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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Australian u-turn on Fiji being talked up

Bob Carr and Julia Gillard
Regime supporters are claiming the Australian government is about to offer an olive branch to dictator Frank Bainimarama.

Coup apologists reckon Julia Gillard's new Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, is about to reverse six years of hard-line Labor Party policy.

According to today's Adelaide Advertiser  Carr is about to offer an 'olive branch' to Bainimarama and he is travelling to New Zealand tomorrow to meet Prime Minister John Key to discuss Fiji's ban from the Pacific Islands Forum in 2009.

According to the paper, incentives for Fiji are likely to include lifting some of the "sticks" against the regime, including the forum's ban on the junta - and some reversal of Australian sanctions set up in the wake of the 2006 coup.

"These include a blanket ban on the supply, sale or transfer to Fiji of arms and related material, the provision of technical advice, assistance or training, a financial service or financial or other assistance to Fiji related to military activities or any activity that involves the sale or supply of any export-sanctioned goods to Fiji."

In an article on Pacific Scoop under the headline, Rollback on the 'Rudd block' on Fiji policy set to begin, coup apologist Graham Davis claims the mood for change in Canberra hardened after his recent interview with Bainimarama.

"Bainimarama’s strident comments in the Sky/Grubsheet interview have achieved their purpose and the tone of that rhetoric will now be lowered to oil the wheels of diplomacy."

He admits some media, such as the ABC, have ignored the interview but insists that "whatever the politicians think about Bainimarama, many hadn’t grasped the interview’s central tenet that Australia was now the last man standing in refusing to have anything to do with him."

A more balanced steer comes from the  Australian, which acknowledges the  u-turn is being pushed by the Liberal Coalition. 

Quote: "The Coalition has flagged a new direction on Fiji, calling on incoming foreign minister Bob Carr to open dialogue with the island nation, isolated since the 2006 military coup."
It quotes the Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman, Julie Bishop, as saying that rather than ignoring Fiji, "Australia should lead the way with engagement."

It would be criminal for Australia to reverse its policy at the agitation of a small group of academics and coup apologists who have been scaremongering in a bid to have Bainimarama brought back into the fold.

The move would certainly come as a surprise to New Zealand, which has maintained its nerve and stuck to the sanctions and the bans.

Simply put, the treasonous Bainimarama regime continues to oppress people and there is no justification for the sanctions coming off. Doing that will only prove to the regime that it can do whatever it wants and get away with and neither Fiji nor Australia will be the better off for it.

We must engage with Fiji regime: Coalition
Carr softens Australia's stance on Fiji
New Australian Minister wants to engage with Fiji


Becoming clearer by the day said...

It is becoming clearer by the day where Fiji is heading under this incompetent buffoon military junta. It will be countries like Australia and NZ who will have to assist in rebuilding the fractured, bankrupted and despairing nation. So much damage has been done including the rape of the rule of law, removal of accountability and lack of any real governance. The sooner they get involved in cleaning up the better it will be for the people of Fiji who will then be able to bring the scum perpetrators to justice.

Anonymous said...

So it's OK to do Coup's.It's OK to murder and bash women. It's OK to just wake up one morning and if you feel like it you get rid of the government elected by the people.
This is pathetic, coming from Australian Coalition opposition.

If this is what Australians want then Australians must also demand justice for those whom Bainimarama abused and murdered.
Bring Hughes back and let him investigate the Crimes from 2000.
Australia must be faithful to it's self and call for justice.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Australia and NZ either engage or kiss Fiji goodbye as Fiji will move on with new allies and supporters. The losers will be Australia and NZ. Fiji has managed without their support and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

I say let them come in and have a closer look at what's really happening. Come and talk to the families of the beaten and murdered. Come and see how our Judicial system is as one sided the AG's marriage.

Let them come and see how much sugar coated bullshit Fiji is really in

Watched Bai's interview 3 times now...this guy said "I dont know" and "I think.." more times then our President has played golf and gotten shit faced at the pub....I know you all know thats a hell of a lot!


this Falla

Taukei 5. said...

