. You give our race a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Qarese was and is a racist and not competent despite his education.He is in every sense a KC.

Bad luck Frank had to elevate him after the 2000 coup by a part-eouropean.

Problem with some of you I-Taukei mostly from outside Vitilevu is you dont see good in anything or anybody.

Ratu Mara, Ratu Sukuna, Rabuka, all did so much for you guys and in return you deserted them and bad mouth them.

You guys will never be happy with anything and boils down to neither you want peace nor will let anyone live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Dont care what others say- but QARASE WAS RACIST. HE IS EDUCATED BUT NO BRAINS!!!

Anonymous said...


Here's a similar line Qarase was taking Fiji in his time.

Anonymous said...

bainimarama should start with his new mulitracial Fiji by stoping the recruitment of itaukei into the army untill the proportion of soldiers is 50/50 itaukei and kaidia.

Anonymous said...

Simply Put..

Laisenia Qarase did what the people who voted for him wanted. They wanted to be protected from those who would use and abuse what they depended on to feed their villages and families. The iTaukei are not very business minded which must be accepted. Just cause they demand money for the use of what has traditionally been part of their lives for longer than GDavis ancestors have been trying to track what actual 'native' community they belong to does not make them racist. They are SCARED OF LOSING THEIR SOURCE OF LIFE!!! You have to accept the fact that THEY ARE THE NATIVE CUSTODIANS OF THIS LAND..This is Fiji and before Europeans, Indians, Chinese etc came here, the iTaukei built their traditional customs and more importantly their lives on this land. Yes we must learn to live together in harmony etc etc..BUT..you have to respect and ACCEPT that the iTaukei will voice their concern when they see whats happening! Village elders had the ability to foresee shortages in fruit and seafood and laid down a traditional 'Tabu' so that the children would be able to enjoy the fruits of their sacrifice.
They have done this through their representative...in the most civilised form - VIA PARLIMENT-who knew?!. Please do not label the iTaukei and their leaders RACIST just because they want to protect their land. The iTaukei were man eating cannibals before christianity brought light into their lives...Now the biggest religious group the Methodist church is getting strangled...The iTaukei looked up to their chiefs as their representatives...Now their Council has been disbanded!...If all what this regimes is saying is true THE VERY PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT WILL VOICE THEIR CONCERNS AND HAVE THEM REMOVED. NOT ANY COMMANDER WHO HIS RUNNING FROM CRIMINAL CHARGES!!!! 20 years from now iTaukei children will be minorities in their own land...but folks like GDavis dont give a shit...Boso - think about it not from a well paid journo listening to the tune of Bainimarama..but from the eyes of a villager slaving for $1.50/hr on his own land for a newly termed 'Fijian'!

Would love to hear your response GDavis.

Keep The Faith said...

Aww. Isn't it nice for Graham Grubby Shorts Davis to once again grace our presence with a response especially crafted for us.

What's wrong Davis, tired of your blog's non-existent traffic so you're now resorting to raising your profile riding on C4.5's readership?

You are a pathetic colonial dreg Davis. Stick to what you know - which is not exactly alot where Fiji is concerned.

Anonymous said...

Well said Annon 4.01pm, March 15.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3.28pm.

Why 50/50? This surely is a non issue - afterall, we are all FIJIANS now and race and ethnicity no longer mean anything! Even the term 'multiracial' has no meaning anymore for Fiji - MIGHTY B has declared that THE ONE AND ONLY ALMIGHTY (that we revere and are in awe of) was wrong way back at the Tower of Babel! And what MIGHTY B says goes ALWAYS - ever since the 21st century - in Fiji...

O cei e doudou me vakacala na noda Kalou Bula???

Navosavakadua said...

What’s the difference between a citizen and a Fijian?

Akuila Yabaki has made much of the finding by one of his surveys that 80 percent of Fijians think that only Fijians (iTaukei in Frank speak) are citizens of Fiji. This is the kind of finding that warms the cockles of his heart. It confirms his sense that Fijians still need him to lecture them much much more about their rights and responsibilities.
But the question arises, just how did he ask his question? What word did he use for ‘citizen’? When reading the illegal regime media release on the subject in Fijian and then turning to the English for comparison, I realised Yabaki was using the word ‘lewenivanua’ for citizen. This is not unusual, but in the context where he used it, it oculd be misleading, and he should know it.