Send Bob Carr photo's of the mutilated bodies of the CRW boys accompanied by a note reminding "this is how all the other despots started".

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:22
I'm sorry but Fiji has No ALLIES or SUPPORTERs. The Chinese and Indians are here to rape the country.
How much did they give for the recent flood compared to what New Zealand gave?

The Chinese and Indians are only here to do business. Nothing more, nothing less. They already said that.
Fiji is drowning in Debt and pretty soon even China will desert you or worse COLONISE you like Tibet.

Fiji will soon become bankrupt and then China will takeover forcefully to get back its money.

Maybe Australia should just wait. Bai will self-annihilate pretty soon.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

Fiji should go to there new allies, Australia and NZ should save their tax payers money instead of giving it away. Where would Fiji be without the aid from these countries when natural disasters hit.
If Frank is so good at his job he should be saying to Aus/NZ keep your money China and India have got our back. Nothing will change with Carr coming in, especialy with whats being released in the media about the coup and murders. Public wont stand for it and definetly not the unions.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Saraga! Australia "should lead the way in engaging Fiji/FB"...then they can experience for themselves what Frank is all about! No Mission, No Vision - NO GOOD!

Bob from Bendigo said...

Lifting the sanctions or offering the olive branch will only prove to Bai and co that they can make Australia and New Zealand bend.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse@6.22. NZ and Australia don't need Fiji, it's the other way round. Obviously you're uneducated. Ask yourself, where are the Fijians and Indians leaving for to escape the carnage in Fiji? They didn't migrate to china or India. They're leaving in droves for NZ and Australia. You're so dumb like the soldiers in the barracks.
March 8, 2012 7:17 PM

Anonymous said...

Trade ban for Fiji would be best!!
Cut off Tourism links!!
Australia sends heaps of tourists to Fiji!! Maybe time to choose other holiday destinations!!

Anonymous said...

I would love Aust /NZ to engage with Fiji. They are like big brothers, that have scorned a little brother, isolated him and blatantly refuses to talk to him. This impacts on relationships. As family the time comes when you need to start talking again. It's been 6yrs so soften up all and start to patch things again. AU/NZ take up your elder brother status and tell younger brother to straighten up as families are suffering and don't need far flung friends to be taking sides...life is too short and we need our region to be harmonious again, full of genuine laughter and smiles. C'mon Aussie's !!

Sharon Suaniu said...

Finally Australia and New Zealand are bowing to dictator's Frank's rule.

INKI MAKA said...

Divide and Rule = Reap the Benefit. Pomps old habbit.

freeboard said...

@anon 7:48pm. ANZUS are big brothers all right - the 1984 type!

INKI MAKA said...

If New Zealand has to join hands with big sister [Australia] than the first thing is to lift ban on pacific access category and increase fiji's quota from 250 to 500/year.

INKI MAKA said...

power struggle in the pacific. i strongly believe big bro [OBAMA] insisted queen JB to make a move before India and China takes full control over fiji. Big Bro[Obama] knows very well nz will follow australia like a BAKEWA.

Anonymous said...

can someone send 2000 coup findings & facts to Australia and New Zealand, let baini rot. By engaging with baini , than its ok to do coup.

Anonymous said...

hahhahha australia and New Zealand bend down to the Almighty Bainimarama ,you should start crawling now to bainimarama and kiss his toes and make sure you cry out so loud that he might get you in

Anonymous said...

If Australia engage there will be certain conditions just as before, Bainimarama will go back on his word and we will be back to square one again.

Anonymous said...

Syria can learn a thing or two from vore

Anonymous said...

NZ and Australia don't need Fiji, so get that into your thick heads. Your citizens are leaving in droves, NOT to China or India, but to NZ and Australia. In a few years time, China will take over Fiji, and there's nothing you morons can do about it. Obama does not have a minute to worry about Fiji. If he does then the SEALS will drop in and take out the pig Bai. By the way, didn't the Tongan navy sailed into Fiji and the navy boys continued drinking grog? Yeah that's right, Fiji will continue to go backwards and the Chinese going forward in taking over. When that happens, pack your bags and go to China or India.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to banana republic of Labornesia....

"When it comes to treachery and betrayal, deceit and disloyalty, the Labor Party leaves the coup-addicted Fijians in its wake.

The Labor Party is "a mewling, puking party with no coherent leadership, no record of achievement. Nothing but spite and bile and self-interest."

- Piers Akerman

Anonymous said...

Can you blame Julia for her sudden change in policy? Come on guys, would you want Chodohry,Urai Anthony,singh,Khaiyum,Saimimi and these bunch of crooked lowlife to live in your home? Every time you turn-around they're trying to kicked you out and take over the house your parents build,squate on your land and claim it as theirs?Live in your house rent free,yet will pettition & demand payment if you ask them to do house chores.Well can you blame her?Sure now she's the one whose gonna have to kiss Bai's ass, so Bai can keep these assoles in Fiji!!! Bai please
remain tough and you're doing good!!!Let's bring their number down to 10 or 8% and bring on the
ONE MAN ONE VOTE they've been advocating for over 40 years?

Anonymous said...

John Key-like Julia-is also worried
about the sudden increase of Indo
numbers in NZ. Hey, their influence
in NZ is an absolute concern and they've even choosen a Fiji born Indo, as their Governor General!Hey
even Chodohry has his stolen loots hidden in NZ! Do you want these Fiji Crooks-Urai,Anthony,Chodohry,Samimi
Kaiyum, Bano etc to move into your
country? I think Not! Time for him to kiss bai's ass, as well, so Bai can continue to keep fencing-in these crooks in his backyard!!

S.A.S said...

@ Anon March 8, 2012 7:42 PM

You must live a happy life overseas. If you want to help Fiji...come and work in Fiji for peanuts and help build Fiji up to what it was before. I got qualifications to work anywhere in the world but I choose to stay in Fiji and help bring her back to her glory days..Don't sit in your plush life style and comment about trade bans and banning tourists.....tourist dont care about politics...they just cant help it..Fiji is beautiful because the people are humble and more beautiful. Why should the peopel suffer who depend on tourism...not their fault the coup happened? Think about it?

Anonymous said...

Vocekemarama has been crawling to china but he's so dumb he doesn't realize that the Chinese are making fun of him. How much did china give towards the relief fund? Hahaha what a laugh.

To one anonymouse above, you're absolutely right, the pig Vuakamarama is one almighty dumbass.

Fakira said...

shame,shame,shame,shame,shame thuuu..
to australia and new zealand. unethical,inconsistent,double standard if that happens than bainimaichodana will be the most powerful man in the pacific.aussie & nz lift your skirt and pull down you pants in front of B/Chodana.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Bob Carr / Ms Gillard /Mr Abbot & Ms Bishop
Please Note: This Coup was not done by "the noble" Fiji Army as we know it.
The Coup was done by a rogue element in the Army. In fact it was done by one man, Bainimarama. He quickly got rid of Officers who were trying to do the right thing.

Therefore this Coup is not about "noble causes" . It is not about "rooting out corruption". It is not about "racial equality".
That is ALL BULLSHIT. That is a big con job by Bainimarama.

"Legal Evidences" in the last few days have proven beyond doubt that Bainimarama did the coup , not out of any noble reason, but to avoid prison.
Prison for the murders he ordered.

This man murdered Fijian citizens.
He has bashed and terrorised Fijians who have any thought of Democracy.
Villagers are scared that they might end up like the CRW soldiers.

In fact the Rogue Military now rings people up and threatens them. That sounds more like Mafia tactics than a noble Army.

By caving in to Bainimarama you will be caving in to more oppression of the Fijian people.
You will be caving in to more injustice on the people of Fiji.

By now you should realise that you don't listen to Bainimarama because he is a liar.
Democratic elections in 2014 will never happen.
He will make it look like its going to happen but in the end he will just do another Coup.
Get it!
So please don't mess around with this guy.
He is evil and needs to be shut-down NOW. Not 2014.