The L in SDL stands for Lewenivanua, which is never rendered in Fijian as Citizen. Sometimes called the United Fiji Party, the Foreign and Commonwealth office web-site renders SDL as the United Fijian Party. It’s no wonder Yabaki’s survey respondents thought he was talking about Fijians, not citizens of Fiji.

But that’s not even the real issue here. What really matters is the difference between the two Bainimarama statements, one in English and one in Fijian. In English the statement reads: “We must now look to our commonalities as citizens of the same nation, not to what separates us as individuals or groups.” In Fijian this is rendered as: “E dodonu me da vakasaqara na noda duavata kei na dodonu ni lewenivanua me vaka nida lewe ni dua na matanitu, ka kua ga ni da raica na veika ena tawasei keda.”
The Fijian version sounds more like “we should seek our unity and rights as Fijians as we are all part of one state, and not pay attention to things which divide us”.
Bainimarama knows that his support base is the army and they are overwhelmingly Fijian. When the chips are down this is where he looks for his mandate. The last thing he wants is unity of all the people of Fiji.

How some people can delude themselves that this is not the case is what really puzzles me. He wants to divide us to maintain his claim to powers. He must not succeed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And who is this Graham Davis??..Is he some dumb stupid journo cause really I have read much better truthful pieces by more credible jounalists..so what if he was born in fiji..as far as I and other people on the streets..grassroots people are concerned is that he is some opportunist son of a white b**** and he is just the same as his paedophile gay grandfather..the unlearned..uncredible..judge Gates..cause everyone on the streets is now talking about him picking up a younger gay guy from suvavou village as his live in lover..the guy is now admitted in cwm hospital probably suffering from AIDS..there you go..judge Gates..you must be so stupid thinking that you have some credibility left in you..SHAME..

Anonymous said...

Each time this dictator opens his mouth, he continues to expose himself as a hypocrite and an idiot of the highest order. He tries to project himself as a champion non-racist. What a load of shit. Isn't he and others supporting racism in the region with the promotion of MSG. The establishment of MSG is slowly driving a wedge that will split up the once loving people of the South Pascific islands. Mark my word Polynesian and Micronesian countries are feeling a bit uneasy with some of the utterings coming out of MSG. This has the potential of creating a crack in the South Pacific forum if not handled properly because I believe the formation of MSG is counter-productive to the objectives of the Forum which waS formed to present a unitingn voice of South Pacific island states. This is regional racism and Bai is very much at the forefront.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is Traitor to the Fiji and its People.

Anonymous said...

Under Qarase's government you could go to CWM Hospital and get well looked after.

Under Bainimarama government: No medicine. No linen .Demoralised workers. Patients have to buy their own bedsheets ,like they do in India. I saw an old Indian man and a young Fijian boy lying on bare mattress for 2 days after surgery at CWM.No sheets, no blankets. The old man was writhing around in pain but no one cared. Very very sad.

Increased poverty. Corruption in FNPF, FSC, FHL etc etc etc

So all you people calling Qarase racist should take sometime and think things through a little bit more and see how under his government he actually looked after all the races.

Becareful what you wish for.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

More hard-hitting, award-winning stuff, Graham!  You slam Fiji's democracy and the reputation of its last democratically elected government while serving as a shill for a dictator.  It puts you in the running with Sharon Smith-Johns, Qorvis Corporation and the Fiji Sun's Peter Lomas for the Baghdad Bob Award for Dishonest Journalism.  

My money is on you.  After all, Smith-Johns and Lomas basically just publish whatever Sayed-Khaiyum tells them to -- points lost for originality.  Qorvis' attempt to make Bainimarama a 'Man of the 99 percent' for Arianna Huffington's column was highly creative but just didn't ring true, unless we're talking about the fact that the RFMF under his leadership remains 99 percent ethnic Fijian.  

No, only a man of your PR genius could make Frank Bainimarama sound like a veritable Man of the Enlightenment -- a sort of soldier-philosopher-king, Fiji's version of Frederick the Great.  