Bainimarama and his gun-toting cohorts are TERRORISTS.
Terrorising the good citizens of this country.

Australia has gone to other countries to fight Terrorists.
So why can't you help the poor Fijians fight these terrorists.
Why give-in to terrorists?

There is evidence beyond doubt that the Fijian Army is now a Terrorist organisation filled with people who are willing to carry out Bainimarama's evil retribution on its own people.

Australia must do 2 things:

1)Cut off Economic and Moral support of this rogue Fijian Army by removing them from ALL United Nations jobs.

Just this one move will be a big Psychological blow to Bainimarama.
You will note that as you do this, Bainimarama will jump up and down and scream like a little baby.
Because in the Fijian psyche, to be rejected by the UN is like the "ultimate rejection".
You will find that there will be Immediate Revolt at the Fiji Army camp.

2)Secondly you should bring in more Sanctions and be prepared to help remove these terrorists in the usual manner.

-Valataka na Dina.

Anonymous said...

We can seat here and simply let this happen or spend few minutes of our time today in sending targeted email to


By collectively send email we will get noticed. As single voice no one is going hear you but if they get 100's or 1000's of email today then maybe we have hope.

Needs to simple and all we need to do ask them to stop smoking the peace pipe and firstly visit this site for the true insight into Fiji.

Let's make it 12noon Fiji time. Everyone send one email to the above address and ask them to visit this site.

ex army said...

Mark Manning of Australia,instead of wasting your time in talking about Fijians look at your own back yard and try to spend your energy in preventing your goverment from reversing the labour goverment sanctions.
You kept on talking about Fijians and the coup but look at what your goverment intention to reverse some of the policies.You should be ashamed of yourself and quit from blogging because you will be bedding with Bainimarama soon or later.As Ive said earlier on that he will prick you so hard that you will never want to go back to Aussie and youll love the Fijians ice berg.
ex army

Think about it! said...

It's pretty clear reading all these articles that Australia is going to fall into line and recognise the reality in Fiji.Five years of shunning the Baini hasn't worked and you can't really blame them.

The single biggest reason that the policy is changing is that it no longer makes sense. Australia stopped talking to Fiji but Fiji simply started talking to everyone else. Australia is reengaging not for the benefit of Fijians but the benefit of itself. When the Americans changed their policy because of China, that was it. So if you want to be angry with anyone, be angry with the US, which preaches democracy but will sacrifice it for its own self interest.

The pro-democracy movement has suffered a mortal blow. When this happens, it's over. You either accept Frank's brand of democracy and get in there for the 2014 election or forget all about it and build a new life elsewhere.

Just come back from Fiji myself and there is NO sense that the government is under pressure. I was shocked to find that most ordinary people I met haven't just accepted Frank, they support him. Incredibly, many love him. I've been asking myself why.

I think the main reason is that SDL preached Fijian rights but didn't do enough for people in rural areas. The thing I found is that Frank's popularity seems to be even greater outside the cities and towns. Why? Because he fixed the road, put on the power and made sure the villagers could get clean water. If there was any problem, the military engineers would be there to fix it next week, not next month or next year. People are very grateful for this and that's why they kaila when the Baini passes when you think they'd want to throw stones.

It's not rocket science. It's all very well going on about democracy but if you don't provide people with basic services and the dictator does, who are they going to support? The SDL has to come to terms with the fact that it messed up and only has itself to blame.

I think Qarase and those around him have to take a large share of the blame. They talked big about Fijian rights but expected ordinary people to go on living as before. Think about the choice they had. Democracy by benzine lamp or dictatorship with a fridge? What would you choose? They didn't have any power before the coup to change things so why would they worry about that now?

Anonymous said...

Love the idea mr anon 7.33am.

The Oracle said...

Australia has a lady leader but she has yet to demonstrate the resolve that was so much a feature of Margaret Thatcher. Australia has made a decision on Fiji. Stand by it until 2014. To change that stance would be hypocritical. For all of Bainimarama's apologists, his legacy will be known well after he's gone and that would be how he mortgaged this country to the Chinese and crippled our economy in his efforts to protect himself from prosecution.
Bob Carr may well soften his attitude to Fiji but in so doing, Australia has a lot more to lose by way of its regional and international image. It cannot be seen to be swaying in the wind like a blade of grass. It needs to be resolute. It also needs to review its stance in that once visas are denied to members of the Fiji regime or their supporters, this should be maintained until after Fiji's return to democratic rule. To ban Mahendra Chaudhry one day and grant him a visa the next because he's fallen out with the same regime that crippled this country is hypocritical.
Australia needs to also suspend its development aid to Fiji and resort only to emergency assistance in times of natural disasters. The people of Fiji need to bear the burden of rising costs in the health and education sectors so that they realise the importance of maintaining good international relations. It is entirely illogical for Australia to distance itself from the Fiji regime on one hand, yet prop the same regime up by pumping funds into the health and education sectors. To cloak that aid with the suggestion that it is Fiji citizens-targetted holds no water.
For Graham Davis and the other Australian Bainimarama- sympathisers, there is a need to look at reality. YES, Fiji has forged new diplomatic relations with non-traditional partners - that is something that should be on-going. Has Australia lost influence in the Pacific? That is a question that needs to be analysed because in the end, for the small-scale Pacific economies, it all boils down to cheque book diplomacy. As a journalsit, can Graham Davis tell us just how much, Fiji's new "partners" have pumped into the country by way of real financial assistance? The majority of Chinese funding has come in the form of loans. These have to be repaid and Bainimarama has adopted the tactic of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. He pays off one loan by raising a bigger loan and anybody who deals with a money lender will tell you there is a no-win situation here because all Bainimarama is doing is getting this country into deeper financial mess. Graham Davis should admit that he is a lobbyist in Australia for the Bainimarama regime. He should not prostitute the art of journalism by attempting to portray Bainimarama as Fiji's Knight in shining armour fighting a Holy War against Australia which according to Davis is fast losing "influence" in the Pacific.
Once Fiji returns to democratic rule, all Australia needs to do is pump in huge amounts of aid money and all of Bainimarama's new "partners" will fade into the history books. That is the reality - not just for Fiji but for the Pacific. Australia will always be "influential" because, as is the Pacific way, one can always rely on one's brother or close neighbour. If Bainimarama wants to paddle his own canoe against the international tide of coup criticism then he should do so under his own steam - without development assistance and without mortgaging Fiji to the Chinese. The Chinese are good businessmen - but they are also shrewd and always get what they're owed in the end. If indeed Graham Davis cares about Fiji, he should be investigating the economic dangers which lie ahead.
Fiji's Pacific support is coming largely from the Melanesian brotherhood - only because Melanesian countries have the resources to esnure sustainable economies. The other support is coming from Kiribati and Tuvalu - and now we know why -- both are looking at Fiji as a country to relocate to.

Anonymous said...

hey what's up....can't download Army BOI for past 3 days.


Irony said...

I wonder if this government sees the irony in Graham Davis’ assertion that Sky could be instrumental in the easing of Australian sanctions on Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The illegal regime should not be optimistic about Australia's latest stance as it is only trying to see if they have been cured of their self righteous attitude.

Anonymous said...

Now this is what will happen. FB will announce consultation on a new constitution and this will be seen as a concrete move towards democratic elections. Australia and NZ will lift sanctions and potentially invite Fiji back to the Pacific Islands Forum.

Anonymous said...

This guys Frank & Aiyaz CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Australia for wanting to help us. But please do not come with an olive branch, this idiot does not deserve it. The biggest gfavour you can do when you come is help us throw this dickhead in Naboro before assisting in rebulding this beautiful country of ours which has gone to ruins under his rule for the past six years. He stole power by the gun so he deserves to be removed by the gun.