Hmmm, 'Frank the Great' -- has a nice sound to it, don't you think?  That should be easier to accomplish with the criminalization of Fiji's most popular political party, which your screed (and I mean that in a positive way) clearly promotes, even arguing that the elections should not be inclusive.  Better to have no elections at all, eh, rather than to have the Fijians elect the 'wrong person'.

The intellectual dishonesty is breathtaking.  Not just the mis-translation, but the idea, for example, that Bainimarama saved the country from George Speight, when we now know (from the BOI report you never mention) that Bainimarama was the real mastermind behind the 2000 coup.  You condemn the SDL for the Qoliqoli Bill, while omitting Bainimarama's support for it originally.  You call the Keans a 'prominent family', when in truth the family is notorious for treason and murder.

Qarase is only 'shoving a spoke into the government's plans' if the government is planning a dishonest election process, and you advocate it should.  'Definitive pronouncements are going to have to be made' because your comments are only a trial balloon, aren't they?  From Bainimarama's arse to your diarrhea of the pen, and I mean that in a positive way.  The truth be damned, so long as you get exclusive interviews from your pal.

I guess by the same token, then, the RFMF can't be allowed to participate in Fiji's elections, since it's a patently racist institution.  

Oops, how to reconcile that contradiction?  Perhaps, as Bainimarama suggests, over his dead body.  'Sic semper tyrannus', they call it.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Anonymous said...

God there's some pathetic stuff here. Graham Davis must be smiling from ear to ear. All the cliches of racist, abusive Fijians popping up in the one place to make his case for him.

Where are the people capable of taking him on in the Fiji media on his own terms? In other words, writing reasoned articles that contradict him? There aren't any. Just a stream of anonymous attacks.

There are a couple of people here who are clearly articulate. Why aren't you writing articles? Instead, Davis is winning the argument because he can make his case. No wonder they put him on the front page.
Stop abusing him and start meeting him head on.

The Oracle said...

@All...We can despise Graham Davis as much as we want and we can vent our anger at Frank as much as we want. But without OPEN OPPOSITION/Rebellion, we are mere cogs in the wheel. We're aiding and abetting Frank through our inaction.
Here he is, dismantling the very thing that binds the i-taukei: his land, his chief and his church. And we're all sitting back complaining without doing a thing. Without the chiefs, the vanua and related alliances (Kubuna/Tovata/Burebasaga etc) are meaningless. Ratus will retain their title, but the titles will be meaningless because there is no chiefly hierachy any more. The next thing he will probably do is blot out the various provinces - he's already started with the appointment of chiarpersons of the existing councils. Frank's already started selling off i-taukei land through the Land Bank - by-passing the body that was set up to safeguard i-taukei land - the NLTB. And, he's pushed the Methodist Church so much into a corner that the church leaders don't know where the exit door is anymore. The next thingh, in pursuit of Khaiyum's dream will be the scrapping of the Vola ni Kawa Bula. Then, all the people of Fiji will become "equal" and all the i-taukei land will be up for grabs. And while we all fight each other Frank and the Khaiyums, the Shameems, the Naru Bano Ali's and all their cronies will be fattening themslves on the "riches" they've made because the rest of us are too scared to revolt.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action is not racist; it is merely to alleviate the aspiration of the indigeneous community - no more no less. I just don't understand the logic in those supporting the illegal regime. The Fiji court of Appeal ruling in 2009 is final and should be reapected and uphold by all right thinking people of Fiji and to do otherwise is inconceivable and illegal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:15, great idea! That way, Frank can send his goons to firebomb our homes in the middle of the night or shove a rifle up our rectums.

Wadan Narsey has written some trenchant analyses, but do any Fijian newspapers dare to publish them?

What Fiji do you live in?

Anonymous said...

They put Davis on the front page because he spouts the lies they want the people to feed on. It's that simple. He's not winning the argument, and he doesn't make a good case. But then, he doesn't have good material to work with.

Anonymous said...

IF Baini is so dumb then why does not Kaiyum fire him and appoint his smart arsed uncle as PM???????