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr will end up getting whipped with his own olive branch.
All this talk of re-engagement, like Davis's interview with Bainimarama is all just hot air. Davis knows that nobody believes anything the Labour party says anymore.
Australia and NZ's smart sanctions aimed at the illegal regime is part of a larger action by the Commonwealth of nations.
Anyone expecting any significant change in stance is deluding themselves.
Full re-engagement will not happen until a civilian government is back running the affairs of Fiji. Sovereignty declared by civilians, not a military out of control.
So frankly speaking, go back to the Barracks and give the government back to the people of Fiji. Only then will Australia, NZ and the world welcome Fiji back into it's fold with open arms.
That has been their message all along!

Anonymous said...

please tell each and everyone in Fiji, coup 2000 baini was main player

Anonymous said...

i told you so!Both NZ & USA have since the coup realised that it was going to be an absolute waste of time to keep isolating Fiji-simply because other world powers were stepping in to fill the gap! If it was a case of say Britian or France than that would not have been a problem for them reality was it was countires like Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan etc.To make matters worse worse if Aussie & NZ pused hard enough the other Pacific countries will suddenly change sides as they would not let Fiji go down a path which will also hurt them! Face reality people the uSA has been silently negotiating with Talibans years ago without even informing the so called coalition!DRi Yani

Anonymous said...

Everyone may think that just because Australia is sort of offering an "olive branch" Frank is going to come to the party. What if doesn't because by the looks of things Frank may not like where he is with regards to engagement with Australia & NZ but he sure as hell happy to be mates with the Asian countries something that was always talked about in the past but never came to frution as it has now-the other issue that one needs to look at is simply this will Frank give up all just to start talking to NZ & Australia? Its a question of your sincerity & honesty! Who trusts who in this saga, in Franks position right now he holds the cards, Australia and NZ may think they have the might & power but it has not woked well till now for them.Guess what till now Fiji has sufferred after getting booted out of the Forum so what says Frank-we can talk but you will not dictate to us any more what we can what we can't do. Simple facts-like or lump it! So which form of democracy is Fiji going to choose -thats the big question!

Wake up Oz said...

Herald Sun saying Bob Carr ambushing NZ on this olive branch business!

AUSTRALIA'S new Foreign Minister Bob Carr will visit New Zealand for a series of meetings with political leaders - just four days after being sworn into office.

Mr Carr will hold talks with NZ Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully and Prime Minister John Key, along with opposition leader David Shearer, during his two-day visit.

Mr McCully said today that he was delighted to welcome Mr Carr on his first overseas trip in the role.

"He is well-known as a friend of New Zealand and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role," Mr McCully says.

"I look forward to sharing New Zealand's perspective on developments in our Pacific neighbourhood, as well as challenges and opportunities emerging across the Asia-Pacific region and around the globe."

The trans-Tasman relationship flourished under former prime ministers Helen Clark and John Howard but Mr Carr's predecessor Kevin Rudd didn't make a trip across the Tasman while he was prime minister.

Mr Carr took over as foreign minister on Monday after Mr Rudd's failed bid to reclaim the Labor Party leadership saw him demoted to the party's backbenches.

There's speculation Mr Carr didn't check with Mr McCully before announcing his visit to New Zealand at the weekend, saying he planned to "shoot across there to pay them the courtesy of some consultation, given their expert feel for the politics of the South Pacific".

Mr McCully only arrived back in New Zealand today after spending the week in Burma.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/forein-minister-bob-carr-eyes-new-zealand/story-e6frfku0-1226293924030#ixzz1oaH6eCQA

Anonymous said...

Reply to Think about it..

What Baini regime SDL has done for the people as you'rte claiming is no comparison to what SDL has achieved. In terms of indigenous issues, SDL has legislated some landmark issues that will be remembered by the indigenous people of this country which would be come a legacy that generations of generations will envy, amongst them the retuirn of Crown Schedule A land tro each and every yavusa and mataqali that rightfully owns it. In term,s of rural development, SDL rural housing policy which was an affordable arrangement has transformed the looks of villages and rural settlements. Tourism saw an unprecedented growth as well as the nedw potential in sugar with the mills upgrade and assistance planned for growers. There were other visible developments that are so numerous to mention. The people know the kind of benefits that they were enjoying under SDL. That was why it also enjoyed the support of our soldiers because there are clear evidence from the identification of the ballot boxes that the majority of our soldiers had voted for SDL. Why not the majority are indigenous taukei and they surely favoured the SDL policies.

Anonymous said...

you run a race and near the end and give up...just flop down beside the track.

is that what ozi policy going to be.........at least be consistant.

the threats should be escalating not weakening.

if franky and his thugs back off from elections then there should be strong sift repurcusions with out mercy to frank.

if he moves the goal posts on election, delays then here must be servier reaction by australia.

its the only way .

if you now soften he will take advanatage of this softening and make an excuae to move elections another 2 years....easy enough to engenieer.

stay the course....except this time make everybody pay...no mercy

stop flights and shipping...completely clo9se fiji down if warlord franky mkes any moves to not follow through with his roadmap

in the long term....this will be the only honest policy and one that we will aprreciate 10-20 years down the road

thank you


Anonymous said...

FB has just announced the constitution review process led by the Chair person Professor Yash Ghai, Taufa Vakatale and Professor Satendra Nandan. Laisania Qarase and Chaudry will be part of the Constituent Assembly.

Anonymous said...

What does reengagement entails? Is it acceptance of an illegal entity which hijacked an elected government? Or is it an engagement to talk the regime into returning Fiji to democracy. Australia must tread carefully or they will be made a fool of by a small neighbourhood bully.

Anonymous said...

An international power struggle is imminent which will propel the current debacle to another dimension...more ferocious than the current Syrian saga

And similar to the Syrian, Libyan, and Egyptian upheaval, the western powers will use internal governance structures in the socio political environment to exert, prove and stabilise their own interests in a country situated at the centre of the world….and as usual those at home will suffer. Those of you abroad protected by your country of emigration will be watching from the comforts of your living room with a cup of coffee or a bowl of kava.
The Julia Gillard government’s current policy change on Fiji’s state of affairs has proved that the image of Fiji's socio economic synopsis had international and regional political and economic implications, which has/will trigger a cause and effect stimulus to all stakeholders.
It is not due simply to the bad influence of the current regime, or were they really to be blamed? However an effect can become a cause, reinforcing the original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and so on indefinitely. A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be a failure, and then fail all the more completely because he drinks.
China will not easily give allowance to other western powers including Australia and NZ to exert more power and authority and just appear in the 11th hour as a "thief in the night" saviour of Fiji's woes. We have to remember that she was the one "standing by" Fiji whilst the rest of you criticise, rebuke, scold and admonish. I just remembered that the US with the backing of Fiji’s big sister has just strategically set camp in the land down under, and Fiji is just a mere 2.5 hrs away fly time.

God bless Viti

Kai Viti

Coup 4.5 said...

Fiji Sun jumping the gun here. Bob Carr has not issued a statement regarding a u-turn. The change in policy has been touted but there has been no direct confirmation from him or the Gillard government.

PM upbeat as Aussies offer olive branch


Fiji is always open for engagement with everyone from the region, says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.
This was the Prime Minister’s reaction to newly-appointed Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Senator Bob Carr’s statement on Fiji yesterday.
Yesterday, Mr Carr said he would offer an olive branch to Commodore Bainimarama.

“We have always been open for engagement with everyone from the region. Like all our neighbours, they will be accepted,” Commodore Bainimarama said.
“We have never shut our neighbours out and we never shut Australia out in the first instance.”

When asked about Mr Carr’s change of attitude, the PM said: “I believe the decision by Mr Carr is a wise one and forward looking.

“It is my hope that it will be a genuine move to engage with us on equal terms and not be one based on their conditions.
“We have more important things to consider and look forward to as we move into our constitution consultations rather than meeting conditions dictated by anyone to us.”

The Prime Minister said his Government had always been ready for the world.
Australia and New Zealand he added are most welcome to join “our foreign partners in acknowledging our sovereignty and assisting us with our move towards a truly democratic Fiji for all”.
“Government looks forward to a truly genuine engagement in the interests of both Australia and Fiji and its peoples.”
The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, said: “We have always been open to dialogue with Australia, but given the history of Australian policy towards Fiji, we are in a wait and see position.
“Fiji remains committed to its path of creating a new Constitution and holding democratic elections.”
In a statement yesterday, Mr Carr said he would begin to reverse the six years of hardline Labour policy against the Commodore Bainimarama-led Government.
Mr Carr confirmed he would be in New Zealand today to meet New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to discuss Fiji’s banning from the Pacific Islands Forum in 2009.
Incentives for Fiji are likely to include lifting some of the “sticks” against Fiji, including the forum’s ban on the Government and some reversal of Australian sanctions set up in the wake of the coup.
These include a blanket ban on the supply, sale or transfer to Fiji of arms and related material, the provision of technical advice, assistance or training, a financial service or financial or other assistance to Fiji related to military activities or any activity that involves the sale or supply of any export-sanctioned goods to Fiji. The package also bars entry or transit through Australia for Fijian citizens declared by the Foreign Minister, such as members of the military, their families and other supporters of the Government.

Anonymous said...

This is all wishy washy..I don't think Bob Carr will rush into anything substantive when he made the statement. It seems the regime is more desperate in being re-engaged by Aussie than the Aussies as they are in dire need of some rescue from the economic shit the country has found itself in.

Anonymous said...

Asutralia n NZ are scared of China taking over the pacific hence this new approach.!!! they still wanna rule over the Pacific..

Anonymous said...

Bananarama up beat, Nek minute shot down.hahahahahhaha.

Anonymous said...

Expect to see Canberra's visa policy change.  This is not just a response to wrangling by academics and apologists.  Canberra has wanted to change its visa policy for years, even under Kevin Rudd, but as a carrot in response to any conciliatory gesture on Baninimarama's part -- a futile wait.  Wellington has wanted to change its policy, too, but didn't want to get out ahead of Canberra.  

The Americans have the only 'Goldilocks' visa policy.  The Brits' policy is too lenient and the Aussie/Kiwi policy too petty.  All should harmonize along the lines of the U.S. policy.

The idea that Australia is suddenly alone in snubbing Bainimarama's regime is simply wrong.  The Aussies have been alone on this for a number of years already.  

The Americans have been meeting with Bainimarama and his ministers all along, but only in self-defined channels and often to deliver hard-boiled messages.  The Americans meet with the Taliban, the Burmese junta, etc., so the idea that they can't or shouldn't meet with Bainimarama et al is pretty preposterous.

Kiwi Foreign Minister McCully has conducted a personal dialogue with Inoke Kubuabola ever since Kubuabola came into office.  

Canbera won't be 'making a U turn' but simply a long-needed course correction.  And the Kiwis will not surprised by the move at all.  Instead, they'll welcome it and quickly adjust.

The idea expressed by some that the Aussies and/or Yanks are about to invade Fiji is pretty silly at this point.  Canberra hasn't even flirted seriously with the idea of a crippling trade embargo, yet it's going to risk the lives of its soldiers and its international prestige?  The Yanks are going to defend their precious bodily fluids by invading to protect FIJI Water?  That's pretty much all Fiji means to most Americans.

s/ Dakuwaqa

Coup 4.5 said...

SOS@10.34am.The link we posted for the BOI is working. Try again. Links to the other attachments should take you straight to the Truth for Fiji page as well.-C4.5

Anonymous said...

Bob Carr... Man without drivers licence. He has never driven a car so how will he drive peace into Fiji ?

Kenneth Zinck said...

New Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has not relaxed any sanctions attitude etc against Frank's illegal regime and rightly so. POTEH tale o Voreqe, Khaiyum kei Nailatikau. Australia is no fool Bainimarama.

Kenneth Zinck

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt Julia, must be devastated and very disappointed over her trust, in selecting a man
whom she figured, might do right for the Australians? Now without engagement with Bai, it would mean the Aussie doors, would still remain wide open, for Fiji's untouchable crooks to enter?What else a girl gotta do, to ensure that the door is at least-closed?